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May - June 2014

BEST WESTERN Coral Beach Hotel Coral Lane, Masaki Msasani Peninsula Dar es Salaam Tanzania Tel: +255 22 2601928 Fax:+255 22 2601547 Email:

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BEST WESTERN Coral Beach Hotel is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean in the exclusive Msasani Peninsula area in the middle beautifully manicured gardens with palm trees and a private beach, just 15 km away from Dar es Salaam and inside the airport easy reach of the city center, all major embassies and some of the finest attractions of Dar es Salaam. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the hotel facilities and first ocean front, the location, it is the ideal place you can enjoy creating your own memories - those perfect moments that will last a lifetime. Various conference and meeting rooms will meet all your needs. The hotel also features a business center, two restaurants, a cocktail bar and sports, gym, outdoor swimming pool and offers airport transfer and city services. Great care is taken to ensure your comfort, safety and enjoyment exclusively to this establishment. You are encouraged to feel at home and enjoy the hotel and facilities provided.

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CONTENTS Special Screening - In the Shadow of the Sun .......2 May Paintings Exhibition - Stina Van Den Idsert..............6 May Barazani.......................................................................7 May Europe Week................................................................8 May Cine Concert..............................................................17 May Oohlala Fridays - DJ : C-note...................................23 May Music Quiz.................................................................30 May Sculpture Exhibition - Mieke van Grinsven...............3 June Concert "Passione" - L'Amour toujours....................4 June General Assembly......................................................5 June Cinema - Aujourd'hui.................................................6 June Oohlala Fridays - DJ : David [rescheduled]...............6 June Music Quiz............................................................... 13 June World Music Day - FĂŠte de la Musique.................. 20 June Sisygambis : Installation - Performance............... 25 June Oohlala Fridays - DJ : Jacob.................................. 27 June

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Office Opening Hours Reception: Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm Lunch Break 1pm-2pm Saturday 8am - 1pm

Contact us : Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road, Upanga +255 22 213 14 06 / 0755 481 374 PO Box 2566, Dar es Salaam eMail: Cover page picture by Barouf Menzotto francaise de Dar es Salaam

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If you have a palette for the new and unexpected, for experimental expression, or for powerful storytelling, then there is plenty for you to indulge in this May and June with Alliance Française. It isn't often that you get to view a film that has been screened in 50 festivals worldwide and then join a discussion with its filmmaker. On the 2nd of May, Alliance Française will be showing « In the Shadow of the Sun » by Harry Freeland. This award-winning film follows two people living with albinism as they follow their dreams while facing prejudice and fear over a six-year period in Tanzania. For her second exhibition in Dar, Stina Van Den Idsert is moving away from oil painting and presenting an original and distinct style of mixed media and photography. If you love exploration and diversity in art, see her work when the exhibition opens on the 6th of May. Music always takes centre stage at Barazani, but the next edition this May will also include a performance of a different kind – the art of magic. French magician Guillaume Vallee will be a special guest for the night. Later on in the month, another unexpected experience will be taking place at Alliance Française.


The concept combines live instruments with silent film. A “concert film” will be conducted by French saxophonist Julien Petit and French pianist Guillaume Cherpitel on May 17th.

Another type of show in June will also mix visuals and music, but in a rather unparalleled way: three screens in one installation are the medium for Sysygambis by French filmmaker and composer Christine Coulange. Forming electronic compositions from traditional and contemporary sounds, Sysygambis brings together musical visuals from Egypt to Laos and Malaysia, through Tanzania, Kenya, the Comoros and Zanzibar. Alliance Française is taking part in World Music Day again. The crowd at this free and festive event can count on live music from a diverse line-up of musicians, both experienced and upcoming.


There is something fitting about the idea of ballet in June. In collaboration with the Italian Embassy, we bring you “L’amour toujours”, a Sicilian ballet performance by the Mila Plavsic Dance Company.

Rounding up the good news is a message for students – we have formed a new partnership with a world-renown travel company. Student members of STA Travel are now able to get discounts on French and Swahili classes at Alliance Française of Dar es Salaam, in addition to other STA offers around the city. A bientôt, AF Team



In the Shadow of the Sun (Directed by Harry Freeland)


Friday 2nd May 2014 In Tanzania, witch doctors are spreading a belief that the body parts of albino people will bring wealth and good fortune. Referred to as ‘White Ghosts’ and ‘Devils’ within their communities, the superstition surrounding them has grown so strong that albinos now fear for their lives. Filmed over six years ’In The Shadow Of The Sun’ tells the story of two albino men as they attempt to follow their dreams in the face of prejudice and fear in Tanzania. Against the backdrop of an escalation in brutal murders of people with albinism, quietly determined 15-year-old Vedastus still dreams of completing his education. Josephat Torner has dedicated his life to campaigning against the discrimination of his people and decides to leave home and travel to confront the communities who may be hiding the murderers. If they want to achieve their aims, Josephat and Vedastus will have to overcome not only other people's prejudice, but also their own fears. Rationality is Josephat's shield: "We can't be refugees in our own country just because of our colour." Through an intimate portrait of Vedastus and Josephat, director Harry Freeland reveals a story of deep- rooted superstition, suffering and incredible strength. The screening will be followed by a discussion with it's filmmaker and the films lead protagonists



by Stina Van Den Idsert

Exhibition Hall 6.30pm ENTRANCE FREE

Tuesday 6th May 2014 When an artist first considers having an exhibition it is often done so with only the vaguest of considerations for what will actually be in it. Certainly there is a conceptual framework, but this framework is largely moveable, and some way from being clear or defined.  Far from suggesting that the finished work will be haphazard and erratic, it is in fact the looseness of the framework that permits for the artist to explore and experiment within those moveable boundaries.  The final product, as witnessed in Stina’s work, is the culmination of a real journey through the life and architecture that makes up the rich tapestry of Tanzania and its people.  Colour is a powerful tool here, and Stina’s use of the faded, washed out palette highlights the very nature of her visual take on her environment.   This is Stina’s second exhibition in Dar, and not only does it show a confidence in the mixed media/photography field, but also a very real ability to produce something extremely original and diverse. She is an artist stretching herself by using different mediums, moving away from oil on this occasion to play with different effects and results. The images create a long lasting impression, and it is a collection that will bring striking clarity to a number of views and thoughts we already hold about this fascinating country. By: Tom Sullam


Open till Wednesday 28th May

Please visit us online for the latest information and updates on our french course offerings and upcoming events !


Magic Show

(Magie Rapprochee) French Magician - Guillaume Vallee

Alliance Show Grounds 7.30pm - 8.15pm ENTRANCE FREE

Wednesday 7th May 2014 Guillaume Vallée spins the magic arts into a universal language tinted with humour and poetry.   Mischievously, he manipulates our hidden thoughts and visible surroundings to challenge our view of reality.   Full of magnetism, telepathy and levitation, the real charm of the show is the authentic connection that the comedian-magician fluidly establishes with the public. "An illusionist who revisits the genre with a unique style and a real sense of performance"


"His magic is stunning… extremely rare."

Une tournée organisée par les Alliances et Instituts de l’Afrique de l’Est et des Grands lacs

Alliance Show Grounds 8.20pm - 9.05pm ENTRANCE FREE

Wednesday 7th May 2014


Afrikali Band

(Tanzania Pop Band)

This Tanzanian Pop band was found by 7 Dar es Salaam young musicians who shared a common idea of fusing traditional Tanzanian music styles with morden/contemporary style from around the world. The band stopped its activities in 2009 when some of members left for different commitments in and outside the country until 2013 when they reunited with old and new faces Currently the band is made 8 musicians who have a long experience in performing in festivals in Tanzania and abroad. The group won in Music Crossroad competitions consisting of bands from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia and were awarded with an International European tour. For more information about Afrikali please contact Maisha Music Tanzania,




Alliance Show Grounds 9.10pm - 9.30pm ENTRANCE FREE

Wednesday 7th May 2014 Ever wanted to play music to an audience? Ever wondered how the performers do it with so many people listening to them and reacting to the music? Do you love music that you can listen to it anywhere? This is your chance. Bring your own musical instrument and give the crowd a taste of what you do best, a great way to relax and let off that mid-week stress. Come with a group who you trust, come alone and just jam, the rhythm and the beat will keep you entertained enough to forget that you are entertaining others.



Alliance Show Grounds 9.30pm onwards ENTRANCE FREE

Wednesday 7th May 2014



Swahili Vibes is a Tanzanian band formed in Zanzibar at the the Dhow Countries Music Academy, in 2009. The band consists of 8 Musicians, some being teachers and the rest students of the academy. The band plays a fusion of experimental styles with influences from the traditional Tanzanian/African rhythms as well as Zanzibar’s Afro-Arab and western styles. This is a result of their involvements in many musical projects taking place in the Academy and other parts of the World. The musicians have a long experience of performing both locally and internationally and very often they work and play together with big names from around the Globe. The band has performed several times in the Sauti za Busara and ZIFF festivals in Zanzibar. Swahili Vibe is now finalizing their first album which is planned to be launched during the Barazani.


EU WEEK CULTURAL INITIATIVES showcase European Union support for culture, cultural diversity and creative industries to contribute to Tanzania's economic growth.

Exhibitions ▪ Performances

Thursday 8th of May 2014 From 16:00 to 18:30 At Alliance Française Dar es Salaam


16:00 – 16:30 | Welcoming Remarks 16:30 | Opening of the Fair

16:40 - 16:55 | Performance Muda Africa 17:05 – 17:20 | Performance Parapanda Theatre 17:30 – 17:45 | Performance Music MayDay 17:55 – 18:10 | Performance Babawatoto centre 18:30 | Closure of the Fair


First time in Dar es Salaam

Bridge of Flavour (France)


Saturday 17th May 2014 Live Music synced to Silent movies

Watch and indulge your audio sense with live music in-line with what you watch Inspired by the Oscar winning film "The Artist", a talented French duo comprised of saxophonist Julien Petit and pianist Guillaume Cherpitel have embarked on a tour entitled “Bridge of Flavour” in which they have created an experimental series of musical compositions which they perform in sync to the silent movies “Paris qui dort” directed by René Clair and “Voyage dans la lune” directed by Georges Méliès in front of live audiences. For more information about the artists:


Le Bistrot Restaurant will be open


Oohlala Fridays

DJ / House Electronic Dance Music

Le Bistrot AF Upstairs From 7.00pm ENTRANCE FREE

Friday 23rd May 2014 Once a month, Alliance française invites a Dj on the terrace of Le Bistrot to spin sounds for you between 7 and 11.00pm. Come and enjoy the music, the breeze over a beer or a good glass of French wine. A great way to finish the week and to start the week-end. The Dj of the month: C-Note Experienced, innovative, and versatile DJ with a deeply rooted passion for House, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno, Electro, Drum & Bass, Downtempo, Hip Hop & R&B. Searching for that perfect beat, cnote describes himself as: “cool & collected” His music meanwhile speaks for itself. Growing up with hip hop and R&B, later progressed into electronic dance music in his college years. He understands the dynamics of dance music precisely, and intricately works the room with rolling bass lines and edgy percussion, to arouse body and soul. With mixing skills to match the best in the business, the addiction to electronic music as cnote claims, is attributed to the energy exchange that takes place when people come together in unity, grooving to the beat.


PRACTICING PERFECTION Get Served ... French-Mauritian Creole Cuisine

perfect setting for the perfect meal

Opening Hours Daily from 11am to 11pm Lunch served from 12 noon to 3pm Dinner served from 6pm to 11pm

Now w Child ith Friendrelyn Corner

Saturday’s from 8am to 11pm Sundays and Public Holidays closed 1st Floor, Alliance Française Building, overlooking Gymkhana Golf Club Plot No. 2089/67, along Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road, near Las Vegas Casino, Upanga Area, Dar es Salaam

Contact : Phone : 0688 687 973 Email :



Your own T

To the Music The Song

Sing Listen Know Alliance Française

Friday 30th May 2014


“The best team wins a bottle of champagne”

7.30 - 10pm Alliance Upstairs ENTRANCE FREE


Moving Stones

Mieke van Grinsven


Wednesday 3rd June 2014 This stone sculptures exhibition is an overview of the work of Dutch sculptress Mieke van Grinsven (who lives in Arusha) over the past 10 years. The first sculptures (made out of serpentine and opal stone from Zimbabwe) Were all inspired by the form of the stones in which I saw faces every time I worked. After sculpting about 50 paces I wanted to use more of the human body, but could not concentrate on a face with a body in one sculpture. Over the years I made about 20 torso’s, from very small to life size. My last torso’s were based on the strong and grounded which I feel many Africa women are. Bit by bit my work became more abstract around the them ‘Energy’ and how it flows from the earth through a human and all what is a life, into the universe. Several of my abstracts have the flow of energy through the chest and naval and the movement and connection of energy in the stone. The last abstract sculptures are more concentrated energy. The sculptures are normally positioned in my home garden gallery in the bush under the acacia trees. There is a tremendous exchange of energy from the stones which have lately inspired musicians and dancers alike.

Closing 20th June 2014

Advertising dar



L'Amour toujours

performed by "Mila Plavsic Dance Company" and the tenor Lorenzo Licitra

Alliance Française 7.30pm

Wednesday 4th June 2014 The Dance School ‘Mila Plavsic’, from the name of its unforgotten founder, operates in the dance field since more than 30 years ago. Directed at present by Vladan Jovanovic, son of the founder and internationally famous dancer and choreographer , the School is located in Ragusa, followed by Rita Gurrieri as codirector and teacher, with the collaboration of other valuable teachers, Leandro Gravina, Antonio Cascone and Mihaela Neagu. The School is a source of several and different activities, which not only the teaching of ballet – classical, modern, contemporary and character – but also the organization of shows and participation in events, both home and abroad. Most of these last shows and events have been sponsored by the important association “Ragusani nel Mondo”, directed by Sebastiano D’Angelo, well known all over the world.

Ambasciata d’Italia Dar es Salaam


DELF/DALF Diploma Examinations


21st JUNE

A1•B1 •C1 levels MARK THIS DATE

A2•B2 •C2 levels MARK THIS DATE

Take the internationally recognized DELF DALF diploma to validate your competence in French and officially certify your level of language

Registrationfrom 5thMayto 31stMay2014 ?? For whoho is w e Anyon native not a h Frenc speaker

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(France, Sénégal)

Alliance Française 6.30pm ENTRANCE FREE

Friday 6th June 2014



Today is the last day of his life. He knows this to be true even though he is strong and healthy. Nonetheless Satché (played by American actor-musician Saül Williams) accepts his imminent death. Walking through the streets of his home town in Senegal he takes in the sites of his past as if he were looking at them for the last time: his parents’ house, his first love, the friends of his youth, his wife and children. Time and again he hears the same reproach: why didn’t he stay in America, where he would have a future? Satché encounters his final moments full of fear but also with a sense of joy. In his film, director Alain Gomis takes a well-worn topic in Senegalese cinema and turns it on its head: unlike other films, many of which choose to focus on emigration and neo-colonialism, Gomis’ work instead tells the story of a man who leaves America to return to the land of his birth. At first Satché’s fellow-Senegalese accompany him lovingly and treat him almost as if he were a saint, but as the day continues Satché discovers how malicious and greedy they can be. Several of the romantic memories he harboured from a distance turn out to be banal when he is face to face with them; nonetheless Satché’s encounter with this reality manages to bring him peace. Director : Alain Gomis



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Oohlala Fridays

DJ / House Electronic Dance Music

Le Bistrot AF Upstairs From 7.00pm ENTRANCE FREE

Friday 6th June 2014 Once a month, Alliance française invites a Dj on the terrace of Le Bistrot to spin sounds for you between 7 and 11.00pm. Come and enjoy the music, the breeze over a beer or a good glass of French wine. A great way to finish the week and to start the week-end. The Dj of the month: David David Tinning (a.k.a davey) has been DJing for the best part of 2 decades. As the coordinator of the Santuri Safari, he’s working to shed some light on electronic music and DJ culture in the region, through organising workshops, events and festival appearances. As a DJ, Davey has a vinyl fixation that first surfaced as a child in the UK. He remains obsessively dedicated to the format - schlepping a bunch from his former home Berlin to Dar es Salaam in 2012. His style reflects many years spent tracing the roots of club music – following the influence that Jamaican dub, African percussion, European synth pop and American funk has had on the development of disco, house and techno. In Dar you can catch him regularly at Trinti, Velisas and other locations


La compagnie aérienne qui déteste les retards encore plus que vous. La ponctualité suisse est légendaire. Rien d’étonnant à ce que notre compagnie aérienne suive les même règles. Pour une fois, être pile à l’heure ne vous agacera pas. Pour choisir votre destination en Europe ou ailleurs dans le monde, contactez SWISS au 022 211 88 73, votre agence de voyages ou visitez notre site internet

SWISS Business : sublime confort sur tous nos vols intercontinentaux SWISS.COM

CYourRown E ATeamT E LISTEN To the Music G UESS The Song

Sing Listen Know Alliance Française


MUSIC QUIZ 7.30 - 10pm Alliance Upstairs ENTRANCE FREE

Friday 13th June 2014 “The best team wins a bottle of champagne” 31


e ramm Prog Soon ing Com

LEARN KISWAHILI SAVE MONEY : FINALLY BARGAIN THE RIGHT BAJAJI PRICE ! Learn Swahili at Alliance franรงaise : Thanks to our 20 hours Swahili Survival package, get along with everyday situations of life in Tanzania ! For more information, please contact: Alliance franรงaise Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road Behind Las Vegas Casino Tel : +255 (22) 2131406 Email : Url :

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I N S TA L L A T I O N - P E R F O R M A N C E 34

SisyGambis (France)


Wednesday 25th June 2014 FROM THE MEDITERRANEAN TO THE INDIAN OCEAN Trance and rhythms Multimedia installation and documentary exhibition With this creation on 3 screens, Christine Coulange achieves a long-term multimedia work : 5 years of travel, sound recording, sound and images composition while following musicians, rites and ceremonies in the deserts and the villages, in the islands and the cities all along this big geographic arc which joins up the Mediteranean sea and the Indian Ocean. It is long journey across the Spice Road, a wide crossing full of sonorous images, rhythms from Egypt to Laos and Malaysia, through Tanzania, Kenya, the Comoros and Zanzibar. We follow the vital lead of rituals, rare and powerful, overwhelming landscapes, every day’s life details... Eyes and ears open to actions and rhythms, to collective ritual practice, to body language, to echoing threnodies, Sisygambis sew together traditional music and surrounding sounds to their own electronic compositions. More information :

DJ / House Electronic Dance Music

Le Bistrot AF Upstairs From 7.00pm ENTRANCE FREE

Friday 27th June 2014 Once a month, Alliance française invites a Dj on the terrace of Le Bistrot to spin sounds for you between 7 and 11.00pm. Come and enjoy the music, the breeze over a beer or a good glass of French wine. A great way to finish the week and to start the week-end. The Dj of the month: Jacob


Oohlala Fridays

Jacob passion and love of music comes from his parents because as far back as he can remember music always played a role in the Selengia household. Growing up in the UK and Tanzania he’s had exposure to an eclectic range of music and genres and you can see that in his style of play because he is very versatile and able to switch genres with ease. His main love is R&B, Old School and Afro House but he does not limit himself there when playing but rather plays by reading the crowd. Unusually unlike most DJs, he does not play from a play list but much prefers to play the music which the crowd is feeling and give them a journey of balanced blends. He is the main DJ for Fusion TZ and they host an array of events in Dar es Salaam and have worked with various organisations since the inception of the company.


Alliance Franรงaise de Dar es Salaam Ali Hassan Mwinyi Upanga, Dar es Salaam P.O. Box 2566 Tanzania Car park behind Las Vegas Casino

T: +255 213 14 06 +255 755 48 13 74 M: +255 764 07 73 66 eMail: Website:

May June Program Booklet  
May June Program Booklet  

Alliance Francaise May June 2014 Program Booklet with detailed information about all the events happening during that time. Follow the calen...