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Learning the History of Louisburg, Kansas The city of Louisburg is a quaint little town in eastern Kansas. Louisburg offers a tight-knit community that is friendly and welcome to people of all ages.

Native Americans Before the Civil War, the city of Louisburg did not even exist at all. The land where Louisburg is now was occupied by Native Americans who were slowly losing their land to the government. The Peoria, Wea, Piankeshaw, and Kaskaskia tribes all resided on this plot of land. These 4 tribes eventually combined to become what was known as the Confederated Tribe of Peoria. This place was often frequented by missionaries who wanted to convert the Native Americans to Christianity. By 1854, farmers started moving into the area, building homes and establishing farmland.

Little St. Louis After the Civil War, the government moved the Confederated Tribe of Peoria to Oklahoma, and the land they had once lived on was sold to more people who wanted to establish homes on the land. A small community resulted from these farmers and settlers, and they began to call it St. Louis. After a while, however, there was confusion because there was another town called St. Louis in Missouri. To avoid this confusion, the settlers began calling their town New St. Louis or Little St. Louis, since St. Louis, Missouri was a much bigger, more established settlement. By 1870, churches and businesses had popped up in Little St. Louis, and plans to construct a train station were in order. Little St. Louis was well on its way to becoming a real small town. But many changes were still yet to come. Little St. Louis officially changed its name to Louisburg in 1870, in order to be more original and to continue to avoid confusion with St. Louis, Missouri. And in 1871, the train station was completed and the first school opened.

Racial and Political Turmoil Louisburg experienced its share of racial and political turmoil as well. A group of guerilla fighters called the Kansas Jayhawkers would find themselves in fights with another militant group, the Missouri Raiders. Because the railroad tracks went right through Louisburg, they served to divide the state into northern and southern regions. This could have aggravated the tensions between the two fighting groups.

Many people and businesses moved down on the southern side of the railroad tracks, the area that would soon become known as downtown Louisburg. The city of Louisburg KS held its first city election in 1882.

Business Growth At that time a census taken reported that the population was 400 residents. By the time the early 1900’s rolled around, the city of Louisburg has quite a few businesses running. Most of these businesses were centered around farming and ranches, so they included horse and agricultural supply stores. By the 1920’s, the city of Louisburg had a gas station, as people had starting driving cars and there was more traffic. The city of Louisburg went through much growth since then and is now a cute, quiet little town with around 4,315 residents. Louisburg Kansas is a family-oriented, tight-knit community, and a wonderful place to live and grow. Photo Credit: Photo Credit:

Learning the History of Louisburg Kansas  

The city of Louisburg is a quaint small town in eastern Kansas. It is a tight-knit community that is warm, friendly, and welcome to people o...

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