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I She’s in bed and by her side there’s- Him. She sits there still just watching his sleeping face, there’s so much going on, but only one thought on her mind. “Where did this all started?” She leans to the side and reaches for drawer, he suddenly moaned and after turning on to the other side whispered “Katie” in his sleeps. She stopped, clenched her hand; this is the only thing she’s still not used to. Chuckled and pulled the drawer. When the sound of grinding wood, his voice trough sleep and some paper rustle in the air disappeared, she sits back in the bed and makes herself comfortable. “Maybe this is the start”- she thought to herself. The small sheet of paper was warned out from rubbing but it was full of memories. She bumped her head into the wall. “What can be better then university years?” She grinded her teeth and crossed her hand in front of her chest. “Worthless 3 years of my life! Well not exactly.”- glanced at him. “Not exactly at all, if I may say.” She just roughly messed the hair and suddenly stand up from the bed. Then just like from shock she stood there for several seconds, listening. Then turned to see if he’s still sleeping. “Who even does that? It’s like some story in shojo manga, stupid!” He just cuddles her pillow and smiled like he’s thinking about something really good. She steps forward and when he suddenly whispers her name she flinches. Not used to it! “Stop doing that” -she mutters it into the air and walks out to the balcony. She doesn’t smoke. She actually hates cigarettes, despises its smell and always was against it whenever somebody starts smoking besides her, but… Like all people she really does have her own unknown needs and sometimes they are so overwhelming that just takes their way into her head, and this is one of that moments. She light the cigarette and scalding fume burns he eyes and bitter

taste in her mouth creates nausea. She puts up with that and takes a deep breath of cold air, swallows everything and reclined her head. Several seconds with the suffocating smoke in her lungs and instantly blowing everything out with a big caught. “Why can’t you be a pall at the moment when I need you the most? You always are against it..! That pisses me of!!” She rumpled her hair with one hand and with other crumbled the cigarette into the ashtray. “Shit!” It’s such a waist to buy stuff like that; it’s like one of those things that you buy not because it’s needed but because it’s half price now. It is still useless in the end. Katie sits on the sill in yoga pose and takes a deep breath. “O.K. so how did it really started”

“How I really hate someone like you! Faking friendship! ” SHE pushed her into stair rail “The world is not as you think it is, and it’s not only you in it. You are not the center of it, so get over it!” “I’m sorry that you think that way Maxine… I…” “I don’t need you excuses anymore Katie, its useless now.” Maxine pushed her again and this time Katie slipped of the last stair and fells down. But that’s not the worst thing that happened. She thought so many things while falling, but the last thing was to fell on somebody. When Katie felt someone’s body on her back the same second her face became stoned. It was so fast that she didn’t noticed that the person behind her was already holding her head while they both got down the stair. When she opened her eyes everything was over and her foot was a bit swollen, but that was it, then she suddenly realized that this is bad. “THIS IS REALLY BAD GIRL!” Katie jumped up from the boy who caught her and soften her fall. Her first thought is there anybody who can help, but there was no one around. “And that bitch just vanished when she pushed me down the stairs, I hope she will break her leg of for this; especially she’s involved other in it so it’s for this guy’s sake, not for mine.”

Katie didn’t moved him, because she didn’t know maybe he had something broken, didn’t want to make it worse. Took out her phone and called 911. It was like hours waiting for the ambulance to get there, her foot was itching and hurter, but her head was full of “What to do?” and the boy didn’t move an inch; his white skin was so pale that she started to think that he is dead. She checked it herself to find out and make herself a little bit calmer. When ambulance finally came, Katie’s head was blank. She suddenly stood and fell from the pain. “I will…” she was shaking like a leaf and cold sweat dripped down her chin. “… I will go with him.” “Are you a relative?” asked the paramedic. “No, but…” Katie with the pain ant guilt in her eyes stands her ground. “… But I was at fault, so I’ll go.” “Since you are the only one at the moment… O.K.” “Thank you.” And she just slumped there in the same spot she was standing.

It’s been four days that Katie went to the hospital. She didn’t know how he is. It’s been bothering her for awhile now. The last thing she remembers is that when she got in the ambulance, everything happened so fast. She was taken care of and left alone sitting in a big empted corridor with just a light buzzing in her ears. “How is your leg?” a sweet men’s voice asked her. “Huh..?” It woke her like from dream. She raised her head and saw a young doctor who was sitting beside her and looking at Katie with smile. “I’ve seen pity in his blue eyes” was what she thought silently to herself. “I’m fine” She said and lowered the head back to the same spot it was before. “Are you all right?” he asked this time with concern in his voice. “I said I’m fine!” almost screamed, but her through was so dry that her voice broke. He disappeared from the spot the same silently and the same quick as he appeared. It’s been less than five minutes when she felt something warm beside her cheek. “Drink this” he smiled this time his eyes were clear and she didn’t’ see anything in them just the gentle smile.” It will help” she took the drink.

“Thank you...” Katie was so thirsty that almost drank the entire cup when she felt that the bitter taste is somewhat familiar. The coffee had vodka in it. She cough again “What the..?!” he chuckled. “I told you it will help” Katie glared at him. “Aren’t you a doctor and shouldn’t you prevent people from drinking, not giving them alcohol?” this was the moment when she though “What an idiot!” but it was not an insult but more of a compliment to him from her side. Katie has never seen a doctor who so deeply tries to make someone truly feel better. She chuckled just from the memory of her reaction to this prank of that intern.

She turned back to look into the room. He was still sleeping and moaning from something, she chuckled again and turned back to the cold New York’s streets. Not a single star in the sky, such a shame that you can’t see them here. She remembers the time at the hospital sitting there by his bed and thinking “What do I do now?” it was so silent there that she heard his hears beating, or maybe it was hers. She couldn’t recall that very well, but it was loud. She lifted her head and stepped from the chair, it creaked and she flinched. Still have the same old fear to wake somebody up from sleep. He slept so soundly. Doctor said that he had a brain concoction and he will be staying here for more tests.” I really shouldn’t be here” she thought that, because she don’t know him, but something’s just makes her stay. She stood right in front of him. His face was pail as before, but she glanced at his hands, which had the same pail white color, it was slender and muscular. Some unknown desire pulled Katie to touch him. To make sure he’s not dead, to feel the warmth of his body, reached trembling hand, and when her finger tips that were cold as ice touched his, warmth filled Katie’s entire hand. Suddenly it twitched so did she, but that was just a reflex, he was still sleeping. Katie could not say from where this abnormal desire to see and feel more of him came from it just did, and she couldn’t resist it. She looked straight to his face and saw some bruises on his forehead, then flinched from the thought that it was her fault. “What is that?” she suddenly asked herself. Glanced at his right side of the neck. “Tattoo?” Katie giggled.” I really wanted to see it” so she brushed the hair from the side of the cheek so she could see it. What came next was unexpected. He was still sleeping or so she

though, but with closed eyes his right arm grabbed Katie’s and pulled her closer, then he kissed her. After that she just panicked and smacked him in the face. “OUCH!” he screamed. “What are you doing?” she asked him. “You started it” he was looking straight to her, the blue color just made Katie drown, she have never saw that kind of eyes. “What?!” she was in shock. “I didn’t kissed you and didn’t do anything” he was still watching her and rubbing the place she hit. “You were touching me first so I wanted to try to” he laughed and pulled closer. “Want to do it again?” when she raised hand to hit him again the day turned even worse than it was before. Katie felt how he just released her hand and his face just stiffened in an instant when the door opened and middle ages woman came in. “It’s your entire fault! You did this to him!” she screamed at her and Katie stepped back. “What did he ever do to you? Don’t dare just stand there beside him” Katie felt the anger in her words and she just couldn’t say anything back. She stared her down like she was invader and Katie understood that she’s unwanted here, so she tried to escape. She pulled her things from the chair and lifted the head to him; he was at the same shock as before. “It’s your fault!” The woman pushed Katie and she stepped back, she stumbled and the pain showed on her face. “Why everyone pushes me around today…” Katie whispered and limped out of there. This was the last time she was at hospital seeing if he’s ok. It’s been 4 days that she’s back at university, but the thing is, Katie just couldn’t trust any of her old university friends anymore. Now every time she just sits alone and tries to speak less to anybody. After what that Maxine said. “So many asked me why I’m friends with you…” Maxine splashed this on Katie like a cold bucked of water “… and started to realize that it’s true what they say” it made her angry. “So you are just a person who do and thinks what other say to them?” Katie just couldn’t bear it anymore “if that’s what you want, fine by me!” she screamed and that’s when the pushing started. “And now what’s? I can’t just ignore them for 3 months now.” At least that’s what she thought at first, but in the end it was so easy that she didn’t even have to try doing it.

Staying alone it’s hard and uncomfortable to her, whom always was surrounded by people and laughing, now it’s just her and empty seat beside her. “I wonder how he is…”

It was the same empty day sitting alone on the sill, next to the auditorium waiting for the classes to start. The crowd struggling around her with each other, to pass by was making so much noise that the only escape was music. After couple of times switching songs she took out notes and started scribbling in it. It was a chilly so she hunched down and covered nose with the scarf. When she raised head he was here. He pulled the muffler of her face and kissed. “Not again!” Katie said to him with the glances at the side to see if nobody is watching. “You want again?” and he kissed again. “Can you stop that?” she swing herself and pulled the muffler back to its previous place. “No” he pulled it off of her and grabbed arm to stop her from struggling with him then pushed her head with the kiss towards the window. Katie was in a trap, and she panicked. The only weapon she had was to push him away with the foot. “And to think I was just worried because of you, but I see you’re good as new.” She jumped down. “So when did they check you out from the hospital?” The same blue eye that was watching her at the hospital was now staring. “Two days ago” he smiled and caressed his hair from the face. She has never looked at his face carefully, but he’s kind of handsome. The pale skin is perfectly matched with the darkbrown hair that is so messed up likes he just get up from the bed. Katie chuckled and that attracted his attention. The same azure color as before and sleepy expression made his face look gentle and cute. “Hey, you are thinking something” he frowned and looked straight to her eyes. “What do you mean?” Katie glared at him after she remembered that he just do whatever he likes. “Why did you laughed?” “No particular reason.” She giggled again.

“Hey!” he started to panic, it looked like he’s kind of feeling awkward like it’s not as he was planning. “Oh shit! I have to go, bye” she ran off. “Hey wait…” Katie heard only that and disappeared onto the corner but he was saying something.

Katie was living the same life and didn’t care about anything; it was so boring at lectures that she sometimes just skips them and goes take photos of the city. That day was so cloudy that it was impossible to take any good shot of anything, no shadows no reflections not even the windows made her happy with reflections they make; it was gloomy day, when she suddenly felt that somebody just took her hand. She kicked. “Oh shit!$%^&*)*%$#@$” He was kneeling and swearing like she have never imagined somebody doing that. “Why did you do that for?” He sat back and sighted. “I was looking for you so many days, and when I finally got a grasp of you, you just kicked me in the shin.” He still held his head down and sights again. “I’m sorry… I…” she crouched down to him. “I’m really sorry, I didn’t know it was you. I got scared it was some kind of insane pervert who wants to play with me in the dark corner.” He chuckled, so did Katie. “Are you ok? Can you stand up?” he glanced. “Yeah…”she took his hand and started dragging him. “Where are we going?” He asked like a little scared girl. “It’s not a dark corner, don’t worry” He laughed again. “And I was expecting for the corner...” He whispered and Katie pretended that she didn’t hear it. “What? Did you say anything?” “No, nothing at all… So where are we going?” He smiled exited. “My place…” When they arrived to Katie’s apartment he was in shock and just stood there and didn’t say a thing. She opened the doors and entered the room, but he was still there not moving at all. “Hey” turned to him. “Will you come in or not?” He twitched and stepped in. She started making tea and Mike was snooping around the living room and seeking for something to remember when he will leave this place.

“Hey, do you…” he startled her. “Jesus, don’t sneak on me like that.” She glared at him standing there just stopping himself from laughing. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to” Katie sight. “Hey do you live alone?”He asked with interest but also with pinch of sadness. “Yeah… My parents died in car accident 4 years ago.” She didn’t want to talk about that. “I’m sorry” “Don’t be, I hate when people starts pitting me.” They talked for hours and didn’t see the end, he was really interesting person. Mike told her why his mother was like that at the hospital and he apologized for that. When he was 14 year old, Mike fell out of the window and cached his skull in 2 places, the concussion made him learn how to speak again. So now his mother just freaks out every time she hears that something happened to him, and this time is was something big. Suddenly he stopped laughing and his face become serious. “…I like you.” After a moment of silence he said. “I like you too; it’s fun to be with you.” Katie smiles gently. “No, I mean I really like you.” He was leaned at the wall with his legs bend. “Oh…” panicked. “I… You know, it’s just that I don’t look for that kind of relationships now.” He buried his head in his hands. “Why?” he whispered. “I will be leaving soon, so I just don’t want to make somebody attached to me.” “But I want to be attached to you” He crawled closer. “But I don’t” He was almost by her side. “Why?” he whispered. “I want to kiss you. Can I?” She pushed him aside and stood up. “Hey do you really want to make me believe in relationships again?” His azure eyes were staring with sadness begged for explanation. “Ok. Just stop looking at me like this.” He laughed. “Like what?” He smiled and blinked an eye.

“Oh... Ok, look” she sat beside him and looked straight in the eyes .“I’ll give you 2 weeks trail.” He frowned. “Wait… What?” “It’s just my way of making everything interesting.” Katie silently laughed. “In these two weeks you do everything as you do to make a girl like you more and more to the point of no return to being friends, and I will see if you fit in the criteria’s that I have for my boyfriend.” He was shocked with this kind of condition but still entertained. “And what are they” and Katie grinned. “This is the fun part, I will not tell you, because I want you to be yourself, not the man I have in my head. Do you understand?” He sat there with his head down and suddenly laughed. “Oh, Ok. I accept your challenge!” He started to crawl closer to her. “Oh! And one more thing” stopped him when he was almost by her side. “In these two weeks you can’t kiss Me.” she smirked and touched her lips with the finger tip. “This is the reward. If you make me like you as a man I will kiss you…” She came seductively close to his mouth. “Not just friendly kiss on lips, but full course of tongue love.” He swallowed saliva. “I hope it will be fun.” Katie jumped up and stretched her hand to him, like a deal engagement sign. He stood up beside her and shucks the hand, and she saw something is his eyes. “Oh this will be fun, I promise” he said with arrogance. “I will make you mine.” Then he left, with her telephone number and promise to meet him at station. This is the second day they did something. The first was casual. He came at her place ate popcorns and watched movie that he brought. And today they both are going skiing ant his friends resort. It’s awkward, because Katie don’t know his friends. I guess she just have to think about this as an opportunity to know him from other side. That is the first time. It’s cold and slippery. She really does hate cold. Winter always was her least favorite season of the year. She get sick to quick and always stay ill for too long. The last time was sick for almost 3 weeks, and it was all thanks for Maxine’s boyfriend, he thought it was fun to drag Katie out of the car just with t-shirt. But now is something different. It was fun and interesting; his friends told her so many things about Mike when he was younger. Even the time when they were there for him, teaching how to speak. I guess he’s not such a bad guy.

One week was gone so fast that Kat’ didn’t realized that it’s only 5 days left for him to show what he’s got. It was to fun and too interesting, that it just got her so confused. She was too happy about everything, and it was an opportunity to be happy ones in a life time. But she doesn’t want to drag him down. She always thought about herself to low. Like she’s “That kind of girl” and something like “I always hurt everyone”. And now is not exception, her thought was “I’m just an ordinary girl with moody life style and bad influence for him.” Mike is year younger than Katie. Even if he studies in the same university, they meet there so rarely, because they’re faculties are different, he’s in architecture and shes in photography. Two different worlds, like science and religion. He’s easy to talk, and sometimes awkward, always with a smile and handsome looks. He always has friends by his side and this look in his azure eyes. “He’s different, he’s something else. Not something that I should touch“She thought that to herself when one day she saw him at university while walking by. He was sitting on the bench by the wall and laughing with few of his university buddies. “Everyone was delighted to be with him, not like me, people around always has to pretend that it’s fun and interesting to talk with me, and it’s not the first time someone told me that. I got use to that; we are just visitors on this earth so no worries about that.” She was gloomy that day like the sky outside the window. And all her thoughts were concentrated on thinking what to do with him. “He’s definitely different” she said it out loud and looked around if nobody heard it. “So why me?” Katie was the one who always looked in the world with no trust in others. For her every person on the earth wanted something from each other.

“So why is it me?”

Its Wednesday 14th, every moment of the day was weird. Even all Katie’s habits were of. She always bumps her left foot into the corner of her bed when she goes trough it. Even unconsciously opens the curtains still being undressed, because she sleeps only with her panties on, so every time it’s like she’s flashing her body for the neighbors. It’s been like this since the day Katie saw Mike in university smiling and laughing she was so aware of him that frightened her. Now she got out of the bed without any unnecessary bums on her leg, forehead or wrist, opened the curtains without any sleepy eyes, she even slept with t-shirt. So that’s why she though it’s definitely wrong for her to be so aware of the world. He made her change. It’s still Wednesday and she’s still making excuses in her head to push him away from herself. Katie’s head was spinning because she forgot to eat in the morning and it’s already evening, and because of all the thinking she didn’t go to cafeteria to eat lunch. She felt dizzy and the buzzing from the lamps in the auditorium made her feel even worse. Suddenly she felt that her mind is flowing away and her blurry vision made it clear. She’s out of it. After her head hit the table and everyone in the auditorium were startled from the sound it became silent. “This feels good” She thought and whispered “warm” in the air while clinging with her hands tightly into Mikes back. After she passed out nobody even dared to move her, maybe sleeping, maybe bored, maybe even lack of attention. That was the thoughts of the persons around her, but nobody tried to see if she’s even alive, or maybe she’s sick. That’s the life of being ignored – nobody cares. And thank god Mike is that kind of guy who wants to be always with the person he likes all the time and see it smile. When everyone came out and she was not among them “Maybe she already left for the day” he considered it silently, but still peaked in to see if it’s true, and saw her silently lying on the table. He chuckled “She’s sleeping”. He came to wake her up, but after caressing up the cheek he felt her skin was cold as ice and covered with sweat. He grabbed her and dragged out of the auditorium. While caring her on his back he called for help, but the line was busy, so he kept on walking and trying to think what happened. After a while he heard her speaking in sleep. Mike felt released, after the words there was this grumbling noise that startled him, and he looked around just in case there’s something suspicious that was making that sound, but after several times he understand that it was Kate’s stomach that made it. He took her home and tried to wake her up slowly, but she was so into

sleep talking that made no since that angered him and he slapped her in the forehead. That was one of the worst wakeup call that he ever made. He himself through it was too much after Katie snapped and jumped. The dizziness and the fuzziness were still in her head that made her slump back on sofa. “Hey don’t move so fast!” He grabbed her and fixed the pillow. “What happened to you?” He was so conserved that his face was paler than ever. She tried to remember what happened “I forget…” She stopped. “You forget what?” She started laughing. “I forget to eat.” Kate laughed from herself, it was reckless of her. All of this was not so funny to Mike, his face slowly came back to life, but the anxiety didn’t go anywhere, and he was waiting. Kate suddenly jumped and ran to the toilet. She vomited bile. She had this illness, if she’s not eaten after taking her medicines she’s always pukes. I told you the day was horrible to begin with, and now this. The only thing Kate had in her head was “Why is he here?” and “Why he has to see me like this?” precarious girl, only thinking about what he thinks, not that she has to eat, or to drink something.

He left without asking anything…

There were so many things Katie didn’t understand in this world. She usually sits in small coffee shop near the train’s station and watches the simmering world. She sat by the last table on the right, next to the music box and looks trough the window like daydreaming. It would be hours before she starts coming back to the real world and after five cups of tea she just leaves and wonder of to the streets with the same drowsiness on her face, but today is different. Friday is the day when she usually sits in that shop, but now that seat is empty and cold. The first time Katie understood that everything’s changed around her and she’s flunking, was when Mike after a long day took her home, and while she was preparing the tea he came to her from behind and gently kissed her neck. She was at a loss. This was the first moment she shivered from a kiss on the neck. After that he kissed her on a shoulder sitting on a bench and eating ice-cream, then on a cheek, after that on the forehead, and every single small contacts with his lips, made her so aware of him that it frightens her. After a week and a half she just started

waiting for every kiss, every little finger tip touch of his on her skin was so sweet, and she just started feeling this urge to touch him herself. It was the last Friday of the trail and Katie was at Mikes home. They were laughing and talking about a lot of things, when suddenly the mood started getting a little bit of. Maybe it was because of the vine, maybe because of the urge, or even because of the weather, but Katie just stared to him and didn’t say a word, Mike was panicking, but after a second everything was clear as glass. Katie looked Mikes hand, caressed it. Then she came closer. Mike was on a line, he really wanted to kiss Katie, but he known the rules of this game, so he was just sitting and waiting for something to happen. His breath was getting unstable when Katie started to feel his chest and with this childish smile on her face, she came even closer o him. She saw that Mike was almost shaking and she kind off enjoyed it. But there was a line even for her, and when it snapped, she kissed him so gently and so slow, that at first Mike didn’t understood. He closed his eyes just to feel everything with the touch, but it was so light that he opened his eyes and didn’t though that something happened. Katie was still with closed eyes touching Mike’s lips. It was right after the kiss. Mike grabbed her and pushed her down on the ground. He kissed her and then tried to get of her cause he realized maybe he’s going overboard with this, cause he didn’t know that Katie kisses him or not. But Katie grabbed his head and pulled him closer, now the fun began. They made love in every corner of her house and it was probably the best sex Katie has ever had. After that night everything just fell to its own places. Katie started going out with Mike and the world looked perfect for them. There were new friends for Katie and new adventure for both of them, except for Mike’s Mother. She was always against everything; she blamed her for the last time he was at the hospital and Katie known that this will never settle down. Every time they would come to Mikes house she looks around and asks if the Mother is here, but Mike knew what’s going on so he tried to take Katie as less as he can, but sometimes it just has to be like this. They had to encounter her several time and it always ended bad, Katie would cry and Mike get angry, the only thing that looked happy was the Mother. She would smile ever time tiers come to Katie’s eyes. Mother loved torturing her, it was the only thing she had to do to make her miserable and leave Mike, but it was useless. After several weeks mother saw that it’s meaningless and she had to do something that will make Katie feel even worse.

It was really sunny day, and it was hot like in a middle of the summer, but it was late spring. The graduation for Katie was coming and she was so excited to finally finish college and make something more than just study. Saturday and she didn’t have lectures. Just lazing around the house was boring so she took her camera and went strolling around the area. When she was taking a shot her phone rang. It was unknown number so she answered with a really polite voice. It was from the college. They do work on weekends. From the very first moment Katie understood that something is wrong... “What’s wrong? Why are you calling me on weekend? Did something happen?” “Well Miss. Nicolson, I’m really sad to say this, but you have been…” The pause was so obvious that Katie’s hear throbbed”… Expelled”. “What? Why?” Katie started panicking and didn’t know what to do. It was suck a shock to her that she accidently dropped the phone down the bridge. After that the sky started clouding and little drops of rain taped on her shoulders. She was standing and crying like this for several hours, people where coming up and asking if she’s ok, because she was standing on a bridge, everyone was thinking maybe she decides to jump down. Katie called Mike the day she was expelled and told him what happened. She was calling from telephone boot near her home. He heard that something is wrong even if he said that everything is ok, and even when she laughed he knew that she’s crying and tears are falling down on the cold ground. He grabbed his jacked and car keys. “Who called?” She knew that it was Katie, Mother just wanted to hear that she didn’t good, that Katie is suffering and that her plane worked. Mother had this satisfaction grin on her face that Mike just stopped and stiffened. He glared at her. “You had something to do with this?” His face was in a contained with anger that Mother could do anything like this. “This is the lowest thing you could ever do to me!” He jelled at her and it startled her, she never thought that Mike could scream at her with such pain and animosity. Mike didn’t to, so he left with the same confusion as Mother. When he got in the car it was still raining, and when he drives out into the street the rain started getting heavy. He called Jade and told her about Katie and that he’s driving to see if she’s ok.

Every light was red and with each stop he started growing impatient with it, after he saw that it started blinking and turned orange he pushed his accelerator down and rushed down the street when it hit him. It came from nowhere and hit with such power that Mikes car bended and almost snapped in two. The blood splashed on the front window, it was shattered. Mike was severely injured. He got three ribs and his left hands all fingers broken, puncture lung head trauma and fracture in right leg, but he lived. Choking on its own blood and lack of air was making even worse, and then it was from first look. The driver from second car died instantly. After hitting Mikes vehicle he ran trough front window and hit head, snapped his neck in two places and role down ten feet. Katie got a call from Jade and her whole body numbed, she grabbed her coat and ran out into the rain‌

She left.


Mike opened his eyes and felt like he forgot something really important and for a really long time, it was making him a bit insecure, so he called his good friend Jade, and asked if he and she didn’t have any appointment that he may be forgotten. It was weird, this feeling of not knowing what it is, was so suffocating from inside. “Hey, Jade… Where is Katie, she didn’t called me and I can’t reach her on her telephone, maybe you know something?” Mike asked and scratched his head. Looked around the house waiting for the answer, but she was silent. “Jade?” “Mike… You know about Katie?” her voice was shaking. She was crying to herself. “What are you talking about? Of course” Mike was a bit socked from the question but then everything fell to places. He started remembering blips of moments with Katie, and the big gap in his memory and this feeling of forgetting something just vanished. He hangs up the phone and ran off to the street. Nobody know where she is and nobody cares, accept Mike. He stayed all night looking for her in the city, he even asked police to help, but they told him to wait at least 2-3 days then if she won’t turn back came for help. He was out of his head; he didn’t know what to do just cry. Mike sat on the corner of the street near her house and stayed there until the neighbors called the cops. He didn’t understand anything. They took him home and he called Jade with so many questions on his mind. He was so devastated that the only thing he could say was “Come over.” Pause “Now.” Jade came in an instant, she was pale. Since the morning she tried to contact him but he was not at home so it was useless. When Mike opened the door he was crying and looked really bad; eyes were swollen and face flustered, it looked like he had fever. He started asking questions, what happened and why he doesn’t know where Kate is. His hands were shaking and looked even more pale than usual. The hair was messed from rubbing with the hands; it was like he tried to rip out his own hair because he couldn’t understand the situation, so Jade started talking.

“Remember when Katie was expelled?” Jade sat on the corner of the sofa and put her coat around her hand. “Yes. She called me and tried to pretend that everything is ok. After that I don’t remember anything, just a big rain… Ahhh!” He rumbled his hair again. “Rain. It was so heavy. I was driving… And a… Flash.” Jade sighted. “What happened?” Mike looked to her searching the right words on her face. “You had an accident.” She came by the window. “After that Katie just disappeared. I didn’t know why and for a long time where.” “What do you mean?” Mike got up from the sofa and came closer to Jade. He was looking into her eyes. “What did you meant by for a long time?” His all body was shaking from fear to hear something really important and scary from her lips. “It’s been 5 years Mike. You didn’t remember Katie for 5 years.” She started crying and walking around the room. “Your mother was the one who get rid of her in the end. She make her feel like nothing, like she was the cause of the accident and after you regain conscious you didn’t know her so your mother just drive her away. It was horrible, I couldn’t reach her anywhere, she lost her telephone, she was nowhere to found.” She stopped and facing the dark side of the room talked to him in silent and call voice. “After 2 years” Jade stopped again and for a moment stayed silent. “She sent me a letter. From India. That was the first contact with her after everything what happened.” Mike was stunned like a dear from bright light. It was so much to stomach out everything that it made him feel dizzy and all his strength just left his body. He slumped into the chair and sat there with his mouth and eyes wide open. Jade was still talking about what happened and how he got injured. But Mikes vision was blurry, ears where as if full of water and the head felt so heavy. He wanted to sleep; it was so hard to stay focused that he just fell asleep. At least that was what he thought. Mikes body became so heavy that it fell down from the sofa on the ground with such a big bang that Jade flinched from it. She ran toward him and called by name, he was unconscious. She took the telephone and dialed 911, while holding Mikes head. He was bleeding from ears and nose. The blood was so dark and thick, that Jade started shaking just thinking about him dyeing.

Mike felt soft bed. It was bright but he didn’t open his eyes, it was too hard he didn’t have any strength. He could hear noises, but the feeling of water was still there. So he stayed still until the sounds began to clear. Mother was talking with Jade, their voices where so cracked that he was annoyed by the thought that they talked to each other. The talk was so harsh, thou Mike didn’t understand what they were saying, but the words had this huge penetration power that made him feel angry. “This is your entire fault!” Jade said and the anger was felt on her face. “Now he has…” “And how is it my fault?!” Mother screamed and stopped Jade from finishing the sentence. “I didn’t do this to him. It was…” She stopped ant disgust was in her eyes. “It was? It was what? Say it. It was all Katie’s fault. That was what you were going to say didn’t it? You are one horrible person! You drive her away and now you blame her for this!” She waved to Mikes ward. She hasn’t seen him for 5 years. He was gone for 5 fucking years!” “NO! He was happy for 5 years!” “Are you insane?!” Jade turned to Mother with despite. “He always had this face that something was wrong and I couldn’t say anything because he argued that he don’t know anybody named Katie. And you where so happy when he forgot about her it were a chance for you.” Jade mocked her talking manner. “You finally could crush her, and make her disappear. And she didn’t do anything. “Jade sat on the chair by the wards door and supported her head with hands. “She was expelled from university and then Mike…” Mother from hearing the word expelled grinned and Jade saw that. “Wait.” She jumped and came closer. “You did this.”She pointed at Mother. “You… You got her expelled from university. Now everything’s clear!” Jade laughed. “Ha-ha. I should have known. You could have done that.” Mother had this pleasured expression on her face, she was proud of what she did. “Maybe so or maybe not” She smiled. “This was the only thing what I could have done for my son’s future.” “Future? Can’t you see that maybe he has no future?” Jade banged her hand into the window. “He has a tumor because of that accident and for 5 last year’s he was living the life you made him believe it was his.” “This is his life. With me and not with some dumb blond who tries to ruin his life!” “This is your imagination! Katie didn’t do anything to Mike. She just loved him. Isn’t that enough?”

“Loved?!” Mother smacked Jades hand with her umbrella. “She didn’t love him. If she did why isn’t she hear?” Jade was defeated she didn’t know why Katie didn’t stayed and left Mike alone, when he needed her the most. And why Katie only after 2 years contacted her and asked never talk about her with Mike. Jade had thought about this so many times that it burned bitter taste in her mouth every time she says Katie’s name. Mike heard everything what Jade and Mother was talking about, it was such a shock to him, that at first he didn’t understand what is going on, but then flash backs started shaking him even more. He remember how after he opened his eyes he told Katie that he don’t know her, that she’s making something up, and that she has to get out. Now he knows why every time he had this uneasy feeling in his heart, and why Mother had her happy expression when he said that to Katie. My felt anger and pain, he didn’t knew what to do. He cured in a ball and turned on right side, away from the racked the women made outside the ward. He cried until he fell asleep. After he opened his eyes it was morning already, and the sun was shining through the blinds, it was bright and Mike’s eyes hurt. “Good morning, my precious.” Mother was smiling widely looking to Mike from the corner of the door. “Huh?” Mike recalled yesterday and felt this huge wave of anger flowing to him. “What are you doing here?” the animosity was felt in the words and Mother understood what’s going on. “Oh come on!” Her face clouded. “You really are angry now?” She sat in the visitor chair and brushed some dust of her shoulder. “She’s gone for five years and you start to care now?” Mother smirked. Mike was on a verge of jumping out of the bed and strangling his own mother for those words. “OH! Don’t be like that. “She came closer. “We had such wonderful years together. You started working in firm I always wanted you to work and now you have everything you need”. “Not everything I need, Mother!” He took out his tubes and needles and dressed up. Mother was standing there staring what he was doing. After finishing he looked around for telephone and was going out through the door when suddenly turned to Mother. “And Mother you were right.” She smiled and opened her arms for hug. “I did start working where YOU wanted!” He slammed the door and went down the stairs.

Nobody tried to stop him from getting out, because he looked like one of the visitors. He stood on the street looked in every way and panted like he was running miles. The world became blurry and ears started buzzing, he wanted to vomit but he was just choking on every though that he had right now. The breathing became unstable and he slumped on the pavement. The last thing before opening eyes he remembered the cab stopping buys. Mike opened his eyes. “Oh come on. Did you really though that I would let you get out so easy?” Mother was smiling. She came closer, and Mike wanted to get away, but his hands and legs were tied down to the bed. “You looked so happy these 2 days staying still.” She fixed the pillow. “I hope this will help you understand that you have to stay here, and become well again, like before.” Mother was called by the doctor they were talking about the operation. She was acting like everything is okay and that she knows that Mike needs this operation, so she asked to make it faster. He was frightened. Mike didn’t want to go back to the life he lived those past five years. He wanted to find Katie and to kiss her; he wanted to be free again. He struggled and tried to untie himself but it was useless.


Katie meets Mike while falling down the stairs. It was the moment that fated their life together. Mother always was against theyr relationsh...

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