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Cirriculum Vitae

A Levels - English Language (B) Textiles (C) History (C) – Hemsworth Arts and Community College Six Form (2010 -12) GCSEs- 11 Grades A-C Hemsworth Arts and Community College (2005 – 10)


I have a strong passion for both my contrasting subjects and enjoy learning two different varieties as it demonstrates that I am articulate yet also an academic intellect. I have a strong passion for retail and really enjoy learning about the industry, reading fashion magazines and volunteering in both fields this providing me with valuable knowledge that will help throughout industry. Digital/ Graphic design is a huge interest within my degree which is a strength that is used to its advantage. I aim to go interailing around Europe over summer 2014 to explore and understand about other cultures. Travelling is a great passion of mine that is shown by visiting destinations like; Gambia, Kenya, Egypt gaining an insight to the African cultures.. I am a very active person who enjoys the gym and outdoor activities. I am not afraid to try something new and is someone who would jump to many opportunities.

Additional Skills

• Communication skills- I have good written and verbal communication skills which are shown through my combined subject English Language. • Organisational skills- I planned and booked a successful holiday for ten people which included, organising meetings, scheduling payments, and ensuring effective communication between everyone. • Time management- I manage to distribute my time evenly across my two subjects and my social life. • Willingness to learn new skills and gain knowledge. - I am currently learning Spanish which is a self-taught programme Rosetta Stone. • Adobe Package- Throughout my degree I have learnt how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design to a high standard which has furthered my creative work massively. • Mentoring Skills- Training to be a mentor within the university to help new student studying the same course settle into university life without any problems.


Available on request.

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