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It’s not only plant who requires sunlight for metabolism process, even human do require them for healthy life. Vitamin D also known as “Sunshine Vitamin” as such it’s been received by Sun rays. Some people believe exposure to sun light is harmful, it’s not exposure but over-exposure that affects. It has multiple benefits for Human beings which are mentioned below.

“Lowers Blood Pressure”.  Whenever sunlight touches human skin it contains compound called “nitric oxide” which helps to lower the blood pressure. Thus lower blood pressure include lower risk of heart attack and strokes.

“Improves Bone Health”  As we know vitamin D helps to raise the level of bone strengthening calcium and phosphorus in the body. Also Vitamin D3 is fat soluble which is beneficial for bones. Thus when humans have high amount of Vitamin D3 in body, there are lower risk of suffering from fractures.

“Reduce Risk of certain Cancers”  When there is deficiency of Vitamin D in body, sometimes it may lead to cancer also. Due to supplement amount of Vitamin D received by body it reduce cause of specially “colon cancer”.

“Boost Growth in Child”  This is fact for infants. It is believe that sun exposure on first few months to baby, has great effect on growth and height of child.

“Heals some Skin Disorders”  Sunlight helps in healing of skin disorders like acne, jaundice and other fungal infections. It is used to treat skin disorders, which should be done under medical supervision to avoid UV radiations.

“Improves Sleep quality”  It is found that more exposure to natural sunlight, better night sleep person gets. Also more energy get builds up when sunlight first touches human skin early in the morning.

“Fight against Depression”  Vitamin D play important role in regulating mood and depression. It is found that people with depression when exposed to vitamin D , helps in getting recovery from depression.

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Amazing health benefits of sun exposure  

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