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How to Create Your Own Banner Maybe you need a banner for a business promotional event or to advertise your new price list for your products. Or perhaps you want to create an original banner to draw attention to a cause to prompt the public to get involved in your organization's efforts. Whatever your particular reason for needing to create your own banner, the process of designing your banner isn't a terribly difficult one.

Instructions o

1 Create a list with ideas for your banner's theme and slogan (if there will be one). Draw out your ideas in a sketchbook using colored pencils or markers. You can also collect clippings from magazines or other sources to use as references to aid you when creating your own banner's design.


2 Open a new document in a program like Photoshop or GIMP (freeware). To do this go to "File" then "New." A dialog box will open. Plug in the numbers you require for the width and height of your banner. Plug in the resolution next, keeping in mind that for anything that will be printed, you want to choose a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch. Name your document and click "OK."


3 Upload any photos or other images you want to include in your banner's design to the program. You might also want to add graphics, like a border, to your banner. When you have completed your banner's design, save a copy on a CD for printing.


4 Print your banner at a print shop that offers this service or an office supply store that has a banner printing and design service. Another option is an online company like CafePress. If you choose a site like to upload your design to, remember to first review all instructions and guidelines.

Tips & Warnings

Each image will automatically be placed on a layer within the layer's panel. You will generally find this panel in the right hand corner of your screen. Layers enable you to alter an element that you have either created in the program, like text, or uploaded elements (text, graphics, photos) without applying these alterations to elements on different layers (see reference for more information). For instance, if you have a photo of a rock band posing for you backstage and you need to brighten it slightly, you can do this without brightening any other photos you've added on other layers or the text you added, like the band's name. Remember: there are a variety of filters that can give your design a more professional look.

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How to create your own banner  
How to create your own banner