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How unsupervised and careless lawn mowing is dangerous

Since it's spring, It's the ideal time to mow lawns and enhance its aesthetic beauty.

There are several of hazards also, accidents that happen. People end up with crushed bones, loss of fingers and toes, amputations, and in some worse cases, death.

According to a recent study, lawn mower injuries send at least 13 children to the emergency department every day.

5 Reasons why unsupervised & careless lawn mowing is dangerous!

1. Causes Fire • People used the mower and immediately after its use, place it alongside gasoline while it was still hot.

2. Getting Run Over

• Sometimes kids lose their toes and break their bones.

3. Severe Injuries

• Due to a body part getting stuck in the blades of lawn mowers.

4. Distracted While Riding Lawn Mowers

• Dangerous if you're not paying attention.

5. Manufacturing Defect • Common flaws include improper design

• If you don't have proper knowledge of lawn mowers and are not sure how to use it correctly • It’s always better to get in touch with a lawn mowing service professional near you.

THANK YOU • Presentation Reference : SDP Blog – The Only Guide for Safely Lawn Mowing


How Unsupervised and Careless Lawn Mowing is Dangerous  
How Unsupervised and Careless Lawn Mowing is Dangerous  

Many people tend to become careless while using lawn mowers given that they are such a common household machine. But this might be dangerous...