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७ᄇฒօЅฒ‫ۊ‬ Face to the helpless


Last week Hong Kong was plunged into a haze of sorrow upon the successive happening of family homicides. Dismissing the caring and nurturing of their parents over the years, their children just put all the blame on their parents for all the misfortunes and oppression they have been encountering. The ruin of their loving relationship eventually turned into such shocking family tragedies.

ྻൌ൝Ϣྒྷॴ൚ᡨНКȄ‫ا‬ে‫ۊۖڍ‬Є๑໛ѭӓߞᝯ ྑф੺ைȂ‫د‬Ϙзऻ՘ऎѭӓߞᓾҵȂԴ՘ࠜ੡‫ݙ‬ဥ ۖߞயᛟȂൌऻ՘ऎѭӓߞᕅঝȂԯփ૔᛼Ϟ݃թН ༡ྑߞᝯ࠼Ȃຕ‫࣏ލ‬๴ӠϞ҄ϠᏩᑁߞਛਲ෌ነȄ ӺգЙьশสϠȂবᅆ԰ᙩК஼ࢢȂ๑‫ޱ‬ᅆ֋‫ྻߤڗ‬ ๴ਣգ‫ږ‬௉ߞ֋ٙȂ‫ݕ‬գ੡ះఀ๑‫ޱ‬ᇯࢺ֋ЎӠࣿ൵ ୓ፅߞঋِȂփ൝Ϣҵౕф޷ඉНКȂ༟‫ܕ‬ᅆߤྻф ֋ЎൌҵҝࠫѕȄంЈԴশสӠࣿߞ‫ا‬ȂԢዹж‫ڳ‬຾ Ϙບບߞ๑‫܉‬Ȅ বᅆഺ‫ڱ‬๑ׄф๑‫޶ߐߞ܉‬Ȃ‫ا‬েྻᝯѕфऎশสߞ ᓐуૡᜤȂऽౕഺৎߤྻକ‫ۖر‬ҍႮȄ֭Ԣ੡‫ا‬েϵ ЙঋҪജೀࡈഺ‫ڱ‬யᛟ‫קݙ‬຾ȂऻЙۖѵधӎ‫ڽ‬බ࣏ ՂթȂӠࣿϭҝබ࣏ঋ‫ׅ‬ϧԴ‫᝱ק‬Кிࢺ຾Ȃहࠫҍ ႮබԴࡈবȄ ԰ᠪ‫ا‬েѵधȂЙԢԳўߞϠϵЙ࣏๑੡๑‫ے‬বᅆ຾ ԧᇌϠӠߞЙܶཛྷȉ‫ا‬हࠫ911ߞժ᝱߰ߞਛϠȂ֌ Ыᘘ࣏বᅆ຾ॎ๒༡ҵҝᓐϠߞᏩᖜȄࡑ‫ڲ‬ઔኣ‫࣏ݕ‬ ұЌЂԳᏩߞӠᘘ߰ȂԢዹྻِயऎतኃഺዹߞ‫ྻڰ‬ ๴ӠȄϫ‫࣏ݕ‬ЫՐࠐग़஼੭ཀྵаᆀјਡ౭ߞࢅຆߞᓐ у‫࣏ݕ‬ԢᐯȂЪྻயऎतኃգഺዹߞԎਵȂࢨକ֯ఀ ҍՂթеรߞ‫ڰ‬ȉ ૌߞȂഺ‫ڱ‬யᛟȂ࣏ࠑ‫اށ‬েᅆϠӠߞሮᝊ࣏գনȂ




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After the 1997 hand-over, many Hong Kong people have been feeling their powerlessness in making their own decision for the future of their own society, or their helplessness in maintaining a decent life of their own standard. Hence, disappointment, frustration and lost of selfassurance start to take toll. Having grown up in Hong Kong, I am sharing with them such a gloomy feeling.



In the face of such helpless and powerless circumstances, we would care and pray for our connections in Hong Kong in search of a better outlook. Yet, amid all imminent troubles, we must not forget that we are indeed living in such an earthy world where we must all endure with a faith that there will be a better world ahead of us.


Looking back, people around the world in all times have been suffering from various forms of calamity. Many family members of the casualties or survivors from the tragedies of 911 in the US, tsunami in the South Asia and earthquake in Sichuan may still be in mourning and keep asking the question ɄwhyɅ. Say the families and fellow students from the shooting massacre happened in an US college campus earlier this year should still be asking the question why there was such a cold-blooded killer. Yes these questions can only reveal how limited is our comprehension to events happening around us which only leads us to a gloomy state. But if we have the faith to believe that all happenings, rather than through coincidence, are under the control of a Creator, then we would be humble enough to accept our powerlessness and be able to walk through our difficult journey in such faith.

࢝Ժ੡ྻജ‫ا‬ে‫ݙ‬ᝯѕߞ‫ݙߏڰ‬ಝєȂԯթ௱ѽऎ‫ا‬ েߞயᛟٟգຍ੯ȂබࠑӯயᛟٟգҍႮȄઅЙߢȂ ‫ا‬েҪঋहࠫѵध‫ߏڰ‬Й࣏ஊ๒๴ӠȂփ࣏գϘ֜ൄ ߏ߰‫ݙ‬෠ᇒȂ‫ا‬েҪକ‫ݚ‬ሮ‫ا‬েߞգনȂ‫ا‬েබକԴ ഺ௄ᚂКȂ‫ۖر‬বᅆϠӠЙܶ‫ڰ‬ఐߞࠫѕȄ

We hope our readers, in caring for people around us, can have the courage to walk through with all such feelings of helplessness and powerlessness.

ऽౕ‫ا‬েߞᡝ߰ȂକԴᝯѕѵधН᏶Ȃൌକգࡌઈҝ বᅆϘзҨϠ๑ׄф๑‫ྏߞ܉‬ះȄ

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