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tensegrity furniture Research report

Shreya Mehta PSD 301


Being an avid reader myself, I decided to focus on making furniture revolving around this activity. Based on the utility and the context, I divided various bookshelves under the following categoriesContext: • Personal Use • Homes • Offices/ Commercial Spaces • Schools Further more, I thought of the various uses which go alongside reading, such as : • Seating • Book Holders • Lighting • Other Storage Working with tensegrity earlier made me realise that it carries the same whimsical quality that reading brings in. A bookshelf made using tensegrity would be more relevant to the activity of reading itself. One of the plus points of these designs will be the idea of taking a day- to- day activity and actually adding to its experience.

Why tensegrity?

Tensegrity, as a subject, is very fascinating and its offers a unique perspective to the world. Moreover, I found that there were many applications of this knowledge in both furniture as well as architecture, which was an added incentive to learn the subject.

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tensegrity furniture final report

Shreya Mehta PSD 301

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Tensegrity Furniture  
Tensegrity Furniture