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Samford University • School of the Arts 2019 Annual Report

GROWTH, ART AND TECHNOLOGY After decades leading the way with traditional arts education, Samford is defining a new future that builds on these foundations. In the coming weeks and months, we will announce details of new curriculum plans, but we want to use this annual report to introduce you to the architects of these exciting programs and our hopes for the many students who will become part of this new tradition in Samford Arts. Ryan Misner, Wink Winkler and Steven Potaczek are leading investigations toward possibilities in architecture, game design, animation, commercial music and music production. At the same time, David Glenn, Christian Specht, Mary Gurney and J.D. Payne are deepening curriculum offerings in theatre, design, lighting, costumes, Christian ministry and missions. As we enter 2020, we are excited to announce a plan to accommodate growth. This begins with a complete renovation of Buchanan Hall but extends to improve spaces for theatre and dance, and a new home for the growth in existing and emerging design areas. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement of our students and programs, and we look forward to continued expansion and refinement of our programs to meet the needs of our students today and in the days to come. If you'd like to find out more information on how to become a part of our friends family, contact Julie Boyd at jboyd10@samford.edu or go to samford.edu/arts/giving.

Joe Hopkins Dean, School of the Arts


Samford University


Samford’s Division of Art and Design has seen significant growth over the past several years with new areas of study, expansion of teaching artists and a significant increase in student enrollment. Studio art, interior architecture and graphic design are offered to students who gain a foundation in art, intensive specialized training and passion for their calling. Recent faculty hires include Lauren Frances Evans, who is developing classes in sculpture; Geoff Sciacca, who is enhancing the graphic design area and printmaking; and Ryan Misner, a professional architect who joined the interior architecture team. Additionally, Samford has responded to the growing interest in 3D, game design and animation with the addition of digital designer Wink Winkler. Winkler brings industry knowledge to Samford’s growing program. His expertise enriches this technology driven area to provide students with specialty skills in animation, 2D, 3D and game design. His resume includes working with Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, in previsualization for amusement rides and park experiences; creating motion graphics for an Amazon TV series; and working currently on a project with Steamroller Studios. Additionally, he has worked on projects for Viacom’s Nickelodeon Resort, Theory Studios and iHeart Radio. As Winkler put it, “In our industry, much of what we do is project based, and so sometimes I am working on one job, and other times I might be juggling 15 that have short-term and long-term due dates.” Like so many art fields today, it is broad and entrepreneurial.

Higher education is playing catch-up to this industry. Winkler said, “So many jobs were spawned in animation, 3D graphics and game design prior to the education system supporting it. We are in this very interesting 'tween time period where the industry is still rapidly changing.” He feels that this is an optimal time to jump into the education side as Samford can learn from first-wave programs and address needs quickly and with quality. Winkler sees our students gaining the opportunity to define the future of these fields. He said, “We are going to provide the tools to allow them to pioneer their path. The key is to build a strong foundation in both art and technology.” With these skills, our students will be ready for a job upon graduation. The employment data projects an eight percent growth in the multimedia artist field between 2016–26. Currently, Winkler is teaching course work that covers 3D modeling, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and computer programming in the Department of Math and Computer Science. New courses build upon these to prepare students at a high level in game design, animation and professional applications. The School of the Arts recruiter Katie Overturf highlights the benefits to students. “Our world is more visual than ever. With the addition of Wink Winkler, Samford is investing in the future of these visually technical fields. Our students will explore the multiple layers of game design and 3D animation and be prepared to pursue the opportunities related to these skills,” she said.





Samford’s new Christian ministry program

Payne was formerly pastor for church multiplication with

is continuing to see momentum. With

moving to Birmingham, he served the North American Mission

The Church of Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama. Before

more than 20 students and four

Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and as an associate

full-time faculty, it is developing a new

School of Missions and Evangelism at The Southern Baptist

professor of church planting and evangelism in the Billy Graham

path for students to become trained in

Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where he also

ministry, missions and disciplemaking.

Planting. He said that he was drawn to Samford because of the

directed the Center for North American Missions and Church pioneering nature of this new program. He sees himself as an

Part of the success of the program is the breadth of experience of

artist and was eager to help “sculpt” an innovative approach to

the faculty members, Scott Guffin, Galen Jones, Kevin Blackwell

training students. Additionally, he was impressed by how much

and J.D. Payne. All of these individuals bring a wealth of ministry

enthusiasm there was for this program across campus.

and scholarship to their roles along with the practical applications that are the program’s hallmark.


Samford University


Ministry This pioneer spirit has motivated Payne to write 13 books,

and are eager to learn and apply God’s word.” Samford is a fertile

with two books in the works. He said, “I write books where I

environment for working with students who want to grow their

see a desert in the literature and I want to fill that void for my

faith while pursuing their degrees. One major goal is to offer this

students.” He also hosts a podcast, Strike the Match, devoted

training for all students regardless of their career path so that

to matters related to missions, innovation and leadership. Each

they can be global disciplemakers wherever they are employed.

episode challenges listeners to be students of both God's word

With this in mind, new classes are being created for students

and God's world. Additionally, he is a sought-after speaker at

outside of the department. One such course is My Major and

conferences, churches and mission agencies.

the Mission of God that is a biblical and missiological study of vocation, global marketplace opportunities and how kingdom

His enthusiasm for preaching, teaching and innovating is helping

citizens may be involved in disciplemaking through their future.

students learn how to use their talents and see where the Lord might take them. He said, “The program wants to mentor and

Now that the major and two minors are in place, the department

walk alongside our students while studying the Bible, missions

wants to provide on-the-ground mission training. Payne and

and disciplemaking.” He also believes that the chemistry among

his colleagues are currently working on developing mission

his colleagues is part of the successful formula.

partnerships for students to not only get mission experience, but also gain academic credit towards their majors through

In addition to the faculty, students are defining the trajectory of

these opportunities. Pilot programs will be rolled out initially for

Christian ministry through their openness to where it might take

students to connect with different organizations.

them. According to Payne, “Our students are without boundaries 6




e M rci U al


Co m

Samford’s Division of Music is broadening its scope to enhance students’ learning opportunities. Part of this strategy is the addition of new key faculty members with industry experience delivered to the classroom. Artist and producer Steven Potaczek joined Samford’s faculty this past fall. He brings more than two decades of music production expertise and practical applications directly to the students. As a music producer, he has worked with some of the top names in the industry (The Band Perry, Josh Garrels and Skillet to name a few), and has successfully partnered with organizations such as MTV, National Geographic and the Heartland Film Festival. He has received numerous industry accolades (including the Gospel Music Academy’s Song of the Year Award and the John Lennon Songwriting Award), toured nationally as a major label artist with a Billboard Top 40 hit, and landed musical placements on several prominent television shows such as Parks and Rec, New Girl and CBS Evening News. According to Potaczek, “My goal is to help students leave this place and fly. These classes are truly a means to help students achieve their unique career goals. The classes offered in commercial music teach students the artistic, technological and entrepreneurial skills they need to not only survive in today's rapidly changing landscape but to thrive.” Artistry

Samford University


As an educator, Potaczek has taught at the collegiate level for over a decade and been a guest speaker at various music and film conferences. He holds a Master of Science in music technology from Indiana University and is currently developing commercial music classes that will focus on songwriting, music production, performance and music business. In January, he took selected students to Los Angeles, California, to get a firsthand look at the music production industry by attending the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Conference. This show is the global crossroads of the music, sound and entertainment technology products industries with more than 115,000 registrants from 139 countries and regions commanding $11+ billion in buying power. Potaczek said, “It is an incredible opportunity for students to network and potentially gain valuable internship opportunities within the music industry.” The trip was made possible through a Catalyst travel grant and scholarships from the NAMM Foundation. His first class begins this spring with American Popular Music which is open to all students. This course shares an overview of the evolution of popular music in Western society from the late 19th century to present day (from Duke Ellington to James Brown, Metallica to The Beatles, Janis Joplin to Bruno Mars, etc.). Discussion includes the cultural implications of these artists and styles, and how they've impacted society and spoken to injustice in America. Starting in fall 2020, Potaczek will teach classes in songwriting, recording, music business and performance that dovetail well with the Catalyst curriculum and current music offerings. He sees his expertise helping students build themselves into musicians with the artistic, entrepreneurial and technological skills to thrive in the 21st century music culture. His network of contacts in the music industry will also connect students to professionals in the marketplace while at Samford and once they have graduated. In order to enhance this initiative, and as part of the massive arts renovation plan, arts leadership envisions a multipurpose production space for music, film and media. New contemporary ensembles are also in the works, providing expanded music experiences.

According to School of the Arts recruiter Katie Overturf, “Students today have recording and mixing technology at their fingertips from a young age, they experience music first through streaming platforms and they want a program that can hone and refine what they have been experimenting with as teenagers.” Eric Mathis, associate dean of the Division of Music, noted, “We anticipate attracting new students with new talents who wish to pursue careers in audio production, music business, songwriting, live performance and touring. At the same time, current students will now have the opportunity to engage more deeply in the production and business side of music.” Potaczek maintains a busy music production career outside of Samford and recently released a single Flags, written by Duane W.H. Arnold and Michael Glen Bell. Other current projects include an 8-song EP for worship artist ASAPH and production work on both Melissa Sandullo and Sarah Scharbrough’s latest albums.







For students in Samford’s

“The professional experience of our faculty and the opportunity

technical theatre program in

real-world skills necessary to be successful,” Glenn said. “Our

the Department of Theatre and

we instill in students the importance of achieving that type of

Dance, creating sophisticated productions is a fully immersive experience.

to work closely with them on productions gives our students the production team strives for professional level productions, and attention to detail.” Larger scale shows like the department’s past productions of Children of Eden, White Christmas and 1776, The Musical, can take between eight and 10 weeks to pull together. “Very few programs would even attempt to do a show of that magnitude,” he noted, but such shows “set us apart from other programs. They stretch

The department combines technology, engineering and art to

our small department at the seams, but we feel that it gives our

create productions that provide what students are most looking

students a great opportunity to experience a large-scale show

for—hands-on experience and access to experienced faculty.

and include that in their portfolios or acting reels.”

Led by theatre veteran David Glenn, the tech program teaches

During each production, students learn key skills and experiment

students the importance of attention to detail and hard work. His

with new technologies to bring the shows to life. For example,

team includes lighting designer Christian Specht, instructional

the use of iPads has streamlined lighting management and

designer Mary Gurney and scene shop manager Christopher

encouraged creativity in costume design.

Crews, who all serve in educational roles while maintaining careers in the field.


Samford University


“The ability to communicate behind the scenes is essential to the production’s success. With the new rigging system, the reliable communication of students that are moving about the stage untethered is fundamental to maintaining a safe stage space,” “Technology has been a game changer in the costume shop.

Glenn said. “Students learn to be the eyes of the flight operator

The use of the iPad, along with the Procreate Drawing App, has

as units are coming down to the stage, and we invested in a

allowed students to gain confidence in their drawing abilities,”

high-end communications system to ensure that they are able to

Gurney said.

communicate concerns during cues.”

Productions utilize 3D printing in both the creation of scenic

Students are gaining production experience off campus as well.

models for design and in the creation of scenic and props details.

Five students recently got a taste of tour life working on the

As an example, the 12 matching ink wells used in 1776, The

National Broadway tour of Escape to Margaritaville. This spring

Musical were printed using the department's MakerBot printer.

our students will be able to work on another National Broadway tour, Waitress, The Musical.

Video and multimedia are also changing the way theatre is

produced. The theatre department recently added two new

“At Samford, students don’t have to wait until they are seniors to

projectors and replaced its rigging and intercom system with

work on a main-stage production. They can begin as freshmen,”

a $1 million investment. The new equipment allows technical

said Mark Castle, chair of the department. “They can take on

students to work with faculty as they program the scenic items

increasing responsibility over their four years and have the

that fly in from above the stage and communicate better when

opportunity to put multiple shows on their resume, including fully

running a show.

realized designs, and not just paper projects. And, our students work alongside our faculty both on and off campus where they gain valuable professional exposure.”




Friends of

Samford Arts 2019 The School of the Arts is supported annually by many generous alumni and friends. These contributions make a difference to our students and faculty by providing scholarships, programs, event sponsorships and endless opportunities to enhance the Samford experience. Thank you to these friends, and others who have chosen to remain anonymous, for their generous support. Foundation Circle ($10,000+) Ms. Elisebeth Bashinsky Mr. Donald M. Cathy CIOS /Christ Is Our Salvation Mr. & Mrs. James D. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Neil E. Davis Davis Architects, Inc. Fletcher and Nell G. Morris Estate Trust Mr. & Mrs. John M. Floyd

Mr. John M. George Dr. Firmon Hardenbergh Mr. & Mrs. Howard Holt Rev. & Mrs. Morris L. Jackson Dr. & Mrs. Michael F. McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm K. Miller, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Doug Pederson Dr. Don Rankin

Rosemary Enterprises LLC Dr. & Mrs. Chandler H. Smith Ms. Emma M. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. James W. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Steve Vinyard Mrs. Elouise W. Williams

Mr. Edward C. & Mrs. Mary T. Gurney Mr. & Mrs. Steve and Debby Heitzke Col. & Mrs. Harvard V. Hopkins, Jr. Dean & Mrs. Joseph H. Hopkins Dr. & Mrs. David G. Jones Rocky Ridge First Baptist Church

Dr. Rebecca B. & Mr. W. Ferrol Spence Mr. & Mrs. Rick L. Stukes Vulcan Materials Company Foundation Susan Mott Webb Charitable Trust

Director's Circle ( $5,000-$9,999) Dr. Roy Baker Mr. & Mrs. Earl Branch Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Capps CLC Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. David P. Compher Mrs. Maurene M. Guffin

President's Circle ($1,000-$4,999) Mr. Bob Baker Mrs. Jimmie Baker Rev. & Mrs. T. Therrell Banks Baptist Foundation of Alabama Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Branton Mr. & Mrs. Clarence A. Brooks II Covenant Presbyterian Church Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Culotta Hon. Robert K. Dawson Mrs. Carolyn P. Drennen Mr. Edgar W. Evins, Jr. First Baptist Church Huntsville Dr. Rosemary M. Fisk & Mr. Howard P. Walthall Mr. & Mrs. Todd G. Fisk Friends of Hale County Federation Mrs. Linda V. Griggs

Mr. & Mrs. W. George Hairston III Dr. & Mrs. T. Michael Hammonds Mrs. Alma M. Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Hawkins Mrs. A. Gerow Hodges Mr. Harold L. Hunt Dr. & Mrs. John K. Johnstone Drs. Collin K. & Katherine King Mrs. Barbara F. Kirby Mr. & Mrs. Jon Lawson Mr. & Mrs. Bobby W. Little Mr. & Mrs. Mike D. Luce Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. McCarthy Patty McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Joe Meads Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mims National Christian Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. O'Brien Mrs. Sue B. Orr Mrs. Marilyn H. Palmer Mr. & Mrs. F. Wayne Pate Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Jared W. Poplin Presser Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Milburn Price, Jr. Raleigh Avenue Baptist Church Mr. & Mrs. William Reiser Mrs. Patricia T. Scofield Southern Company Services, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Alan W. Speaker Mrs. Jan Stephens Dr. and Mrs. Roger Suttle Mrs. Alae Risse W. Thomas Artistry

Samford University


President's Circle ($1,000-$4,999) continued Mr. Larry D. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Hall W. Thompson, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Lowell C. Vann Mr. P. Gaston White

Dean's Circle ($500-$999) Allegro Music Club Dr. Gerald A. Anderson II Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Bean Suzanne B. Benton Mr. & Mrs. John M. Bergquist Ms. Lucy Bloodworth Mr. & Mrs. John E. Boozer Dr. & Mrs. Charles Wyatt Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Ernest L. Burdette III Rev. & Mrs. Clay D. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. George W. Davis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Foster

Dr. & Mrs. Kenny C. Gannon Rev. & Mrs. Randy H. Gunter Mr. & Mrs. Greg A. Hansen Mr. J. Randall Kirchner Dr. & Mrs. Richard Laws Ms. Polly Levert Mr. & Mrs. John A. Looney, Jr. Mrs. Margaret R. McSweeney Mrs. Lee Merrill Mr. & Mrs. Rex M. Nelson Ms. Elizabeth L. Potts Mr. & Mrs. James J. Reardon

Mr. Claude H. Rhea III Dr. & Mrs. W. Randall Richardson Colonel & Mrs. Michael N. Robinson Ms. Barbara W. Shepherd Mr. & Mrs. Peter N. Simmons Ms. Anne Spencer Mr. & Mrs. John Teta Dr. Peggy Trout Mr. & Mrs. Eric Truitt Mr. & Mrs. Douglas E. Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Hanrahan Ms. Barbara A. Harrison Mrs. Joanne B. Harwell Ms. Marcia J. Hustad Ms. Jane B. Ketcham Mrs. Jeannie S. Krumdieck Mr. & Mrs. David G. Lamb Dr. Sharon L. Lawhon Mr. Hugh B. Lazenby Ms. Connie H. Macon Mr. & Mrs. Clif Martin Melodia Music Club Mrs. Amanda L. Muir

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Pendergraft Dr. & Mrs. Ryan D. Rainer Ms. Elizabeth M. Simpson Dr. & Mrs. Kirk H. Solberg Mr. Rob Stephan Mrs. Marilyn Stephens Dr. Alan Stevens Dr. & Mrs. Billy J. Strickland Mr. & Mrs. M. Rex Teaney III Mrs. Rebecca Day Tucker Drs. Andrew & Jeanna Westmoreland Ms. Pamela W. Whitten

Ms. Edna W. Blythe Mr. James R. Bonner Mr. & Mrs. George C. Boohaker Ms. Jane M. Borozan Ms. Vicki J. Brock Ms. Angelia L. Brooks Ms. Scottye Bryant Mrs. Laura S. Byland Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Castle Mrs. Kirke W. Cater Dr. & Mrs. David W. Chapman Drs. Stephen L. Chew & Daisy Y. Wong Mr. Harrison Kim & Mrs. Wonsun Choi Ms. Seong H. Choi Dr. Lyn M. Christian Mr. Chase A. Cochran Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Cody Dr. & Mrs. Chip Colee Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Compher Dr. & Mrs. James H. Cooley Mr. Joseph A. Cory Ms. Maria F. Couto Dr. William A. and Mrs. Audrey E. Cowley

Dr. Kathleen J. & Mr. Brian Cross Ms. Krissy Custis Dr. & Mrs. Grant Dalton Dr. Larry J. Davenport Ms. Marjorie Davis Dr. & Mrs. Joel S. Davis Ms. Lauren Y. Delp Ms. Zhenyue Deng Dr. & Mrs. Bradley M. Diamond Ms. Gracen E. Dod Mr. & Mrs. Morrow Doss, Jr. Mr. James Harry Douglas Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Dressler DST Systems, Inc. Mr. Larry Durham Mr. & Mrs. Randle D. Eagan Mr. & Mrs. Trip Eberhart Ms. Anita Echols Mrs. Ann W. Edwards Ms. Libby Ellis Mr. & Mrs. Ross Eriksson Mr. & Mrs. Matthew L. Estes Mrs. Lauren F. Evans

Benefactor's Circle ($250-$499) Mr. & Mrs. Anthony W. Allen Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Baker Ms. Martha K. Bending Mr. & Mrs. Mark B. Bethea Mr. & Mrs. Bernard L. Brown, Jr. Dr. Philip L. Copeland Dr. & Mrs. Jack Dabbs Mr. Jeremy Dayrit Dr. Jovanni de Pedro Ms. Melodie C. Dickerson Mr. Johnny Johns & Dr. Nancy Dunlap Ms. Janice L. Folsom Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Gachet

Patron's Circle ($1-$249) Mrs. Elaine B. Alberson Mr. & Mrs. Dominic V. Aliffi Drs. Lee & Catherine Allen Mr. & Mrs. William Anderson Mrs. Emily R. & Mr. Matthew D. Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Atcheson Ms. Dale Baldwin Dr. Claire B. Kimberly & Mr. Daniel S. Banke Ms. Louise Barbour Mrs. Susan P. Barclay Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey D. Barnard Mr. & Mrs. Walter G. Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Jesse M. Bates III Ms. Katie V. Beazley Mr. Anthony Bedsole Mr. Timothy D. Beiro Dr. Lonette & Mr. Steve Berg Pastor & Mrs. Abdullah Birdsong Birmingham Building Maintenance, Inc. Ms. Rachel Blackerby Dr. & Mrs. Kevin D. Blackwell 12



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Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie Mangum Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Markin Mrs. Leslie Cooper Marquez Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Martin Dr. & Mrs. Eric L. Mathis Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. McCarthy Dr. Meagan N. McCollum McElwain Baptist Church Drs. Scott & Beth McGinnis Rev. & Mrs. David W. McKelvey Mr. & Mrs. David McPherson Mrs. Wendy J. Medley Ms. Valerie H. Merrill Ms. Kimberly B. Metro Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Metts Dr. Kyoung M. Min & Mr. Jing Li Rev. Brad & Mrs. Cynthia Wise Mitchell Dr. Laura Beth Mitchell Molly and Robert Gooch Fund Mr. & Mrs. Van Munn Mr. & Mrs. John A. Nelson Mr. Jay R. Nelson Mr. & Mrs. John W. Neville Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Nicholson Mrs. Rachel G. Norris Mr. Ahamefula Nwosu Mr. & Mrs. Richard Odom Mr. & Mrs. Eric E. Olson Ms. Kathryne R. Overturf Mr. Jim Pack Ms. Anne C. Palmer Ms. Gloria K. Parvin Dr. J.D. Payne Mr. Ian M. Philips Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Phillips Mrs. Marilyn W. Pickett Ms. Amanda B. Pierce Mr. Matthew C. Powell Ms. Shelby F. Quattlebaum Mr. & Mrs. Timothy U. Rau Mr. & Mrs. Patrick O. Ray Dr. Owen W. Reagan Ms. Mary S. Reding Ms. Elizabeth K. Reese Miss Judy L. Rice Mr. & Mrs. Brad L. Roller Dr. Ivey Davis Rutledge Ms. Anita H. Ryan Dr. Hollea A.M. Ryan Dr. & Mrs. Donald C. Sanders Mr. Richard Sanders & Mrs. Man Li Hinson Ms. Catherine B. Seifert Mrs. Eva B. Shank Mrs. Dorothy Sheldon Mrs. Jackie C. Shell Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Sherer Dr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Shinn Dr. & Mrs. W. Bradley Shirah Mrs. Peggy Glenn Shores Rev. & Mrs. Charles E. Sims Mr. Jonathan L. Skaggs Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Mike Smith Mrs. Ashley C. Smith

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To give, contact Julie Boyd at 205-726-4656 or jboyd10@samford.edu. To give online, go to samford.edu/arts/giving.




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Artistry 2019  

Samford University School of Arts Annual Report 2019 - Artistry

Artistry 2019  

Samford University School of Arts Annual Report 2019 - Artistry