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Phone surely is the best device to connect with others but, it also disconnects us from the person with us. How can a lamp help keep away distractions and also create a luxurious ambiance?

THE PROBLEM SOLVER Understanding the habitual behavior of using the phone even when with the close ones and resolving it while, keeping in mind the chosen environment.

• Constantly checking the phone which takes away the time that we should rather be spending with the loved ones.

• Wish you carried the charger along. Oh! but, you’ll need to find a table at the switch board.

KEEPING JUST THE ESSENTIALS Exploring through variation of forms to find a simple design to seamlessly deliver the key requirements.


• Their products are a combination of dynamic, bold and luxurious aspects.

Alessi products are enhanced just by their simplicity, minimalism and defined finish. The products translate luxury and sophistication with their elegant and not obvious designs.

• Alessi has a wide range of legendary kitchen products but not restricted to just that. They offer products for many other perspectives including your study or living, that add life to the still.

INSPIRATION TO CONCEPT Evolving to develop the concept from inspiration, while considering the technical restrictions, aesthetics and the ergonomic aspects.

ONE FOR ALL A lamp that is suitable for charging multiple phones at a time and also offers an visual assurance of the phone’s safety, with it’s inclined and stable design.

• Stable and trustworthy design

• Caters to multiple phones of varied sizes

GLEAM - THE RAY OF LIGHT Suiting the ergonomic needs and resolving problems in a subtle way, Gleam is an elegant lamp integrated with wireless charging technology.

• Lighting up the ambiance, it is an effort to strike a blow in keeping up with the legendary brand.


RAYS TO CHOOSE FROM To go with different restaurants with varied themes, Gleam comes in a color range to choose from. Three different color options to create desired ambiance.



DISCONNECT TO CONNECT The lamp helps us forget the phone and spend good time with the loved ones. And also saves us from having our phones run out of battery.



• How to present the story • Varied form explorations • Adapting the brand’s language • 3D rendering • Digital rendering

The lamp fits well even as a decorative as you dine, adding the touch of elegance and luxury. Also it’s dynamic and compact form doesn’t occupy too much space and looks visually appealing.

MUKT WALKING AID 3 MONTH INDIVIDUAL PROJECT Disability makes a person emotionally sensitivite and so, he wants to be self dependent. How can I design a product that would satisfy both, their emotional and physical needs?

WALK YOUR SEAT Why does a person need to be dependent for both walking and for a seating? Hence, combining a walker and a chair is a thought that conceived from a close observation.

NEEDS AND WANTS Understanding the physical needs of the targeted users as well as their emotional wants to design a product that conveys both.

• Knocks down or portable

• Easily convertible

• Comfortable and ergonomic

WHAT FITS THE BEST? Exploring forms and shapes to fit the needs while, not keeping it a obvious, to rule out the feeling of dependency and emotional sensitivity.

EXPERIMENTING FIRST Building a working prototype with plywood, the best suitable material to explore mock ups. Had to experiment and make many changes to achieve desired functions.

• Making tech pack template

• Clamping for precise cutting

• Checking if ergonomic

• Cutting according to the template

• Sanding and fine sanding

• Refining the details

• Checking stability • Refining

PROTOTYPE TESTING The prototype is made of standard measurements. It is then tested by multiple people with varied physical strengths. It works well and also bounds to all the desired aspects.

EASY MANUFACTURING Technical information and simple processes like cutting, finishing and assembling make it a easy manufacturing.

• Convert to Sit • Safety Supports

MULTIPLE COMBINATIONS Replacing metal with a durable and light weight polymer material enables to attain various colors and combinations.


Traveling is like exploring a new world. Experiencing new things. But, travel for visually impaired is not really the same yet! How can we help them, in making traveling an experience like never before?



Analysis - research - opportunity

Understanding their problems and needs, I re-framed the brief to carry the project further individually. Realizing the constrains while seeing the world with the other senses, How could a product help them visualize an image of things that are restricted even to the sense of touch.


• Sees through the sense of touch

A blind person visualizes a picture in his mind by touching or feeling it, but, face a problem with big things like buildings or mountains or even small things that restrict the sense of touch.

• Also the lines of architecture remain unseen even if described by a guide.

Problem scenario - sketch

• It is restricted to touch things in most places, when exploring the place he travels to.

CONCEPTS SKETCHES Ideating on concepts based on the observations and research. Coming up with varied concepts keeping the brief in mind.

SKETCH TO CONCEPT After exploring different forms through sketches, building a 3D model helped to understand proportions and mechanical spaces to achieve a functional design.

EXPLOITING THE VERVE Touch is to the imagination what eyes are to the vision. Replica is a device that enables the user to see things through their vigour.


TRANSLATING VISUALS Replica consists of braille pins. The pins rise and create a scaled down replica of the picture. • Normal position

• Pins raising

explanation • Completely raised pins

• Camera

details TAKING BACK MEMORIES It does not just replicate the visuals but also records the sounds and saves them for the user to take memories back home.

• Speaker

• Earphone and Charging slots

• Sensing and picturing the site through braille

Furniture range for citymax In collaboration with HOME CENTRE

HOME CENTRE FURNITURE 16 WEEK - TEAM PROJECT To design a furniture range for the citymax group of hotels, that enhances the living experience. How can we translate the brief into a functional design while considering their layout and target user?

KNOWING THE CHALLENGES CITYMAX Hotels of Landmark Group are a chain of hotels based in U.A.E for whom we had to design a range of bedroom furniture. Keeping in mind and analyzing their present design language, color palette and layouts.

• Twin sharing rooms

• Present Citymax Hotel rooms

• King size rooms


• Visiting hotels to understand pain points not just for the guests but also the staff and understanding other constrains

• Recreating the hotel room to understand the problems, the needs and the wants

TARGETED USERS We focused on two targets, who travel for totally different purposes and tried to understand their interactions in the room and the problems they face.

The Businessman


The Backpackers


Combining ideas to come up with concepts that are modular, accessible, simple and comfortable

Study Desk

Couch + Coffee Table



DEVELOPED CONCEPT Psst. its confidential

I want to congratulate you for your work on the project. Indeed, despite an evolving brief, you’ve been able to deliver an excellent solution with plenty of brilliant ideas. We’re now internally taking this project further and evaluating the industrialization options to make it live and not only a nice power point. Well done team, your professionalism and commitment on the project have been recognized and I wish you all the best for the future!

Got more projects, a short sneak peak into some of them

Product for bathroom space Submission to the JUMP THE GAP by ROCA

ROCA CINCH 3 WEEK - INDIVIDUAL PROJECT To design a product for the bathroom space that redefines the user’s experience with minimum automation. How can I keep the product simple and yet offer a completely new and comforting experience?

• Pumice stone top for easy cleaning.

• Can be used both ways. • Top flushes in to allow the water to rise up, without splashing the water all over.

• User can control water flow and temperature with the controls at the seat


Cinch is a sink dedicated for washing legs or feet. It’s a new experience that redefines foot care. It offers an effortless experience, where automation plays the role, keeping the design simple and minimal.


THE FRIENDLY ALARM Creating a product or a service that will promote health and wellbeing in a fun and innovative way.

• The student can set up by connecting the product with the app on the phone.

• The app calibrates with the institutes schedule and reminds to take naps in free time.

• Qubo is a bedside alarm that reflects our mental health and reminds to take care of selves.


DEVELOPING SKILLS With the three years in design education, I got the opportunity to build my skills both at a screen and on paper. So, this is to showcase my inclination towards sketching







Product Design Portfolio 2018