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࢐჋т‫݉ޟ‬ЄΙኺў Ᏸਮ᠞ਪ


2 ᑋܼႀၻҕ Cyprein, Ռᇺ

Ӵ৤Ұ๝жࣨࡇོ݂ߧԑσ‫ ٺ‬, Georgia, Ӱ࣏ு‫ڗ‬жࣨࡇོ݂‫ޟ‬ ᔓօ , ‫ٺ‬т૖ஊԤ‫؁‬ӻ‫؁‬ԁ‫ޟ‬ԝԙ

PromesseȂϬԑ 5 ྑȂтࣼଔ‫پ‬Ш‫ڏ‬тࡆυಠωȄт‫ޟ‬ҔᒑᇳᕊᎴϚ‫࢐ي‬тঈ७ᄇ ശσ‫ᜲ֨ޟ‬Ȅ࣏ΟҡॎȂԂؐЈўୈၻࣀȂᗈ‫ؐڥ‬Р 0.9 छϯ‫ޟ‬ώၥȄ գ ੡ ৏ȂPromesse ਛ ႆȂ Ҟ କ գ Ϙ ‫ ی ݕ‬ч ߞ ঴ ߏȄ ֭ ‫ ێ‬ҁ џ ЄȂ ҁ ে ྻ Ц ኃ ঴ ߏ ൌ ٟ գȄ Promesse ߞᄱྐ࣏ᄊҁߞ‫ވ‬уϘዹҝᐯ੭ᡝ੩Ȅ ЙჅȂҁߞਛϠാ঴ߏൌ๑‫ޱ‬঑ᑉȂϫࢨྻգକϧ ‫ڻ‬੩ిᐯȄ ಩ԴȂְգϘৎᑟྻ‫ڽ‬њࢺ‫ڱڤ‬ᄊ Promesse ۶ ҁߞӓᓐϘዹߞਛਲȄ ְҞணҐЫՐߞ୹᝼ 40 ࣿஜȂ൅Ⴥူ঴‫ݸݕ‬ౢӀ џᅆְদঋߞ‫ ֘ތ‬40 Ј੡‫ۦྏڽ‬ളፎไۧȂѽ֖ ஜ‫ڽ‬ឯདྷ੕ภ‫ڽ‬ᕒׄઔҳӠࣿള‫ࢅߞק‬ЄȄ ЫՐߞ୹᝼ 40 ࣿஜྻѹϧᝯަᒊ‫ݻ‬ႿԳ஡Ȅ֯ऎ ᑫࣷ൵Ђ࡭ߞࠦьՐࣿஜȂ‫ا‬েౕؓ൅Ⴥ୹᝼ 40 ࣿஜ‫ڽ‬෩୼ߤ஡ᅆ๴ਣК஼ਛߞᝯަȂѽфឯ༰ࢧ ቮߞႤࠛȂѽᕒׄ‫ة‬ᕝԑಧ୹ᏴߞயᛟȄ ᅆӏକ֋ф֋‫ݕږ‬ٟգକϧᘉ໴঴ߏ‫ڽ‬Ᏻࣿ֋Ўࢅ Єߞਛਲ‫ڽ‬ሲȂ୹ᏴயᛟُϘчൌ‫ק‬ᙘ຾ҁেȄ ૿ѻգᖉᏳߞ঴ߏྻᐱ७ࢅЄ๴‫ڈ‬ᓵ፤Ȟ‫୼ڗ‬ѧԢ ៬ߞϠဣȟ۶ઐጴȞᢜদѧԢ‫ߞ୼ڗ‬ϠֲȟȂᅆࢅ Єߞ՘ࠜҞൄ՘ӖϳߞྫਚȄഺ‫ࢅڱ‬ЄЫчକ‫៷׎‬ ۤ‫ږ‬௉ߞᖉᏳȂ௟ྻ዆ᠩҁে௟‫ߞڽ‬ขϧ๴ਣ۶ᐯ ೫କϧȄ թҳȂٟգՀߞ՜՘҄ЂϠেЙକգ‫ږ‬௉՜Ϣҝ‫ڻ‬ Ᏻ֋ЎߞਛਲȂ



3 Ӱ࣏Ԥ჋ձΙኺᄙ඗‫଺ޟ‬᜽ 40 Лࡻ ‫ ޱ‬,Cyprein ૖ஊԤ‫؁‬ӻ‫؁‬ԁ‫ޟ‬ԝԙ

‫ێ‬ᅁȂഺ‫࣏ڱ‬Ҟѽ‫ؼ‬ᢏߞȄ ҝՐȂധԺᄊְϘዹᅘූߞњࢺ߰Ȃ൅Ⴥணሃ୹ ᝼ 40 ࣿஜȂឯۖ $580 ေЮຠภȂӡ‫ڽ‬њࢺ਄ཫ ࠻ѧ‫ڲ‬ȃᒊ‫ݻ‬ႿȃҺ޿ᆬ۶‫࢓ތ‬٦ഺ‫ڱ‬գቮঋߞ஼ ਛȄ ְ‫ݙ‬ឯఀߞຠภߡతњࢺ‫ا‬েߞ঍ᄑȂᢰഺ֜‫֋ڽ‬ ᒊ‫ݻ‬ႿȂ֯ऎУৎࢅЄߞѭᓐ Cyprein ж‫ڳ‬ҁߞ ࣇ‫ڰ‬Ȅ

Cyprein ᇳȋȶΰࡔӵ‫٘ר‬ΰ՗ΟડᙺȄȷ Cyprein ฅ࣏ᅔܺߞທౕȄҁ๑‫ޱ‬࿰ᠪҁߞਛϠȂ ϫٟգ‫ږ‬௉ߞ঴ߏԫȄ ҁႋ៖ሲȋȶ‫ا‬েంࡈϘ чҪԫۖϘᔠȄȷ ҁգϘུࠧ௱ЈфളଖߞႺԳȄփ Cyprein ߞУ ৎࢅЄКȂҪգ‫ی‬ৎԴ੭ᡝ੩Ȅ ѵधࢆ‫ྻށ‬ऎ Cyprein ෩‫ڻ‬ை୊Ȃి‫ڈ‬գᝯ‫ۊ‬ຆ ᡋ‫׀‬ȃਛਲ୑ச۶ᇒನȃ಩҃мߞଆᇌў‫ޱ‬Ȃ‫ڭ‬ຜ ҁϘᔝѱȄ ం‫ڤ‬Ϙᔝѱႆۤఀߞҷ۶߲ਫ਼ȂҞᕒׄ Cyprein ᘇۖ‫ږ‬௉ߞᓿ‫ڽ‬໴ԺϬ඼ႺԳȄփ߲ਫ਼Ӻգׄ‫ؼݺ‬ ຠϿនȂ‫ڹ‬ҁକ௉գ‫ـ‬Ժ‫ـ‬Հߞ՜՘Ȅ ഺ‫ؼڱ‬ᢏྍۧ຾ҁକຜ֋ЎߞࢅЄ‫ـ‬Հߞ༼঴Ȃ‫ڹ‬ ࢅЄକѧѽࡈ‫ـ‬உ௵՘ࠜȄᔌ຾՜Ϣ‫ؼ‬ຠȂУৎࢅ


Issue 379 02 - 05 - 2014

4 ଺᜽ 40 ᔓօଝ‫଺ޟاࡔݍ‬Ꮅ‫ݷޑ‬

Є಩ԴൌҞѽϯᐯҝȂԢ੡ȂCyprein Ӻգକϧҝ ঑ᑉᐯ੭ߞ‫ل‬ਫ਼໱Ȅ

Cyprein ంѵधࢆ‫ྻށ‬ఀۖߞᕒׄȂ‫ڹ‬ҁѕႆ҇ ᆕϞྑѕȄ ҁሲȋȶ‫ا‬Йକ௉ྐᄊҁেգԺኃྑ ‫ا‬ȄȷփഺዹߞᕒׄϘߡు๴຾ҁҝᕒׄ‫־‬Ϡକ௉ ȶ֌ьᐾգ‫ا‬಩ԴߞӠࣿȷȄ ȶ಩Դ‫࣏ا‬Ϙ֜ిྻታഞȄȷCyprein ֋ሹԳሲȄ ȶ಩ԴȂ‫ا‬ᓴᑄऎૠփࣿ຾Ȅȷ ᡝᡛ೴ጏȂᔞଝ଺Ꮅ ְҞѽԴ 8 ѡ 14-17 џง༡ணሃ୹᝼ 40 ࣿஜȂ ᕒׄ‫ێ‬ҁᄊ Cyprein ۶ҁߞਛϠ‫ڤ‬ዹգቮঋᕒׄ ߞϠȂᢰҁেൌգϘৎ‫ؼ‬ᢏӠࣿᖖᄩߞᑟྻȄ ְҞѽѽৎϠ‫ڗ‬ж‫ݕ‬ᑋৎిྻ‫ߤݕ‬஡ᄥᢜ๳ୃண ሃȄညఋ๳ୃࢢȂఋ௟ྻ՜ۖЍ‫ۍ‬ҒȂ‫ְׄ۝‬༟ ‫ܕ‬ᅹྐணҐഺৎࣿஜߞўՑȂЍ‫ۍ‬ҒႆҒࣁϘ୸ DVD ᇄȃઔඡȃၐ၃ु‫ٿ‬Ⴄਫ਼۶Ϙ‫ߤڱ‬஡ࣿஜߞ ࢙៉Ȅ ෈ ࡟ ӵ 8 Т 14-17 Р ᇄ ௌ Ι ଔȶ ᡝ ᡛ ೴ ጏȂ ᔞ ଝ଺ᎵȷȂࢥၚ၏௑џิᓃᆩ֭ 40hourfamine.




಑ 379 ෈

Reflection on elected Senator Dio Wang ᗑ‫ڣ‬ண៉୰ԯऎҝՐᓴᗝНКգ 1,375 ௺ᓴೈҵᚸȂ Ӥ‫ޱ‬୰‫ݺ‬ϟѡϟϩџֿٙ་֖দᓴȂᓴᗝ‫ݺ‬ұѡУџ ་ ֖Ȃ ຕ ‫ ލ‬ಯ Ӡ Ϟ Ϙ ֜ ົ ႁ ᗑ ‫ ڣ‬ண ៉ ৶ ѳ ੎ ‫( ڲ‬Dio Wang)Ȅѳ੎‫ڭڲ‬Й࣏‫֋ڽ‬ѹࣹࣆ៨៉৶Ȃࡒ࣏Ӥឩ ྽Ђ֛ࣦᆬᆳ (Clive Palmer) ‫ݙ‬ೡ՘ߞࣦᆬᆳᗑԪ៨ (Palmer United Party, PUP) ‫ݙ‬యᓴȄ

On 20th February the Federal Senate was ordered an reelection due to the missing of 1,375 ballot papers in last yearɅs election. The re-run was done on 5th April and one Chinese Senator was born who named Dio Wang. He did not belong to any major party but was nominated by the Palmer United Party (PUP) formed under the mining enterpriser Clive Palmer.

ѳ੎‫࣏ڲ‬Ϙ֜‫ྲߞڴࡑ֋ڽ‬ೊӔȂ2003 Ր‫ۖڽ‬ᑫࣷȂ ԴᐍᆬӎЂᐯۤఀࡱ᪦ന঍ћᐴфЍ຀ຕᅹᇇЀᐯ֜Ȃ ‫ ݺ‬2006 Ր‫ۦ‬ၑ‫ࣦݺ‬ᆬᆳ ֯ऎЂߵ‫ߞތ‬ឩ྽гҦȂѳ ੎‫ڲ‬Ԑࢢᑉԇႍឩ྽гҦߞ঵ਯே֖‫ܡ‬ф֖ࣆᗁ໗Ȅ

Dio came to Australia in 2003 as a new migrant from Nanjing. He obtained his Diploma of Urban Planning and Master of Structural Engineering at the Melbourne University before he was appointed in 2006 by a mining company under the majority ownership of Palmer. Dio ЙьϠሮऎࣦᆬᆳԴҝՐᗑ‫ڣ‬ЂᓴȂ‫ڹ‬ӡЂ༓ߞࢆཇ၃ had served as the Chief Executive Officer. ໱Ȃ‫ڽ‬໴ఀᓴӔߞњࢺȂۤఀ៉ਯȄփԴ֘ᑫഺϘըদ Many people reckoned Palmer won a federal seat last ᓴȂࣦᆬᆳᗑԪ៨ϵ࣏‫ڹ‬ӡ⳴чሏԳߞࢆཇȂ‫ۤڽ‬ఀѳ year through massive election campaign expense. In the ੎‫ڲ‬ഺϘ៉ਯȄ WA re-election this round, PalmerɅs party was using the ֭೟ѕϘྐȂ֘ᑫߞᓴӔૌߞ࣏Ղթ๑ߢȂ‫࣏ݕ‬ਟ‫ۦݽ‬ ۖࢆཇ዆ᠩཛྷȉ‫ڭا‬ЙକԢྍഺϘሲ‫ޱ‬Ȅ಩੡‫ی‬Ђࣆ ៨ȂൌఀЙۖϠӔߞњࢺȄЙьឮᓴ੡ߞ႕ᓚȂԴឮᓴ ࢢЂਛൌЙ᝸ᓲՇȂ‫ڼ‬Ղ൵ࠕ֓ൾ዇෩ҍঋւዋϘըჅ ወ՜ิь୑ࣆ‫ڔ‬Մߞ໱ӡȂє୓Ђਛᝯަҁฅࠫሰӌӌ ࠑ‫ށ‬Йྻ༟ወྲກ༵ȄϯԇЍ៨ࣆܹϵЙჇԺᢰȂԴঋ ఀۖᑾӲ៉৶фᇥ៨៉৶ߞњࢺϭȂЂ඼৒঎ᓴᗝ‫ݚ‬ ᓚȄഺ‫ڱ‬ȂൌЏ҄ۖЙьᓴӔȂᅆ‫ی‬Ђࣆ៨ߞࣆࢉȂಯ Ӡ࿂Ђᄔ෋Ȅ

same tactic for Dio.

But on deeper thinking I would not concur that the WA electorate could be so naive and be misled by propaganda. The electorate has lost their faith and support in the two major parties as many of their election campaigns have gone astray; one example is AbbottɅs recent idea of an one-off tax to reduce deficit, as opposed to what he has promised on no new tax. The ex-Labour-government was no better as when they broke many election promises for the purpose of making deals with the Independents and the Green. People are ѳ੎‫ߞڲ‬՘ґညᓴȂϵࣄᐼ຾ົϠணࣆߞϘ‫ڱ‬ཇ೚ࢥ now sick of their politics. ྐȄ࢝ԺϠहࠫົϠ৏ᓴϠȂ࢝᝱Դ‫ی‬Ђࣆ៨ѽҳȂۤ ఀ៉ਯȂԯթЙьգ‫ؠ‬ంࣆ߰Ȃྻւዋۤఀ‫ی‬Ђࣆ៨ߞ Dio's win is also testing the traditional concept of running њࢺȂఀѽ՘ऎ৏ᓴϠȂ഼Ⴥഺ‫ࣆڱ‬៨ߞឮᓴᑟᐡߞґ an election by a Chinese candidate. Many would have thought that it could be terribly hard for a Chinese to କȂ൵ࢢညᓴ՘ऎ៉৶Ȃணሃࣆ޼Ȅࣦ֭ᆬᆳ಩੡Ȃ‫ށ‬ win a seat without anchoring to a major party as to take ᢖ࣏‫׀‬ӡᑫࣷϠᅆԧЂࣆ៨ߞᄔ෋Ȃ഼Ⴥ༰Кឮᓴ၃໱ advantage of the established platform. Obviously Palmer Դࣙ‫ڱ‬ᓴ஡Ȃ՘ґԳۤఀϯ៉୰៉ਯȂ෩୼Ϟ֋Ўߞࣆ is taking advantage of the major partiesɅ shortfall and ޼ӎᓿȄ trying to focus on specific election niche in order to gain his political mileage in the Senate. ົϠԴ࢝Ժࡱ᪦ൌ༰К‫֝ܧ‬ԴࣙϘ‫ڱ‬஡ԊȂԯթȂ‫ا‬ह ࠫഺϘᇌॎඛփҍߞឮᓴຉರȂϵҞକᏋԪϘ‫ڱ‬Դߤ஡ Chinese population tends to cluster in certain suburbs in many cities. So a uniquely deployed election strategy НКఀۖ୼࢘ሮԢߞົႁ৏ᓴϠȄ in certain regions could surprisingly favour a Chinese election candidate.

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ࠠᆬӄჩ዇•ؓ஡ֹࣟᖑЀ࣏Ϙ֜ѵधᇷԩߞॻ஼ ஼ឱ۶ग़஼஼ឱც዆ᐱᆊȂҁэ‫ێ‬ᐽࠜ‫៷ݮ‬ᢘੂយ ᆷѯȄग़஼ც዆ᐯྻໞᓴߞ AFI պՐպЂც዆ԩඏ ϯȂؓ஡ֹࣟߞ֯ࡡϢᓴϞ 4 ൊȞȮ୛ቿୃȯȃȮᢘ ቿୃȯȃȮࢢຄȯȃȮ֘ҔஐҔȯȟȂԴࠜႿбϩ Րߞ᜹ങӠ౾КȂؓ஡ֹࣟԒ‫៷ݮ‬Ϟ໹ჅУϩൊც ዆Ȃ՘ऎᑢҫϯ຾ԩߞც዆᜹ങЂਰȄ

஀ନҾඞዷགྷ‫ ݺܕ‬1886 Ր 5 ѡ 1 џȂѽ߿Ґ৯ ऎКѕȂԴग़஼ᗝ֖Ϟॗ 35 ေϠணҐߞЂഢጀ፪ Ѝ۶ӯࢃห֖Ȃӯࢃ߰ঋِ‫ؼ‬ຠൻஜ౧ԆȂᅁ֖ϣ Ј੡Ѝ֯ۘȄ5 ѡ 3 џ߿Ґ৯ࣆܹҍஜ់ᅅ་֖ᛉ ᕅȂ༟ᆀӇժ‫ی‬ϠȂ‫ڰ‬ᅗᙖЂȂӤ‫ݺ‬Й‫ڗށ‬Ԋ߰Ԩ ់ᅅ‫ظ‬ᙗओዅȂ൵ೣ់ᅅ༟ᆀᐱ७௠౭๴ӠȂԐࢢ Ԓգ 4 ֜ЍϠȃ7 ֜់ᅅժϸȄ஼ቫൻஜြබ࣏Ӥ թփ‫ڽ‬Ȅ

ࣉԍࡑȂК஼ည҃຾ԩߞ֯աਛȄணሃϞധԺᆇա ߞᝉաЍ֯Ȃ࢝ԺᆇաԴবѵࢢ॓࿂Ϙ੡‫ڭ‬ജዃऎ ཇ஭ȄҒࣁϞ҃ࠑ֯ࡡգᆇաȮԴౕؓߞӣൎϯȯȃ Ȯૡ୧ᆇȯȃȮ஄Ղְঋሮᝊ‫ا‬ȯȃȮԤᐆ๫ߞၬ ່ጢϞȯȃ೐ϩϘ㧗‫ࣷڲ‬ႻஜྻྻᆇȃȮӇ୓јᄁ ஭୓ᆇȯȃȮѡԍϭߞল‫؍‬ջȯȂȮጒӨߞրѨ௙ ಎఐȯȄ୵Ϟ൹֯ᆇաҳȂҁᘘ൹֯ϞԺൊᆇነȃ ࠁᗡህነȃ‫ڴ‬ነຈȄ

˦ ᑹ࡚ϛ‫ޟ‬ਯѲ

ᇃҕಀᡩᅽҺ೽ІȶਯѲȷȁ࿋‫ࡇ׋‬շୄХࢊώ Ѯᢊኀਯღᡝ 27 РήϿᖞᒲୄ࡚ȶਯѲȷၽ՗Ȃ ᏲमѮѕٙમࠉ‫׃܆ޟ‬ՙၯҺ೽ᡩᅽȄѮᢊᖂಛ଻ ़Ξȃ՗ࢇ଱ߝ԰ۣᐕ࿋ЈήϿᇄ 15 ՝୽ҕឩᝲ ᑪѿߝᖞ՗ོដ୦ፙȶਯѲȷដᚠȄོដႀԙ‫ڍ‬ᘈ ӓᜋȂΙ࢐ȶਯѲȷΙဴᐠϚࢊώѫԊᔮȂԊᔮࡣ ࡌԆȂȶਯѲȷኅΠဴᐠӒഋୄώȇΠ࢐՗ࢇ଱‫ܛ‬ ᒛᏑഀѢ໠૖ྛོដȂоጂ߳Ґ‫ټپ‬ႫฒဲȄҕ ໌ឩкৰឃ॑ܿఏ໢ᇳȂ࿋‫׋‬ភю‫ޟ‬๖፣ȶϚ఼Ϛ ཿȷȄтौؑ԰ۣᐕ‫ڎ‬ᡝᇳ఼ཿȂष೻൷࢐ौୄ࡚ ȶਯѲȷ‫ޟ‬ၗȂ፜Ꮡഀҥ՗ࢇ଱өҳ‫ݲ‬଱ൢ֙രၚ ࡣȂငҳ‫ݲ‬଱ӣཎȂᡱȶਯѲȷୄ࡚‫ڎ‬ᡝဣᄂȃ‫ׇ‬ ԙแ‫ו‬Ȅ᠙ᆸୄХࢊώࡣȂѮᢊႫΨϴѧီ‫ߝٱ‬༁ १౨ߒҰȂୄ้࡚ܻ‫׹‬ΣԝϚӱȂᇃႫ॒༆஠຺ႆ ၥҏ᚞ 3300 ቇϯཱིѮᄌȂ้ӣࡇ֙ક౰Ȅ


ବᄇѮᢊȶਯѲȷॳ‫ݰ‬ȂਯѲኅᔖ၎ୄ࡚‫࡚៉ܖ‬ȉ Ѯᢊӻড়ҕ፡ᡗҰȂᗶณӻኵҕಀᜓԙୄ࡚ȶਯ ѲȷȂծζԤࣺ࿋ΡኵϚ᜹ཎ‫ܛ‬ᐊୄ࡚ࡣ‫ޟ‬Ⴋቋΰ ᅛфቋȄȮЈήȯᚕᇬҕ፡ᡗҰȂߖ 6 ԙ‫ޟ‬ҕಀ Ȟ58.7%ȟᜓԙୄ࡚ȶਯѲȷȄငᔼкᆓഋߞР ࠉႱեȂषӒ७ኀਯȂႫቋџ૖ོᅛ 4 ԙȄ፡ࢥ ᡗҰȂӵІਯѲ‫ڧޟ‬೤‫ޱ‬ϛȂԃ‫ݎ‬ୄ࡚ȂᗶԤߖ јኵ‫ޟ‬ҕಀȞ46.2%ȟ᜹ཎ֜ԝଽႫቋ‫ޟ‬ȶࡣᒸ ੿ȷȂծࠓԤ‫؁‬ӻ‫ޟ‬ІਯѲЛࡻ‫ޱ‬ȂϚ᜹ཎ‫ܛ‬ᐊႫ ቋ፡ᅛ 4 ԙ‫ޟ‬фቋȞ50.3%ȟȄ൷ȶԃ‫ݎ‬ਯѲୄ ࡚ȂོഅԙીႫȂ࢐֏᜹ཎ௥‫ڧ‬३Ⴋ௩ࢊȉȷ୰ᚠȂ 54.0% ҕಀߒҰȶ૖௥‫ڧ‬ȷȂ40.9% ҕಀߒҰȶϚ ᜹௥‫ڧ‬ȷȇՄᄇܻȶषୄ࡚ਯѲȂਯΙȃΠȃέኅ ஠‫ࡣ۽‬ଶ‫מ‬ȷȂ47.9% ‫ڧޟ‬೤ҕಀߒҰ᜹ཎ௥‫ڧ‬Ȃ 36.6% ‫ڧޟ‬೤‫ࠌޱ‬Ӓ७‫ܒ‬ਛፏߨਯড়༪‫ޟ‬౩‫܈‬Ȅ

Issue 379 02 - 05 - 2014

ӣၯᘈຟ ȶ੮ұȷলޯᢖӯҭᣉӔᇝѹ၍ᐂነЏ၃་ϢϘৎ ྲ୼጗ȄҭᣉԳாબЈȂႤ࿚ᄓѻȂცϧទদ‫ڶ‬ᓥ ճࣖទদߞѫϧ๴ცȂᅆҭᣉߞ๴ਣ۶ҭᣉϠӔ ߞӠࣿࠧ௱Й‫׀‬Ȅ੮ც౻ጒᎎӠȂକੜ୼Ȃ࣏ႋ㤩 ҭᣉକ࿚யᛟߞ൵գϧўՑȄхᅆȶ੮ұȷȂ૷ᇝ ៳‫ݺ‬ఐᇰϯߞࢆ޴Ȃᅆ‫ݺ‬஼ਛࡈ൉‫ۻ‬ႻȂٟգບ౮ ߞւ༓Ȃत֌‫ݺ‬Ђ༓хᅆȶ੮ұȷߞϠЀȂԢ੡ϵ Йత‫ۦ‬ცኊϯᆚȂᢖӯӔᇝѹ၍жЄ౮๑ߤྻയԇ ྏߞϘবȄգໞᎢሲȂ୺ॻϝ௞ਛ࡭ࣆܹȂ๑ϧব ᅆӔᇝѹ၍ল጗ȂԴх‫އ‬໶۶хȶ੮ұȷবࡈြြ ీଡ଼ȄЈ፠ѽऎȂ୺ॻϝԐӠԴഺ‫ی‬Ԇ‫ڰ‬ఐߞനӲ ϯȂ࣏҇жऎҭᣉϠӔߞӏ‫ܶڽ‬ᇊ຾ྐߞȂ՝ۖߞ хዅЙ֭‫ܕ‬ਫ਼ЙфȂփѷ᝱ѽ‫ۦݚ‬Ȃ৆ЙՂ໺ᑟ᝜ ᚚȂၢৎ഻ቌ‫ࣿأ‬ȄҭᣉϠᓵ՝ྻᢜྻۖȂȶၩг ԴџȂЙះ‫ێ‬ಳȇၩгҝࢢȂЙ‫ێڍ‬ѧȷȊ



Ԥᖐ‫ގ‬Ȉ ߡያȈ༉Ϙ 17.00 ༉ϟ 9.00 ۹џ 13.00 ᙇያȈ7/24 ᔌ੡՜ᡘ

Քിኈ஀ᆎ ϤТႱᆗਰ ོᝒऴ Մϴҁ

۴ᓶಛΙឩ ֏ᇯЕᇶ ‫ܜ‬ᛈ݀ࣸ ដষ


ᑫࣷᗁನ֓ൾ዇‫ݚ‬ᓚԴУѡჰᇖ੯К෩ҍ Ϙ‫ڱ‬ទኖనࣉ੡௟࠲ᝋгӀԪನȂ֭‫ݡ‬ທ వ୵գᝯඡႽ‫ݙ‬ᇍߞࣆܹ௟ҍሂϘ༵ྲߞ ཅசກѽႋ㤩‫ڔ‬ՄயᛟߞಟเȂЙჅȂҁ ௻Ꭰ௟ྻிՇЂᓴ੡ߞ‫ݚ‬ᓚȄթࡈȂྲᇷ ༰ᄥϯ༉џඡႽȂ௄‫ݿݺ‬षࣸѪກߞҍሂȂ ୑ࠜᔒ௄ȞJoe Hockeyȟ௟ԴУѡჰᇖ੯ К௟ᅆ୼՜Ϣ߰ȶϘը‫ݑ‬ȷȞұՐȟወ՜ Ϙ༵ᗜ੡ກᇌȂ௞ࠝӡѽઐิ஼ਛཅசȂ Ր՜ϢԴ 8 ေᑫᅋфѽϯ߰௟࣏ወກӫዾȂ ቮ௟՜Ϣߞ֌ь 1%ȞՐ՜Ϣ 8 ေ߰௟ቮᜳ 800 ᑫᅋȟੋҍ‫ڽ‬ȶ‫܇‬ឥȷຜ஼ਛȇփՐ ՜Ϣ໹Ⴥ 18 ေ߰௟ᛝҳᜳૼ 2%ȞՐ՜Ϣ 40 ေ߰௟ቮᜳ 8000 ᑫᅋȟȄЍ៨ᇍഺ༵ ກᇌჁ०ϞࣆܹԴЂᓴࡈஇҍߞϘ༵‫ݚ‬ᓚȂ ‫׈‬ЙྻᅆᑫࣷӔಿ༟ወྲກᇌȄ

ൢ֙‫ܤ‬៩ ᐬࢸࢳࠢ Һܾ໔ႀ ᐣѬଽᘈ


ᑫࣷӚ။܎৶ྻ๴ֶߞ 2012-2013 Ⴡူ ࣲࡡዴᑂඡ‫ߞט‬൵ྲዴՄᢖӯȂᑫࣷߞჁ ူࣲࡡӹ‫ݽ‬Ⴟۖᑢҫ൵୼ᙇȈ12 ৎѡง༡Ȃ գᝯൊࠝԒᜳᖔϞࠕ 20 ᐟদȃኊৃ 27 ኆ ᑫᅋߞࣲࡡȇ់ў་֖Ϟ 8 ေ 6 ϼԺըᜳ ᖔ֖ஜȂԒգ໹Ⴥ 10 ေϠԯऎઘࣲᏎۖ༇ ੏Ȅ‫ێ‬КȂЂ൫Ъ๒࣏‫ᜳݙ‬ᖔߞ൵ѹঋߞ ࣲࡡȂ‫ᜳێ‬ᖔըዴ۶༇੏ϠዴൌႿۖϩՐ ‫ߞڽ‬൵୼ᙇȄඡ‫ט‬ᘘॎᢖҍԔࣲԴᑫࣷߞ ӹ‫ݽ‬۶‫ڹ‬ӡՅԴЂ඼ᑬኧȄ཈ 2012/13 Ր ࢘ȂԔࣲߞᜳᖔ༓ѧࡈϘՐኧࠜ໹Ⴥ 500 ঺Ȅփ់ўࣤᖔߞ‫ڼ‬Ղ᝷‫۽‬Ꮤຈ෩୼Ⴛஜ ࠑ಩ߞࣲࡡߞዴ༓ԴჅҝϘՐӺኧҐϞࠕ 60%Ȃहᝯߞ༇੏ϵኧҐϞ჈ 29%Ȃ‫ێ‬К ѽྲՍऎ൵ȄᑫࣷҦ‫ޱ‬ൊࠜኅࡑȞMichael KeenanȟᇍഺϘ๴ਣᘌཕ҄ϠᑉዎȄ


˧ Քിኈ

ӣၯᘈຟ ညࡈߞᑫࣷᗑဖ៨ࣆܹবᗜ 1230 ኆᑫᅋߞ‫ڔ‬Մሃ 6670 ኆ ᑫᅋߞ஼ཅȂഺ࣏Ӆ༷ঋႋٙߞ Йߋ‫ڰ‬ᅁȄ֭ӡወ՜৹‫ݙ࣏ݏ‬ᓜ ߞᗜ੡ྲກᇌȃ෩୼Ᏻցࠛታۤ Ր៬ȃิь஼ਛᛁ࠲঑ᑉຈўՑ ȶ༟࿚ြࣹ ȷߞஇ‫׎࣏ޱ‬ૌߞ ԪᏋȂৃఀ஥ᅻȄࣆܹϘ᝝෭ᔒ ૼກϠߞ֕խᓿȂϘ᝝၍Ӓ‫ڏ‬᝜ Գ՜ۤྲກȂग़‫ێ‬ԩѠȶԒԢ‫ݚ‬ ᑉയԇȷߞஇ‫ޱ‬գჁ၍ನȄ֓ൾ ዇ࢽᗜ੡ກᇌЙᇖྲኧກߞሲ‫ޱ‬ ‫ށ࣏ـ‬ᢖߞȶ‫ص‬౶ȷȄ

Burleigh ᓴ ஡ ៉ ৶ ࡣ પȞMichael Hartȟ ᅆ Ȯࠫ‫ڹ‬༎ඡȯࠑӯȂϘԩ֋ᇍ࣏ܳᔵ೚Ϙ៨ પ‫ߞڹ‬ϠԴ 4 ѡ 9 џԨ‫ێ‬๴ҍϞᘛॗȂҁЏ Ԩ់ўඡ੯ᇍႍϠ᎛ِ֋Ўබ‫ݸ‬ౢ֋Ӥ஼ਛ ៨ᚼփњࢺܳᔵ೚Ϙ៨෩ҍ౧ԆȄփթࡈȂ ҔታԳѹঋߞ༏‫֋م‬Ӥ៨ߞϬԩ៉৶ Alison AndersonȂLarisa Lee ۶ Francis Xacier Kurrupuwuy Դࢆֶଡ଼៨‫֯ڭ‬ऎᑾӲ៉৶Ϙ ࣱ੡༡ࢢȂࡒ՘ऎϞܳᔵ೚Ϙ៨ߞ঵‫ز‬Ҕታ Գ៉৶ȄԯթȂ‫ݿ‬ष૸தषࠜ᠔യܳᆬᔵႏ ᄦӡ୑න‫ڽ‬ᘉ໴ࣆ޼ᡋϧȄཀࠛઔ Gaven ៉ ਯߞܳᔵ೚Ϙ៨‫ݿ‬षታᐱϠႽ੾‫ݛ‬෻ȞAlex DouglasȟᅆᑫᗑߤȞAAPȟ‫ݚ‬ሮգ҃ࠑሃ ࡣપ་֖Ϟȶྍ᝸ȷతៈȂ֭‫ڭ‬ӏࠧ‫ޱ‬෩‫ڻ‬ ᔹࡓ౧ԆȄփኆေනଃண៉৶ܳᔵࡋ‫׎‬ሮϞ ࢽയȂ‫ࢃڭ‬଎௟ᅆ૸தళۤ‫֖ࢠޱ‬ஜȂ҄‫ێ‬ ᅆ‫ໍߞ֯ݙ‬஄ѷᎥᗼ‫ڏߞݑ‬Ꭲ঑യȄ

˧ ۴ᓶಛΙឩ

ӣၯᘈຟ Դ‫ݿ‬षȂԨ៉৶෩‫ڻ‬ԇ֣‫؛‬Ցߞ ‫ە‬ᑬѽ዆ᠩ‫ێ‬Դᓴ஡ߞ֖ऎൌ࣏ Ⴡ‫ߞޱ‬Ȃ֭Ղ‫៉࣏ލ‬৶֋‫ڗ‬ԴЙ ‫ۦ‬ҳϧȶєስȷߞఐ޶ϭᚼ෱ ୱᖉȂࡋ࣏Ҟജᔵധߞ֖ऎȄࡣ પ៉৶ඡ੯֌់ўߞሲ‫៳׎࣏ޱ‬ ᅁܑѷЙᎢȂ֭Ӥ‫ܳݺ‬ᔵ೚Ϙ៨ ߞታഞ܎ᅁգᓿȂփթࡈϬԩҔ ታԳ៉৶ߞୱᖉᚼ෱Ⴥ‫ݺ‬ȶ೚ ϘȷȂԯթȂᘵӫࡈܳᔵ‫׎‬ሮϞ ȶєስȷߞࢽയȂ֭ԴᎠࣤӏຕ ‫ߞف‬ఐ޶ϭȂ‫ێ‬ȶࠛᓿࣆ޼ȷߞ ཻᆷ‫ڶ‬᚞ՅԴȄ

‫ີࢸٳ‬ড় ࣼԁᐬࢸ ᛺೚ࠢ‫ڷ‬ Ѡီ‫ܯ‬፲ོ ˧ ᐬࢸࢳࠢҺܾ

ӣၯᘈຟ Ђ൫ሃԔࣲᘵ๒Ԣ៳ࣲࡡȂ֭ Դ຀࢘ϯЪգ஡‫־‬ȂЂ൫ऎନ ӎ น ߏȂ գ ᛁ ᜽ ӡ ൉Ȟ Ѥ ๭ ᐗȟȂЙჅȂԯ‫כ‬঴Ђ൫Ҟ७ ᇟૠ୛ёȂऎȶєЄࣲࡡȷȂ ҒࣁᑫࣷԴаϘ‫ڱ‬஼ਛ௟Нԕ ऎჁူࡡȄփԔࣲࡋ࣏ᅁӇᅁ ߞϠЍԪ՘ᒸᐬᐗȂ࣏Ϙᇌ࿂ ‫ۍ‬ዷϧ૔᛼‫ݑ‬۶ᘳԄ७‫ߞݑۻ‬ ࣲࡡȂԔࣲЙ཈ԟਚ‫ڹ‬ӡ߰ߞ Ӡ‫ۻ‬Ȃ‫ྻـ‬ᅆ‫ێ‬ਛϠȂ‫ߤ៳ݙ‬ ஡ѽфሃ‫ڹ‬ӡ߰ӇӹႽߞգᝯ ൊࠝൄ՘෋Ԛ዆ᠩȂᑫࣷࣆܹ ቮ‫ـ‬Ґদ໛‫ڭ‬ӇᕝࣲࡡӚ။Ȅ


ࠕՐ‫ڽ‬Ȃѵधᅆ‫ࣷڲ‬᜹ങࡡ۶ҟၭȂэ‫࣏ێ‬ К஼᜹ങࡡ۶ҟၭߞቮِЂኧȂԺࠛߞ‫ࣷڲ‬ ឮ‫߰ݮ‬ฯϢᑫࣷ᜹ങࡡ‫ݮ‬ᎱྻȂत֌௟Ϙ‫ڱ‬ ӎԳ໴ਛᕟҍϞҾඞȄᐍᆬӎ Mossgreen ᜹ങࡡ‫ݮ‬Ꮁ֖၃ನ Paul Sumner ᇍȂധԺ К஼᜹ങࡡ۶ҟၭߞ໴ਛ࣏ົϠȂ‫֋ڽ‬К ஼Ђ൙ȃሂᣉфྲҐ‫܂‬Ȃҁেԯ‫ـ‬हࠫӎ Գߞ‫ݮ‬Ꮁᢜ‫ڀ‬փࡈ‫ڽ‬ȄҁࠑӯԴ‫ݙ‬գߞ‫ݮ‬ ᎱࡡКȂэѽК஼ऱਛಭᐡߞኊ੾ऎ୼Ȅ Mossgreen ฅ ‫ ݺ‬2012 Ր ѽ 120 ေ ᑫ ᅋ ߞኊ੾‫ݮ‬ᎱϞϘԆ 15 ѵ॔ߞК஼ᘠࠛቚ ᐡȂऎᑫࣷᄩаழҍߞ‫ݙ‬գ᜹ങࡡКኊ੾ ൵୼ߞϘԆȄЙჅȂᐍᆬӎϘਛ‫ࣷڲ‬᜹ങ ൘ԕᔡߞ၃ನ৘൹ᓱϠ Marjorie Ho ࠑӯȂ ᘵ๒ົϠԴԑѵधᘉ໴᜹ങࡡȂ֭ߡۖࠕ งऎѤȂᑫࣷߞ᜹ങࡡНࡈൌജሮऎ࣏ह ᅆ྆ኊߞȄ

02 - 05 - 2014 Issue 379

˧ ‫ີࢸٳ‬ড়

ӣၯᘈຟ ࠕงশสߞϘৎ᜹ങࡡ‫ݮ‬Ꮁྻ ϯȂ‫ݮ‬ҍϞϘԆѵधϯ൵໳ߞ ȶчኊȷК஼ಭᐡȂॗࠕ 4 ϼ ေᑫᅋȂ‫ࣷڲڍږ‬᜹ങࡡሃҟ ၭߞ߉јҞጤȄഺ०ࢢߞయஜ ϧȂ࣏නႈϞߞົϠ༟‫ܕ‬Ϟྲ ϘᏇߞ‫ظ‬ႤጤȂ௟ӫԍᚼԨϞ ᜹ങࡡȄົϠ໴ਛЙఓቈઘদ ࣶ‫ڽ‬ᑫࣷ‫ݮ‬໴ȂЙူ҄Ϡྏጉ ‫ێ‬ᅆ‫ݙڗ֋ݺ‬Դ஼ߞ‫ݮ‬໴ᢜ‫ڀ‬ ఀգԺኃߞЙࠫԇȂЂਛѕߢ ‫ށڇ‬ȂҾবϯߞ൦ᔷ಄઴ߞಿ ԺࡡЂൌӤࣙ஼ሦൄȂ๑Ҟ ‫֣܉‬НϭҪఀȶϼ‫ڧ‬ಌࠛȷȄ


жࣨጕ Ԥᖐ‫ގ‬Ȉ



˧ षఖȅ߳࿰Πж

˧ ᑘᅭՙЅᑘщོЛࡻ‫ޱ‬

˧ Рछॶသོఐ




ߡያȈ༉Ϙ 17.00 ༉ϟ 9.00 ۹џ 13.00 ᙇያȈ7/24 ᔌ੡՜ᡘ

ఛအ࣏۫‫ڍ‬Ӫϐ࢈ࠉఀࣲᖞ՗ࡌထቈԒ ౪ӈᛳ଻Јкఀ۠ПᔼӨ‫ڣڷ‬ӈఀࣲҏᑟΪϲж 27 Рӵఛအ۫кࡻቈԒȂ࣏ 1963 ԑ‫ڣ‬ӈ‫ޟ‬ϐ࢈ ఀࣲषఖΠΪέж‫ ڷ‬2005 ԑ‫ڣ‬ӈ‫ޟ‬ϐ࢈ఀࣲष ఖȅ߳࿰ΠжࡌထȄσघΙԻ࿲߬৶ᢎࣼΟ೻Ισ ࠮ᔔኪȂᗙԤ‫؁‬ӻᢎಀ೽ႆႫຜ‫ڷ‬ԝॱᐠၭ㣲ࡌ ထӒႆแȄ‫پ‬Ռ 100 এ୽ড়‫ٺޟ‬ღ‫ࢇڷ‬ौ୤ёΟ

ࡌထቈԒȄᚖࡌထ࢐ᛳ଻ЈкఀོᐣѬΰ‫ޟ‬಑Ι ԩȄ౪ӈఀࣲПᔼӨӵշၾᅋᖿϛଽ࡙ᜓප‫ڍ‬՝ထ ৶Ȃᆎтঈ࢐ȶϚۧϚኧ‫ࠍޟ‬ρȷȄтᇳȈȶтঈ ࢐ 20 жक‫ޟ‬ఀρȃкఀ‫ڷ‬ఀࣲȄтঈငᐣΟ೻এ жक‫ޟ‬ᄞฮȂծ㣰‫ؠ‬ԤӰ࣏ᄞฮՄ݈ۧȄᄇтঈ‫پ‬ ᇳȂΰࡔ‫؁‬Ԥ᠌ࡄȄȷ



ᜲ୺чѹిྻߞᓴၐჅ຀഼௱ቮঋहညࠜߞ੡༡Ȅ ࣏֭ 2005 Րۢԇߞॶౕȅ࠲ုϟѵԴҝѵ཈ 9 Ր ੡༡බജࢋၐȄညՐҁҝѵ੡Ȃգ࢝ԺӔಿᇸ༰ঋ ِऎҁࢋၐȄփ 1963 ՐۢԇߞॶౕϟϩϬѵϵ࣏ ൵ࠕЖॎ๒ജి‫ܟ‬ўᕻԧ㤩‫ࢋܠ‬ऎၐϠȄԢ੡ࢋ‫ؼ‬ ভँߞॶౕϟϩϬѵ۶ऎ‫ؼ‬ভᎽჅ‫ౕॶߞژ‬ȅ࠲ု ϟѵȂўᕻԧҼ‫׻‬Գᘖ༟Ϟԇ֣‫ز‬ໞҁஐഝ࠲Շँ ‫ؼݕ‬ভँߞᗏরȄୃ߰েሲȂᜲ୺чѹిྻౕؓᚣ թըࢋၐᄥຕిྻаߞ࠲Շ۶‫ؼ‬ভँୱᖉȄ

࣏‫ౕॶ׎‬ϟϩϬѵබ࣏‫ؼ‬ভँփॶౕȅ࠲ုϟѵ࣏ ࠲Շँȉᢖ๒࣏Ϙᇌನႋϯߞሱ஡ȄॶౕϟϩϬѵ ߞ੡҃ȂӒՑϟᐼࢢॊ‫ث‬঳ി๴ਣȂߤྻነધᚼ࡭ ߞ੡งȂॶౕϟϩϬѵߞ‫ؼ‬ভ࣏ऎϞᢰчѹిᏋᕕ ಩҃ߤྻȄփॶౕȅ࠲ုϟѵߞ੡҃Ȃࡋ࣏‫֘ތ‬ў ᎏॎ๴ӠᎳᢏȂѵधЙߢ֣ҝ֣ంߞ੡งȂऎ‫ؼ‬ভ Ꮍ‫ژ‬ᅁቫϯ࣏࠲᠕чѹిЙঋᎏჅᔝȂంਗ਼ᎎӎ ‫ڗ‬ኊৃᣍߞদঋనࣉȄӎᎳϯሲȂ‫ܟి֜ی‬Դӡԧ ֋ߞўՑ࠲ՇчѹిӠՅ۶๴ਣȄ

৅Ѕ683ӪᑘщོԙষЅЛࡻ‫ޱ‬ೝրԫӗ ৅ЅΙӴПӗ‫ݲٱ‬଱ 28 Рր೎ 683 Ӫᑘ඼‫ݓ‬щ ‫ོך‬ȞᑘщོȟԙষЅЛࡻ‫ޱ‬ԫӗȂ‫ڏ‬ϛѓࢂᑘщ ོശଽ‫ؚ๊‬ᐠᄺࡾᏲ‫ࠉ׋‬кৰᑘ‫ق‬ᓶኈȅБज़‫ٳ‬Ȅ Ԫԩ‫ڧ‬ቷ‫ ޟ‬600 ӻΡ‫ޟ‬ဌӪѓࢂӵўԑ‫ޟ‬Ұࡄၽ ՗ϛᄂࢊኸΨࣀଢ଼ȃᇋཎᖃЬȃፐᔞឌᄆ‫׋‬Ѕᒗమ ឌᄆ้Ȅ৅Ѕࠒഋ݂‫ࣸٳ‬ӗ‫ݲٱ‬଱հюր‫ࡣؚ‬Ȃϐ

஠ր‫ؚ‬ਪඪҺ๝۠ఀሴ೟ᑘЉඪ኉ၚ‫ڏ‬ཎَȄӣΙ ЈȂ၎‫ݲ‬଱ᗙᄇԪࠉր೎ 529 ӪᑘщོԙষЅЛ ࡻ‫ޱ‬ԫӗΙਰ໌՗ΟӔቷȂᆰࡻ‫ڏ‬ϛ 37 ΡԫӗȂ ‫ڏ‬Ꮇ 492 Ρ‫׽‬րತ٘ᅿ࿱ȄԪฬ‫׽‬ր࢐‫ݲ‬଱өᑘ Љඪ኉ၚཎَࡣհю‫ޟ‬Ȅ



ϯѡ 24 џȂႍ‫ޱ‬୰ֿ഍ϯগ 529 ϠժԖȂ‫ێ‬။ԩ ҒࣁԴҝՐ 8 ѡߞϘඞӯࢃႼ֖Кᎏᕝ់ᅅ؊‫ڭ‬ᐱ ७ 1 ԩ់‫ܡ‬ժϸȄ֋ЫՐ 3 ѡ 22 џ୓Ȃ਄ф‫ڲށ‬ȃ ሏஙэϪຈषԊߞԳў‫ޱ‬୰൙᠈༟‫ܕ‬ᅆዴϼԩᒗ҈ ྻ՘৶фњࢺ߰་֖኶ֿȄթ੯๑Ꭲం‫ۦ‬኶Ϡዴᘘ ֿ࣏ٙទኖ຀࢘ϯȂൌඝᇍ਄фᑢҫϯ൵Ђഢጀߞ ੯ԆȄ֋ҝՐ 7 ѡ਄фকўႋ୵ᒗᆬ֘ᗁ೚ᚚசѽ ‫ڽ‬Ȃᒗ҈ྻњࢺ߰Йᙝ๴୓‫៉ة‬ӯࢃࣿஜȂ਄фࣆ ؊ࢺ᠈ஜᒿȄ

Դࠕ‫ތ‬ཇ೚஼ਛȂѧՂ਄фȃϿօ‫ێ‬ຈ஼Ȃᘵ๒ᒗ ෻‫ޒ‬Џ၃֫ϠϾߞЂԺዴȂ֭஼ਛᢜۘЪ๒࠲ࢺѵ ࠸஼ਛȂক༤ᅆ஼ਛࣆ޼գ຾һЂߞ዆ᠩϧȄҝ Ր 12 ѡ 25 џȂ਄фჅอࣆܹ௟ᒗ҈ྻ‫ݑܠ‬ऎ਻ ‫ݍ‬ѹ၍༰ᄥȂຈ‫࣏ݺ‬ѵ࠸ࣆᡋԨᒗ෻‫ޒ‬ཕϧࢆᐼȂ ࠕџߞϘ‫ڀ‬ԕࢆֿ࣏༥ࣱ‫ߞݑ‬ᐼ‫ލ‬Ȅᘵ๒࢝ԺໞᎢ ϠЀሮऎȂഺ‫ڱ‬ϠߞժԖࢆֿ൵ೣЙྻఀۖே֖Ȃ ֭၃ჅഺዹߞᑬધᎏॎȂ஼ਛ౉၏ж໘Џ၃᝱ѽᕓ ԪȂࠜง୽ߋᘘԴࢢবȄ

РछϫҐ૖൷TPPႀԙኄ‫ݿ‬ӓᜋ Рҏငᔼ଒ࢇσՋҠց݂ 25 РߒҰȂӵငႆߝႀ ‫ڍ‬Ј‫ޟ‬ଆ፣ϞࡣȂРҏ‫ڷ‬छ୽ϫҐ૖൷ȮၮЊҁࢷ ᏽ౱ငᔼჱբ‫ۡڞ‬ȯȞTPPȟႀԙኄ‫ݿ‬ӓᜋȂ‫ڍ‬ ୽ӵᜰᗤ୰ᚠΰ‫ޟ‬Ϸ‫ٷݢ‬ᙟ᝚ՄҐ‫ؚ‬Ȅհ࣏РПື ܾፙրфߒ‫ޟ‬Ҡց݂ߒҰȂӵ೻‫ڍ‬Ј‫ޟ‬ፙրϛȂР छ‫୽ڍ‬ϫณҐ૖൷ၻ౰ࠢ‫ءڷ‬ٙ‫ޟ‬ѿൟྥΣనӇ೻

‫ڍ‬এᜰᗤϷ‫ݢ‬ᘈϛ‫ޟ‬ӈդΙ໶‫ڞ‬୦ΙमȄҬࠉȂР ҏ஀ࡻ኉ԝσԽȃωഫȃҩᑥȃѸᇧࠢȃвՈ‫ڷ‬፪ Ո้Ϥ᜸ၻ౰ࠢ‫໌ޟ‬οᜰโȂՄछ୽ࠌ‫ה‬ఖᅾџ૖ ߝਢ໢߳ࡻᄇРҏ‫ء‬ٙ‫໌ޟ‬οᜰโȂ‫୽ڍ‬ӵ೻‫ڍ‬এ ୰ᚠΰቊࡻϚή࢐ᒶᒶϚ૖൷ TPP ‫ڞ‬୦Ιम‫ޟ‬ᜰ ᗤӰશȄ



බԴླྀѐ୺ണџࡈЁȂӟ‫ށ׀‬බฅࠑӯȂӤ‫یݺ‬ ஼ԴϯগயᛟՅԴߋ៉ႵЂȂџग़ЙྻԴ‫ی‬஼঵ ၝྻ౏ϯႿ՘ዃ޾ԒᝊȄ24 џȂџग़দు TPP ൊ ࠜૺ᎘ֿȂ֭ᢖ๒ഺϘ‫ׅ‬ϧϵӏକᖔఀ‫ی‬஼‫ݙ‬ง ౕߞຕ‫ލ‬Ȅ24 џȂџग़‫ی‬஼Ԣྍា᠈බ TPP ་ ֖ൊࠜૺ᎘ֿȂ‫ׅ‬ϧබᝯᘣயᛟᐐ‫أ‬ᕓԪж‫ڭޡ‬ Ⴟ՘‫ܠ۝‬Ȅग़஼ᗁ೚ླྀѐ୺‫ ݺ‬25 џຕ‫ف‬ᅆџӎߞ ஼‫ڰ‬ണயȄթࡈҳध෼჆௟ླྀѐ୺ണџႋᡝऎ‫ی‬ ஼ TPP ᎘ֿӇ૔኉؊ߞᝯᘣြᙇȄ

TPP ᎘ֿᅆ‫ݺ‬џग़‫ی‬஼փ‫ڏ‬Ȃ៳‫ࠕݺ‬งЂ஼ൾ࢚

Issue 379 02 - 05 - 2014

ߞদঋឯፅȄᅆ‫ݺ‬џӎփ‫ڏ‬Ȃౕؓग़஼ӡᅆ൑൦ਫ ߞՉԑ‫ݚ‬ᓚ‫ڽ‬෱ۤग़஼ྐঋߞ၃ᕻᢰَȂփग़஼ࡋ ౕؓᐐ‫أ‬Ⴟ՘‫ؼ៉۝‬ຠ஼аߞ၃ᕻߐ޶ȄӤ‫ݺ‬ᛕў ᅆᅆўྐঋߞ‫֘ތ‬ൌऻఀ࢝ᇦȂ‫ݙ‬ѽ૿ьକ௉Ⴟ՘ ‫ߞ៉۝‬௄ᚂȄည๒Ȃ‫ݳ‬ϭҝȂᅆџӎѧႵգ‫׀‬Ȃԯ ऎ໶‫៉۝ݽ‬ᔌ੡Ҟѽদྲ᎘ֿদྲᜪ၌Ȃ֭щӀࣶ ֘‫ߞܫ‬؊ཕ֬Ѽգ‫ڱ‬ЙҞ୚ᚼȂۖ੡৏ग़஼ྐঋߞ ঋЙۖȂႍѾҍߞϘжЙྻьȄ

жࣨጕ Ԥᖐ‫ގ‬Ȉ



˧ ල‫ٵ‬

˧ ᒃ๼ӵཱིᆸีշོΰ

˧ Ѹ઱



ߡያȈ༉Ϙ 17.00 ༉ϟ 9.00 ۹џ 13.00 ᙇያȈ7/24 ᔌ੡՜ᡘ

छ୽ࡇշᄇ߼ᛳ඼ᄂࢊཱིΙᎈ‫ڙ‬ຘ छ୽ҩ৞ 28 РࡇշȂҥܻ߼ᛳ඼᝷៉ȶϓႱȷ੩ պ៌‫׋‬༖Ȃछ୽ᄇ 7 Ӫ߼ᛳ඼ۢষ‫ ڷ‬17 ড়ϴѧᄂ ࢊ‫ڙ‬ຘȄҩ৞ӵ࿋Ј‫ޟ‬ᖐ݂ϛᇳȂᄇ߼ᛳ඼ۢষ‫ޟ‬ ‫ڙ‬ຘ௩ࢊѓࢂၥ౰ঝ๖‫ڷ‬᛫ᜌ३‫ڙ‬Ȃ7 ӪۢষϛԤ ‫ڍ‬Ρ឴ܻ߼ᖂಛල‫ޟٵ‬ȶਯЖ୼ȷȄछПଶᄇ 17 ড়ϴѧᄂࢊၥ౰ঝ๖ѴȂᗙ஠ᄇ‫ڏ‬ϛ 13 ড়ᄂࢊ೨

џᜌᆓ‫ڙ‬Ȅᖐ݂ᇳȂछ୽୦୛ഋ‫୽ڷ‬୛଱ϐࡇշୄ Х‫׳‬টȶџ૖ོօߝ߼ᛳ඼ॖΨȷ‫ޟ‬छ୽ଽऋ‫ސ׬‬ ࠢюοҧ፜Ȃ‫ٮ‬Ӥ᎛‫ܚ‬ԤᇄԪࣺᜰ‫ޟ‬юο೨џᜌȄ ᖐ݂ᇳȂ࿋Ј‫ڙޟ‬ຘᖞ௩࢐ᄇ߼ᛳ඼᝷៉ϓਖ਼੩պ ៌‫׋‬༖‫ޟ‬ӱᔖȄ



ӎѡ 6 џѽ‫ڽ‬Ȃનֹ᠋‫ތ‬ൊԳ஡؊ཕ෋мȂϘ‫ڱ‬ Գўߞ֖ࣆᑟᝯᓱгጁജ‫֫߰៉ة‬ታȄग़஼ȃገ ဖȃ࠻ᜲ෻۶નֹ᠋ұў҃ࠑ 17 џԴငЀџаӞ Ⴟ՘‫ܠ۝‬ȂԢྍళۤзᅁَᢼ፤۶નֹ᠋؊ཕȄ֭ ‫ڭ߰៉ةࢢێ‬ӏᛓ༟֖ࣆᑟᝯᓱгጁȂનֹ᠋ࣆܹ 23 џࢆֶࢭ෇Դ‫ތ‬ൊԳ஡ߞȶх਻֖ஜȷȂൄ՘ ‫߰៉ة‬ժཋȄ࠻ᜲ෻ 24 џԴᏫࠕનֹ᠋᝝धԳ஡ ༟‫ܕ‬ক‫ڰ‬ᆊ೫Ȃѽ԰ᕕҔॗক༤௟‫ݺ‬ϭѡԴޯ᠋۶ ޯᜲߞઔϬ஼་֖ߞকᆊȄ

࠻ᜲ෻ᘕᎢ෼჆ሮऎȂ֘ўᅆ࠻ᜲ෻ߞۘ໗ٟգ୓ ۖᅁᎳ֯ӡȂ཈཈࣏໪ወ‫ࡻߞݑ‬ᅗȄంҳӹኸব‫ڽ‬ ऻȂۘ໗᝱ѽ‫ؼ‬ᢏ࠻ᜲ෻ᅆનֹ᠋யᛟߞӲඞȄ֭ ࣏Ȃग़஼ϠЙҞକЙߢႽഺৎຕᎢȂ֭‫ڶ‬᚞་֖ྲ ϘᏇۘ໗Ȃ୵Ϟໍ௺ᗏཕНҳȂ࣏‫׎‬գྍሦൄȶഺ ‫ڰ‬ٟ؆ȷߞ؊ཕȉ༷ߢȂᐐᇒԴનֹ᠋யᛟϯȂ࠻ ᜲ෻֫ᑂᔹཕȂ֭Ղ‫ލ‬ഺ‫ڰ‬ఐᜈџࢺϳ‫ݳ‬ϭҝȂ࠻ ᜲ෻۶ገဖྫҵᅝদȂग़஼௄ӎᘘᇖ഻ቌ‫ڰ‬ҳȂ० ࢢಎྍȂᎡߢႽ۸Ȅ

NBAȈ‫಻פ‬ՂᗳӰᆍఊкဎِ፣ೝತ٘࿱ᗉ NBA29 РࡇշȂࣄ؊ᕨ‫಻פ‬໥Ղᗳবઽኈ• ඼੫ ‫ݓ‬ೝತ٘࿱Хਖ਼ٗΙϸᇄ‫಻פ‬໥оЅ NBA Ԥᜰ‫ޟ‬ ‫ٱ‬୛Ȃ‫ٮ‬ೝᆴ෡ 250 ࿲छϯȄNBA ᖂຘ‫ٳ‬࿋• ৰ ᅭҟࡇշȂт஠භߴ NBA ‫ޟ‬Ղᗳঈ՗‫᠌ٺ‬ցȂ஼ फ़඼੫‫ݓ‬ю୵౨໥Ȅਲ਼ᐃ NBA ണแȂ೻ሯौு‫ڗ‬ ီ‫ ོٱ‬3/4 ԙষ‫ᜓޟ‬ӣಉȄԃ‫ݎ‬඼੫‫ݓ‬Ϛ޻‫ٯٯ‬

൷ጒȂтᗙџоວ፝‫ࡡݲ‬ȄNBA ໊Πӵહघ୥ࠤ Ⴓ‫הޟ‬ᅭႳϛ࠲ନ۹Ѣ໠Ο೻ԩхΡᢙҬ‫ีޟ‬շ ོȂ֜ЕΟಀӻ࿋Ӵ‫୽ڷ‬ሬ൬ᡝȄৰᅭҟᇳȂငႆ NBA ‫ޟ‬ጂᇯȂᜌᄂԪࠉࢺю‫ޟ‬඼੫‫ݓ‬ளԤᆍఊ‫ݢ‬ ຜِ፣‫ޟ‬ᓃॱጂ࣏඼੫‫ݓ‬ҏΡ‫ޟ‬ᓃॱȄ



෻પ‫ޒ‬Դϯ༉бജ෬ᠨ୊ӋҁߞЃ‫ވ‬у௟Ձ۶ᠲങ ਰॗᒰቊߞ࿰ѯ๴ۖᇨϯȂփѷሲЙౕؓԓգགϠ ‫أऻڽ‬೺ߞѧᘈȄНࢢग़஼ණᢜϫඡҍҩϘԊ෻પ ‫ߞޒ‬ᔂরȂаਟϵઘф‫ޡ‬໛གϠȄѽ‫ݗ‬Գಯ๴ਛߞ ෻પ‫ޒ‬ᘘฅ၃‫ی‬ըԯऎᇌ౉‫ޡ‬໛ജ୓໦Ȃԯऎҁူ ѤҁԩϭߞгҦҍ૧г඲ຜ‫ݛ‬ग़ႁ۶௲ࢅЄߞਛ ਲȂϘըജֿოᛝᎪᔺȂϘըਲҳ۶ႋȄਯᆬӞሲ NBA ంϯ༉б༟‫ܕ‬Ꭰࣤթ‫ڰ‬Ȃߡۖ༉ϟ՝ϯҁЖஇ ҍ൵ࢢߞٙ‫ܠ‬Ȃϵබ࣏಩Դгֶߞٙ‫ܠ‬Ȅ

Դग़஼Ȃᇌ౉‫ޡ‬໛؆ԑЙജѹࣹߤྻ‫ݙ‬త‫ۦ‬Ȃ‫ݙ‬գ Ϙӌգթ᝷‫ڰ‬Ԇ๴ӠȂ‫ڰ‬ѹϘ‫ۖۦྻܠ‬ទኖᜂ഍Ȅ ֭ҩϘўবȂᇌ౉‫ޡ‬໛Դग़஼ᅇူЙທȂփѷ࢝Ժ ੡৏Ȃ‫ڰ‬ѹ࣏ѽϘᇌᄾҞ‫ۦ‬ᇳϵঋᇌ౉‫ޡ‬໛ߞᅗ࢘ Դ֖‫ڰ‬Ȃቲգ‫ڱ‬ȶӔЙदժȂ‫֣܉‬ѽժ៵Нȷߞۧ ႽȄፁᅁȂ‫ا‬েᕕႍிٙхᅆᇌ౉‫ޡ‬໛Ȃ࣏֭ϵᕕ ႍ‫ށ‬ӨȂទኖߞ഍ᇳ‫ڭ‬Йକઐႋᇌ౉‫ޡ‬໛Ȃփ࣏ᕕ ႍంి‫ڈ‬ϢјȂȶᢰՐࠦϘ҃ంϘ༟‫ܕ‬බЙྣᇌ౉ ‫ޡ‬໛ȷȄ

ॷ෫੕ᜰકᕕٖ‫ؽ‬଩ПѸ઱ਰ ॷ෫੕ᜰ 29 Рആ៩Ȃஈ‫ݲ‬Ρষ 28 Рӵѕୢકᕕ Ιএᛄᅸо໱ღԒᐇհ‫ ټؽٖޟ‬36 এТоήᔉ҂ ‫ॵڋ‬Ң଩П઱‫ޟ‬ঘ৲Ȃܳਐ‫ڍظڍ‬τȂࢥᕕ 154 ౽ ӓ 126 ϴО଩П઱Ȃᖂቋ঄घ 3 ࿲෫ϯȄॷ෫੕ ᜰΡষ 28 ήϿӵΰЫཱིၼၯΙএࢺଢ଼᠋ᔬܳਐਖ਼ ༼ᐇ௡Ыೲࡊٖ‫ؽ‬଩П઱‫ޟ‬Ι‫ظ‬ΙτȂࢥᕕΙ‫׳‬଩

П઱Ȃӣਢӵᛳ෹ο۬ܳਐΙӪӌყឹளႆ໔଩П ઱ᚔც‫ظޟ‬υȄ፡ࢥᡗҰ၎໱ღ‫ޢ‬௥௃Ѵ୽ᗊີ଩ П઱Ȃ‫ٮ‬Ԋ௶ުၼ‫ॷڗ‬෫ᓽԆȂณࡣϷ‫ีࣂ׳‬๝Ι ‫ٲ‬ᛄᅸҥ໱ღᐇ௡‫ޟ‬ЫೲࡊȂӔоᒈᜀཨড়‫לޟ‬Ԓ ٖ‫ؽ‬юცȄѲӪೝਐΡρ౪ғ߳ភঐࢥȄ



ੲᑂ 2013 Ր 3 ѡ 1 џ୓ᅁࣉߞশสȮ་ҍϾȞϘ ଠȟȞ৒঎ȟഢ‫ڼ‬ȯȂԇ֣ϠЀ୵ࠧᖔ๴ҍϾധ Ҟᝋ‫ݕ‬ᖔᘄֺᓮҍ߰ȂЙҞంশสᓮҍ 36 ৎѡѽ ϭᕈӁ‫ۊ‬঴ӡ୨ў૰ȞҒࣁҷ૰۶‫ڑ‬ҷ૰ȟȄՐ ᆕ 16 ࿐‫ݕ‬ѽϯߞϠЀȂՂ‫ލ‬ԴჅҝ 24 Ј੡аٟ գᛓ༟শสȂҞѽԴ‫ټێ‬Ϡᔌ‫ق֖ڗ‬К៸௲ᗁὖদ Й໹჈ 1.8 гѝߞ୨ў૰ᛓᄩȄჁ‫߰ڼ‬Ϙ၃‫ܠ‬။Ȃ Ҟജᇳภ 50 ေЮфᆾူ‫ی‬ՐȄ

ҷ૰Й࣏ჁူࡡȂҍ಩‫ߞټڕ‬ఐ‫҄؛‬Ϡ෌ጉȄϘў বȂК஼Ђ൙୨ўҷ૰ߞࡡᎳ҄ϠᑉዎȂՐቅѭӓ েൌԴԑϧୠുҳ஼ҷ૰ȂҩϘўবȂশสࣆܹ‫ܦ‬ ంӔྍȂᅆҷ૰ᅁࣉȶူႻȷȂ൵ೣൄ՘Ϡહ๑ਚ ߞҷ૰಍ၢऎӨ૰ߞԢຈԳ֜ȄՂ‫ލ‬শสࣆܹࠚӡ ಴഼ՑᇒನȂᄁᔽ஥ਛంҳ஼՜ᘉҷ૰ᚼᎱЂ൙Ȃ ࣏Й࣏Ϙ‫ܟ‬ᛕ៏ߞӠྍ۸ȉ࣊๒ՂթȂၳᇍ஥྽К ѕߞশสȂऎЦኃЙҝ‫ڤ‬ዹஇ۸ȉশสࣆܹۖܺԴ ྐЦኃȉ

02 - 05 - 2014 Issue 379



ੑྞȶႭᙚឍȷȉ߳ࡻᅕᇭસዓ‫ܒ‬ȉ ћȈҏѐጡᒮഋ


РࠉȂϛ୽ۢП൙ՏȮΡҕРൢȯ೿៉ีߒȮѴ‫پ‬ᇭᕀҢȂϚ՗Ȋȯ ‫ڷ‬Ȯ‫ٺ‬ҢWiFiȃiPad้ຠકᚽᅕᇭસዓ‫ܒ‬ȯ‫ڍ‬ጕМണȂᖐଆȶႭᙚ ឍȷ‫ޟ‬ኄ‫ٺݿ‬ҢȂौؑᆰ៖ᅕᇭસዓ‫ܒ‬ȄѴ‫پ‬ᇭȶႭᙚឍȷ‫ٺޟ‬Ң௑ ‫ݷ‬Ԥӻᝒ१ȉȶႭᙚឍȷ౪ຫߝ෈ԆӵȂкौ‫ޟ‬নӰ࢐ϧቄȉжࣨ‫ڏ‬ тӨ୽ᇭِάԃդᔖᄇȶႭᙚឍȷȉϚֹΙଔ‫ـंپ‬ΙήȄ ȮΡҕРൢȯ१ጁюᔞ 4 ѡ 11 џȂȮϠӔџඡȯҏ๴Ȯҳ‫ڽ‬ሬᕿӡȂЙ ֖ȊȯȂ୫ᅆߤྻӠࣿК໸‫ڽ‬໸Ժᕕӡҳሬໟߞ಩ ߐȂࢽȶሬ‫࣏ڏ‬஼ਛߞዾᝊНϘȂ‫ا‬েᕕႍᑘӲሬ ‫ڏ‬ћм֋ࠫȂѽॊᐯᅗ࢘ᅆ࢞ҳሬໟȂ࣊ঋ෷‫ݺ‬ӹ ࣹȃЙᙝ‫ૼכ‬Ȃϫঋ௟‫ێ‬К஼мȂփЙ࣏ߠӫுूȃ ๑౧Ԇߡత‫כ‬՜ȷȄවчНࢢȂȮϠӔџඡȯϫҏ ๴Ȯ‫ڹ‬ӡ WiFiȃiPad ຈໟ૔᛼ᆔሬ૷ጒ‫ݑ‬ȯȂࢽ ҍȶȺწᚙ៌ȻߞҳሬໟȂ࣊૔᛼Ϟᆔሬ‫ڏ‬ћՄߞ ទᑋሃ۶ᓘȂ዆ᠩϞᆔሬࠑྍґକߞ๴෭Ȃ‫ڹ‬ሬᄩ њᛓ૔ဤȂంಎኸը‫ڽ‬ሲȂϵઐႋϞК஼ћмᇟಎ փᚳනߞаಉȷȄ ћൢ་ϘَࢽҍȂȶഺȞᇌ಩໪ȟႬ֘ўћмߞ௻ ཕգᝯȂᗁߞ‫ࠕऻڽ‬պՐ‫ڽ‬Ȃ֘ўᓮϢК஼ߞћ мԺȂК஼ᓮҍߞьȌȌԴԑಧмߞ०฀ϭȂ஼ቫ ӹ݀џૈᔛᗄȂతៈҳሬߞᑟྻ֋๒ኧԺȂᅆྲ‫ڰ‬ ߏߞඈྑȂਟ‫כݽ‬єϠে‫ڹ‬ӡҳ‫ڽ‬ሬȷȄȶ‫ؼ‬ভ༟ ‫ݸ‬ѽ‫ڽ‬Ȃપ‫ؼ࣏־‬ভ༟‫ࠐݸ‬งȂϘ‫ڱ‬Ϡߠӫ௣ࢵ֘ ўȂᔌྍ‫ڹ‬ӡҳሬໟѽᢖӯ֋ЎգߢᝊȃћмѪӀ ୼ȂഺϵҐነϞҳ‫ڽ‬ሬߞ޾ᕿȌȌթҳȂϘ‫ڱ‬ॊ ‫ث‬ȃᛁ᜽ўবߞ௞྽ໟྉȂϘ੡җ‫رے‬Йۖहᅆᕕ ߞໟȂϫ຾ࢧ‫ڹ‬ӡȂ‫ݙ‬ѽҪՀߡతєӡȂൄ՘Ⱥწ ᚙ៌Ȼ಩໪ȷȄ ћൢᘘ௻ཕ๴யȈऎЦኃȶᓚ௄‫ڲ‬ȷȃȶዝ՛ᜲ‫ݛ‬ȷ କ៌՘ᆔՄȂփ iPhone ۶ iPad බٟକᚙ៌Ⴥ‫ڽ‬ȉ ॻሬ‫כ‬՜ᆔሬໟྉൌ‫ؼ‬ऎՄӓࢸ኷ȂऎЦኃᆔሬК ࡒঋ‫׵‬ᛔЂ༓ॻћȉҳ‫ڽ‬ሬᅆᆔሬߞ૷ጒ۶உ௵ߞ ཋਚۖܺգԺЂȉ ᆩ๜І៪Іኆۨӻ ‫ی‬ፔћൢ๴ࠑНࢢȂӏକ՜ۖჰงੜ‫ލ‬Ȃхփє‫ڽ‬ ТᗑᇨϯߞᘕᎢхዅȂᇨӔ෼჆ሮऎȮϠӔџඡȯ ЈᛟЂஇȂ‫ـ‬գϠሮऎ࣏ૠ၃Ⴥూ‫ݙ‬७ȄϘ֜Ҩѳ ᶷಚᐯ߰ዤћᇍȈంᑢҫϯऻȂ๑Ꭲ࣏ᆔሬᘘ࣏ ॻሬȃ‫ޱ‬ሬȂൌ഍ԴϘৎሃҳ‫ڽ‬ሬ‫ڏ‬हТৄᡦȃ‫כ‬ ՜ߞ๴ਣჅ຀Ȅබ಩ᅁփ‫ڏ‬Ȃᔌ຾ԑಧм੡҃ߞ‫ڽ‬ ᗜȂϠ৶ࣹஜߞҐിȃԧᇌሬ‫ڏ‬ӹࣹߞџૈᔛᗄȂ ѽ݀‫ڤ‬ᇌ࠲ࢺԧ֋ሬ‫ڏ‬हᅆ૷ጒߞћм۶ߤྻᖖᄩ ЏЙ෇ՅԴȄഺᇌఐ㦑ϭȂჅ࢘ూྏत֌ॳِᆔሬ ߞȶ૷࢘ȷȂ࣊Й಩ᅁϵٟգ‫ڤ‬ৎӅঋȂहхҪྻ ਵኧӹࣹߞቪᜣȄ փ‫ڤ‬ᇌ‫ݙ‬ᓜȶॻሬ‫כ‬՜ᆔሬໟྉൌ‫ؼ‬ऎՄӓࢸ኷Ȃ ऎЦኃᆔሬКঋ‫׵‬ᛔЂ༓ॻћȷߞᎳᆷȂ‫ـ‬൅ᠨ ຾ᅆሬ‫ڏ‬ᐯߞ๑ߢȄঋߢႽȂॻሬ֯ऎϘᇌࠑরћ ՄȂ֋๒Ҟѽ௟ҳ‫ڽ‬ሬӡӓሬߞՄӓ‫ڽ‬ҐѽᚼмȂ


փᆔሬ֯ऎϘᇌࠑྍћՄȂ࢝Ժ‫֘ތ‬๑‫ޱ‬ᚼмԓӒ ௱ЙჅȄ‫֣ـ‬㦑Ȃգ‫ڱ‬ȶწᚙ៌ȷ಩໪ߞҍ಩ϵ࣏ ঝЙఀЏȃఐգҞ১ȄᄊϘ‫ڱ‬ॊ‫ث‬ȃᛁ᜽ўবߞ௞ ྽ໟྉȂϘ੡җ‫رے‬ЙۖहᅆᕕߞໟȂϫ຾ࢧ‫ڹ‬ ӡȂഺ੡৏Ȃሃ‫ێ‬Й‫ށ‬බ㡯Գགྷᚙ៌Ȃ৆ЙՂԐੋ ‫ߡڽ‬తєӡȂ༶‫֋ێ‬๒Ȃᢰ੡༡۶ᅁᎹ‫ڽ‬ᅙᅙ௟‫ێ‬ К஼мȄഺўবȂ‫ا‬েЙѻ՘ґߞ‫ڼ‬ЄȂѧՂϘ༟ ‫ܕ‬ӡ EmailȂࢢ‫ڽ‬ӡᆔՄȶӿ܏‫ۊ‬ȷȂ಩Դൌ‫ؼ‬ӡ ȶც༎ȷϞȄ



ȶႭᙚឍȷ౪ຫ ᆔሬȶ૷ጒ‫ݑ‬ȷߞயᛟȂᐐᇒӒх‫ی‬ўবൌգߋᎢȂ ֭գϘᙇᘘ࣏գԒᝊߞȂ‫ڤ‬බ࣏ቮঋ੡༡‫ڽ‬ႋ㤩Ȅ ‫ڤ‬ኃȂԴȮϠӔџඡȯЂᗏ઼۲०ࢢȂᆔሬȶწᚙ ៌ȷ಩໪ۖܺգԺទদ۸ȉ‫ا‬েԐ‫ऻڽ‬Ϙ‫ڼڱ‬ЄȈ ԴᆔሬКȂգ࢝ԺߞՄӓ - ᆔՄ಄ԪໟȄҞକҍѼ ᡝ߰ߞྍਫ਼Ȃहᅆ‫ݺ‬ԺৎՄӓߞᖺ኷ໟȂඏৎՄӓ ԴᆔሬКߞႻӡ‫ـ‬Ґዃ޾Ȃ‫ێ‬КҒࣁȶՄӓஐӒ ໟȷȃȶՄӓؔዴໟȷ۶ȶՄӓ໪‫؛‬ໟȷຈຈȄ ‫ף‬գϘৎՄӓߞȶՄӓஐӒໟȷ࢝ԺȂ഼௱࣏௄‫ݺ‬ ᆔሬሬ‫ྲߞޱ‬ൄໟྉȂຕᅹ࣏Մӓ + ࢽ᝷ԩໟȂ ѧՂȈX ԍȃ͙ ਡ።ȃM ୃȞ൪ညൻȟຈຈȄഺ Ϙ᝷ԩໟԴᆔሬКՅԴ੡༡ႵࠜȂЏ၃೫ᅚ՘֋ ๒ȂঋِЂਛᚼᢏӡ‫ޱ‬ፁᅁЙ‫ݽ‬șșѧՂ X ԍգӒ Ցߞᆔሬໟྉȶ৖๣ਡ።ȷȂ֭වѼٟգϠ᝸ྍӡȄ ‫ـ‬գȂȶՄӓ - ᆔՄ಄Ԫໟȷ࣏௄‫ݺ‬ᆔሬሬ‫ྲߞޱ‬ ൄໟྉȂԯթ‫ێ‬ᅁѧর៌‫ـ‬ᄊᆔሬȂѧՂ M ୃ࣏ ೑ԪК஼ཇ೚ȶࣙୃȷܸਛߞ‫ۻ‬ԩ‫ߞޱ‬Ȃѧ୓૷ᇝ র៌ߞ൪ညൻȂ௖ᔹ௖Ԛ۸ȉ ȶՄӓؔዴໟȷ۶ȶՄӓ໪‫؛‬ໟȷ‫ێ‬ᅁ‫ࠧڭ‬ᆔሬӎ ‫ߞڗ‬ሬ‫ޱ‬಩໪Ȃփ࣏ᆔሬ‫ݚ‬ᡚҳሬӡ‫ߞޱ‬Ϙᇌᢏ ‫؛‬ȄȶՄӓؔዴໟȷՂ A ߵȃB ໹ຈȂȶՄӓ໪‫؛‬ ໟȷՂ T ࡭ሂȃU ࡭ᇒຈȄȶՄӓؔዴໟȷನᎢϯ Ҟѽ؆ԑᆔмȂؔዴҞѽӡዴՄ‫ݕ‬ᆔՄчВۤ҃Ȃ Ղȶϟ࡭ᒤ،ઽȷȃȶϙ‫ڄ‬ȷຈȂ֭ԴᅁቫႻӡКȂ ԧᇌᇍᓜ՝Џॗ‫࠸ܠ‬՘Ȃ࢝᝱‫ؼ‬ᢏȄȶՄӓ໪‫؛‬ໟȷ ‫᝱ـ‬ӡᆔՄۤ҃ȂԯऎᆔՄ‫ڭ‬๑‫ڤ‬ኃԺຊ๪ᚎඏϫ ‫ߐ؛‬ԧಳߞඏՄȂ୵ T ҞѽӡϚ҃ฆȂY Ҟѽӡϰ ҃ฆНҳȂ‫ێ‬ҁՄӓ‫֬ߐ؛‬ѼٟգᅆᕕߞᆔՄҞѽ ‫ڹ‬ӡȄ Ѵᇭᕻቸຠ࢐ȶ१‫خ‬ୢȷ ҳሬᖺ኷ໟࡋ࣏ȶწᚙ៌ȷ಩໪ߞȶদ‫٭‬஡ȷȂ Ђ༓ߞҳሬᖺ኷ໟԴК஼ߞ಩ᅁӠࣿКജዃ޾Ⴛ ӡȂփѷџૈኧҐȄ௱‫ߞڍ‬ҳሬᖺ኷ໟգȈNBAȃ

Issue 379 02 - 05 - 2014

˧ ഫ࿋഼‫ ޟ‬M ‫ל‬኿ᇬ

WTOȃNASAȃFBI ຈ ຈȄ ҳ ሬ ᖺ ኷ ໟ ജ ዃ ޾ Ⴛ ӡȂ൵Ђߞᔹᙇᢖ๒࣏ᚎጒȄѽ WTO ऎ‫ڼ‬Ȃҹ࣏ World Trade Organization ߞᖺ኷‫؛‬ՑȂం 22 ৎՄ ӓᖺ՘Ϟ 3 ৎՄӓȂփКћԩᇍȶѵध໶‫ݽ‬ೡᚐȷ ‫ڹ׈‬ᖺ኷ϵ࣏ȶѵ໶ೡᚐȷȂҪЙჅం 6 ৎՄᢏ՘ 4 ৎՄȂᅆѧНϭȂᢖ๒‫ڹ‬ӡ WTO ‫כۍـ‬єϧȄ ည๒Ȃҳሬᖺ኷ໟߞᚙ៌ȂҪঋକֹ‫އ‬ᚎጒഺৎ᝱ ᝯȂുَᅁ಩ᆔሬฆ࣏҃؆ԑҞѽߞȄੲᑂ၃ᢚȂՂ ‫ލ‬ᆔሬᚙ៌କ௉ఠۘԴϬৎᆔՄНаȂ‫ڤ‬ኃഺৎ៌ԩ බҞକऎЂਛత‫ۦ‬Ȅಧ୛েඈྑߞȶॻ໹ȷȂබ࣏‫ۏ‬ ࡭ߞ‫ڼ‬ЄȈॻ੾᠋‫ږ‬ಧ໹ૺᗑᘈգॻሬᖺ኷ EPLȂ ֭ం‫ڽ‬ٟգജК஼ಧ୛తૼȂੲӎ১ԯබ࣏ȶॻ໹ȷ ഺৎໟ௉ᚎጒȄည๒Ȃȶॻ໹ȷߞ՘ґ࣏գϘ‫ڱ‬Ⴛ ઈ՘ԊߞȂԯऎԴᚙ៌۶ᖺ኷ߞჅ຀КȂ௄‫ॻݺ‬໹ ߞ዆ᠩϧȂȶ‫ږ‬ಧȷ۶ȶᗑᘈȷഺ‫ی‬ৎ࿄݇ജषರϞȂ Ղ‫ލ‬գϘৎѧᘈҨ֯ȶॻ੾᠋աธಧ໹ૺᔅዾᘈȷȂ ਻‫ݏ‬බѧႵ᝱ᕅᖺۖϬৎᆔՄѽаϞȄ ੲᑂϯবߞຕᎢȂ‫ا‬েҞѽయเȂՂ‫ܹࣆލ‬ிࢺࢆ ཇȂ‫ڤ‬ኃգ‫ڱ‬ҳሬᖺ኷ໟ࣏Ҟѽᅁ಩ᆔሬฆ҃ߞȂ ѧՂ NBA Ҟѽᇍऎȶग़ᚚឰȷȂҪЙჅಧ୛েቮ ঋϘᙇ੡༡‫ڽ‬ᏋᕕȂWTO ϵҞѽ་Ϙَᖺ኷՘ȶѵ ໶ȷȂϘଠఐ޶ϭϵЙྻಯӠ‫ޡ‬၍Ȅည๒Ȃ੡༡‫ڭ‬ Й࣏ေକᢸ᜽Ȃҙ‫ ݛ‬OK ཇϢК஼୓ፅգ 20 ՐϞȂ ֌ЫϵྐЙҍϘৎԪᏋߞᆔሬԩՄȄ

ዥᘈடᚠ ऋ‫׬‬ຠཊॱឍ࣏ΰ ЙჅȂϯবሲߞȂൌ࣏Ϙ‫ڱ‬Ӥཇ೚ໟྉೡ՘௞գԩ ໟߞᚙ៌ȂӤ‫ݺ‬ೡ՘ҹেߞໟྉЏ၃ՅԴ࢝ϳȂ၃ ჅϞ੡༡ߞӇᒐȂ‫ݙ‬ѽᚙ៌୓‫ڽ‬हᅆਟ‫ݽ‬ȄૌӒ ߞ᝱ᙇԴ‫ڱڤ‬ॊ‫ث‬ȃᛁᐯߞྲໟྉўবȄWiFi ۶ iPad ࣏ȮϠӔџඡȯᙇԩ‫ز‬ໞߞ‫ی‬ৎদᙇໟྉȂ ‫ێ‬ᅁഺ‫ی‬ৎໟ৆࣏हᅆѧႵਟ‫ݽ‬ӡᆔሬ‫ࠑڽ‬ႿȂ ȶ࠲ૌ๑።ᇨປȷ۶ȶេ‫ލ‬Ӏ‫ޕ‬ცၝȷ‫׈‬ҞȄӫࡈ ഺ‫ی‬ৎໟ‫ܥ‬഍‫ݺ‬ȶწᚙ៌ȷ༥ࣱȂ࣏գ‫ۍ‬ᢜ১ԯ ߞȈWiFi ߞ F ҃ࠑȶ࠲ૌȷȂ࠲઻ഺ‫ی‬ৎՄᢖఀ ᡄཛȂҝఫߞ႖Й఺ఀȂჅҝϵգȶHiFiȷ۶ȶ୼ ࠲ૌরᠩȷߞ‫ݛ‬ᓼᐼȂ֭ᔌ຾๑።ᇨປ‫ث‬ങߞ෩ ୼Ȃȶ࠲ૌȷྻంᎱᙇᢏ՘Ӆঋ៳‫ݑ‬Ȃۖ੡ȶ๑። ᇨປȷҞѽ݆ರȶ࠲ૌȷഺৎԯ૵Ȃ‫࣏ݺ‬ȶ୼ࣶϯȷ ߞ WiFi ֋๒ϵබٟգՅԴӅঋϞȞत֌Ȃᇨ㤵ϵ ജӈ་Ϟᑢҫߞ‫װ۾‬ுȂȶ๑๑።ЙᇨປȷȂ‫࣏ݺ‬ ஀଑ҪൺϭȶᇨປȷϟՄȟȄ֌‫ ݺ‬iPadȂϵ࣏ԯ ऎኊ੾‫ހ‬໳ȃҾඞ֫գತ୼փ‫؛‬՘ᑾᠦੜᕕȂ҄७ iPad ജຈԢӡ֯ȶេ‫ލ‬Ӏ‫ޕ‬ცၝȷȂҞѽჰ঍Ȃ ௟‫ڽ‬Ӏ‫ޕ‬ცၝኊ੾෼჆ϭফȂࡡ๕ᐼᘌ‫ݺ‬ᑬધȂ‫ڤ‬ ኃ iPad ྻജᇍऎȶេ‫ޕލ‬ȷȂहᕕߞϵྻգȶϬ ࣐‫ޕ‬ȷȃȶᗑྐ‫ޕ‬ȷȂຈຈȄ ‫ڤ‬ኃȂգٟգ᝱‫ݺ‬ᆔሬฆ҃ߞໟྉ۸ȉည๒࣏գ ߞȂЂ༓ߞॊ‫ث‬۶ᛁᐯ᝷ໟྉබ࣏ՂթȄDNA ߞ ᆔሬԩᇍҨȶೲઉ੮ᒤ੮ቕȷȂ֭ᅆ‫૿ݺ‬ь௞྽ߢ ᝊߞϠ‫ڽ‬ሲȂॻћᖺ኷‫۽‬๒Й‫ށ‬ӨȂᆔሬԩᇍϵЙ ߢ‫ݙ‬РȂ‫ݙ‬ѽକӡߞϠӡॻћᖺ኷ȂЙକӡߞϠЙ ӡȂᆔሬԩᇍබ՘ϞᛗֈȄሃН᝷֬ȂATPȞϬᖤ ቕၜ㫽ȟȃPAHȞԺᖖ߾শ⊎ȟຈຈȂൌ࣏գᆔሬ ԩᇍ֭࢝ь‫ڹ‬ӡߞ‫࡭ۏ‬Ȅ

‫ڏ‬ᐯਛেҝु‫ٿ‬ϞȄЙჅȂഺ㡯ቮঋࢽҍߞ࣏Ȃഺ ‫ڱ‬ȶწᚙ៌ȷໟߞሬ‫ݑޱ‬ᎳȂ၃ჅϘࣱ੡༡ߞᒐԪȂ Џ၃ᢏఀᄊ M ୃϘዹ೑Ԫᆔሬሬ‫ޱ‬Ȃѽ֌‫ݺ‬ಯӠ Ϟȶ৳ᇦঋȂSor ࡨ ryȷഺዹߞӡ‫ޱ‬Ȃत֌‫ݺ‬գȶ‫ا‬ ϯպ࢘ Google Ϙϭȷഺዹߞ‫܈‬ၮҮՑȄ Ӥ‫ݺ‬ȶწᚙ៌ȷߞ೫ᅚಎϢӠࣿȂգ੡ྻ҄Ϡᓷ‫؞‬ ֋Ўሲߞ‫ێ‬ᅁ࣏ҳሬໟȄশส TVB ც໛ነȮ࢓Ѓ ࠅȯያҍНࢢȂ೟ѕߞᣍಿ๴಩Ϟ௣ᇉऱ࢓ߞ‫ط‬ᆊ ߰൘ሹգϘৎ၃‫ۏ‬ϾሱȈȶ۹০ਛȂԢ੫ Check ϭȷȊ൘ሹԴᐍᆬӎࠜЂȂሲ႖ϘЙ઻ૠᚷҍॻћ ඏໟЙ‫ږ‬ऎ‫ݎ‬Ȃ֭ంԴඞߞᅆјᕚᆊ৶ۖᐱᆊᆾሦ ԓۖࢢงሦ֯Ϡ৶Ȃԑൌٟգ๴಩ഺৎᛓ‫܈‬ϾሱȂ ࢝Ҟକ࣏ԯऎഺҮ႖ᅆЂԺዴϠ‫ڽ‬ሲЏ၃ٟգჁ۶ ྏȂЙѿ೟ࢥւЙྻ๴಩யᛟԴ৹㡯Ȅ Рҏᄘ࡙঄ுঅᠧ Դ୅Ꭲȶწᚙ៌ȷ಩໪ߞ੡৏ȂգϘᇌȶწᚙ៌ȷ ࣏ѧႵપઅߞȂ‫ڤ‬බ࣏‫ڰ‬ᝯџሬߞȶწᚙ៌ȷȄџ ሬКգЂ༓ߞᆔՄȂ࢝Ժ੡৏ȂџሬໟҞѽȶწᚙ ៌ȷ‫ڹ‬ӡȂ՝ՐཇϢК஼ߞȶ၃ᕻȷȃȶࡌ෷ȷȃ ȶᓴјȷຈໟྉȂൌ౮๑ᢏஜԳ޻ӡ֌ЫȄࠕՐ‫ڽ‬Ȃ КџӹࣹџૈᔛᗄȂџሬໟȶწᚙ៌ȷєϢԓ࢘ష ୓୼጗ȂȶчѳЋȷȃȶᢏᅗȷȃȶՈࢧ࠮ȷȃȶᇺ Ѓȷຈുᆙᢏ՘ᆔሬሮҞߞໟྉȄ ЙჅȂԴᔛᗄߞ஼ቫӹࣹবࡈȂџሬໟȶწᚙ៌ȷ ࡒգϘৎࠧ௱Й‫ߞ׀‬પઅН഍șșົϠ۶֘Ϡᅆџ ሬໟߞᡝ‫ڭޱ‬ЙहԢȄѽᑖᕺऎ‫ڼ‬ȂົϠྻள֯ ȶHeng BinȷȂփ֘Ϡࡋྻள֯ȶYokohamaȷȂ ᛕўत֌ЙߢႽԧ֋ԴᗾԢϘৎԳўȄഺ᝷ఐ㦑 Й֭ҍ಩ԴԳԩϯȂϵҍ಩ԴϠԩ۶‫ێ‬ҁ௞գԩໟ ϯȂٟգџሬߢᝊӇܺߞົϠȂ๑‫ߢޱ‬Ⴝ֘ϠϾК ߞȶFukuhara Aiȷබ࣏К஼ԑӔૂྑߞџӎӵӶ ಧႻஜ৶ᇊ১ྑȄ

ҩҳȂџӎϠӎ‫֬ڗ‬Ѽ‫ڭ‬ЙԴྍᇯ᠕џሬߞȶ૷ጒ ‫ݑ‬ȷȄЙ֭ྲՑॻሬໟྉЂ༓র៌་ϢџሬȂാџ ሬ‫۽‬գߞѱ‫گ‬ȃ᎚ӠџຈໟྉȂϵജর៌ߞᧈ᧔ᦘ ȞMilkȟȃᦹᤳᦢᦰᦍȞBirthdayȟۤ҃Ȃत֌џ ӎ‫ܧ‬ӔՉ᜼պᇊ๴‫ߞށ‬ў࠮៧Ȃൌ࣏ߡతӡॻሬߞ র៌‫ۻڽ‬ԩऎᦍ᧜ᦢᦨ᧜ᦱ᧒ᤳ᧊᧜ȞInstant ‫ݛ‬ ៧ȟȄ գᐯ߰ࢽҍȈᆔሬߞȶ૷ጒ‫ݑ‬ȷНߋȂሲ्Ϟᘘ࣏ ϘᇌћмЙ֋ࠫߞࠑ಩Ȅ௞ਛሲȂ஼Ϡߞћм֋ࠫ ྻᔌ຾‫ا‬஼ᅁϧߞኧփኧࠜȂۖ੡Ȃҳ‫ڽ‬ሬ޾ᕿ ಩໪௟ുَȶଡ଼጗ȷȂत֌ࢭ෇՘ᆔሬࠑগȄ֭‫ا‬ ৆ះఀȂຈۖ‫ا‬েૌߞ֋ࠫϞȂ਻‫ݏ‬ϵබЙྻ‫ڤ‬ኃ Ьྍᆔሬߞȶ૷ጒ‫ݑ‬ȷϞȄഺබՀᄊȂ‫ا‬েం‫ڽ‬Й ྻॳയᎡӅ༷‫د‬ȶ1+1=2ȷ኷՘ȶϘҐϘຈ‫ݺ‬ϟȷȇ ԢዹߞȂ࣊๒Ϡਛցग़ҞѽЂўߞ௟ȶЙ֯ժබЙ ྻժȷߡ៌՘ȶno zuo no dieȷȂ‫ڭ‬፠Ϣ‫ߢێ‬ԩ ߞԴ㤵ॻሬ࠽ሬໟ‫ۏ‬șșȮࡱҾໟ‫ۏ‬ȯНКȂ‫ا‬ে ऎ↉ЙକϵЂ࢘Ϙ‫ڱ‬Ȃంփᘖֺᢰ‫ݙ‬ᓜȶ૷ጒ‫ݑ‬ȷ ၆֝ᆔሬሃ੡ৌ་ߞၙَ۸ȉ

˧ ᆋনདྷ

Դᚙ៌ഺϘ᝷ໟྉߞ੡৏Ȃ࢝Ժఐ㦑ϭྻࠚӡর ៌Ȃഺᇖ࣏ৎѧႵՀߞ‫ض‬ାᓱ‫ޱ‬Ȅᖔఀ‫ֺݑ‬प૿൝ ᇢԪા࣏ৎдࠜ‫ݴ‬ϾߞᛁᐯԩໟȂ֭֓ไઽබಿϠ रߢȂȶ֓ไȷϟՄϜ࣏ంᖔఀ‫ֺݑ‬प૿൝ᇢԪા ߞॻћᖺ኷ AIDS র៌փ‫ڽ‬Ȅ ȶႭᙚឍȷ౏Σҡࣀ Ղ‫ލ‬ሲȂԩໟȶწᚙ៌ȷ಩໪࣏ԯऎྲӠ‫ڽߏڰ‬Й ф‫؛‬՘ᚙ៌ϯߞԒᝊߞ႖Ȃ‫ڤ‬ኃ‫ێ‬ҁໟྉߞȶწᚙ ៌ȷබᢖఀգ‫ڱ‬Йਟ‫ݽ‬ನႋϞȄȶ‫ ا‬call ְȷȃȶϯ ᇨ Google ϘϭȷȃȶSorryȷຈຈȂԴᆔሬКൌ գहᕕߞࠑগўՑȂऎ֣ঋȶწᚙ៌ȷȂබቮঋሬ

˧ ങᇺ

˧ ዁੫‫ڋ‬ӵ T ࠮ᇃΰߒᅋ

ȮӣၯΡȯջາଚюРҏ࿽ߞ‫ ڔ‬10 ஻Ȃ፜ᒑᖝҏൢ‫ޥ‬ષ‫ڥ‬Ȃӑ‫ڗ‬ӑுȂႫၗȈ03 ӑ‫ڗ‬ӑுȂႫၗȈ03 9888 7199

JAPAN FESTIVAL Рҏ࿽ 2014 5 ТġġġġР 18 Ⱦ࢑෈Рȿ10am-5pm am-5pm ӴᘈȈBox Hill Town Hall ിρόѿࢇᢈ & Box Hill TAFE 1000-1022 Whitehorse Rd. Box Hill [Melway: 47D9] Σൟ‫ ڔ‬: ԙΡؐ՝ A$5ȂΪΠྑоήȃࡻߝ‫ޱ‬ມջາΣൟ !!!!!!!ԃऎ๿ Ljnpop ‫ ܖ‬Zvlbub ‫ޱ‬ջາΣൟ ࢥၚȈ /

02 - 05 - 2014 Issue 379

Raffle ᓞዩ

Trip for two to Japan flying JAL $ 3.600 With support from JTB and Rydges Hotel Conditions apply


ܹಁжࣨ ᖒ٤଒ࢇႱᆗਰ։஠юᝥ

ࢇ‫ܹۺ‬ю੉౨ ၐ௤୽ҕᄇᝒ቗ᆧᕻࢇ๊‫؏ߑޟ‬Іᔖ Еِ ُՐУѡ೐ϟৎ࣐งϟ౎ϯȂϭоϛ੡ϬϩжȂᑢ ԇᗑ‫ࣆ୑ڣ‬ൊࠜȂබྻҍਯ஼ྻȂгֶྲϘৎ୑ࣆ Ր࢘ߞ୑ࣆჰᇖ੯аਟȄഺ࣏ᑫࣷា‫ݚ‬ЂЙԕ᝹֘ ూՊߞ៉‫ڰ‬ཇ೚ȄഺϘৎ୑ࣆჰᇖ੯‫܆‬Ȃୃ߰фඡ ߤߞપॗ୑၃௞ਛেȂϘ՝බ൦ര་Ϣ஼ྻЂጁȂ ๒ࢢࢷ࿰࠲௜຀ؔȂ঵ԐᝯϯЂࠝȂាփୃ߰Ϙ ࢠജঋِᝯᑟȂТᗑᇨປ๴‫ݸ‬ӀሂȂᔌ‫׈‬഍‫ݺ‬ജࢋ ᛆߐᅗȂֺఀԴඞୃ߰Ȃஏَሃҳध഼লඡୈȄթ ੡թቫȂᗑ‫ࣆ୑ڣ‬ൊࠜᓱг࢈ᚚ৶ȂබྻԨԴඞୃ ߰Ȃँ๴ည౎ϛ੡ϬϩжȂЖӒՑгֶߞ୑ࣆჰᇖ ੯Ȃᢰୃ߰ф഼ୈߤપॗ୑၃௞ਛেȂႎ೟ु‫ٿ‬Ȃ ҇жᖢႋȂ๒ࢢж‫ޘ‬Ȃᔌࢢᝒћ൯ፇȄۖ৞ϛ੡ ϬϩжȂည୑ࣆൊࠜԴϭ៉୰࿧࿧༯᠜Ȃࢷ࿰ჰᇖ ੯ߞӎ‫ڽ‬፠వȂുᙇгֶаਟሃನᑂНቫȂୃ߰ে බྻԢَ௟ჰᇖ੯аਟȂж‫ޘ‬фໞᎢȂѽћՄፇԆ ўՑȂ๴‫ݸ‬ҍҝԧЂ഼ୈߤȄୃ߰Йକ‫أ‬Ⴥ୑ࠜг ֶߞَԂȂѽֺ໯૯ЂўȂЂਛൌ๑Հ഍Ȅ ଒ࢇႱᆗਰІࢎஈࢇឩधࡣ‫୽ݽޟ‬౩‫܈‬ ‫ێ‬ᅁُՐߞ୑ࣆჰᇖ੯Ȃ‫ࠧڭ‬ඏඏᢰ୑ࠜгֶϘЂ ுዴՄȂԨгಿӹ҃Ϙ๫Ȅϵࠧᚎඏߞ൘গࣆܹߞ ನ୑ຉರȂփ࣏ನ୑ຉರ०ࢢߞ༯ᄦЂ঍Ȅԯऎᗝ ϲࣆܹయҍߞࣆຉȂӅ༷୨Ԫ୑ࣆዥ൯Ȃ‫ࡋ׎‬Ҫକ ည֯ྍԨᗏ‫ށ‬Ȃ᝱ѽၢᅁȄ࣊ঋၢᅁȂࣆܹබቮঋ ஜӡгܵȂѽႤ୨ԪȄࣇթࣆܹԴయҍ୑ࣆჰᇖ੯ НࡈȂӅቮ኶ྕւዋ‫޼ێ‬஼ӫዾሃўԨȂԓᛃ‫ۍܠ‬ ᢜຉರȂሃфே֖నࣉȂԴ୨Ԫ୑ࣆϯߞњ෯Ȃࣆ ຉЖକ௉՜ۖѪۖั՘ߞੜ‫ލ‬Ȅ‫ࡋ׎‬ϘзҪକည֯ ૽ϯ᎘ֻȄ ည๒ȂُϘৎࣆ៨ൌգЙԢߞ޼஼ನ݇Ȃᚎඏߞѧ Ⴕจൎ‫ی‬៨ୱᖉߞ०ࢢྍᝊ‫؛‬ᅗȂᗑဖ៨ᘌԨత‫ۦ‬ ֋ӤҾඞನ݇Ȃऎ޼஼ߞጀՑȂԯऎȂऎፁ࠲ࣆܹ ኶ྕߞನ୑১ࡋȂєӡҾඞߞᑟۘȂӡ߰֋Ѿߞ১ ࡋȂ࣊Ҟѽิь஼ӔჅԺߞກச঑ᑉȂӺൌҞѽ࠲ ቪࣆܹߞ਱‫ݗ‬՜ૈȂֺ‫ۦ‬ЙӅঋߞࣆຉВჰȂ஼Ӕ ӺൌҞѽԴ֋ِԺᇊߞ১ࡋϭȂ‫ׅ‬ϧϯ་Ȅ֌‫ݺ‬ᗑ ‫ڣ‬Ѝ៨බཉԨ‫ݺ‬త‫ۦ‬ȂࣆܹᕕညԴ஼ӔӠ঍ϯবȂ ‫ط‬ᆊϘৎ‫ـ‬Ґᒕ࿂фদঋߞ‫֒ڎ‬ȂࣆܹߞԇசȂ࣏ ঋవ୵ߤྻϯЙӀຈߞ಩໪ȂᢰߤྻߞႤ࿚ж୨Ȃ Դҵᓊߞఐ㦑ϭȂ߬ӒჅ‫ڽ‬ȄࣆܹߞߤྻയԇȂ࣏ ঋऎ஼Ӕ࢙ӲϘৎгӀߞ༥౗Ȃᢰ஼Ӕ҇ж‫׀‬ӡࣆ ܹႤ࿚ߞԢ੡Ȃ๴෭‫ࠜݙێ‬Ȅ ‫߰ی‬ԧգࠜ๺Ȅᗑဖ៨ߞ޼஼ನ݇‫۽‬๒Ҟѽ࠲ቪ஼ ਛߞႤ࿚Ȃֺ‫ۦ‬ᓾሱࣆܹࣆຉߞ઎໱Ȃ֭㤯݀݀Դ ᢜ᎗஼ӔߞቮঋȂሃфԴ౻߬ӒߤྻЙӀຈ಩໪ߞ Ϙ‫ے‬Ȃᢖఀ൫ѢЙХȂֽቖ๑ఐȄग़‫ێ‬ԩ࣏ᢰҾඞ ‫ܠ‬ᄳ஼ӔߞቮঋȂᢰгԒႤಯֺ‫ۦ‬๑ᓜߞ઎໱Ȅ֭ գ‫ڰڱ‬ఐȂ࣏ቮঋࣆܹ୼ ቈៈߞࠜቈന঍Ȃၢᅁ ே֖Ȃ஼Ӕўକ‫ۦ‬෎ȄթҳȂࣆܹԴయҍгԒࣆຉ ߞԢ੡Ȃϫ‫ݕ‬Ⴥ‫ݺ‬຾ྍȂߤྻߞӠᅗබྻԴգྍሃ

๑ྍН༡Ȃ൯‫ۦ‬૔᛼Ȅϫ‫߰ݕ‬Ȃࣆຉయҍߞ১ྍ࣏ ՀȂ֭Դே֖੡ȂՂ‫ލ‬ҍ಩಴݆ȂԢዹҾӔߞӠ঍ ྻԢዹ‫ۦ‬ೢȄ ஈࢇឩ௰ю଒ࢇႱᆗਰࠉ‫࢈ޟ‬ཎ‫ݵ‬஝ ࠕՐȂ๑Ꭲ࣏ࡈᗑ‫ڣ‬Ѝ៨ࣆܹ‫ݕ‬಩ԇᗑဖ៨ࣆܹȂ ୑ࠜгֶჰᇖ੯ࡈȂᐐᇒ‫࠲֖܇‬௜ۘ࢘Ȃѽֺ޴ᠨ ԐᑟȂᢰգѕϠԴҾඞᒸޯࠡវȂంКᖔ‫׀‬Ȅ֭ே ࣆ៨㤯գ݀݀ԴᗜгֶࡈϘ‫ی‬ৎ࣐งȂգྍ‫ݕ‬๑ྍ ߞԨ஼ӔȂत֌ཇණȂ޴ᠨԐᑟȂ১ԯҪգϘৎȂ ঋٞ౶୑ࣆჰᇖ੯ӎ‫ڗ‬ȂԯऎంЏߢߞȶ޴௜ȷ ߞႤਫ਼ᢖӯȂ֓ൾ዇ࣆܹգྍԨ஼Ӕወ՜ೢᒕ୼Ⴟ $3000 ኆߞກภȄᅆҾӔߞࣆ޼ᎏᕝҞऎЙЈȄ ࣇթϘ՝ȶ޴௜ȷȂ࣊Ҟѽٞ౶୓ࣆ޼ᎏᕝϧȂϵ ҞѽᢰҾӔфཇණԺԺઐмȂۖჰᇖ੯ӒՑবѵߞ ੡৏ȂᐐᇒգԺЂߞ౭ཋϧൌՀȂۖ੡Ђਛԓᑬఐ ჅࢢȂൌྻࠚۤϘৎႵऎசᅁȂሃф঑বఐᇰहᅆ ജٞ౶ߞఐ㦑ϭȂবᅆ୑ࣆჰᇖ੯аЙ‫ۦ‬ᡌࠓߞൊ жȄ Ղ‫ލ‬ഺৎϘരߞј‫ޱ‬ȂӤேࣆ៨দ᎑‫ڹ‬ӡȂ‫ڤ‬ኃȂ ЂਛබྻயȂЫՐߞ୑ࣆჰᇖ੯ȂࣆܹЏ၃ᠨϞܺ ߞ༵ӫϫԺьȄ‫ێ‬Ꮹᑁϧ࣏‫׎‬ȶ೑ԪȷৣЖ෩ҍߞ ิᕅႋ៖ȉаਟϫ࣏Цኃȉ ೐ϘȂ൵ऎϠߋ៉ߞംჅ‫ܹࣆݺ‬෩ҍҞକঋᅆȶ୼ ᗟȷϠЀȂወ՜ϘৎϘըჅȶิьࣆܹཅ༵ߞࠢҐ ກȷȂࢷ࿰ӫࡈఀߢߞȶ޴௜ჰᇖ੯Ⴄਫ਼ȷȂՐᗟ $80000 ေЮѽϯߞ஼ӔȂබঋᜳӹहည‫ ݺ‬$800 ЮߞȶࠢҐກȷȄည๒ഺৎઐਿҍឤНࢢȂЂਛ ྏۖहညߞംԩȄᗁನ֓ൾ዇ሃ୑֣ࠜ‫ێ‬Ȃж‫־‬Դ ЙԢߞඞԪȂࠑӯӫࡈᑫࣷೢᒕߞ୑ࣆ‫ڔ‬ՄȂЏ၃ ҝۖϘৎѪಎѫጤߞԳَȂࠧঋ֯ҍЂϥᘮ‫ߞݹ‬ᢏ ভȂЙକ৒ನȶӤЍ៨ᓷ઻ϭ‫᠀ࣆ୑ߞڽ‬ᡊЄȷȄ ֭யᛟ࣏ഺৎѪಎѫጤߞ୑ࣆߐ㦑Ȃ‫ٿ‬ൣգԺទ দȉ๑Ϡକ௉֯ҍϘৎࢉᣍߞໞ֤Ȃԯऎᗑ‫ࣆڣ‬ ܹȂᓵᓵЙߺгֶᗑ‫ࣆ୑ڣ‬ᕭ୅ඡ‫ט‬੩аਟȄЂਛ Ҫఀ֤ՄȂ᝱ѽ֯ҍԪನߞ԰ᕕȄ ϫՂ‫اލ‬ে௟ᑫࣷӫࡈߞ஼ཅѧদሃ‫ێ‬ҹ๴Ⴟ஼ਛ हѧȂᑫࣷߞఐ㦑ທᅆ࣏‫ێ‬ҁ஼ਛ▖ውߞᅆ໪Ȅ ԯऎҪ֫պжН 20 ҽҠȂබ࣏ग़஼Ȃԑಧ঵න ߞ஼ཅѧদहည‫ݺ‬஼ӔӠಯᗁৃߞպжН 96Ȃॻ ஼࣏պжН 80 ҽҠȇџӎ‫ـ‬Ґϯп֌తࠕպж Н 200Ȅ᝸ԯ࣏ 2009 Ր஼ቫࠛᓉઔኣȂᐱ७ည ੡ߞᗑ‫ڣ‬Ѝ៨ࣆܹঋ௟཈գߞ 560 ኆळ᏶ࣾᆽȂ ԓ౹஼ཅȂ‫ݯ‬ᒔࠛᓉઔኣߞ‫ڽ‬ӚȄࣇթЂਛ಩੡ᅤ Й຾ᔝၝȂ‫ٿ‬ൣգЦኃನӤȂᗑ‫ܹࣆڣ‬ঋԨՐᗟ $80000 ‫ݕ‬ѽϯߞ஼ӔȂወ՜ഺৎࠢҐກȉթҳȂ Ղཇᇷ‫ݙ‬ሲȂՂ‫ܹࣆލ‬ૌߞঋഺዹஇȂຊ߰Ӻൌঋ யȂࣆܹՂ֣঎ഺৎȶ୼ᗟȷѪӀȄ $80000 Ю ࣏ӫࡈККϯߞϢਿѪӀȂঋሲȶ୼ᗟȷߞȂ ह ࠫᘘգϘࣱ໼ᛓȄ


Ղ‫ލ‬ഺৎወ՜ࠢҐກߞȶ޴௜аਟȷȂሃ‫ڰ‬ᅁह ೑Ȃ‫ڤ‬ኃ֓ൾ዇බ‫ށ‬ᢖЙჅԳȂჁхҁߞឮᓴ‫ݚ‬ᓚ ‫׈‬ȶҁߞࣆܹທᅆЙྻҐກȷȄգᎷߞ࣏Ȃ֓ൾ዇ ‫ڭ‬ӏᅆ‫ݺ‬ወ՜ࠢҐກϘ‫ڰ‬ҐѽᝋᅁȂည๒Ӻൌ๑இ ҍ‫ܠ׎‬Ȅ֭ҁබԴЙԢߞඞԪࠑӯබ࣏ࣆܹ൵ࢢঋ ወ՜ࠢҐກȂҁӎϠϵٟգ૔᛼Ⴥឮᓴ੡ȂԨ஼Ӕ ധϭЙҐກឮᓴ‫ݚ‬ᓚȄ ຊ߰ᅆթ᝱ѽನႋȂԯऎԴԠ‫ݛ‬዇ேࣆง༡Ȃ֓ൾ ዇ࢽയԠ‫ݛ‬዇ԴЂᓴࡈȂ֯ҍჅЙєϢవᇆກߞ‫ݚ‬ ᓚȂҐѽᛛᑀȂ‫ڭ‬՘ґ௟Ԡ‫ݛ‬዇‫࡭ܠ‬ऎࣆ޼᝾ЄȂ ་փᎳᆷՁߞ႕ࠫȂ་ϘَᎳᆷԠ‫ݛ‬዇ࣆܹߞԪ‫ޱ‬ ‫ݑ‬Ȃԯऎࢷ࿰֓ൾ዇ညџឮᓴߞ‫ڏ‬ሬȂҁԨ஼Ӕࢽ ҍȂϘৎ๑႕ࠫߞϠȂࢨକ܎ѽ޼஼ߞদയȄՂЫ ֓ൾ዇ϯඞϞȂ‫ڹ‬ҍߞ࣏‫׎‬ԢϘߞј‫ޱ‬ȉညџ֓ൾ ዇Ȃत֌хᅆԠ‫ݛ‬዇ࣆܹऎ‫ݿ‬Ѐ᠋ЂѪ‫٭‬ȂփєϢ ߞϘըჅપ‫־‬ወກȄ ֭಩੡Ȃ֓ൾ዇㤯ԨЂਛ᠜ᇍ֋Ў‫ڭ‬๑૔᛼ឮᓴߞ ‫ݚ‬ᓚȄഺ๫ሲ႖ЙߢႽ࣏֓ൾ዇ȂԨ৹Ϙ‫ڱ‬஼Ӕ ሲߞȄԯऎЂਛୃᐸ๘ྲȄգЙ᝸г༟‫ڗ‬Ԋߞᗑ‫ڣ‬ ࣆܹаቦൊࠜࠑӯȂՂ‫ލ‬ѽϯወ՜ࠢҐກȂҪ៳ཇ ᇷȂ‫ڤ‬ኃЏ၃୓຾ᕂ‫ݏ‬ᓴӔߞੜ‫ލ‬Ȃ֣Ӆȉ֭ϫՂ ‫ލ‬ཇᇷ៳ᅁȂ‫ڤ‬ኃȂ֓ൾ዇ߞࣆ޼ࠫ႕ϳྻంթ࿑ ᎜ϘӌȂԯऎҁ֯ᜮ֋၆Ȃх‫֋ۦ‬ЎӇᕝࣆ޼ᅆј ߞј‫ݙޱ‬ਚȄϫՂ‫ڰލ‬ఐ‫ލ‬ૌՂթȂЂਛබྻ་փ Ꮃᆷ֓ൾ዇ࣆܹߞԪ‫ݑޱ‬ϞȄ ӫࡈഺ‫ڰ‬ӒԴ๴ቔȂຊ߰ЙߢႽ‫ڰ‬ᅗྻՂ֣๴ਣϭ ҝȂ֭Ҟѽߺ‫ܠ‬Ȃᅆ֓ൾ዇ࣆܹ‫ࠧڭ‬ӒবȂ யᛟ ࣏ԺьփЏȄ ೐ϟȂࣆܹӇᇖࢧබൢȂᐐ՝෩୼ଡ଼ԃՐ៬ȄӤᗑ ‫ڣ‬Ѝ៨১‫ܠ‬Դ 2023 ՐȂ௟࣊‫ܠ‬ଡ଼ԃߞ 67 ࿐ଡ଼ԃ Ր៬ȂԴӇࢢ 7 ՐаȂ‫ ۖ׈‬2030 ՐȂ෩୼֌ 70 ࿐Ȃി࢘ᢘϠȄहᅆҐੋЂሃф዇஼঍ᄑԴ 2029 ՐȂሃфॻ஼Դ 2036 ՐȂЖ؆՘௟ଡ଼ԃՐ៬෩п ֌ 67 ࿐ߞѪӀȂҞᓜԑಧНࡄȄ‫ڤ‬ኃգЦኃዴᑂ ‫ݕ‬၃ᕻᅁ㦑Ȃቮঋࣆܹ֯ҍՂթদЂߞႯ᠙۸ȉࢷ ࿰֓ൾ዇ф֣‫ߞێ‬ሲ‫࣏ޱ‬Ȃᑫࣷߞ୑ࣆߐ㦑ԴЍ៨ ߞбՐߞགྷࣆНϭȂྣۖᅝЙ‫ء‬လȄࣇթԴࠧ௱੡ งȂ࠮ቮ‫ڹ‬ҍࠧ௱ߞјࣱȂᐐ՝ዥགྷхӒȄ ຊ߰ЙߢႽഺৎຕᎢՂ֣ನҍȂԯऎຊ߰ߢႽߞȂ ࣏ѵधԧЂໞૺгҦȂ֌ь௟ᗑ‫ڣ‬Ѝ៨ேࣆ੡ง ߞࣆܹನ୑ໞૺȂໞऎ AAA ൵୼ૺ‫־‬ȄՂ‫ލ‬Ϙз ӼՂ֓ൾ዇‫ݙێ֣ݕ‬ሲߞ៳ᅁȂ‫ڤ‬ኃȂҪգ‫ی‬ৎҞ କ‫ݑ‬ȄϘȂ஼ቫࠫ໷ໞૺгҦ࣏Ϙৎ᝾ЄȂ๑ࠫӡ Ҟ‫ڏ‬ȇ೐ϟȂϫ‫ݕغ‬ညЫߞᗑဖ៨ᗑ‫ܹࣆڣ‬Ȃည‫ݙ‬ գᑫࣷߞ஼Ӕൌ࣏ྌ࣎๑ߢߞϘᏅȂҞѽԇ‫ێ‬ህ ‫ؘ‬Ȃࢽ൩ऎ୺Ȃൌྻ࿰ඏԑ՜ȂӒՂՅԴѹ၍ৰᐯ ϯᇍߞȂϠ၏Ҫ࣏ȶЙߢԩߞҁেȷߞϘ၏ȂThe Anonymous TheyȄ๑֋ЎѹྍȂ๑ӲඞȂϠРӺ Рߞ๑ԩ๑ߢϘಿȄ

02 - 05 - 2014 Issue 379




Happy & Lucky Family Chinese Restaurant

ķ ࢑ᇺ๼໏ᎈ੫ቋߴ᎛ ŐŤŦŢůŪŢġᇺ๼໏ᎈ

ျ‸ᮤ ፜Ԟॏ৴

IJı ఏġՙੲбġȗġπՆ‫ڏ‬

ĸ ఏġဎσցġȗġိຉб

IJı ఏġ‫ה‬ᛸġȗġኞઽর

੫ቋȈijĶĸıįııİ Ρġଔ ၯጣȈՙੲб Į ‫ ୽ݲ‬ȗ ဎσց ȗ ġ ‫ה‬ᛸ ĮġπՆ‫ڏ‬ юีȈijıIJĵİIJıİIJij

੫ቋȈIJĶĵıįııİ Ρġଔ ၯጣȈᛳ଻ ȗ ဎσց ȗ ġ ኞઽর ȗ ‫ ୽ݲ‬ȗ ġ ՙੲб ȗ ိຉб юีȈijıIJĵİIJıİijĹ

੫ቋȈijĶııįııİ Ρġଔġ ၯጣȈ‫ה‬ᛸġȗġπՆ‫ڏ‬ġȗġ ġ ဎσցġȗġ‫୽ݲ‬ġȗġ ġ ኞઽর юีȈijıIJĵİIJıİijĺ

↡␖⑐᳥ġ ᗒ⑬ᷭᔁጟᷠ

ఏ໻੫Փωຊ௰ϭ Ͽѿ੫ቋ ໊ΙՍР ๔ġġ઱ġġឨġġ໻ Ιࡡ ཱི ᑕ൱Ѡ‫ݲ‬Հ⟾❞ ๔᜸ߣଚ‫ݶ‬న


ཱི ྫྷࡌሚഡധ ੕ᘀಖҊՌᇧْᆻ ‫ॳڷ‬вՉ଼ ឧധྫྷՈሸ

ī оΰ໏ᎈ੫ቋኵ໔Ԥ३Ȃ୵‫ׇ‬։Х




IJĶ ఏġŒŶŦŦůġŎŢųźij ொѻ ȗ ղ඼Ϟਡġ ੫ቋȈIJĹĺĺİ Ρġଔġġ юีȈijıIJĶİıijİIJĺ IJĺ ఏġŒŶŦŦůġŎŢųźijġொѻġȗġॷ෫Ϟਡġ ੕ශ‫ܘ‬੫ቋȈĴĹķĺİ ΡġଔȞջາЀ઻‫ڗ‬໨ᇃ‫ܘ‬ȟ юีȈijıIJĶİıĴİIJĵ

ᕗ౨ਡ՗‫ޥ‬ Ⴋၗ : 03 9802 0333 ༈ઍ : 03 9802 0444 Ӵ֭ : Shop 17 K-mart Plaza Cnr. Burwood Hwy & Blackburn Rd. East Burwood Victoria 3151 Ⴋ໏ : /

Mei Jing Chinese Restaurant

Ҕᒑ࿽፜Ԟॏ৴ !!ኮЙωຊ!݂ᝥᐶᛸ

੫ቋ੕ᘀ ЈЈ‫ټ‬ᔖ Ոᜃ ౪ߜ੫ቋ



ഡ߆ᜃ ౪ߜ੫ቋ



ҡౡᓸፈ ౪ߜ੫ቋ



౪ߜՈᜃ ᓸፈৈᓡ ѲΡՈᜃᓡ $99 ѲΡᓸፈᓡ $169 ᖤ㢢Ոᜃ/ᓸፈ(ឨ‫)ۻ‬ ɮՌᒵέၾຊ ϲΡՈᜃᓡ $139 ϲΡᓸፈᓡ $209 ᖤ㢢Ոᜃ/ᓸፈ(ឨ‫)ۻ‬ ɮՌᒵѲၾຊ ৈᓡԤӻ෡ᆠछຊՓᒵᐅ ‫ۈٮ‬ଚ‫ٽ‬෽ȃҩ໻ȃᑥЫЅЫ‫ݎ‬


703 Boronia Road, Wantirna VIC 3152 Tel: 03 9887 1580 – Fax: 03 9887 1508 Fully Licenced and B.Y.O. (wine only)

ധॷ੕୤ْᆻՈᚬ❞ ߈ຊ፪଼❞

౪ߜ੫ቋ $19.80 80 0


ఏ໻੫ቋ ⊪ 0 ₟ữᕯ₈


Ͽѿ 11:30am -3:00pm !ఏѿ 5:30pm -10:30pm Ӵ֭ 23-25 Andersons Creek Rd. Doncaster East, Vic 3109

ॏ৴Ⴋၗ ;!(03)9842 0868 ΜЈᕊཾ

ձ‫ޟ‬ᘈЖ຺઻ѿൟ ᆠछᘈЖ Ϛ֤‫ڨ‬ᆠ Ңਟΰॸ ቋᓀσಀϽ ᆠछᘈЖ!!Ϛ֤‫ڨ‬ᆠ!!Ңਟΰॸ!!ቋᓀσಀϽ ߖԻ෡ӕᘀᘈЖ‫ټ‬ᒵᐅȂᗙԤᆠᇧѕ‫ٵ‬ᓳҪ้!!


։ᇧ։፲ ߳ᜌཱིᘀ

ЈЈ૯ѿ!։ѩ։ᇑ ૯ѿ ։ѩ։

෉Ξఏϲ!!9:00am ~ 6:00pm ৾ঐӎᖝ!!Ϛ೩੼՝

Ⴍ୵Ȃ‫ี׳‬ Ѕ‫ܛ‬ᒲϛՙନོ

ቨ೩‫ี׳‬ଚೲ݈୛ ຺ѿȂᓡᓢȂ๼Ρᚕೲ۹Ȃฒӈ᠍ߔ ॏᗊ‫ࢥܖ‬ၚ፜Ⴋ: 0403 465 260 గ԰଒ Kong Leung *ջາଚೲ݈୛ȂߣనӇ३‫ڙ‬

37 Carrington Road, Box Hill, VIC 3128 ႫၗȈ03·9898 8573 ༈ઍȈ03·9890 1815 ΜЈᕊཾ 9:00am Ս 6:00pm

ഈ‫ڻ‬Ρȃήȃѳ ϤਢјࡣΣ৴ ౪ߜ๖ழΞ‫׷‬ ੫ቋৈᓡଶѴ


ЈЈ૯ѿġġ։ѩ։ᇑ ĹĻııġŢŮġſġķĻııġűŮ ৴՝Ԥ३!!Ϛ೩੼՝ ៫ ৾ঐӎᖝ!!᠍ߔඏ៫



໷ ໷ᔖዘࢺᝦཱིนȁϲ෡லᓡРРᘀ ઱ឨ໻ӈ֗ᒵᐅȁॵٗΜР঴ོვ ઱ Ѫ!ؐР‫ټ‬ᔖӻ෡ᕊᎴԞᓡЅᆠᒵήϿ૯ Ѫ




ᓞࣵİ෽‫ܖ‬ωॵ ᆠछкຊ

ؐЈ‫ڍ‬෡ ߣଚ‫ٽ‬෽Ѕҩ໻


নቋΞ‫׷‬ЅଚЫ‫ݎ‬ ᗙԤĶıӻ෡ϛԒωຊӈᒵᐅ

ᆠछᘈЖ!Ϛ֤‫ڨ‬ᆠ Ңਟΰॸ!ቋᓀσಀϽ ։ᇧ։፲!߳ᜌཱིᘀ

ఏ໻য়‫ۇ‬ġġġఏΰϲਢᕊཾՍ∪఑Πਢġġġᓓ๼к౩ ᆠछဃຊġġġኮЙω‫ވ‬ġġġġড়ல߯໻ġġġฒӈ᠍ߔ Ӵ֭ ĸĸġŌŪůŨŴŸŢźĭġňŭŦůġŘŢŷŦųŭŦźġŗŊńġĴIJĶı Ⴋၗ ıĴȆĺĶĵĶġĴĹĹķ


35 Carrington Road, Box Hill VIC 3128

03 9898 6088


Boronia Stitches Garment Alterations & Repairs

TVPad 3

Find Your Own Tailor-made Party Dress ॏᇧۚՌϏ‫ޟ‬ᙄ݈!ᐿ‫ॳڎ‬ਿ ᙄ݈!ᐿ‫ॳڎ‬ਿ TVPad 24 ωਢ݈୛ዥጣȈ00852ș2134 9910 ‫ ܖ‬20     

ฒӫघȃฒ໠Иາȃ0 Тનȃ7 Ј፴໔୰ᚠџଝ඲ೲ ߖԻএ๼Ρட឴‫ޟ‬ᔖҢแ‫ו‬П߯ήၷᓍЖԊ၆ ջາԝࣼဃᇭȃ୽ᇭȃПِፏຜ้кࢺଽ఼ϛМ‫ޢ‬ኬᓜၾ ‫؁‬Ԥ຺ႆ 10 ࿲ഋଽ఼ኇаࡻ៉‫ཱི؁‬ ௃‫֙ٲ‬տፏ࢑ᗧȃЈጣȃᖅᅳ‫ޟ‬ҧ፜Й៉



࡙٘ᖁᇧ!୘ຘᐿ੫ ଡຮዘࢺ!Փிഺཱི ॷ෫ຘᖁৱ;Ⴊࢎᗸ

Tailor from HK: Lui Ying ng Ha Ha Tailor Made Wedding Gown ஔળ Cheongsam ᄯೠ Evening Attire ఏᙄ݈ ၆ Casual & Suit Wear ݈߯Ѕৈ၆

Garment Alterationss & Repairs டཾও‫׽‬ᙄ݈

ႫၗȈ03 9639 9788 Ӵ֭Ȉ67 Pelham Street Carlton (btw Lygon & Drummond St)

࣏ձ࡙٘१ཱིᖁᇧȂऎ๿ுᡝȇ ுᡝȇ ᡝ ᡱΡ‫؁‬ཐឈຮᡝ๲ᎌȄ

ႫၗȈ0433 366 808 Ӵ֭ȈBoxhill Centreġϱ ĩ ഫ࿋഼ᄇ७ Ī


ႫၗȈ03 9654 3133 Ӵ֭ȈShop 20, 200 Bourke Street Melbourne


ႫၗȈ03 9899 5166 Ӵ֭Ȉ593 Station Street Box Hill

ĩ বΡທ‫ٵ‬๼୦ൟϱ Ī

፜‫ڗ‬оΰࡾۡငᚇ୦ᗊີȅПџᕕு TVPAD ϴѧ୵ࡣ߳ራ

ฒ፣ӈդσωЏψȂ෡ԒȂ Ȃ Ȃ ࡾۡёΣ੫տ೩ॎ‫ܖ‬ൗρȂ ഍ொЖᖁᇧȂϸӫौؑȂ Ȃ ྶณΙཱིȂᡱΡऎ๿٘ΰȂ Ȃᡝຮ๲ ᡝຮ๲ᎌȄ ᎌȄ х٘؅ࣼ‫؁پ‬ওߝȂऻనȂᡝຮ๲ᎌȄ

ᇭ፜ႫġıĵIJijġķıĹġIJijij ୽ȃဃᇭ፜ႫġıĵIJijġķıĹġIJijij Shop 3/260 Dorset Road Boronia VIC 3155 PH: 03 9762 8060


Remedial, Sports, Relaxation, Injuries

ᗩЪࡸኞӵᏎᅭҏϐԤΪԑᐣѬȄഺۖΡមӑҡ౳ཾθϛ୽ᚂऋσᏰȂި‫ݍܛ‬П ༈ಛင๜߳୊ϞၾȂ໠೩ӻড়டཾࡸኞ۹Ȃӵཾࣨ‫ٴ‬Ԥ౾ៗȄᗩЪࡸኞ۹ӵᆰࣸ ΪᎷড়σ࠮୦ൟࣱԤϷ۹Ȃ೩ॎѠ‫ڐ‬σ੉Ȃᕗცᐌዓࡗ໯ȄؐΙӪষώ഍ငႆᝒ ਿ‫׬‬೚உଋЅՃਯȂ݈୛ಠЖ‫ڗں‬Ȅ

ࡸኞϐငԙ࣏Рலҡࣀ‫ޟ‬ΙഋϷȂ‫ڷ‬Ӭ໻ഉທΙኺᓍཎȄ‫ࢸٳ‬ΡலَΙᆍᒿឈļġ ѫོӵߨல഼ಣ‫࢐ܖ‬ю౪੾ฮоࡣϗ໠ۖདᒲ‫ݲ‬፡Ꮄ٘ᡝȄߝ෈‫܇‬ຜРல߳୊‫ڷ‬ ငԑಣТ‫ޟ‬ώհȃҡࣀᔆΨོ‫٘ٺ‬ᡝ‫؁‬ёৠܾ઀᏷Ȃᆠડฒ‫ܹݲ‬ᚬȄ жΰ‫ؠٮ‬ԤΙᆍ߳୊ࠢ࢐ШՌϏ٘ᡝϱഋ‫ޟ‬፡࿽‫ف‬ಛ‫؁‬Ԥਝ‫ޟ‬Ȃ௰਌ࡸኞғ࢐ᄇ ܻ‫׽‬๡Ռ٘፡࿽‫ف‬ಛശ࣏՗ϞԤਝ‫߳ޟ‬୊ПԒȄင๜௰਌џоᔓօ٘ᡝ௶ଶٰሖ Ȃጥ၌ቊ฽‫ޟ‬ՊՈಢᙑȂԤਝ๲ጥ઀഼Ȃᚬԓ๐଼ડငȂ‫׽‬๡Ֆశଟ୼Ȃඪଽᆃ ઎ࠢ፴ȂႀՍ٘Ж᡹୊ஶȄ

Broadmeadow shop G139 Bayside Shop 182 Bayside Shop F014Q Westfield Fountain Gate Shop 2135 Westfield Doncaster Shop 1098 Brimbank Shop T45A Northland Shop B020

9309 9781 9783 9704 9855 9360 9471

5077 3658 5948 5328 8818 5605 1428

Westfield Airport West Shop 115 Westfield Southland Shop 1040 Westfield Southland Shop 3047 Highpoint Shop 3002 The Glen 1.43 Greensborough Plaza Shop L2 251

9335 5008 9585 2168 9584 0488 9317 7116 9886 7119 9435 1778




șșட೤ 3 ۩ਹ౨жࣨࠅॖ Robby Foldvari ћ / ஻ּณ

ᄦ / ҥೝ೤‫ޱ‬ඪ‫ټ‬

ؐএΡ഍ԤϚӣ‫ޟ‬Ј፭Ȃѫौᇯ఼ՌϏ‫ߝܚޟ‬Ȃ ֆΨጛಬȂ‫װ‬ණᐠႄ‫ٮ‬ёоีථȂձ‫ޟ‬Ј፭։ џԙ࣏ҡ‫ڼ‬ϛ‫ޟ‬ΙၾᐝወȂளձ೽‫܁‬жࣨȄᆠ ೽ Billiard ȃ Snooker Ѕ Pool ‫ޟ‬ᐬࢸਹ౨౨Ꮻ Ӫ஠ȃ3۩жࣨࠅॖRobby FoldvariȂ൷Ᏽ๿ тߨγ‫ޟ‬ਹ౨‫׬‬೚Ȃႉ 30 ԑ‫ڗٖپ‬жࣨӨӴϸ ጀȃఀᏰȂ‫ڗײ‬ՌϏ‫ޟ‬ΙаЈȂႄَҡ‫ڼ‬ϛԤ፸ ‫ޟ‬ȃ‫ס‬ӣၾӫ‫ޟ‬Ρ‫ٱڷ‬Ȅ


Robby ෆܻѕ‫ٵ‬ᡝ‫ى‬σᏰஈఀ



຺ࠐ ຺ᓗ

֜Ψġ ᒵҢ੫σ෼ᎈԒਉဨȂϲ࡙ᡐഀȊ‫ॳܪ‬οШΙૡσȂ֜Ψ຺ॻȊ

ॷ෫ੑາ‫ۏޱ‬ষོॶᒵѮᢊᆠࠢ ୽ሬ୦ࠢᔮᡛ‫׋‬ᇯџ ISO 9002 energy safe APPROVED

఼ࢿġ ӒՌଢ଼ĴĹऌ‫ׇ‬ԙ఼ࢿȂฒሯ၆၆ܶܶȂ‫פ‬ഀ௶‫ݶ‬ȂΙࡸ։⇏Ȋ ჿᓗġ ᐿԤŖįŒįŎį຺ᓗ‫ف‬ಛ೩ॎȂࢋჿᓗά๲݈Ȋ ୊ஶġ ฒሯႤ‫ݶ‬ᆩȂࢋ߳௶੉ᄱ໷Ȃάσσ६ճ‫ݶ‬ᅒ੉‫ڨ‬ӵࡐϱඉᕗጂ

ડ‫ޟۉ‬49ऌ 1300 880 069 / 03 9873 7920

HEAD OFFICE Unit 34, 41-49 Norcal Rd, Nunawading (Mel 48 G10) 1)r.PO'SJBNQN


ॶഺӒՌଢ଼఼ࢿ‫ف‬ಛȂᐣѬோδȂࠢ፴߬ៗџᎬȂ ៗџᎬ ᄱ᎛ ᄱ᎛Ӓ౨!!!



̊΁޷ġӒՌଢ଼఼ࢿ‫ྭݶܪ‬ᐠ ̊΁ ΁޷ġӒՌଢ଼఼ࢿ‫ྭݶܪ‬ᐠ

ŎņōŃŐŖœŏņġᏎᅭҏ ཱིᖐႫᏢϛЖ 216 Barkly St, Footscray 291 Springvale Rd, Springvale ŕįŕįġŔŖłġōŐ 5 Buckingham Ave, Springvale

౰ࠢҥኈ୽ȃѮᢊឹЙ೩ॎ ѮᢊᇧഅȂᄱ᎛छёȂॷ෫ ‫ܚ‬Ԥ࠮ဴ֯ᕕᐬࢸԊӒ ೣਿᔮᡛມਪȄ ѪԤӒཱིܾܶࢿ຺ౡΨඪ‫ټ‬ᒵᗊ őœĺĴķĮĺıŤŮĭġőœĴııĮķıŤŮ


ʼnŢųŷŦźġŏŰųŮŢů 369 Whitehorse Rd, Nunawading Shop 3105, Knox City Shopping Ctr. ńŢŮţŦųŸŦŭŭġņŭŦŤŵųŪŤŴġŔŶűŦųŴŵŰųŦ 1110 Toorak Rd, Camberwell


ŔŚŅŏņŚġഡ఩ ŔŢŷŢŨŦġŌŪŵŤũŦůġłűűŭŪŢůŤŦ 20 Kendall St, Harris Park ŃŦůġłűűŭŪŢůŤŦ Shop 4, 11-13 Treacy St, Hurstville ʼnŢųŷŦźġŏŰųŮŢů 1st Floor, 802 Pacific Hwy, Gordon

02 - 05 - 2014 Issue 379

łŅņōłŊŅņġߡኈ຀ኈ ńŰŭŰŶųŵŰŶŤũġőũŰŵŰġņŹűųŦŴŴ Shop 19, Station Arcade, Adelaide ŒŖņņŏŔōłŏŅġ݀с៌ ŔŶůůźġŃŢůŬġʼnŪġŇŪ 10 Zamia St, Sunny Bank


ּቸΡЖ ௲ ታ Robby Foldvari ‫ ڕ‬་ ੸ ಧ ѵ ध ߞȂ ১ ‫࣏ ڽ‬ Robby ߞѭᓐȄԴ Robby11 ࿐ߞ੡৏Ȃѭᓐຜҁ ᓐјൄϞ௺Јಧ੸Ȃሃҁ‫ݸ‬Դ࢏ҳߕफ़șșЈ፠இ ჅϘᙇᙇߞႤਫ਼ྩ༰Ȃ১‫ڽ‬ѵधԧԳգՀව֜੸ಧ ՀјȂҒࣁ Stephen Hendry ߞ੸ಧӠ౾Ȃൌ࣏ഺ ዹ༟‫ߞܕ‬Ȃ᝱‫ݎ‬಩Դ௱௱෩্ȂঋᢰࢅЄգৎߕጄ ߞຆՐȂைᏳԧᇌᒸᎷȂϭ᎝‫־‬ց࣏ϯᢰҁႃ೫઱Ȅ

Robby ࢢ‫ڽ‬ҐϢϞ Doncaster ߞϘৎಧྻȂ‫࣏ݺ‬ Ӈᇖ໴௺ӒഢЂЈߞಧ੸șșຕ‫ߌߌ࣏ލ‬ϫൄϞ௺ Ђಧ੸ຜҁȂ‫ݸ‬Դ‫ݗژ‬ፚ೫Ȅȶ‫ا‬ӎ‫࣏ڽ‬ঋணሃ AFLȞᑫࣷᑫՑ‫ږ‬ಧᗑဖȟᐍᆬӎ༤೐ 4 ૺ୊ፚ ߞȂЙჅည੡‫ؘ‬ཋϞᛆ୻Ȃ‫࠮࣏ݺ‬ᚼփԺӇϞ੸ಧ ȞBilliard ф SnookerȟȄȷҁཔ‫ݺ‬ፚ೫Ȃ‫ݙ‬ѽ၃ ௱‫ૺࠐݺ‬ᔅዾᘈКർҍȄϵധȂබ࣏ഺϘըཋఈȂ ‫خ‬ᚼϞ Robby ߞϘӠȄ ႄΰΡҡ‫ޟ‬ղዅ 16 ࿐ߞ੡৏ȂRobby ӇϞҁϠӠ೐ϘඞЂ࡭ᘈ‫ڰ‬Ȃ ‫ـ‬ჃϯϞϘৎ࢝দঋߞϠșșҁߞֱጄȄֱጄည੡ ӒԴឯ൯Ϙඞ‫ڟ‬୞ᘈȂঋۖఉҺȃ‫ׯ‬ை‫ݛ‬фࠠᆬֱ ‫ڧ‬ȞAlburyȟѧᘈҝȂփѷည੡ৣՀգϘԩ༤৶ઽ ϞЙକணሃᘈ‫ڰ‬Ȃȶ‫ا‬யҁକ‫׎‬ᢰ‫ا‬ҐϢȂԯऎ‫ا‬ ည੡ЪԴள‫ ߞا‬VCEȞᇯԺ‫ڲ׀‬Սి‫ڈ‬ᝋ੩Ȃह ည‫୼ݺ‬ւȃᗑւȟȄȷRobby ՘Ϟ༤ႆՐ॔൵Ј ߞ༤৶ȂփѷԴ੠຀К៏Ϟ࢝Ժඞᘈ‫ڰ‬Ȅ‫ࢢێ‬Ȃҁ Ӻ༶ನ՘ൢԳ༟‫ܕ‬ԨֱጄᐯਰȂ‫ֱڹ׈‬ጄࠜᏸఉ ҺȂRobby ‫ݺܧ‬ᐍᆬӎȂਰਵূЪգՀϘࣱ੡༡ ࠲ࢺ੩ࠫ‫݀ڽ‬Ȅ ഺֱ֜ጄȂӒ࣏ᄀᄀЂԩȃӇҍѵधգ॔ᔂЏ‫ڽ‬঵ ৎඏ‫ي‬൵୼ఀж 147 жߞЏࣇᑫࣷ੸ಧԩ࣐ Murt O'Donoghue Ȋҁ‫ ݺ‬1934 Ր 9 ѡ 26 џӇҍඏ‫ي‬ 147 жȂ‫ـ‬Ժ֜ಧᐪԩ௟ߞਰ൮Ȅ

Robby ՘ࠜߞՐ҃Ȃ੸ಧႻஜຜϠߞԞ໪࣏‫ڤ‬ᇌ ႼјՀ༢ߞࠦՐߞ๑೭ߕྍȂփѷՀᄊ࣏ᗁሃᎯ ൾ‫ص‬ϯᝯ࠼ȄRobby ࡒ࣏գሮૌԳϯЂᐯȂᘘள ϯ‫ږ‬ѽ҄ҁ՘ऎчНᡭЄߞᐯॊҝșș ላૼЀЂ ᐯ (Monash University) ߞ၃ᕻф‫ࢠޱ‬ᐯ‫ڀ‬ȂȶӒ ՀЂᐯႆգԺ௺Ӓഢߞ੸ಧ㢿Ȃᢰ‫ا‬ՀՀፚ೫Ȅȷ Robby ૯ሲȄ

ಲ྽ࢢȂҁ՘ґ་ϞЂԋ྽ҿःߺؓᆬఠߵгҦ (Broken Hill Proprietary) Ѝ֯ȂࡒЙ‫֋؞‬ЎѕК‫ݙ‬ ྑȂȶည੡‫ا‬Ӈఀྔ‫ྔڽ‬ՀȂ៏Ϟᑫࣷ྽᏶੸ಧᗑ ᘈ (Australian Amateur Billiards Championship)Ȃ ‫࠮࣏ݺ‬Ӈᇖ՘ऎᚚ྽ಧјȄȷညՐ Robby Ҫգ 22 ࿐Ȃ࣏ညՐՐ॔൵Јߞർҍ߰Ȅ‫࣏ݺ‬Ȃҁ࠮ЂᗙԳ ᝜ఫЍ֯Ȃࡈ݀ॻ஼ణ૶՘ऎᚚ྽ಧјߞҞକȄ

Robby ᐸগȂࠐۖॻ஼‫ࣱڤ‬੡༡Ȃ࣏ҁߞ੸ಧӠ ౾КϘৎѧႵ‫ߞ᝱ק‬੡งșșᘵఀۖᝒׄȂ֭Ӥ ‫ݺ‬Չవϯҍ಩யᛟȂ֯ऎಧјߞҁ၃௱ঋऎ֝௛ ф੠຀ߞ೟ြ௺ᜲȂփѷৎϠࡈႮӺӏ‫ށ‬੬ȂӺ գ‫ټڱ‬Ϡ‫ڰ‬ఐঋႋٙȄЙჅȂ‫ڤ‬Ꮆ੠຀Ȃࡒϫᢰ ҁჃۖԺৎᗝ‫ږ‬ቅদߞϠߏșșԐ࣏៏Ϟѽ‫أ‬ȃ छȃ࿤‫ڍ‬ᇍߞ୺ᆬҁᓴј Tony DragoȂᖔർࢢҁ ӺԯթᖔᘛۖϞែ੾᠋ߞ୧‫א‬ӇಧȂዃ‫ט‬ЂՄዾ ᛟ ኷ ຾ȶAustralian Billiard Champion would play anyone a snooker for as much as you like ȷ (ȶᑫࣷ੸ಧᗑᘈࡄকྻऎְӇϘඞ੸ಧ – ኊᓿӤ ְ‫ܠ‬ȷ) ᅆҁ‫ڽ‬ሲ‫݂؜‬Ҫ࣏࣑чߞ‫ڰ‬ȄԴ‫ڤ‬ႆȂ ҁ Ⴣ ϯ Ⴌ ຾ ߌ ߌ ‫ڽ‬ȃ ည ੡ ᘘ ࢝ Ր ቅ ߞ Stephen Hendryșș‫ڤ‬Џ၃࣏ 30 ՐԺࡈߞ‫ڰ‬ϞȂည੡ϫգ Ꭱྻྐۖ Stephen ௟ྻ՘ऎ 7 ‫ܨ‬ѵधࡄকȉ ȶ ‫ ࢅ ٷ‬ሲȂ Ղ ‫ ا ލ‬ᢰ ҁ 40 жȂ ҁ බ ຜ ‫ ا‬200 ॻ ፀȄȷ ຕ ‫ ލ‬ҁ ѽ 5 ؊ ԑ ർ ៏ Ϟ Ј Stephen HendryȂᘘऻۖ Stephen ညඞබྐ৵ϞȂȶЙჅȂ ࣇ‫ࣱ࣏ࢢߞڰ‬Ȃ3 ՐࢢȂ‫ا‬ে 2 Ϡൌ՘Ϟᚚ྽ಧјȂ Դ 2000 ፀߞገࣷг༟ᘈКȂҁർ‫ ا‬5Ȉ1Ȃഺը ۖ‫ྐا‬৵ϞȄȷRobby ૯ሲȄ ݀ࢢߞ 20ȃ30 ԺՐ༡ȂRobby බ࣏ᄊৎናࢉȂ ា᠈ۖॻ஼ȃઍ஼ȃԞ࢘ȃҐੋЂȃഈ᠋ȃশสȃ ྲҐ‫܂‬ȃѧ‫׀‬੡ȃ࠻ᜲ෻ȃԛѰ‫׀‬ȃཫ઒Ⴎ෻фК ஼ຈЙԢߞԳўࠓᐼЙԢߞᓴјȂ‫ݺ‬ȶ‫ޒޠ‬ȷКႬ Steve DavisȃRonnie O'Sullivan ຈЂਰൌӹჅјȂ ߡ֌ॗ 2000 ՐࡈЖ԰ۖᑫࣷȂȶᡘ୓‫࢝ڽ‬ཌȂ֭ ‫ߞا‬ӫዾ࣏៏ۤЙԢߞԩ቟Ȃ‫ۦڳ࢝ا‬ӡၝഠф‫ث‬ ങҝᐯ೫ЙԢߞ‫֘ތ‬ȄȷRobby ࠑӯȂฅգՀϘ ࣱ੡༡Ȃ‫ݺ‬ѵधᚚ྽੸ಧᗑᘈ (World Professional Billiard Championship) Кۤർ࣏ҁߞӫዾȂ๒փ ҁ࢝‫࠮أ‬இۖϞȂҩϘඞҨҁ൵᝱‫ߞ؞‬ᘈ‫ڰ‬Ȃ࣏ ‫ॻݺ‬஼ Clacton ᗝ֖ߞ WPBSA ᚚ྽੸ಧ‫ڟ‬୞ᘈ Кѽ 8Ȉ1 Ӈీฅ၃ѵधవԩ೐ 8 ߞࢃᆬЀಧј Darren MorganȄ

Шᗉȃ৤។ȃఀᏰȃຟक़ ӻූี৤ ѽȶᚚ྽ಧјȷ‫؛ڽ‬ਟ Robby ࣏Й‫ږ‬௉ߞȂҁϘ ߡ࢙ӲԴҁᑾપߞᚚ྽Ӡ౾șșҁணሃ࢝Ժሃ੸ ಧहᝯߞԢ᝝ࣿஜȂۖჅЙԢߞԳўȞՂК஼ȟ ணሃਣ᠓ྻȂѽయዃ੸ಧႻஜȂ2011 Ր୓‫ݺـ‬ Fox Sport ც໛ҭᑉԇᑫࣷ৯዇ໄᆬ዇੸ಧг༟ᘈ (World Ranking Goldfields Championship) ಧ ᘈ ໞগȄ֯ऎ 3 ‫ܨ‬ѵधࡄকȂRobby30 ԺՐ‫ڽ‬ҍ಩ ‫ݺ‬ЙԢ஼ਛߞც໛ϯȂᣍಿϠዴգϯՀවϼေșș Դ‫ڤ‬ᘘӏգТᗑᇨߞ੡҃ႆȂ‫ݺ‬ც໛КࠪहҞ࣏Ϙ ԆчЂߞ‫ڰ‬Ȅ Ⴌ ҁ ߞ ֱ ጄ Murt O'Donoghue Ϙ ዹȂ ࢸ ू ҍ Robby ߞ੸ಧӠ౾ߞȂ‫ێ‬ᅁЙѤ࣏๑ᄩߞᘈ‫ڰ‬Ȃ ᘘգిᐱࢢᏅߞൊжȄ1997 ՐȂRobby ‫ڕ‬Ϣ‫ࣷڲ‬Ȃ ۖК஼Ҕ‫ڴ‬ᢜ‫ڈ‬Ђᐯҝऎցਰেఱ᎝ȂϫۖҔ‫੸ڴ‬ ಧ୼КȞ៌ԩ : Beijing Billiard High schoolȟԇిȂ ȶ‫࣏࢝ڤ‬գᎷߞȂҁেϯоӇ຾Јታ௲‫ڽ‬ᐯ੸ಧȂ ϭоබᐯ‫ॻڱ‬ሬ‫ێݕ‬ҁ‫֘ތ‬ȄȷҁሲȂЂਛൌපদ ҁऎѵधࡄকȂُըҁ་ඞȂЂਛᗁуຠԳ‫ݮ‬຾ ෠Ȃۖࡣᆬᕺҝᘘգ់ў᠕୙Ȅ‫ࢢێ‬Ȃҁϫேిྲ Ґ‫܂‬஼ਛ༤Ȃ‫ـ‬௲ታྲҐ‫ڲތݺ܂‬Ⴛߞᘈ‫ڰ‬К៏ఀ ঵বࠛ๕Ȅ ജயфᅆ‫ࣷڲ‬ᐯӠߞໞኊȂRobby ࢽᒸᐬԳࢽȂ ȶ‫ا‬हࠫ࢝‫ྻأ‬ҍ಩೐Ϙৎ‫੸ࣷڲ‬ಧࡄকϞȊȷҁ ሮऎȂঋ՘ґȂ঵ঋߞ࣏ྑഺৎႻஜȂҁಎಎྏ‫ۦ‬ ۖ‫ࣷڲ‬Ϡᅆ੸ಧႻஜߞጤྑȂҁࢽȂ୵ϞȶၢඞȷȂ ‫ࣷڲ‬ᐯӠϵ࢝ඈᡌᣍऻಧᘈȂϵ᝸ྍࠅЂ༓੡༡ፚ ೫Ȃȶգߞत֌ُчӇ 6 Ј੡ߞಧșșϯо‫ی‬Ј ੡ȃϭо‫ی‬Ј੡Ȃ౎ϯ‫ی‬Ј੡Ȅȷ ഽց࢐᚞Ѵ‫ ޟ‬კၐϗ࢐१ᘈ ӇϞ 30 Րߞ੸ಧȂRobby ‫ڏ܃‬՝‫ڱ‬Րฅѽऎಧᘈ Ӡ౾ᕕႍ‫ט‬ϘࣱၢϞȂ֭ϘৎྲᄘႏȂࡒऎҁ௲ ‫ڽ‬ϠӠҩϘৎ୼ਪșșϘߡ௞ަ‫ݺ‬ग़ՑфॻՑ੸ ಧߞҁࡒॎ๒ጤྑ୓ϝಧȞNine Ballȟ‫ڽ‬Ȃ2010 Րѽ‫ڽ‬Ȃ‫៏ـ‬ჅЙьϝಧᘈ‫ڰ‬Ȅ2012 Րҁ៏ఀ 9 ၳಧᑫࣷг༟ᘈф஼ਛ 9 ၳಧᘈ‫ڰ‬ጨ༵Ȃ‫ـ‬ԯ թ៏ఀҙႿѵध 9 ၳಧᔅዾᘈ (World 9 Ball Pool Championship) ߞணᘈႤ੾Ȅ‫ࢢێ‬ȂRobby ሃҩ ҳ‫֜ی‬ᑫࣷᓴјϘ୓ணҐҗ࿤ٙᘈȂ೐ 45 ը҃ࠑ ᑫࣷ៏ఀѵधᗑᘈࡄকȄ



Issue 379 02 - 05 - 2014

Stephen Hendry

Robby ෆ ᇄ ӻ ՝ ਹ ౨ σ ৱ Һ Й

ཾ ౨ Йᇄ ࠉ ൷ ϐ Һ ႆ Й

֯ Ґ ԙ ࣏ ᙛ

ּቸΡЖ ҝՐҁ‫ـ‬঵ըᎼ‫ࡑږ‬ग़஼ਛ৯৖ѧ‫ڲ‬Ȃ҃ࠑЂࣶ ࣷணҐѵधႻஜྻȂ‫ڭ‬ӇϢ 16 ௻ȄѵႻྻ࣏Ϙৎ ѽࠧླྀႻྻ༵ӫऎѹ஼ቫ‫ߞݑ‬ᢜ‫ڈ‬ឮᘈಽྻȂ੸ಧ ф 9 ၳಧൌ࣏ညКߞ༵ӫȂȶබᄊணҐླྀႻྻϘ ዹȂ‫ا‬ሃ‫ێ‬ҁᑫࣷϠϘ୓ȂԴ 6 ေᣍಿߞೀࡈ་ ඞȄȷЫчሲ୓‫ڽ‬ȂRobby Ъ๒ᢖఀᒸᐬሃᆕ‫ږ‬Ȅ Robby ည੡ᅆᐼ҃ࠑџӎߞѵधࡄকᓴјȂҁߡ ‫֋ڏ‬Ўည੡ӇఀЙՀȂȶည੡‫ا‬ЙߢႽ֋Ўߞಧ ‫ي‬Ӑᇑྫ࿑ϞșșഺҞକ࣏ᓮఫߞ১ԯȂϵҞକЙ ࣏Ȃbut no excuseȞЙҞѽຜ֋ЎᚣϾȟȄȷᘵ ๒ϘႮϯѽЙԢߞᘈ‫ڰ‬фԩ቟ऎӫዾȂ֭ Robby

ሮऎȂᖔർҪ࣏ᛝҳߞ‫أ‬ጄȂ‫ـ‬দঋߞԴᄘႏȄȶ‫ا‬ ంࡈѽऎ֋ЎЙྻߕ 9 ၳಧȂ֭ຕ‫ߕލ‬ϞȂփѷ ࢝‫ۦڳ‬Ȅȷ

ࢅЄ௞ӡߞ๺‫ي‬Ȅබᄊᐯ೫রጄϘዹȂְԴՐ॔ Јߞ੡৏༟‫ܕ‬ȂҞକྻգϘ‫ڱ‬પ‫ੁྏߞ־‬Ȟextra senseȟȄȷ

៏ᆽ஼ቫЂᘈȂRobby ಩੡௞ަ‫ݺ‬๴ਣ௟ࠅՑ੸ ಧᓉϢ‫ݺ‬஥྽ᇸྻညКȂȶබ࣏ϠেҞѽ‫ࢉد‬Ϡ௲ ‫ڽ‬ȂϘ୓ԫඅȃϘ୓ᐯ೫ȃϘ୓ႼᕚȂ‫ڭ‬ంփ࢙Ӳ ᝯ࠼Ȃҁ಩੡ѹঋԴᐍᆬӎҾКѕߞ RACV Club ȶ༟᎝ȷȄRobby ᐯӠНКϵЙѻЈࢅȂҁሮऎȂ ࢅЄॶঋ՘ऎ੸ಧՀјȂӅԐྑϯթႻஜȂ๒ࢢ࣏ ணሃӒഢߞᐯ೫ȂѽֺᏳ՘᛼೫ᅚȄᐯۖӒፁߞ ‫ث‬ങфࡻཕࢢȂබఀҐѽፚ೫Ȅ‫ڤ‬ኃȂۖԺЂЖ ᏋԪ༟‫ܕ‬ᐯӇ੸ಧ ?ȶྔЈྔՀ ! ‫ا‬գऻჅК஼գ ᘘЙۖ 4ȃ5 ࿐ߞЈࢅ૭ԴፐЄϯӇಧȂಧ‫ي‬ϵգ

Robby ಩੡ᘵЏٟգంࡈፚ೫ఀ‫ڤ‬ዹछȂ֭Ӡࣿ ߞদᙇЪ๒ඛᚒ੸ಧȂҁӒᒕ࿂൯ᐼᑫࣷ৯዇ໄᆬ ዇੸ಧг༟ᘈ (Australian Goldfields Open)ȂՐК ௟ணሃҙႿѵधᔅዾᘈȂࠕџϫऎ SEN ცҭᑉԇ দঋಧᘈໞগȄ ঋ՘ऎϘૺᓴјȂ୵Ϟ‫ׅ‬ϧፚ೫ȂϘଠൌఀᏫ‫ڱ‬ч ԊȂRobby ߡ‫ڏ‬ѧ୓ࣙ‫ڱ‬ಧјȂҁ࣏ৎ࢝Ꮻ‫ׅ‬ϧ ፚ೫ߞϠȂȶգ‫ڱ‬Ϡ࣏࢝գчԊȂٟ֭գፚ೫ߞ႖Ȃ чԊ࣏ທЙ‫ږ‬ѽᢰְ՘ऎࡄকȄȷ


ዩ ໶

ថ ு

Australian Masters Snooker

Robby ᇄ യ ড় ߸ ӫ ྱ

Yo Make You Ma ake Me Smile бᏏᕤғຨ‫ۖ ܚ‬Ռ1991

Professor Seong-Seng Tan ങ‫ݘ‬౾ఀ௲ Specialist Orthodontist бᏏᕤғடऋᚂҡ


BDS(Mal), MDS (Adel) DPhil (Oxon) FRACDS

Professor Seong-Seng Tan᏿Ԥ30ԑбᏏᕤғᖝ‫ח‬ငᡛȂՄи࢐Ꮞᅭҏ σᏰડငऋᏰఀ௲


‫ݽ‬ᕛࡣ 20এТȂฒሯ‫ܦ‬б

‫ר‬ঈ‫ޟ‬டऋᚂҡџоҢϛМᇄௌҺࢺྜ೽Ȃ၌๎ௌ‫ޟ‬ᅸ୰Ȃ ጂ߳ௌ఼ཿ݂ҩΙϸԤᜰ‫ݽ‬ᕛ‫ޟ‬௑‫ݷ‬

ђ૖‫ݽ‬ᕛᏢё12এТ Damon systemฒሯ‫ܦ‬б

‫ר‬ঈ௴ҢϚሯ‫ܦ‬б‫ݽޟ‬ᕛП‫ݲ‬Ȅѫོӵሯौ‫׽‬๡७ഋछᢎ‫ޟ‬ਢ ঐՃኌ࢐֏‫ܦ‬бȄ

18এТȂฒሯ‫ܦ‬б 14এТȂฒሯ‫ܦ‬б


‫ר‬ঈඪ‫ټ‬ջາᕤᏏᒚၚ ႱघႫၗ

03 9579 0111Ȟ़ᇭȟ 0435 919 258Ȟ୽ဃᇭȟ

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ᆹฐᗺ୽ȶྑТဴȷ‫ٱ಻ؖ‬ӇІࡦ ћȈҏѐጡᒮഋ ᄦȈཱི๼‫ޥ‬

2014ԑ4Т16РȂၷԤ476Ӫॸࡊ‫ޟ‬ᗺ୽ȶྑТȷဴࡊᎈӵᗺ୽Ӓ ᛳࠒၾ࣢৬ଥࡎॳ৬оѕ20ϴ٨‫ޟ‬੕୿ีҡཎѴ੔Ы‫ࡣ࢈ٱ‬༊᙭‫ؖ‬ ‫ؠ‬ȄॸࡊϛԤ325Ӫࠉ‫܁‬ᔼԎ৬ওᏰਡ՗‫ٵޟ‬ደၾԊόѿᔫ༪ଽϛ‫ޟ‬ Ᏸҡ‫ ٮ‬14 Ӫఀৱ้ȂԪѴȂѪԤ 4 Ӫϛ୽ΡϐጂᇯႄᜲȄᐃᗺ୽൬ ᡝൢၾȂᄠХ4Т30РΰϿȂӓԤ174Ρᕕ௿Ȃႄᜲ‫ޱ‬ΡኵቨՍ210 ΡȂϫԤ92ΡήဣϚ݂Ȅᗺ୽୽୛ᖂ౩᎒੥নܻ27РΰϿѢ໠‫ཱིޟ‬ ᆸีշོөႄᜲ‫ޱ‬ড়឴ғԒमᅇ‫ٮ‬Е‫ڽ‬᜝ᙛȄ᝷Մ29РȂᗺ୽ᖂಛ Ԧ⯧ඏࠉ‫܁‬Ԋ೩ӵ‫ٵ‬ደၾԊόѿ߆ॢϴ༪‫಻ؖޟ‬ႄᜲ‫ޱ‬໱ᡝฏॷ‫ܚ‬Ȃ ໌՗ΟӤভȂ‫ٮ‬ӵߧҟѮкࡻѢ໠୽୛ོដਢ൷ȶྑТဴȷ‫࢈ٱ಻ؖ‬ ߒҰȈᗺ୽ࢇ‫ۺ‬Ϛ༉‫ؠ‬ԤඪࠉႱ٩೻ଔ‫࢈ٱ‬ȂՄиӵӨП७‫ޟ‬ᔖᄇ೎ ညϚ‫ڗ‬՝Ȃхႄᜲ‫ޱ‬ড়឴‫୽ڷ‬ҕฮЖȂᄇԪߒҰၾᅇȄ೻Ιȶᜲоད ჋‫ޟ‬ᄞቑ‫ڷ‬ඍቑȷȂϚ༉࢐ᄇ಻୛Ρষܻҡԫᜰᓞ‫ޟࡻިܚ‬ᙛཾᆠડ ၾኈ‫ࢀޟ‬୰Ȋ‫࢐؁‬ᄇ‫ࢸٳ‬༈ಛȶ᠙ၗȷఀ‫ى‬዁Ԓ‫ޟ‬፴ၚȊ ˧ ᐬ૞ ᗺ୽୽୛ᖂ౩᎒੥Е‫ڽ‬᜝ᙛ

ඍቑឌមΙȈ಻୛Ρষȶҵణȷ‫ޟ‬೰ӈᇄ‫ي‬Ж ᘹ஼ණᢜੲᑂ់ўߞᎠࣤѽфᅆ‫ڰ‬Ԇߞୠ㤱Ȃࠐ َᘘ১Ϟᅝነ๴Ӡߞ၃ჅȂ‫ށ‬ፁ෬ӯϞȶ࿐ѡȷ ၳࢉᏇѽߕ݆ᚚՇߞ೺ࠜ‫࠷ق‬ᔁऎ঵ߞԑᢜ೺ச Ϡ৶ᅆ‫ࣇڰݺ‬ᢵ՘գ຾ЙҞయۢߞയԇȄ ঵ԐȂ‫ࣇڰ‬๴Ӡ੡֖၃ઔாജᇍऎȶ‫୻ܜ‬ѪႮȷȂ ઔࣹ฾ࢧȂԟᔍ‫ݑ‬ႵЂȂ֭෠೷ߞࡒ࣏Ϙԩৣϯ ೺Ѝ֯ЙϳߞȂՐ཈ 25 ࿐ߞЃଝઔਰᑓࣙȂփ೺ ࠜӎϠࡒԴᒺаԃਿȄᘵ๒ȂഺዹߞՉవ࣏ੲᑂ Нࡈۘ‫ߞܠ‬వ઱ࠑᏇৃȂ֭‫ށ‬ᢖᅆՉԑᘳఈሮߢ Й‫ږ‬Ȃ࣏࢝ѣւዋȄຕ‫ލ‬ȂԴӎႍิിᅙ֖ߞఐ ޶ϭȂᑓࣙ㤯ԴවѼ࣏ԑി֖་ߞჅ຀КӇϞᚼ ԨጹȂȶ೺ᢜҵҝӀᓊȂᢏఀҵఠ୓‫ڽ‬ȷȄ වѼ࣏ԢϘ੡༡ȂࢉᏇϯߞষࢉᡘۖϞಠધߞዠ ᕝᗏȄᘹ஼ණᢜᇍȂഺ࢝գҞକ࣏റᒺٟգ‫ܠ۽‬ ՀߞЂ࡭റߏಠԳዠԨϘஎߞ೺ᐨȂփࢢ߰༟‫ܕ‬ ᆒѪȄࢷನሲȂҍ಩ᇦࢧఐ㦑੡Ȃ೺ࠜᕕည೐Ϙ ੡༡௲ታԑᢜ೺৶இҍᕕᅆȂ֭ੲᑂ෠೷ј‫ࡌד‬ ᔁߞ԰ᐸȂ೺ࠜ‫࠷ق‬ᔁࡒ࣏Դ೺ᢜЏ၃๴Ӡ 60 ࢘ ཉె੡Ж໿ۖᏼᏺᒺᖢႋఐ޶Ȅփညऻۖఐ㦑Й ‫ࢢ׻‬Ȃ‫࠷ق‬ᔁߞ঵Ԑࢽӯ࣏Ȉȶᢰষࢉে्Հా Ӡ֗১Գຈ࢞ȷȄՂ‫ࣇڰ࣏ލ‬๴Ӡӿ‫ܕ‬Ȃ၃ֿᙝ ሮऎକ੖԰Ȃഺዹऎ‫ڨ‬Ѥষࢉԯྖགྷփሱཋߞ‫ۻ‬ ҄‫ڭ‬ٟգϭᓾȄ֭ည੡ߞఐ޶‫ށ‬ᢖЏ၃ϩжԟࢧ ȞࢉᏇཉెϞ 45 ࢘ѽϯЏҞ௄ӎֿᙝ៳‫ݺ‬ЙҞକ ࢭ෇ߞߐᅗȟȂӎᕕညӲ‫׈‬ೡᚐ೺৶єᐱষࢉգ ૩ؔԳ಴෸ୟᛓߞ೺ࠜࡒ‫۽‬ՇഺϘ‫҄ۻ‬փᐱ७ᓾ ჅϞ൵‫ߞڸ‬ᖉా੡༡Ȅ‫ࣇڰ‬๴ӠҗЈ੡ࢢȂߡ֌ Ϙૺଝઔਰ۶෠೷ј‫׮‬ሮऎ೺୸ٕٟЏЙҞ੖ాȂ


‫࠷ق‬ᔁഺ੡Жϭ҄ୟᛓȄ֭թ੡ȶ࿐ѡȷၳߞє ᕜЏ၃ᝯൕȂᑋ೺഍‫ݺ‬ஃცߐᅗȂ಴෸‫҄ۻ‬Џ၃ ๑‫ޱ‬ཇႿҍҝȄ ൌሲ೺࣏ࠜϘᒹ೺ߞᢸቿϠߏȂ೺ԴϠԴȂ೺ϸ ϠϸȄઍ‫܃‬Һֹၳߞࣇ‫҇ڰ‬ᆕᝋ‫ށ‬ᖢഺϘᙇȄ๒ փȶ࿐ѡȷၳ‫࠷ق‬ᔁ೺ࠜ‫ݙ‬இߞȂࡒ࣏Ԣ೺சϠ ৶েϘႽತԐୟᛓȄ‫҄ـ‬ϠᏩᢘߞ࣏Ȃੲᑂ‫ࢢڰ‬ г༟ߞȶ࿐ѡȷၳሃઔϯӹ഼ᇒۘКѕߞ഼႖ୃ ᔂȂԴ‫ߢށ‬੟᝝գా෯೺୸ߞఐ޶ϭȂ೺ࠜ‫࠷ق‬ ᔁැ࣏ٟգ๴ҍႯ೺ࢽ҄Ȋညџ 9 ᙇ 40 жҽҠȂ ઔ់ߞ೐ϘᒹాӠၟ‫ݯ‬Ⴟ੡Ȃ๳ϯၟߞգЙฅࠑ ‫ڗށ‬Ԋߞ೺ࠜ‫࠷ق‬ᔁሃᏇᑟࠜຈϠȂҁেంᔝۖ ‫؍‬Ҫ྅ϞϘԆ‫ڰ‬Ȃබ࣏ࡓᛞ๑਺ԳِӠȂ‫ڭ‬ጢ໛ ๑လԳऻ຾ȶ࿐ѡȷၳȂѽфЂ༓ষࢉԯऎЪह ࠫ‫ێ‬ȶЙঋஜȷߞዃያփॴຈా෯ߞষࢉেജ๑ ఐߞЂઔಂٟȊ թҳȂȶ࿐ѡၳȷ೺சгҦӺᅆ‫ݺ‬ᅝነߞᢵ՘Ӻ ঑գদയȄੲᑂ‫ࢢڰ‬Ꭰࣤߞ་Ϙَ๴಩ȂవѪ༓ ऎ 6825 ᐟߞȶ࿐ѡȷၳԴ‫ڰ‬๴੡ႅႶߞറߏᗁ ঍ 3608 ᐟȂ࣏ഺᒹࢉᏇՉԑႶറϯনᐟ֜ߞ 3 ঺ԺȂቈቈ໹ҍ೺ࠜԐࡈቍӹћԆКӦඡߞ 150 Ꮓ٠‫ژ‬۶ 657 ᐟറߏߞᗁদ༓ȄჅ࢘໹ႶЙ཈ᐱ ७೺୸Դଝ֖КჃۖॎ๴‫ࣇڰ‬੡ߞᕕࢧᢸూ࢘ফ ֲȂӺҐ‫أ‬Ϟ೺୸Դ‫ࣇڰ‬๴Ӡࢢߞٕٟി࢘Ȅੲ ᑂᘹණթࡈߞඡႽȂȶ࿐ѡၳȷ೺சгҦߞ঑യ ϠЏੋۖᜪᝋҍ஼Ȅᢖ๒Ȃ໹Ⴖߞ‫ڰ‬ఐȂ೺சг Ҧ࣏०ࢢᑆఠ߰Ȃփ೺ࠜӺӏӅ‫ڍ‬ఀٟంКዢۤ Հ഍Ȋ ҁেߞ֯ऎߡతᅆᕕϞϘҮ႖Ȉ໛Ϡ‫ۻ‬Ղ ‫ۊ‬ᕚȊ

Issue 379 02 - 05 - 2014

˧ ᐬ૞ σ‫׳‬Ѷᙹ‫ޱ‬ড়឴ӵΙএᡝ‫ى‬ᓢ้ঐੑ਀

ᘹ஼់ў 25 џ‫ݲ‬੏Ϟ 2 ԩ೷ј۶ᏼᏺೡߞ 2 ԩ ೺৶Ȃ֌թȂઘфҍ‫ࢉڰ‬Ꮗϯ঑യᐱଝߞ 15 ԩ೺ ৶Џԑൊജ‫ݲ‬੏Ȅຈ࢞ҁেߞ௟࣏Ⴣ᝱߰ਛ៳ߞ ࢤӋȂ‫ߞࢠޱ‬኶ֿѽф‫ߞߢډ‬᠔യȊ ඍቑឌមΠȈ᠌ࡄкဎᇄȶ᠙ၗȷఀ‫ى‬ ഺඞᅝነ‫ݙ‬௲‫ߞڽ‬෌ᅛሃྫҵȂ১ӎ࣏‫׎‬କ௉ᘖ ֺ‫ݕ‬ফֲȉຍ੯࣏ߺ‫ߞܠ‬Ȅੲᑂᘹ஼ȮКҴџඡȯ 22 џඡႽȂϘ‫ڱ‬ԴࢉᏇჃᔍࢢ‫ݯ‬Ⴟ಩ඞߞ‫ێ‬ҁᖉ ాߞ೺৶԰ᐸȂȶ࿐ѡȷၳٕٟࡈȂЏ၃գЙь ೺୸Դ಩ඞࠢࠕ൯ՀϞాӠၟ۶ాӠ֗Ȃ‫ڭ‬ኀ೏ ӯ់Ȃᔌ੡࿤൯ా෯Ȃ֭වѼऻЙۖϠంȶ࿐ѡȷ


˧ ᐬ૞ ᗺ୽ྑТဴ‫಻ؖ‬ཪ௿҈ኣώհғӵ໌՗

ၳϯႯ೺ୟӠȄညџ 9 ੡ 33 ж‫ݯ‬Ⴟ໼ȶ࿐ѡȷၳ 50 ռ഍ߞ޵ᏇȶDragon Ace11 ၳȷ೺ࠜӛ੖ṯ Ȟর៌ȟࠑӯȂ‫ی‬೺཈ह໼ 50 ռȂ১ӎԇ֣Ϡ् ϯాӠ֗ႯϭઔȂබҞѽജӇዢాϯ‫ڽ‬Ȃȶٟ֭ գԇ֣ஜ֯Ȃ܎ᅁ҄ϠԫᢘȷȊ

੡Ӆ༷ిྻҁেᣍᅅᖖᄩх㖝ȃ෠෪ᇢԪࢥւ‫ڭ‬ ་֖֋‫ֿا‬ᙝߞକϧȂ‫׈‬ȶᡘ႖ȷߞ֖ऎӎ‫ڗ‬Ӆ ༷࣏Դ௄‫ݺ‬ᅆᡋࢃ෩ҍᎳᆷ‫ڭ‬་֖֋‫૶ࢥا‬Нࢢ ‫ݙ‬இҍߞֿᙝȂഺӺ࣏‫֘ތ‬ў஼ਛћмి‫ߞڈ‬ਮ ‫ݙ־‬ԴȊ

‫ڰ‬Ԇ๴ӠࢢȂϘࣱജԴᘹ஼Тᗑᇨዃ޾ཇያߞӤ ܶՅ߰‫ߞ៷ݮݙ‬಩ඞ໛ᔛȂ҄ҵ㤱ষࢉਛ៳Ϝ֌ ᘹ஼ӔಿജϘৎรቖ಩ᅁ‫ݙ‬ᏩᢘȈࢉᏇ๴Ӡទদ ཉెࢢȂ೺ϯ 300 ԺԩᐯӠКЂԺዴЪ๒ࢷ࿰೺ ўࢽӯ઻ϭ೺ᒺК࢞‫ۻ‬Ȃ൵ೣሃࢉᏇϘԢٕٟȇ փϘ‫ڱ‬๑໛೺ўࢽ҄Ȃ‫ݕ‬ԯऎಌઈ‫ټ‬ϯӥ‫ݩޕ‬㣈 փٟգᡘۖࢽӯߞᐯӠхփԯթᖔాুՅȄЙь ᘹ஼ණᢜЙူᎳᆷȂ‫᝱٭‬НࢢȂᘹ஼ਛႍࠜՂ֣ ి‫֋ڈ‬ЎߞࢅЄ ? ា᠈ທᅆ‫އ‬ంࠜᏅ‫ݕ‬ᡋࢃߞࢽ ᐱȂᘘ࣏ࢷ࿰֋Ўߞֿᙝ֖‫ڰ‬ȉփሃᘹ஼ཇ೚ి ‫ڈ‬ጀՑह֬ߞКџ‫ی‬஼ߞൊԊӔಿȂӺգȶԢઽ हዔȷНྏȄ

ԯऎȂ๑Ꭲ‫֘ތ‬ў஼ਛȂ഼௱Դᕕᅆᇦࢧఐ㦑੡ ߞ൵௄ӎَᢼЪ๒࣏ᡘంᡋࢃࢽ෭ȂҪЙჅȂፁ ᅁቮঋգᇟፁߞࢽᐱሃहᝯߞை୊Ȃѽፁ࠲ഺ‫ڱ‬ ᡋࢃϠЀЙྻ֯ҍᓾሱࢽєȄ֭Ԣ੡ȂӺӅ༷Ґ ௻ᅆ෼഼ӔಿȂપ‫ا࣏־‬েߞϭϘ҃ంЈ༟‫ߞܕ‬ ᅆՉԑᘳఈྍᝊߞைᏳȂ‫ڼ‬Ղిఱ௄ӎߞୟӠߢ ᝊȄԴবᗜ‫קݕ᝱٭‬ᄩН੡Ȃᘵ๒‫ا‬েЪቮঋ௞ ྽ϠЀߞєᐱȂ֭൵୓ፅ‫ا‬েӅ༷෠෪௄ӎߞ௱ ᝊѽᕒׄ‫ا‬েஇҍӒፁߞֿᙝȂԯऎ࢝ԺӠժᝯ ᔝȂϼ༘‫ڀ‬Ϙ๴ȂᑟྻϘӌᓾҵȂ݀݀ຈ࢞຾ߞ ௟࣏ေ‫׃‬Й෇ߞಎಅȊ

୫ᅆഺϘ಩໪Ȃॻ஼Ⴎ൅ߤໞᎢሮऎȂԴࠜӁප ۟ᣍ݇ੲಎၠ‫ߞ۽‬ᘹ஼ߤྻȂ‫֋ڽ‬ϯૺ۶ᡋࢃߞ ঋِ݀݀ЙྻᏎۖᎳᆷ‫ࣄݕ‬ᐼȂЙьষࢉԯऎ؆ ԑ‫އ‬ం೺ўࢽ҄ȂхփҵҝϞҞକߞୟӠᑟྻȄ ๒փȂᢄѽऎ‫ێٿ‬ੲӎȂ‫ڭ‬Йඏ૷Դ‫ݺ‬ȶᡘ႖ȷ ሃ‫׎‬Ȃփ࣏ᕕည௻ᎠԴిᐱࠦьՐȶᡘ႖ȷߞԢ

ညᘹ஼ՉЋҾᕪཀྵ୼КԧՐૺᐯӠ൙᠈ࢭ෇ϯ᎝ ࢢȂҁে๴಩੭ཀྵജ෌ࡖ‫ݙ‬ᡕ၊Ȃᑋৎ୼ϟՐૺȂ କҍਯߞ཈գ 13 ϠȂҁেߞЂൊԊԢᐯКȂ୵ 70 ᏶ϠᖔాҳȂ‫ێ‬᏶रၨ‫ڗ‬ઔܺȂգߞ֌ЫӠժ Й‫ށ‬ȄऎϞ෌ነЙԓদᆊȂहࠫ‫ا‬েঋஇߞЍ֯ ᘘգ‫ـ‬ԺȂ᝸ീ߰ՉਿȌȌ

˧ ᐬ૞ ᗺ୽ᐽᐷ࿽ၽ՗࣏ɆྑТɇဴࡊᎈႄᜲ‫ޱ‬इᆋ



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02 - 05 - 2014 Issue 379



ዦఈ ፅတ

Dr Ming Liang DENTIST Auburn Dental ૮ᅃਥඊྑዦఈ

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⌣ị Dr Hui Li

ᎇᡡ◘᏷ Dental Surgeon ᐬࢸຝыбऋᚂҡ ᐬࢸбऋᏰོོষ ϛ୽ϛόᚂऋσᏰбऋᏰρ

!!ᆣӫбऋ݈୛ Δ၄бȂ‫ܦ‬бȂࢿб!!ΔбᏏछৠȂᅔҩ Δਲ਼ᆓ‫ݽ‬ᕛ! !!!!Δ‫!ۡھ‬0!ࣀଢ଼୅б Δб‫੾ں‬٩‫!!!!!!!ݽ‬Δ‫็ڋ‬бऋ ġġġġġġġġġġġġġġཱིӴ֭Ȉ ĴġŕũŢŹŵŦťġőŢųŢťŦĭġ ŘŢůŵŪųůŢġŗŊńġĴIJĶij

ᆰࣸࡡৱϴོಋҕடཾࡡৱၥਿ ಋҕф౩ጡဴ!::14546

ᆠ೽़ᇭ ဃᇭȃ୽ᇭ Ѕᆋ࡚ᇭ


‫ݓ‬ഡ߇ࡡৱ BIBIANA D’SOUZA ড়৳‫ٱ‬୛ࡡৱ




ᚔஔ ଒౰೎౩ υτሴᎴ᠌ ӣۨ୰ᚠ೎౩

ӫघޭિ ༆໶ષᓻ ӫჱޭિ ώ༌ષᓻ

ϴѧԙҳ ‫ܘ‬Ӵ౰ີ፲ ҡཎᙽᡱ ᒸ౰ᒲ౩

7 Ellingworth Parade, Box Hill VIC 3128 ߖിρόЬٙમ / Station Street F: 03 9899 3998 E:


ಋҕ‫ࡡݲ‬ ‫׹‬ၥಋҕ᛫ມ ώհʟ‫׬‬೚᛫ມ ଩ୋಋҕ᛫ມ ಋҕΰວ

03 9896 2888

Dental Care Today⃶ᢒᎇ◘ ႫၗȈ03 9894 2233, 0448 832 867)ᆧࡨ‫ݽ‬ᕛႫၗ* ࡂ੝٤ DR Desmond Yiu BDSc (Melb.) ࢹछц DR Michelle Ang BDSc (Hons) (Melb.) ཱᄸ݇ DR Sophia Jing BDSc (Melb.)FRACOS


бऋछৠȃᔮࢥ‫ڷ‬ᒚၚ бࠅ/бᐠ/੦౮ຮ७ȃේб ᆧࡨ‫ݽ‬ᕛȃਲ਼ᆓ‫ݽ‬ᕛ ᕤб/⩐б/ᗴᎌछᕤᏏбৈ ၏ಠο๨ᔮࢥЅ఼ዓ $80 бᏏछৠ/ᅔҩ /NO GAP(Ԥбऋ߳ᓎ‫)ޱ‬ ၄бȃ‫ܦ‬ଶසኋᏏ


бᏏᕤғ!ΰήб⩐ $4800 ේб!ѓࢂбࠅ $2800


ᗡᶝᎇᡡ ᝉ᪠⃡ᓗ Dijme!Efoubm Cfofgjut!Tdifevmf

ࡻԤ‫ؽ‬Ρᚂᕛ߳ᓎ‫ޱ‬ џ‫ޢ‬௥ᙽ፯ĭġ‫ٮ‬Ԥ੫տᓺඏ

ߞຨਢ໢ġĻ ࢑෈ΙȃΠȃѲȃϤġĺĻııŢŮġɯġĶĻĴıűŮ ࢑෈έȃϲġĺĻııŢŮġɯġIJĻııűŮ

OAKFAIR LAWYERS ᐬ๼ࡡৱ‫ٱ‬୛‫ܚ‬ Lawyers & Migration Agents ဨцᝋࡡৱ CECILIA YEK



ຨ੿ਢ໢!!! ࢑෈ΙՍ࢑෈ϤȂΰϿ9ਢՍήϿ6ਢ 244 Canterbury Rd., Forest Hill, Vic 3131 ࢑෈ϲȂΰϿ9ਢՍήϿ1ਢ Forest Hill Chase ᗊ‫ސ‬ϛЖ‫܁‬ѿϛЖПөٖ4এ‫ܘ‬υ ‫ר‬ঈོᇳኄ‫ݍ‬ၗȃ๼ᇭȃΰ੕ၗ Ԥᜰ၏ಠన෡ЅಠࠌȂ፜୤Ꭷᆩમ߬਀




ങ੝৳໊ؐ฻ຟ: ᇄछ୽‫ޟ‬௑‫ݷ‬ΙኺȂѶཾΙЈҐԤ‫׽‬๡Ȃᓽരሚ՗ ᄂӵᜲِ෵਀Ȅ ࠕՐຊ߰൵௱Ⴣۖߞᡝ߰෩யȂබ࣏ᑫࣷߞ၃ᕻ಩ ߐȂԯऎԴ၃ᕻዴᑂϯᑫࣷЪԴኧࠜКȂ֭࢝ԺϠ ࡒྏ‫ۦ‬ЙۖȂԯऎᑫࣷӒ഍‫ݺ‬ȶኧࠜ࡭ଽଡ଼ȷɯ ‫׈‬ ࣏၃ᕻኧࠜሃҵ྽ತ෩пߞ಩໪‫ڭ‬ՅȄ ኧࠜ࡭ଽଡ଼Ȃх࣍಩҃၃ᕻຕᅹߞ᎑ᛔȄ‫ا‬ে১ѽ ऎҵ྽ತ෩пබවѼຈԢ၃ᕻϭ࿣Ȃබ྽ತኧҐබ ຈԢ၃ᕻኧࠜȂ֭಩ᅁࡒ࣏Ȃҵ྽ತӒԴ෩пȂ၃ ᕻࡒЪ๒࠲ࢺኧࠜȄ ഺᇌӬ़ည๒Й࣏ᔝϘըԴᑢҫϯҍ಩Ȃୠ࿖֌

1973Րѵध၃ᕻԟᑟȂҍ಩Ϟ഼ຫሃ၃ᕻଽଡ଼Ԣ ੡ҍ಩ߞ಩໪ȂᇍऎᆖຫȄ‫ߏ࣏׈‬ኊ঳пȂ၃ᕻࡒ ஃᆖЙஃȄթࡈȂ၃ᕻᐯਛ১ѽऎҵ྽ᐱ७ЍϠٟ գЍ༟Ȃ՜ϢϭফȃቮِิьȂߏኊྻԴ‫ڻ‬Ⴥ‫ِݺ‬ ߞఐ޶ϭϭༀЖ࣏ȂҞ࣏ߏኊࡒԴҵ྽ទদߞఐ޶ ϭ঳пȄЍϠҵ྽ȂӠࣿ՘ӎࡒࢧпȂϠӔॴЙඝ ‫ڏ‬Ȃփѷഺᇌ಩໪ࢺ᠈ϞࠕϩՐ੡༡Ȅ



RaymondChan 91251733

֜Ȃ֭ኧࠜ‫ݙ‬ሦൄߞබ྽ᑟྻȂӏକ‫ݯ‬ઐҵ྽ϠϾ ߞ෩пȄ՘ԯ࣏ԺўবߞȂ‫ث‬ങ൹ྲ‫ڹ‬ധԺ௲ஜ၃ ᕻኧࠜߞ֖྽хփิьኧၑϠјȂѽࡈպжНϘߞ ၃ᕻኧࠜҞକቮঋϘպေԩᄌ৶௲ஜȂ಩ԴҞକϛ ϩေϠබ‫ږ‬௉ϞȄ؈ᣍԳऻԑ؊ȂЙ᝱๴಩ѹᐱᑫ ࣷ၃ᕻߞ֖྽Ȃᅆൻϧ௜༰ߞቮِџૈิьȂឩ྽ ֋๒ЙӡሲȂ಩Դಽ֖ߞᇨϯწழȂሃཇ೚წழ྽ ѧႵȂѽ֌‫އ‬ச྽ȂᅆൻϧߞቮِЏ၃ֲϞ࢝ԺȄ

ຊ߰෩фᆖຫȂԯऎᆖຫ࣏ϯѵ॔ϛϩՐ҃ߞྲ၃ ᕻ಩໪Ȃփኧࠜ࡭ଽଡ଼ᕕ࣏2011Ր୓ಯӠߞྲ಩ ໪Ȃ‫ߞ߰ی‬՘ԯൌሃႤӎѹ၍๴ਣ֌Ϙৎ༥ࣱȂࣆ ܹࣆຉሃԋ྽ӠಯକϧТऎԯ‫ލ‬փ‫؛‬՘ߞȄ Ղ‫ލ‬ሲȂᖖಧࠛᓉলዷНࡈϩՐ࣏ࠕ҃၃ᕻᗄᅷ งȂ1973Ր၃ᕻԟᑟࡈϩՐȂϵ࣏ग़஼၃ᕻಽ࿂ ߞϟϩՐȄ֭ϲϘৎ၃ᕻࠛ੡༡Ȃ०ࢢൌգϘᇌ ၃ᕻࢥྐԴѹᐱȂԴ 1950 Ր֌ 1970 ՐȂߠӫయ ௣၃ᕻ‫ە‬ᑬࣆຉ࣏֘ў஼ਛߞ७‫ۻ‬ཋȂЙ֭୑ࣆ༟ њџૈᜀЂȂᘘգิກȃิਿ۶ኧҐറᅋ‫ڻ‬ᕕȄ၃ ᕻᅰ‫ݻ‬੡ഺዹஇȂۖ၃ᕻЙ฀੡Ȃ‫ڻ‬ᕕቈቈЂ‫ݺ‬ቮ ِȂබ‫؛‬՘Ϟֲ၃ᕻኧࠜȃ୼ҵ྽۶୼഼ຫ‫ڭ‬Յߞ Ӭ़಩໪Ȅ

ຊ߰ԴTVBAȮજऻчϭȯߞ៼ӫК෩ۖϞᔼ൯቙ ֖ЫՐа᝱ѽҐਿȂѹঋ১ԯබ࣏ኧࠜ࡭ଽଡ଼Ȃ ᘵ๒ᔼ൯቙֖ѽఠ഼ۘຫऎ঵ঋӫዾȂ֭ሃग़஼ ߞఐ޶ϘዹȂҵ྽Ϙчӏգ‫ؼ‬ຠȂᔼ൯቙֖ᅁԴ ᝱‫ิڏ‬ਿȄ

ᑫࣷবᗜߞኧࠜ࡭ଽଡ଼Ȃϵ࣏Ϙᇌྲ಩໪Ȃӫࡈ෩ ҍ಩໪ߞϠԺȂ֭ৠ‫ێޘ‬՘ԯߞϠьȄ෼‫ޒ‬෻ჲЂ ᐯిఱȂᓚ‫ړ‬ᆬ၃ᕻᐯఀѹ੾ᐆֹதሮऎȂኧࠜ ࡭ଽଡ଼࣏ȶ၃ᕻኧࠜߞി࢘ȂୠЙϯಯକߞᙖ௺Ȃ ᐱ७ಯକჅൺ۶ҵ྽ϠЀኧҐȷփ‫؛‬՘ߞȄ

ನᎢϯȂঋබ྽ኧࠜୠϯ၃ᕻኧࠜߞി࢘Ȃබ྽Ϡ Ͼቮঋຕᅹ‫ؼߞݑ‬ভȂ‫ڼ‬ՂԴߢᝊ۶‫ث‬କϯգྲॎ ૔Ȅంຊ߰ߞᣍᙇҍ๴ȂᑫࣷߞൻஜϠϾ‫ۍ‬൯࢝୼ ߞߢᝊѪӀȂ‫ا‬েԴి‫ڈ‬ϯ‫ڭ‬Йቮঋ1970҃ߞ‫ؼ‬ ভҝయஜȶԓබ྽ȷȂ‫߰ݕ‬ᑫࣷቮঋߞ࣏‫ـ‬Ժ൹ྲ ߞԋ྽ҝཱႃഺৎಯକߩ૿Ȅ


* ҏМհ‫ޱ‬ᢎᘈ‫ܖ‬Ϛӣࣲܻড়ឃਿ៌ሚ՗ȅኞਲ਼‫ޟ‬ཎَ ΰक़Мണ༉឴ΙૡၥਟȂϚᄺԙӈդ‫׹‬ၥЅҺܾཎَȄМണၥଉϚΙۡ‫ׇ‬ᐌȂϚ߳ᜌྥጂȂζҐԤՃኌ‫ڗ‬এտ‫׹‬ၥ‫׹ޟޱ‬ၥҬ኿ȃ଒୛‫ڎڷݷޑ‬ᡝሯौȄ

Ӱ ཾ ୛ ี ৤ ȅ ౪ ‫ ܣ‬ဒ ኄ‫ݍ‬ၗ ኄ‫ݍ‬ ၗ ME MELB LBOU LB OURN OU RNE RN E

Ⱥ᠍‫ݠ‬ϞᖐȻႫѮ࣏๼Ρ‫ޥ‬ୢඪ‫໊ؐټ‬7ЈȂؐЈ24ωਢ ‫ޟ‬ኄኬ࿽ҬȂ᠙ಀџо೽ႆᆩ๜‫ڷ‬Йᐠԝ᠙Ȃ࿽Ҭϱৠొ ᇐᐬϛཱིᆸၥଉȂਢ‫ٱ‬ᘈຟȂҡࣀ݈୛้ӒП՝‫ޟ‬ϱৠȄ ౪ӰႫѮี৤Ȃ‫ܣ‬ဒኄ‫ݍ‬ၗ࿽ҬጡᒮΙӪȄ ȳ ȳ ȳ ȳ

ώհϱৠȈ ๊გ࿽ҬኺԒ ಢᙑ࿽Ҭᓃᇧ ୘ᒮ࿽Ҭϱৠ ‫ཱི؁‬࿽Ҭᆩમ

ȳ ȳ ȳ ȳ ȳ

ौؑȈ ዣጛ‫ޟ‬ኄ‫ݍ‬ၗ‫ڷ‬ၶԁ‫़ޟ‬Мྜ೽૖Ψ Ԥ൬ᡝώհ‫ޟ‬ငᡛ ૖ၼҢAdobe Premiere‫ڷ‬Adobe Audition้ ຜᓜ‫ॱڷ‬ᓜጡᒮ೺Ӈ ૖‫ٺ‬ҢCMSᆩ๜ᆓ౩‫ف‬ಛContent Management Systems ‫ي‬ԁ‫ޟ‬ღ໥ӫհ૖Ψ

๼Ρᆓ౩ ᅾ๡ᅾछ ҂‫ڋ‬៖౩ (ᎌӫߑҡՍ3ྑ҂‫)ڋ‬ ҂࿵༪ (ᎌӫ3ྑՍ6ྑ҂็) !ᏲৱЅ៖౩ΡষၥਿೝᇯџȂ‫ڎ‬དྷЖЅञ‫ܒ‬ !ՙΡ҂࿵༪ఀৱ (Qualified Kindergarten Teacher) ஈఀ ี৤҂็ӻП७ዖ૖ !᠍ߔӒР‫ܖڙ‬јР‫ڙ‬Ȃ໊ؐϤЈ‫ܖ‬ЍܻϤЈࣱџ !‫ܚ‬Ԥড়৳֯‫ٴ‬Ԥ Childcare Benefit & 50% Childcare Rebate ӫၥਿড়৳‫؁‬џᕕுӒາࢇ‫ۺ‬ၥօȂ᠍ߔөҏϛЖࢥၚ !ඪ঎ӻϯМϽȂӒᙛ๼ΡኁৱȂ֯ᒋ໽ॵЅᕊᎴ Wonderland Childcare & Kinder

Wonderworld Childcare & Kinder

6 High St, Doncaster

106 Templestowe Rd Bulleen

(cnr of Doncaster Rd) ໏Ӈ፜ຝ݂ȈᔖဒC Y Excellence ServicesȺ᠍‫ݠ‬ϞᖐȻ࿽Ҭጡᒮ

sumbit your resume to

‡ | 02 - 05 - 2014 Issue 379




ϛ๼ϴོኊઢ 110ഺོӪቝ໠ᖿ ᐍᆬӎКົгྻऎዉૡ൹ྻ 110 ༉Րф๴ ֖պՐપҏȂ௟‫ݺ‬5ѡ4џԴBulleen න໳ ൜ཀྵᔠᔡᗝᓱዉૡᔠྻȂ‫ڭ‬પ‫־‬ᘛ᎛ቈႽ փ‫ߞڽ‬ሂᣉК஼ћмЂᐯࣆ޼ु‫ࠜݙݙٿ‬ ࿅ઍ༶ిఱ֯ऎપᆊᗾ໳ሼȂ࿅ઍ༶ిఱ ಲ྽‫ݺ‬ਰЂࠢККᐯȂ஼ӲࣆּЂᐯ‫ޱ‬ᐯ ЀȂग़஼ Indiana Ђᐯࣆ޼ु‫ݙٿ‬ൾЀȂ ฅᑉԇሂᣉष៉ྻ៉৶Ȃ୑ᄥ‫ޱ‬ϠӔѹ௄ ࠛྻே֖ࠜȂКົც໛ሂྲᇷᛔራြӫѹ ࢺϠȂሂᣉК஼ћмЂᐯ҃੭ࠜȂӫࡈ৘ ԇ୑ᄥ‫ޱ‬Ϡ஼ਛࣆຉु‫ٿ‬௄ࠛྻᓙ႙܎ ৶Ȃც໛ሂࣆᎢԩኜຈᚚᇍȂթըᕕᘛ‫ڽ‬ ᑫҐಽྻȂ௟ѽપ‫־‬ᆊᗾ໳ሼ֯‫↝ی‬௞ᛟ ᆊᗾ.೐Ϙ↝Ȉ5ѡ4џКо12Ȉ00ᙇ୓ҍ ਯКົгྻ 110 ༉ՐዉૡᔠྻȞԳᙇȈන ໳൜ཀྵᔠ⿞ȟѹᗾᛟӫऎȈ"ညࡈሂᣉࣆఐ ሃᅆӏ‫ߞڽ‬ਣౕ". ೐ϟ↝Ȉ5ѡ6џ╖ϯ7Ȉ00୓ӤКົгྻ యᚧф‫۝‬ᓰȂ‫ތ‬஡ൾЀЋ‫ج‬ᏇߤѹᓰԴൾ ЀЋ‫ږ‬ಧྻ㭭ȞThe Pavillion:The Boxhill

to Call for Entry 2014 ჯэ̂ጯϠۤົረᐽ‫ܛ‬

Prize of Excellence for Tertiary Students of Victoria 2014

Five Major Prizes

1st, 2nd, 3rd, Community Service and Overseas Student’s Awards

Hawrks Football Club),Whitehorse road Boxhill Кᐯᅆব.ᗝᓱᆊᗾᔠྻȂ࿅Ȃઍ༶ ిఱ௟ѽॻћѹᗾᛟӫऎ"ంሂᣉӔѹࣆ޼ ߞ๴ਣ᎘‫ߞܫی‬ᝯ࠼ᩚ࿅ిఱ୵‫ۍ‬൯Դࣆ ޼ታாգᚳනߞߢᝊҳȂҐϯԺՐ‫ڽ‬ᅆሂ ᣉࣆᐪգहညߞ‫ٿ‬фϞႋȂहࠫѽ࿅ిఱ ᆊᗾߞаਟфϾЖȂ௟ྻ࣏Ϙඞᇟ௾Ȃທ ๑ֽඞߞᆊᗾȂᢰ‫ڽ‬ሼেգᑟྻᖔఀሂᣉ ࣆఐ൵ྲߞஜᅗ.գྍඡԩ‫ࣤݕ‬႙ࣿஜаਟ ᎛ሃКົгྻᗑᜭȇ

Eligible applicant must be a full time student second year or above and the highest marks of four subjects in 2013 with average 70 points or above. Prize of Excellence for Tertiary Students of Victoria Application Forms available from Mekong Noodle House 241 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000 or downloaded from and


‫ד‬ч֥ԐӠјᑟ0411138069. ኒ஼௻ԐӠјᑟ0412422677.

Application closed

Thursday 31 July 2014






(ቼᎉॲᆮ͈ο௟˿) Vietnamese Restaurant Prize Valued at $3,000 Prize Valued at $10,000



and more, including...




ਢ໢ġ ķĻııűŮġĩဃᇭĪ Ӵᘈġ IJĺġʼnŰŭŭŢůťġœťįĭġŃŭŢŤŬţŶųůġŔŰŶŵũġĴIJĴı դᆺ‫ޏۉ‬ৱȃᜍ៌޿༈ၾȃങ؄Ҥ༈ၾ

ਢ໢ġ ࢑෈РġIJIJĻĴıŢŮ Ӵᘈġ IJĶġʼnŢźġŔŵųŦŦŵĭġŃŰŹġʼnŪŭŭġŔŰŶŵũġĴIJijĹ ᒦᜍ‫ޏپ‬ৱȃങ⑓༈ၾ

Issue 379 02 - 05 - 2014


œŦŷįġőŦŵŦųġŎŪŴŴŰġİġőŴįŗŪŰŭŢġŕŴŰŪġġ ņůŷŪŴŢŨŦġŔŦųŷŪŤŦġĩŚŰŶůŨġŢťŶŭŵİŖůŪĪ ŕŪŮŦġ ŔłŕġĶĻııűŮ œŦŴŰůŢŵŦġŔŦųŷŪŤŦġĩʼnŪŨũġŔŤũŰŰŭĪ ŕŪŮŦġ ŔŖŏġġIJIJĻııŢŮ łťťġ ŐōŅġŐœńʼnłœŅġőœŊŎłœŚġŔńʼnŐŐō ġ ĹĹġŌŰŰůŶůŨġœťįĭġŃŭŢŤŬţŶųůġŏŰųŵũġĴIJĴı ŔŶůťŢźġŔŦųŷŪŤŦġĩłťŶŭŵİŇŢŮŪŭźĪ ŕŪŮŦġġ IJIJĻIJĶŢŮ łťťġ ijġʼnŰŭŭŢůťġœťįĭġŃŭŢŤŬţŶųůġŔŰŶŵũġĴIJĴı

Ꮞ ᅭҏఀོ ᆹ ོΙ។ߒ


CC16 C

ఀོȞ೿ᙄஆȟȂ౪џඪ‫ټ‬அ࿜ఀღᡝનҢȂ ၏௑᠍ߔࢥၚȄ

Ͽ ӣ؏ᙚឍ़ᇭ кРதࡶȈ࢑෈РήϿ1:30 ‫็ڋ‬кРᏰȈ࢑෈РήϿ1:30 ᠍ߔ୤ёωಢᆹོȂԤᜰਢ໢ЅӴᘈ้၏௑Ȃ ፜ࣁၚȈᒦ‫ޏߜؾ‬ৱ ࢥၚႫၗȈ03 9212 8352,03 9212 8302 ЙᐠȈ0430 459 896

ӴᘈȈ! Rooks Road, Nunawading ᖒ๜ΡȈ PETER HEYN 0419349170

Ӵ֭; 1070 Stud Road, Rowville, Melbourne Vic 3178 (Mel 72 J12) ༈ઍȈ9764 8011 ᆩ֭!Ȉ Ⴋ໏Ȉ


‫װ‬ձ‫ޟ‬ఀོϭಝ๝տΡ Ԥᜰ၏௑፜‫پ‬Ⴋࣁፙ

кРதࡶġ ҂‫ڋ‬İЍԑкРᏰġ σடᏰҡღ࠶ġ ߧԑღ࠶ġ

96 Essex Road Mt. Waverley Vic.3149

ႫၗȈ(03) 9888 7199

11:45am кӈ‫ޏ‬ৱȈؕ‫ޏ஀ס‬ৱġ օ౩‫ޏ‬ৱȈߗৎৎ‫ޏ‬ৱġ օ౩‫ޏ‬ৱȈ‫ݓ‬ϴҁ‫ޏ‬ৱġ

ĺĹĴĴġĴĶĶĴġİġıĵııġĶĴıġĹijĴ ĺĹĴĴġĴĶĶĴġİġıĵIJĴġıĴĵġĸĵIJ ĺĸijĸġĴıijķġİġıĵIJIJġIJķĴġĸıķ

Chinese Lutheran Church of Victoria C 53 Victoria Street, Doncaster, Vic 3108 (Melway 33 J11)


2-6 Oxford Street, Box Hill

! ! ! !

2 A William Street, Abbotsford 3067 P.O. Box 1056, North Richmond 3121 03 9427 9764

᳟῔᫜ кРதࡶȈΰϿΪਢғ)୽ȃဃᇭ* ‫็ڋ‬кРᏰȈΰϿΪਢғ)़ᇭ* इᛥ᠞ငོȈ࢑෈ΠήϿΙਢғ)୽ȃဃᇭ* ծо౩ღ࠶ȓ࢑෈ϤήϿΜਢЁϷ)ဃᇭ* घਪ‫ٳ‬ღ घਪ‫ٳ‬ღ࠶ȓؐТ಑ΠЅ಑Ѳ࢑෈РήϿΙਢғ)୽ᇭ* ᗑປȈ

0434 192 228 (m) E-mail: : (03)9898 8591



Christian Alliance Church of Victoria Formerly known as Chinese Alliance Church of Victoria


17 Livingstone Close,Burwood Vi 3125 03) 9888 7114 9808 8388 ϛМ‫!;ޱޏ‬ϟҏ፱‫ޏ‬ৱ!Rev. Colin Wun ϛМߧԑ‫ٱ‬ώȈؕ㋝੕ᐭ༈ၾ English Pastor :!Ps. James Ayling

華語小組: 周三晚上 5pm - 9pm CC36



St. Matthias Angli can Church North Richmond

11:00 11:00


‫ݼ‬๿ńŢŵũŪŦŴġōŢůŦġȞʼnŪŨũġŔŵųŦŦŵġœŰŢťࠒ७‫ޟ‬٥ࢲȟ໠‫ۻڗ‬Ȃ௃Ϥဴߞ ໌ΣᏰਮȂ؏՗ԻԽȂӔѾ‫ܬ‬ġĩġŎŦŭŸŢźġœŦŧġĸijġņijġİġňŰŰŨŭŦġŎŢűġĪ



English Groups 英文小組:ESL 學習班(周六10am), 親子(周二早上), 小學生(周一及四), 青年(周五晚)


ങ݂Ϧ‫ޏ‬ৱ!Rev Dr John Elnatan ႫၗȈ(03)9801 7645 / 0431 662 869 ቓ‫ߝྵט‬Ղ!Elder Jensen Low ႫၗȈ(03)0409 212 608


़ᇭதࡶġġĹĻĴıŢŮġЅġIJıĻĴıŢŮġġġġġ ńũųŪŴġłűűŭŦţźġкӈ‫ޏ‬ৱġıĵijijġIJĹĸġIJijĸ

ဃᇭᆹོȈ࢑෈РΰϿĺᘈĮIJıᘈјȄ ୽ᇭᆹོȈ࢑෈РΰϿIJIJᘈIJĶϷĮIJijᘈĵĶϷ ġġġġġġġġġġġġġġġġġġġġġġġġġĩඪ‫็ڋټ‬кРᏰĪ ೿๜ΡȈᓩு໌ĩıĵIJIJġĸĺĹġĸIJĴġ୽ᇭĪĭġ֖᝺МġĩıĵıijġĶĹijġĶĶĶġဃᇭĪ ӴᘈȈőŦųŧŰųŮŪůŨġłųŵŴġńŦůŵųŦĭġŘŢŷŦųŭŦźġńũųŪŴŵŪŢůġńŰŭŭŦŨŦġ ġġġġġġġġġġġġIJijĵĹġʼnŪŨũġŔŵųŦŦŵġœŰŢťĭġŘŢůŵŪųůŢġŔŰŶŵũĭġŗŊńġĴIJĶij

Crn. Greenwood & Tennyson Sts. Burwood 3125 (Melway 61 E6)

9:00am 10:45am (

粵語小組: 家庭(周六), 年青家庭(周五/六), 職青(周五/六), 學生(周日)及50+ 活動中心(周一早上)

ႫၗȈ 0468 899 475 Ⴋ໏Ȉ


CC01 South Camberwell Gospel Hall 10:30am ĩ़ᇭİဃᇭЅල೽ၗĪ 10:30am

The Salvation Army Surrey Hills Chinese Corps ࢑෈Р!! ࢑෈Р! ࢑෈Π! ࢑෈Ϥ! ࢑෈Ϥ!

10:00AM 10:00AM 10:00AM 10:00AM 7:00PM

Ӵ֭; 61-63 Guildford Road, Surrey Hills, VIC 3127 Ⴋၗ;(03)9830 5936 / 0419 132 078 ᆩ֭;

Templestowe Baptist Church


кРதࡶĭġߧЍԑЅ‫็ڋ‬кРᏰȈ࢑෈РΰϿ!21;11!ȗ!22;41bn ୽ᇭღ࠶ĻġؐТ಑ΠЅ಑ѲкРԞΰ!!21;11!ȗ!22;41bn!

Pastor Joseph Teo ஻घ࿄༈ၾ 0402 163 855 0408 464 737 Rev Lawrence Ng ֔‫ٹ‬ᓒ‫ޏ‬ৱ 910 Toorak Road, South Camberwell, Vic. 3124 (03) 9889 2899 (03) 9889 2899 CC28


кРதࡶ! ‫็ڋ‬кРᏰ! ߝߧᆹོ! Nbjomz!Nvtjd! ߧԑதࡶ!



‫סؙ‬ಈ‫ޏ‬ৱ Daniel Wong

Burwood Community Presbyterian Church


Ӵ֭Ļġ44 Station Street, Burwood VIC 3125 ( Mel 61 C7) ᆩ֭Ļġ ႫၗĻġ9808 3250


ᖒ๜;!Alice LauȞቓЊȟ!!Ⴋၗ;!0438 792 810


St. Thomas’ Burwood Anglican Church

Ӵ֭!497 Centre Road, Bentleigh, VIC 3204 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

़๼кРதࡶȈ ؐТ಑Π࢑෈РΰϿΪਢғ


ᆹོӴ֭ĻġġIJIJIJġŘŰŰťġŔŵųŦŦŵĭġŕŦŮűŭŦŴŵŰŸŦ ᖒ๜ΡĻġġᒦҕ୊‫ޏ‬ৱġġġġᖒ๜ႫၗĻġĩıĴĪġĺĹĵıijĺIJķġİġıĵĴĶĹķĸıĸĶ Ⴋ໏ĻġūŰũůŠŭŢŪŁźŮŢŪŭįŤŰŮġġġġఀོᆩ֭ĻġŸŸŸįũŸŤŤŤįŤŰŮ





Chinese Immanuel Church of Melbourne кРཱࡶȓ! ࢑෈РήϿΠਢ!)୽0ဃ0़ᇭ* кРᏰȓ! ࢑෈РήϿΠਢ ़ᇭߧԑȃԙΡღ࠶ȓ!಑ΠȃѲ໊࢑෈РήϿѲਢ ࢥငᛥོ֙ȓ! ࢑෈έΰϿΪਢј ߧԑღ࠶ȓ! ಑Π࢑෈РήϿѲਢ ོ‫ޏ‬Ȉቓ༈੕‫ޏ‬ৱ ᆹོӴᘈȈ10 Power Street., Hawthorn Vic. 3122 ୄٙӴᘈȈ53 Grove Road, Hawthorn(ఀོ୏७ȟ ႫၗȈ9886 1468 ЙᐠȈ0468 409 837

Pines Community Centre, Doncaster East (Cnr of Reynolds Rd & Blackburn Rd)

ႫၗȈ03 9842 8776! !!!༈ઍȈ03 9841 8486 ᆩ֭Ȉ!!Ⴋ໏Ȉ

ᖒ๜ΡȈ‫؃‬ഽ౨‫ޏ‬ৱ!0433 839 3150ങᑋ؄ቈߧԑ༈ၾȈ0412 541 088


2 Vision Drive, Burwood East, Vic 3151

དྷડġġġདྷΡġġġհкߞ৶ ဃᇭதࡶġĹġĻġĵĶġłŎȃIJIJġĻġĵĶġłŎ ල೽ၗதࡶġIJıġĻġIJĶġłŎ ŊňŏŊŕņġĩ‫ٳ‬၂ϛᏰҡ़Мღ࠶ĪġġIJıġĻġIJĶġłŎȃIJIJġĻġĵĶġłŎ ़МஆதࡶЅ‫็ڋ‬ટࡶġĩ़ᇭĪġ ĹġĻġĵĶłŎȃIJıġĻġIJĶłŎȃIJIJġĻġĵĶłŎȃķġĻġııőŎ ᗺᇭதࡶġIJġĻġIJĶġőŎġġġġӟѻᇭதࡶġķġĻġııġőŎ

ϛМஆȓġкӈġ ġ ߞଋЅߔཱིġ ġ ഺཎ‫ٱ‬ώġ ġ ߧԑ‫ٱ‬ώġ

դ߸М‫ޏ‬ৱġ ༁ࢡ๢༈ၾġ ጾ‫ؾ‬໳༈ၾġ őŴġŕŪŮġŌųŪŴŵŪŢůŵŰġ

ĹĹĵĸġĵĺıIJ ĹĹĵĸġĵĺĺij ĹĹĵĸġĵĺĶĸ ıĵıIJġIJĴĶġIJıIJ


9886 3700 9886 3711 辦公室電話 Website:



‫݀ ) ۊ‬ᑫࣷᡝ੩Ȃȶዃ⍽ኵᘮ‫ࡑڤ‬җಧʝӒຈְȂ ᛕјࠓְʝᇦᇦ᡿ְ֝ᘺ᠙᠙ߞѕʝᑫࣷཛྷȉ‫ا‬Й ౻྾ʝϘՂҹЙ౻྾‫ا‬ʝഺ᝝ൠϭߞҋчʝ‫ڤ‬᝝խ ࣹߞਆчʝϘ຀ߞϣϝৎЈ੡ʝබжҍЙԢߞчԳ ʝ੡ԍϬዴႶНࢢʝӹ԰ϘৎࢨዹߞՐࠦϠȷȂ኷ ฀ҳȂఐ۸Ȃգ‫ی‬ৎኸըȂϘ࣏࢝Ϡ‫ߞݑ‬ȂՐቅ ϠᄗȂবᅆȶ‫઻ࣶݸ‬ᐯȷȂᎡЙྻٟգᘺȶ᠙᠙ߞ ѕȷȂᎡЙྻٟգҗᙇᒸᐬНఐȂᎡକց՘ఀȶ࣏ ࠧ՘ీᚼᔝߩȷȉ֭൵ঋᇦߞ࣏ȂϘ་ϘҍȂϬව ՐࢢȂȶӹ԰ϘৎࢨዹߞՐࠦϠȷȉညЫȂ‫ا‬েൌ ྑ௻ᎠϘзঋȶԪѼ၃ᕻ১ࡋȷȂൌྫྷ຾ঋᗾȶ԰ ඡȷȂൌሲঋЈѕ഍ನȶ՘ӎȷȂഺ‫ڱ‬Ȃഺ‫ڱ‬Ϙ୓ ঍ᇖ౻྾ࢢȂಲ྽ߞϘ‫ے‬Ȃ‫ا‬েҞ‫ߞܠߺ׎‬Ⴌ֋Ў ӹ҃Ȉȶߏգ‫ৃݙ‬ȷȂत֌࣏ȶ໹ৃȷȂփЙ࣏෼ ഼ఀȶळᗪৣՀ‫ݯ‬ᏚȷߞϘ૽ћᐴփЏȄ

ȮԢႮϠȯϵҏ๳Ⴥ‫ا‬Йьߞ႐֯Ȅ ɴ઻ᐯӠɵ࣏‫ێ‬КߞϘፔȂՐԊџงȂ‫ୃ؞ا‬ϞȄ ԐሲϘৎЈЈߞȶࣇ‫ڰ‬ȷȄంਛ㡯༟‫ژ‬ٟԺϳ࠮Ҟ ۖ Glen WaverleyȂՂЫȂְྐᕀᕀК஼້Ȃഺ㡯 ϵў࠮ఀ࢝Ȃం՝֌‫ށ‬จߞঢ়౐ϟ੡ȂӤȶ༼ମȷ ߡۖઐ‫܆‬ȂԫतኃȉȶК஼ұЂ๴‫ށ‬ȷߞຓ૰៧༺ ሃф‫ێ‬ҁᇌᇌȂఉంቦϭߞඈՀȄୃఀȂ࢝ϳѽࡈ ߞ࣐ࣙงб՝ϯȂϘՂ݀௱Ȃϣ੡җҽҠЏ‫ڗ‬Դಿ ঴ၒ‫ݙ‬ԴߞႮϯȂྐੋ‫܍ڱ‬૯ᇍߞֺ໱ߞȶ‫ޒޠ‬૪ ₯ȷ( ඡҏᛔራ )Ȃ‫ڕ‬ჅϘਛϘ՝බգȶମȷҞ༼ߞ ᔠᔡȄࠝҳȂ‫ױ‬ϞϬұৎՐࠦϠȂӒԴ᝝᎘᝝ԫȂ ԫߞ࣏ᎇቶᑵᎱН᝷Ȃ᎘ߞаਟ۸ȂЙЂ౻྾ϞȂ ౻྾ߞ࣏ԑൌࡦেጢఉߞȶਛ༏႖ȷȄЂ࿄࣏઻ᐯ ӠȂഺኃ՝ȊҪգҁেϘ੸ȂऻϯҝȂҁেरᗚգ ঽਟѷರ‫ڍ‬ෑ‫إ‬Ȃ࣑౎Ȃҁে࣏Ϙ‫ߞ܆‬པ‫ݺ‬ᐯ྽ȉ ‫ߕ࣏ݕ‬ϞϘਞȉ ‫ا‬ЙӅჅ‫ڛݺ‬ᇺȂ֋ЎӺӇం‫ڤ‬ৎ࿐ѡ‫ڕ‬Ⴥ‫ڽ‬Ȃ‫ڕ‬ ՘ЫчߞَኹȂѫጤߞՐࠦȂஊᆬϘȶ‫ݸ‬ȷȂփЙ ࣏Йକȶ՜ȷߞ႖Ȃᇖ࣏ϠӠߞᑢ຀‫א‬ȄЙᇒՂ֣Ȃ ഺϘᅌȂԓҐӀџߞգ‫࠮ࢥݙ‬՘Ϟթ႐ߞࠕԯሃቈ ԯȄ ȶ୙ְȂ‫ا‬றϘߞ‫ۊ‬ЄʝۖቌቈߞԳўʝۖतኃߞ ᖖᄩʝӏߢѽҳʝ‫ڶا‬๒࣏ӏߢȷȂ‫ا‬஄ന࣏ഺዹ ߞඞবȈѭӓᓐۖᑟඞ୙றϘߞ‫ۊ‬Є ( ϵҞѽ࣏Ѓ

ȶನྐѹ၍ࢋϞᄧߞՐ҃ʝְЪྻٕጕॴ࿯ȉʝְ ߞናЪԴјʝলҞѽࣄ୓Ȃ༳Ҟѽᢵ୓ʝ‫࣏ݕ‬ȂႬ ໭຾ᑩᑩޯᕾȉʝϠ৵Ȃְ৵ʝϠ૯Ȃְ૯ȷȄ ϟϩϘѵ॔ߞЫ੡Ыџ᎘ȶನྐѹ၍ȷȂፁᅁȂգ ᙇȶᓾᢜȷ֬ߞȂЙჅȂ‫ا‬Ъྐȶ୚ࣹȷߞሲሲȂ ᚙ༟ҫ঱Ȃ஼ѭਗКЋԐӠ‫ݺ‬ԍᇰУՐ ( Ϙϣϛϝ Ր ) ҍ஼Ȃষ೺݀ᕪশЋȂ๳ϯᏇ೺੡‫ڍ‬೺КӲգ ЂᠠࣗȂ‫׈‬ЂऎྏූߞሲȈȶഺӐϘੲЂᠠౖȂႍ ঋԺьϠЖ‫د‬ҹႅఀՀ৴Ȋ‫ڤ‬Ϙ๴‫ށ‬ЂᠠౖߞϠϘ ‫࣏ܠ‬ЂчЖȄҳ஼ϠஇఀۖߞȂК஼Ϡऎ֣Йକȉ К஼ᗁ࣏գЙфߞԳўȄȷ( ɴ‫ޒט‬պֹሬɵ ) ҁ

෮෮ Դ֋ཇ㡯ϵ‫ڏ‬ȈȶϩϬ࿐ӓ݀ਆࢃԻਫ Hawaiian IslandȂ‫ڍܕ‬Ꮗ೺Н‫܈‬Ȃ࿦ઔНᘮȂ֋࣏գው֘ᐯ НѕȂፎчԳНྐȷȂ๑ᆷȂ஼ѭߞՐ҃Ⴌ಩Դह ѧȂߏᎳϯȶՀ‫܈‬ȷߞ‫֘ތ‬ȂԴ‫ا‬েऻ‫࣏ڽ‬ȶٟգ तኃȷఀԺϞȂ๒փȂϘ๫ЂನྐȂ‫ڤ‬ᇌȶው֘ᐯ НѕȷȃȶፎчԳНྐȷߞЂ‫ؠ‬Ȃ‫ڭ‬ٟգҟЫНжȄ யߞ࣏ȂգٟգЂٙѕᡤ࿯ȶчϭ೐ϘናȷȂॶҁ џȂ੡৏ۖϞȂૌߞ࣏ភናҍᔘȂධԍұਡȂညӅ ᄁஜললሃ༳༳Ȅ ऎԫ༺փᓖӠН᏶ȂϘ౧ϠϠঋ‫ߞڕ‬ȶᅚႮȷН᏶Ȃ ‫ێ‬ҁߞȂࢨକ௻ِȉϠӠᣍȃኊৃᣍຈຈߞ‫؛‬փϯ ᄊԫ‫ߞ֘ތ‬ϾۧȂԧգԧߞȂѷ࣏ಝാۖԐчߞ‫ݑ‬ ੾фࢢчߞిᏳȂ‫ڭ‬Й࣏ࣹ‫ࠑݺ‬বߞ୼Ꭰ൘၍Ȃ ȶϭЀᇷႽȂЂ૯НȷȂϟϼԺՐࡈߞցЄЏሲჅȂ Ҫ࣏ȂȶЂ૯ȷߞԢ੡Ҟᢰ‫ا‬েߢᑍȂѵ༡࣏գՂ թഄទລྰߞȶ֖྽ȷȂЙӡȶবႏȷȂԯऎѹࢺ ߞȃȶജবႏȷൌ࣏֋ЎȂ॓ᄧᑩᑩ㡯֋Ўٙ‫֋ܠ‬ ЎߞЂўԨȄӛ‫׻‬ϘᙇሲȂȶУպՐӅգѳ߰ᒸȷ ࣏ᑢҫԺьߞԯ፡Ȅ ȶ঳ᑟϘ‫ހ‬঵࠮‫܋‬་ࠜߩʝ԰຀ႮϯʝҪႬ֋Ўሲ ʝ‫ـ‬ঋ‫ॴڙ‬Ϙᙇʝ‫ـ‬ঋԺᘇϘᙇȷȂϫ԰ۖᑟඞߞ ඞবȂ෭јҢᢤࢢȂѭӓᛓ༟ᑟඞȂᎼϯ԰ਛߞႮ ൉Ȅ୵࣏ࠧലճᇺీߞགᓿᆋᆋȂӒ௱փ‫ڏ‬Ȃ‫ۊ‬Ѓ ۖઔҳпᐯȂᐯ໱ҐӠࣿ໱ȂҁেҪྐ຾ȂЙକЙ ‫ॴڙ‬ϘᙇȂЙକЙԺᘇϘᙇϞȄ

ᆠிϱৠ ɓ Ιਪ‫ڍ‬ы ɓġΡ‫ސ‬ட೤ġ ɓġ৏ዅၥଉġ

ɓġ଒ငੑ਀ġ ɓġ‫ء‬ٙൢ֙ġ

ɓġዥᘈடᚠ ɓġӣၽѲ੕ġ

Ӓ୽ี՗ ɓġᏎᅭҏġɓġഡ఩ġɓġҀ٨඼ҏġɓġߡኈ຀ኈ



02 - 05 - 2014 Issue 379



ࢌၽՙᙠ ϛ ӵᐬσց‫ٳ‬ᅚᅚ‫ݿ‬ଔ ऍР㥔ཎ ϞሬȂ՝ܻѕј౨‫ޟ‬ՙᙠσӴғߔ௥ ࢌЈ‫پޟ‬ᖝȄඁএ࢑෈оࠉȂҏѐෆ ࣏᠞‫ޱ‬৤ҰΟՙᙠьР‫ޟ‬ડ‫ۉ‬Ȅ ‫ڏ‬ᄂȂ ࢌ᜷ሆᖝ ‫ޟ‬ՙᙠȂ‫؁‬൲ ԤΙᆍ᡹ଢ଼‫ޟ‬छཐȄ

ყ / МȈҏѐጡᒮഋ

ȶՙᙠ԰ࠒȷ‫߀ݓ‬ᑪ ‫߿ޒ‬ᒩԳ഍֘᚟‫ࡑތ‬ൊȃ༮ᐆ᚟ҿկҔ‫ܫ‬ȃҺࣶ աϭหȄႍᒩԳཕᔍਧȂ༡գޫ‫ڐ‬ӀԳȂবᒕႿ 10238Ӏўг‫ڧ‬Ȅ‫߿ޒ‬Ȃ᚟ሬྍऎȶ਋ѩਛਲߞ ភਲ਼‫࣏ݕ‬щ༧ߞភਲ਼ȷȂऎࠦ᚟୼১ઔ‫ݥ‬൵ֲߞ Գ஡ȂӀ‫׮‬ઔ‫ݥ‬3000ռȂहᅆ୼ਮ2200-4700 ռȄఀૈ‫ێݺ‬ᑾપߞԳཕᖖᄩȂ‫߿ޒ‬ᒩߏಯᚳ නȂం‫ڲ‬ጤ௲ۖධ௲ᚚசൌգӠࠜȂ૵գȶᇥ֒ ភ਱ȷНᇍȄ

╞⑴ᆃᐹ῅ዷᆄġ Ⓓᾢ⎂᠎ᗇ ิചȮӣၯΡȯᆩ֭ġŸŸŸįŴŢŮŦŸŢźįŤŰŮįŢŶ ӵጣᎧ᠞ȮӣၯΡȯϛМᚕᇬȂᕣ၌ᐬࢸ๼Ρ‫ޟ‬ҡࣀȂ Ȃ ሴ౱ᐬࢸ‫ॳޟོޥ‬௑Ȅ ȮӣၯΡȯȅᕣ၌ᐬࢸ‫ޟ‬ശ‫ٹ‬ჱբ


Issue 379 02 - 05 - 2014

༮ᐆ᚟ҿկҔஎ൵ЂњࣹȂЍҿϠӔেߞȶӓᓐ ޫȷșșҺࣶޫం‫߿ޒ‬ᒩࡑ፤፤ࣹჅȂԴஎࠝࠢ ࠕབྷϢ༮ᐆ᚟ҿկȄҺࣶޫұবᖖЋȂЋϯߞ‫ޒ‬ ѢঢঢᎀᎀȂ‫؛‬՘ࠜࠜߞȶ॓ᘷ࿛ȷȂ࿛࿨Кߞ ‫׉‬ӮȂѪࣹҗపȂ‫ܤ‬Ղड઴ዩԳȄ‫ێ‬฀ᣍ‫־‬፜ȃ ‫ٽ‬ដȂ૵ఀȶ֘᚟կࡑȷНग़᠖Ȅэ‫࣏ێ‬Ϭұѡ ߞ‫߿ޒ‬Ȃඝᇍ࣏Ϙѯ੿ࠅߞઔࣶȂӒ‫ݙ‬ᓜȶድ࣋ Ϭѡ᚟‫ࡑތ‬ȂᗄົՂᄱ੿ࠅᄩȷȄ ֘᚟Ъ࣋ධӏᆽȂቈўߞൠਪϯઔᚬሏ຾ጷጷ ӨൠȂփೀࡈߞ੿ࠅЏՂᏕᘷ⪩॓ଠԳߋह୽ ᢳȄᆝЋ჆ൎߞ੿ࠅᏛᆕЋ‫܂‬Ȃᇬܼ֌ޫ‫ڐ‬Ȃ

ҏϛЖ᏾ߝ๖ӫ Ᏸҡ‫ޟ‬धශ ૖ΨЅሯौ ‫ڞ‬օ၌㢿 ЀᏰȃᙽᏰȃಋҕ ൷ཾ้ᅸᜲ୰ᚠ ඪ‫ټ‬ӒП՝‫ޟ‬ ΙમԒ݈୛ Ӵ ֭


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݈୛ϱৠ ȳ Ᏸҡ੼Ᏸ / ᙽᏰᏰਮҧ፜ ȳ ඪ‫ټ‬ಋҕᐬࢸࣺᜰᒚၚ݈୛ ȳ ඪ‫ټ‬Ө᜸ ( ώհȂಋҕȂ௤ᒑ้ ) ᛫ມҧ፜݈୛ ଶΟᏰҡ੼Ᏸ݈୛ѴȂҏϛЖᗙඪ‫ټ‬оήಋҕ݈୛ ȳ ୦ཾ‫׹‬ၥಋҕ ȳ Ⴭкᐊ߳ಋҕ ȳ ஔࡅড়৳ღᆹ ȳ ‫׬‬೚ಋҕ

Melynn Li ‫෉؃‬ᗸ


Alice Tan


02 - 05 - 2014 Issue 379



Royal Umbrella Jasmine Rice

如欲了解詳情請聯絡我們 全澳各大亞洲超市均有銷售

Sameway ISSUE《同路人》379期  
Sameway ISSUE《同路人》379期