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How To Burn Belly Fat and Get Great Abs Your stomach is usually one of the first places that will put on weight. Although you cannot spot reduce fat to get that six pack, there are certain things you can do to help burn fat and subsequently flatten your stomach. To start with, if you want to learn how to burn belly fat, you need to incorporate the right diet with a regular exercise program. Eating to Burn Fat You need to eat 5 to 6 small meals per day and in particular, keep your evening meal light. This will minimise a bloated stomach and maximize fat burning while you sleep. Avoid eating refined carbohydrates and fatty foods. Choose lean protein and low GI carbs, such as wholegrains and pulses. Keep portions to the size of your palm. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables with as much variety as possible. You need to eat a serving of salad and/or vegetables with every meal. Cut out full dairy products and avoid low fat products with added sugar. Ensure you eat good mono unsaturated fats - cold pressed olive oil, oily fish, nuts and avocados. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Many people are constantly dehydrated and unaware of it. Quite often when we think we are hungry, it is really our body crying out for fluids. When you start to increase your water intake, you will start to lose the excess water your body is storing on your ankles, thighs, hips and belly. Get rid of processed foods. Processed foods are high in salt, which are guaranteed to bloat your stomach and cause fluid retention. Avoid foods such as potato crisps, sauces, ketchup, pre-packaged soups, meals etc, as they are all packed with extra salt. Replaced added salt with natural herbs such as basil, coriander, cumin, oregano, chilli, nutmeg and mint. Exercising To Burn Belly Fat Abdominal muscles respond very quickly to exercise. Unfortunately, we don't give our abs much of a workout throughout the course of a normal day. If we worked them harder more often they would get stronger and would be less likely to protrude. Therefore, anything that you can do to help tighten your abs whilst going about your daily routine will assist in flattening your stomach and holding in your organs. If you have belly fat or a protruding stomach caused by pregnancy, being overweight or hormonal changes you need to implement a program of exercises that specifically target the abdominal muscles. The best way to strengthen and tone your stomach is to adopt the principle of overload. This is when you either increase the effort by which you exercise the muscle or increase the duration. Work all your abdominal muscles. You abs consist of four muscles; your upper, your lower, your transverse (deep horizontal muscles) and your obliques, which run along the front and sides of your torso. You should work all the four ab muscles equally in your workout.

Keep your knees flexed. This will ensure you use your stomach muscles and not your back instead. Flatten your back against the floor. This will protect your lower back and make your abs work harder. Start with easy repetitions. If you are a beginner, three to ten repetitions is the maximum you should start with. Naturally as your strength improves, you can up the reps. Use controlled movements. Conduct each movement slowly and hold in the brace position for a count of two before releasing. Keep workouts consistent and regular. In order to burn belly fat on a regular basis you need to exercise three to four times a week. Include cardiovascular workouts with your ab training. Combining ab workouts with cardio helps you burn calories and helps you get rid of excessive fat all over your body. Most of all be patient. You can't expect to see results overnight, but depending upon your commitment and your consistency you will burn off that belly fat and start to see a flatter tummy in just a few weeks. About The Author I am passionate about regular exercise, healthy food and relaxation. Through combining these three things our bodies can become whatever we want them to be. Take the step toward better health here: Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Book or, check out more here: Burn Fat Gain Muscle

How To Burn Belly Fat and Get Great Abs  

Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Many people are constantly dehydrated and unaware of it. Quite often when we think we are hungry, it is real...