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Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network Eastern Mediterranean Region Executive Board General Assembly Liaison Officer to the World Health Organization MENA conference for crisis management Middle East Medical Assembly Model United Nations - Qatar National General Assembly  National Member Organization  National Officer Non-Governmental Organization  Organization Committee Qatar University Students' Representative Board Regional Director Regional Team Students Organization  United Nations Task Force University Scholars Leadership Symposium Vice President for External Affairs  World Health Organization  Youth Empower Conference

MOTIVATION LETTER Dear EMR RD and EMR family, It is hard to recall my first impression upon hearing about ‘IFMSA’ for the first time 3 years ago, back when my life as a medical student never extended beyond the college campus and books. However, reflecting on my current emotions, an almost instinctive, delightful feeling filled with enthusiasm sparks through me at every opportunity I get to introduce the IFMSA to; new members of our NMO, my friends and colleagues, or even my 11 year old sister. This precise feeling is what truly motivates me, not only to strive after attaining things such as having the QMSA candidature membership acceptance received by the IFMSA back in Tanzania 2017, but also to wake up every day believing the power of youth truly knows no limit, and I am but one of millions of students who, given the chance, can make a real change. It is my honor to present to you my candidature for EMR Regional Team External Assistant and I am beyond happy and humbled to have the opportunity to be part of the journey that many students previously started under the aims of p r o v i d i n g w h a t ’s b e s t f o r o u r r e g i o n . A l t h o u g h I a c k n o w l e d g e t h a t m y j o u r n e y i n t h e I F M S A h a s b e e n r e l a t i v e l y s h o r t , m y many attempts of physically attending international meetings were unsuccessful due to repeated visa refusals. Nonetheless, I ’m p r o u d t o s a y t h a t w i t h t h e l i m i t e d e x p o s u r e I r e c e i v e d , I b e c a m e t h e c o - f o u n d e r o f a v e r y f a s t g r o w i n g N M O , Q M S A Qatar, and am currently working with a wonderful team strives to serve both their student society and community as a whole. With this common aim set, my team and I have slowly built a strong platform from scratch for the benefit of the coming students in the future. I find myself very familiar with the External Assistant role and tasks. This is especially true when it comes to seeking governmental recognition and external representation. In the past three years, I worked with a multidisciplinary group of extraordinary students from different universities in Qatar to create the very first platform to represent university students within the state of Qatar. As magnificent as that sounds, this was not initially welcomed easily as an idea, but we figured it out eventually and the platform is expected to fully launch by November 2018. Furthermore, our developing platform is currently taking its first step in creating an IFMSA-like federation that would represent all the university students in the Arab and Islamic world and is expected to launch in 2020. I definitely bear in mind the differences amongst the participating NMOs status’ with regards to governmental recognition and take it into consideration when setting up my plan of action. Additionally, I previously worked on many media related projects with a variety of different advertising positions which gave me a rich experience and a diverse set of skills that I would love to employ in future events in order to serve our NMOs with a better media involvement and visibility. The EMR strategy 2018-2021 set priorities are a very focused, far sighted endeavor that requires all NMOs to cooperate. I am personally ready and see full potential in making the set outcomes of the strategy attained. Recognizing the weakness and conflict as well as the strength and uniqueness of our region, I always invasion the various opportunities of improvement and endless lessons we can grow from in every challenge. Thus, I believe that our strategy is fully attainable with the right plan of action, and foresee the success of the set outcomes. I am, and will always be, ready to assist our RD and RT in all possible ways. Given the opportunity, I will make this position and all of its related responsibilities my first priority. F i n a l l y , I a m k n o w n t o b e a v e r y o r g a n i z e d i n d i v i d u a l , w h o m a n a g e s t i m e w e l l ( e v e n t h o u g h I d o n ’t w e a r a watch). I like to see myself as a hard working person who (believe it or not) never missed a deadline or failed to achieve what was expected of him. With these characteristics, I was recognized and elected in leading positions in numerous OCs with different events, students’ organizations, initiatives, conferences and programs in the past. Taking this a step further, I w o u l d n o w t r u l y b e l i e v e I ’m r e a d y t o b e t h e n e x t E x t e r n a l A s s i s t a n t o f t h e R T f o r t h e E M R . I n f a c t , h a r d w o r k h a s b e c o m e the constitution of my life and hopefully I can use it to serve and assist our region. I hope I can get given this opportunity to enjoy this remarkable experience and leave a notably positive impact with all the NMOs of the EMR.

Looking forward to it!



Visa issues are the main barriers for EMR delegates to attend international meetings. To ensure inclusiveness and NMO support, I plan on developing an online toolkit/trainings with the assistance of trained members, VPE, and liaison officers on external representation and policy making that would be followed up to insure NMO implementation of the skills learned from the online toolkit. Establish a database of all  external partners and external meetings in the EMR and maintain it with the assistance of VPE, LOs, and UNTF.  Work with LWHO to assist NMOs of the EMR region to have WHO simulations and monitor the simulation work, progress and evaluation.   Assist RD with NMOs preparations for their external meetings representations. Collaborate with the standing committees regional assistants to explore, identify and evaluate external opportunities. Update NMOs on external representation opportunities, share the reports of external representation, exchange feedbacks and assure transparency, openness and follow up.   Reach out to external speakers to join webinars and or trainings with the assistance of RA for capacity building about external representation, advocacy and external representation.  Map existing and potential opportunities for internships. For instance, EMPHANET with the assistance of VPE and LOs and promote them within NMOs through official EMR channels.


Based on other successful experiences in other NMOs in the region, I will discuss and evaluate the current governmental recognition and support of and with each NMO and develop an individualized strategy for each NMO in order to have the highest recognition possible with long term focus. In addition, I will assure NMO development and intra NMO communication by establishing EB/NOs buddy system through which NMOs  can share their successful experiences and the barriers they faced. Assist NMOs in external mapping, exploring actual and potential platforms and encouraging active participation in projects and conferences with externals to increase stakeholder recognition. Assist NMOs in collaborating with different SOs and NGOs.


Advice NMOs on the best ways to develop and maintain effective channels of media for visibility. Assist each NMO in identifying media partners to boost their visibility. Discuss and list the most suitable forms of technology-based and tangible ways of promotion for and with each NMO media managers. Help media managers in each NMO to focus on the creativity of ideas related to media and visual identity.

Regional Team

Continuously assist the Regional Team. Encourage the RT always and take their feedback continuously and their advices regarding my tasks.


Available to attend the EMR meeting in Oman. Available to attend MM19 in Slovenia. Available to attend AM19 in Taiwan. Always available for any online meeting.



Language Spoken:


IFMSA 2017

66th IFMSA GA August Meeting Presidents Session QMSA-Qatar Candidature Membership Presenter


IT Skills: Microsoft: Advance  G Suite: Advance

Co-founder of Qatar Medical Students’ Association Head of 2nd NGA OC


Arabic: Native English: Fluent German: Basic

Head of 3rd NGA OC Media Coordinator and Advisor


Ambassador at MUNQ


Medical Students’ Representative in the QUSRB


TEDx Qatar University Stage Coordinator Delegate in the 7th USLS, Vietnam

Hobbies: Swimming Drinking Coffee  Film Making Contact:

+ 974 66864748 Samer Ali



Speaker at the 8th YEC, Qatar Delegate at the 48th MEMA, Lebanon Delegate in the MCCM, Lebanon Winner of students’ life award in volunteering, Qatar


Winner of Qatar University Leadership award Head of Students' Clubs and Organizations Forum in Qatar University Head of the Opening Ceremony of Qatar Reading Campaign Head of advertising and promotion committee of Qatar Reading Campaign  


Thank you,


Samer Ali - External Assistant for the EMR Regional Team  
Samer Ali - External Assistant for the EMR Regional Team