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How To Design Your Own Graffiti Stickers For stationery, student papers, business promotion or just fun, show off your creativity by placing an original design on a sticker. Whether hand-drawn or digital, your customdesigned stickers can be printed quickly and efficiently online. Things You'll Need   

Portable sketchpad Pencils and pens for drawing Scanner

Instructions o

1 Brainstorm ideas for a customized graffiti design. Remember that it should be a symbol of self-expression that communicates your personal artistic style. Consider taking a walk for some inspiration. Bring along the sketchpad and copy any graffiti or images that appeal to you.


2 Back in the office or studio, refine your ideas by drawing them on the sketchpad, or create them on the computer using a drawing/painting program.


3 Finalize your designs and customize them. For example, "personalize" a font by changing characters and symbols. Designs can include a nickname, picture or both combined into a logo. If you plan to use these stickers in public or on personal items, be sure to keep the design appropriate and avoid using inappropriate language, innuendos or profane pictures.


4 If the final design is hand drawn on paper, scan it into the computer to create a digital file. For best results, select the "Scan it as a picture" option with a dpi (dots per square inch) of at least 300.



Log on to an Internet printing company that offers sticker services. From the screen prompts, select the shape, size, quantity and quality from the options, as well as the shipping and artwork preferences from the provided drop-down boxes. Upload your image by selecting the file from your computer and following the prompts. Print off a copy of the order and wait for the stickers to arrive in the mail.

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How to design your own graffiti stickers  
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