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MEDBOX - Retailer friendly Mobile Platform for Pharmacists and Patients

MEDBOX is an online application which collaborate all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem on a single platform. It is a smart platform to organize, search Doctors, Pharmacies, Laboratories and Hospitals. Patients can easily register with MEDBOX and get health-connected PHARMACY In current digitized era, even pharmacy can make their online presence to attract patients, doctors by registering their pharmacy with MEDBOX. It has numerous features which are useful for pharmacy and can attract their customers too. Below are some features of Pharmacy. 1. By registering your Pharmacy in MEDBOX, online visibility would increase. 2. Pharmacy store can be accessed by any one by its address, name, contact number, facilities (home delivery, 24*7), timings etc. 3. The profile / data can be updated at any time with personal credentials. 4. Even navigate route facility is been there, through which users can navigate to the pharmacy easily. 5. Facility to find alternate medicines can also be accessed through database. 6. Even offers and discounts can be given to attract the users. 7. Home delivery and pickup from store facilities can also be given. 8. Feedback from users can increase your pharmacy brand value in market. Medicine delivery simplified:

User can easily order medicines from MEDBOX with just few steps and medicine would be in their hands.

Below mentioned are few steps that need to be followed.

Figure A: Dashboard of MEDBOX healthcare app. Once this opens user need to click on “My Order” which is at the below bar.

Figure B: Hence after clicking ‘My Order’, a new screen would appears which is shown in figure B. Here one need click “Order Medicine” to order the required medicine.

After that it would show two ways to order which is shown in Figure C1 and Figure C2.

Figure C1 : The process for OTC (Over The Counter), where user can collect the medicines from pharmacy store itself or get delivery at home without the need of any prescription.

Figure C2: Prescribed Medicine Process where user need to select “Prescribed Medicine” and “Upload prescription”

OTC Process

Figure. C11 After clicking on next button, a screen would appear which is shown in Figure C11, where user have to mention the name of medicine ex. Generic drugs, Hair-oil, Shampoos and daily purpose product etc.

Prescribed Process Figure. C21 After pressing next button a popup screen will come as per figure C21, where user need to upload the pictures of the prescription from gallery or capture the same using camera. There come three option: 1. “Yes I want to order everything� which means user wants all the medicines mentioned in the prescription.

Figure C22. “Not Sure. Call me for details” which is shown in figure C22. It means user is not sure about the medicine so wants pharmacy to call and confirm the order.

Figure : C23 “No let me specify the medicines” as shown in figure C23 Where user need to mention the specific medicines from the uploaded picture that he/she wants to order.

Figure D1 Select either “Home Delivery” or “Pick from Store” as shown in figure D1 followed by selecting “Select Pharmacy” option.

Figure E Then click “Nearby” option and “Submit” options as shown in Figure E. As a result a message will be send to nearest 10 Pharmacies describing the need of medicines to the specific user.

As a result, when patient sent medicine requirement it will be delivered to nearby 10 pharmacists, once any one pharmacist approve that request based on availability of medicine, patient will get notification of confirmation So keep ordering from medicine from MEDBOXTM and be healthy.

Website: Website:

Just give missed call on 0781-9999-222 to receive MEDBOXTM app download link.

Medbox retailer friendly mobile platform for pharmacists and patients  

MEDBOX is an online application which collaborate all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem on a single platform. It is a smart platform...

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