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to Vinnies’ efforts. fun! All proceeds go fty cra of day for us Come join Activities include: tie—dye, bleaching, sewing, trimming and much more!

ion! com for more informat Visit www.journey-man.

Vinnies POSTER: This poster will be placed at participating Vinnies stores to raise awareness for the workshop that will be taking place

These are the people out there who will be alone, cold and starving this winter. Let’s work together to bring a smile to their faces. For more info visit

MAGAZINE ADVERT: This advert will be placed in various magazines to create awareness. Such magazines will include: Better Homes & Gardens, Vice, Frankie and Tracks

SOCIAL MEDIA A number of typographic pieces have been compiled and uploaded to social media links such as Facebook and Instagram










Events During this upcoming winter season, St. Vincent de Paul Society and Journey Man are coming together to suport those less fortunate enough to be spending these upcoming months on the streets. So to combat this, ‘Upcycled With Love’ workshops are being held at certain prticipating Vinnies around the Gold Coast through out the frosty season. These workshops will revolve around the idea of altering/ upcycling. All over the coast there are young teens who won’t be spending their nights in the safety of a warm, comfy bed. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to help out and recieve something for your efforts in retturn? Well that’s what this upcoming workshop is setting out to do. All participators pick out a clothing item of their choice on location. All items must be paid for at the check out, before participants are able to partake in the workshop. A variety of stations will be available including: tie-die, bleaching, trimming/ sewing as well as a ‘mix and stitch’ studio where donators can combine/ alter/ match any of their favourite pieces to make a completely new and original one. Every second Tuesday throught out the winter months a Upcycled With Love workshop will be taking place at the following locations on the Gold Coast: • Arundel Retail Store, 126 Allied Drive, Arundel (Just off Olsen Ave.) • Southport Shop, 108 Scarborough Street, Southport

Also for a limited time Journey Man will be promoting a one-off design that will be printed onto some of our prducts on-demand. The design will be available on the following Journey Man items: • T-shirts (M/F) • Skate Decks • Various Upcycled with love items • and as stencils at the Upcycled #4 Love workshop To help fight homelessness 50% of all proceeds used to purchase out special, one-time event design will be going to Vinnies. Thats our way of saying thanks for all the work they do for those in need.

Contact: Phone: 55 123 456 Mobile: 04 1234 568 Email: journey-man@

Social Media: •Facebook> •Instagram> •Twitter>

Address: 123 Seasame St. Southport 4321, QLD



Upcycled #4 Love Workshop

Journey man and Vinnies are having a workshop this winter to help raise money for those less fortunate than ourselves. Click for more information


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An events page has been made in order to provide Also a banner for the awareness campiaign will be information on the workshop event that will be taking a quick link to the web page. Contact: Socialcreated Media: and be used asAddress: Phone: 55 123 456 Seasame pace at the various Vinnies locations. The events page•Facebook> The image used will be123 of the partSt. of the advertising Mobile: 04 1234 568 •Instagram> Southport will also incule information on thejourney-man@ brand specific campaign > Email: •Twitter> 4321, QLD product that will be available at the time of the launch of the ‘Upcycled #4 Love Workshop’

STREET AWARENESS The campaign will take to the streets in order to raise even more awareness. An actor/ mannequin will be located in high foot-traffic areas such as, train stations,

bus tops, malls etc. wearing some of clothing that have been made to market the range of styles that can be created at the workshop.

The pretend hobo sign will just have a nice illustrative type that will direct onlookers towards the website where the’ll find more info on the event.


A limited range of items will also be available at the time of the event. The items will be printed on t-shirts, skate decks and various other items found with Upcycled with Love.

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Crmarketing review