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Fat Burning Exercises For Women If your attempts to lose fat are falling short, then you need to consider a workout that includes fat burning techniques. All effective fat loss exercise programs should include a variety of cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training. However it is resistance training that will provide the best fat burning exercises for women. Why Use Resistance Training To Burn Fat? Resistance or weight training not only challenges your body by forcing it to burn calories, it also tones muscle and boosts your metabolism. It also is an excellent way to boost your current exercise routine. Many women are intimidated by the thought of lifting weights. They believe it is only for men or fearful it will cause them to look bulky. But this is not the case. Although when you start training with weights you may initially become heavier, this is only because muscle weighs more than fat. What it is important is that extra muscle burns more fat and better still, continues to burn fat even while you are resting. Once you start losing body fat and your size decreases, your lean, toned and shapely muscles will be revealed, making it well worth the effort. Types of Fat Burning Exercises For Women Hand Held Free Weights Using free weights such as dumbbells and barbells are great for improving balance and co-ordination as well as strengthening your muscles. Free weights provide a versatile way to train with weights as you can do a variety of exercises just with one set of dumbbells. Free weights are relatively inexpensive, portable and easily stored. Machine Weights Machine weights, which are commonly used at the gym, are perfect for beginners because they are generally easier to use and help support your balance. Each piece of machinery can target a specific muscle group which is excellent if you need to strengthen an injured muscle. Machine weights also force you to use the correct posture when performing each move. In addition, they are great for quick workouts as you can move from machine to machine at your leisure. Fitness Ball Fitness balls are a great fat burning aid which can easily be incorporated into your weight training session. They can add resistance to squats and lunges and also make your pushups more challenging. The best benefit is they strengthen your core muscles while improving balance and co-ordination. Resistance Bands Because resistance bands are so portable, they make fat burning exercises for women extremely convenient. Whether you are always on the go, travel constantly with work, or just like to keep fit while holidaying, they make keeping to your fitness regime very easy.

Using the resistance of your own body weight they strengthen core muscles and better still, promote long lean muscles. Tips for Maximizing your fat burning workout Keep Moves Slow To get the best results out of your weight training program you need to take your time when doing each exercise. For example, when doing a dumbbell shoulder press, you should take 3 seconds to lift your arms above your head and then take 3 seconds to lower the weight back to the starting position. By slowing down the moves you will work your muscles harder during the exercise. Keep Breathing Remember to keep breathing when you exercise. You should exhale during the hardest part of the exercise and inhale during the easiest part of the exercise. Use Correct Posture By ensuring you have the correct posture when you train you will work the muscle more efficiently and also prevent injury. Keep your back in a neutral position to prevent strain on your lower back during the exercise. Keep your elbows and knees slightly bent to keep pressure off your joints. Switch on your core strength muscles during training. These are the deep inner muscles that wrap around your tendons and when you 'brace' them it helps increase your strength and balance. About The Author I am passionate about regular exercise, healthy food and relaxation. Through combining these three things our bodies can become whatever we want them to be. Take the step toward better health here: Turbulence Training Review or, check out more here: Best Fat Burning Exercise

Fat Burning Exercises For Women  

If your attempts to lose fat are falling short, then you need to consider a workout that includes fat burning techniques. All effective fat...