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In recent years stem cell treatment has emerged as a boon for medical fraternity, wherein medical researchers are anticipating that soon they will find stem cell treatments to treat chronic diseases like cancer, type 1 diabetes mellitus, cardiac failure, Parkinson’s disease, muscle damage, Celiac disease, neurological disorders and many more. However, there are stem cell therapists, most of them at experimental stage, who have cure of several diseases using stem cell, which are not only costly but also controversial. They still require more research to complete understand the behavior of a stem cell after the transplantation process and also its side-effects if any along with the mechanism of stem cell interaction with the microenvironment of the diseased/injured patient. For those who are unaware of stem cell therapy, it is a kind laser treatment, wherein new adult stem cells are introduced into the damaged tissues in an attempt to cure a disease or injury. Many of the medical practitioners having years of experience in this field believe that stem cell treatment has the power to change the face of diseases treatment while alleviating suffering for the patient. The ability of stem cells to self renew and multiply into subsequent generations shows significant potential for generating new tissues while successfully replacing the damaged tissues or areas of the body. The best thing about stem cell laser treatment is that it involves minimal risk of rejection or side effects.

Stem cell treatment