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How to Have a Classy Bridal Shower If you are getting married soon, you are probably busy making preparations and plans for your big day. It may seem like you will never be finished with all of your wedding plans. Indeed, preparing for a wedding can be extremely stressful. Not only do you have to plan your wedding, but you have to plan for your bridal shower as well. Usually a friend of the bride’s will plan some if not all of the bridal shower. But many times, the friend who is planning the bridal shower struggles to come up with ideas for the bridal shower so that it will be fun and entertaining, but still fun and relatively inexpensive.

Fun Activity Idea’s Here are a few ideas that will help you have to a fun and interesting bridal shower. Something that many brides decide to do is to have a wine tasting. Because so many people enjoy wine, there is a chance that your guests will enjoy your shower if it is a wine tasting. You, as the bride, will most likely enjoy your shower as well. If you do not want to do a wine tasting themed bridal shower, you can taste other foods or beverages as well. There are many different varieties of cheese that would be fun to taste. If you want to taste more than one food or beverage, you could just have your bridal shower have the theme of gourmet food. That way, people can bring whatever gourmet food they want everyone to taste; the theme wouldn’t be as restricting. Another great idea for a classy bridal shower is to have a spa and beauty shower. As stated earlier, planning for a wedding is going to be extremely stressful. Having a night to rest and relax could be just what you need. You may be wondering what types of activities you could have at a spa and beauty night. There are many different types of activities you could have. You do not have to be a professional to have a fun and relaxing spa night. There are many recipes available online so you can make your own face masks. These masks can be great for your skin, exfoliating your skin and cleaning your pores. In addition to the face masks, you could have manicures and pedicures. They obviously wouldn’t be professional, but they could still be a lot of fun for you and your guests.

Crafts Another great idea for your bridal shower could be an arts and crafts theme. Many women roll their eyes when they hear about arts and crafts because they picture useless, junky trinkets that they’ll never use. The key to making your arts and crafts bridal shower interesting is to make crafts that you and your guests will want to use in the future. If you’re having your bridal shower in Norwalk, there are several different event spaces available to you. You could have your bridal shower in Norwalk in your home, or you could have it in a hotel or other large space. You could even have your bridal shower outside in a lovely park. Whatever you decide, your bridal shower is sure to be a success. Photo Credit: HybridSys, ukapala

How to have a classy bridal shower  

Bridal Showers can be really fun or really boring depending on what those planning it decide to do. Here are some idea's for a fun classy br...

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