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The St. Albans (Vt.) Messenger, Friday, October 19, 2012

Classif ieds

To get a FREE quote or place an ad, call

802-524-9771 ask for Gail x117 or Lindsey x122 DEADLINES

SOMETIMES ERRORS OCCUR. After placing an ad, it is your responsibility to check your ad on the first day of publication for any errors. Refunds are not issued for classified ads, but if notification is given to our department after the first day of publication, we will run your corrected ad for one extra day. We will not be responsible for more than one incorrect publication of each ad.

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FAX: 802-527-1948

Commercial Roofers & Laborers Year round, full time positions

Employment AUTO SALES HANDY TOYOTA will be moving into their new dealership soon. We have an opportunity for a hard working, customer oriented, selfstarter in our new car sales department. No previous sales experience necessary. Please send resume to: scourville CLASS A DRIVERS: Regional Up to 42CPM. Wkly pay, benefits, home time. SIGN ON BONUS. Paid Orientation. 2 years T/T EXP. 800-524-5051 www.

G.W. Savage has immediate openings for experienced painters, cleaners and carpenters in our South Burlington office. We offer competitive wages, health insurance, 401K, in addition to paid holidays and vacations. Applicants must have valid and clean driver’s license and agree to a criminal background check. Please call: 802-660-8900 for an application IMMEDIATE OPENING Handy Chevrolet seeks manager for our automotive reconditioning department. Dealership experience a PLUS!! Responsible for the reconditioning of retail and wholesale vehicles. Will train as to the dealer expectations. Please send resume to: Or mail to: 699 Highgate Road Saint Albans VT 05478

Good wages and beneďŹ ts Pay negotiable with experience Women and minorities encouraged to apply. Apply in person at:

A.C. Hathorne Co. 252 Avenue C Williston, VT 802-862-6473

RECEPTIONIST POSITION Vermont Large Animal Clinic is seeking a full time Receptionist to join our staff. Equine experience required. Email resume to:

Help on the Farm DENTAL ASSISTANT Part Time Preferred HELP WANTED Experience preferred Milker needed (CDA,RDA x-ray cert.), Evenings but willing to train right 4:00pm-8:00pm candidate. Send reBallard Acres sume and cover letter Georgia to: Call 802-527-1740 84 Watertower Rd. Unit #2 NEED CDL DRIVERS Enosburg Falls, A or B with 2 yrs recent VT 05350 commercial experiDRIVER: CDL-A-VAN ence to transfer motor & flatbed. New pay homes, straight trucks, package! Very new tractors, and buses. trucks, benefits after 30 www.mamotransportadays, great miles, pay, 1-800-501dependable home time, 3783 start immediately! CDL graduates needed! TRACTOR ATTN: COMPUTER 877-917-2266 driveTRAILER WORK. Work from DRIVER anywhere 24/7. Up to Overnights DRIVERS-START UP $1,500. Part Time to required. to $.40/mile! Home $7,500./mo. Full Time. Call: 802-598-9395 weekly, New Pay PackTraining provided. and leave a age, Great equipment. w w w. A A AW o r k S e r message. CDL-A with 6 Months OTR Exp. Req. Dedicated to Excellence. 877-432-0048 www. EXPERIENCED REEFER DRIVERS: GREAT PAY/Freight lanes from Presque Isle, ME. Boston-Lehigh, PA. 800277-0212 or primeinc. com.

CALL US 524-9771 Ext. 117/122


Business Opportunities

City of St. Albans Informational Meetings Tax Increment Finance District Debt Ceiling

ď ď §ď ˛ď Żď Žď Żď ­ď š ď ď łď łď Šď łď ´ď Ąď Žď ´ ď •ď –ď ? ď …ď ¸ď ´ď Ľď Žď łď Šď Żď Ž


ď ”ď ¨ď Ľ ď •ď Žď Šď śď Ľď ˛ď łď Šď ´ď š ď Żď Ś ď –ď Ľď ˛ď ­ď Żď Žď ´ ď …ď ¸ď ´ď Ľď Žď łď Šď Żď Ž ď Šď Žď śď Šď ´ď Ľď ł ď Ąď °ď °ď Źď Šď Łď Ąď ´ď Šď Żď Žď ł ď Śď Żď ˛ ď ´ď ˇď Ż ď Śď ľď Źď Źď€­ď ´ď Šď ­ď Ľ ď °ď Żď łď Šď ´ď Šď Żď Žď ł ď ´ď Ż ď ˘ď Ľ ď Źď Żď Łď Ąď ´ď Ľď ¤ ď Šď Ž ď ?ď Šď ¤ď ¤ď Źď Ľď ˘ď ľď ˛ď š SPEAKING ď Ąď Žď ¤ ď “ď ´ď€Ž ď ď Źď ˘ď Ąď Žď łď€Ź ď –ď Ľď ˛ď ­ď Żď Žď ´ SPANISH ď Śď Żď ˛ ď Żď Žď€­ď Śď Ąď ˛ď ­ ď ´ď Ľď Łď ¨ď Žď Šď Łď Ąď Ź ď Ąď łď łď Šď łď ´ď Ąď Žď Łď Ľď€Ź ď Ľď ¤ď ľď Łď Ąď ´ď Šď Żď Ž ď Ąď Žď ¤ EDUCATOR ď łď ľď °ď °ď Żď ˛ď ´ ď ´ď Ż ď ˛ď Ľď ¤ď ľď Łď Ľ ď ˛ď ľď Žď Żď Śď Ś ď Żď Ś WANTED ď łď Żď Šď Ź ď Ąď Žď ¤ ď Žď ľď ´ď ˛ď Šď Ľď Žď ´ď ł ď Šď Žď ´ď Ż ď Œď Ąď Ťď Ľ ď ƒď ¨ď Ąď ­ď °ď Źď Ąď Šď Ž ď Ąď Žď ¤ ď ´ď ˛ď Šď ˘ď ľď ´ď Ąď ˛ď Šď Ľď łď€Ž PART TIME ď †ď Żď Łď ľď ł ď Šď ł ď ´ď Ż ď Ąď łď łď Šď łď ´ ď Śď Ąď ˛ď ­ď Ľď ˛ď ł ď Šď ­ď °ď Źď Ľď ­ď Ľď Žď ´ ď Łď ˛ď Żď ° ď Žď ľď ´ď ˛ď Šď Ľď Žď ´ Field outreach position ď Łď Żď Žď łď Ľď ˛ď śď Ąď ´ď Šď Żď Ž to serve ď ­ď Ąď Žď Ąď §ď Ľď ­ď Ľď Žď ´ ď Ąď Žď ¤ ď Śď Ąď ˛ď ­ď łď ´ď Ľď Ąď ¤ Franklin County farmworkers. ď °ď ˛ď Ąď Łď ´ď Šď Łď Ľď łď€Ž ď ‚ď “ ď ¤ď Ľď §ď ˛ď Ľď Ľ ď Šď Ž ď ˛ď Ľď Źď Ąď ´ď Ľď ¤ ď Śď Šď Ľď Źď ¤ ď ˇď Šď ´ď ¨ ď ´ď ˇď Ż ď šď Ľď Ąď ˛ď ł ď Ľď ¸ď °ď Ľď ˛ď Šď Ľď Žď Łď Ľ ď ˛ď Ľď ąď ľď Šď ˛ď Ľď ¤ď€Ž ď —ď Żď ˛ď Ťď Šď Žď § ď Ťď Žď Żď ˇď Źď Ľď ¤ď §ď Ľ Seeking culturally competent, techď Żď Ś ď Ąď §ď ˛ď Šď Łď ľď Źď ´ď ľď ˛ď Ľ ď Ąď Žď ¤ ď Ľď Žď śď Šď ˛ď Żď Žď ­ď Ľď Žď ´ď Ąď Ź ď Šď łď łď ľď Ľď ł ď ˛ď Ľď ąď ľď Šď ˛ď Ľď ¤ď€Ž ď “ď ´ď ˛ď Żď Žď § team ď °ď Ľď ˛ď łď Żď Žď Ąď Ź ď Łď Żď ­ď ­ď ľď Žď Šď Łď Ąď ´ď Šď Żď Ž ď Ąď Žď ¤capable ď ˇď ˛ď Šď ´ď Šď Žď § savvy player, who is also ď łď Ťď Šď Źď Źď ł ď ˛ď Ľď ąď ľď Šď ˛ď Ľď ¤ď€Ž independently in rural of working

farm settings. Experience ď ľď Žď ¤ď Ľď ˛ with ď ď °ď °ď Źď š ď Żď Žď€­ď Źď Šď Žď Ľ ď Ąď ´ ď ˇď ˇď ˇď€Žď ľď śď ­ď Şď Żď ˘ď łď€Žď Łď Żď ­ farming community a plus.ď€¨ď “ď ´ď€Ž ď ď Źď ˘ď Ąď Žď łď€Šď€Ź ď …ď ¸ď ´ď Ľď Žď łď Šď Żď Ž ď Šď Żď ˘ ď ’ď Ľď ąď ľď Šď łď Šď ´ď Šď Żď Ž   ď ?ď Šď ¤ď ¤ď Źď Ľď ˘ď ľď ˛ď šď€Š ď ´ď Ż ď łď Ľď Ľ ď Łď Żď ­ď °ď Źď Ľď ´ď Ľ ď Şď Żď ˘

ď ¤ď Ľď łď Łď ˛ď Šď °ď ´ď Šď Żď Žď€Ž ď ď °ď °ď Źď Šď Łď Ąď Žď ´ď ł ď ­ď ľď łď ´ ď Ą ď Źď Ľď ´ď ´ď Ľď ˛and ď Żď Ś Please send a letter of ď Śď Šď Źď Ľ interest ď Šď Žď ´ď Ľď Žď ´ď€Ź ď Ą ď Łď ľď ˛ď ˛ď Ľď Žď ´ ď ƒď – ď Ąď Žď ¤ ď ´ď ¨ď ˛ď Ľď Ľ ď ˛ď Ľď Śď Ľď ˛ď Ľď Žď Łď Ľď ł ď ˘ď š resume to:

ď Žď Żď śď Ľď ­ď ˘ď Ľď ˛   ď ”ď ¨ď Ľ ď •ď Žď Šď śď Ľď ˛ď łď Šď ´ď š ď Šď ł ď Ľď łď °ď Ľď Łď Šď Ąď Źď Źď š ď Šď Žď ´ď Ľď ˛ď Ľď łď ´ď Ľď ¤ ď Šď Ž ď Łď Ąď Žď ¤ď Šď ¤ď Ąď ´ď Ľď ł ď ˇď ¨ď Ż ď Łď Ąď Ž ď Łď Żď Žď ´ď ˛ď Šď ˘ď ľď ´ď Ľ ď ´ď Ż UVM Extension ď ´ď ¨ď Ľ ď ¤ď Šď śď Ľď ˛ď łď Šď ´ď š ď Ąď Žď ¤ ď Ľď ¸ď Łď Ľď Źď Źď Ľď Žď Łď Ľ ď Żď Ś ď ´ď ¨ď Ľ ď Šď Žď łď ´ď Šď ´ď ľď ´ď Šď Żď Žď€Ž ď ď °ď °ď Źď Šď Łď Ąď Žď ´ď ł ď Ąď ˛ď ĽEducation ď Ľď Žď Łď Żď ľď ˛ď Ąď §ď Ľď ¤ ď ´ď Ż ď Šď Žď Łď Źď ľď ¤ď Ľ ď Šď Ž ď ´ď ¨ď Ľď Šď ˛ Migrant Program: ď Łď Żď śď Ľď ˛ ď Źď Ľď ´ď ´ď Ľď ˛ ď Šď Žď Śď Żď ˛ď ­ď Ąď ´ď Šď Żď Ž ď Ąď ˘ď Żď ľď ´ ď ¨ď Żď ˇ ď ´ď ¨ď Ľď š ď ˇď Šď Źď Ź ď Śď ľď ˛ď ´ď ¨ď Ľď ˛ ď ´ď ¨ď Šď ł ď §ď Żď Ąď Źď€Ž ď ”ď ¨ď Ľ ď •ď Žď Šď śď Ľď ˛ď łď Šď ´ď š ď Żď Ś ď –ď Ľď ˛ď ­ď Żď Žď ´ ď Šď ł ď Ąď Ž ď …ď ąď ľď Ąď Ź ď ?ď °ď °ď Żď ˛ď ´ď ľď Žď Šď ´ď šď€Żď ď Śď Śď Šď ˛ď ­ď Ąď ´ď Šď śď Ľ ď ď Łď ´ď Šď Żď Ž ď …ď ­ď °ď Źď Żď šď Ľď ˛ď€Ž ď ď °ď °ď Źď Šď Łď Ąď ´ď Šď Żď Žď ł ď Śď ˛ď Żď ­ ď ˇď Żď ­ď Ľď Ž ď Ąď Žď ¤ ď °ď Ľď Żď °ď Źď Ľ ď Śď ˛ď Żď ­ ď ¤ď Šď śď Ľď ˛ď łď Ľ ď ˛ď Ąď Łď Šď Ąď Źď€Ź ď Ľď ´ď ¨ď Žď Šď Łď€Ź ď Ąď Žď ¤ ď Łď ľď Źď ´ď ľď ˛ď Ąď Ź ď ˘ď Ąď Łď Ťď §ď ˛ď Żď ľď Žď ¤ď ł ď Ąď ˛ď Ľ ď Ľď Žď Łď Żď ľď ˛ď Ąď §ď Ľď ¤ď€Ž

Special Education Paraeducator

ď „ď ľď Ľď€ş  ď “ď Šď şď Ľď€ş  ď ¸    ! "  ď ƒď Żď łď ´ď€ş  ( #*+,("%,0$#'," (!* %%*((&#',"(,%0 (' *' ',*

      (( .*! (!#'!-+,*.#+ # ,(-',#')*,#('+ '(/)(*,+ .',-**(!*&+ -&)(-+'((*,*)*$

Please send application, letter of interest, current resume, and three letters of current recommendation to: Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union P.O. Box 130 Richford, VT 05476 (802) 848-7661 Enosburgh Town School District complies with all state and federal employment and non-discrimination laws in its hiring and employment practices.

Terry Hill Transport 59Catamount Drive Milton, VT 05468

Experienced Diesel Mechanic Are you looking for stable, year-round work? Our growing

Central VT trucking company could be the place for you! We are seeking a full-time, experienced mechanic at our Milton location. Must have knowledge on diesel trucks, trailer and reefer maintenance. Must be selfmotivator and have your own tools. We offer a competitive wage and beneďŹ ts package and the oppportunity for a solid future in the trucking business. Interested in this great opportunity? Call 800-257-2828 or Email resume to; EEO

Saturday, November 3, 2012 9:00 A.M. City Hall (Coffee and donuts provided)


ď ?ď Ąď °ď Ľď ˛ď€ş ď “ď ´ ď ď Źď ˘ď Ąď Žď ł   ď ‰ď łď łď ľď Ľď€ş 

2012/2013 School Year Enosburg Falls High School

Monday, October 29, 2012 6:30 P.M. City Hall


MAIL: 281 North Main Street, St.Albans VT 05478

 %++-&#,(&)%,))%#,#('(**+-&#')*+(' (*0%(!!#'!(',(   -&'+(-*+0$+(*, 0$(0   


    2))1(*$ ())(+&  + &$/ +$$#$# %,/ $#$/ ))6 2 )(%($# $ )1' $+1$/ '$ ,/1'$/+ ($/ $+1$/ %,/ $ )1' -/,3(#$0 .2 )(16 '$ )1' " /$ 1, - 1($+10 +# ",*-$1(1(3$ 4 &$0 +# !$+$%(10 1, $*-),6$$0  , !$ ",+0(#$/$# -)$ 0$ 02!*(1 /$02*$ 1,    ,/1'$/+ ($/ $+1$/ %,/ $ )1'

 (+ 1/$$1 2(1$  ("'%,/#  

'     5     #&/$&,(/$+,1"'31,/&


No experience necessary. 6 Days a week, 3-4 hours daily, starting at about 11:30am. Route: Sheldon/Fairfield area - Available Immediately!


•Must be 18+, valid driver’s license, and reliable car with insurance required. •Drivers are independently contracted and bonded. Call Tammy at 524-9771 ext. 101 or stop by the office, 281 North Main Street, St. Albans, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm for application.

w w w. s a m e s s e n g e r. c o m

The St. Albans (Vt.) Messenger, Friday, October 19, 2012

Legals Legals NOTICE OF MINI STORAGE LIEN SALE D&H MINI STORAGE 158 VERMONT ROUTE 78 SWANTON, VT 05488 (802) 868-5303 Notice to hereby give the contents of the Mini Storage unit’s listed below will be sold at Public Auction By sealed Bid. This is being held to collect unpaid storage units occupancy fee, charges and expenses of the sale. The entire contents of each Mini Storage Unit listed below will be sold, proceeds to distribute to D& H Mini Storage for all accrued occupancy fees (rent charges), sale expenses and all other expenses in relation to the unit and its sale. Contents of each unit may be viewed on Nov 1 , 2012 commencing at 10:00 Am. Sealed Bids are to be submitted on the entire contents of each self –storage unit. The highest bidder on the storage unit must remove the entire content of the unit within 48 hours after notification on their successful bid. Purchase must be made in cash and paid in advance of removal of the contents of the unit. A $ 50.00 cash deposit shall be made and will be refunded if the unit is broom cleaned, D&H Mini Storage reserves the right to accept or reject any bids. The contents of the following tenets self- storage units will be included in this sale. These units are located at 158 Route 78 D& H Mini Storage. Stephanie Cook 8 Gallup Court Swanton, VT Kyle Labarron 52 School St Highgate , Ctr. VT 05459 Bruce Butler 2957 Carter Hill Rd Swanton, VT 05488

Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing on Monday, November 5, 2012 at 8:00P.M. at the Town Clerk’s office regarding the application of Karen Yandow for a building permit to construct a single family residence on the Rugg Road. All interested parties are encouraged to attend. Stephen D. Cushing Zoning Administrator Dated: October 16, 2012 TOWN OF RICHFORD NOTICE OF SPECIAL HEARING FOR CONDITIONAL USE APPROVAL Richard R. Ryea Revocable Trust and RTW People’s Plaza Inc. d/b/a Premier Signs & Graphics of 328 So. Main St., Richford have submitted an application for Conditional Use Approval for property located at 328 Main Street in the Village of Richford. The proposed project is described as a partial change of use from child care to a sign making business. The Town of Richford Development Review Board will hold a special hearing on this application on Monday, November 5, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Richford Town Hall. A copy of the application and additional information may be obtained at the Zoning Office. Pursuant to 24 V.S.A. §§ 4464(a)(1)(C) and 4471(a), participation in this local proceeding is a prerequisite to the right to take any subsequent appeal. Dated at Richford, Vermont this 18th day of October 2012. Karen M. Cangelosi Zoning Administrator


Melissa Medor 118 Gore Rd Highgate, Ctr. VT 05459 Alan Schroeder P.O. Box 906 Bethel CT 06801 TOWN OF FAIRFIELD PLANNING COMMISSION AND ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT NOTICE OF HEARING The Town of Fairfield Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing on Monday, November 5, 2012 at 8:00 P.M. at the Town Clerk’s office regarding the application of Randy Callan for sketch plan review of a Four Lot Subdivision. Property is located at the intersection of Route 36 and Swamp Road. All interested parties are encouraged to attend. Stephen D. Cushing Zoning Administrator Dated: October 16, 2012 TOWN OF FAIRFIELD PLANNING COMMISSION AND ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT NOTICE OF HEARING The Town of Fairfield

Notices SWANTON SCHOOL DISTRICT REQUEST FOR BIDS SNOW PLOWING & SNOW REMOVAL SERVICES The Swanton School District is seeking bids for a 3 year snow plowing and removal services contract for the 2012-2013, 20132014 and 2014-2015 seasons (October – April). In addition, sanding and salting of plowed areas when requested, is required. All plowing must be completed no later than 6:30am. If interested in submitting a bid, requesting a bid form or if there are any questions regarding these services please contact Brent Coon at the Swanton Central School at (802)8685346 ext. 201 between the hours of 7:45am and 3:30pm. Bids will be accepted in person, by mail or via fax prior to Thursday, October 25th, 2012 at 2:00pm to the Superintendent’s Office, 100 Robin Drive,


Merchandise Merchandise

Suite 2, Swanton, VT 05488, Phone: (802)868-4967, Fax: (802)868-4265. The board reserves the right to reject any and all bids in what appears to be in the best interest of the Swanton School District.


Appliances 2 BURNER STOVE, Coleman, just bought 9/2012, $35. 802-9334257 4 BURNER PROPANE gas stove with oven, from Winnebago. Tank included. Good for hunting camp, fishing shanty. $50. Call 802782-5797. HUMIDIFIER, VORNADO, $29. 802-8492218 POTATO RICER IN stainless steel, perfect condition. Great for the Holiday’s. $30. 802485-8266 R E F R I G E R AT O R S , (2), SMALL, 20” wide, 21” deep, 33” high, like new. $75./each. 802868-4984 Boats 10’ ANTIQUE DUCK boat, sits low to water, canvas over slats, needs work, interesting lines and designs. FREE. 802-933-4257 Books/Reading Material BOOKS, (APPROX. 100), large selection, all kinds for all ages, $.25-$1. each. 802524-5484 or 802-3093644 before 7p.m. Building Materials DOOR & WINDOW CLEARANCE Many sizes and styles to choose from Scratch & dent and misorders All sales final! Come to: Sticks & Stuff St. Albans or call 802-524-2136 Ext. 233 or 208 Canoes/Kayaks FUTURE BEACH CK200 Catamaran Kayak. Two-place tandem seating. Molded seats and removable. Excellent condition. $700. new, asking $500. 802-796-3949 Clothing & Accessories FIELD/BARN JACKET, LL Bean, size XL, tan in color, excellent condition, worn only a few times. $40. 802782-5894 JASPER NYLON BACK pack, magnesium, aluminum, alloy frame, bright orange for hunting $40. 802485-8266 MAN’S ALLEN SOLLY red vest, soft, 100 percent wool, size large, never worn with tags, cost $138. asking $50. In time for the holidays. 802485-8266

MAN’S LL BEAN ski PJ’s, blue/navy, large, never out of package. $20. 802-485-8266

NINJA TURTLES, Equipment/Machin- HEADBOARD, TWIN, BOYS size 4-6, comWITH metal rails. Maple ery plete with mask, ask- SAWMILLS FROM spindled style. $35. 802ing $10. Call 802-868- ONLY $3997. Make/save 868-3884 money with your own KITCHEN HUTCH, MAMAN’S ST. JOHN Bay 4194. pretty blue plaid shirt, PACK ‘N PLAY, like bandmill. Cut lumber any PLE color knotty pine, 6 size XL, new, never new. Asking $40. 802- dimension. In stock ready ft. tall, x 17” deep x 29” to ship. FREE Info /DVD: wide, 3 shelves on top, worn, paid $32. take 393-1198 $20. 802-485-8266 PIRATE COSTUME, www.norwoodsawmills. 2 doors on bottom enMAN’S WALLS LON- SIZE 4t-5t, navy, ask- com1-800-578-1363 Ext. closed shelves. Asking $100. or best offer. 802GER jacket, very warm, ing $8. Call 802-868- 300N 868-5606 Exercise/Sporting never worn. $40. 802- 4194. Equipment 485-8266 OAK TV CABINET, PLAY SAUCER, FOR MANS PREGO SWEAT- infant. $20. 802-393- MEN’S SKATES, SIZE 5x1.5x4, great shape. 10, Flyweight brand, $150. 802-868-5997 ER, XL 70% Shetland 2744 asking $10. Call 802wool, 30% acrylic, dark POWER TV STAND, CUSTOM, WHEEL, 868-4194 charcoal gray new $30. BATMOBILE, asking for big screen with 3 MEN’S SKATES, SIZE glass shelves. $150. or 802-485-8266 $100. 802-868-0756 9.5D, designed in Can- best offer. 802-868-4984 PENDLETON 100% ROBIN COSTUME, WOOL woman’s V SIZE 2-4 $5. 802-868- ada. asking $10. Call Furnishings 802-868-4194. neck pullover, in Medi- 4194 SPACEMATE FOLD- VINTAGE um, country traditional DOWN WINTER ING STEPPER, $49. never worn, very beau- SOREL FEATHER pillows, blue tiful $30. 802-485-8266 BOOTS, pink & purple, 802-849-2218 stripe ticking, heavy cotpull on with fastener at WINTER COAT, WOM- top to keep snow out, Total Gym 3000. This ton, like new, 27 x 15 AN’S, size medium, felt liners, girl’s size 2, was a $1200. exercise larger than most, very burgundy, tags still at- good condition $5. Call system when pur- full, $30./each. 802-485chased new comes 8266 tached. $30. 802-524802-891-6140. with foot holder/pull up VINTAGE 9691 FEATHER SUPERMAN COS- bar, dip bars, leg pull PILLOWS, very few WOMAN’S ELEGANT TUME, SIZE 6-8 $5. attachment, training stains $20./each. 802DRESS, Carina Inter802-868-4194 video,& John Carleo 485-8266 national original, silk with sequins, white, 1- TINKER BELL HAL- workout video, exercostume, cise flip chart with vari- Games/Puzzles/Etc. X, worn twice, great for LOWEEN with wand, complete in ous programs. Selling wedding, cruise or orPUZZLES, APPROX. ganization dress. Cost bag, size 10/12, ask- for $ 150. Call 802-524- 50, 300, 500, 750 pieces. $300. take $100. 802- ing $15. Call 802-868- 2000. $1./each. 802-524-5484 4194. 485-8266 Firearms,Bows, Etc or 802-309-3644 before Crafts & Sewing 7p.m. WOMAN’S NORWESupplies DEER RIFLE, MODEL GIAN HERMAN MehGarage Sales ren hand knit sweater, CRAFT ITEM BOOKS Remington 788 cali100 percent wool, of wallpaper/material ber 243 with 39 power AUCTION beautiful design, pew- books, great for chil- scope and sling. 2 boxes To Settle the Estate shells, perfect condition. ter buttons, size small. dren to cut out items. of Larry & Joyce 802-485- $450. 802-524-6898 $80. or best offer. 802- $5./each. Candon 8266 485-8266 HANDGUN COLLEC- 92 Hog Island Road, CRAFTS, BOX OF TORS ITEM, model 27 Swanton VT Collectibles cork board for notes, caliber 7.65, made in Sat., 10/20 CAT AND DOG knick etc., ribbon and deco- Czechoslovakia under Start 10:00am Nazi Regime. Perfect knacks, (11), $5. each. rations to make cork Preview 9:00am board look great. $20. condition. $415. 802802-393-2744 www.bridgestauc524-6898 802-485-8266 For photos MODEL TRAINS, HO, and details. N, Lionel, engines, FABRIC, COUNTRY WOLF, 50 CALIBRE, Bridge St. scene, CVA with 3-9 Bushcars, track, scenery, VILLAGE Auction Service decals, parts and more. screen print barkcloth, nell scope. Shot three 518-563-0568 scotchguard finish times. Reason for sellCall 802-782-5527 ing. No permit. $150. Stephen T. Brodi QUAKER STATE DE- pre-shrunk. $16. Just or best offer. 802-933VT Auction Lic.# 2453 802-485LUXE SAE 10-w-40 beautiful. 6219 NY & VT Auctioneer motor oil in metal cans, 8266 GARAGE SALE SCREEN collectable, $5./each FABRIC, Firewood Sat., 10/20 PRINT, beautiful green 802-485-8266. DRY, MIXED, HARD9:00AM-1:00PM with rustic flower deVINTAGE KILT KIT WOOD, 16” stacked, Rain or shine by Craigmill, bought sign, scotchguard, up- $200./cord. You pick 6 Freeborn Street, holstery material. $16. in Scotland, ready up. 802-326-2179 ST. Albans hemmed and pleated 802-485-8266 FIREWOOD complete with pin, TWO BOXES, NEVHoliday Items CUT, waistband and instruc- ER used, grape clus- HARDWOOD, MUSItions. $50. or best offer. ter kits, grape molds, SPLIT and delivered CHRISTMAS 802-485-8266 leaves and wood in Lamoille, Frankin, CAL WATER globe with Grand Isle counties. revolving base, playing VINTAGE MILK CANS, grape stump. $15. 802-238-6723 Silent Night, in original 802-485-8266 HP Hoods, some rust. box, just like new $60. FIREWOOD FOR Electronics/Cam$35. 802-527-7955 SALE, $250./cord, split, or best offer. 802-485eras/Etc. 8266 Children’s Items CAMERA, 35MM, FU- please call for delivery details. 802-777-6665 FRIDAY THE 13TH foam JICA, with travel bag BATMAN COSTUME, or 802-782-4445 mask $2. 802-868-4194 SIZE 7-8 $5. 802-868- and 2x converter teleFIREWOOD, MIXED Hunting/Fishing Supphoto lense, 75-205 4194 plies filters, vivitar flash DRY hardwood. $250. BIB SNOW PANTS, zoom, 3500 infrared per cord, delivered HUNTING JACKET navy, with adjustable filter, needs cleaning, within 10 miles. Call AND PANTS, Cabella straps kid’s size 8, as is. $125. or best of- 802-524-2350. brand, blaze orange good condition $5. Call fer. 802-868-3507 camo, insulated. Pants, 802-891-6140. Furniture 42x29, jacket is XL. ExDIGITAL CAMERA, CATERPILLAR BULL CABI- cellent condition. $150. 2.1, comes with SD COMPUTER DOZER, works great, card, pink case, new NET, 3X2X6, great 802-524-5070 asking $12. Please call batteries. Works shape, $30. 802-868802-868-4194 Jewelry great, great condition. 5997 COLUMBIA WINTER $30. 802-393-7542 DRESSER, 5 DRAW- TONGUE RINGS, JACKET with detachDVD PLAYER, PHIL- ERS, great shape. $30. BRAND new, whole able hood, girl’s Size 10bunch of colors and deLIPS, $25. or best of- 802-868-5997 12, good condition. $25. signs. $5./each. 802fer. 802-868-3507 FUTON FRAME, ALL Call 802-891-6140. 393-7542 solid wood. Light wood PHONES, AT&T, (2), DOLL CHANGING one is a Pantech with finish coloring. $75. Lawn/Garden TABLE toy, asking $5. camera, $40. and one 802-868-3884 Please call 802-868is a flip phone with GUN CABINET, BUTTERCUP SQUASH, 4194. camera, $30. 802- HOLDS 7 guns. $50. LARGE, (20), for $2.25 FIREMAN KIDS JACK- 393-2744 each. 802-868-4194 802-782-2089 ET, $2. 802-868-4194 SMALL TV/AM/FM GERRY JACKET, RADIO, $5. 802-848DOWN filled, child’s 7818 size x-small, dark blue, made in US. $20. 802- SURROUND SOUND, SONY, $50. 802-782485-8266 2089 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL Halloween cos- TV, 26”, COLOR, table tume, dress in bag, size model, Quasar, excel10.5-12.5 plus, asking lent condition. $100. $5. Call 802-868-4194. 802-868-4850 VCR LILO AND STITCH $10. halloween kids cos802-848-7818 tume, one piece plush,

MAN’S GLENHUSK OF Scotland XL, Vneck, gray with flecks Disney, size 6-8 ask- VCR, RCA, WORKS of other colors. $20. ing $12. Call 802-868- excellent. $15. 802782-2089 4194. 802-485-8266

HIGHEST PRICES PAID Beef Cows • Buy In Barn City of St. Albans Informational Meetings Tax Increment Finance District Debt Ceiling Monday, October 29, 2012 6:30 P.M. City Hall Saturday, November 3, 2012 9:00 A.M. City Hall (Coffee and donuts provided)


Crippled Cows Picked Up Daily



MTD LAWN MACHINE tractor, model 400 series with Tecumseh engine, works great. $125. 802-527-7955


PRIVACY HEDGESBLOWOUT sale 6’ Arborvitae (cedar) Regular $129. now $59. Beautiful nursery grown. Free installation and free delivery. 518-536-1367 www. PUMPKINS Over a thousand to choose from $1.-$5./ each. Also Winter Squash, all varieties. Bayside Bait & Tackle 802-524-2222

CAT, FEMALE, YOUNG, medium hair, black w/gold and orange patches. Very friendly. Recently dropped SHED, $999, 8X8, Ver- off near our home. Free to mont Post and Beam a good home only. Please $99 shipping quantities call 802-777-5222. limited www.VTshed. FREE RABBITS, (2), (1) com 866-297-3760 white female, (1) brown Outdoor Furnishings male, would prefer to go together. 802-868-2598 PICNIC TABLE KITTENS, FREE TO a lov$25. ing home. (4) very playful, 8 802-527-7955 weeks old. East Berkshire. Livestock FOR SALE, BREEDING age reg. Holstein bull, 12 mos., Bookem x Toystory. $1200. Call 802-527-1740. Livestock Feed/Supplies COW CLIPPERS $150. 802-782-5000

Call 802-933-5015. RABBITS, ALL KINDS and colors. Free to good homes. Call 802-827-3849 Pet Supplies

DOG KENNEL, 10x5x6 great shape $100. 802868-5997 Skiing/Snowboarding/Sleds SNOWSHOES, IVERSON, 12x35. Used twice. Miscellaneous Just like new. $45. per pair 1930 BUFFET, BEAU- or $75. for both. 802-933TIFUL with two draw- 6219 ers and two doors, in really good condition, Woodstoves/Heating 59” long, asking $150. KERO-SUN HEATER, Call 802-868-4194. COMES with fuel can and 1998 INGERSOL- new wick. $69. 802-849RAND CLUB golf cart. 2218 Gas-powered, upgraded rear frame for towing MONITOR 422 HEATING attachments. Includes system, 93% heat efficiency. Heat rating 22,000 BTU. lawn cart. $1,200. 802Programmable/thermostat796-3949 ically controlled. 100 gallon ANGEL MUSIC BOX, fuel barrel, never been outstill in box. $10. 802- doors. Asking $900. or best 485-8266 offer. 802-868-2980 FAKE TREE, 7’, asking VERMONT CASTING $12. Please call 802- DEFIANT Stove, rear exit, 868-4194 you haul out. $750. 802I PHONE CASES, 933-4556 black and purple, black Lost & Found and pink, black and green. Brand new, still in bag. $10./each. 802393-7542 STEEL SHELF, HEAVY duty. Ideal for extra heavy duty parts. 50”x24”, 4 shelves, 1” square steel with 1/8” plate. $25. 802-933MISSING CAT 4257 Last seen Saturday October 13, 2012 on Chrisemily Musical Items Lane in Milton. Maine coon KEYBOARD, YAMA- cat about 35 pounds, 8 HA, PLAYED very little. years old, Dark tiger stripes. Neutered Male, answers to $65. 802-524-9691 Movies/CDs/Tapes/ the name of Tony. If found please call 802-893-3373 Etc. NATURE MOTION $$$reward$$ Big part of P I C T U R E , w a t e r f a l l our family, We miss him scenery. $25. 802-393- much. 2744 Wanted to Buy VHS TAPES, WIDE variety, $2./each 802- BUYING ANTIQUES, Estate Lots, Gold, 848-7818 Silver Jewelry, most anything old. 40 Years Buying. Fair Prices. Ed Lambert Antiques. 802-868-4010 802-782-1223


����� ������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����� ����������������������������������������� ������ ��������� ���� ������������� ������ ���������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������ �� ������������������������� �� ������������ �� ����������� �� ������������������������ �� ������������������������� �� ����������� ��� ���������� ��� ������������������������ ��� ����������������������� ��� ����������� ��� ���������� ��� ������������������������ ��� �������������������������� per word, per day) ������������������� ������������������(.10 �� ������������������������� �� ������������ �� ����������� �� ������������������������ �� ������������������������� �� ����������� ��� ���������� ��� ������������������������ ������������������� ❏ �������������������������������������������❏ ���������������������������������������������� ���


������������❏ ���� ❏ ���������� ��������� ��❏ ��������������� ������������������������������������ ��������� ��������� � ❏ ���������❏ ���������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������



Auctions Auctions

The St. Albans (Vt.) Messenger, Friday, October 19, 2012


Real Real Estate Estate


To SeTTle The eSTaTe of larry & Joyce candon 92 Hog Island Rd, Swanton VT

sat. oCt. 20 , start 10am, Preview 9:am to start Furniture: Sofa; Rocker, Recliners; Magazine Rack; Chrome & Glass Book Shelf; Corner Shelf; Table & Chairs; Plant Stand; 3 Piece Bed Room Set: King Size Polestered Bed, 9 Drawer Dressers with Mirror and Candle Stand,. Matching D Drawer Chest and Beautiful Acorn Bed, Bed Frames; End Stands; Backers Rack, Desk; & More!!! ColleCtibles: Signed Oil Paintings on Canvas; Oil Lamp; Fireplace Fan; Brass Lamps; Copper Coal Shuttle w/ Delft Handle, Brass Decorative Pieces; 5 Stick Candle Labara; Spittoon; Stemware; Pressed / Etched Glass; Glass Hanging Light (With Cherubs); Montgomery Ward Wall Clock; Dept 56 Christmas Houses, VT State Fair Ribbons (Late 1970’s - early 1980’s); Leather Cowboy Boots; Binoculars; Vintage Cameras; Watches; Pens; Weather Vane; Cement Lion Statues & Planters; Reverse Painting on Glass; 100s of Cookbooks; Dolls; Stamps Over 30 Various Size Boxes of Unsearched Lots of Postage Stamps 1950s, & 70s, Coca-Cola Machines Oil Lamps, Beer Signs / Light;

Hanging Stain Glass Lamp, Pewter, Mortar & Pestle, Toby Pitchers, Opal lesson Hanging Lamp, Oriental Black Lacquer Box, & More ! 10am Ford traCtor & Foreign automotive Parts: Foreign Car Parts / Repair Manuals for Triumphs; MG’s: Austin Healy: & More!!! Large Selection of Automotive parts for foreign automobiles, including Triumph, MG, Austin Healy, and others. Parts includes: MG Covers; Wiring Harness; Exhaust Pipes; Instrument Panel Gauges; Body Parts; Gasket Sets; Carburetor Parts; Bearings; Steering Wheels; & Engine Parts & 1954 Ford NAA Tractor, Boat, Motor, & Trailer other: Penske Portable Engine Analyzer; Battery Chargers; Vise Drill Press; Bench Grinder; Craftsman Tool Box; Hand Tools; Nuts, Bolts, & Screws; Power Tools; Saw Blade; 2 Eden Pure Electric Heaters; Electric Fireplace Heater; Paper Shredder; Vacuum Cleaner; Kero Sun Kerosene Heater; Books; Fireplace Tools; Pressure Cooker; turkey Fryer; Dishes, Pots, & Pans; Microwave Oven; VHS / DVD Player; Speakers; Scales; BB Gun; Pot Racks,

CALL TODAY!!! 802-524-9771 Ext. 117 or 122

Bridge St. Auction Service • www., 518-563-0568 Stephen T. Brodi Auctioneer VT # 057-0003453 & Licensed Real Estate Agent No Consignment or Estate or Business Liquidation TOO LARGE or too small,


GIROUX’S AUTO SALES 802-766-4924 Southern Quality Preowned Vehicles 24 Joseph St., Derby VT 05829 Take I-91 North, Exit 28 Right of I-91 Next to Shell Station 2004 Buick Rendezvous, Auto, V-6, AWD, loaded, mint interior, two tone, rust free, runs and looks excellent. $6295. 2001 Volkswagon New Beetle TDI GLS, auto, turbo diesel, mint heated leather, 1-owner, loaded, 85K miles, rust free runs and looks new. $8295. 2002 Chevy Trail Blazer LS, auto, 4.2 liter, 4x4, mint interior, loaded, well maintained, rust free. Runs and looks sharp. $4995. 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback, auto, AWD, loaded, mint interior, rust free, runs and looks sharp. $5295. 2002 Cadillac Deville, auto, 32 valve North Star, loaded, p. moonroof, p. seats, Mint Grey leather. 83K miles, rust free. Sharp car, runs and looks new. $7995. 2000 Chevy Blazer ZR2 LS, auto, 4x4, loaded, p. moonroof, mint interior, rust free, runs and looks sharp. $5295. 2003 Oldsmobile Bravada Smart Trak, auto, 4.2 liter, AWD, loaded, p.moonroof, p. seats, heated leather, black, rust free, must see. $6295. 2003 Chevy S-10 ExCab Z R2 LS, auto, 4.3, 4x4, loaded, mint interior, 86K miles, 3rd door, rust free, mint condition throughout, must see. $9295. 1998 Ford Expodition XLT, auto, 4x4, 4.6 liter, loaded, nice leather, 3rd seat, well maintained, runs and looks sharp. $4995. 2003 Nissan Frontier Ex Cab XE, auto, V-6, 4x4, tilt, A/C, nice interior, rust free, runs and looks sharp. $7995. 1996 Mercedes Benz E Class E300, auto, inline 6 cyl., turbo diesel, heated leather, P. moonroof, loaded, rust free, must see. $6295. 2002 Chevy Tahoe LT, auto, 4x4, one owner. Remote starter. Loaded, mint heated leather, 3rd seat. Emaculate throughout. Rust free. $8995. 1995 Buick Riviera, auto, V-6, 3800, loaded, mint leather, 84K miles, rust free, runs and looks sharp. $5295. 2003 GMC Sonoma Ex cab SL, 4x4, 4.3, 5-speed, 3rd door, 87K miles, A/C, rust free, mint interior, runs and looks sharp. $8295. 1999 Ford F-150 XLT, auto, ExCab, 4-door, 4x4, 77K, 1-owner, running boards, tonneau cover, oiled every year, well maintained, rust free. $6995.

HONDA CRV/SE, 2011, 4WD, 4 cylinder, p. locks and p. windows. 14k miles. Good mileage, perfect condition. $19,995. 802-524-2714 TOYOTA CORROLLA, 1999, runs well. $2,400. 802-782-6123 Tires TIRES AND RIMS, (2), Ford, LT 265 75 R 16’s, 8 lug rim. $60. for all. 802316-2614 TIRES AND RIMS, (4), Ford, LT 245 75 R 16’s, 7 lug, Hakkapeliitta. $150. for all. 802-316-2614

TIRES, 1 PAIR, P215 60 BEDROOM R17, $50. 802-782-2089 ONE APTS, Nice locations. Clean, quiet. Heated, appliances, yard maintenance, rubbish. Some with laundry rooms. Deposit. Also 1st floor furnished apartment. References required. 802-527-7263

For Rent

SPACIOUS 1 BEDROOM, East Fairfield, 2nd floor, large closet, W/D hookup, dishwasher, yards, gardens, quiet, safe. heat/ hot water included, No pets/smoking. $725./ mo. Deposit. Contact Lynn at 802-343-8033.

Apartments Unfurnished 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT on Bank Street, gas heat, ground floor, hot water included, no pets. References and Deposit required. $595./mo. plus utilities. ST. ALBANS TOWN 802-285-6088 2 bedroom, ground 3 BEDROOM, 1 Bath floor. Heat included, duplex, St. Albans City. hardwood floors, ceW/D hookup. Quiet ramic tile floors in neighborhood. $950./ kitchen/bath, private mo+. Available now. Mi- entrance, private deck, chele 802-318-5191. on-site parking. Great APARTMENTS FOR location. In great conRENT in Richford and dition. $1,150./mo. DeEnosburg. 2 and 3 bed- posit/references. 802room. Starting at $600./ 985-2483 evenings. mo. 802-848-3855 or ST. ALBANS TOWN 802-782-5966 2 bedroom, ground FRANKLIN, 1 BED- floor. Heat included, ROOM, includes heat/ hardwood floors, private water, snow/garbage deck, on-site parking. removal, onsite storage. Great location. In great $975./mo. Application & referenc- condition. es required. $750./mo. Deposit/references. eveFirst month plus $500. 802-985-2483 security deposit. No nings. smoking. 802-285-2151 ST. ALBANS, 2bedroom, downstairs. No pets. Includes electric and water. Available November 1st. Call after 5:00pm. Lower Newton Road. 802-527-9916 GEORGIA, 1 BEDROOM, second floor, laundry hookups, available immediately. No smoking/pets. $550./mo. Call: 1-800-864-6226 x7852 or 802-524-6763 ONE BEDROOM APTS, Nice locations. Clean, quiet. Heated, appliances, yard maintenance, rubbish. Some with laundry rooms. Deposit. Also 1st floor furnished apartment. References required. 802-527-7263 SPACIOUS 1 BEDROOM, East Fairfield, 2nd floor, large closet, W/D hookup, dishwasher, yards, gardens, quiet, safe. heat/hot water included, No pets/smoking. $725./mo. Deposit. Contact Lynn at 802343-8033.

ST. ALBANS, SMALL 1 room w/bath efficiency. Second floor, 2 large closets, washer/dryer, water/trash/snow removal included. No smoking/pets. First, last, and security deposit, references, credit check. $490./mo. 802309-8454. SWANTON VILLAGE APARTMENT building with 2 bedroom unit for rent, quiet. First month rent free. Call 802-752-6008 or 802868-4838 for rental application. VERY NICE, THREE bedroom Richford apartment available. Rent includes heat, hot water, water/sewer and trash removal. Applicants must qualify for rental assistance. Call 802-899-3400 for more information and application. Equal Opportunity/Fair Housing

ROOMMATE WANTED, VERY large room available now, $600./ mo which includes utilities. Looking for a non-smoking, drugfree, professional roommate. Please call 802-363-7413 if interested.

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Roommate Wanted LOOKING FOR ROOMMATE to share space in a large well maintained farmhouse, 4 miles from St. Albans. No pets/ smoking. $600./mo. 802-782-2125

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SHELDON 3 bedroom, 2 bath, on 10 acres, private setting, appliances included, many upgrades, propane heat w/backup. First, last, security. $1,800./mo. 802-343-6466 ST. ALBANS CITY, 34 bedroom house with storage shed. $1,200/ mo. plus all utilities. Trash included. No smoking/pets. 802-7343637 Mobile Homes for rent HIGHGATE CENTER: Newer 2 bedroom, stove, refrigerator. $800./mo. plus utilities. References, security deposit required. Call: 802-527-7312


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Homes for rent ENOSBURG COUNTRY, small 3 bedroom ranch. Big yard and privacy. No pets. $850./ mo. plus deposit. Call: 802-933-2747.




Every Fri. Box Lot Bonanza 6pm At Gallery. Every Sunday House Hold Auctions 10:30 at our Gallery

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Auctioneer Notes: Bring your own chairs, Dress for weather, All who attend & remove items do so at their own risk. Visit www and ask to be put on our weekly email mailing list. And please mark your calendar for these other fine auctions:

INTRODUCING BROOKSIDE II St. Albans Newest and Finest Residential Community Open House By Appointment Starting July 5th Featuring: 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Rent Includes: covered parking, heat electric, water, cable, garbage, storage, use of 3-season patio, community room and exercise room. Now accepting applications for occupancy. Please call: EP Management 1-800-272-4205 (Located at corner of Route 104 and Fairfax Street)

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Terms: Payment in Full at end of auction. Major Charge Cards, 13% Buyers premium with 3% Discount for Cash or Good Check reserved items

2000 Dodge Dakota Sport Crew Cab, auto, 4x4, V-8, loaded, 80K miles, mint interior, rust free, must see. $7995.

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From Plattsburgh: Go over Rouse Point Bridge to VT, Stay on US-2 thru Alburgh,, at junction with VT-78 (by gas station) take Left, for 4.4 miles, at Misquioy Reserve sign Right onto Tabor, Left on Champlain St. & Right on Hog Island Rd. watch for signs


St. Albans Messenger







Rainville Chiropractic




Chiropractic, Gym, & Nutritional Therapy 802-527-2225

Dr. Martha R. Rainville and Dr. Michele Wilkie

(802) 868-2100


William T. Counos, II

Kissane Associates 2 North Main St., St. Albans

(802) 524-9546 x15

4 Weeks for only $40. Call today to advertise! 802-524-9771 x 117 or x122

We are a debt relief agency

13 Beauregard Drive, St. Albans (802) 524-2824 8am-5pm Mon-Fri Saturdays by Appointment

BOAT & WATER CRAFT REPAIR Winterization, Shrinkwrap & Storage

LAMOTHE’S REPAIR SHOP Newton Rd., St. Albans | 802.524.6867

Progressive Auto Sales

Oil Change ONLY 19.95


*Includes 5 quarts of oil and standard filter. Diesel and Synthetic extra

Champlain Chevrolet Inc. - Auto Repair - Oil Changes - Tires - Alignments

(802) 933-4455

Attorney Paula J. Kane 18 Kingman St., St. Albans, VT 05478

(802) 524-7338

69 Jewett Ave., Swanton, VT 802-524-3040 Has two full time technicians to serve you

57 Missisquoi St., Enosburg Falls, VT Emphasizing Estate Planning & Real Estate

Local Experienced Attorney Representation

• Tires • State Inspection • Service

- VT State Inspection - Auto Detailing


375 Lake Road, Suite 2A, St. Albans, VT



*GM CertiďŹ ed Technicians*

Timothy G. Hurlbut, Esq. (802) 527-7200

General Repairs • Tires • Alignment


17 Stebbins St., St. Albans, VT 05478 7am-5pm evenings & weekends

802 524-1434

Curt’s Automotive


Timothy S. Hawkins, Esq.

Real Estate, Wills & Estates, Bankruptcy, Evictions

Grant C. Rees Attorney at Law

BANKRUPTCY: Stop Foreclosurer and Repossession Personal Injury/Accident Claims

164 Rte 7 South, Milton, Vermont

(802) 893-7400

We are a debt relief agency.

To advertise Call (802) 524-9771

Gail Ext. 117 or Lindsey Ext. 122 Fax (802) 527-1948 Email:

Minimum Run Time of 3 Months $130 = $10/week


The St. Albans (Vt.) Messenger, Friday, October 19, 2012



Real Real Estate Estate For Sale

Homes for sale

CLASSIC ST. ALBANS HOME - $209,900. Located in the desirable hill section of St. Albans, lovely Victorian home, just blocks to the park, shopping and restaurants. Hardwood floors, a full staircase to attic, and a private backyard, perfect for entertaining. Call Rachel Smith at S.R. Smith Real Estate (802) 524-6717 North Professionals

Stacie Callan



ENOSBURG FALLS PRICED TO SELL 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 car garage, on quiet cul-de-sac. Home sets on half acre lot in beautiful country setting. Oil/wood furnace. $149,900. Call 802-933-8886 For an Appointment

New Listing - 17 Acre Country Colonial - $305,000. - Presently 4 bedrooms upstairs. Master suite with bathroom and walk-in closet. Kitchen has a large pantry and an island. Hardwood and tile floors throughout. 2 car attached garage with workshop area and overhead storage. Four bay detached garage/shed. ST ALBANS TOWN - $189,900. - 3 bedrooms, full high basement with bulk head to outside and interior stairs. Freshly painted interior. Dining/kitchen opens to inviting private back yard. Shows like new. All appliances included. Country yet conveniently located 2 miles to St. Albans City. Ten Acre Farm $326,500. - House, 2 car garage, 4 stall horse barn, 25’ X 20’ 3 bay workshop, 10 acres of meadowland. 3 season room, deck and pool. If you love horses and toys this is the place for you. This place is in like new condition with room for everything.

NEW LISTING! Modern/open floor plan one level home with tons of character! 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on 2+ acres. Hw/tile floors, gorgeous kitchen with island, granite, maple cabinets, back splash and vaulted ceilings. Finished walkout basement with radiant heat, 2 bedrooms, full bath and family room. Bright sunroom with large deck leads to great back yard. Must see! $229,000. Call Stacie Callan for details 802-782-3813.

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY OCTOBER 21ST 1:00PM-4:00PM Brand new, oversized living room with gas fireplace, formal dining room, efficient kitchen, all with hardwood floors, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths (each with granite counter tops). Lots of closets, 2 car garage, full basement. Unfinished bonus room. 55 and older community. Showings also by appointment. $249,900. 116 Village Drive, St. Albans 802-782-8175

PRICE REDUCED 3 BEDROOM, RANCH Enosburg, country,10 acres, open concept, new windows/roof. Possible owner financing. $89,000. or $100,000 w/2 car garage. 802-933-2747

Autumn Harvest Directory

2012 SECLUDED COUNTRY HOME, 2,700 sq. ft., perfect for a growing family, built in 1992, 10 wooded acres, open floor plan, 4 bedrooms, fieldstone fireplace, beamed ceilings, new roof, attached 2 car garage, detached 30’x40’ shop, hobby sugaring possible/firewood, Wood Gasification furnace with 1,400 gal. storage. 24’x24’ wood shed. Enosburg Center, VT $260,000. Motivated Seller (802)933-7766

TWO STORY On 10 Acres 5 bedroom, full basement. New windows/ roof/furnace. $120,000. Call: 802-933-2747 Land for sale NEW YORK HUNTERS Base Camp Special, 5 acres w/1 room log cabin, $19,995 FREE LIST! Over 100 land and camp bargains, large acreage, camps, and waterfront. Call 1800-229-7843 or visit

September 5th thru October 31st

West Swanton Orchards Gift Shop & Cider Mill 752 North River Street West Swanton, VT

Great Gift Selections •Vermont Products •VT Solmate Socks •Local Art Work •PYO Apples •Sweet Apple Cider •Cider Donuts •Fresh Baked Pies

Beaver Meadow Greenhouses

“ Drive A Little, Save A Lot!”

At our Rte. 118 location

Our own MUMS are in bloom!



$ 00

House Plants•Herbs Roses•Perennials Shrubs & Trees

2 LOCATIONS: Rt. 118/Montgomery Rd., 802-933-4116 Woodward Neighborhood Rd., Enosburgh, 802-933-4073

See us at the Farmers Market, Taylor Park, St. Albans, Sats. 9-2

Hall’s Orchard 4461 Main St., Isle La Motte, VT

SHELDON VILLAGE 110 BRIDGE STREET 1842 Colonial, 1 acre lot, completely updated. 3 bedrooms, den w/fireplace, living room, kitchen w/brick hearth, dining room. Oil and wood furnaces. $180,000. 802-285-6352


Open Daily July-January, 8:00am-5:00pm


apples •pears •farm stand •honey • maple syrup •pumpkins • corn maze •sweet cider • cider apples readily available or pick your own.

Just 4 miles from Swanton Village

86 South St., South Hero, VT 802 372-4848 Ron & Celia Hackett

ST. ALBANS - End Unit in West Vista - Bright and spacious 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, private deck off of the dining/living room. Quality Sheppard Custom Homes construction. GE kitchen appliances included. Optional central air, central vac., basement with large window could be finished for even more living space. 2 car attached garage. Convenient location away from traffic, yet close to shopping, downtown, hospital and interstate. Entrance to rail trail. Carefree, not maintenance living. $259,000.Rood – Castillo Team, RE/ MAX Destinations Wendy Castillo 802272-1955, David Rood 802-309-9218

(802) 928-3226

APPLES Handpicked

• Cider Donuts • Apple Crisp • Sweet Cider • Maple Syrup • Honey • Pumpkins • Winter Squash • Gourds • Mums

Cider donuts available Saturday & Sunday made with our own Sweet Cider! Retail & Wholesale •Pick Your Own •School Tours

VT Products Open Daily Until Dec. 31st

Picnic & Play Area! Display Ad Pricing 2x2 ad for $128.00 For All 8 Weeks 2x4 ad for $224.00


Call Lindsey at 802-524-9771 x122

524-9771 x117/122

It’s against the law to discriminate when advertising housing related activities. Particularly on sites like Craigslist. And it’s easier to break the law than you might think. You can’t say “no children” or “adults only.” There is lots you can’t say. The federal government is watching for such discrimination. Let us help you sift through the complexities of the Fair Housing Law. Stay legal. Stay on the right side of the nation’s Fair Housing Law. Call the St. Albans Messenger, 802-524-9771 ext 117 or 122. Talk to our sales professionals.

CALL US 802-524-9771 x117/122 Email:



The St. Albans (Vt.) Messenger, Friday, October 19, 2012

Business & Service { DIRECTORY }

S uperstar Listing


2.5” x 2” is

0 only... 2 per week $





CHIMNEY DOCTOR • Chimneys Built • Cleaned & Repaired • Stainless Steel Liners Installed • All Types of Masonry • Roofing & Painting FREE ESTIMATES!! FULLY INSURED

868-4829 • 782-9582 CLEANING

Lake Street, St. Albans, VT

(across from the VFW)

Curtis Brusoe





NEED MORE TIME? WE CAN HELP! Currently aCCepting residential/CommerCial aCCounts for one time/regularly sCheduled jobs. Cleaning, windows, Carpets, upholstery, painting.

Carpentry ServiCeS

Remodeling, Renovation & Repair Clean, Courteous, Reliable Service Free Estimates, Fully Insured Small Jobs Welcome



GOING PLACES LEARNING CENTER LOCATED IN FAIRFAX VILLAGE A top quality licensed center We Provide Breakfast & Snack

Call 849-9030

Mason Contractor Residential & Commercial Brick, Block & Stone Fireplaces & Prefab Chimneys a Specialty 1645 St. Albans Rd., Richford, VT 05476 802-848-7175 • Fax: 802-848-7137

Advertise Here.




Ryea & Sons


Remodeling or New Homes Replacement Windows • Additions Finish Carpentry • Kitchen & Bath Vinyl Siding • Decks • Garages Fiber Cement Siding Interior & Exterior Painting • Ceramic Tile Laminate & Hardwood Flooring In-Home Maintenance Custom Renovations


Free estimates


Trula a. Cooper Cleaning ServiCe • 933-9996

Concrete Construction, Inc.

Fully Insured • Free Estimates

Richard R. Ryea Christopher J. Ryea Ritchie R. Ryea

The impact ad that will get your phone ringing!

We do it all! trustWorthy, thorough. references.


G.A.R. Contracting

Celebrating our longest running advertisers.

“Where Quality Comes First”

Residential • Commercial • Agricultural FULLY INSURED

For The Best Price On Your Next Concrete Construction Project...

CALL 802-868-3876

Hank Gadouas & son Decorative concrete FounDations anD Floors 9 thibault street swanton, vt 05488 (802) 868-2711 telephone: Hank: (802) 309-0901 tyler: (802) 782-0840

Mike GOSSELIN Construction Building Contractor

New Homes • Additions Kitchens • Baths Decks • Garages Roofs • Siding Sheetrock • Windows Doors • Excavation

FULLY INSURED St. Albans VT | 802-527-0169 Cell | 802-238-1447

RD CONSTRUCTION Windows, doors, roofing, siding, new construction, remodeling, decks, custom made cabinets, blown-in insulation, finishing work, flooring, painting & more.






Roofing, Siding, Window Replacement, Painting, Electrical, Chimney Cleaning & Repair & More.

Call 370-4319


Construction Work Done?


Gravel | Stone | Sand | Top Soil

HAZMAT Certified

Home Construction and Remodeling Residential • Commerical St. Albans VT





Those Gutters Cleaned Out? GUTTERS 5” Residential & 6” Commercial Custom Gutters •Free Estimates •Fully Insured

Available in many colors!

All Seamless Copper & Aluminum Plus Half-Round Classics Superior inStallation

We use Bar Hangers, which are screwed into the Fascia Board for greater durability. • Made from the heaviest weight aluminum .032 gauge. • We offer a 20 yr. warranty on materials and 5 yr. workmanship guarantee. Visit our website: 800-499-6326 802-334-6326


Repairs, Remodeling Construction, Installations Chris McVicar, Owner 93 Bank Street, St. Albans Fully Insured





To advertise in this directory contact us at: (802) 524-9771 ext. 117 or ext. 122

Driveways • Roads •Septic • Sewer Systems Site Work Cellar Holes •Demolition Ponds •Drainage • Trucking


Trula a. Cooper Cleaning ServiCe Mike goSSelin ConSTruCTion Mike goSSelin exCavaTing


Mike GOSSELIN Excavation





Consulting Designers

Design & Drafting Services Residential • Multi-Family Light Frame Commercial VT Fire Safety Construction Permits P.O. Box 318, St. Albans Bay, VT




For Residential Inspections

Residential, Commercial & Manufactured Homes


RADON/WATER TESTING 6 Ethel Court St. Albans, VT 05478 802-309-2648 • 802-527-9881 •


The St. Albans (Vt.) Messenger, Friday, October 19, 2012


Business & Service { DIRECTORY }


Free Estimates

Rototilling, Spring & Fall Cleanups, Lawn Mowing, Perennial Beds, Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care, Vermont Master Gardener




NOW OFFERING Indoor, Heated Motorcycle Storage



Seamless Gutters Custom Made at Your Home


•Cleaning & Repairs •Work Guaranteed & Insured Call Jason For a Free Estimate

Oct. - April



1 800-994-7984 • 524-5225

Rototilling • Mowing • Trimming Pruning • Mulching • Brush Hogging Stone/Gravel Driveway Repair Spring & Fall Clean-Up Free Estimates — Fully Insured

802-527-0316 802-782-2523


masonry & roofing

brick • block • stonework

Chimneys Brick Fronts Chimney Sweep Roof Painting Shingle and Slate Repairs Fully insured

Mason Contractor Residential & Commercial Brick, Block & Stone Fireplaces & Prefab Chimneys a Specialty 1645 St. Albans Rd., Richford, VT 05476 802-848-7175 • Fax: 802-848-7137

AUCTION To Settle the Estate of Larry & Joyce Candon 92 Hog Island Road, Swanton VT Sat., 10/20 Start 10:00am Preview 9:00am For photos and details. Bridge St. Auction Service 518-563-0568 Stephen T. Brodi VT Auction Lic.# 2453 NY & VT Auctioneer. Auto Services F&S TOWING Junk Car Removal Flatbed Wrecker Service Paying $100.-$500. for junk vehicles. 60 Mile Radius of Burlington. 802-372-6431 802-310-9191

Interior Painting


• Standing Seam • Slate Roofing • Asphalt Shingles• EPDM Roofs • TPO Roofs • Snow & Ice Removal and more! Professional Roofing Consultant

FRESHEN UP ONE ROOM OR MORE! References & Estimates Gladly Given




802-868-2794 Insured MENARD


We provide home maintenance for private residence, rental & commercial properties at very reasonable rates. Not only do we have the expertise we have the necessary equipment to keep time to a minimum.

Now Scheduling For Plow Season! • Lawns & Gardens Maintained, • Plowing • Light Tree Services • Rubbish Removed • Fences Repaired/Cleaned • Concrete Cleaning • General Site Cleaning • Preparation For Sales • Blinds & Curtain Repairs • Salting/Sanding •Snow Removal • Shoveling Walkways & Roofs • Rental Changeover/Clean-Up • Bathroom Repair And Driveways • Kitchen Repair And Face-lifts • Painting • Light Car Maintenance

And Much Much More... Just Give Us A Call!

ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality . Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV authorized. Call 888-2161791 Farm Services ATTENTION FARMERS Disposal service for down/dead cattle/horses. For more information call: 1-888-769-3443 Home Repair HAS YOUR BUILDING shifted or settled? Contact Woodford Brothers Inc, for straightening, leveling, foundation, and wood frame repairs at 1-800-OLD-BARN w w w. w o o d f o r d b r o s . com



Roofing Done?


Contact us at 802 524-4460 or WWW.TDHSURVEY.COM

• FEMA ElEvAtion CErtiFiCAtEs • BoundAry And AltA sErviCEs • topogrAphiC survEys • BoundAry linE AdjustMEnts • utility & ConstruCtion lAyout • sEptiC dEsign • rEsidEntiAl systEM EvAluAtions • tEst pits - pErColAtion tEsting • stAtE & loCAl pErMitting FREE ESTIMATES • FULLY INSURED

Button Professional Land Surveyors, PC

1 Lake Street / St. Albans, VT 05478 802.524.8555/ 800.570.0685 /



HEMINGWAY CONSTRUCTION New Construction, Roofing, Siding, Garages, Interior, Flooring, Firewood, Level Buildings RELIABLE SERVICE LOUIE HEMINGWAY,


(802) 782-8148

Providing Commercial and Residential Waste Removal. Recycling available. Call us for Construction Demo, or Clean-out Jobs. Free estimates • 1-800-439-3615

Snow Removal D i re cto r y Get Ready for Winter...

it’s on the way!

Call today to place your ad 802-524-9771 ext 117 or 122

Classes AIRLINES ARE HIRING. Train for hands on aviation career. FAA approved program, financial aid if qualified-Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-2020386.

Travis LaFountain • Highgate, VT 05459



Ceilings & Staircases a Specialty!


Ryea & Sons




Free estimates


Jim Billado



Richard R. Ryea Christopher J. Ryea Ritchie R. Ryea




FREE Estimates Rick GabREE (802) 933-4004 cell 782-2457


191 Lake Street, St. Albans, VT • 802-527-4174




Six Weeks For Only $120.

Lee Paradee’s Snowplowing Service

Free Estimates

BOOK NOW! 802-868-4225 KEMP’S

Property Maintenance 802-363-4091

Offering Yearly & Seasonal Contracts On Lawn Care • Brush Cutting Harley Raking • Leaf Removal Snowplowing • Salting/Sanding Mini Loader Services

(That’s only $20/week.)

Find Winter Clothing in the Messenger Classifieds!

w w w. s a m e s s e n g e r. c o m

10/19/12 Classifieds  

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