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Enjoying the Move to Louisburg The city of Louisburg is a great place to either live or visit. This small town in Kansas has a lot to offer to people, and is always looking to have more people live there.

A Great Small Town Atmosphere The first thing to note about the city is that it has a great small town atmosphere. Conditions are small and intimate enough that people actually know each other, and it is a great place for kids to grow up. If you have dreams and aspirations to raise a family in a quiet and protected setting, then look no further. Louisburg residents report high satisfaction with living in the area, especially with the ability to have a good experience as a family. The city has schools for kids from preschool through high school, with state colleges being located a fairly short drive away from the town. You can be assured that your children will receive a quality education with schools that are accessible, close, and have a good class size. This area isn’t just for kids, however. Parents will also love everything that this area has to offer.

The Value of Community Community is a very important part of living in Louisburg. The City Council works hard to make sure that there are plenty of community events and gathering opportunities, so that people have fun things to do with their neighbors. Since the community is small, there is also the real chance for people to have an influence on their community in very real ways. People can voice their opinions in meetings and directly work with others to create laws and policies for the town. Adults will also be glad to know that Louisburg is close to employment opportunities in nearby cities. As Louisburg does not have an economy to speak of, going to work a short distance away if essential.

Great Parks and Recreation Activities It is also important to note that the city has great parks and recreation opportunities. There are beautiful parks to enjoy, with walking trails and sports field making the area a welcoming place to enjoy the outdoors.

Children and adults alike are encouraged to have fun with recreational activities at local parks. It is a big part of enjoying the small town setting in full.

The Ideal Place The city is surrounded by beautiful Kansas views, and has streams running through the area and trees hemming the town. For those who feel like getting out and doing some hiking or merely strolling and enjoying nature, this might be a great option for you. With a population of under five thousand, there are always chances for you to make a great life and have an effect on those around you. It is an opportunity to look forward to and take advantage of if the lifestyle described is appealing. When it all comes down to it, this city is an ideal place to live if you are looking for a small town with heart and character. People moving into the area are always welcome, and your family will doubtlessly enjoy the experience of the calm and tranquil life. Photo Credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc

Enjoying the Move to Louisburg  
Enjoying the Move to Louisburg  

The city of Louisburg is a great place to either live or visit. This small town in Kansas has a lot to offer to people, and is always lookin...