Sameem Sultan And His Guidebook On Developing Business

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Sameem Sultan And His Guidebook On Developing Business

Sameem Sultan

Introduction Business development, an essential step for any organization to maintain and grow its business accordingly as per the time and competitive market. As businesses are growing there is dearth of good business developer in economy. Though, there are a lot of developers but the skill set that needed to handle all the operations, accounts and client handling is lacking somewhere in the market.

A business developer has an important role for any business to grow. It’s not only marketing or client handling that he sees but there are many things that need to be taken care by a developer. Some of the roles of a developer are ● ● ● ● ●

Accounts managing Creating leads Making deals with the companies Analyzing the business environment Sales follow activities and more…

Having all these skill sets needs experience and a prominent degree which helps in making a developer excellent in his skills. If we name one person who is magnificent in his work of business developing, then he is Sameem Sultan. Yes, Sameem is a name that is prevailing in developing market from a while now. Sameem has created himself as a brand of business developing. Sameem Sultan is often called a corporate genius who has an amazing mindset and skills of business and its developing needs.

History Of Sameem Sultan Sameem Sultan has worked in many companies since 2007. His work experience is impeccable in this line as he has given amazing profits to many business organizations including blue stack Inc., a renowned organization. Sameem Sultan did his bachelor in arts and then majors in psychology from university of California, Davis. He started working as an assistant development executive in 2007 and after 8 years he came out as a senior manager in Blue stack Inc. He has an amazing journey filled with fric and frolics throughout his serving period. Once as an operation manager in Mydream/VR he sorted an investment of around $10,000 to $15,000 via startups and events only. He served in companies like Game Closure, SDI (Scottish development International), Aji networks, Boulevard new media and more.

Sameem Sultan And Business Operations Business operations are something that starts from the beginning and end till the product or service reaches the customer. Handling all the operations is a tricky task. But, Sameem Sultan has a quick guide for it. â—? Changing The Financial Angle: A business needs to be seen from different angles because different perspectives have different solutions. So, Sameem always insist on looking all the angles and find the best suitable angle for the business. â—? Putting Up All The Leads: Leads are the ways to start something and starting something has many leads. Optimizing the lead which is best suited for your business and related environment shall be considered. In this case Sameem has a guidebook how to select leads. â—? Business Environment: There are many aspects to business environment like political, financial, nature related and economic. All these environments need to be positive if anyone wants a successful business. So, one shall look into all the environments before developing a business.


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