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Mystic Country Connecticut The big city can be exhilarating, but it can also be exhausting. Between catching the subway, dodging bike messengers, and surviving angry cab drivers, you just need a change of pace. Enter a trip to Mystic Country—it’s a breath of fresh air between New York City and Boston. And trust us, you’ll want to breathe deep again and again. Located along the coast of Connecticut, Mystic is just 130 miles from New York City and 100 miles from Boston, it’s a perfect weekend away from the Big Apple or Beantown. As an old shipbuilding center, Mystic was established in 1654 and is known for its New England charm. Mystic is home to two world-class museums—the Mystic Seaport and Mystic Aquarium. The Mystic Seaport features the largest maritime museum, and is home to the last wooden whale ship, the Charles W. Morgan. The Morgan was launched in 1841 has been on more than 37 whaling voyages. And it still has another voyage in her. After a multi-year restoration project, the Morgan will go on its 38th voyage in 2014 to various New England ports.

Touch of the Ocean The Mystic Aquarium is a gem featuring animals from the coast and the sea. It also features an exhibit of Dr. Robert Ballard, the discoverer of the sunken ship, Titanic. If you’d like to get a closer look at the sea, be sure to take a pleasant sailing cruise along the Fishers Island Sound. There’s nothing like an afternoon on the sea. You can also visit the Olde Mistick Village, home to 60 quaint shops that represent the 1700s. It’s a great way to appreciate the simpler things in life. Discover the countryside with an exciting dinner steam train and river boat. This exclusive steam train and river boat connection is something you won’t want to miss while in Mystic, Connecticut. You can also explore the Historical Ship Nautilus & Submarine Force Museum. Here you can explore the first nuclear-powered ship, which also has the honor of being the first ship to go to the North Pole.

For many, just being away from the hustle and bustle of city life produces a special kind of rejuvenation. But you don’t have to sacrifice big city taste and style when in Mystic country.

Places to Eat For example you can eat at the Mediterraneo of Norwalk at Hotel Zero Degrees. Restaurateur Ramze Zakka brings Mediterranean-style cuisine to Norwalk, Connecticut, just a jaunt away from Mystic Country, with style and flavor that’s sure to make it a meal to remember. To savor the local flavor, be sure to stop by the Oyster Club. The menu is created daily based on the best ingredients available at that time. There are many hotels in the Mystic Connecticut area that will only complement your stay. The Hotel Zero Degrees is a great option for modern style, with amazing amenities. Whether you live in the concrete jungle of the big city, or simply want to explore a New England treasure be sure to book your hotel in the Mystic, Connecticut area to visit the charm and elegance native to Mystic Country. Photo Credit: Rachel_thecat, 46137, Doug

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The big city can be exhilarating, but it can also be exhausting. Between catching the subway, dodging bike messengers, and surviving angry c...