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Thinking to design your website online? You must be wondering how to make your own website. Well, first you need to know what actually a website is. A website is a collection of WebPages that are usually linked to each other. Furthermore, you need to host this collection on a web server. You can take aid of a hosting provider, a company that offers web hosting to the customers. Typically all online entrepreneur setup a website nowadays. Following guidelines will allow sites made simple. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps and your own website can be created easily.

Get a Domain Name for the Website: This is the most crucial aspect while creating simple websites. You have to decide upon a domain name for your website. Be careful while choosing this domain name. You need to purchase this domain name from the domain registrar. Another important aspect is that this domain name must be simple and relevant. This helps the customers to find your website easily. It is the identity of your website, so you should choose a memorable name. Choose the Right Host: After you have purchased the required domain name from the domain registrar, you need to next find a hosting provider. You can store the website files on the server space of this website hosting provider. It is important to check the credibility of the hosting services that you intend to use.

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