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FLOATING Behind the caring face of your NHS Programmers Information | 2012-13

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About The Show Floating is a one-woman show about a High Dependency Nurse in the NHS. It focuses on the highs and lows of a highly pressurised career, a career where the public have a polarised opinion about the work you do, a career where politicians use you equally as a punchbag and example of achievement, and success and failure can be the difference between life and death. The play follows a nurse from day-to-day duties to a week like no other, two patients who couldn’t be more different. How is it possible to maintain a good work/life balance? How does the looming shadow of death affect a person? Does a twix really help the world seem better? Based on interviews with NHS staff and HDU nurses, Floating is the third play by Liverpool playwright and director Sam Freeman and is performed by his sister, Susannah Freeman. It was developed at unitytheatre and debuted in May 2011 to critical acclaim.

“Absolutely stunning show tonight. It was strange as a nurse of 40 years to see myself mirrored on the stage. I guess every nurse in the country not just those in ITU & HDU would see their own reflection on that stage. Sometimes we cannot express the anger, love, loathing & compassion that go with caring for people so when someone can it comes as a shock. Well done Susannah & Sam Freeman. A stellar performance of a stellar work.

Jan Brightmore

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Audiences Floating is a great piece of theatre for developing audiences particularly those working in the medical professions. Specific groups we have successfully engaged with: • Nurses (particularly High Dependency and Intensive Therapy) • Doctors & GPs • Pharmacists • Physiotherapists • Occupational Therapists • NHS Manager and Hospital Staff • Ambulance Services • Students (particularly Medical, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy)

• Senior Citizens • Police and other Emergency Service Staff For general theatre audiences, the love story that underscores the piece ensures that the piece is not niche or inaccessible - the play is also written for a broad audience, so avoids falling into a jargon trap of information and is highly relevant politically and socially.

“The show was so well researched and facial expressions and vocal so exact that none of it could be disbelieved.

Spellbinding yet entertaining


Feedback Questionnaire

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About The Company Susannah Freeman (Actor) Susannah trained at Arts Educational Schools, London. Since graduating, Susannah has toured the UK with Y-Touring Theatre Company in Starfish and has toured Europe with Big Wheel Theatre Company as an Actor and Presenter. Susannah has also enjoyed working with both students and doctors in medical role-play work. Susannah trained with The National Youth Theatre and performed at The Lowry in Victory Street.

Sam Freeman (Writer/Director) Sam trained in Theatre, Film and Television at York St John College (University Of Leeds) and Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten, Utrecht, Holland. He is a graduate of Liverpool Everyman’s Young Writer’s Programme. His writing credits include Revenge (Dark Laughs Theatre at York Theatre Royal), On The Edge (Grin Productions at The Lantern Theatre, Liverpool) and Three Cheers For HRH (Stephen Joseph Theatre Youth Theatre). He was Artistic Director of TakeOver09, an under 25s theatre festival in York and is currently Marketing Manager of unitytheatre.

Lives Of Others Theatre Lives Of Others Theatre produce small-scale, low-tech, actor centric drama and comedy that combines political insight with examinations of personal humanity.

“I’m more of a Double Decker NHS worker myself.... Great performance tonight Susannah :-)

I also think a lot of the things that you mentioned tonight... You guys really hit the nail on the head with the way you feel about some patients when working in the hospital. If only loads of “yet to be patients” saw your show... Maybe they would appreciate staff more! :-)

Alex Bentley

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Reviews piece really opens your eyes to the life of a nurse and “ The definitely made me think about my view of the services provided. I hope the play is able to be toured to a wider audience across the country with the same creative team and performer, as it really is an eye opener for all. Stage Won

success is in his understated simplicity, a complex “ Freeman’s character and a glimpse into a familiar subject from a different angle. Overall a moving, beautiful, thought provoking play which sparked nothing but conversation the whole way home. Nerve Magazine

can be guaranteed that, on leaving the Unity Theatre, there “ is not a single person who will not have identified with one or more aspects of Susannah Freeman’s astonishingly good portrayal of the unnamed High Dependency Unit Nurse as she recounts aspects of her day, good and bad... ...Floating remains a quite exquisite play that for poignancy, dramatic effect, empathy, sympathy, pathos and understanding ticks all the boxes and more.

Click Liverpool

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Where Next? After the success of our first performances in Liverpool we are touring the production from 31 May 2013. Following further development of the play we will open with 2 nights at unitytheatre touring throughout June and July. The show works in auditoriums from 50 - 150 capacity, both thrust and end on. It requires a floorspace of 16ft (5m) (w) x 10ft (2.5m) (d), 1 general cover with 3 colour variations and 4 specials, 1 dropdown bulb and a technician to run LX and sound (a computerised soundscape). The get in, focus and tech (with presumed pre-rig) should take around 4 hours. The script can be provided on request. Tour venues should expect: • Min 1k A5 flyers • Min 30 A3 posters • Press Release • Sample Mailing Letters & E-Flyer • Vimeo/Youtube Video The running time of the show is 1 hour.

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Booking The Show We are currently looking to pencil dates for May - July 2013. The show will be available for: Fee: ÂŁ600 per performance (plus accommodation) ÂŁ1,000 for two performances (plus accommodation)

These rates may be negotiable for runs of 2+ nights

If you are interested in penciling dates or for more information please contact: Sam Freeman @mrfreeman1984

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