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life insurance

65,520 1,28,036 69,742 1,85,182 1,45,543 2,77,000 1,61,811 4,07,148 3,82,084 7,17,744 4,33,352 1,063,258 7,88,082 1,472,820 9,01,473 2,189,401

1.82% 6.47% 1.68% 6.77% 2.53% 7.03% 2.44% 7.27% 2.87% 7.28% 2.79% 7.51% 3.08% 7.47% 2.99% 7.66%

Bond Fund-II: [SFIN:ULIF01608/01 /2010LIFDEBT-II122]: To generate a steady income through investment in high-quality fixedincome securities. Protector Fund-II [SFIN: ULIF02108/01/2010 LIPROTE-II122]: To generate steady returns with a minimum exposure to equities. Balanced Fund-II: [SFIN: ULIF0 1508/01/2010LIBALAN-II122]: To generate a balance of capital growth and steady returns. Growth Fund-II: [SFIN: ULIF0 1808/01/2010LIGROWT-II122]To generate long-term capital appreciation with high-equity exposure. Enhancer Fund-II: [SFIN: ULIF0 1708/01/2010LIFENHN-II122]To provide aggressive, long-term capital growth with high-equity exposure. PSU Fund: [SFIN: ULIF0 2208/01/2010LIFEPSUFND122]: To generate steady returns through investment in PSU and related equities.

after deduction of applicable discontinuance charges During such period, your fund will continue to earn income. The Proceeds of such discontinued policy will mean the fund value as on the date the policy has discontinued, after addition of income earned. The income earned under the policy will be based on the interest rate declared by the Company on the basis of the investment income earned in the Discontinued Policy Fund. Such declared interest rate will not be less than the interest rate applicable for savings bank account of State Bank of India. Currently the applicable guaranteed interest rate is 4% p.a. which will change from time to time depending upon the change in savings bank account interest rate or any change in IRDA Regulations.

Infrastructure Fund: [SFIN: ULIF0 1908/01/2010LIFEINFRAF122] To generate steady returns through investment in infrastructure and related equities. Index Fund-II: [SFIN: ULIF0 2008/01/2010LIFINDX-II122]: To generate returns in line with the stock market index – S&P CNX NIFTY.

Dynamic P/E Fund: [SFIN: ULIF03201/08/2011LIFDYNAMIC122]: To provide long term capital appreciation through dynamic asset allocation between Debt and Equity. The allocation to Equity and Equity Related Securities is determined with reference to the Forward Price Earning (P/E) multiple of the NSE S&P CNX Nifty index and the remainder is invested in Debt and Money Market instruments.

Investment Pattern of Discontinued Policy Fund: The Investment Pattern for Discontinued Policy Fund will be as follows. The Fund Management Charge of this fund will be 0.50% per annum. Fund name and objective

Asset allocation

Debt & MM: Discontinued Policy Fund [SFIN:] [ULIF03127/01/2011LIDISCPLCY122] 0 to 100% To provide a minimum guaranteed rate as prescribed by IRDA from time to time. Equities: 0%

Risk profile Low

Premium Allocation Charge (defined as 100% minus Allocation Rate) – This charge is deducted from the premium and the balance premium after deducting this charge is invested as per the Allocation Rate which will depend on the policy year as detailed below:

Limited An FMC of 1.35% p.a. will be applied for all funds except Discontinued Policy Fund. In case of Discontinued Policy Fund, the FMC would be 0.50% p.a. The NAV for each fund except Discontinued Policy Fund will be calculated on a daily basis.

Aviva Life Insurance Company India Limited

Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation: The NAV of the fund shall be computed as: Market Value of investment held by the fund + Value of Current Assets – Value of Current Liabilities & Provisions, if any Number of Units existing on Valuation Date (before creation / redemption of Units)



MKT/ALBA/April 2012/Ver. 1.6

Aviva LifeBond Advantage  

A life insurance plan which allows a lumpsum investment to help your wealth grow