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ETERNITY for men

Calvin Klein eau de toilette

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volume I. issue I.

girl in pink page 22

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ed letter


behind the scenes



summer musthaves:

hot sh** to read to help you beat the heat


this week in cute...

photos to make you go ‘awww.’


girl in pink


the tale of It-Girl, Samantha Howard

sex appeal?


Hello Kitty:


what not to wear:

recycle! the trendy way


green machine: neither edgy or

letter from the editor

a long-term love affair I

’d like to take a moment to thank all of our loyal readers on behalf of the Hot Pink staff. You are the reason we get up in the morning. It is our mission to constantly strive to provide you with the most quality fashions and stories from the world of all that is cute and/ or edgy. This Summer issue is meant to provide you with the top accessories and summer must-haves as well as to provide you with a little inspiration on how to dress fabulously on a part-time job budget.


Not only can you always look good, but we want everyone out there to know that you can always make a difference in our environment, even when shopping! Never say never to style, but always keep in mind the basic rules of class. Also, always remember to keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel. So sit back with your favorite beverage, be what it may (coffee, tea, beer) and pick up this issue of Hot Pink and let the inspiration flow!

photographed by carmela zabala

Editor’s Pick

Quote of the issue: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” —Muhammad Ali


Only 64 delicious calories. Miller 64. Perfectly balanced perfection.

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behind the scenes

<< the edi-terminator

Hot Pink’s editor-in-chief, Samantha Ford, puts the finishing touches on the ItGirl spread featuring Samantha Howard. Drink up that coffee, Ford. It’s gonna be a loooong night! photographed by ann ford


ot Pink takes you behind the scenes to see how your favorite magazine is made! Samantha Howard is this season’s It-Girl. Your editor-in-chief, Samantha Ford, works day and night to make sure that every issue of Hot Pink is the best issue. Lets give her some mad props for her tireless devotion to quality eye candy. Photographers Samantha Ford and Carmela Zabala worked very hard as Ford collaborated with Samantha Howard to get her hot It-Girl look for this season’s issue of the best magazine on Earth! To get her look from her featured spread she sports a colorsplash cinched


blouse from Buckle and Bullshead Jeggings from PacSun. She also wears Rimmel Starry Sky shadow and Revlon Blackest Black liner in her photos. The silver top is a retro mesh metallic top by Ozzy and Deena from Urban Outfitters. The pink dress is a Princess Peach inspired costume that can be purchased from Hot Topic during festive seasons. Happy reading! XOXO, The Hot Pink staff



under cover: the making of a hot pink summer

It- Girl, Samantha Howard, glares at her makeup artist after being poked in the eye with a rogue eyeliner pencil. Rub some dirt in it and get back back out on the field Howard. photographed by samantha ford


names to remember hayden hammerling Hayden Hammerling is a New Jersey native and hardcore green addict. Author of this issue’s Be Sexy, Go Green article, Hammerling’s passion is spreading the word about how every person can do their part to save this big rock we call home. Featured left is a cute photo of a cactus to remind you of how darn inspiring Mother Earth can be.

Volume I. Issue I. Summer 2012

Hot Pink Staff

samantha howard

Samantha Howard is much more than a spread in this weeks issue. As a literature student and amateur photographer, we let her write her own article! Destined to be a teahcer, Howard has a passion for sharing her knowledge with others. Featured left is a photo contribution to represent Howards energy drink and soda addiction.

carmela zabala

Born and raised in Argentina, Carmela Zabala is much more than a pretty face and a spicy attitude. She is a devoted graphic design student who makes huge photograpihic contributions to Hot Pink. Featured to the left is the photo she chose to represent herself. Titled: Demon Cat.


Editor-In-Chief Samantha Ford Photographers Samantha Ford Carmela Zabala

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The Hot Pink offices can be located at: 123 Hollywood Ln. Palm Harbor, Fl 34683 Phone: (727) 555-4238 Fax: 1 727-555-4382

argo tea. embrace life. the best youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll ever have!

taste a dream.

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this week...

this week in cute...

join hot pink in our experiment to find every cute person, place and critter there is!


Taken in a Japan bus station by your very own editor-in-chief, Samantha Ford, this young lady has the lolita style down pat! Inspired by the popularity of anime characters in Japan, she is rocking the stilettos and bo-peep hair do. Keep it up my trendy sister!


<< lolita bo-peep


njoy this lovely homage to the world of all that is cute. Some photos are reader-submitted, others have been taken by various Hot Pink staffers. All of them are adorable. So next time you happen upon a squirrel munching upon a nut in the cutest way possible, snap that photo and send it in for a chance to be featured! Cute is everywhere, you just have to use your eyeballs and look.

artsy and fartsy

Taken in Washington D.C. by graphic designer Carmela Zabala, who claims this statue really “spoke to her.” What’s it saying to us? That we now know what happens when you cross- breed Pikachu with a unicorn and a kangaroo!

this week...

slow ‘n’ steady >> Taken at Honeymoon Island in Dunedin Florida, this photo was submitted by our very own Samantha Howard. She saved this little fella from the dangers of crossing the street! Q:“Why did the turtle cross the road?” A: “To get saved by a pretty Girl!”


“herro? yes, dis is dog.”

Meet Floyd. He is a chihuahua. This reader-submitted photo from Ann Ford came along with the description : “I just peed in your room... pet me please?” Need we say anything more?


hello kitty gets it on on the cover

the cute iconâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s transformation from adorable kitty cat to kinky sex kitten

by samantha ford


on the cover

hello kitty’s play time!



It started with a picture. The featured kitty didn’t even have a name yet. But as the design gained more attention, Sanrio became the main distributor of the image and gave their meal ticket a name. And thus, Hello Kitty was born. Once the brand was coined, Sanrio began producing the first Hello Kitty wallet. This was closely followed by cheap knick-knacks and figurines that are now considered top-dollar collectables. This led the folks over at Sanrio to stop and reconsider their marketing scheme. Admittedly, the Hello Kitty cartoons are awful. If you are a die-hard Hello Kitty fan and haven’t watched the cartoon...don’t. If you have seen one of her movies, well, you know that it’s good for little more than teaching a three-yearold the values of sharing. Because of the less than impressive nature of the original cartoon, many are left scratching their heads as to how Hello Kitty found her way overseas into the world of the mainstream American’s apparel. The most buyable answer is a psychological one. Go figure. Since Hello Kitty is expressionless and by all appearance asexual, an individual is much more likely to attach his/her own favored personality to the adorable little cat. This establishes a relationship between the individual (consumer) and the charicature. Sanrio figured this out early and chose to keep the characters’


hips and chains aren’t exactly the first thing most people think of when they imagine Hello Kitty. Instead you may have visions of flowers, friends, and adorable cartoon characters flash through your mind. But a new ffad is sweeping across the bedrooms of the nation. Hello Kitty sex fettishes are becoming a common fad that no one wants to talk about. Hello Kitty’s descent into the world of sex most likely began with her introduction as ladie’s clothing. Once you’re wearing her on the outside you’re much more likely to wear her products underneath it all. This is the most commonly used explanation for how Hello Kitty travelled from the land of children’s cartoon character to women’s clothing to lingerie. But what exactly is a Hello Kitty fetish? Surely it can be associated with sex. In the unspoken world of pornography, a strain of dirty cartoons with a Hello Kitty-esque main character are wandering through certain circles. Also, a trend of men masturbating to images of Hello Kitty is spreading like a kinky STD. What leads one to enjoy pleasuring himself to the expressionless face of a cartoon character? This leads us back to the discussion of women’s clothing featuring the beloved feline.

What once began as a children’s cartoon phenomenon has now become a widespread affliction of both the cute and the dirty.

teenie weenie (top + bottom)

Hello Kitty is adorable on this bikini. But is this only prove that women enjoy wearing Hello Kitty when they are without clothes? Sexy as it is, true Hello Kitty fans shake their heads. photographed by samanta ford

on the cover

hello merch >>

Hello Kitty tank available in Hot Topic stores. Boots available in Sears stores. Crochet Hello Kitty doll is handmade and available upon request online from Erica Petrachi. photographed by samantha ford

biographies short and vague. We know next to nothing about Hello Kitty or her life. All we know is that, based on the Sanrio website, she “lives in London, England, with her parents and her twin sister, Mimi. They have lots of friends at school, with whom they share many adventures. Her hobbies include traveling, music, reading, eating yummy cookies ... and, best of all, making new friends. As Hello Kitty always says, ‘You can never have too many friends.’” Each of her many friends has an even shorter life story. This was all done as a part of a marketing scheme. A good one at that. Since the characters, especially Hello Kitty, are overall emotionless, it allows for the consumer to attach whatever feelings he/she is having to the product. Hello Kitty can be happy when you are happy and sad when you’re feeling blue. What does this have to do with lingerie andmasturbation? Everything. We are a generation that grew up with an emotionless, asexual epitomy of all

things cute and adorable. So it would only make sense that we would continue to feel safe trusting Hello Kitty with our innermost private thoughts and feelings. As we age, these secrets and feelings are less innocent. Instead of wondering if your elementary crush will ever hold your hand, you fantasize about how great some hottie would be in the sack. Lingerie is something private that women wear for themselves, unless a lucky someone has the pleasure of hitting a home run. Hello Kitty is equally as safe and consistent. Having panties and bras

with the character stamped on them is a confidence boost. When you’re at your most vulnerable without your clothes, you see that friendly, familiar face looking back at you. Men have a similar complex. Having grown up around a Hello Kitty infested world, men also find a strange amount of comfort in the white “Japanese bobtail cat.” As boys mature, just like girls, their desires and needs become much more mature. Their fantasies may even be considered more kinky and outrageous than those of most women.


on the cover Seeing women who are more confident with their sexuality since they have their best cartoon pal on their side would be very likely to have a peculiar effect on men. Especially since there are entire websites and blogs devoted to reader-submitted photos of women posing in various risque positions with Hello Kitty. Some women wear lingerie featuring Hello Kitty or her many friends, some women wear skant Hello Kitty clothing (if you want to call it that). Others wear nothing and pose to best show off their

‘sexy’ Hello Kitty tattoos. Regardless of the specifics, the point is that many women market themselves to male web users through the association of Hello Kitty and sex. What man wouldn’t begin to think Hello Kitty was inherently a sex kitten after stumbling upon that niche in the world of pornography? This explains the introduction of Hello Kitty to the sex industry. The concept of a grown man pleasuring himself to a cartoon image is not very new in itself. Many anime characters are drawn to emphasize the

aspects of a woman’s figure. For example, school girl characters tend to have incredibly long legs and outrageously short skirts. In action anime’s, the female characters generally have breasts that would make Dolly Parton green with envy. Mainstream magazines like Heavy Metal always have a sexy cartoon image of a woman on the front cover, and many more inside. These types of cartoon women are considerd ‘normal’ to find sexually appealing. But what about a mouthless cat with no real features aside from a cute

<< big girl panties (top left)

Hello Kitty ladies’ undergarments have become more and more popular. The Hello Kitty winky face is now another one of her staple poses in the world of ladies’ undergarments. The ones featured here may be found in your local Hot Topic store. photographed by nathan ryan

<< long stockings (top right)

These neon ladies’ stockings make the great pair with a cute mini skirt. But they are marketed to the young teen girl demographic. Younger girls are being taught early on that Hello Kitty can be sexy. It’s not considered inappropriate if your legs are covered... right? photgraphed by samantha ford

<< triple threat (bottom)

These panty three-packs include either traditional Hello Kitty winky faces OR a lovely array of Hello Kitty disguised as various animals that aren’t cats. Let’s see....there’s a pig, a raccoon, a panda... photographed by samantha ford


“Hello Kitty’s descent into the world of sex most likely began with her introduction as a ladie’s clothing line.” - Samantha Ford >>

it’s kitty time!

on the cover

Hello Kitty plushies are a Sanrio bestseller. Shown below are a few of Hello Kitty’s best friends. As she always says, “you can never have too many friends! photographed by samantha ford

tilted bow to determine her gender? How does that image on its own stimulate sexual feelings? The fact is, it doesn’t. No man (or at least very, very few) looks at a photo of Hello Kitty and fantasizes about having sex with her. It is the simple fact that she is associate with hot girls wearing little or no clothing that gets men off. The simple fact that women allow themselves to represent the oversexed nation while weraing Hello Kitty does not necessarily mean that Hello Kitty is errotic. It simply means that some people will stoop to any level to feel sexy. Even if it degrades a childhood icon. However, in the world of female attraction, it may be a different story entirely. The infamous Sanrio “neck massager” flew off the shelves in adult stores. For those of you who don’t know, this item strangely resembled a women’s vibrator. The fact that women seemed to flock to purchase a sex toy with Hello Kitty stamped over could be a very disturbing notion. However, all hope in humanity may not be lost. Hello Kitty fetishes have become a large part of the mainstream American culture amongst females. Women deck out their vehicles,

bedrooms, and closets with Hello Kitty themed paraphenalia. It has reached the point where many women purchase items, regardless of quality, for the simple reason that they have Hello Kitty on them somewhere. So perhaps it isn’t quite so strange that the ladies seemed all to eager to purchase a Hello Kitty sex toy. In the end, the Hello Kitty fetish is mainly a subculture phase. She turned 50 years old in 2010 and suddenly Hello Kitty merchandise was lining the shelves in every major chain. But alas, two years later and the slow decline of her popularity is already becoming apparent. In another couple of years, the trend will die and us true Hello Kitty fans will rise from the ashes with ranks replenished and continue to keep her memory alive for generations to come. So fear not, gentle reader. There is hope yet that your (and my) childhood icon will not be entirely consumed by the flames of smut and sex. Maybe, just maybe she will find her way out of the darkness and back into the arms of young girls and 30-year-old women everywhere.


all natural popchips think popped! never fried. never baked. popped chip snack

be sexy, go green!

recycle! the trendy way why shopping in consignment stores is both sexy and good for the environment by hayden hammerling

float like a butterfly


S (above)

This lovely winged fellow stopped for a quick afternoon snack. photographed by samantha ford

nature’s king >>

(right) The King of the Jungle wakes up after a catnap at the national zoo photographed by samantha ford

naturally protective >>

(far right)

This mother gorilla keeps a sharp eye over her young baby as he plays photographed by samantha ford

o it’s time to shop in the new season, but you’ve just taken an environment class and are against the production process of creating new lines of clothing. What do you do? Shop in consignment stores and thrift stores! Shopping in consignmnet stores not only saves you money, it also puts less of a strain on the environment. Basically, we all win! Consignment stores basically work as follows: someone brings in their unwanted clothes to be placed for sale in the storeowner’s shop space. Once the clothes are sold, the shop keeps a percentage of the profits and the rest goes back to the donor. This process not only recycles adorable fashions, it also keeps

the money flow in local economies. The more of a boost local shops get, the better the overall town will become. Now, you may be wondering WHY we should work to protect the environment through clothing. It may not seem like such a big deal, but the factory emissions from the corporate clothing manufacturers contribute massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere worldwide. By doing your part and buying used clothing, you can make a world of difference over a lifetime. Lower worldwide emissions not only means that WE get to breathe healthier, but every other living being out there may live life unaffected by man’s creul use of Mother Nature. Endangered species around the globe are wiped out due to pollution from factories and metropolitan runoff. Pollution doesn’t only kill instantaneously either, it can create birth defects in a species that makes them die out slowly. Also, pollution can cause widespread diseases within and ecosystem. So show you care through what you wear. Buy and sell in consignment stores. Keep your money local and your air clean. But, most importantly of all, keep yourself looking hot in all your fancy *new* clothes.

summer must-haves

<< sandals, please?! No summer outfit is complete without a trendy sandal wedge. This lovely shoe, found at Lane Bryant, is a perfect go-to for any outfit. So throw on your shorts or your maxi dress. You’re ready to go!

beat the heat A friendly list of all things summery and adorable

photographed and written by samantha ford


ere at Hot Pink, we understand that the demands of Summer can be a lot to handle. Between the beach and freinds and not having any classes, you’re just a busy little bee! Because of our sympathetic nature, we have compiled this awesome list of goodies that will make your Summer vacation that much better. So whether you happen to be reading this from the beach or from the office, always


remember that we only have your best interest in mind. Mental health is important and Summer time is the best time to recuperate your forces. Also, catching some rays can be nice too. Nothing lie a nice tan as a wardrobe accessorie. A free one too! Now it’s time grab a space ice-cream and let’s blast off astronaut!


a good marker

Ok, pizza is yummy too. But always keep a good marker in your purse in case the doodle-bug hits. Because once he bites, you just want to color on everything! Especially with all those silly endorphines from the summer sun.

summer must-haves

<< space food It’s a literal blast from the past! Reliive your childhood and get over the melty pain that is traditional ice-cream. Take this to the beaches and fear no sun rays taking your treat away.

good friends, good coffee >>

After a night filled with fun, magic, wonder, and partying, there’s nothing like a good cup o’ joe and a good converstaion with a pal.


adorable decals

Bring on the cute when you decorate your beach wagon with these adorable piggy-love Sanrio vinyl decals!

summer must-haves

twinkle toes >>


Have fun with color this summer season! Finger nails chip in the sand, but toes are steadfast. Use a dark color with a sparkle finish for a night time dreamy look. Or go with a pop of color to accentuate your sexy new golden tan.

sea? critter

(bottom right)


Pay tribute to the master of the seas with this trendy shark’s toothe necklace. It’s also a great good luck charm against sting rays. No sea critter wants to be anywhere near something that came from the mouth of a shark.

yarn? bomb!

(bottom left) Nothing says summer like a retro halter. This crochet halter top is much more than the anti- farmer’s tan. It is a throwback to the 70’s, a decade of style and forward thinking. Exert your right to be adorable!


Shimmer and Shine

Old school scent with a new school sparkle available at victoriaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s secret retailers and online stores

it-girl: samantha howard

by samantha ford


model samantha howard: photographed by samantha ford at crystal beach park. hair/makeup by samantha ford. dress inspired by princess peach

it-girl: samantha howard

Ever wonder what it takes to be an It- Girl? Well Samantha Howard is here to give you the low-down. In this Summer’s article, we gave Howard the reigns and let her choose what questions she wanted to answer. Read on and be inspired.


walked into the coffee shop where I was set to meet Samantha Howard and found her outside finishing up her cigarette. It was the crack of dawn and I hadn’t had my coffee yet. I wanted to ask her a few questions before we set off for our beach-side photo shoot. That was supposed to be my way of making her feel more comfortable with the situation. I soon learned that I was silly to think she would ever feel uncomfortable or need warming up to. By the time we sat down with our coffees and I pulled out my questions, she grabbed them out of my hand and said “Hmmmm.... mind if I choose?” And so, this amazing story was born.

<< beach babe

This lovely Florida native was more than thrilled to do her photoshoot at the beach. She says that the sand and water made her feel right at home. photographed by samantha ford

it-girl: samantha howard

“I have always been a bargain shopper, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look good at the same time.” - Samantha Howard Q: What does the number mean? Absolutely nothing! I chose the domino with two sixes because the colors were pretty. (Howard luaghs for a minute) Q: What do you think it takes to be a real It-Girl? I truly believe that all girls have an inner It-Girl. I think it’s all truly just a matter of being yourself and respecting who you are. Confidence is key. You can’t want to be like someone else so badly that you lose track of who you are inside. I’ve been there and it sucks. Q: What got your fashion kick started? Well, I have always been a bargain shopper. But that doesn’t mean I can’t look good too. I grew up with an older sister and experimented with rummaging through her hand-me-downs. That quickly turned into an obsession. Q: What do you do to accessorize? Well, my all time favorite accessory is my domino necklace. It’s not exactly the cutest thing to look at but it means a lot to me. My best freind and I made them before we graduated high school. It’s just a simple domino that I drilled a hole through and wrapped hemp around. You would be super suprised how often people compliment the damn thing though! The worst is when they ask what the number means.

Q: Who did you want to be like? I wanted so badly to be Annie DeFranco. She is just the coolest chick ever in my opinion. She’s small and cute but you really get the sense that she’s badass and can pack a good punch. But I don’t pack much of a punch. I am much more content just staying chill and letting things be. So it wasn’t very pretty when I tried to be like DeFranco!

Q: What’s your least favorite article of clothing to wear? You know what? I almost said high heels. But then I realized that was a lie. I don’t mind heels if they’re comfortable. But I absolutely dread something that’s pretty much unavoidable. I hate, hate, hate wearing a bra. It is quite seriously the bane of my existence. Q: Have any fashion tips for the rest of us who want to get the It-Girl look? Patterns! Patterns, patterns, patterns, patterns!!! Mix and match colors and designs. Sometimes it looks really, really ugly. But once you get the idea you can make some awesome outfits! I hardly leave my house unless I have at least three totally different patterns in my outfit. It’s actually become a game at this point! How many patterns can I cram in one outfit and not look like a clown! But, before time runs out, I just wanted to say thank you so much for having me. I had an absolute blast!

what not to wear

Things NOT to wear on the streets or in your profile pictures photographed by samantha ford

what NOT to wear

How to stay classy:

Always keep in mind the rules of having class:


Skin is sexy, but show off the right stuff. No one wants to see that muffin, so wear pants that fit you. The skinniest of girls can look three sizes bigger by wearing pants two sizes too small.


Makeup is a feature enhancer, so don’t try to draw on a completely new face. Lightly line your eyes and use a touch of blush or bronzer. Don’t raccoon-eye yourself or make your face more tan than the rest ofy our body.


Not sure what’s worse here. The pink man back or the bulging tramp stamp? We’ll leave it up to you to decide. photgraphed by samantha ford



No one cares about your outward social statements. So avoid t-shirts with rude and cheesy phrases on them. Don’t gel your hair into your face either. It makes you look greasy and no one wants to touch a grease head.



“I just don’t want to conform to society’s herd of sheep...” Then our advice to you would be not to dress like every other ‘nonconformist’. Avoid cliche fads and sub-styles. photographed by luca petrachi


By stylish, HAVE FUN! At the end of the day, what you wear is up to you alone. Just remember that it is always good to maintain youssome class.

<< ghetto fab (opposite page)

This look is not only too 90’s, it’s also incredibly unclassy. Be who you wanna be ladies but remember! Always dress to impress! photographed by katie johnson


speck. because everybody has one.

Hot Pink  

A summertime collection of all things cute!

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