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The next few months are going to be challenging for our community as campaigns from both sides of the marriage equality debate heat up. We want to make it clear that we stand with everyone who believes no law should exclude any person from being able to marry the person they love, regardless of sex, gender or sexuality.

Have you heard or read the terms ‘Undetectable Viral Load’ or ‘Treatment as Prevention’ and wondered what do they mean?

Marriage equality will not only mean we can finally marry the person we love but will afford us the protections and legal rights of current married couples. We won’t have to worry or fight for recognition in courtrooms or countless other places where our relationships are not provided the same respect as heterosexual couples. As the debate draws on for the next two months, we know this will affect many of us as. Our community already experiences higher than average levels of mental health duress, and this debate may exacerbate that. It is important that if you are starting to feel stressed, anxious or hurt about what is happening then reach out to friends, family members or our services here at SAMESH. We all need to take care of ourselves and other members of community. If you feel like you need to get support, then we encourage you to do so. The State Government will provide extra mental health and counselling services for the LGBTIQ community due to expected increases in demand while the survey is conducted. SHINE SA will provide these services and is in the process of setting up additional phone, face-to-face and online services that will be available in the coming weeks. The SAMESH team and volunteers are members and allies of the community ourselves and we wholeheartedly support a ‘YES’ vote. We encourage and ask that every member of the community cast their vote and encourage those who care about you to do the same; boycotting the survey will only help those who oppose marriage equality. We commend SHINE SA, for joining with other health organisations on the United Statement for Marriage Equality and the Victorian AIDS Council who wrote and co-ordinated the statement, which you can read at

There’s a fair amount of information out there and if you want to know exactly what they mean then come along to our community forum FACTS NOT FEAR: A forum on undetectable viral load.

FACTS NOT FEAR: A forum on undetectable viral load, is open to anyone and everyone and we will be discussing how treatment, prevention and viral load work together to help end the transmission of HIV. This community forum will inform you about what these terms mean, the evidence behind them, help to dispel any myths, and address issues around HIV stigma and discrimination. You will hear from doctors who work closely with HIV positive people and from HIV positive community members. Guest speakers include, Doctor Carole Khaw, Professor Mark Boyd and community members. If you want to learn more about HIV prevention and Viral Load, then you can check out FACTS NOT FEAR: A forum on undetectable viral load FREE EVENT 28 September - 6 PM to 7:30 PM 57 Hyde Street, Adelaide RSVP (08) 7099 5300 or



Do you live with HIV and suffer from anxiety or depression? Are you same-sex attracted and currently or previously had a heterosexual relationship whilst also experiencing anxiety or depression? SAMESH is looking for volunteers for the online forums PETE, for people living with HIV, and DALE, for same-sex attracted guys in heterosexual relationships.

The Adelaide CALD Spikers, sponsored by SAMESH

Are you part of an LGBTIQ or HIV positive social group that would like support? Seeking to expand your membership? Or promote your group more widely? Are you part of an existing group and want to do something special for your members? Or do you want to create a new and exciting social group? If so, then please contact the SAMESH crew to see how we can help support you E-mail us or call (08) 7099 5300. SAMESH currently supports a range of social groups and initiatives including: Feast, Adelaide Spikers, Queer Gamers, Bearmen of Adelaide, and our very own CALD volleyball

Stigma is a tricky beast to tame, and we understand that stigma can come in all sorts of forms - whether that’s the stigma associated with anxiety and depression, the stigma associated with HIV, or the stigma associated with being same-sex attracted while in a heterosexual relationship. PETE and DALE are two online communities that help men connect with other like-minded men to discuss issues affecting them.

Queer History Walk with Dr Getrude Glossip, presented by SAMESH

team, the SAMESH Foxes’. Speaking of which, this is a great time of year to get out and about, catch up with friends, do something social, and really immerse yourself in the culture that Adelaide has to offer!

Whether you want to get connected or if you just want to have a new social experience, then contact us to find out the range of social gatherings, social/sporting groups, and art festivals that we proudly sponsor because we are excited to be part of our communities’ efforts to create a social connection through sport, literature, and the arts.

The success of these two communities relies heavily on volunteers to act as Peer Moderators. Whether it’s once a week or every now and then, this volunteer role allows you to really engage with at risk communities through online discussions, facilitating information provision, providing assistance and ensuring a sense of community. Ideally, moderators have first-hand experience of living with HIV or being a same-sex attracted man while in a straight relationship. An understanding of mental health (i.e., anxiety, depression, stigma etc) is helpful, but not mandatory. If you are interested in this great volunteer opportunity or if you just want to know more about the project then contact or call (08) 7099 5300. Check out and


Do you want to get involved and give back to your community? Do you have some free time during the week? Do you enjoy working in reception and admin? Then we would like you to meet Amber. She is one of our more experienced volunteers having been with us for over 12 months and who has recently been appointed to coordinate other volunteers in the reception and admin area. The reception team currently assists staff in many areas such as office support, minute taking, catering and invoicing among other things. These volunteer positions allow staff to work in close collaboration with volunteers, community members, and peers so that everyone can benefit and give back to our community. If you are interested in volunteering with SAMESH on this project or any others, please contact or call (08) 7099 5300.

Looking to access PrEP in SA? visit for more information



Rapido! is a peer led rapid HIV testing clinic run out of 57 Hyde Street in Adelaide CBD. We have recently changed our hours to make it more convenient for you to come in and get an HIV test. We are now available on Monday afternoons from 3:30pm till 6:30pm! You can choose to book an appointment ahead of time, or you can decide on the day if you want to come in and see us; walk-ins are welcome.

Re-Wired 2.0 is a monthly peer led support group for gay and bisexual men who use methamphetamines and want to change, control or reduce their use. It is run by peers for peers, which means that you can talk about your own methamphetamine use in a safe space and chat with others who come from a non-judgemental perspective. You can get tips, information and receive support from others who are going through similar experiences!

Your visit should take 20 – 30 minutes depending on how busy the clinic is, and also if you have any questions you’d like to discuss with one of the peer testers this is the place to do it! If you’d like to book an appointment, please call (08) 7099 5300 and say you’d like to book in for a rapid HIV test. Visit for more information

The group will provide ongoing support which is essential in everyone’s recovery journey. There will also be the option to make appointments to speak with our counsellor, Rob, on a one-on-one basis if you want or need more support. Meetings will be held at 57 Hyde Street with days and times still to be confirmed. You can register your interest on the SAMESH Website or call SAMESH on (08) 7099 5300




for women


Over the next financial year, the SAMESH team will be heading out to wider South Australia. Three regions have been chosen to highlight LGBTIQ sexual health needs and provide education to community and health services.


These three regions include:


• The Iron Triangle (Port Augusta, Whyalla, and Port Pirie) • The Riverland Region • Mt Gambier and surrounding region We are looking for passionate volunteers who would like to accompany a SAMESH team member to each of these regions for one week/5 days to help provide this training, SAMESH will cover all expenses including: transport, accommodation, and food. Taking part in this project would provide valuable experience in public speaking, providing education training to different groups, and in group facilitation, This would be a great opportunity for someone studying in public health or community development. Each day will see you and the SAMESH team member presenting information on HIV, STIs, and discussing LGBTIQ health needs to a variety of different community groups including clinical staff, community focused organisations, and potentially community members. If you are interested in volunteering or want to know more about what is involved in this role please contact (08) 7099 5300 and ask to speak with the SAMESH team about rural and regional outreach volunteering.


Phoenix is a workshop for women who have been recently diagnosed or living with HIV for some time and are ready to connect in a safe and confidential environment Meet other women living with HIV and receive the latest information from the healthcare profession on treatment, relationships, disclosure and well-being • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided • Financial assistance for long distance arranged

travel can be

• Childcare is available Phoenix workshops are held when sufficient numbers have registered interest. SAMESH aims to deliver a workshop on 3-4 November. To find out more or to register your interest, email or call (08) 7099 5300.

A partnership of SHINE SA and VAC

SAMESH Newsletter Spring 2017  

Keep up to date with all things SAMESH in the spring 2017 newsletter

SAMESH Newsletter Spring 2017  

Keep up to date with all things SAMESH in the spring 2017 newsletter