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A.N. Deringer .............................................. D1

Danform Shoes ............................................E5

H&B Greenhouse ...................................... C10

NOTCH Health Care ................................... B5

Salon Diva................................................... C6

Above Par Cleaning......................................E6

Deja Vu Kennel............................................ C7

Hackett, Valine, & MacDonald, Inc. ..............E1

New England Federal Credit Union.............E10

Desorcies Market ........................................ D8

Hair Loft Design Center Salon & Spa .......... B9

New York Life Insurance - Shawn Morin ... A10

Dickinson & Branon Dental Care................. B7

Handy Chevy ............................................. B12

Newtonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Decorating...................................E10

American Rail Dispatching Center, Inc. ..... D12

DMC Electric, Inc. ....................................... B6

Handy GMC, Buick, Cadillac ....................... A9

Northern Valley Eye Care............................. D4

As the Crow Flies .........................................E8

Dominos Pizza .............................................E4

ACE Hardware - St. Albans...........................E9 Advantage Rental/Home Furnishings .......... C9 AMCARE Ambulance................................... A8

Aubuchon Hardware .................................... B4

B Barrette Ford ............................................... D4

Dr. David Stanley, DMD PLLC ......................E7 Dr. Taylor Yates ............................................E6 Drummac Septic Service ............................. C4

Bennette Wealth Management ..................... D7


Beverage Mart ............................................. B1

Eatonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fine Jewelry .................................... C6

Body & Soul Massage............................... D11

Edward Jones ...............................................E4

Bonnettâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Welding Shop ............................ B11

Elite Hair, Massage, Nails............................ D9

Borderline Styles Salon ............................... C5

Eloquent Page ..............................................E8

Beltone New England .................................. D4

Boston Tailoring .......................................... D8 Bournes Energy ......................................... C11 Brady & Levesque Funeral Home .................E4

Enosburg Pharmacy .................................... A8 Exit 18 Equipment ....................................... C6

Handy Toyota ............................................ B12 Hannaford â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Enosburg .............................. C12 Hannaford - St. Albans ....................... B2 & B3 Hannaford â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Swanton................................ C12 Harvest Equipment ...................................... D6 Heald Funeral Home.................................... D9 Hickok & Boardman of St. Albans, Inc. ........E4 Hometown Beverage & Redemption ............ A4 Hull Insurance ............................................. B4 Hungerford, Tom Insurance ......................... C6


Northwest Hearing Services ........................ D8 Northwest Regional Planning Commission ...... E7 Northwest Technical Center ..........................E6

Northwestern Walk-In Clinic ....................... D4


Notman, Muehl Associates........................ A10 Nye Insurance, Inc....................................... B8

Jay Peak Ski Resort ............................ A2 & A3

Omega Auto Sales ....................................... C8

Top of the Hill Underground Dog Fences ...E10


Total Home Center....................................... C1

PBM Nutritionals..........................................E3


Paquinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ford/Nissan/Motors.................... D12

Franklin County Caring Communities ......... B5


Paws For Thought ....................................... C7

Franklin County Chamber of Commerce ......E8

LaBrie Fitness & Wellness .......................... A8

Peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s United Bank................................... A9

Champlain Orthodontics ........................... C10 Champlain Valley Equipment .......................E1 Chevalier Fire Protection, LLC .................... C8 Choice Physical Therapy ..............................E9

Franklin County Rehab Center/Holiday House . C5 Fiske Agency ............................................... C4 Fitness Zone................................................ A4 Flying Disc .................................................. D6

Classie Exchange ...................................... C10


Classy Paws .............................................. A10

Garden Gate .............................................. C11

Clear Family Chiropractic............................ C6

George S. Wood, Inc. ...................................E7

Chow Bella! Restaurant .............................. B8

TD Bank ...................................................... B4

J&L Service Center ..................................... C7

Kidstructive Fun ...........................................E6

Central Vermont Public Service..................E11

Tanneberger Veterinary Hospital................ A10


Family Tree................................................ A10

Franklin County Industrial Development Corp. A4

Swanton Chiropractic .................................. C4 Sylvesterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Market ....................................... C7

Bruce King Automotive.................................E6

Canusa/Hershman Recycling Company .... C11

Subway - St. Albans .....................................E8

Northwestern Medical Center .................... D11


Franklin County Home Health Agency, Inc. ..E5

Strategic Initiatives for Business, LLC ......... D6

Sweet Nothings ............................................E4

Fairpoint Communications ........................ D10

Canine Clip ................................................. D8

Sticks & Stuff .............................................. D9

Northwestern Counseling & Support Services . E3

Brownway Residence....................................E9


St. Albans Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center ..B7

Northwest Access TV - Channel 15 + 16 ..... D8

Fairfax Pharmacy......................................... C8

Button Professional Land Surveyors, PC .....E6

St. Albans Family Chiropractic .................... B6 St. Albans Messenger ............................... B10

Brown, Cahill, Gawne & Miller, PC ............. B6

Fiddlehead Family Dentistry........................ D9

St. Albans Cooperative Creamery, Inc. .........E9

St. Albans Primary Care .............................. D5


Building Home Center ..................................E7

Silver & Gold Jewelry/Tattoo Works ........... B4

Northern Vermont Oral & Facial Surgery ... A10

Brendaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Giggles & Grins Childcare ............ B5

Breezy Acres................................................ C6

Salon Elizabeth............................................ D8

Jeffâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Restaurant ...........................................E8

Lake Street Auto Service & Sales ................ D7 LaPierre USA, Inc. ....................................... D7 LG Printing...................................................E4 Liberty Propane ............................................E5

M M & R Guns & Ammo ..................................E4 Merchants Bank .......................................... B6 Messenger Print & Design .......................... B9

Peoples Trust Company .............................. A5

Thibault Appliances..................................... D6 Top of the Hill Kennels ...............................E10

Trust Company of Vermont.......................... D6

Union Bank â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Fairfax....................................E8 Union Bank - St. Albans ...............................E8 United Way - Franklin/Grand Isle ...............E10

Plouffâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Monument ...................................... D6


Poquette Realty Group............................... C11

Village Frame Shoppe ................................. C6

Precious Things Jewelry ............................. D8

Vermont Department of Health .....................E6

Price Chopper ........................................... A12

R Rail City Salon ............................................ A4 Rayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Extrusion Dies & Tubing, Raven

Vermont Federal Credit Union ......................E5 Vermont Precision Tools ....................C2 & C3

W W.H. Supply ................................................ C8 Wagginâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Tails Grooming .............................. C8

Industries........................................D2 & D3

Walkerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Farm, Home & Tack....................... B8

Millerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Automotive ..................................... C6

Redstone Villa ............................................E12

Wellness Massage ...................................... C5

Golden Goddess Salon.............................. C10

Modern Touch Salon ................................. C10

RE/MAX Destinations .................................. D7

Great Northern Digital Satellite .................... C4

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney ..................... A8

Rocheleau Realty Associates ..................... C10

Cowles Quilting........................................... C8

Great Outdoors of Vermont.......................... C8

Mosher Construction .................................. D6

RockTenn ........................................... A6 & A7

Creative Muse Floral Design ........................E8

Green Valley Lock ....................................... C8

Mother Hubbardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s........................................ A8

Ruggiano Engineering, Inc. ..........................E1

Cross Consulting Engineers, P.C. ................E6

GTM Electric ............................................. A10

Myers Container Service ..............................E2

Rural Partnerships .......................................E2

Colonial Styling Center ............................. D12 Community National Bank........................... D5 Connor Contracting, Inc. ............................. C1

Midas Car Care ........................................... B6

Wendellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Furniture ................................... A11 Wireless Zone ..............................................E1

Y Yellow Door Salon & Spa ............................ D6 Youngâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Accounting, LLC ............................ D8

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

The biggesT consTrucTion projecT in VermonT:

jay peak

Bill Stenger, President and Chief Operating Officer of Jay Peak Resort

Cheri Barber Desiree Murphy John Slagle Gwendolyne Slagle Thomas McGrail Jr. Steven Grundon Jade Salvas Leslie Pippin Christopher Gendron Timothy Malloy Matthew Boudreau Peggy Lontine Shannon Lontine Walter Elander Alexander Noftz Elizabeth Button Gage O ‘Donnell Margaret Heaghney Jennifer Dodd Michael Lopes Patrick Field Hugh Doheny Phillip Irons Jane Williams Gail Ovitt Riley Hoke George Lochtie Chayanne Johnson Sean Collins Eric Martin Joseph Jones David Hoke

Jay Peak is mid-stride through the most ambitious four-season construction project in Vermont. The Tram Haus Lodge is complete, as is the Jay Peak Ice Haus and the 18-hole championship golf course [rated this year as Vermont’s best.]

The new Hotel Jay – 275,000 square feet and 170 rooms – is being built as we speak. It will also include a fitness center, a brick over pizzeria, a restaurant, shops, and a lot more, but we’ll let your imaginations roam.

But there is more. A lot more.

And who is helping us build this recreational colossus?

The largest indoor water park in New England will debut in December of this year – 60,000 square feet. It will have a retractable roof and the nation’s only indoor Aqua Loop ride. It will have a standing double ride surf wave and the longest indoor river in America. Amazing.

Margaret Doheny Kyle Saltzman John Lynch Nicole Sylvester Vanessa Brunelle Christopher Kruckel Kyle Johnson Harmon Olmstead Jordan Trudell Philip Graziano Jacob Webster Martina Tesarova Tiffany Jones Grady Kennison Heidi Lague Elizabeth Martin Cody Kolva Tosca Johnson-Smith Marcel Mercy Jon Walker Sheila St. Cyr Megan Burns John Witherspoon Dana Kennison David Marchand Diane Gendron Warren Geary Stacey Marino Susan Jones Samantha Thompson Jason Guild Henry Marshall III

Evan Memoli Tyler M.J. Birch Jonathan Klemmer Sharon Butler Julie Adams Craig Caforia Stephen Hathaway Jarad Baker Meagan Robidoux Andrew F Hathaway Kimberly Quinn Matthew Snider Calla Maloney Jonas Vaillancourt Nicole Woodworth Noel Lazenby Edward Hoss Catherine McNaney Raciel Serna Rios Heather Maciag John Little David Bott Richard Kortea Eamon O’ Shea Aidan Smith Bernadette Earley Elaine Bruckner Felicity Barnard Rory Butler Sharon Muise Timothy R.E. Birch Matthew Crowley

Almost a thousand Vermonters, and many of them your Franklin County friends, neighbors and family. [Listed below.] We’re very proud of them and their efforts to make Jay Peak the premier recreational destination spot in New England.

Gary Wetherbee Renee´ Birch Shelly Deuso Tiffany Osowiecki Mark Draper Max Grossman Jesse Houston Reuben Dandurand Robert Haspray Corinne Mutell Dominick Malaussena David Miller Michelle Meunier Dean Zorn Gordon McNaney Albert Oktavec William Vore Kathryn Weber Andrew Barranco Christopher Redder Kamee Griggs James Murphy Carolyn Eno Darcy Kimball Salvatore Parisi III Michelle Hartigan Barbara Whitney Kayleigh Gibney Iesha Murray Kylie O ‘Brien Beth O’ Brien William Collins III

Derek Thornton Walter Edgerly Jr. Allen Davis Taylor Aldrich Kaitlin Gibney Jeramie Hoehn Courtney Corvelo Shauna Barbeau Chelsea Hemond Jessica Sheehan Crystal Edgerly Laina Brassil Amy Walker Barbara Whitney David Fuller April Macha Amanda Barnes Travis Letourneau Jason Combs Walter Edgerly Samantha Parah Jennifer Combs Donna Hislop Jennifer Martin Robert Clisby Doren R.A. Hughes Jeffrey Hubbard Alan Dibler Krista Stucke Robert Stucke Mark Casavant Jessica Moniz

Hotel Jay under construction 170 rooms

New England’s largest indoor waterpark - 60,000 square feet of fun!

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger â&#x20AC;˘ May 2011

Meet Your Merchant 2011

A Over 1,000 Vermonters call this where they work.

Andrew Stenger, construction project manager, overlooks construction of 275,000 sq.ft. Jay Peak Hotel.

Construction at restaurant at hotel Jay.

Retractable roof at the new waterpark imagine the rays in January!

Jay Peak Championship Golf Course. Named the Best Course in Vermont by Golfweek Magazine.

Raise â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;em Jay. Does it get any better?

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Ra i l C i t y S a lo n

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Franklin County Industrial Development Corporation FCIDC is a non-profit regional development corporation. The corporation will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in August of this year. The mission of FCIDC is to create an economic environment that will retain and create jobs, and support capital investment. Franklin County,VT is a leader in Vermont economic development. The strong working relationships between private and public sectors including communities, businesses, planning, and education organizations has been the catalyst for the creation of more than 3,000 jobs in 40 firms over the past 40 years. This growth has brought Franklin County from a predominately agriculture based economy to today’s diverse, dynamic industrial and economic base that is quality driven by leading edge technologies. Standing (l-r): Steve Densham, Tim Smith. Sitting: Gail Albertelli, Connie Burns Owners: Location: Website: Phone: Hours: Employees:

Hometown Beverage & Redemption

Left to right: Jaime Fisher, Kristy Ryan, Barb Duffy, Laurie Hubbard - (stylists) Sitting down: Carol Lumbra, Laura Gervais

Owner: Location: Phone: Hours:

Non-Profit-Board made up of 18 directors 2 North Main Street, 4th floor, St.Albans,VT (802) 524-2194 Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5pm Gail Albertelli, Office Manager/ Administrative Assistant Connie Burns, Community and Business Outreach Marilyn Laidman, Office Assistant Steve Densham, Small Business Development Center Counselor Tim Smith, Executive Director

Carol Lumbra and Laura Gervais 17 Lake St. St. Albans, VT (802) 527-5027 Tues-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 8am-3pm Closed Sun-Mon

A local business for over 15 years, Rail City was chosen to represent Vermont in Matrix’s ‘Spread the Love’ 2011 campaign, sharing their pride and passion for cosmetology with their community, through such things as charity events and participation in local celebrations. For any occasion, whether its your wedding day, prom day, or your every day, they’re there to take care of you. Become a fan on facebook, or go to for more info on the salon or stylists.

(L to R) Mike Manahan, Susan Boulerice, Shirley O’Dell, Kyle Corey, Stephanie Robtoy, Bonnie Plouffe, Rob Cioffi Owner: Location: Email: Hours: Phone: Employees:

Hometown Beverage conveniently located across from BFA offers a full deli, bottle redemption, full coffee bar, as well as a great selection of wine, beer, soda, water and offers 2% Milk gal @ $2.89! Open 7 days a week We take pride in our customer service and satisfaction. It is important to us that we have something for everyone and everyone leaves happy.

Michael Manahan & Robert Cioffi 72 South Main Street, St.Albans 6am-10pm (802) 752-4130 Susie Boulerice, Bonnie Plouffe, Stephanie Robtoy, Deli Specialist, Shirley O’Dell, Briana Manahan, Dallas Stuart, Matt Manahan, Logan Spillane, B-Love, Kyle Corey

Fitness Zone Invites You To Our Spin-A-Thon and Outdoor Boot Camp We’re Raising Funds to help Good Friend Bobby Trainer Battle Cancer.

Join us Saturday, June 4th 10AM-5PM -Spin-A-Thon 10AM - 12 Noon - Boot Camp

All other donations are welcome! Buy Bobby ’s favorite Smoothie “Peanut Butter Cup”, Just $3.00, at our Smoothie Bar!

The Fitness Zone will donate a portion of every membership sold that day. Call Beth now to participate 527-1234 - signing up for either the Spin-A-Thon or Boot Camp! 248 No. Main Street St. Albans 802-527-1234

For more gym info:

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

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PeoPles trust comPany SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1886


ounded in 1886, the Peoples Trust Company has been proud to serve generations of families and businesses of Northwestern Vermont. We have been your community bank and will continue to be your community bank where you work, live and play. We offer the products and services you need, when you need them. We have offices

Seated left to right: Mary L. Larivee, Residential Lender; Jennifer Chalifoux, Assistant Branch Manager. Standing left to right: Katie M. McCuin, Sonja D. Cox, Laura E. Bean; Tellers. Missing from photo: Meredith Grasso, Teller.

Seated left to right: Cheryl Pickreign, Branch Manager; Brent Cole, Account Servicing Representative. Standing left to right: Miriam M. Boyle, Residential Lender; Laura V. Rodgers, Teller; Christine Leahy, Teller.

Commercial Banking Georgia Branch

Seated left to right: Katherine Reighley, Commercial Lender; Michelle Desautels, Commercial Account Representative. Standing left to right: Suzan Cross, Commercial Lender; Thomas J. Gallagher, Senior Commercial Lender; Danielle E. Manahan, Commercial Loan Assistant & Junior Lender.

Seated left to right: Mary C Ryan, Assistant Branch Manager; Elaine K. Nester, Branch Manager. Standing left to right: Bonnie Potter, Kaili J. Krupp, Jessie L. Gosselin, Heather L. French; Tellers.

Franklin Park West Branch

Seated left to right: Brittany L. Rushlow, Teller; Shelley Domingue, Branch Manager; Kim Beebe, Assistant Branch Manager. Standing left to right: Diana Lavallee-Sylvester Teller; Leah M. Mayhew, Account Servicing Representative; Jeannine R. Messier, Teller; Mary H. Bond, Account Servicing Representative; Kristen M. Gamache, Teller; Lori A. Laughlin, Teller; Chelsea Boyd, Account Servicing Representative. Missing from photo: Amy Karumba, April Kilbury, Kelly Hall; Tellers; Gyneth Thomas, Residential Lender.

Enosburg Falls Branch

(L to R) Maureen J. Toof, Executive Vice President; Linda M. LeBlanc, President & Chief Operating Officer; Steven M. Scrimgeour, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Officer.

Essex Branch

Swanton Branch

Account Servicing & Tellers

Kingman Street Branch

President & Executive Officers

in both Franklin and Chittenden counties and have Saturday hours! For more information, visit us online at www. or call (802) 524-2196, (800) 479-2196. Member FDIC.

Seated left to right: Kerry M. Deschamps, Branch Manager; Linda W. Lothian, Account Servicing Representative; Heather A. Feeley, Assistant Branch Manger. Standing left to right: Tara R. Gagner, Joanna M. Bourbeau, Sarah Dill, Katy Brouillette; Tellers. Missing from photo: Ashley Meunier, Teller.

Seated left to right: Sarah R. Tougas, Branch Manager & Consumer Lender; Traci L. DeRosia, Assistant Branch Manager. Standing left to right: Chelsea Longe, Shannon Fecteau; Tellers. Missing from photo: Samantha M. Menard, Teller.

Come see what a Community Bank can do for you! Kingman Street Branch

Essex Branch

Franklin Park West Branch

Georgia Branch Bank

Swanton Branch

Enosburg Falls Branch

25 Kingman St., St. Albans • 524-2196 Junction of Rte 7 & 104A • 527-1261

1 Carmichael Street, Essex • 879-4999 123 FIRST STREET, SWANTON • 868-5935

1 FRANKLIN PARK WEST • 524-7830 140 MAIN STREET • 933-9000

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Mill Division 1 Mill Street Sheldon Springs, Vermont


RockTennMissisquoi MissisquoiMill MillEmployee Employee Roster May May 2011 2010 RockTenn Richard Archambault Richard Babbie Brian Baillargeon Jeff Baranik Jim Barden Robert Barnes, Jr. David Barnum Gary Bates Tim Bean Todd Beauregard David Benneig Earl Benway Frank Benway Terry Bergeron Alan Bishop John Blaney Chad Bouchard Marc Boucher Norm Boudreau Brandon Bourgeois Heath Bovat Mark Bransfield Michael Cantell John Carpenter Norman Chalifoux Real Chalifoux

Richard Chalifoux David Charron Duane Charron David Choiniere Kyle Choiniere Ty Choiniere John Choquette Mike Choquette Jeremy Conley Thomas Conley Archie Cota Andrew Coutu Shaun Couture Richard Cronin Robert Danyow Steve Danyow Gary Deatte Michael Deuso Kevin Donna Kim Donna Adam Dragon Herb Dudley Mark Duso Josh Edelson Doug Edwards Josh Feeley

Raymond Gabree Alex Gagne Eric Gagne Kyle Gagne Steven Gleason Travis Greenwood Chris Ham-Ellis Ben Hardy Dan Hardy Doug Harrod Brad Howard George Jacobs John Jacobs Lonnie Jacobs Roger Jacobs, Jr. Steve Jacobs Robert Jerry Nancy Jettie Sharon Kalahan Andrew King Doug King Richard Knight Patricia Labor Stephen Ladd Charles Lamoureux Joseph Lamoreux

Todd LaPan George Laplant George Laplant, Jr. Jacqueline Larivee Alan Levick Charles Loiselle Chris Longe Ricky Longe Tyler Lovelette Brent Lussier David Machia Amy Marchessault Jeff Marcoux Serge Marcoux Robert A. Martin Robert L. Martin Dan Mercure Darlene Morin Michael Morin Darrick Norris Kurt Norris Clem Paquette Rosaire Paquette Billy Paradee William Paradee Larry Paradis

Jerry Parent Jason Ploof Harvey Poirier Christian Postemski Mark Rainville Chad Rivers Keith Robarge Joseph Roddy Bryan Rodger Kelley Rondeau Keith Rondeau Louis St. John James Salisbury Charles Sartwell Justin Sartwell Nathan Sartwell Kevin Scheffler Tim Sherrer Lynn Silk Joseph Smart Fred Snide Howard Stanley Travis Steinhour David Supernault David Sweet Gilbert Sweet

Richard Sweet, Jr. Alan Teague Carol Teague Donald Teague Leo Teague Michael Teague Roger Thieken Shane Tibbits Ken Vidal Roger Vidal Carl Vieta Bill Wagner Tim Walsh John Waterhouse David Wetherby John Wetherby Michael Williams Travis Wilson David Wisell Kyle Woods Jason Yates

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger â&#x20AC;˘ May 2011

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Meet Your Merchant 2011



Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

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Live Joyfully, Savor Every Moment And Surrender To The Beauty In Life.




Classes Cater to all fitness levels as well as yoga levels

Allyssa Adams, EMT-Intermediate Jodi Brooks, EMT-Intermediate Jon Cullen, EMT-Basic Keith Cullen, EMT-Intermediate Jeanne Dube, EMT-Intermediate Heather Eckman, EMT-Intermediate Alex Fuchs, EMT-Basic Dave Guyette, EMT-Intermediate Dr. Ed Haak, Medical Advisor Kara Hartin, EMT-Intermediate Gene Hurdle, EMT-Basic

b a l a n c e • c o r e • s t r e n g t h • y o g a • w e i g h t s • m a s s a g e • e n e r g y • r e j u v e n at e d

Location: Phone: Staff: Hours:


Walt Krul


256 South Main Street, St.Albans



Emergencies Only, 24 Hours: Dial 9-1-1 Business Office 9am-5pm, (802) 527-1244

Established in 1989, AmCare Ambulance Service provides emergency and nonemergency ambulance service to our St. Albans City, St. Albans Town, Georgia and Fairfield communities. We provide emergency 9-1-1 and critical care transport service with 5 Advanced Life Support ambulances and A.L.S. crews staffed 24 hours a day. We also provide nonemergency transport locally and throughout the Northeast and Canada. Bed-to-bed air transport is also available.

The Larose Family Back Row: Melissa,Tatum, Nick Front Row: Hunter, Parker, Burke

19 Bushey Rd, St.Albans,VT (802) 527-0777 CJ Santor,Ashton Hubbard, David Hubbard, Morgan Minor, Jennifer Young, Barb Benoit Mon-Sat 6am-10pm, Sun 6am-8pm

Family owned and operated since October of 2009, Mother Hubbards Bakery, Deli & Country Store is situated at the sight of the historic Hubbard Dairy, on land that has been in the family for generations. Hubbard Acres had a delivery service that provided milk, eggs, soda and other goods to local families. The Laroses’ plan to carry on the tradition of serving the community with locally grown and

Walt Krul, EMT-Intermediate, Director Charlie Kuthe, EMT-Intermediate Spencer LaBarge, EMT-Intermediate Bernice Leahy, Office Manager Steve Mailhiot, EMT-Intermediate Shalyn Peloubet, EMT-Intermediate Dale Powers, EMT-Intermediate Joey Randall, EMT-Intermediate Clement Roger, EMT-Intermediate,Training Director Alex Wright, EMT-Intermediate, Quality Assurance Director Heather Wright,EM T-Intermediate

We are proud to be the recipient of The Franklin County Regional Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award, The Franklin County Business and Professional Women Employer of the Year Award, The Governor’s Highway Safety Award, The Vermont State Police Lifesaver Award, The American Heart Association Lifesaver Award, and The Vermont EMS District 1 Ambulance Service of the Year Award for commitment and service to our community.

produced goods. They specialize in: A full service bakery, deli, groceries, beer & wine. They feature locally grown produce when available, both in ready made products, and for sale. Stop in to relax in their comfortable indoor or outdoor cafe, and have some great coffee, baked good & a fresh sandwich!

Our experienced and courteous professionals are dedicated to caring for you ... when you need it most.

Call us for you custom bakery & deli orders!

Please Don’t Drink and Drive.

MorganStanley SmithBarney

(L to R) Steve Comeau, Kristina Hoadley, Joanne Rosploch, Hilary Stowe, Julie Russell, Laurie Longe, Hannah Stowe.

(L to R) Front Row: Carrie Raftery, Senior Registered Client Service Associate; Suzanne Shepard, Financial Advisor; Kari Lopes, Registered Client Service Associate; Casey Robtoy, Sr. Complex Service Mgr. Back Row: Brian Pelkey, Financial Advisor; Harlan Sylvester, Financial Advisor; Mark McGinn, Complex Manager; Dean Pelkey, Financial Advisor. Location:

270 No. Main Street, St.Albans (Hungerford Building) & 69 Swift Street, South Burlington


(802) 524-4508 or 1-800-446-0193

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney is one of the most highly regarded firms in the financial industry. We have the resources to develop a customized investment strategy for the future you envision.

(Lto R) Prudy Marchessault & Nancy West

Owner: Location: Phone: Hours:

Diane Stowe

Steve Comeau, Pharmacist 366 Main Street, Enosburg Falls (802) 933-9200 Monday-Friday 8:30am-6pm Saturday 8:30am-4pm

Enosburg’s downtown pharmacy, owned and staffed by Enosburg’s most familiar faces. Friendly, cheerful and with the old-fashioned service that you’d expect from a real neighborhood pharmacy.

• Professional Investment Management

• Business Retirement Plans

• Retirement Planning

• 401(k) and IRA Rollovers

• Financial Planning

• FDIC insured CD’s

• Trust Services

• Annuities

• Tax Free and Treasury Bonds

• Life and Long Term Care Insurance

We pride ourselves on the fact that so many of our community members have chosen Morgan Stanley Smith Barney as their primary investment advisors. Contact us for a free no obligation financial consultation.

“Large firm expertise with small town attention.” Investment Products. not FdIc Insured. no Bank Guarantee. may Lose vaLue. © 2010 morgan stanley smith Barney Llc. member sipc. accounts carried By citigroup Global markets Inc. member sipc. all rights reserved. Investment Products and services are offered through morgan stanley smith Barney Llc, member sipc. morgan stanley smith Barney Llc Is a registered Broker/dealer and Investment advisor, Formed By the combination of the Global Wealth management Group of morgan stanley & co. Incorporated and the smith Barney division of citigroup Global markets Inc.

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Meet Your Merchant 2011

Sitting (L-R): Marcia Corse, Larry Handy, Jennifer Durkee Standing (L to R): Al Corey, Martin Manahan, David Flood, David Handy, Mike Cross, Keith Bondeson, Chris Skelton, Frank Persons, Tim Hill, Herb Church, Jimmy Matas, Jeff Handy, not pictured Chris Hemmingway, Bud Handy, Cliff Womiche

handy buick gmc cadillac strives to give our customers the very best sales and service experience. For over 50 years we have provided a way for our friends to get to work, school, vacation and home and all those places in between. We are very proud to continue our commitment into its’ third generation. Visit us to see for yourself and see just why we are the place that friends send their friends to buy a new or pre-owned car or truck. 405 Swanton Road next to the drive-in 802.524.6531 •

Meet the People’s United Bank Team SwAnTon


ALBurgh teAm: Kelly morrison, Kat Fortin, Judith machia, and michelle Bohannon.

SwAnton teAm: wendy tatro, Sandra Desrochers, Julie Parent, and tina Laroche. misssing from photo: Linda Bourdeau.


St. ALBAnS teAm: Front row: nancy Devarney, Deborah Jackson, Colin Branon, and Ashley erno. Back row: Patrick talcott, rich Furniss, holly thweatt, Claudette racine, Penny overton, and rebecca graeter-Jones. missing from photo: evelyn todd.

Call: 800-772-1090 Click: Visit: Alburgh, St. Albans, and Swanton offices ©2011 People’s United Bank Member FDIC


Meet Your Merchant 2011


New York Life Ins. Co.

New York Life Investment Management

NotmaN, muehl associates Wealth StrategieS

“Helping people protect, accumulate, and distribute their wealth.”

Life Insurance Investments Retirement Planning Long Term Care

Client service is highly personalized and, in many cases, family oriented. We are always available for direction and assistance on financial matters. We provide guidance on a wide range of financial products, investments, insurance, and wealth strategies. We also work in concert with your family and other advisors like CPa’s and attorneys.

We believe financially successful people share four financial habits, we help our clients make these foundational habits their own; first, financially successful people spend less than they earn. Second, wise investors do not risk money they cannot afford to lose. Third. Financially successful people manage personal debt and seek to eliminate it. Fourth, If someone is financially dependent on you, it is your obligation to protect that person. Owner:

Shawn D. Morin, Registered Representative


463 Mountain View Drive, Suite 403, Colchester,VT. 05446


(802) 654-1121



Marielle Brown, Executive Asst.

Nathan a. muehl, lutcF Derek N. h. Notman, lutcF, clu ® , chFc Website:


(802) 363-0896 or (802) 654-1149


GTM Electric

GTM Electric Supply is your locally owned true family business. We have just celebrated our 26th anniversary. Owner Mark Bourbeau is now joined full time by his sons Dan and Chris.

th niversary 26 An

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011,

Classy Paws

Mark Bourbeau, Michelle Bourbeau & Gilles Bourbeau


362 Swanton Road, St. Albans,VT 05478



(802) 527-7714


Mon-Fri 7am-5:30pm & Sat 8am-3pm


Mark Bourbeau, Manager Michelle Bourbeau, Office Dan Bourbeau, Sales Georgette Bourbeau, Office Chris Bourbeau, Sales Simba, Greeter

Big & Small, We Love Them All! Come see Dawn & Mindy at Classy Paws for a free consultation. We have several high end products & equipment. We offer many services including baths, brushing, full service grooming, nails, ears & more. Ask us about our grooming packages. Classy Paws is a place where we will treat your pet to a day of pampering & relaxation.

GTM offers a full line of lighting and electrical supplies for your home, farm or business. The quality products we offer combined with no pressure sales create a productive and affordable shopping experience. We are here to problem solve with you, whether you just have a lamp to repair or need to discuss a project. We listen and we care about our neighbors, so stop in and see all we have to offer.


Proud to offer

Call for an appointment! (L-R): Emily Capsey, Mindy Benoit, Dawn Costa,Victoria Costa

Location: Phone:

36 Lower Newton, St.Albans,VT 05478 Office (802) 527-6200 Dawn Costa (802) 309-5653 Mindy Benoit (802) 999-4154

Tanneberger Veterinary Hospital “A Practice of Caring” The Tanneberger Veterinary Hospital brings over 20 years of experience to the St. Albans area. We are a full service, small animal hospital committed to providing quality care for every stage of your animal’s life.

NORTHERN VERMONT ORAL & FACIAL SURGERY NortherN VermoNt oral & Facial Surgery Specialists in Oral, Maxillofacial, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeries

Front Row (L-R): Dr.Tony Tanneberger, Heather Austin, Brenda Wood. Back Row (L-R) Krista Paradee, Dr. Emilie Beaupré, Leslie Tanneberger, Holly Fortin, Kay Benedict, Christine Coe.


Dr. Anthony Tanneberger


997 Fairfax Rd., Rt. 104, St. Albans, (802) 524-2001


Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-12pm

Website: For records & online purchases!

Dr. Anthony Tanneberger Veterinarian Dr. Emilie Beaupré Veterinarian Holly Fortin Certified Veterinary Technician Kay Benedict Certified Veterinary Technician Christine Coe Certified Veterinary Technician

Krista Paradee Veterinary Receptionist Heather Austin Veterinary Assistant Brenda Wood Veterinary Receptionist Leslie Tanneberger Office Manager

(L to R) Back Row: Lisa Morin, Joanne Marriott, Susan Parent, Dr. Purdy, Lacey Ure, Tessa Krygier. Front Row: Pauline McCuin, Tonya Lulek and Nicole Warren.

Doctors: Location: Website: Phone: Hours:

Fashion meets affordability, in an upscale designer re-sale boutique located in downtown St. Albans.

William D. Purdy, DDS, MS Robert J. Lesny, DDS

The Family Tree offers a wide selection of womens’ and childrens’ apparel, and accessories - including handbags, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry.

17 Catherine Street, St. Albans, VT 05478 802-524-0490 Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm, Friday 7am-2pm

Family Tree’s refined atmosphere and welcoming staff promise a shopping experience that is tailored to your individual taste.

Patient Care Coordinators: Pauline McCuin, Tonya Lulek, Lisa Morin & Lacey Ure Surgical Assistants: Joanne Marriott, Susan Parent, Tessa Krygier & Nicole Warren

Northern Vermont Oral & Facial Surgery provides high quality, compassionate oral, maxillofacial, reconstructive and cosmetic services to our patients. We interact in a responsive, professional manner with our referral sources.

Owner: Location: Phone: Hours: Employees:

Kim Lux , Owner 82 N. Main St., St.Albans,VT (802) 527-5717 Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm Eva Fronhofer, Renee Laroche

Whether you’re a fashionforward trendsetter or a conservative career women, Family Tree offers everything from career attire to casual dress and evening wear. Products of renowned designer Jes MaHarry of Sunhorse are in stock, including handbags, jewelry, and apparel.

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s n a b l A . t S s ’ l l f o y r a Wende s r e v i n n a t s 1 s e t a r b ! e l n e o i c t a c o L n w o t n w o D w e n r u o T

welve years ago, Wendell Farrell opened the doors of Wendell’s Furniture with twelve pieces of furniture. These days, things have changed -- with three locations and over fifty thousand square feet of showroom space, the company focuses on furniture for all rooms of the home, promising the highest value per dollar in every price range, and partnering with trusted name brands like Tempur-pedic, Flexsteel, and Simmons. When asked what’s the key to the huge success and tremendous growth of the Farrell family’s business, Wendell says, “We do things differently. My staff is trained that anyone who walks through our doors is my personal friend. So we just Take. Care. of. The Customer. We sell furniture that our customers can be proud of, and if there’s a problem, we take care of it. Our customers appreciate the personal way we treat them, and they’ve repaid us with fast and exponential growth over the past decade.” Wendell’s St. Albans is a typical example of the company’s success. Wendell had so many Franklin County customers ask him to open a store closer to their home, that he decided to do just that! The St. Albans store celebrated its grand opening in Spring 2008 , quickly outgrew its original space, and moved to the former Giroux Furniture building in downtown St. Albans in 2010. Joe Dunlavey, store manager and Sheldon resident, attributes the store’s success to word of mouth advertising. “Franklin County is a small place - we all know each other, and when we have a good experience, we like to talk about it. Wendell’s St. Albans is about neighbors taking care of neighbors. When you come to us for help furnishing your home, we take it personally; we do everything we can to make sure that our products bring contentment and satisfaction to your family. We understand that this isn’t our store - it belongs to our community, so we take a lot of pride in serving Franklin County.”

Wendell’s St. Albans gives Franklin County residents a chance to buy quality, stylish furniture at excellent value with a large selection and outstanding service without the long drive.


fter Wendell’s retirement from day-to-day operations in 2009, son Ryan and daughter Tara have worked hard to improve their family’s company while staying true to the values on which their dad built his business. Tara notes that “one of our company’s guiding philosophies is Roots - ‘we remember where we come from and what makes us strong.’ Part of that philosophy means buying local, and hiring local, so we’re very proud that about 30% of our company’s workforce is from right here in Franklin County. Wendell’s St. Albans gives folks a chance to buy quality, stylish furniture at excellent value, with a large selection and outstanding service, without the long drive.”

Store manager, BFA St. Albans grad Joe Dunlavey...on his way home to Sheldon loads a sofa to accommodate a customers special needs.

L Linda Boudreau loves helping customers make their house feel like home.

inda Boudreau, store designer and longtime St. Albans resident, says that one of her favorite things about working for Wendell’s is that the business always gives back to her community. “I’m really proud of St. Albans, and I love being a part of this business that’s focused on giving back to the people here,” she says. “Whether it’s sponsoring the ski hill, the Bobwhites, or the COPS Walk for Fallen Officers, Wendell’s gets involved. I love helping people to be more comfortable in their homes, and Wendell’s makes it easy for me to do that.”

Wendell Farrell passed on the reigns to daughter Tara in June 2009.

Tara, Ryan Farrel and cousin Joe Dunlavey were excited to open new downtown St. Albans location in June of 2010

Lake St., St. Albans (across from One Federal Restaurant!) (802) 527-8360 • Mon-Thurs 10-6, Fri & Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5


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Open 24 Hours Everyday!

Rt. 7 North St. Albans 802-524-2033

Meat Department

(L to R) Donnie Morin; William Bilodeau; Christopher Gravelin; Mark Flood; Richard Delosa; Missing - Mark Langlois, Lori Gorman

Floral Department

(L to R) Bralynn Montgomery-Noel, Nicole Nappi-Thompson

Deli Department

(L to R) Mary Boucher; Tammy Woodward, Manager; Patty Severance; Linda Longley; missing - Ronita Blair- Pretty; Susan Lucey; Amanda Booker; Heather Corliss; Emmett Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien; Jani Cadorette

Department Managers

(L to R) Colton Burnett, Assist Mgr.; Melissa Reynolds, Customer Service Supervisor; Sherri Lawrence, GM Manager; Dick Delosa Meat Dept. Mgr.; Stephanie Boivin, Price Accuracy Coordinator; Tammy Woodard, Deli Mgr.; Jessica Justice, Customer Service Mgr.

Store Managers

(L to R) Dave Myer, Grocery; Landon Hutchins, Assist. Grocery; Brian West, Store Manager

Seafood Department

(L to R) Carla Michaels, Allison Torres; Leland Woodworth

Bakery Department

(L to R) Claire Bushey, Jim Hickey, Allison Benoit, Sara Lapierre.

Produce Department

(L to R) Dale Whitcomb, manager, Berta Craig, Linda Gover, Marcel Deslauriers

Pharmacy Department

(L to R) Elaine Metzger

France Hackett, Mark Coons - Manager, Deb Reynolds

General Merchandise

(L to R) Nicole Jaycox, Assist. Mgr. ; Sherri Lawrence, GM Manager

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everage Mart, Lake Street - St. Albans, now in our 35th Year. Serving northern Vermont residents the largest selection of beer, wine, and liquor. Our sub shop - Voted Best In Town - fresh subs made while you wait! Stop in at Hoss’s Dog House... enjoy our handcut Fries, michigans, Creemees & more! Ross Arsenault, Owner


Doug White

Darlene Gagne

Linda McDonald

Mike Bishop

Chandler Rogers

Wendy Baker & Kim Dufresne

Bottle Redemption: (L to R) Top Left Photo: Cameron Sundthrom, Damin Hall Bottom LT: Steve Wells Bottom RT: Mat Nelson (L to R) Derek Tatro, Joshlynn Fitzpatrick, Tom Arsenault, Calsie Chamberlain, Molly Gaudette, Tiffany Tatro




Store: 6am-10pm • redemption: 8am-9pm

Lake Street, St. Albans

802 527-7437

A Vermont StAte Liquor Store


Meet Your Merchant 2011

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;\)TJIV[>MZUWV\ ...a fun and healthy place to shop or work!

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger â&#x20AC;˘ May 2011

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)?):,?16616/ +755=61<A;-:>1+-


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Hull Insurance Agency

At TD Bank, we’re committed to helping you reach your financial goals by offering the products and advice you need.

Swanton Store 802-868-7324 (L to R) Standing: Emily Morris; Adam Fitzgerald; Heather Billado. Sitting - Lyndsay Dunne, Manager; Drena Voyer

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

St. Albans Plaza Store 802-527-8481 (L to R) Standing: Brandy Coolum; Jennifer Sprague; Kellie King. Sitting - Suzanne Violette; Mara Pressman, Manager

Owners: Location: Phone: Hours: Employees: St. Albans Downtown Store 802-527-8445 (L to R) Standing: Shane Mispel; Richard Cassano, Manager; Josh Lareau, James Van Orten. Sitting - Briana Terwilligo, Lisa Robtoy, Ann Allen

TD Bank welcomes every opportunity to introduce you to our dedicated and knowledgeable staff who are committed to providing quality customer service from our many locations. We are proud to be a part of this community and look forward to serving you for many years to come as the most convenient bank around.

Sandy Lovelette, Shawna Lovelette 37 Pearl Street, Enosburg Falls (802) 933-4359 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Sandy Lovelette, Principal Shawna Lovelette, Principal Katie Bonk, Producer Chad Lovelette, Producer

Established in 1972, the Hull Insurance Agency’s mission has been simple: treat each client with compassion, honesty, and integrity. Current owner and agency principals Sandy and Shawna Lovelette strongly believe in the same traditional values and business ethics the Hull Insurance Agency has been known for. We take the time to answer all your questions honestly, and give you a complete analysis of your current insurance protection. That’s why it is no surprise that most of our growth comes from satisfied clients telling their friends and neighbors about us. Providing prompt, reliable service is the cornerstone of our agency. Our goal is to give each client the most value for his or her insurance dollar. To sum it up:

ServIce IS wHAt we StAnd for!

Member FDIC. l TD Bank, N.A.

Silver and Gold Jewelry & The Tattoo Works of Vermont


ubuchon Hardware is a convenient, neighborhood hardware store with good variety and prices you can afford with the help you would expect from friends. These characteristics are what New Englanders like and is what this New England Corporation is all about. Aubuchon Hardware carries everything from paint and wallpaper to hand tools and power tools, plumbing and electrical supplies, housewares and seasonal items. They also stock some fishing and sporting goods, and carry a full line of professional painters’ products.You can find lawn mowers, garden tractors, snowblowers, sump pumps, chain saws, lawn care products, light fixtures, pool supplies, ceiling fans, gas grills, automotive products, patio furniture, a complete selection of fasteners, Christmas decorations, wood stoves, telephones and now even flower and vegetable plants. There’s something for everyone “in the neighborhood.”


James & Barbara Thibault


116 N. Main St., St.Albans (next door to Coldwell Banker Real Estate)


(802) 527-2811


Tuesday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturdays 9am-5:30pm Closed Sundays & Mondays


Amandia Murray, Noa Chaikin, Christian Eaton

Opened in 1994 , we specialize in jewelry sales including rings, necklaces, and pendents. We do sell unusual settings. We have built a strong customer clientele, and wish to thank all of our customers for their patronage these past 15 years. The Tattoo works of Vermont, with tattoo artists Jim Thibault and Brenna Keefe, have combined for 45 years of experience. We provide Free consultation; offering sterile, clean, and comfortable body piercing, body jewelry, quality tattoos, from a choice of over 100, 000 designs.

The Company, family-owned and operated, was founded in Massachusetts in 1908 by William E. Aubuchon, Sr. He had decided his stores would be “most profitable if they identified a specific class of customers and geared inventory levels, advertising, store location and service concepts to satisfying that kind of customer alone.” After over 100 years in business, there are over 130 Aubuchon Hardware stores spanning the neighborhoods of New England and New York and the chain in still growing But the Company never loses track of where it started. It still remains “all in the family” with 22 family members currently employed in various positions. The impressive record of success maintained by Aubuchon Hardware can be attributed to its treating its customers as friends and making them #1!!! As William, Sr. once added, “The business was founded on the principle of buying economically. We give our customers what they want - high grade hardware at a price everyone can afford.”

St. Albans Store (L to R) Jordan Bedard, John Domina, Paul Luhman, Carly Greeno, Glen Spears - Manager

Swanton Store (L to R) Kolby Staples

Swanton Store (L to R)

Jon D’Amico, Jason Firkey,

Troy Staples, Manager; Kyle Staples; Peggy Cracker, Assist. Mgr.

Meet Your Merchant 2011

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Franklin County Caring Communities, Inc. & Watershed Mentoring


8Uh^dfP]cc^VXeTh^daRWX[SaT]WP__X]TbbbTRdaXch[^eTfWT] h^d[TPeTcWT\X]b^\T^]TT[bTbRPaTVXeTcWT\

1aT]SPÂľb6XVV[Tb 6aX]b2WX[S2PaT

Our vision: A safe and healthy community that values all its members. We are your prevention resource in Franklin County: Drug Free Communities coalition: Partnering with schools, parents, youth, law enforcement, business, health, and youth services to prevent substance abuse and promote positive youth development in Franklin County.

° ;824=B43278;320A424=C4A°

â&#x20AC;˘ Watershed Mentoring-Matching youth with caring, supportive role models â&#x20AC;˘ Parenting Wisely(TM) & Guiding Good Choices(TM)-Equipping parents and strengthening families as the first defense against drug and alcohol abuse through communication and prevention skill-building

We have openings for children of all ages, from birth to 12 years.

Fully Licensed

â&#x20AC;˘ Strategic Prevention/START: Promoting consistent responses to high-risk and underage drinking and other drug use

Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Available

Owner: Brenda Elwood

â&#x20AC;˘ Say It Straight-Developing youth leadership among our kids and teens

59 Jayview Dr., enosburg

(802) 933-5050

(L to R) Lisa Thibault, St. Albans Coop Creamery,Watershed Mentoring Advisory Committee; Cindy Cook,Youth & Families Outreach Coordinator; Elizabeth Malone,Watershed Mentoring Intern; Missing - Beth Crane Executive Director.


67 Fairfield Street, St. Albans,Vt.


(802) 527-5049


Beth Crane, Executive Director Cindy Cook,Youth & Families Outreach Coordinator Elizabeth Malone, Watershed Mentoring Intern Lisa Thibault, St. Albans Coop Creamery

Monday - Friday 6am to 5:45pm


Pictured (L-R): Kristin Elwood, Courtney Hale, Jenna Desautels, Brenda Elwood. Missing from photo: Betty Larivee Non-profit organization

9>8=DB8=>DA=4F;HA4<>34;43B?024 FTWPeT\^aTa^^\c^_[PhX]S^^abP]SPVaTPc^dcS^^a_[PhPaTP

Always ready to help with your healthcare... Adult & Pediatric Primary Health Care & Dental Services

Referrals, education & womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health issues.

Alburg â&#x20AC;˘ EnoSburg â&#x20AC;˘ riCHforD â&#x20AC;˘ St. AlbAnS â&#x20AC;˘ SwAnton

riCHforD HEAltH CEntEr

notCH PArtnEring ProjECt

notCH DEntAl CliniC (SwAnton)

riCHforD DEntAl CliniC

CArE CoorDinAtion tEAm

SwAnton HEAltH CEntEr

notCH ADminiStrAtion

St AlbAnS HEAltH CEntEr

notCH billing DEPArtmEnt

informAtion tECHnology

notCH PHArmACy

riCHforD CuStoDiAn

Alburg HEAltH CEntEr 796-4414 â&#x20AC;˘ Monday-Thursday-8 am-5 pm Industrial Park Rd., Alburg, VT

EnoSburg HEAltH CEntEr 933-5831 â&#x20AC;˘ Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm 44 Center St., Enosburg Falls, VT

notCH DEntAl CliniC

868-5551 â&#x20AC;˘ Tuesday & Wednesday 7 am-5:30 pm 100 Thunderbird Drive, Swanton, VT


Aldridge, Pamela........................Receptionist Atherton, Florence ................................... LPN Baker, Pauline .................................Custodian Barron, Ronald ...........................Receptionist Benoit, Kathy.......................Finance Director Benoit, Kelly.......................... Office Manager Benoit, Stephanie.......................Receptionist Bisson, Rosaire............... Physician Assistant Bondesen, Autumn....... Physician Assistant Bouchard, Nathan .............................. Dentist Bouchard, Patricia .....................Receptionist Boudreau, Marie..........................Billing Clerk Burns, Lea............................. Dental Assistant Cameron, Michelle.....................Receptionist Carpenter, Christine........Pharm. Technician Casperson-Lapine, Gail.....Clinical Supervisor Chevalier, Diane .........................Receptionist Combs, Casey..............................Receptionist Cooper, Ilene .................................Office Clerk Daigneault, Joanne....Outreach Coordinator Desautels, Sally................Pharm. Technician Diner, Murray ....................................... Dentist Dumont, Margaret ....................................LPN Dunton, Brandi...............................Custodian

Dunton, Bridget...........................Billing Clerk Dussault, Theda...............Pharm. Technician Eldridge, Roxy .............................Receptionist Farrar, Sarah..................................Office Clerk Fecteau, Rebecca.........................Billing Clerk Field, Barabara ................Pharm. Technician Fleming, Anne.....................Dental Hygienist Fletcher, Janice ................... Site Coordinator Fleury, Elizabeth..........................Billing Clerk Fournier, Laurie................. Care Coordinator Fowler, James................. Physician Assistant Fuller, Stephania ..............Accounts Payable Garrow, Stephanie.....................Receptionist Giroux, Kathlene.............................Custodian Goodroe, Rebecca......................Receptionist Green,Deborah.............Clinical Coord.Team Leader Gregoire, Darlene.......... Executive Assistant Gregoire, Josie.............................Receptionist Gregoire, Laura.....................Office Manager Hakey, Penny ......................Dental Hygienist Hilliker, Dorothy .........................................LPN Howard, Marie....................Dental Hygienist Hughes, Jill.......................... Nurse Supervisor Hurtubise, Sara...................Dental Hygienist Ianni, Robert................................. Pharmacist Jacobs, Jean .........................Billing Manager

Dr. robert Zelazo, medical Director

notCH PHArmACy

EnoSburg HEAltH CEntEr

Alburg HEAltH CEntEr

Juaire, Alicia ..........................Office Manager Fiebka, Carrie .................... Medical Assistant Kane, Jordan .............................Maintenance Kane, Lynne ..................................Billing Clerk Kelley, Heather............................. Pharmacist Kenney, Roger .......................Dental Director Langevin, Marie................. Nurse Supervisor Lariviere, Patricia .........Pharmacy Manager Larose, Heather ............. Physician Assistant Lavallee, Erick ..................................Physician Leonard, Theresa........... QA/QI Coordinator Letendre, Nicole..............................Custodian Lill, James...................................... Pharmacist Machia, Jessica................... Dental Assistant Martin, Katherine .............. Medical Records Mayhew, Amanda ......................... Controller McAllister, Wilma ................ Pharmacy Clerk McGovern, Cynthia....................................LPN Michelson, Patricia ................. Social Worker Mucia, Lindsey.................. Medical Assistant Nye, Barbara................................. Pharmacist Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor, Susan ........................Receptionist Paldino, Patrick.................................... Dentist Paquette, Donna............... Nurse Supervisor Parsons, Pamela.............. Executive Director Pedersen, Pamela............................Physician

Reynolds, Bradley.....Physician/Psychiatrist Rhodes, Suzanne ................ Pharmacy Clerk Sawyer, Ann......................... Dental Assistant Scott, Danielle..................... Dental Assistant Sheltra, Rebecca............... Care Coordinator Shepard, Kathy ................. Medical Assistant Snide, Jean M. .............................................LPN Soule, Alyssa ..................... Medical Assistant Soutiere, Amy................................................RN St. John, Elizabeth............ Medical Assistant Sullivan, Lawrence..........................Physician Sylva, Donna................................Billing Clerk Tatro, Sally A..........................Office Manager Thomas, Tina....................... Dental Assistant Tiffany, Phyllis.......................... Social Worker Totten, Heather................... Dental Assistant Towle, Karen................... Physician Assistant Tryhorne, Matthew.............Clinical Director Walker, Martha.............. Physician Assistant Weatherwax, Jesse ...................IT Technician Wells, Roy F. .................... Physician Assistant White, Emily.................................Receptionist Whiting, Chris .............................. IT Manager Woolhouse, Peter ................................ Dentist Zelazo, Robert.....................Medical Director

Administrative offices 802-255-5560

255-5530 â&#x20AC;˘ Mon-Fri, 9 am-5:30 pm, Sat 9 am-12 pm 44 Main Street, Suite 201, Richford, VT

notCH PArtnEring ProjECt 848-3815 â&#x20AC;˘ Monday-Friday 8am-4pm 53 Main St., Richford, VT

riCHforD DEntAl CliniC 255-5520 â&#x20AC;˘ Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm 44 Main St., Suite 400, Richford, VT

riCHforD HEAltH CEntEr 255-5500 â&#x20AC;˘ Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm 44 Main St., Suite 200, Richford, VT

St. AlbAnS HEAltH CEntEr

524-4554 â&#x20AC;˘ Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 8am-5am, Tues 10am-7pm 48 Lower Newton St., St. Albans, VT

SwAnton HEAltH CEntEr 868-2454 â&#x20AC;˘ Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm 45 Church St., Swanton, VT

We accept all insurances and offer sliding fee discounts to qualified patients.

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D.M.C Electric, Inc Owner:

Gary Choiniere, Master Electrician

Location: RD 2, Georgia Rd., St. Albans,Vt. 05478 Phone:

(802) 524-5771


Available 24 hours a day


Judy Choiniere, Secretary/Bookkeeper Larry Longway, Electrician Tony Connor, Electrician Tech. Eric Choiniere, Electrician Bryan Roy, Apprentice Electrician

D.M.C. Electric, Inc. does it all! Residential, commercial and industrial work. We provide free estimates, while we are radio dispatched for prompt service. We take pride in serving our customers and are dedicated to giving the best quality work.

We Are A Complete Automotive Repair, Maintenance Center.

St. Albans Family Chiropractic

TOTAL CAR CARE • Factory-Scheduled Maintenance • Tires • Brakes • Oil Changes • Exhaust • Shocks & Struts • Wheel Alignment • Belts • Hoses • Light Bulbs

(L to R) Chris Wood, owner, Jerry Bean, Jeremy Bushey, Mike Menard, Patrick Sherrhan, Jim Dunne

Owner: Location: Email: Phone: Hours:

Customer shuttle, ASE Ce rtified Technicians, National Warranties. The best up-to-date equipment and a smile.

Chris Wood 119 North Main St., St. Albans,VT 05478 802-524-5481 Monday-Friday 7:30am-5pm, Saturday 7:30am-Noon

(L to R) Stephanie Willson, Office Manager, Chad Volk, Chiropractor, and Crystal Longley, Chiropractic Assistant.

(left to right): Michele Murphy, Holly Godin, Cynthia Gilhooly, Teresa Robert, Darlene Cooper, Debra Rice Location: Email: Phone: Hours:

180 Swanton Rd., St.Albans,VT (802) 524-1101 Mon - Tue 9am to 5pm, Fri 9am to 6pm (Lobby) Mon - Tue 8:30am to 5pm, Fri 8:30am to 6pm (Drive Up)

Merchants Bank is a full service bank offering deposit products, lending products and investment options.

We strive to do the right thing in all business practices, to provide outstanding service, to ensure that our products and services provide value and to treat all of our customers with respect.

14 Special Communities


Chad E.Volk, D.C.


261 North Main Street, St. Albans,Vt. 05478


(802) 527-2492


Office Hours Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday Closed Thursdays. Please call for appointment!


Chad E.Volk, Chiropractor Stephanie Willson, Office Manager Crystal L ongley, Assistant

Dr. Volk provides gentle, hands-on Gonstead adjustment that can provide relief from many of life’s natural ailments including back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica problems, illness and much more. With an on-site x-ray facility Dr. Volk can see the specific regions of the spine and pinpoint exactly where your misalignments might be. St. Albans Family Chiropractic has been providing quality care to Franklin County residents for over 20 years and we continue to grow. Although always a busy schedule, we do our best to get a patient, new or existing, seen immediately. As stated in our name, we take pride in being a family practice and always try to make our patients feel at home. We accept most insurance, and also offer a flexible payment plan. We do our best to accommodate our patients and their families needs.

BROWN, CAHILL, GAWNE & MILLER, PC At t o r n e y s At L A w

60 Super pages

General practice of law including personal injury, family law, estate planning, probate practice, small business formations including corporations and limited liability companies, real estate representation, assistance with state and local land use permits, representation of municipalities and schools and representation of clients in all state and federal courts.

200 Superb advertisements

600 Sharp Photographs

2,000 Superior Individuals + +

2010 Meet Your Merchant

(L to R) Back Row, Attorneys: David Miller, Esq., Michael Gawne, Esq., Megan Manahan, Esq., Joseph F. Cahill, Jr., Esq. Seated, Staff: Leona Eade, Janet Day, Julie Allain


Joseph F. Cahill, Jr., Michael S. Gawne David G. Miller & Megan T. Manahan


42 North Main St., P.O. Box 810, St.Albans,VT 05478


(802) 524-5211


Monday-Friday 8am-12pm & 1pm-5pm

Meet Your Merchant 2011

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St. Albans has been part of the community since 1971 and managed by Genesis HealthCare since September 2008. Our mission is to improve the lives of those we touch through the delivery of quality health care and everyday compassion.

With 110 employees, we offer:

• Short-term rehab for those recovering from a hospital stay • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies • Respiratory Therapy • Advanced modalities including E-Stim, Diathermy, Ultrasound, ACP, and Omnicycle • Specialized dementia care in a safe, secure setting • Traditional long term care • Respite care for as little as one week when caregivers are away Joining our staff, full time in June, is Kathleen Williams, Nurse Practitioner

A: Jessica Jennings D  N: Carla Quilliam D  A: Shilow Parker

596 Sheldon Road, Saint Albans, VT 05478 802-524-6534,

• • • • • • • • • 12 Mapleville Depot, St. Albans, VT • 802-527-1227

new Patients Welcome Open Monday - Friday, including evenings

Dr. Richard A. Dickinson Dr. Grace Dickinson Branon Dr. Richard A. Dickinson, Jr Helen Soule Lynn Dickinson Dilli Dulal, CDA Ashley Arel Sara Maguire, RDH

Patty Trahan, RDH Tracy Pelkey, CDA, EFDA Renee Atkins, RDH Jennifer Parah, RDH Terry Hydon Clare Coveley Teresa Fournier Sarah Gonyeau, RDH

Missing from picture, Erica Twenge, RDH

For remarkable career opportunities, visit or call 877-403-JOBS. We answer 24/7.

InvIsalIgn™ laser treatments cosmetIc dentIstry WhItenIng pedIatrIc dentIstry tmj/splInts dental Implants dentures dIgItal x-rays

A beAutiful smile enhAnces your imAge

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Nye Insurance Agency 114 Upper Welden Street St. Albans, VT 05478

802-524-2202 8am-4:30pm Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm Friday Nye Insurance Agency was founded in 1930! We offer VALUE selling Auto, Home, Business, Farm, Motorcycle, Boat etc. We represent the local, member-owned Co-operative Insurance Companies of Middlebury, VT established in 1915. We represent The Hartford, Concord Group, Kemper Auto & Home, Progressive, Agri-Services Agency and many more. We are authorized to offer AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford.

We are local, friendly, plain-talking professionals solving real-world insurance problems. We are committed to making personal service our priority and still make house calls. Our VALUE means our agents are people you can talk to, unsurpassed service including a Co-operative claim adjuster in our office, excellent coverage when you need it and all at a fair price! Please visit our website and find us on Facebook! Front row: Martha Noel, Office Manager; Linn Hazen, President & Owner Back row: Karen Reynolds, Agent; Sarah Edgerley, Agent; Dawn Boyle, Agent


Chow! Bella

Connie Warden, Chef/Owner 24-28 No. Main St., St. Albans (802) 524-1405 Open Monday - Saturday 4pm to 9pm Check Facebook for our music schedule!

Chow Bella Restaurant

celebrates it’s15th anniversary this year. Since opening the door on May 15, 1997 we have grown from our original seating capacity of 38 to 85. Additionally we can accommodate up to 100 guests in the Encore Room for your private gathering. We have expanded our menu to include various vegetarian, gluten free, char-grilled items, fresh pasta entrees and gourmet flatbreads. We are a proud member of the Vermont Fresh Network and strive to use only the highest quality local ingredients when available. Every item on the menu is prepared to order, we can easily accommodate special dietary requests. We specialize in hospitality, our staff prides itself on making your dining experience pleasurable. Connie was chosen as the Vermont Lodging and Restaurant Association Restauranteaur of the year for 2004, and Yankee Editors Choice for 2004. We warmly welcome you to come in and enjoy.

d e e R e AC C e S S O R i e S , H O M e & g A R d e n , F e e d,


(L to R): Bob Pickener, Jeremy Boutin, Abby Grimmer,Tracy Bushey, Connie Warden, Megan Giguere, Kelly Christie, Jed Christie, Kojo Anim-Adjei, Chellsey Boissoneault

MenS, WOMenS & KidS CARHARTT, WeSTeRn & engLiSH TACK, JOHn | Find us on Facebook |

(L to R) Top Row: Brittany Cole, Jeff Parizo. Middle Row: Shawnda Contois, Leala Gagne Bottom Row: Bunny Snide, Heather Reynolds. Missing from photo: Cheryl Lupine,Todd Brigham, Molly Gosslin Owner: Manager: Location: Website: Hours:

Amy Walker-Bailey Jeff Parizo 55 Fairfax Road, St.Albans,VT 05478 Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm

Walker’s is a destination shopping experience where you can find everything you need for your home, farm, family and pets! When you walk thorugh the door, you will see right away that we’re more than just a farm store with a great selection of home décor, gifts, jewelry, toys, casual clothing & shoes, lawn & garden supplies, pet food and accessories. Walker’s is your local tack shop, stocked with a variety of quality equine products including Western and English tack, riding supplies, helmets & hats, western wear, boots, supplements & feed. High quality brands and customer service from our knowledgeable sales staff on top of a great variety of products. Make Walker’s your one stop for everything on your list!

Meet Your Merchant 2011

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Back row: Kristi Bessette Nail Technician for 4 years specializing in freehand design, Gel Nails, Manicures and Pedicures. ashley duncan Hairstylist with over 6 years experience. Certified in Cinderella Hair Extensions and Bio-Ionic Permanent Straightening and Semi Permanent Straightening rhonda Costes Licensed Electrologist, Certified Xtreme Lash Stylist and Certified Massage Therapist of over 20 years. Maleana Church Hairstylist with over 9 years experience Bonnie lockerby Hairstylist with 11 years experience. Front row: scott PetersonHairstylist for 8 years, previously from Burlington. nicole Heald Owner and Stylist with over 17 years experience. Certified in Bio-Ionic Permanent and Semi- Permanent Hair Straightening. Kristin Woodward Recently graduated from Salon Professional Academy and is our newest stylist Missing From Photo: Jessica sweet - Certified Massage Therapist Kelsey richard - Hairstylist of over 5 years and Facialist

Full Hair Care • Hair Care ProduCts • Bio-ioniC Hair straigHtening • eleCtrolysis • FaCials • Hair extensions Full Body Waxing • tanning • PediCures • ManiCures • gel nails • Massage • eyelasH extensions

387 lake street, st. albans, Vt • 524-2146 • Mon-sat 9am-Closing In new Franklin County Sheriffs building — Easy Access & Ample Free Parking • Handicap Accessible G O L d w E L L • N I O X I N • B I O L A G E • P R O TA N • M AT R I X S O C O L O R • L A N z A A N A L L N AT u R A L G R E E N H A I R C A R E L I N E • A M E R I C A N C R E w


Lynne Fletcher Production Manager

Graphic Design Printing Web Design & Development

Rebecca Manchester Graphic Designer David Rheaume Graphic & Web Designer 281 North Main Street • St. Albans, VT 05478 (802) 524-9771 ext. 114 • Fax: (802) 527-1948 •

Scott LaForce Press Operator

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger â&#x20AC;˘ May 2011

We LIVE here. We PLAY here. We WORK here.

Editor-Co-Publishers Emerson & Suzanne Lynn


Joel Lehman, Jessie Forand, Gary Rutkowski, Michelle Monroe, Melissa Betty & Josh Kaufman (not pictured)

Advertising Design, Classifieds & Circulation Jami Lacroix, Rachel Hayes, Tammy Jo Sellers, Dale Brown & Gail Wells

Advertising Sales

Judy Searles, Jeremy Read, Kevin Letiecq, Suzanne Lynn & Lynne Gott

Bindery Department

Colleen Mills, Karen Edson, Betty Young, Rebecca Barratt, Laurie Renaudette, Jeannie Viens & Joan Murray

Route Drivers

Rene Murray, Jason Tatro, Tim Green, Colleen Mills, Joan Murray, Kevin Barney, Leon Tatro, Sherry Tatro, Geoff Gibson & Front: Carlena Hall

Your only source for news about your community.


Tony Dupra, Corey Downs, Kevin Royea, David Lavallee & Patrick Lamoureux



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Bonnett’s Welding Shop 104 Sheldon Rd., St. Albans (802) 524-2814 Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm Owners: Ron & Janet Bonnett Managers: Jason & Sarah Bonnett



Ron, Janet, Michelob, Owen, Sarah, and Jason Bonnett This has been a family owned and operated business since Fred and Mabel Bonnett founded it in 1962. We can repair all agricultural, industrial, and automotive equipment. We also offer portable welding and welding on stainless steal, aluminum, and magnesium.

Judged best in New England

“Excellent Design...” “Clear Winner...”


“Great Advertising Representation...”

St. Albans Messenger

SaleS team

Suzanne lynn

Jeremy Read

Judy Searles

The St. Albans Messenger – Judged best in New England for producing products and a newspaper that gives their customers the help they need to prosper.

lynne Gott Kevin letiecq

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+DQG\&KHYUROHW ,(;,767$/%$16 RU












Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Meet Your Merchant 2011 278 South Main Street, Suite #3 St. Albans, Vermont 05478 Tel: 802-527-1955 / Fax: 802-527-1919

C 1100 U.S. Route 2 Berlin, Vermont 05602 Tel: 802-223-3843 / Fax: 802-223-3888

Quality Service Since 1989 We have the capability and resources necessary to successfully complete large commercial, industrial or municipal construction projects, however we are small enough to ensure direct personal involvement of one of our owners every step of the way. From start to finish, we offer every customer personal and professional service.

• General Contracting • Construction Management • Site Selection • Development Permitting • Land Development • Value Engineering of Plans & Specifications

The newly completed auditorium at BFA, St. Albans features an enlarged staging area, air conditioning, and new seating, dressing rooms, and green rooms. This project also included the addition of three new classrooms.

The Bent Northrup Memorial Library was constructed to meet Efficiency Vermont’s Core Performance Standards featuring traditional architectural details seen throughout Fairfield’s rural community.

Please visit us at

Absent at time of photo: Joe Trombly, Barb Walsh and George Berno.


or the past 65 years the Total Home Center has continued the tradition of customer service. During our years we have done business with generations of family, both yours and ours. We continue to strive to build a business based on what our customers want and need to outfit their homes or their businesses, and to do so on an acceptable budget. This demands a considerable effort to interpret our customers’ needs and to provide them with value and selection not available anywhere else. As always, we have appreciated the support of Franklin County and all our customers. We also wish to thank our dedicated staff for their years of service. Please come in and see our new Extreme Value Center!

Betty & David Powell Owners: Betty & David Powell Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 11am-5pm

Rt. 207 Highgate Rd., St. Albans,VT, Exit 20, Off I-89 802.524.2159 • 1.800.545.8483

Meet Your Merchant 2011



t’s to the millionths of an inch and better at Vermont Precision Tools, Inc. It’s that precision that has earned the company the reputation that has drawn business world wide and why its customer base has proved so loyal that the company now employs almost 250 people at two plants, one in Kentucky, the other, at its life long home and headquarters, in Swanton, Vermont. The company was founded in 1968 by Norman C. Leduc and Raymond R. Boutin, with the vision being the need to satisfy an exacting consumer demand for precision tooling; knock-out pins, ejector pins, special punches, or virtually any small precision tooling. Its high standards meet the demands of both the medical tooling and automotive markets – two of the company’s leading business sectors.

Adam Corwell Alan Darby Alan Chagnon Allen J. Cook Amanda Gooding-Caplinger Andrew Ely Andrew A. Conley Anne Beaudry Arthur F. Pilon Bella M. Owens Bernice A. Hall Betty A. Saveall Bonnie L. Freeman Bradley A. Saveall Brandy M. Labarron Brent A. Letourneau Brian E. Glidden Brian E. Langlois Brian K. Fetters Brittani Menard Bruce D. Rheaume Bryan S. Church Candy Hope

Casey Peltier Charles G. Sartwell Jr. Christopher J. Leduc Craig B. Cota Dale A. Barratt Dale M. Bourgeois Dana E. Nichols Daniel R. Chevalier Darlene A. Martel Darryl L. McIntosh Davey J. Buskey David A. Parker Dawn M. Gilbar Debby Chatfield Deborah Campbell Deborah L. Trudeau Derek W. Meunier Derick L. Billado Desiree A. Bushey Donald M. Regimbal Donald J. Chapple Donna Marston Duane A. Tipper

Elizabeth P. Labelle Erin Cleland Ernest Cleland Gary A. Gaboriault Gary J. Longe Gina M. Vanselette Glendon A. Mercy Gregory V. Gaudette Herbert Button Holly A Therrien Howard M. Tipper James Poirier Jason A. Freeman Jean-Yves Berube Jenni Kenyon Jesse Spear Jimmy P. Porter John E. Sheets III Jolene Menard Jonathan Letourneau Joseph Barney Joseph P. Chevalier Joshua Barr

(Standing) Rick Bourgeois, Dawn Gilbar, Lisa Bechard, Sara Menard, Phoebe Ward. (Seated) Kelly Babcock, Candy Hope, Erin Cleland

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Currently under the leadership team of 2nd generation owner and President Monica Greene and her long term partner and Vice President Richard Paquette the company is enjoying strong growth and is optimistic about the future. The management team is exceedingly proud of its employees and the quality of the work they perform and the service they offer to their customers. We recognize our steady growth is directly attributable to the loyalty, dedication and enthusiasm our staff puts forward everyday. We are a growing business and proud of our company, our employees, and the reputation we have established with our customers. Monica Greene, President Richard Paquette, Vice President

Joshua D. Reed Joshua H. Poquette Joshua M. Thomas Joshua S. King Juanita G. Bushey Katie Ladieu Keith S. Lovejoy Kelly M. Babcock Kent A. Langlois Kevin Spears Kyle Gagne Kyle M. Demers Lance A. Martel Laurie A. Savage-Meunier Leon E Kempton Jr. Linda A. Wetherby Lisa Bechard Luc G. Depatie Lynette A. Guerin Marcia J. Sylvestre Mark E. Paulman Mark A. Rocheleau Mark E. Thomas

Mark R. Madigan Martha A. Malone Mary A. Deso Michael A. Oddy Michael J. Stell Michael K.Creller Monica A.Greene Nancy Hatterick Nicole Creller Nicole A. Boutin-Forkey Norma M. Dashno Peter Tinella Phoebe A. Ward Randall J. Savage Rhonda L. Anthony Richard P. Paquette Rickie L. Savage Ricky D. Murray Ricky J. Bourgeois Robert M. Kittell Robert A. Lapan Jr. Roy Allen Adams Ruth M. Hazard

Michael Oddy

(Standing) Martha Malone, Betty Saveall, Stacy Bishop, Robert Kittell, Bonnie Freeman, Nicole Boutin-Forkey. (Seated) Kevin Spears, Kathy Mackey, Debby Chatfield, Mark Paulman

Ryan P. Cadieux Sandra Letourneau Sara Menard Scott A. Anthony Scott L. Belisle Shane N. Lapan Shaun M. Lumbra Shawn Willard Shelby Quesnel Stacey L. Bishop Stephen Tracy Steven R. Cadieux Suzanne Ladieu Tammy L. Rheaume Timothy A. Rogers Tina L. Fortin Todd J. Reiter Todd M. Booker Trevor J. Parizo Victor Trivento Victoria L. Harriman Wendy Derosia

John Sheets

Amanda GoodingCaplinger

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger â&#x20AC;˘ May 2011

Meet Your Merchant 2011

Brent Letourneau

Desiree Bushey

Donald Regimbald

Rhonda Anthony

Luc Depatie

Elizabeth LaBelle

Anne Beaudry

Shaun Lumbra

Lance Martel

Norma Dashno

Joe Chevalier (standing) Dana Nichols (seated)

Lynette Guerin


Meet Your Merchant 2011


Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011


insurance agency, LLc •





Front row (L-R): Susan Dutkiewicz - CSR, Karen Fiske - Owner/Agent/CSR, Renee St. Cyr - CSR/Agent. Standing in back (L-R):Tony Fiske - Agent, Dan Fiske Owner/General Agent, AubriAnna Zimmerman - CSR, Bruce Gagne - Agent Owners: Location: Email: Website: Phone: Hours: Staff:

Dan & Karen Fiske 433 Mill River Rd, PO Box 1688, St Albans,VT 05478 802-527-0350 Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm Renee St. Cyr, CSR/Agent Susie Dutkiewicz, CSR AubriAnna Zimmerman, CSR

Fiske Insurance Agency LLC is a full service agency offering insurance for farms, small businesses, homes, autos, and more, as well as a full line of life insurance and disability insurance products. We are in our 23rd year of service to the Franklin/Grand Isle county area. At the Fiske Agency you will experience friendly, knowledgeable service. Our staff has many years of experience equipping us to make recommendations to adequately meet your insurance needs. We will work hard for you.

Swanton Chiropractic

We sell and service to Dishnetwork Satellite Systems. We have over 30 years combined experience. We offer local, personal service. Our family is always ready to serve your family. Owners:

The Petrie Family




(802) 524-3900


Monday-Friday 9am-4pm


Matthew, Jennifer, Meghan, Olivia & Danielle Petrie

DRUMMAC SeptiC SeRviCe Owned & Operated by The Medor Family

19 Canada Street, Swanton, VT • Open Mon., Wed., & Thur., 10am-8pm

(L-R) Back Row: Robert Renaudette, Robert Lamarche, Doug Medor, Mike Medor, Frank Adams, Danna Foster, Steve Laroche, Kyle Boudreau, Mike Pigeon. Front Row: Joanne Robitaille, Alex Dubois, Wayne Root, Jim Cleland.


Douglas & Gail Medor

Felicity Barnard, Christina Toussaint, Certified Massage Therapists; Andrew E. West, Doctor of Chiropractic; Amanda Whitcomb, Office Manager.


52 Transfer Station Rd., Highgate Center


(802) 802 868-3247

Offering a full range of services to help heal you!




Monday-Friday 7:30am-4pm 24 HOURS OF SERVICE!

Dr. West has over 20 years experience in chiropractic care. Dr. West and his staff are dedicated to offering gentle and effective chiropractic care. The practice offers treatment for auto and work injuries, sports related injuries, headaches, carpel tunnel syndrome, sciatica, numbness, pain and many other symptoms that may be effecting your quality of life. Our goal is to get you back to doing all the things you love in a short period of time.

We offer therapeutic massage by appointment which can also be covered by insurance. For further information on our practice and the types of care we offer stop by or call. The benefits of chiropractic care are many and often dramatic. Start today on your improved self. We look forward to seeing you improve your health and well-being with gentle chiropractic care.

Call 868-9999 to make an appointment today! Accepting most insurAnces.

Douglas Medor, owner; Michael Medor, operations manager; Joanne Robitaille, office manager; Wayne Root, installer; Robert Lamarche, driver; Frank Adams, driver; Dana Foster, driver; Robert Renaudett, driver; Steve Laroche, driver; James Cleland, installer; Alex Dubois, driver. Drummac Septic Service is a family owned and operated business for 16 years. Drummac Septic Service provides septic tank and grease trap pumping, water jetting and power augering, portable toilets, rental, pump station repair, TV camera inspection and line locating, and septic system installation. Drummac Septic serves Franklin, Grand Isle, and Chittenden County who’s motto is “WE DO THE JOB RIGHT.” Drummac prides themselves in making customers #1 by providing good reliable service.

Meet Your Merchant 2011

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011


Wellness Massage Center & Institute We offer therapeutic massage in many forms: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Therapy, Thai Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki and so much more. We offer a 500 hour massage certification program for those interested in becoming a massage therapist. Our center was created 18 years ago so that residents of the greater St. Albans area would have affordable, preventative, natural body care. In our Center we also have chiropractic care, elemental stone therapy and licensed clinical psychologists. Come visit us.

Full Service Salon Founded 2002. Short Cuts Booking System With A Text Reminder. Find us on Facebook! Debbie J. Bonk, Jessica Pelkey, Jessa Bouchard, Hilary Robitalille, Laura Miller

Borderline Styles Salon

Owners: Location: Phone: Email: Website: Hours:

Dawn Mulheron, Jill Mulheron 164 North Main Street, St.Albans (802) 527-1601 M-F 8am-8pm & Sat 8am-4pm


Jill Mulheron, Co-Owner, Instructor, Certified Massage Therapist Dawn Mulheron, Co-Owner, Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist Lisa Bradley, Instructor, Certified Massage Therapist Desiree Brace, Certified Massage Therapist Tiffany Bertrand, Certified Massage Therapist Beth Wright, Certified Massage Therapist Nicole Shea, Certified Massage Therapist

3 Spring Street • Swanton, Vt • 868-9200 Hours: Mon- closed. Tues-Fri 9-6 Sat. By appointment Certified in Color, Bio-ionic, Keratin Complex, Hair extenstions and Makeup.

Paul Mitchell • Redken • aquage • bio ionic • devacuRl

Franklin County Rehab Center, LLC

Phil Condon NHA Administrator

Coleen Kohaut NHA FCRC, Asst. Administrator Holiday House, Manager

Clint Kohaut Administration Holiday House

Patricia Ede, RN Interim Director of Nurses

Kate Gladden Ancillary Services Manager

Sara Tibbits Human Resources

Marie Walton Social Services

Chad Shover Dietary Manager

Ann Hawksby Enrichment Director

Linda Lemery, RN MDS Coordinator

Amanda St. Cyr, LPN Long Term Care Supervisor

Arlene Stimson Receptionist

Our dedicated staff of Franklin County Rehab

Gold Star Employer 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

0-1 years

1 + years

Mary Letourneau Danielle Bordeau Charlotte Calderwood Joshua Mashtare Tina Mclaughlin Heather Chirinian Kati-lyn Paradis Linda Deforge Alita Potts Sally Gamache Ashley Rooney Emily Jacques Trula Southwick Harrison King Miranda Thayer Lauren Kneebone Glen Bartolomeo* Jacob Madden Robin Deyette* Jerika Many Sharon Kennison* Sarah Paradee Suzanne Pelissier* Kelly Partlow Kylee Pierce* Samantha Plouffe Jodi Walker* Denise Rainville Lynx Rembert Sara Rooney Kathleen Abair Cristy Robarge Zachary Benedicto Amber Tand Karen-sue Bent Cecile Vosburg Tiana Benway Jennifer Young Sherry Bisson Calli Andersen* Nicole Blouin Deborah Connolly* Samantha Bockus Doddie Boylan* Karen Carson Starlene Demar* Dora Cusson Jeanette Furlow* Kasey Ede Jennifer Holm* Marie Fitzgerald Alison Lawrence* Maria Gifford Sonya Thompson* Heather Graff Laura Townsend* Ann Hawksby Sandra King Caroline Libbey Carmen Lumbra Nicole Maple Deborah Morits

2 - 4 years

Brittany Mossey Tammy Mossey Tamatha Mcallister Jack Mccluskey Elizabeth Parker Gina Quintin Billie–jo Reyome Cathy Rockey Krista Staples Tracy Stell Amanda St.cyr Michael Thomas Michael Tomko Sundae Totten Sharon Weeks Kevin Baker* Shannon Bedard* Leslie Garvey* Katie Giroux* Heidi Hyer* Darlene Jache* Renata Kane* George Leclair* Shiendie Ries* Angie White*

Cortney Jordan Jamie Lefebvre-Farrar Elsie Martin Janet Minor Kathleen Paquette Pauline Parrotte Dennis Rattee Danielle Scott Daniel Stimson Ann Sullivan Marie Walton Lorna White Abby Williams Miranda Wimble Angela Barrett* Amy Bergeron* Cynthia Brown* Elanora Comette* Dawn Quick* Ilda Whalen*

11 - 15 years Karen Miner Collene Horne*

16 - 24 years Candace Cadieux Patricia Ede Linda Lemery Patricia Ryan Chad Shover Arlene Stimson Lisa Tibbits Christie Whalen Linda Bruyette**

Rehab Services

Holiday House

25 - 30 Years Lisa Bushey Sherry Farrar Lynn Raymo Sara Tibbits

30 Plus Years

Joyce Conger Edith Marshia Leona Potter Carol Boissonneault* *denotes Holiday House Employee

5 - 10 years Carolyn Aubin Mary Couture Michelle Cramer Nathan Farr Roxanne Firkey Kate Gladden Patricia Gregoire Marge Hammond Debra Jaycox

Our dedicated staff of Holiday House

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger â&#x20AC;˘ May 2011

Salon Diva

Tom Hungerford Insurance Nationwide Insurance & Financial Services

Our agency is one of the top Nationwide Insurance Agencies in Vermont with a highly trained professional staff. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re your neighbors â&#x20AC;&#x201D; there when you need us. Offering individual solutions to help customize your policy to meet all your insurance needs.

42 So. MAin St. St. AlbAnS,Vt


Our convenient location in Hungerford Plaza offers curb side free parking for your easy in and out service. The agency specializes in auto, home, business and life insurance and no cost second opinions with money saving discounts. We are the Leading Agency in Vermont in helping farmers purchase our new Ag products especially for Dairy, Maple, and Equine Operations.

(Photo, L-R) Kattie Jettie, Stylist Kathy Chevalier, Stylist Raquel Hoague, Owner, Stylist, Nail Technician Katie lamotte, Stylist

Front: Tom Hungerford. Back (L to R): Valerie Mann, Senior Customer Service Representative; Tiffani Degree, Customer Service Representative


Tom Hungerford


268 No. Main St., St.Albans,Vt. (Hungerford Plaza)



(802) 524-9100


Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm

Visit us in our new location, 42 So. Main St, St Albans. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll pamper you with a new cut, color, highlight, perm or waxing. Relax with a pedicure or manicure. Facials coming soon!

After hours and weekend by appointment

Call now to make an appointment, or stop in to see us!

/08)*3*/( 45:-*454



Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies. Life insurance issued by Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Home Office: Columbus, OH 43215-2220

Village Frame Shoppe Your Custom Framing Specialist

The Village Frame Shoppe & Gallery invites you to visit our newly expanded fine art gallery and custom frame shop. The Village Frame Shoppe & Gallery features artwork by Vermontâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading artists including Corliss Blakely, Sean Dye, Fred Swan, Peter Miller and photographer Peter Arthur Weyrauch. We also feature artwork by local artists and artisans Lorraine Manley, Patrick Murphy, Karen Day-Vath, Chris Hungerford, Toby Fulwiler, and many more!

Clear Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Physical Therapy Services Founded in 2000. Effective Therapies done in a honest, no-nonsense approach.

In July of 2010 owner Daniel Pattullo purchased the Champlain Collection gallery and framing from Norm Choiniere. The Champlain Collection had supplied custom framing and artwork to the area for over 30 years. We are excited about carrying on this tradition and serving the community for many more years to come!

(802) 524-3699 â&#x20AC;˘ Open:Tues-Sat 10am-5pm

72 North Main St, St. Albans,VT 05478 Like us on Facebook: Website coming soon:

In addition to our fine custom framing, we now offer graphic design, restoration and digital printing. Come on by and talk to our designer Chad Bourgeois about your special design or print project. Conveniently located on Main Street across from Jeffâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Seafood.


Dr. Matthew J. Clear

Locations: 278 North Main St., St.Albans,Vt (802) 527-7064

53 Main St., Richford,Vt (802) 310-2904

Eatonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fine Jewelry was established August 1, 2006. As soon as you enter Eatonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fine Jewelry you immediately feel the difference. We are jewelry professionals who truly care about your happiness. We want you as a customer for a lifetime. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why we say â&#x20AC;&#x153;Come as a customer, leave as a friend,â&#x20AC;? and we truly mean it. We are a full service jewelry store with Jeff having 16 years experience. We offer on site jewelry repair and custom designs on new items as well as resetting of your own jewelry.

Owners: Shop Manager: Service Technician: Location: Email: Website: Phone: Hours:


Jeff & Vicki Eaton


30 North Main St., St. Albans




(802) 524-4055


Tues-Thu 9am-5pm, Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-4pm, Sun & Mon Closed


Emily Richards, Store Manager John Bourgeois, Sales Consultant Brenda Corey, Sales Consultant

Jenny Dutil, Bookkeeper Sue Southwick, Sales Consultant Garth, Security

Breezy Acres

Brett & Brenda Macy Tracy Hatterick Tom Cardinal Georgia,Vermont (802) 524-2974 Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm, Sat 8:30am-2:30pm, Closed Sunday

Exit 18 Equipment has been selling and servicing premium lines of outdoor power equipment for 47 years. Our products include Honda Power Equipment, Ferris Commercial Mowers, Simplicity Tractors & Zero Turns, Echo Equipment, Toro, Shindaiwa and Snapper. We have achieved Honda Power Choice Dealer status as well as Kohler Expert Dealer recognition and the service departmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 70 years of combined experience

Millerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Automotive is proud to a be celebrating over 50 years of business in St Albans. Owner, Dick Miller has been offering repair service on foreign & domestic cars and light trucks for over 42 years. As always, Millerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s offers very competitive prices and lifetime warranties on shocks, struts and brakes. Millerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also does routine maintenance, yearly inspections and front end work. Millerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sells Nokian, Bridgestone and Firestone tires. Dick Miller really appreciates the patronage of his regular customers and welcomes new customers to stop by and give him a try.

We have a full selection of seasonal greenhouse plants, annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, vegetable plants, fruit trees, fruit bushes, flowering shrubs, shade trees, fall mums and a complete stock of gardening supplies. â&#x20AC;˘ The Primitive Country Barn has a wonderful variety of primitive decor, pottery, framed prints, candles, linens, and so much more! â&#x20AC;˘ CSA Program


Marilyn Pelletier


1904 Sheldon Rd., Swanton 1/2 mile north of Jct 104 & 105


(802) 524-4141


Open Daily, call for seasonal hours

â&#x20AC;˘ We offer wedding registries, and can provide potted plants for your spring, summer or fall wedding. â&#x20AC;˘ We strive to provide the best service possible to everyone who walks through our doors.

Celebrating 9 Years! Thanks to all of you!

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got your machine at Exit 18!!

Millerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Automotive


Joanne Messier, Robin Walsh, Marilyn and Nora Pelletier, Judy Magnan, Aline Turner, Oliver and Andy Pelletier.

includes master technician and a strong background in Toro, Troybilt & Bolens. We are a family owned and operated business continuing a tradition of reliable service. Our customers expect more from us and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re happy to provide it.


Richard Miller


67 South Main St., St.Albans,Vt. 05478

Telephone: (802) 524-9858 Hours:

Mon-Fri 7am- 5pm, Sat 8am-Noon

Meet Your Merchant 2011

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011


Sylvesters Market

(L to R) Nancy Cousino, Michelle Cousino, Linda Sturgeon, Lisa Cennamo, Robin Houle Missing from photo: Lucas Bilodeau, Ariana Serna-Ginsburg, Matt Cennamo, Mike Cennamo, Alan Cennamo, Logan Cutting, Shantel Longe, Birch Poirier, Heather Mercy, Heather Boylan, Brooke Mason, Cayla Messier, Kirsten Greenway, Rhonda Greenway, Andrea Mallette,Taylor Greenway

Owners: Location: Phone:

Alan & Lisa Cennamo 20 Main Street, Montgomery Center,VT 802-326-4561

Email: Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm, Sunday 8am-6pm

Alan and Lisa purchased the business from her aunts and uncles in May of 1995. Since then they have been growing the business and expanding their product line. We have a great deli that features smoked meat products, pulled pork and chicken sandwiches as well as beef brisket sandwiches with Lisa’s signature BBQ sauce, and in the freezer, Lisa’s Cheesecakes ~ “4 lbs of Heaven in a box”! We offer a wonderful selection of platters including: meat & cheese; veggies & dip; finger sandwiches; crackers & cheese with wine; and an assortment of gift baskets with fruit, cheese, crackers, or custom built for you! We participate in the Neighbor-2-Neighbor Program. It is based around the Shurfine label. For every case of Shurfine product we buy, our grocery supplier donates 5¢ to the program. Sylvester’s Market matches that 5¢ for a total of 10¢ per case. Then take that money and make donations to local causes. We are proud to have contributed to many local organizations through this program.


Service Center

Back Row (L to R): Dr. Sheryl Wilkins,VMD; Alyce Columb; Hailey Jewett (w/ Herman Munster) Front Row (Lto R): Kristin McNamara; Judy Royea

Owner: Location: Email:

Dr. Sheryl Wilkins,VMD 5 Gore Rd., Highgate,Vt. 05459

Phone: Hours:

(802) 868-4300 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Saturday 9am-Noon Hailey Jewett


Alyce Columb Judy Royea Kristin McNamara We are a general small animal practice providing preventative medical and surgical care for you animals. Our mission is to care for your animals as if they were our own!

Deja Vu Kennel Owner:

Barb Brodhead


7 Sanderson Road, Milton, (corner of Sanderson & Lake Roads)

Julie Cueto & Sharon Baker


Monday - Friday 8-10AM, 4-6PM; Sunday 4-6PM

Telephone: 893-4124

(L-R) Alan King, Randy Swann, Dave Brady, Steve Graham, Patrick Allain


David Baker & Matt Baker


Stop by and make an appointment today! Friendly, proFessional service Owners: Shop Manager: Towing Operations: Customer Service: Technicians: Towing:

David and Sharon Baker Matt Baker Randy Swann Julie Cueto Patrick Allain, Steve Graham, Alan King David Brady, Garth Brooks, Brian Pion

J and L Service Center, Inc. is located at 216 South Main Street in St. Albans. It is a full service repair facility working on all types of vehicles. Convenient hours including evening hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Open Saturday mornings. Bridgestone, Firestone, Nokian Tire dealer.

216 South Main Street • St. Albans,VT 05478 (802) 524-9070 • Hours: Mon-Wed-Fri. 8am-5pm Tues-Thurs 8am-7pm• Sat 8am-Noon

Boarding, Daycare, Grooming, Reiki Barb offers personalized, professional quality care, individualized one-on-one attention and supervised playtime in a small intimate environment. Bedtime snacks are given to our overnight guests. Owner operator, Barb Brodhead lives on-site. Our indoor/outdoor facility is safe, clean, comfortable, heated and air-conditioned.. With rates at almost half of those at some kennels and multiple pet and long-term discounts, Think of DEJA VU KENNEL as your pet’s second home. Introducing the new groomer Janna. She is professionally trained and certified groomer. Call and book your appointment with her or with Barb and Janna is very willing to groom cats.

Professionally Trained and a Lifetime of Experience with Pets

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Omega Auto Sale

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Fairfax Pharmacy

We are a Full Service Facility and offer Auto Reconditioning

Founded in 1991Twentieth Anniversary Full Service Pharmacy And Gifts Specializing in personal customer service.

Trades Accepted

Our Motto:To treat each customer as you would like to be treated if you were in their shoes. We endeavor to make sure that each customer has a positive shopping experience and looks forward to their next visit.

100% Guaranteed Credit Approval

Up To 3 Year Warranties Available

It’s Easy To Apply Online on our Website

We have a strong and committed sales staff with many years of experience satisfying our customers’ needs. Feel free to browse our inventory online, request more information about vehicles, set up a test drive or inquire about financing! Location:

26 River Street, Route 7, Milton,VT


(802) 892-7112 • (802) 343-3738 • 800-870-6086


Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Sat 8am-4pm


Back Row (L-R): Rick Hogle, Jo-Ann Desnoyer, Alana Hogle, Alice Hartson, Barb Gazaille. Front Row: (L-R): Anitra Spiller, Kelly Gillilan

Owners: Locations: Phone: Hours:

Rick & Alana Hogle 997 Main Street, Fairfax,VT 05454 802-849-2101 Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm & Saturday 9am to 3pm


Rick Hogle, Pharmacist Alice Hartson, Front Manager/Pharmacy Technician Kelly Gillilan, Chief Pharmacy Tech Anitra Spiller, CPhT-Pharmacy Tech

Sales Associates: Barbara Gazaille, Jo-Ann Desnoyers, Erin Daudelin, Kimberly Caron, Marie Bourdeau

Green Valley L ock

Back row left to rightCraig Chevalier, Matt Meilleur, Corey Chevalier & Collin Chevalier Front row left to rightJordan Bristol, Shawn Blake, Jordan Payne, Mike Bristol, Jayne Chevalier & Peter Chevalier Missing from pictureJerrica Payne

Locks repaired and installed. Lost keys replaced. We have keys for houses, cars, boats, motorcycles, campers, desks, file cabinets, and most anything that locks. Emergency lock out and lost key service available. We have the new electronic keys for many cars. Keys are us!

802-524-3858 Serving the lock and security needs of Franklin county since 1987. Owners:

Rick & Marsha King, Certified Locksmiths Herbie, Sales Manager


6 Champlain Commons, Rt. 7, St. Albans,Vt.



(802) 524-3858


Monday-Saturday 9:30am-1pm, Scheduled Mobile Service Other hours by chance or appointment

Owners: Location: Email: Phone: Hours:

Peter & Jayne Chevalier 16 Beauregard Dr, St. Albans 802-527-0347 Monday-Friday 7:30am-4pm

Business began in February 2005, installation of Fire Sprinkler Systems.We offer commercial installation of wet, dry, preaction, deluge and foam systems, electric and diesel engine fire pump. Residential installation of wet systems with CPVC piping. Backflow preventor installation, testing and repair, fire extinguisher inspection. Design, inspections, repairs and 24 hours emergency service.

QUILTING MACHINES Cowles Quilting Machines is the only Gammill & Statler Stitcher dealer in New England. In 2005 we made St. Albans our principle location. We now offer sewing machine sales and service, education, and quilting services.

We at WH Supply provide our customers with experience & quality with all of our sales and service. (L to R): Rod Williams, Matt Clark, Matt Williams, Jessica Williams

Matt & Jessica Williams 833 Machia Rd., Sheldon,VT 05483 (802) 868-0941 7:30am to 5pm Daily Rod Williams, Sales & Service Matt Clark, Sales & Service

Visit us, call or email!


WH Supply opened in October of 2010. We carry a full line of tools, hardware & maple equipment by h20 Innovation.

Owners: Location: Phone: Website: Hours: Employees:

We are a family owned business, equal opportunity employer.We have a combined 50+ years experience in the sprinkler industry.We offer free estimates, consultations and site visits. No job is too big or small —our employees are pleasant, clean and motivated to help our customers.

Left to right Beverly Cook, Julie Cowles

Owner: Location: Web: Phone: Hours: Staff:

We are education based! Cowles Quilting offers classes or 1-1 instruction in all aspects of sewing and quilting to all skill levels.

Julie A. Cowels, Owner/President 321 Swanton Rd., Highgate Commons, St. Albans,VT 05478 (802) 524-2551 Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm or by appointment Beverly Cook, Class instructor and sewing machine sales Julie Cowles, Longarm quilting & sewing machine sales and instruction Brian Tjelta, Service technician, educator and longarm installation & training


Dusti Goss, Manager Angela St. Pierre, Retail Employee Chelsea St. Pierre, Retail Employee

We take pride in the quality care and loving attention we give your pet. With 23 years in the industry and 13 years in business in Vermont we offer only the best services available to address your pets needs. From nose to tail, our professional grooming services include nail sanding, hand drying, styling and more.Your pet leaves feeling clean, refreshed and happy. We treat your pet like our own.

We sell kayaks and canoes, footwear for the entire family no matter what event you need them for.We carry all the outdoors apparel and item you might need camping, fishing, all sports equipment, all type of helmets, bikes, paintball, and ammo.We are known for carrying a huge variety of VT shirts and sweatshirts.

21 Mountain View Dr., Swanton (2 miles North from Exit 20) 802-527-3715 Hours by appointment

We believe that the customers is #1 priority.We will fit you right and make your visit enjoyable with our friendly staff.


Loretta Johnson, Owner & CH Rococo’s Moonlight Becomes Me, Luna


Owner: Location: Phone: Website: Email: Hours:

Nathan & Avril Cochran 162 Main Market Place, Enosburg Falls (802) 933-4815 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Rental - Purchase

A Vermont Company Buddy!


e are a family-owned & operated business, founded in 2001 with 22 years of experience in the rentalpurchase industry. We offer quality products, appliances, electronics, furniture & jewelry. We make it easy to own or rent name brand home furnishings! We have added a new mattress center with the lowest prices in town.

(L to R) Todd Thomas, Owner; Gyneth Thomas, Owner. (Sitting): Jesse Thomas: sales associate Paul Martin: sales associate Josh perry: driver/ delivery Nate Perry: delivery and Alyssa Thomas, associate in training.


Todd & Gyneth Thomas


50 North Main Street St.Albans (802) 524-7700 Mon-Thur 10am-6pm, Fri 9am-6pm & Sat 9am-5pm


Advantage Rental would like to give a special

‘Thank You’ to all Franklin County Firefighters for their help! Thank you to all community members and customers for your support and loyalty throughout the years.

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Your Locally Grown Garden Center

Areas Only Active Broker/ Appraiser Office

Our 18th Season!

We offer a complete selection of our own grown bedding plants, Proven Winners™ plants, hanging baskets, vegetable plants and perennials, as well as Northern Grown shrubs and trees. We also carry a great line of garden supplies, including bagged and bulk soils & mulches. Fall brings beautiful mums & for Christmas we offer hand-tied Christmas wreaths and trees. We now have over 20,000 square feet of greenhouse to offer our customers an even better shopping experience. Our goal is to continually improve the quality of your plants and the quality of your gardening season. Since 1994 we have offered great quality, friendly service and better prices. It will pay to compare.

Owners: Location: Phone: Website: Hours:

Brian & Heather Bessette 1213 Highgate Road Highgate Center,VT 05459 (802) 868-3604 Open 7 days a week, seasonally

Thanks to our staff for all their help: Bobbie Salls, Donald Bessette, Ellie May Perry, Adam Fortin, Jackie Lebel, Linda Rixford, Josiah Raiche, Dawn Schafer Ryan Bessette & Brendan Bessette

As the area’s only active Broker/Appraiser office we can help you make the right decisions in buying or selling real estate. Most real estate people have perhaps a couple of hours of training in the art of appraisal. At Rocheleau Realty Associates of Vermont (RRAVT) we have hundreds of hours of education and nearly Steve Rocheleau 40 years combined experience in valuing Real Estate ® Realtor /Broker in Franklin, Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties. We Appraiser use that experience to help you determine the “Right Price” for your property – If you are selling - with our help you can be confident that you’ll be getting “Market Value” for your property or, if you are a Buyer, you will know that you will be paying the “Right Price” for the right property – no more guessing what it’s really worth. Steve Paulette Rocheleau and Paulette work as a team to provide you with outstanding service. Realtor®/Salesperson Check us out on the web at Appraiser

Office: (802) 524-5923 Cell: (802) 373-5961 Fax: (802) 524-2395 448 Swanton Rd • Suite 100 • St. Albans, VT 05478

The Modern Touch Salon We are a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon. Opened March 22nd, 2010. We offer all aspects of hair design, facial waxing, pedicures, manicures and a new hex tanning booth. Come enjoy a warm, inviting, relaxing, professional atmosphere. (L to R) Standing: Dr. Dan Ryan, Felicia Rock, Sylvie Plante, Linda Schmoll, Emily Houston, Gale Montgomery, Kelsie Thibauilt, Kathleen Dwindell, Kelly Ryan.

Owner: Locations: Phone: Website:

Dr. Barrett Peterson, Dr. Daniel Ryan & Dr. Elissa Eaton St.Albans, Burlington & Williston,Vermont (802) 527-7100


St.Albans:Tues-Fri 8-5, Burlington: Mon-Wed 8-5 Williston: Mon,Thurs & Fri 8-5

Employees: Gale Montgomery, Scheduling Coordinator; Linda Schmoll, Financial Coordinator; Emily Houston,Treatment Coordinator; Sylvie Plante, Chairside Assistant/Hygentist; Kelly Ryan, Chairside Assistant; Kathleen Dwindell, Chairside Assistant; Kelsie Thibauilt, Chairside Assistant. Champlain Orthodontics is an established practice that has created beautiful smiles for over 40 years. We offer ceramic braces and invisalign. Interest-free payment plans are also available. Champlain Orthodontics strives in providing high level treatment combined with exceptional customer service.This allows us to create wonderful relationships with our patients and their families.

Established in 2000 our Business was built by word of mouth. Our salon is run in a family style atmosphere offering services such as nails, pedicures, tanning, massage, hair cuts, color, perm, treatments & up do’s, facials, waxing & ear piercing.We carry OPI and Redken lines.

(left to right): Kalie Severy, Connie Scott, Morgan Minor,Windy Minor

Owner: Location: Phone: Hours: Staff:

Owner: Location: Telephone: Web: Hours: Employees:

Amy L. Snow 249 Main St., Enosburg Falls,VT 05450 (802) 933-6144 Mon-Wed 9am-4pm,Thu & Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm Jeannette Larivee, stylist; Hilary Stowe, stylist; Amy Snow, owner/stylist; Doreen Laplant, stylist

Classie Exchange UnIqUE COnsIgnmEnt shOp I purchased Classie Exchange, a well established woman’s consignment shop in February, 2011. We carry seasonal, quality new and gently used woman’s clothing from size 0 to plus sizes. Our shop also offers accessories such as handbags, shoes, belts, scarves and jewelry.

We get to know our clients on a personal level. Making them friends and part of our family.We genuinely care about people and cater to their specific needs. We have fun and enjoy the time we spend at the salon. It is proven in how we treat each other and our customers. Just ask them!

Windy Minor 711/2 First Street, Swanton,Vermont 05488 (802) 868-4700 Tue - Fri 9am to 6pm; Sat 9am to 2pm; Closed Sun & Mon Kalie Severy, Hair Stylist Connie Scott, Certified Massage Therapist Morgan Minor, Hair Stylist Windy Minor, Owner/Operator & Nail Technician

Our mission is to be courteous, well organized and do a great service to our consignors, customers, and to the community. We try to keep our prices affordable, recycle and donate our overstock to local charities.

Owner: Location: Phone: Hours: Employees:

Denise Paya 70 North Main St., St.Albans,VT (802) 527-9766 Mon,Wed,Thur, Fri & Sat 10am to 5:30pm Tues 10am to 7pm and Sun 11am to 3pm Denise Paya, Proprietor Jen Botala,Volunteer Louise Luneau,Volunteer

14 Special Communities

60 Super pages

200 Superb advertisements

600 Sharp Photographs + +2,000 Superior Individuals

2011 Meet Your Business & Professional Supplement

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Supporting the Sensitive and Unique Real Estate Needs of Families and Business throughout Northwestern Vermont for over 40 Years. • Residential • Lakeshore • Luxury Homes • Land • Commercial

Back Row (L-R): Brian Kemp, Realtor; Paul Poquette, Realtor/Broker; PJ Poquette, Owner/Broker Front Row (L-R): Stacie Callan, Realtor; Keri Poquette Realtor, Office Manager; Renee Patterson, Realtor Missing: Yve Mumley, Realtor

Owner: Location: Website: Email: Phone:

(L-R) Mike Trippany: Branch Manager, Heather Lamothe: Office Manager, Mike Montgomery: Service Tech, John Duffy: Driver/Tech.

P.J. Poquette 132 North Main Street, St.Albans,VT 05478 (802) 524-9501


Bourne’s Energy now has a dedicated office in your neighborhood with the propane delivery you need and the 24-hour service you want. You’ll receive fair prices, prompt, reliable propane deliveries and you will benefit from our expertise in selling, installing and servicing propane tanks and equipment. We’ll be happy to convert you or recommend the best uses of propane for you—from home heating to lighting your backyard. Call us or stop by.


Location: 1103 Davis Road, Enosburg Falls,Vt Phone:

9 10 Canada St., Swanton, Vt 05488 Monday-Friday 8aM-4:30pM 802-868-6221

(L to R) Front row: Josh Tilton, Cynthia Hardy, Diane Dupere and Pete Gaudette; back row, left to right: Clint Meunier, Don Bortz and Dan Geraw.

P u l P & Pa P e r Secondary Fiber PlaSticS

Jeannie Viens

y hours are by appointment only. Give me a call and I’ll ready your art to display on the wall. I’m also at the Enosburg Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays from 3pm to 6pm and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm from May through October. I am a Master Matter, Framer and Creator of Unique Art. I began matting and framing in 2003 and have done it by “word of mouth”


up until now. I’d like to invite new customers to query what I can do for them. I specialize in matting and framing of the typical items; photos, documents, art. However, I also have framed things such as athletic jerseys, small quilts and cross-stitch pieces. I want to see my customers smile when they see their art ready for display. I try to provide my customers with what they want. They may want

anusa Hershman Recycling Company (CHRC) is proud to be Vermont’s #1 recycler, making for a cleaner environment in our beautiful “Green Mountain State”. CHRC in St. Albans assists many companies throughout the state with improving their “Green” recycling efforts by focusing on reducing disposal costs which ultimately “Green’s Up” their operations’ “Bottom Line” for items previously discarded in their production processes.

(802) 933-4326

just a piece of cut mat board or a frame to finish a project themselves. They may want me to do the job from ‘A to Z’. Running my business from home adds a nice unhurried touch to assisting my customers. I am detail oriented. I can also consult with a customer and create a special piece of artwork to accent his/her decor.

The entire CHRC organization handles over 2 million tons of recyclables per year by selling various grades of paper, plastic and metal to re-processors throughout the world! During their hours of operation Mon-Fri from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. CHRC’s doors are always open to the general public who wish to drop off their household newspapers, magazines, junk mail cardboard at no charge. We’ll even help unload your car!

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger â&#x20AC;˘ May 2011


Your Hometown Hannaford


Your Hometown Hannaford

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Celebrating More than 90 Years in the Franklin County Community. For more than 90 years, Deringer has been an integral member of the Franklin County and international business communities. Deringer sincerely values its employees and celebrates an average tenure of nearly 15 years. Sustained by a corporate culture that fosters accountability, collaboration, and trust, Deringer provides a friendly and family-oriented work environment. What’s more, customer care, service excellence, and a firm commitment to Customs’ compliance illustrate the differences that have led to Deringer’s success as a leading logistics provider. Deringer’s turnkey logistics solutions include Customs brokerage, international freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, cargo insurance, and consulting. With more than 450 employees, over 30 customer service centers throughout the US, and a strong network of international agents, Deringer helps companies optimize efficiencies in their supply chain. Welcome to the Deringer Difference.

maRketing, sales, and logistics depaRtment L-R: Steven Parent, Claudia Ashton, Steve Burrington, Rita McEnany, Lindsey Walker. Seated: Robert Mosca, John Klinefelter. Missing: Gary Brunell, Matthew Parrott, Sara Luneau, Michelle Tilton, Andrew White.

HigHgate - L-R Back row: Patrick Woodward, Christopher Woodward. Second row: Martha Ryan, Lindsey Yandow, Brenda Spears, Melissa Levick, Amy Whitney, Erica Holmes, Heidi Machia, Claude Brosseau. Front row: Lindsay Tatro, Tina Langevin, Cynthia Monahan, Deborah Medor, Kylie Thomas, Amy Armell, Judy Henderson. Missing: Kelly Laroche

Human ResouRces and Business administRation L-R Standing: Mary Baker, Julie Morin, Lynn Willett, Becky Greenough. Seated: Caitlyn Lane, Tara L’Esperance

cRedit depaRtment - L-R: Patricia Bowdy, Paul Laska, Amanda Giroux Seated: Rhoda Benoit. Missing: Donna Hansen, Mary Yandow, Christine Kitonis

iss depaRtment - L-R Seated: Carol Mahoney, Tina Paradee, Patty Gale. Second row: Donald Cutting, Laura Lafountain, Lisa Larose, Ed Merrill, Ben Becker. Back Row: Jon Meyers, Michael Zemianek, Arnaldo Gonzalez, John Kohlmeyer, Tyler Cote, Jerry Laabs, Ryan Laber Missing: Doug Walter, Pegeen Long, Margaret Chagnon, Kristi Yelle, Beth St. Pierre, Steven McGrath

accounting - L-R Standing: Jean Kavchak, Nancy Smith, Denise Bruley, Pam White, Brianne Lacross, Jessica Irish, Sharon Laroche, Donna Maynard, Carmen Crepeau. Seated: Virginia Hakey, Dee Boudreau, Jessica Ashton

administration - L-R: Jacob Holzscheiter, President/CEO; Bob Lawrence, Director of Finance/Treasurer; Sandy Mayotte, Vice President Administration


Meet Your Merchant 2011


Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Extrusion Dies & Tubing

Jim Gadue, Lori Gadue, Eileen Gadue, Ray Gadue, and Kevin Gadue (pictured from left to right)

Ray’s Dies and Tubing had its humble start 51 years ago, the brainchild of local entrepreneur Raymond Gadue, Sr. who saw the need for a die insert for a wire coating machine. With a $5 shaft of an old outboard motor, some elbow grease and patience he created a company whose extrusion dies were sent all over the world. In 1965 his son, Ray Jr. joined the team and he assumed control after his father died in 1977. He and his wife, Eileen, began a program of controlled growth and worked from the basement of their home. Today, they operate out of a 22,000 square foot facility in Highgate and Ray’s Extrusion Dies and Tubing has established a world-wide reputation for its pioneering in “centerless grinding” of intricate stainless steel tubing. The tubing is so intricate, and so exact, that it is used in operating rooms across the world. It is used in exploratory procedures to diagnose heart problems, and for the more complicated surgeries. The tubing is used to thread through the body’s arteries, meaning it needs to be extraordinarily smooth and the inside diameter as small as .0015 of an inch. The medical industry is the recipient of much of Ray’s Dies and Tubing product and, occasionally, they hear stories of famous people their products have helped. Mother Teresa, for example, was treated for her arterial blockages using the products crafted at their Highgate facility. They create products that are used in the making of catheters, stents, diagnostic probes, electrodes and other devices. Their machines are some of the world’s most sophisticated, which allows them to suggest that if “you can dream about it, we can make it.” Ray and Eileen Gadue, although still active in the business, passed their bustling enterprise along to their son Kevin, who is president and who has worked in the business since he was 12, and their daughter, Lori, who is vice president. They employ approximately 30 employees.

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger â&#x20AC;˘ May 2011

Meet Your Merchant 2011

Celebrating our 51st year in business!


Meet Your Merchant 2011


Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

E.J. Barrette & Sons, Inc. “Family Owned Business Since 1922”

Maggie Barrette Showroom Manager

Jon Barrette

Owner/General Manager

Beltone Hearing Aid Centers Jay Leicht and Donna Harriman. Locations:

Meredith Barrette Assistant Office Mgr.

Linda Barrette

Paula Howrigan

Jim Foley

Bella Bigelow

Owner/Office Manager


Sales Consultant/Lot Manager


Sara Barrette Bigelow Sales/Marketing, Master Certified, Excellence Award Winner

Lori Audet

Parts/Service Advisor, Master Certified, Excellence Award Winner 14 years at Barrette Ford

178 Swanton Road, Saint Albans, VT 05478 (802) 752-4165, Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-5:00 1860 Williston Road, South Burlington, VT 05403 (802) 735-9114 open Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00-5:00 Evening, Saturday and in home appointments available

Web Site: Staff: Jay Leicht, Hearing Instrument Specialist, License #063.0065320 Donna Harriman, Patient Care Coordinator

Beltone has been helping the world hear better since 1940. We offer a full line of digital hearing aids to fit nearly every hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Our latest hearing aids, the Beltone True™, were awarded the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show Design and Engineering Award in the Health and Wellness Category. The Beltone True™ allows hearing-impaired users to comfortably converse with those nearby, while still listening to music or watching their favorite TV program. They offer excellent sound

Aaron Barrette

Service Coordinator-Master Certified Diesel Technician

quality and eliminate the embarrassing high-pitched whistling of past hearing instruments. In addition to our ground breaking technology, what makes Beltone unique is our exclusive BelCare Promise, the most comprehensive hearing healthcare plan in the industry, honored at all 1,400 Beltone locations nationwide. This service package includes complimentary cleanings and adjustments for your hearing aids and free in-office repairs if needed.

We also offer complimentary audiometric hearing evaluations as well as video ear scans, where we take a look inside your ear canal to check for any buildup of earwax or some other sort of blockage that may be causing a problem with your hearing. These services, a $275 value, are offered free to the community whether or not you currently wear hearing aids. We will also perform clean and checks for non-Beltone hearing aids at no charge. Call today at (802) 752-4165 or (802) 735-9114 for more information.

(L to R) Back row: Melissa McMahon, Dena Blossey, Jenna Young, Tina Burleson, Rod Prim, Michelle LaBelle-Goodbred, Michelle Charbonneau, Paula Geoffroy. Seated: Greta Hauschel-Boulerice, Dr. Steven St. Marie, Dr. David DiMarco, Tami St. Marie


Steven St. Marie, O.D. & David DiMarco, O.D.


50 Bank Street, St. Albans,VT 05478



(802) 524-9561



September-May Mon 7:45am-7pm Tues, Wed & Fri 7:45am-5pm Thu 7:45am-12pm

June 13th -August 19th Mon & Thu 6:45am-7pm Tues & Wed 6:45am-5pm Friday Closed

The doctors and staff at Northern Valley Eyecare provide family eye and vision care that combines personalized attention, friendly service and advanced technology. In addition to a full service optical dispensary, we offer eye examiniations, contact lens care, refractive surgery co-management, glaucoma treatment, urgent care, diabetic eye exams, allergy and dry eye management. Our optical dispensary has roughly a thousand frames from a wide selection of designers including Oakley, Maui Jim, Disney, Coach, Nike, Nautica, Pro-Design-Denmark, Lindberg, Nicole Miller, Kenneth Cole, Laura Ashley, Flexon, Calvin Klein, Jessica McClintock and many more. Our goal is to provide you with the best in personalized care to meet your needs and wants. If you are in a hurry, most single-vision prescriptions can be filled within 30 minutes and most other prescriptions within 24 hours. We are a participating provider for most major insurance companies. Mastercard,Visa & Discover are accepted.

10 years at Barrette Ford

Matthew Frechette

Service Coordinator-Master Certified Diesel Technician

Travis Lampman

Kenny Frechette

13 years at Barrette Ford

7 1/2 years at Barrette Ford

Service Technician

Service Technician

15 years at Barrette Ford


189 North River Street, Swanton




(802) 868-3327, 1-800-730-5547

Mike Smith

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8am-5pm Tuesday-Thursday 8am-7pm & Saturday 9am-2pm Sales only

9 years at Barrette Ford



Founded in 1922, E.J. Barrette & Sons has been serving our neighbors in Vermont & NY for 88 years. In addition to a complete line of new Ford vehicles, we also offer extensive line of pre-owned and program vehicles. Our service department was awarded the North American Customer Service Excellence Award for customer quality and service. If you are looking for high quality service and a satisfying sales process stop by Barrette’s today, our high percentage of repeat and long distance customers speaks for itself. Barrette Ford is a Blue Oval Certified Dealership.We are proud recipients of the 2010 Presidents Award.

Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Meet Your Merchant 2011


CNB staff, from left to right: Teller Romona Bunker, Residential Lender Donna Kennison, Teller Vicki Mitchell, Personal Banker Heather Elwood.

At Your Service Since 1851, Community National Bank has evolved to bring modern conveniences to our customers. What has not changed are the values and integrity used to run our bank and keep us strong. CNB – we’re in our communities and ready to serve.

Missing from the photo: Office Supervisor Suzanne Rhodes, Commercial Loan Officer Jennifer Conger, and Teller Anne Vaillancourt. 49 Sampsonville Road Enosburg Falls, VT 05450 TELEPHONE: 802-933-8500 HOURS: Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Friday: 8:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.

St. Albans

primarycare H E A LT H


9 Crest Road, St. Albans,VT 05478


(802) 527-0753


Monday-Thursday 8:30am-7pm Friday 8:30am-5pm Saturday 12pm-3pm


Third row back: Stewart Manchester, MD • Jeff Fine, PA • Jeanne Bulger, LPN Second row left to right: Chris Howe, Reception • Sue Bluto, Office Administrator, Tahni Goodhue, LPN • Brenda Honsinger, LNA • Melissa Poirier, LNA Renee Trombley, LPN, • Melissa Morse, LNA Front row left to right: Toby Sadkin, MD • Lauren Hilliker, Reception • Terri Nielsen, MD, Trudy Jones, Reception • Angela Riley, Reception

St. Albans Primary Care is a family practice medical office that provides health care for the entire family, including obstetrics (prenatal care and delivery), pediatrics and adult medicine. Our extended evening and weekend hours are meant to accomodate your busy family schedule. For appointment scheduling or further information, call 802-527-0753.

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TrusT Company of VermonT Trust Company of Vermont is proud to be Vermont’s first independent trust company. TCV is employee-owned & locally controlled with offices in St. Albans, Burlington, Rutland, Manchester Center, Stowe & Brattleboro. Trust Company of Vermont specializes in individualized professional investment management, trust services & estate planning. Location:

2 North Main St., 4th Floor, St. Albans,Vt. 05478



(802) 524-6200


(802) 524-1800



Monday-Thursday 8am-4:30pm, Friday by appointment


Harold “Butch” Hebert & David DeBellis CFA manage client investment portfolios while Mary Ann McD ermott-Reynolds provides Trust & IRA administration services.Together they have over 70 years of trust & investment expertise.

u can’t What yo re else, he get anyw hibault’s! T get it at

Owners: Sales/Marketing Manager: Location: Phone: Website: Email: Hours:

(L to R) Charity Streeter, Sales/Marketing Mgr.; Tim Thibault O wner/Store Mgr, Brian Thweatt, Service Technician; Hollie Chesebro, Office Mgr.; Ryan Ragan, Delivery Technician; E llen Gates, Accounts Manager; Jacob Streeter, Delivery Technician/Central Vac S ales; Jeff Thibault Owner/Service Mgr.

Owner: Location: Email: Phone:

L.Tim Mosher 1810 Lower Newton Rd., St.Albans (802) 233-0800

No Job Is Too Small!

Remodeling and flooring, including decks, porches & painting - insured. NEW... Building lots now available at Lower Newton Road in St. Albans! (L to R in back) Leo Carrier, Jason Paquette, Carol Hubbard, Scott Miller, Steve Rabtoy, Denny Browe, Jane Pederson, Eric Muske, Steve Lagasse and Joe Severy (Inset) Eric Severy and Ken Thomas

Harvest Equipment is Vermont’s premier tractor and power equipment dealer, hands down. At Harvest Equipment we carry everything from agricultural, and light commercial equipment to homeowner and commercial landscape power products.

Jeff Thibault & Tim Thibault Charity Streeter Rte. 7 North, 15 Champlain Commons, St.Albans (802) 524-4123 Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8:30am-3pm

Established with full customer satisfaction in mind, consider Harvest Equipment your partner for business and residential equipment solutions. And, if we don’t have what you are looking for, chances are we can find it for you.

Family owned and operated for over 21 years, Thibault Appliances has the largest Appliance Showroom in Northwest Vermont and offers the best premier appliance service. Thibault Appliances has it all including vacuum cleaners, central vacuums and a wide variety of bags and belts. We offer factory direct pricing on appliance brands such as Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Speed Queen and Frigidaire. We also have Riccar, Miele, Oreck vacuums and Beam Central Vacs. Come in and see our great showroom and don’t be afraid to ask one of our friendly staff members any questions you might have.

Strategic Initiatives for Business, LLC

(L to R): Danielle Gauvin, Stylist, Ann Gaboriault, Stylist/Owner, Angel LaRose, Color Tech/Skin C are Consultant

Owner: Location: Phone: Hours:

This service was in concert with the development of new business strategies to improve their overall financial performance in addition to consulting, directing and designing special projects.

Ann Gaboriault 14 Swanton Rd, St.Albans (802) 527-5300 Monday-Saturday, hours vary

Steven J. Bourgeois, CEO

Part Time Chair Rental Available! Call 309-4553 For Details Precison cuts, colors, highlights, perms, manicures, pedicures, fiberglass nails and New Shellac Manicures with Angel.


Opened January 2009. Over 55 years combined experience. Located in the Duke’s Fitness Center Building on Rt. 7. Ample parking. Appointment recommended.

Plouff ’s Monument

Our Memory Lane Lamps offer a unique alternative to traditional bereavement gifts. (For in-home use)


Call us to discuss your future. Over our seven years Strategic Initiatives for Business LLC, has negotiated 60 million dollars in loans for our clients, obtaining more competitive rates, terms and conditions.

Steve & Sharon Plouff

Location: 26 Swanton Rd., St.Albans (802) 524-5145 Monday-Friday 9am-4pm Rte. 105, Enosburg (802) 933-4346 (by appointment) Milton (802) 893-8200

We started in 1967 as a small family business. We offer beautiful handcrafted memorials from all over the world. We use our many years of experience helping families through a difficult time. We treat each family with dignity and respect in their time of need. We draw your designs on our state of the art computer system. Add flowers, crosses, change style of letters, all while you tell us exactly what you desire.

These are some of the reasons why the majority of people in Franklin County and beyond place their trust in us. Stop by & see what our 44 years of experience can do for you!

Debbie Bourgeois, Adm. Assistant 32 Mapleville Depot, conveniently located at Exit 19, St. Albans (802) 524-4455 Monday-Friday 7am-5pm espressos, smoothies wi-fi, gourmet ice cream sandwiches & popsicles... Thanks for buying our stuff, And for shopping locally, And for being so cool.

We use organic fair trade, locally roasted coffee as well as locally made baked goods, cream cheese & maple syrup. Try one of our Montreal bagels.

Handmade jewelry, hats, bags etc. Guitar strings, & other musical instrument accessories.

We have vinyl lps, cds & offer cd, dvd & game disc repair. Plus, we buy, sell & trade video games, accessories & systems.

The Maddox family, clock-

wise from top right: Ben, Kelee, Apple & Otto

342 Main St, Enosburg Falls 933-2994

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Lake Street Auto Service & Sales


Stell Properties, LLC d/b/a RE/MAX Destinations


44 South Main Street, St.Albans,VT 05478


(802) 527-7666


Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm Night & weekends by appointment

Agents/Employees (Back Row L-R):

(Front Row L-R):

(Missing from photo)

(L to R)Marty Pinard, Randy L’Esperance, Bill L’Esperance Sr., Bill L’Esperance Jr., John McDonald

Owners: David Rood, REALTOR®/Broker Kristine Stell, CDPE, REALTOR®/Managing Broker George R. DeCell, Jr., REALTOR® Chet Baranski, REALTOR® Kathy Middlemiss, Office Manager Wendy Castillo, REALTOR® Marilyn Lagrow, REALTOR®/Broker Donald Clowes, REALTOR®/Broker

Location: Email: Phone: Hours: Staff:

The agents at RE/MAX® Destinations have extensive experience in the real estate business. Our web and advertising presence enable us to reach the largest amount of buyers both locally and internationally. Let us put our experience to work for you in buying or selling your home. RE/MAX® Destinations donates proceeds from each sale to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Bill L’Esperance, Sr., Bill L’Esperance, Jr., & Randy L’Esperance 158 Lake Street, St. Albans,Vt. 05478 (802) 524-9064, (802) 527-0908 Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm, Saturday 8am-12pm Marty Pinard, 39 years experience,Technician John McDonald, 21 years experience,Technician

Family owned and operated here in St. Albans for 31 years. Complete auto repair shop. We sell tires and do windshield replacement. We also buy and sell used cars. Competitive prices, clean, comfortable waiting area. Ride to and from work if needed!



ennet wealth management, llc



Roger E. Bennett and Kerri Irick Churchill Manager:

Roger E. Bennett, CLU, ChFC


154 North Main Street, St.Albans,Vermont 05478


(802) 524-1880



102 Airport Access Rd., Swanton


Monday-Friday 8:30am - 4pm (other times available by appointment)



Kerri Irick Churchill - Admin. Assistant

(802) 868-2328 (802) 868-9289




Monday-Friday 7:30am-4pm

Bennett Wealth Management, since 2001, is an investment firm offering financial planning and asset management services customized to your needs. Retirement & Estate Planning,Tax Management, Investment Planning, Education Funding, Insurance and Retirement Plans. Registered Representative, Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.., Member FINRA & SIPC Investment Advisor Representative, BENNETT WEALTH MANAGEMENT, LLC.., a Registered Investment Advisor. BENNETT WEALTH MANAGEMENT, LLC. and Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. are not affiliated entities

(L to R) Larrs Hardy, Jordan Kane, John Landry, Autumn Hoburn, Colin Christy, Karen Stanley, Dick Rogers. Not Pictured:Tom Patterson

The business was established in the state in 2005. We provide maple syrup equipment and supplies. Specializing in customer service, we go out of our way to make the customer happy. We carry a large stock of sugaring supplies.

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Salon Elizabeth 38 South Main St., St albanS,Vt 05478

(802) 524-4524

We offer special orders, estate jewelry, class rings, fun silver & beautiful gold. Diamonds, gemstones, in many different settings round out our exceptional collection. Pearls, earrings, necklaces & rings are in contemporary and classic styles. Always free boxing and wrapping.

OpEn MOn-Fri 10aM - 7pM; SaT 8aM - 3pM

Salon Elizabeth was founded in 2004. We specialize in color and precision haircutting. The salon carries a wide range of professional hair care products.

lille bowler - Stylist, brenda Rainville - Stylist, Jessica Ragan - Stylist, tracey Evans-Reed - Owner/Stylist

Young’s Accounting, L LC 584 Main Street, Enosburg Falls,VT 05450

Our resident goldsmiths perform exceptional repairs & delicate surgeries on your prized jewelry. And best of all, we give service like it used to be given.


Sandra Ferland


349 Main St., Enosburg Falls,Vt.




(802) 933-4503


Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm & Friday 9am-6pm


Raymond Ferland, Goldsmith Chris Ferland, Goldsmith Audrey Gagne & Donna Magnant

Honesty, Integrity & Knowledge — It’s who we are!

Boston Tailoring & Cleaners

Boston Tailoring is a fifth generation family owned and operated business and has been for over 97 years. All of us at Boston Tailoring take pride in giving customer assistance in a friendly face-to-face atmosphere.

Email:, Phone: 802-933-4771, Fax: 802-419-4000

We specialize in all aspects of dry cleaning, including day-to-day cleaning, leather and suede cleaning, wedding gown cleaning and preservation. We also specialize in men, women and children’s alterations and much more.

“A Professional Business with a personal touch”

Our facility provides on site cleaning, pressing and alterations with state of the art equipment. John DeMarinis, owner has learned his trade from his grandfather who was a master tailor from Italy. Taking over the business at 21 years old he has over 33 years of experience and knowledge to offer. We believe in keeping our customers happy with quality work, and we have the experience and knowledge to make that happen.

All of us at Boston Tailoring welcome you to stop by and check us out!

(L to R) Lauren L. Young, Robert Young, Stephanie Machia

We wish to extend our appreciation to our clients. It is with a great sense of pride we extend our gratitude to you who have been with us for many years or a few years as well as our new clients. All of you are important to us, and we take pride in providing you with a service that best suits your needs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us. At Young’s Accounting, LLC you are not just a number; you are an integral part of our business. Without you, we would not be.

Owner: Assistant Manager: Location: Phone: Hours: Staff:

John & Sandy DeMarinis Jennifer & Marianna Merritt 46 Federal St., St. Albans, Vt. at the foot of Kingman St. (802) 524-5686 Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm, Saturday 7:30am-Noon Karen Putnam, Presser

The Canine Clip

Northwest Hearing Services

Don’t trust your hearing health to a salesperson. Call today for your free consultation with Franklin County’s only Audiologist We provide complete audiological evaluations (hearing tests) for all ages. We also sell, repair and service analog and digital hearing aids. We work in conjunction with an ear, nose and throat physician. Kristi is a certified, licensed audiologist with a master’s degree in Audiology (Hearing Science). She has over 15 years experience working with hearing aids. The evaluation provided at our office is a complete medical evaluation in a sound proof booth. We provide our patients with a 60 day trial period and a 2 year warranty.

Gail Morin & Wendi Hammond


480 Sheldon Rd., Route 105, St.Albans,Vt. 05478


524-9036, hours by appointment

We have been a full service dog grooming salon since 1985. We provide styling, ear and nail care, and bathing with a full line of shampoos for all skin and coat conditions. We also carry some grooming supplies, outerwear and toys.


77 Fairfield Street, St.Albans


(802) 524-0839


Monday,Tuesday & Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm Hours vary based on patients needs. Open Wednesdays by appointment


(L to R) Gail holding Fynegan Bourgeois, Wendi holding Brandi Spaulding


Kristi Dumont, M.S., CCC-A, Owner/Audiologist Shannon Blake, Receptionist/Office Manager

We would like to thank all of our loyal customers, friends, and especially our “furry” friends for supporting us and allowing us to continue to share our time and talent with them. As always, dogs are our passion! Thank you, Gail & Wendi

Northwest Access TV - Channel 15 +16 Established in 1999, Channel 15 has steadily grown, offering more varied programs to Comcast cable viewers every year. Channel 16, started on the air in 2005, initially broadcast as a local government access channel. Channel 15 remains the local public access channel for Highgate, Sheldon, and Swanton.

(L to R) David Desorcie, Linda Gagne, Paul Laroche & Ashley Choiniere

We offer free training in camera operation, digital editing, TV show production, and directing. We have an ongoing Community Bulletin Board, and maintain an archive of community events we have previously recorded. DVD copies of most programs are made available for a small fee.

Desorcie’s Market was established by the late Joseph H. Desorcie in 1964. In 1995 the current owner, David Desorcie, purchased the business. Desorcie’s offers a full service meat/deli department, as well as a variety of groceries, produce home-baked good, and ice cold drinks. Customer service with a smile or a joke! If you’re not in the habit of picking up your order for the weekend BBQ party, or even dinner during the week, start doing so now! We offer a variety of meat packages, the best beef jerky in town, and weekly specials. We serve to “MEAT” your needs.


David A. Desorcie, Butcher


9 St.Armand Road, Highgate



Monday-Wednesday 8am-6pm, Thursday 8am-7pm, Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 8:30am-12:30pm

(L to R) Standing: Carl Tamburo Videoagrapher, Elizabeth Malone, Executive Director. Seated: Michael Montanye, Projection Specialist, Production Coordinator.

Location: Phone: Website: Hours:

4 Academy Dr, St.Albans in the BFA North building (802) 527-6474 Mon-Thurs 9am-8pm, Fri 9am-4pm


Elizabeth Malone, Exec. Director Michael Montanye, Production Specialist Joanne Montanye, Staff Assistant Freelance Videographers: Freelance Videographers: Sue Anim-Adjei, Mike Bibona, Heather Buczkowski, Steve Jackson, Andrew Judge, Erik Little, Tyler Shaw, Carl Tamburo

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Since 1988, Fiddlehead Dentistry has been making people smile in St. Albans. Ten of their staff members have been on the team for 15-20 years. Their patients always feel that they are in the company of friends. Since 2003, we have been assisting our patients in avoiding crowns with our innovative technology called C.E.R.E.C. This is a more comfortable, conservative solution completed in one visit. Advanced cosmetic and implant dentistry methods are also available. There is no need to have a smile that looks 20 years older than you do. Our new website has detailed information about more than 50 dental subjects, including the advanced technology used in our practice. We are currently welcoming new patients. Partners:

Dr. Lynda Ulrich & Dr. Chuck Verderber


39 Congress St., St.Albans,Vt. 05478


Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Web site:


524-9774 / 527-7796

Staff: Drs: Lynda M. Ulrich & Chuck Verderber Dental Assistants: Robin Lumsden, Ann Mittelstadt, Suzanne Goodman, Christine Emerson Dental Hygienists: Lori Derry, Candi Branon, MaryKay Burnor, Maggie Aksdal, Samantha Laroche Front Desk: Teri Donna, Denise Bocash, Kathy Bourdeau, Nadine Lawliss


A Full-Service Salon- from your head to your toes! Hair, Waxing, and Nail Services

Express Tanning Services, Always with New Bulbs (L to R) Standing: Back Row Receptionist Gloria, Lisa, Valerie, Sherry, Kim, Bonnie, Carrie, Donna Sitting: Brittany, Amiee, Jill, Alaura, Pat. Missing: Myia

We now offer protein-based hair straightener and hair extensions.

Aveda â&#x20AC;˘ Goldwell â&#x20AC;˘ Thermafuse â&#x20AC;˘

Please call for an appointment or Redken consultation.

No. Main Street, St. Albans, Vt. 802-524-3830

Open MOnday-Friday 8aM-7pM, Saturday 8aM-3pM â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Gift CertifiCates available - Walk ins WelCome


Mark Deso Operations Mgr., Martin LaFrance General Manager, Mike Godin Asst. Mgr.

Design Center:

Josh Gagne, Michelle Prouty, Janice Thompson, Ray Ryan


Heald Funeral Home

We take care of everything...

Established 1918

Seated (Left to Right): Rett Heald,Win Heald, Lucien Hayes Standing (Left to Right): Norm Choiniere, Jim Field, Emily Heald, Mike Simpson, Peg Heald, Stan Dukas; Missing: Danielle Heald We offer many choices from the finest traditional funeral to the simplest of final arrangements. For those who would like visitation and/or a funeral prior to cremation, we allow you to rent a beautiful hardwood casket at a considerable savings. Many find peace of mind and even a savings with â&#x20AC;&#x153;Pre-planningâ&#x20AC;?. You can pre-pay if you wish, but it is not required. The important thing is to get your wishes on record with us for the convenience of your family. You can call to make an appointment or simply visit our informative website for details. It

Office Linda Bushey, IT Assistant; Sarah Lang, Financial Officer; Rebecca Tarte - Richards, Credit Mgr.; Ellen Corbiere, Payables; Nicole Herron, IT Mgr.

Mill Shop Ted Frazier, Gerry Simard (sales), Eric Nilsen. Missing: Ridgley Casavant

Front: Jeff Lamphere, Owner / Partner; Jon Aldrich, Mike Ballentine. 2nd row: Francis Sherman, Debbie Morse, Mark Jarvis. 3rd row: Dan Sweeney, Lester Ayers Marc Wells (missing)

features several â&#x20AC;&#x153;Service Packagesâ&#x20AC;? and a selection of caskets, burial vaults and urns. Our prices are there for you to see and you can pre-plan from the comfort of your home. Perhaps you already have made your arrangements with another Funeral Home, either within our area or even at a distant location. If you would like to change from that funeral home to ours, it can be accomplished very easily, even if it is prepaid with the other funeral home. Simply let us know and we will take it from there. All we will need is a signature from you.

Licensed Funeral Directors: Rett Heald, Win Heald & Lucien Hayes Available 24/7/365 524-3031 or Toll Free 800-434-3031 We offer program called â&#x20AC;&#x153;Video Life Tributeâ&#x20AC;? which is comprised of pictures you provide us. We add music and beautiful scenes. We make a DVD of it and it is shown during visitation or before a funeral and then given to the family as a keepsake. There is no cost or obligation involved when you meet with one of our directors. Please call and take advantage of our many years of experience. The Heald family has proudly served the St. Albans and Franklin County community since 1918.

Shipping & Receiving Stewart Pelkey, Blaine Ovitt Yard Foreman, Chris Cox, Rodney Gaudette, Tony Schifilliti, David Graham, Reggie Fiske, Justin McDonald, Duane Owen

Customer Service Dj Noel, Louise Guilmette, Mike King, Jesse Putnam

Contractor Sales: ( L to R ) Jerry Cole, Terry Fisher, Tim Maskell, Rob Lawrance, Pierre Letourneau, Rick Lamarche

Commercial Sales: David Durette

Enosburg Shipping & Receiving: Jeff Litchfiled, Dan Demers, Ron Lowell, Terry Parah

45*$,4456''0''&34"'6-- -*/&0')0.&"/%#6*-%*/( ."5&3*"-48)&5)&3 :063/&&%4"3&-6.#&3  )"3%8"3& 1"*/5 500-4 8&)"7&*5"--.03& 8*5)5)3&&$0/7&/*&/5 -0$"5*0/4"/%8&&,&/% )0634-&564)&-1:06 8*5)"--0':063)0.& "/%#64*/&44/&&%4063%&4*(/ Enosburg Customer Service: Rose Enosburg $&/5&3130'&44*0/"-4$"/"44*458*5)$3&"5*/(:063 Enosburg Sales: Kris Bullock Owner/ MacDurmon, Dale â&#x20AC;&#x153;Pufferâ&#x20AC;? Lumbra, Mike Kirby, Design Center: %3&".,*5$)&/504*.1-:3&/07"5*/("/:300.*/:063 Partner, Ed Messier, Mark Lemay, Pat Collins Jennifer Eveland Shila Boomhower )064&06345"''*4"7"*-"#-&'0313*7"5&$0/46-5"5*0/4 03*/063#&"65*'6-4)08300.8)&/-00,*/('03 2 Orchard St. Ext. â&#x20AC;˘ Enosburg â&#x20AC;˘ 933-5011 Mon. - Fri. 7am - 5pm â&#x20AC;˘ Sat. 7am - 12pm 26"-*5: 13*$&"/%4&37*$&8&453*7&50.&&5:063 13 Gallagher Rd. â&#x20AC;˘ Middlesex â&#x20AC;˘ 866-639-1629 Mon. - Fri. 7am - 5pm â&#x20AC;˘ Sat. 7am - 12pm /&&%4-0$"--:08/&%"/%01&3"5&%'03:&"34 44 Lower Newton St. â&#x20AC;˘ St. Albans â&#x20AC;˘ 524-2136 Mon. - Fri. 7am - 5pm â&#x20AC;˘ Sat. 7am - 12pm â&#x20AC;˘ Sunday 8am - 12pm

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airPoint Communications has Franklin County covered – with 60 great employees, great service and now, more broadband than ever! FairPoint is bringing total broadband coverage to more Franklin County exchanges than ever before – East Fairfield, Enosburg Falls, Fairfax, Richford, St. Albans and Swanton. When it comes to Internet access, FairPoint delivers. FairPoint helps businesses and community organizations too; we’re proud members of the Franklin County Regional Chamber of Commerce and this year’s title sponsor of the 32nd annual Great Race on July 3rd. Our employees have donated more than 5,200 hours of community service in the last few years and FairPoint has matched their efforts with almost $48,000 in donations. We’re committed to the communities we serve; last year we donated $240,000 to help Vermont civic and charitable organizations and spent $27 million on local goods and services. FairPoint’s focus has been — first and foremost — to serve the unique needs of our customers. At the same time, we’ve worked to deepen relationships, strengthen local economies and use technology to offer new ways to communicate. Please send along any ideas and comments on how we can help you to We look forward to hearing from you. Mike Smith, President FairPoint Vermont, (Dude on the Phone)

Call 1.866.984.2001 for further details HIGH-SPEED INTERNET



Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

Jane L Champeon Lisa O’Day Bethany Bates Dulcey Mastrangelo Lynn Gosselin April L Laurencelle Pamela J Jones Cheri Cloutier Kelly S Leblanc Michael D Jones Todd N Staples Cathleen L Trivieres Angela M Flanigan Andrew T Perrotte Brian K Churchill Brian Edward Daum Brent Desautels Benjamin P Esancy Brian R Newton Corey A Cushing Craig Eschelbach Christopher Haselman Clayton Douglas Merchant Carol A Pryme Christopher J Rogers Chad R Remillard Darlene C Cross Donald R Masse Gary B Trivento Jason F Lavery

John B Mccarthy John Maurice Pepin Jennifer L Reposa Jeffrey G Strong Joanne H Tabor Joseph Gerard Walsh Kevin J Lavalley Kristopher M Lacross Kristi L Pelletier Kristin Anne White Liisa M Newton Margery J Haselman Michael Loiselle Matthew D Messier Michael P O’Day Matthew B Petrie Ronald D Mcnall Roland H Oneill Robin A Wells Stephen R Archambault Steven Leblanc Scott D Picucci Tricia A Gilmond Timothy J Rickard Timothy Turner Rene DeLaricheliere Brian L. Bouchard Robert Boulerice Kathleen Hanson Christina B Lavigne

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Spa & SChOOl

Owner: hope Bockus, C.M.T. LOcated: 132 North Main St., St. albans web Site: 802/524-9005 PhOne: hOurS: Tuesday -Saturday, 9:30aM - 6pM L to R - Erin Kendall and Jessica Dragon- CMT Rehab Massage Therapists; Jessica Paradee, Erica Fregeau, Cheryl Lange, April Siple, Elizabeth Bockus- Students Staff; Hope Bockus - CMT, Rehab Massage Therapist, Instructor, Owner

Our rehab massage therapists are experts in sports and spa massage. The student massage clinic is open to the community, January to June. Clinical massage classes starts this September. Bodysoul Spa & School invites you to be part of the fastest growing field in healthcare today. Our program is superior in education and massage-business building.

Staff Includes - hope Bockus, Jessica Dragon, Erin Kendall Rehab Massage Therapists Student Staff - april Siple, Elizabeth Bockus, Cheryl lange, Erica Fregeau, Jessica paradee

Coming Soon the presentation of the 2010 Avatar Awards!

Our Loyal Staff: (The Reason Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve Won National Recognition For Patient Satisfaction Scores) We are blessed to have a very loyal staff. Each spring, we celebrate employee service to the hospital at our annual Employee Awards Banquet, held at The Tyler Place. This year 75 employees received service awards in 5-year increments that range from 5 years to 45 years of service (see listing below). To all of our awards recipients this year, thank you for your service to NMC!

5 Years

5 Years (cont.)

10 Years (cont.)

15 Years (cont.)

30 Years

Kelly Bray Amy Brewer Michelle Carner Lynne Crocker Paula Cutting Aimee Deforge Carol Elder Leslie Gardzina Terri Gerard Marie Hardy Carol Kane Linda Kristiansen Marcia Lyford Jenny Madison Katy Magnuson Donna Mannings Wes Miller Ruth Murray Amy Parent

Shalyn Peloubet Merideth Plumpton Helen Potvin Kathleen Raleigh Pamela Scott Elizabeth St. Pierre Hillary Stine Heidi Thompson Luke Trippany Carla Twombly Jessica Willson Phoebe Wolcott-MacCausland

Cathy Giroux Joyce Hunt Traci Kennedy Martha Kirkpatrick Pennie LaFlame Kathy Luman Laura Lussier Laura Pawulak Jessica Scanlon Corliss Heather Smith Bridget Thompson Jill Torrey

Christine Sears Amy Severance Diane Weishaar

Kathy Girard Lisa King Dolly MacNeil Deborah Maynard-Page

10 Years

15 Years

Susan Casavant Ann Chevalier Benjamin Cooke Deborah Desaultels

Mary Lou Beaulieu Denise Domina Nicole Laroche Therese Moreau

Sheila Gregoire Susan Hartman Marsha King Prescott Reiner Valerie Sullivan

20 Years Rebecca Brush Nilda Gonnella-French Patricia Johnson Lynne Royea Carol St. Peter Michele Tessier

25 Years

35 Years Jean Leahy JoAnn Manahan

40 Years Donna Boudreau Cassie Gordon Ginette Young

45 Years Una Howard

Meet Your Merchant 2011


Special Supplement to The St. Albans Messenger • May 2011

BuRt Paquin FoRD


(L to R) Shay Davis, Sales; Steven Presnell, Sales; Chris Carey, General Sales Manager; Burt Paquin, General Manager; Missing - Jack Hungerford, Norm Pratt

noRth countRY niSSan


Tom Murphy


2 Federal Street, Suite 201 St.Albans,VT 05478





24 hours per day

Top to bottom: Craig Grenier, Parke Fitzgerald, Rich Bettinger, Tom Burroughs, Krystopher Greeley, Randal Feeley, Roy Knutsen, David Lena, David Blodgett, Orlando Quiroz -supervisor, Thomas Murphy - director, Joshua Berand, Manuel Arzamendi, Keith Carter, Peter Bowser

In October 2001, the American rail Dispatching Center became its own entity under RailAmerica, Inc. with a staff of four employees. The ARDC has grown under the careful guidance of its Director and now employs 20 Rail Traffic Controllers, six Crew Callers, seven center Supervisors and has endless opportunity for growth as RailAmerica continues to maintain its status as a leading short line and regional rail service provider throughout the United States.


( L to R) L to R - Jeff Hall, Nissan Sales Manager; Burt Paquin, Dealer Principle;Jay Laurie, Sales; Louie Young, Sales; Missing - Seth Whiting

Paquin motoRS

The ARDC is responsible for controlling over 7,000 miles of the safest possible rail traffic for 41 short line railroad companies in 35 states throughout the country and four Canadian provinces. Our employees are responsible for hundreds of lives and millions of dollars each and every day. The railroad you may be most familiar with is our very own New England Central Railroad (NECR). If you have ever taken the beautiful countryside train ride out of St. Albans on Amtrak, then you have traveled down one of RailAmerica’s finest short lines, the NECR.


( L to R) David Carey, Sales; Jamie Shea, Chrysler Sales Manager; Armand Chevrier, Sales


( L to R) Gerry Whitney, Ford/Nissan Service Manager; Jim Eaton, Ford Senior Tech.; Kevin Chevrier, Nissan Tech Specialist; Glenn St. Pierre, Reconditioning Tech.; Dylan Bishop, Reconditioning Tech.; Daniel Blaisdell, Reconditioning Tech.; Adam Whitney, Reconditioning Tech.; Eric Favreau, Master Tech.; Chris Laque, Ford/Nissan Assist. Service Manager; Kevin Trahan, Ford Parts Mgr.

SERVicE (L to R): Lori Flynn, Susan Jordan, Diane Tracy, Mary Whiting (L to R) Front: Allison Langlais, Abby Trivento, Britany Yates

( L to R) Sherman Gilbert III; Joe Schmidlen; Gerald Bailey, Parts Manager;- Missing - Dave Dulac, Manager


accounting ( L to R) Jennifer Paquin Wendy O’Brien

Kris Moore Offering the latest in, haircutting, colors & hi-lites Owners Diane Tracy & Mary Whiting; Manager Allison Langlais Manicure & Pedicure Special Only $35 Children 8 and under get their hair cut for only $10 Full service family salon, with affordable prices for men, woman & children. 146 North Main Street, St. Albans • 524-5630 Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Saturdays 8:30am-3pm 9 creative stylists available to create your perfect look!

( L to R) Fred Kuhn; Art Anthony; Joe Commo; Ryan O’Grady, Body Shop Manager

FRanKLin PaRK WESt • St. aLBanS

3 dealerships servicing all the vehicle needs of northern Vermont & new York!

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St. Albans Office Owner:



Jamie Freeman


21 Highgate Commons Shopping Plaza, St. Albans






Monday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

(L to R) Standing - Melodye Wells, CPIW, CISR, Account Executive/Select Business Unit Manager; Eileen Perkins, CISR, Account Manager; Dale Burns, Account Manager; Agnes Masson, CPIW, CISR, Account Manager; Kathy LaPerle, Account Manager; Donna Casavant, Account Manager/Select Business Unit; Robin Bilodeau, CISR, CPIW, Account Manager/Select Business Unit. Seated: Todd Lagrow, Sales Executive; Tonya Richard â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Claims/ CLP/Administration; John Casavant, CIC, CRM,Vice President

Jeffersonville Office

Sara Tilton, CISR, Personal Lines Account Manager; Lori Perley, CISR, Commercial Lines Account Manager.

Employees: Jamie Freeman, Manager Nate Spears, Sales Tanner Hubis, Sales Corey Marrier, Sales Wireless ZoneÂŽ of St. Albans is your local Verizon Premium Wireless Retailer offering the Verizon advantageâ&#x20AC;Ś and More! Serving the St. Albansâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; community since 2007, Wireless ZoneÂŽ has helped you stay connected to your friends, family, and business with a wide selection of Tablets, Smartphones, 4G LTE Mobile Broadband devices & Wireless Accessories. Let our trained staff of wireless experts work with you to find the most suitable device and plan to fit your wireless needsâ&#x20AC;Ś experience customer service the way it was meant to be!

Sally J. Severy, Senior Vice President of Hackett, Valine & MacDonald, Inc, previous Branch Manager, now working in Corporate Headquarters, So. Burlington, Vt.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The difference in insurance is the people who provide it.â&#x20AC;?

Darlene M.Wright, CIC, CPIW, St. Albans Branch Manager

Kate Clark â&#x20AC;&#x201C; CISR, CPIW, Town & Country Branch Manager

HVM Hackett Valine & MacDonald

insurance & risk management

4G LTE is a trademark of ETSI

62 N. Main Street, St. Albans, VT 802-524-4400 140 Kennedy Dr., So. Burlington, VT 802-658-1100 Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

InSurAnce Agency 64 Church St., Jeffersonville, Vt. (802) 644-8846

Champlain Valley Equipment



Brian Carpenter & Jason Bessette


7 Franklin Park West, St. Albans,Vt. 05478


(802) 524-6782





Monday-Friday 7:30am-5pm, Saturday 7:30am-Noon


Sales: Jason Bessette, Anthony Brock


Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021;




Office: Chantal Persons Parts: Tim Curtis, Norm Lockerby, Ed Pilon, Anissa Christopher, Sara Bessette Service: Aaron Keeler,Tammy Merchant, Ray Longley, Keith Kline, Stewart Duval, Nate Morin, Johnathan Nolan, Jeff Dezotelle, Luc Dandurand, Jacob Paquette, John Lebel Champlain Valley Equipment was originally established in 1970 and added the St. Albans location in 2005. Champlain Valley Equipment has added a new third location in 2008 in Derby,Vermont. Champlain Valley Equipment was honored as Farm Equipment Magazineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dealer of the Year for 2006. We carry a complete line of Case IH, Kubota, New Holland, Polaris,Yamaha, Fisher Plows, Woods, Farmi, Stihl Equipment. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We strive to put our customers first by giving them the best sales and service in a timely and economical fashion.


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rural partnerships ... we’have a lot going on ... ... and we need your help! If you live and/or work in Bakersfield, Berkshire, Enosburgh, Montgomery, or Richford, YOU can be part of the Rural Partnerships Coalition and support health, safety, and happiness in Northeast Franklin County. Upcoming meetings are May 26, June 23, July 28, and Aug. 25 at 4:30 p.m. at our Berkshire office. We always provide snacks, and we always have low-impact volunteer opportunities. Join us! Who is missing from this picture?


• community asset development • youth leadership • high-risk drinking prevention • community building • bullying prevention •

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer For any newly signed account, Myers will donate the first month’s fee collected, to your Making Strides Breast Cancer Event!

“A locAl fAmily owned & operAted compAny”

Residential • CommeRCial seRviCe • CuRbside PiCk-uPs

Now in the St. Albans area! Call today foR low PRiCing!


ContaineR seRviCe “the red can family” a ComPlete tRash seRviCe


A family tradition. Vermonters have typically passed their companies on for generations. Help support local business, keep our money local and keep traditions alive. Don’t throw your cash in the trash and watch it leave our state. Let “the Red Can Family” be a part of your family and keep our money in Vermont where it belongs!

• positive youth development • underage drinking prevention •

• community coalition development • youth health & nutrition •

ethan dezotelle director

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P B M N u t r i t i o N a l s - a Perrigo CoMPaNy georgia, VerMoNt

PBM Nutritionals, now a Perrigo Company, is the

largest supplier of store-brand infant formulas in the world with distribution to leading retailers, including Walmart, Samâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club, Target, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, and Babies Râ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Us. Our Georgia, Vermont-based factory is the only ISO 9001:2000-certified, infant formula-manufacturing facility in the United States and has been manufacturing infant formula products for more than 20 years. PBM purchased the Vermont factory in 2005 from Wyeth Nutritionals. Since then we have created more than 100 additional jobs in Vermont as we increased production to meet our growing business and the demands of our global retail partners. In line with this growth, we became a global leader in product development, quality, and production. Perrigo Company is a leading global healthcare supplier that develops, manufactures and distributes over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and consumer products. The Company is the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest manufacturer of OTC pharmaceutical products for the store brand market. The Companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s primary markets and locations of manufacturing facilities are the United States, Israel, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Today PBM Nutritionals, a Perrigo Company, is one of the largest employers in Franklin County, and our formulas are found in more than 40,000 retail locations in the United States and around the world: â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

Canada Mexico Peru Chile Colombia Europe China Vietnam Malaysia South Africa

For a full list of open positions and to apply on line, visit our website at Click on US Careers and then search by the Milton, Vermont location. PBM offers excellent benefits and competitive salaries. We are located just off Exit 18 on I89.

Creating a

stronger community one person at a time.


The NCSS Leadership Team consists of:

Todd Bauman Children, Youth & Family Services Director

Stephen Broer, Psy.D. Behavioral Health Services Director

Jean Danis Gilmond Developmental Services Director

Joe Halko Community Relations Director

Ted J. Mable, Ed.D. Executive Director

Serving Franklin & Grand Isle Counties

Jason Minor Director of Quality & Risk Management

Amy Putnam Finance & Administration Director

Steve Sobel, M.D. Medical Director

Tony Treanor Human Resources Director

E i g h T S Ta g E S o f D E v E L o p m E N T

107 & 130 Fisher Pond Road St. Albans, Vermont 05478 (802)524-6554

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Edward Jones

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Making Sense of Investing

Member SIPC

Quality Printing Since 1983

FULL SERVICE: Edward Jones has been committed to providing personalized investment services to individual investors.


We offer face-to-face consultations at your convenience; personal services and investment guidance tailored to your individual needs.

• BINDERY SERVICES • ENGINEERING COPIES & MYLARS /2&$/3,&.83 $1''(/,9(5< $9$,/$%/(

Website: Location:


Nate Vincent - 178 Swanton Rd., St.Albans,Vt. - 802-524-5892 Amy Osterhoudt, Branch Office Adm.

Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Monday-Friday 8am - 4pm, After hours by appt.

Fax: 802-868-9136

44 North River Street • Swanton • VT 05488


Do Pi m zz in a o ’



Phone: 802-868-9107

Jeff Barney - 77 N. Main St., St.Albans,Vt - 802-527-0629 Betty Osterhoudt, Sr. Branch Office Adm.


IN Our OPINION, THe customer IS TruLy Our

first priority.



Tim Jarvis

Staff Manager:

Warren Marchessault


266 North Main Street, St. Albans

Web Site:


(802) 527-5333


Open 11am 7 days a week

We offer a variety of pizza and related items. They are made fresh to order and delivered in the fastest, friendliest manner in town. In our opinion, the customer is our first priority.

Each and every customer is treated as our best customer. All of this brings us to our mission statement of being the best pizza delivery company in the world!

Brady & Levesque Funeral Home and Commemorative Services The Brady & Levesque Funeral Home is committed to providing the best possible funeral services and merchandise to the families we serve. Whether preplanning, or a loved one has passed on, no matter where our services are needed, we promise to do everything possible to provide the final tribute that everyone deserves. We think that we are “caring for friends and family with dignity during a special time.”

M & R Guns & Ammo Established 20 years ago, M & R Guns specializes in customer service. We have the best inventory in the area with competitive prices and knowledgeable staff.

“Check us out before you buy!”

Mike Fontaine 79 Gore Road, Highgate,VT 05459 (802) 868-4288 Open 7 days a week 9am - 6pm Mike Fontaine, Maurice Fontaine & Denny Fortin

Sweet Nothings is St. Albans’ little slice of heaven. So much more than a candy store!

Come On In For Your Favorite... Ice Cream Creation, Baked Desserts, Or Chocolates! Our huge candy assortment includes many old time candies, as well as sugar-free, and nut-free selections.

Owner: Location: Phone:

Linda Carroll 94 North Main Street, St. Albans (802) 527-5118

New whimsical items and cards coming soon to satisfy your gift-giving needs.

G.Thomas Brady & Raymond J. Levesque

Directors: Jeffery S. Levesque & Allen H. Choiniere

Dennis Fortin, Maurice Fontaine, Mike Fontaine Owner: Location: Email: Phone: Hours: Staff:

Founders: Location:

86 So. Main St., St.Albans,Vt. 05478 (the former Houghton House)




(802) 524-2928 or toll-free in Vt. 1-800-649-2229


(802) 524-1997

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(L to R) Front: Jenifer Steele, Heather Getty. Back: Penny Brock, Marnie Barry, Christina Vincelette


Dave & Helen Bailey


Penny Brock


Rt. 7 North, St.Albans,Vt. 05478 (next to Dunkin Donuts)



(802) 527-0916


Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday 9am-7pm Saturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 11am-5pm

Danform Shoes is a family shoe store that has been serving the Franklin county residents for over 20 years. We offer affordable comfort footwear for men, women and children. We offer brands such as Dansko, Rockport, Birkenstock, Keen, Ecco, Merrell, Naot, Ariat, SAS, Crocks, Redwing, Teva, Mephisto, Clarks, New Balance, Klogs, Ryka, Wolverine, Rocky, Carolina, Born, El Naturalista, Alegria, Chaco and many more. We want to meet your feet! We want to be the first place you think of when you are looking for the best brands, latest styles and most knowledgeable staff. Our fit specialists will be sure you - and your feet - love the shoes you walk out with. We’re looking to be number one in the heart and soles of Vermonters. We want our customers to leave our store in St Albans with a smile on their face and happy feet!

Your Trusted Experts in Home Health Care

You can rely on our team of over 230 dedicated and compassionate professionals to deliver quality home care and hospice with state-of-the-art technologies and warm, friendly service.

Call us at 527-7531 or visit to learn more about how you or a loved one may benefit from our programs and services in the comfort of home.

Programs and Services


Steve Miller (not pictured)

Assistant Manager: Seth Miller Location:

43 Lower Newton St., St.Albans,Vt. 05478


(802) 527-1287, 1-800-649-0428


Monday-Friday 8am-5pm


CSR’s: Kimberly Campbell,Tara Paquette, Joanne Feeley

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Home Care Hospice Palliative Care Long Term Care Homemaking Personal Care High-Tech Nursing Medical Social Work Maternal Child Health Childbirth Education Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech & Language Pathology CareNet Private Duty Alzheimers’ Caregiver Support Group Grief and Bereavement Support Group Foot Clinics Flu Clinics

The generosity and support of our community has helped make us your best choice for home health care in Franklin County for over 40 years.

Thank You!

Service & Delivery: Dan Dewing, Brad Roberts, Paul Noel (not pictured), Dave Lapierre, Aubrey Boudreau, Brian Spears & Chad Gazaille Liberty Propane has been providing propane delivery and service to northwestern Vermont for the past 25 years. We provide 24 hour emergency service and delivery to our customers. Your Friends at Liberty Propane, Relationships Matter!

3 Home Health Circle, St. Albans, VT 05478 Branch Office in Enosburg Falls j (802) 933-8387

Phone: (802) 527-7531 j Fax: (802) 527-7533 j Proud member of the Franklin Grand Isle United Way, VT Assembly of Home Health Agencies, VNA Health Systems of VT and the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization and partner in the Center for Health & Wellness. Equal Opportunity Employer

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H.Taylor Yates, Jr. M.D. On July 1, 1976, this practice was established for the care of pediatric and adolescent patients. We care for our patients when ill, but stress well child and routine physicals as part of a well-rounded health maintenance program. Dr.Yates, a board certified physician, responds to the needs of the patients in a timely and efficient manner, by maintaining an up-to-date, in-office lab and counseling aids. This practice is prepared to service the children and youth of our area and accepts all health insurance plans. Physician:

H.Taylor Yates, Jr., M.D., F.A.A.P.


91 So. Main St., St.Albans,Vt. 05478


(802) 524-6746


Monday-Friday 9am-5pm,Thurs, Sat & Sun on call


Marsha Yates, Office Manager

From L to R (Standing): Dereck Woolridge, P.E., Project Manager; Peter Mazurak, P.E., Project Engineer; Peter Garceau, P.E., Project Engineer; Brian Douglas, P.E., Project Manager; Patrick Cross, Project Engineer; Gabe Gervais, Land Surveyor; William Hannon, Land Surveyor; Peter H. Cross, P.E., President (Sitting): Jane Landry, Permit Specialist; Mindy Ellis, Bookkeeper Not Pictured:William Patton, CAD Tech

Cross Consulting Engineers is a general civil consulting firm. We provide services to municipalities, state government and individuals who need design and technical advice on various projects. Our services include site planning, water and wastewater design, structural engineering, street and highway design, commercial/industrial building design, agricultural practice design, surveying and permit assistance. Location: Website: Phone: Hours:

103 Fairfax Rd., St.Albans,VT 05478 (802) 524-2113 Monday-Friday 7:30am-4pm

Northwest Technical Center serves high school students from Bellows Free Academy, Missisquoi Valley Union High School, and interested students from the surrounding areas. Students choose from eleven programs: AuTomoTive TeChNology • BuildiNg TrAdes • CosmeTology CuliNAry ArTs • digiTAl ArTs • eNgiNeeriNg TeChNologies emergeNCy & Fire serviCes • humAN serviCes • mArkeTiNg mediCAl ProFessioNs • video ProduCTioN For details about each program, visit our website at

Northwest Technical Ce nter 71 south main street • st. Albans,vT 05478 802-527-6512

Hi! I’m OREO, We specialize in FUN! Visit us for exciting toys, games, books, crafts, Legos, puppets, science kits, art supplies and MORE!

Left To Right: Lee Raiche, Mary Raiche, Susie Raiche, Yaasha Wheeler & OROE, Susanne Roupe, Olivia Roupe, Christianna Raiche, Tamar Wheeler

Owner: Location: Phone: Website: Email: Hours:

Lee & Mary Raiche 218 Main St., Enosburg Falls (802) 933-TOYS (8697) Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 9am-4pm

(L to R) Front row: Michael Antoniak, Jennifer Hill, Sally Tarr, Leeann Wright, Nancy West, Joyce Kemp. 2nd row: Jim Naylor, Marie Thomas, Shannon Ritter, Lynn Bouchard, Sal Wiggin, Mary Anne Langlois. 3rd row: Kristen Rondo, Adam Vincellette, Marilyn Savoy, Doug Bell. Not pictured: Susan Bosland, Mark Capsey, Julie Faas, Mary Habecker, Kieran Kivlehan, Joanne Mapes, Anthony Sorrentino, Steve Wunsch

We love to watch children learn and grow — especially while they are having fun! Come check out what’s in store. Our great products will encourage children of all ages to explore their world and expand their minds!

Button Professional Land Surveyors, PC

The Health Department’s programs and initiatives help Vermonters lead healthier lives.

1 Lake Street / St. Albans, VT 05478 802.524.8555/ 800.570.0685 /

Button Professional Land Surveyors, PC incorporated in 2001 bringing 40-plus years of combined experience to the land surveying profession. We currently staff three licensed land surveyors, four additional full-time professional s and one part-time assistants, enabling us to provide a professional service to multiple clients and meet required deadlines.

“Locally owned and operated”

We specialize in client communication and introduction to the world of surveying. Our surveying capabilities (residential, commercial & municipal) include: • ALTA Surveys

• Boundary Surveys

• Subdivision Platting

• Topographic/Engineering Surveys

• As-Builts

• Construction Layout

• Forensic Survey Certifications/ & Evidentiary Displays

• FEMA Flood Plane FIRM Map Revisions

• Robotic Survey Equipment • Expert Witness Testimony • Licensed in New York & Vermont

Back Row: Norleen, Chad, Heather, Judy, Beth, Chris, Gill Middle Row: Linda, Dorey, Mary, Karen, Destiny Front Row: Rachael, Andrea, Cindy

The St. Albans District Office serves Franklin and Grand Isle counties Location:

20 Houghton Street, St.Albans,VT



802-524-7970 or toll free 1-888-253-8801


Monday-Friday 7:45am-4:30pm

• We focus on prevention, which is perhaps the best investment that can be made in health. • Through WIC and other programs we educate and informVermonters about eating a healthy diet, regular exercise and not smoking. • We promote and improve access to immunizations, mammograms, HIV/AIDS testing and care, treatment for mental disorders, and prenatal care. • We license physicians and hospitals, inspect food and lodging establishments, and enforce health regulations. • We prepare for and respond to public health emergencies and threats, and provide the public with information to help them stay safe and healthy.

(L-R) Erin Ploof Office-Finance, Andrew King Owner-Service/Parts, Todd Warren Technician Bill Davidson Technician Ira Noyes Alignment–Technician Bruce King Owner-Sales (Not Pictured:) Michael King Detailing - Maintenance Maurice Fitzgerald Jack of All Trades Jeff Jewett Detailing

Owners: Bruce King & Andrew King LOcatiOn: Rte. 105, Sheldon,VT emaiL: website: PhOne: Service 802-933-6400, Sales 802-933-6300 hOurs: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 9am-1pm Complete Foreign & Domestic Repairs • Guaranteed Work - Reasonable Rates VW & Audi Automobile Specialists • Top Quality Pre-Owned Cars & Trucks VT State Inspections • ASE Certified Technicians Motorcycle Inspection • Detailing Services Thanks to all of our customers for their patronage. It’s been a pleasure to serve you the past 34 years!


Mike & Vonnie Lamotte


4240 Vt. Rt. 78, Highgate Ctr.,Vt. 05459


(802) 868-4585 cell: (802) 782-3964


7 days a week

Established in 2004, over 19 years experience, commerical and residential. Free quotes, shampooing carpets, stripping and waxing, detail cleaning, high and low cleaning, real estate cleaning. Customized to your needs... “we are above the rest!”

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Meet Your Merchant 2011


George S. Wood, Inc. A LEADER IN THE TIRE INDUSTRY FOR OVER 80 YEARS! We are the oldest Goodyear dealer in the state. We sell and service all types of tires: auto, truck, industrial, farm, lawn and garden, etc. Flat proofing is available, giving you no more flat tires. We have dependable service — We stand behind every product we sell! Come to the people who know the business.

3(L to R) L Meghan, Erin,

Connor, and Andrew Wood; Missing: Sarah Wood Lovelette

3Lynn Wood

(L to R) Shaun Coleman, Catherine Dimitruk, Emily Hubbard, Amy Adams, Seated: Greta Brunswick, Katelin Brewer-Colie, Bethany Remmers.


155 Lake Street, St. Albans



(802) 524-5958


Catherine Dimitruk, Executive Director

Tire Specialists 4

(L to R) Larry Raymond, Tyler Burns, Mark Reynolds, Jeremy Raymond

Bethany Remmers, Senior Transportation Planner Emily Hubbard, GIS Technician Shaun Coleman,Assistant Director Greta Brunswick, Senior Planner Amy Adams, Office Administrator Katelin Brewer-Colie, Regional Planner The Northwest Regional Planning Commission provides services to local municipalities and regional organizations in the areas of land use planning and zoning, transportation planning, GIS mapping, grant writing and growth and development issues. The Northwest Regional Planning Commission serves local communities under direction by its Board of Commissioners, appointed by all municipalities in the region. The board provides a clear local connection to ensure the commission is meeting the needs of the region.


Andrew & Erin Wood


170 Federal St., St. Albans,Vt. just north of the Co-Op Creamery



(802) 524-2171


Monday-Friday 8am-5pm & Saturday 8am-Noon


Lynn Wood, Manager Sarah Lovelette, Office Manager

Dr. David L. Stanley, DMD PLLC

Building Home Center

(BACK ROW l-r) Dave Jacobs, Rick Gingras, Allen Densmore, Scott Hedman, Dave Juaire, Jeff Gingras. (FRONT ROW l-r) , Jackie Kendrew, Natasha Adams, Steve Wells , Richard Burnor, Dave Tessier.

Co- Owners: Location: Telephone: Hours:

Rick Gingras, Dave Tessier & Dave Jacobs Rt. 7, (P.O.Box 807), Milton, Vt. across from McDonald’s (802) 893-2441 or (802) 527-0097 Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM & Saturday 8 AM - 12 (noon)

This is our 27th year in business. Our efficient staff places the emphasis on giving our customers quality building supplies at a reasonable price, with the best service available. Some of our product lines include lumber, doors, windows, plywood, roofing, kitchen cabinets, vanities, carpet and inlaid, insulation, hardware, electrical and plumbing supplies, and paneling. We have delivery for your convenience, but we also offer a 10% cash and carry discount. We want to give personal attention to our customer’s needs. Our customers come first and we appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

QUALITY BUILDING SUPPLIES Route 7, Milton, VT (across from McDonald’s)

(L to R) Seated: Dr. David Stanley, General Dentist; Gail Stafford, Administrative Assistant. Standing: Bonnie Evans, RDH; Joanne Rock, CDA; Heather Blair, RDH; Sarah Talcott, RDH


Dr. David Stanley

Location: Phone:

34 Mapleville Depot, St.Albans,VT 05478 802-524-4844


Mon,Tues,Thu & Fri 8am-5pm, Closed Wed

We are a family dentistry office that strives to provide the best care for our patients in a fun, friendly and caring atmosphere. We utilize time tested laboratory techniques to obtain the best possible results for our crown, implant, composite filling and denture services. The whole staff attends annual accredited courses that enable us to continually motivate and educate ourselves and our patients so that we may offer the best care possible.

Meet Your Merchant 2011


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Franklin County Chamber of Commerce The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, organized in 1963, is a voluntary organization of business and professional people who have united to promote business and support economic growth in our community. Our affordable membership provides benefits such as discounted medical insurance, business referrals and much more. We encourage everyone to “buy local” and invest in your community. Keeping Business in Franklin County is what the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce is all about.

(l to r) Josh Cornutt, Owner Random Access, Jim Walsh, Chamber Director, Michelle Bessette, Owner As the Crow Flies

Location: Email: Phone: Hours: Staff:


2 North Main St, Suite 101, St.Albans (802) 524-2444 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Jim Walsh, Executive Director

Jeff’s has been serving fresh fish for over 25 years in our stylish dining rooms. Jeff’s offers full service catering and private dining rooms seating 50 and 75 guests. Jeff’s offers the entire restaurant for private dining for 150 guests on Sundays.Our expert kitchen staff can handle just about any in-house or catered event.

We strive to offer creative and exciting entrees that include fresh fish, local beef, chicken, pastas, and regional ingredients. Our friendly staff will make you feel at home and will accommodate any request. Jeff’s caters! We do BBQ’s for 20 or Fantastic Wedding receptions for 200.

James West, Owner Marie Ann West, General Manager 65 North Main Street • St. Albans, Vt. 05478 • (802) 524-6135 Lunch: Monday-Saturday 11am-3pm • Dinner: Tuesday-Saturday 4:30pm-9pm

Sarah Jo Willey

Location: 261 Main Street, Enosburg Falls Serving St. Albans since 1998


802.933.4403 / 800.639.4180



Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm; Saturday 9am-2pm; by appointment

From everyday to the extraordinary! Owner, Sarah Jo Willey, grew up in this community and brings to the business a background in marketing, advertising, public relations, training, sales, consulting, community service, organizational leadership...and of course over a decade of experience in floral design! All of this based on a lifetime of creative expression that provides a dynamic and diverse platform to support her team’s individualized approach to your floral needs.... Flowers for Everyday Weddings & Event Design Customized Sympathy Arrangements

Special Occasions Unique Gifts Healthy (local) Personal Care Products

Our Commitments Service To exceed your expectations through a focus on relationshipbuilding, outstanding & personalized service, and the highest quality products. Community To support the local community through creative partnerships, networking, and leadership. Environment To reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible.


Michele Bessett


Kate Trahan

Staff: (Not Pictured)

Bob Iwaskiewicz,Vicky Grimmer & Kathleen Simpson


58 North Main St., St.Albans


(802) 524-2800




Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm, Saturday 9:30am-5pm, Sunday 11am-3pm

Meet your local Union Bankers

15 Mapleville Depot, St. Albans 524-9000 | Member FDIC

We like you!--so don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook!

Meet your local Union Bankers

Allison Lague | Curtis Swan | Diana Ashley

Standing (l to r): Teddy Barrow, Tasha Bombard, Carol Allen, Stacy Nuance Sitting (l to r): Lura Jacques, Michael Curtis, Judy Smith

We’re committed to making your life easier by making your banking simpler. That way you have more time for family and, well, life.

Visit our friendly kitchen store for seasoned cooks or beginners. We carry fine kitchenwares and accessories from Apple peelers to Zesters! We offer a wonderful assortment of Vermont maple products, specialty foods, wines & cheese. Our bridal & gift registry features many fine Vermont made gifts - and free gift wrapping!

We’re committed to making your life easier by making your banking simpler. That way you have more time for family and, well, life.

Jct. of Rts. 104 & 128, Fairfax 849-2600 | Member FDIC

Equal Housing Lender

Equal Housing Lender

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We sell used paperback, hardcover, collectible, antiquarian and audio books in all categories. We have over 35,000 books, including a large number of Vermont titles. Our paperback fiction includes fine literature, mysteries, science fiction and fantasy, romances, westerns, thrillers, horror, military and spy fiction, classics and much more. Our nonfiction sections range from art to zoology and everything in between. We usually have at least a few books in any subject. We also have a large children’s book section - picture books for preschoolers, adventures and classics for middle readers, and paranormal thrillers and romances for the older reader, as well as a selection of collectible juvenile books and series. We offer search services and special-order new titles. We are members of the Vermont Antiquarian Booksellers Association and the American Booksellers Association.

Partners: Location: Email: Phone: Hours:

Donna L. Howard & Marilyn M. Howard 23 Catherine St., St.Albans,Vt. 05478 (802) 527-PAGE (7243) Monday-Saturday 10am-5:30pm

(L to R) Back Row: Brandi LaBounty, Frank Cossaboom - Night Manager, Jessica Goff - Night Manger, Erica Brooks,Tom Brooks, Dawn Furlow - Store Manager. Front Row: Flo Stevens - Assistant Manager, Starr Furlow, Bailey Voss, Alicia Hope


Lili Gamache


86 North Main Street, St Albans


(802) 527-0195


7am-9:30pm Monday – Friday; 8am-9:30pm Saturday & Sunday

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St. Albans

140 Federal Street, St. Albans, Vt. 05478 (802) 524-6581, 524-6582 Toll Free 1-800-559-0343 Fax: (802) 527-1769 Co-op Store: (802) 524-9366

Farmer Owned Cooperative Creamery

Local dairy farmers formed St. Albans Cooperative Creamery, Inc. in 1919 for the purpose of marketing their milk. Now over 90 years later, it is still the largest dairy cooperative in Vermont serving 500 farms in the Northeast and marketing over 1.2 billion pounds annually. The Co-op supplies a diversified base of customers in Vermont, New England and the Northeastern United States with high quality whole and skim milk, condensed skim, powder and cream products.

Cooperative Store

The St. Albans Cooperative Store has been serving its members, the farm community and the general public for over 50 years. We provide our customers with a full line of Blue Seal and Poulin bag and specialty feeds. The Co-op Store carries a variety of dairy products, hardware supplies, veterinary supplies, horse and cattle supplies and many home and garden needs. The Co-op Store is a personal store in the true cooperative spirit. Profits derived from store sales are returned to the Co-op’s dairy farmers. The Co-op Store is open MondaySaturday 8am-5pm.

Archambault, Gene P. Belisle, Laurie Benoure, Tim Jr. Berger, James (Jeb) Berthiaume, Leon Bevins, Bradley Billado, Jeff Branon, Maureen Brennan, Patrick Bruce, Amy Burnor, Tiffany Bushey, Larry Callan, Dwight Carron, David Cassidy, Corey Charron, Leonard V. Chevalier, Matthew Clark, Ray Combs, Jason Corey, Ernest W. Corey, William Couture, Scott Dansereau, Lisa DesLauriers, Jeffrey Donna, Ryan Duffy, Matthew M. Elkins, Lyndol Gagne, Clovis Gates, Thomas Gowing, Richard Guillemette, Michel Heald, Randall E. Hill, Donald Hirss, Robert S. Janson, Michael J. Kupperblatt, Sandra Laroche, Ronald Lee, Karen Lee, William

Longe, Charles Machia, Diane Machia, Steven Marceau, Eric Marchessault, Peter Marshall, Daniel A. Martin, Steve Maxham, Amy McRae, Abraham Monette, Allan Monette, Gary Mullins, Mark Noel, Kevin Noel, Roland Jr. Nolan, Dennis Ouelette, Jesse Palmer, Ray Paradee, Roy Popple, Cory H. Raymo, Bernie Reed, Dustin Ryan, Robert Spears, Kenneth St. Pierre, Mark S. St. Pierre, Michael St. Pierre, Shawn Tatro, Barton H. Tatro, Beverly A. Thibault, Lisa Tilton, Christopher Turcotte, Helene Turner, Paul Underhill, Amy Villeneuve, Craig Wells, Tyson Yanney, Allen


(L - R) Derek Sparr, Kasey Fortin, Mike Duffy; Mgr., Leslie Emerson, George Greenwood, Jack Scheffler and Diane Blair Earn rewards every time you shop.


Gordon Winters

Manager: Location:

Mike Duffy 133 Main Street, St. Albans,VT (in the St. Albans Shopping Plaza next to Post Office) Corner of Rt. 11 & Rt. 9, Champlain, NY (next to Price Chopper, 15 mins from Alburgh) 380 Rt. 7 South, Milton,VT (next to the Ice Barn) Now CarryiNg

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Benjamin Moore Paint


(802) 527-7007


Monday-Friday 7:30am-7pm Saturday 7:30am-6pm & Sunday 9am-4pm

We are an 8000 sq. ft. retail hardware store. Offering many name brand and ACE brand products to select from at competitive prices. We have a custom paint department, electrical and plumbing supplies, lawn and garden, screen and window repairs, and so much more! With over 65,000 items to select from, whatever the item is, if we do not have it we are happy to special order it for you and conveniently ship to the store or your home. One of the advantages of our store is that we have a very talented staff offering years of experience. Their combined knowledge allows our customers the advantage of getting answers to their tough questions. At St. Albans Ace, we are part of a nationally recognized hardware chain. It allows us to have a great deal of buying power and the ability to keep prices affordable and competitive for you, the consumer.

Stop by and visit St. Albans Ace-the helpful place.

A Premier Level III Residential Care Home

The independence you want, with the assistance you need.

(L to R) Back: Erin Martin, Receptionist; Patsy Tyler, DPT; Erin Roe, Office Manager. Front: Leanne Blanchard, MS, PT; Kara Lumbra, PT; Richard Lothrop, PTA.

Back Row - Laura Hale - Brenda Ovitt - Tanya Gervais - Brent Garrow - Tina Record - Chuck Horne - Nancy Tessier - Michelle Wescott - Diane Delisle. Front Row - Lise Comeau - Valerie Longe - Sarah - Roslyn Brown Linda Greenwood Missing - Ashley Beauregard - Nancy Burns - Sue Combs - Molly Foster - Shayne Greenwood - Geraldine Jewett - Amy Peters - Jessica Thompson - Becky Walker - Chelsea Wescott

We offer: • Large private single rooms • Double rooms large enough for couples or roommates • Homey suites with large living area, bedroom & gorgeous views • 24 hour assistance as needed • Nursing overview/medication management Many activities including daily exercise program, musical entertainment, games, arts & crafts, theme parties, walking programs and more!

Celebrating 25 Years in the Community 328 School Street, Enosburg Falls,VT (802) 933-2315


Leanne Blanchard, MS, PT, Clinical Director


2 Champlain Commons, St. Albans,VT 05478


(802) 524-1155



Kara Lumbra, PT (Physical Therapist) Patsy Tyler, DPT (Physical Therapist) Rick Lothrop, PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant) Erin Roe, Office Manager Erin Martin, Receptionist

Choice Physical Therapy, a leading provider of comprehensive outpatient physical and rehabilitative therapy services, helps individuals recovering from injury and illness rehabilitate after surgery, as well as experience relief from chronic conditions. Choice Physical Therapy is the ONLY physical therapy center in the area with therapists certified in Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) - an evidence based, state-ofthe-art manual therapy treatment technique that has proven to be successful in treating back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, running injuries, tennis elbow, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and more! A.R.T. is highly successful in athletes (Sports Medicine) and for injured workers (Industrial Medicine) because of its proven ability to resolve pain and functional limitations quickly and permanently! In addition, Choice Physical Therapy is having terrific results utilizing Therapeutic Cold Laser for treatment of pain and swelling to promote tissue healing. Each of Choice PT’s professional staff has extensive training and experience treating patients with a wide variety of sports and occupational injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation needs and chronic conditions. Our team includes registered physical therapists with advanced degrees and certificates with expertise in orthopaedics, industrial medicine, occupational rehabilitation, health and safety and other specialty areas. Our specialized services and unique programs include: one-on-one physical therapy, sports medicine, post-surgical rehab, work injuries, orthotic prescription, aquatic programs, and safe sports programs. EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE AT CHOICE PHYSICAL THERAPY! Call us and we’ll get you started right away!

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Franklin-Grand Isle P.O. Box 387 • 48 Lower Newton St., St. Albans,VT 05478 (802) 527-7418 Staff: Karina Ware, Exec. Director

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Newton’s Decorating John & Karla Newton, owners

24 years of experience —13 years in the business 27 FiSheR POND RD.,VaLLey CROSSROaDS, St. aLbaNS 524-9258

Open MOn-Fri 7:30-5:00; Sat 8-3

We carry: Benjamin Moore paints, Cabot stains, floor coverings, wallpaper, stencils and window treatments. Your complete decorating store.

Sally Bortz, Admin Coordinator Lori Coseo, Finance Coordinator Don’t miss

Casino night

in the Champlain islanDs

saturday, august 6th, 6-10PM at the north hero Community hall 3537 us route 2 tickets $25 per person. $30 at the door Complimentary appetizers & light fare cash bar

Stop by for expert COLORFUL service

The Franklin-Grand Isle United Way focuses on organizing and building community resources to effect change. With its volunteer Board of Directors made up of a diverse group of 20 local citizens, we work to see that much-needed health and human service programs are delivered efficiently and effectively in our two-county region. Our United Way does this by building on community assets, identifying needs, raising awareness, encouraging volunteerism, providing leadership training, and allocating funds to programs which address community needs.

Top of the Hill Kennels

Top of the Hill

Underground Dog Fences


Marc & Kimberly Campbell


Rte 78 Highgate Center,Vt. 05459 (2.3 miles from I-89)


(802) 868-3000



7 days a week, 8am-5:30pm


Jessica Jettie, Kennel Manager


Bret McCuin & Marc Campbell

Lori Paradee, Kennel Assistant


Rte 78 Highgate Center,Vt.


(802) 868-3000


8am-5:30pm 7 days A Week

Cole Campbell, Kennel Helper and Kerri Campbell,Treat Giver We provide professional pet care, dog & cat boarding and grooming for all breeds. We are also Contain-A-Pet underground fence dealers. Your pet is cared for by people who care for pets. Providing the finest care on a daily basis in a sanitary and climate controlled environment. Just 2.3 miles from I-89.

“Our business is going to the dogs”

Professionally installing Contain-A-Pet underground dog fences for 11 years. We guarantee containment with all of our fence installations. Our office is open 7 days a week for service with all fence equipment in stock.

“Our fences are out of site”

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Central Vermont Public Service

At Central Vermont Public Service, knowledgeable, professional, local workers are the key to our success. Our St. Albans staff provide around-the-clock coverage for our customers, often putting their own lives on hold to ensure the best service possible. CVPS was recently recognized by Forbes as one of Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 100 most trusted companies. Our commercial customers have a satisfaction rating of 99 percent, and our residential customers rank CV among the best mid-sized utilities in the east. The reasons are right before you: Our employees.

Central Vermont Public Service

Recognized by Forbes as One of the Most Trustworthy Companies in America


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Caring for loved ones. Caring for life. Redstone Villa is a 30-bed skilled nursing center located in the city of St. Albans. At Redstone Villa, we are committed to a holistic, resident-centered approach to treatment. We provide a comprehensive range of restorative and rehabilitation services with Premier Therapy. The Premier approach to therapy is one of clinical dedication to our resident’s and families. Each resident is assessed and a treatment program is developed to meet their individual needs. Our short-stay rehab services include: Occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, post-surgical care, and wound care. We also offer respite care, palliative care and long-term care.

Redstone Villa Short-stay rehab Q Respite Care Q Hospice Care Q Long-term Care Q

At Redstone Villa, we’re proud of our staff: Jessie Pfendner Tina Pelletier Leanne Bullis James Guilmette Deanna Royea Karen Gazaille Stacy Irwin-Naylor Renee Button

Amanda Dezotelle Keala King Elizabeth Bessette Adelle Lawrence Cynthia Lussier Julie Bailey Elwin Sweeney Heather Tanner

Vicki Bohannon Kelly Larose Nancy Erno Barbara Babcock Melinda Lampman Casey Bean Kristy Paradis Carol Boomhower

Anita Mason Michele Dziedzic Sarah Parker Arlene Brown David Weegar Charlene Bedor Jennifer Parizo, OT Jenny St Onge, OT

Live your life.

Megan Daigle, PT Marget Hobler, PT Jessica Decker, SLP Elizabeth Cookingham Donna Ries Annette Fiske Danielle Horne

7 Forest Hill Drive, St. Albans, VT 05478


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