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samford university school of the arts 2020 annual report

Restlessness, Senior Studio Art Major Mallory Byrd

The Black Cross, Joe Cory, professor of art

Fifteen-twelve, Geoff Sciacca,

Empty Pedestal Joe Cory,

professor of art

associate professor of graphic design

“The conversation of diversity and inclusivity is a long, pain-filled and hopeful one. With the events over the last year, it has become clear that our country is dealing with

two pandemics—one began over 400 years ago with the institution of slavery in America, along with the many other groups that have been marginalized in our country over the centuries. The second is obviously COVID-19. I believe the second pandemic has given people in general time to reflect, listen, learn and do the work in their own lives to plan how they can fight racism and lift up underrepresented populations."

Chelsea Nicholson, director of Samford's musical theatre program and faculty liaison for the Arts Diversity Series Committee

with 2020 was quite the year. The School of the Arts and the arts in general were impacted by the many complications our world faced. One of my first challenges to our students was to rise and meet these obstacles, to consider how this testing might refine and shape them, and to become the next "greatest generation" through all they would gain in patience, perseverance, creativity and adaptability. Our fall semester was a testament to these efforts. Across our school, students, faculty and staff found innovative ways to keep the arts and ministry alive and well. Our students performed, created, learned and grew. We came together to discuss difficult issues of racism and injustice. We took precautions to protect each other from COVID-19. We showed that we can succeed even when circumstances seem impossible. Recent faculty work on the opposite page are examples of responses inspired by 2020. But we did much more than just survive; we continued with purpose toward our goal of becoming the leader in the arts for Christian higher education. We officially launched two new degrees: commercial music and game design and 3D animation. We gained approval of a new accelerated five-year Master of Architecture program. We are finishing plans to renovate Buchanan Hall for our music program and Harrison Theatre, home of our theatre productions. Christian ministry has partnered with Beeson Divinity to shape a fast track directly into the Master of Divinity. We hired new faculty and continue to search for additional leaders for our growing programs. We are ready for 2021 and the years ahead, and we thank all of you who have helped us keep our momentum. I hope you will enjoy reading this annual report which highlights one of our greatest cheerleaders, Mary Louise Hodges, along with news about the accomplishments and fresh directions in the School of the Arts.

Joe Hopkins Dean and Professor School of the Arts


mary louise hodges Mary Louise Shirley Hodges, who turned 99 in December 2020, has spent many of those years supporting Samford University through her time and generous contributions. Both she and her late husband, Andrew Gerow Hodges, are alumni of Howard College. Over the years, the Hodges took on many roles in the community and at

have no finer supporter than Mary Louise Hodges. She is the foremost of

Samford including involvement in Samford's Board of Trustees, alumni

encouragers through faithful giving, attendance and advocacy. She is a

association, Legacy League and School of the Arts Advisory Board.

keen musician, a passionate follower of Christ and devoted friend.”

They were dedicated supporters of theatre productions and music performances as well.

Hodges, who has played the piano since she was three, can play most anything by ear and claims music as one of her greatest joys in life. Her

Since they both felt that they had gotten so much from their college

early education was influenced by her enrollment in a gifted program

experience, the Hodges wanted to give back to Samford. In addition to

in the Birmingham School system. When it was time to pick a college,

their many roles and countless gifts to both Samford and the School of

Hodges said she decided to go closer to home. Howard College was a

the Arts, the Mary Louise Shirley Hodges Scholarship recently surpassed

good fit, as well as where her boyfriend attended. She intended to study

more than $100,000 in endowment contributions. “Samford, our

music, but was encouraged by others to pursue a degree in journalism.

leadership and our students are grateful for the untiring encouragement and generosity of Mary Louise and the Hodges family,” said Joe Hopkins, dean of the School of the Arts. “Samford Arts and our students could

Andrew Gerow Hodges was on a football scholarship at Howard, but was

For more than 25 years, Mrs. Hodges volunteered as a tour guide

injured prior to his sophomore year. He finished his degree in accounting

for special visitors to Birmingham. In 1989, Mayor Richard Arrington

and business while working at a local firm. He approached Mary Louise

designated her as “Official Volunteer Tour Guide of Birmingham.” She has

while she was dating another student and told her that he would like

been a Birmingham Woman of the Year, co-founder of the annual pageant

to take her out when she finished dating him. Their courtship led to an

for the Birmingham International Festival of Arts, president of the Alabama

elopement before he left for World War II where he became a war hero.

Phi Mu Alumnae Association, Samford University Alumna of the Year, president of the Samford University International Alumni Association,

Mr. Hodges returned to Birmingham after the war and began a life-long

winner of the Boy Scouts of America Supporter Award, and board member

career with Liberty National Life Insurance Co. in 1946. Throughout his

of the Birmingham Arts Alliance, Greater Birmingham Convention and

adult life, he worked on behalf of many local charities and in 1962, he

Visitors Bureau, Birmingham Music Club and the Birmingham Symphony.

joined Samford's Board of Trustees. Beeson Divinity School's chapel is

She served as president of the Women’s Committee of 100, led the

named in his honor.

Quality Media Committee and, for decades, opened its meetings with piano preludes.

Her positive spirit is contagious and seems rooted in her very happy life. Her family was always community minded and that seems to have stuck with her. Hodges is very engaged with life, even at 99. She has traveled to every continent, reads voraciously, continues to play the piano and spends much of her time now with her two sons and their families in Birmingham. She is the ultimate advocate for Samford and has enjoyed watching it grow and become the school it is today.

Right: Mary Louise, granddaughter and Samford alumna Eleanor Tolbert and her husband Jeff Tolbert Jr., great-granddaughters Eleanor Elizabeth (left) and Lillian Louise (right) Center: Mary Louise, circa 1940 Left: "Howard College Days" 1940-41, Mary Louise in publicity office with John Rogers (left) and James Wade (right)

architecture program launched It’s true! Samford recently announced the launch of a new five-year degree track in architecture, allowing students to earn both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees beginning in the fall of 2021. Pending final approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, it will be one of only two accelerated Master of Architecture programs at a Christian university in the United States. The Master of Architecture Program will seek National Architecture

Samford parents and supporters Doug and Jeannie Pederson provided

Accrediting Board (NAAB)* accreditation. Once NAAB approves, the

a seed investment for the new program. “We were prompted to help

undergraduate and graduate programs will offer students a terminal

launch this new program after meeting with Joe Hopkins and Julie Boyd

degree qualifying them to sit for the Architectural Registration Exam

and sharing the vision of the program,” said Jeannie Pederson. “We

(ARE) on the way to careers in licensed architecture or related design

wanted to be a part of the ground level in establishing a legacy in support


of a Christian university that we believe in.”

“Our five-year program is unique, growing out of a 35-year highly

Their son, Drew Pederson, attended Samford and graduated in 2017 with

respected interior architecture program and significant support from the

an interior design degree. He is now pursuing his Master of Architecture

professional community,” said professor Jeannie.

at the University of Cincinnati. “What made the interior architecture program special to me was the professors' interest in student success,”

Krumdieck, chair of the Department of Interior Architecture. “The

said Drew Pederson. “With having smaller classes, I always felt I was

accelerated, yet robust, curriculum makes it different than many other

getting quality feedback on projects, questions and general knowledge in

programs in the nation. We are excited to offer this opportunity.”

both interiors and architecture.

“Our biggest takeaway from Drew's experience at Samford was the relationships he established with his professors, coaches, teammates, fraternity brothers and meeting his fiancee AnnMarie Lyon, who also graduated from Samford. They are getting married July 17, 2021. Samford’s mission is to nurture student development intellectually, ethically and spiritually. We as parents felt our son achieved that in every way at Samford and it provided him with a Christian foundation to be successful as a man, as a husband and in his chosen profession, architecture.” Jeannie Pederson, parent ’17, donor

The interior architecture (IARC) program opened doors into the profession

Enhanced by Birmingham’s vibrant design community, the programs allow

early on and I never felt limited to just the interiors.”

students to work and be mentored by design professionals. Field trips, travel, internships and professional juries are integral elements of the

The Pedersons said they are excited for both of these degrees to be

course of study. Full-time faculty have combined experience of over 65

options. “Future prospective students can now complete their entire

years in professional practice and continue to be active in the local and

education at Samford.” Offering both the architecture program with

national design community.

the already established and recognized Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) accredited interior architecture program provides a collaborative and unique learning environment. “This connection allows students in the program to share in shaping the totality of buildings,” said assistant professor Ryan Misner. “Architecture and interior design students take certain design courses and studios jointly, work collaboratively on projects, and share in each program’s design education and resources. This unique integrated approach to design heightens students' awareness of comprehensive design goals.”

*NAAB Candidacy: In the United States, most state registration boards require a degree from an accredited professional degree program as a prerequisite for licensure. The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), which is the sole agency authorized to accredit U.S. professional degree programs in architecture, recognizes three types of degrees: the Bachelor of Architecture, the Master of Architecture and the Doctor of Architecture.

SAMFORD’S DIVERSITY SERIES showcases work and ideas of minorities The Arts Diversity Series Committee is a group of art, theatre and music students in the School of the Arts who have gathered with a commitment to provide opportunities to the Samford community to create and engage in events that promote diversity. The group began last year in the theatre department as a way to engage the Samford community in conversations of inclusivity and diversity. It was created with School of the Arts Dean Joe Hopkins' support by three Samford graduates, Theo Edwards-Butler, Angel Sims and AbbyShelton Storey. Coming into this academic year, it expanded to include music and art in order to span across mediums and platforms. Current committee members are Scott Baron, Egypt Davis, Darian White, Bekah Anderson and Emily Kent. “The Diversity Series is the product of three Samford alumnae’s vision to showcase the work and ideas of minority people on our campus,” Darian

Samford and the School of the Arts continue to reflect and enact

White said. "Our goal is to have defined space for these groups that is

changes to advance racial diversity on campus. Key initiatives include

set aside for them.”

partnerships with neighboring Miles College and embedding more diversity into curriculum, performances and daily life at Samford. “With

The initial series was impacted by COVID-19 last spring and so this

any art, and art lifting the voices of the underrepresented, I would hope

spring will be the first official season and will include two recitals and

the work would evoke empathy on our campus and community,” said

one art exhibit. “Each of these events will shine a spotlight on art/people

Chelsea Nicholson, faculty liaison for the Diversity Series. “Art can begin

that we in the western world do not get to see regularly, or at all,” White

conversations or heart changes. The heart can open and change the

said. White’s participation in the committee is fueled by a mission to

mind. We can do great work in our personal spheres and beyond when

create more opportunities for future generations.

we look outside of ourselves to help constitute real, lasting, impactful change. I really do believe art can be a catalyst or starting place for that

“I hope that everyone realizes that these sorts of projects should be incorporated into main seasons as well,” she said. “I hope across the School of the Arts we see more work of people of color performed in addition to bringing in more guests of color. I just want to see some more color in the School of the Arts and on our campus as a whole.”


The sole purpose of creating the Diversity Series is to tell the stories of people whose experiences are unheard and misunderstood. We, the committee, are dedicated to telling the stories of all people, including good and bad chapters. We cannot ignore the recent displays of injustice in our country and seek to aid in healing through art. Through our work, we seek to provide a safe, thoughtful, diverse organization where all of God’s people are welcomed and represented.

Diversity Series Spring 2021 Events: February 21 7:30 p.m., Songs of the Soul: An Evening of Music by African American Composers, Presented by Cindy St. Clair and Christopher Jordan

March 1-12 Wired Differently: Neurodiversity of the Human Mind, Trent Carruth

March 13 7:30 p.m., Colorful Harmony: Melodies from Near and Far, Angela Yoon and Jason Terry

home for division of music Samford’s School of the Arts begins a new chapter in its history with the renovation of Buchanan Hall, which has served as home for the music program since 1958. The hall was named in honor of John H. Buchanan, a Samford trustee and pastor of Birmingham’s Southside Baptist Church in 1960. The project reimagines the space, provides areas for growth and, most importantly, allows access for all students and faculty members. Davis Architects, a firm that has guided Samford’s campus design for decades, has created plans to transform the interior of the building to meet the needs of students and prepare for the future. This project is part of the Samford University 20-year campus master plan that was approved in 2016 by the Board of Trustees. Based on the university’s strategic plan, the four-phase campus master plan addresses infrastructure needs for the entire campus, increases energy efficiency, practices campus-wide conservation and refreshes and renews every facility—all steps in the process of creating a sustainable future for generations of Samford students. “Samford continues to make improvements to the campus to meet the needs of our students today and for the future,” said William Stevens, chairman of Samford’s Board of Trustees. “The Board of Trustees supports this important renovation of Buchanan Hall as it will provide accessibility for all students and well-designed facilities to train musicians in the 21st century.” A complete interior renovation will begin in May 2021, resulting in a state-of-the-art building with modern administrative offices, new HVAC systems, an elevator, student common areas, contemporary furnishings, practice studios, sophisticated technology resources and a new inventory of pianos. Most importantly, the updates will ensure accessibility to all students regardless of their physical circumstances. From technologically efficient classrooms and labs to improved practice rooms and studios, Buchanan will become a space that represents the quality and high standards of the School of the Arts and its music program. The new space will be ready by the beginning of the fall 2022 semester. Faculty, staff and students are excited for the new space. “All who work, practice and study within Buchanan's walls have experienced the innovative teaching and artistry of our School of the Arts faculty and staff,” said Joel Davis, current faculty and Samford music alumnus. “Just as we pride

ourselves on our versatility and adaptability as 21st-century artists, we can

commercial music areas, while charting a course for new accommodations

now look forward with eager expectation to physical spaces and facilities

for graphic design, game design and 3D animation, interior architecture,

that will support, enhance and nourish our pursuits for years and decades

and architecture—all growing programs. Technology upgrades and new

to come.”

recording equipment will allow students to create and experiment more effectively in the new commercial music area, as well as in the more

“This renovation reflects the environment we want for our students,” said

established programs like composition and performance.

Joe Hopkins, dean of the School of the Arts. “It will honor the historical architecture outside while creating more welcoming, contemporary spaces

“This buildout will allow students to have a space that they can practice in,

inside. With the inclusion of community gathering spaces for students and

jam with friends and create new content,” said Steven Potaczek, director

faculty, the new facility will encourage interaction and collaboration, a key

of the new commercial music area. “Furthermore, the new Buchanan

part of our teaching philosophy and core Catalyst classes.”

recording studio is the first of two studios we have planned. We are thrilled to be partnering with Yamaha. We will be on the leading edge of

Additionally, these updates are combined with the critical safety and

technology with this system that allows access to record from any room

accessibility upgrades for Harrison Theatre and will lead the School of the

within Buchanan via the Dante network.”

Arts towards improvements in Swearingen Hall for the dance, theatre and

Be a part of the School of the Arts history and the renovation of Buchanan Hall. Giving and naming opportunities are available for all sizes of gifts. Contact Julie Boyd to learn more.

friends of

Samford Arts 2020 The School of the Arts is supported annually by many generous alumni and friends. These contributions make a difference to our students and faculty by providing scholarships, programs, event sponsorships and endless opportunities to enhance the Samford experience. Thank you to these friends, and others who have chosen to remain anonymous, for their generous support. Foundation Circle ($10,000+) S.E. Belcher, Jr. Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Earl Branch Mr. Robert O. Burton CIOS /Christ Is Our Salvation Mr. & Mrs. James D. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Neil E. Davis Davis Architects, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Freeman Estate of Mrs. Marie N. Goodman

HawkBranch Farms Mrs. A. Gerow Hodges Rev. & Mrs. Morris L. Jackson Dr. & Mrs. David G. Jones Estate of Joryn Sullenger Koski Mr. & Mrs. Law Lamar IV/Friends of Hale Co./Lamar and Associates CPA's PC Mr. & Mrs. Bobby W. Little Mr. Gregg H. Mayo

Dr. & Mrs. Michael F. McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. David McKnight Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm K. Miller, Jr. Fletcher and Nell G. Morris Estate Trust Dr. Rebecca B. & Mr. W. Ferrol Spence Ms. Emma M. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Steve Vinyard Mr. & Mrs. David A. Womack

Mr. Edward C. & Mrs. Mary T. Gurney Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Hatfield Mr. & Mrs. Steve and Debby Heitzke Mr. & Mrs. Howard Holt Col. & Mrs. Harvard V. Hopkins, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Lawson Mrs. Patricia T. Scofield Shades Mountain Baptist Church Ms. Tanya J. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Rick L. Stukes

Director's Circle ( $5,000-$9,999) Mr. & Mrs. Donald Capps Mr. & Mrs. David P. Compher Ms. Merrilyn L. Cook First Baptist Church Huntsville Mrs. Maurene M. Guffin

President's Circle ($1,000-$4,999) Mr. & Mrs. David F. Abee, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Tom Allen, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Atcheson Mr. Bob Baker Rev. & Mrs. T. Therrell Banks Dr. & Mrs. Jim Blanton Books-A-Million, Inc. Mr. Russell F. Boren, Sr. Rev. & Mrs. Mark R. Cottingham Mrs. Lyra Nabors Crapps Mr. & Mrs. Pete Crye Hon. Robert K. Dawson Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Diffey Mrs. Carolyn P. Drennen Mr. & Mrs. Todd G. Fisk Dr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Godfrey Mr. James C. Griffo

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