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In Bob Greene’s vision, looking 20 years younger can be achieved through a healthy routine that weeds out wear and tear, poor diets and pollution exposure. Considering that all such factors bear a significant influence on our body metabolism, he considers them responsible for the free radicals produced through oxidative stress. Although aging is not scientifically proven to happen due to oxidative stress, it is a proven fact that free radicals in our body harm our health and they are also a prime condition for cancer cell development. Bob Greene’s “20 Years Younger” considers obesity, smoking, brain aging and stress as your top 4 enemies. Not only that these factors are liable to shorten your life span, but also the quality of your daily life. Among his recommendations we find: maintaining a healthy reading schedule to ensure that new synapses are formed as a means to combat brain aging; the book also describes a wide array of stress management techniques that address the modern day working person. For the “20 years younger” effect to take place, Bob Greene also stresses the importance of a healthy diet and a smoke-free life.

Among the highlights and strong points of Bob Greene’s book we find: • A well documented account of new scientific theories concerning the aging process; • A comprehensive survey of all possible aging-related factors; • An assertive outlook on modern-day habits and their impact on health; • The book exposes false advice and taboo subjects that would hinder a person’s progress towards a healthy life; • Non-pretentious speech – the book is extremely easy to follow and understand; • A thorough explanation of all scientific aspects regarding aging.

Although Bob Greene’s book does come short on a few aspects, the drawbacks we have found are not necessarily deal-breakers: • Looking 20 years younger is not presented as cheap, since many treatments recommended by the author come at steep prices; • Bob Greene does not create an exhaustive list of aging reasons and situations that can fit all readers. • A Few More Details about the Product Bob Greene takes two levels of aging into consideration. He concludes that cellular wear and tear is the first level of aging, while developing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and sclerosis consist in the second level. The first level of aging develops the most obvious changes and improving on this alone can bring us a physical aspect 20 years younger. The loss in skin elasticity, skin tone, shifts in fat storage and many more signs can be delayed, in Bob Greene’s opinion, through exercise, good nutrition, skincare and healthy sleeping habits. There is no quick, easy and comfortable way of 20 looking years younger, but a careful adjustment of your habits can turn the tide on aging and take you on the path of what Bob Greene calls “successful aging”.

Customer Reviews The book itself has received good reviews from customers and health magazines alike. All readers hail the scientific approach taken by Bob Greene to pinpoint aging factors and explain how to counter them. Bob Greene’s casual speech is saluted by most readers as a perfect approach to offer advice and scientific explanations. Also, many readers have pointed out the fact Bob Greene also focuses on attitude and how it can help you look your best at any age, and that this is something that is overlooked in many books on similar topics.

Conclusions We Have Reached In this day and age, unfounded and ill-researched advice on healthy living is abundant. One often ends up on the wrong web page and is assaulted with tons of “guaranteed” ways of living healthy and happy. Things may not differ much even as we look towards

book publishers. Many books we find on shelves today boast miraculous and complete compendiums of life-style advice, only to fall short when under close examination. It is refreshing to see professionals like Bob Greene step up and provide us with true scientificallybacked advice that promises to steadily improve our habits to the point where we will look, feel and basically be 20 years younger.

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A well documented account of new scientific theories concerning• the aging process; A comprehensive survey of all possible aging-related fac...