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Camphor is ayurvedic plant with that have fresh aroma. The fumes of burning camphor purify the air exhaling the same can be beneficial too. Camphor is placed in aarti at last and we place our palms on aarti for spiritual purpose and put the same palm on nose and eyes that absorb the medicinal benefits of the herb. Cough and cold  Apply camphor oil on chest for getting some relief in cough and blockage of nasal.  Simply breathe in the vapor of camphor and boiling water to get some relief.  Camphor is also a key component of Vicks and other balms. Healthy Heart  Burnt camphor fumes purify the air and inhalation of the purified air is good for heart and lungs.  Camphor clears out the congestion in lungs and aids in easy breathing. Mosquito repellent  Mosquitoes are used to stay in the corners of the home specifically dark corners.  Put the tablets of camphor in these corners and let it evaporate over there it will purify the air and keep the mosquitoes away. It also keeps the ant at bay.

Hair care  Camphor oil mixed with coconut oil helps in many hair related problems.  Warm some coconut oil, add two pieces of camphor and let it completely dissolved into the oil. Massage with the oil.  It helps in Dandruff, Kills Lice, Relieves the itchiness of scalp, prevents hair loss and also promotes hair growth. Skin care  Apply a small amount of camphor disintegrated in water directly on the skin for soothing skin itching, irritations, and redness of the skin.  In case of skin burns, use camphor on a regular basis over the affected areas to remove the burn scars.  It is also a good remedy for acne, eczema, nail fungus, cracked heels, and skin rashes. Camphor is a chemical compound if you are allergic to it then it is better to take the advice of a skin care specialist before its direct application on skin in any form.

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What aayurveda says about camphor