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More and more people today are looking for ways to start an at-home business, but you must be careful to avoid the many scams out there. One popular scam on the rise is to start an at-home mail order business. It usually goes something like this: you are instructed to send a fee for your own "mail-order business package." They will request that you leave a number so that someone can call you when your payment is received and you are ready to start. They then will send you promotional self-help workbooks, tapes and videos. They contain general exercises on, "How Successful Can You Be?" and other vague information about this "mail order business," and the "supplier company" that you will be working with. What you will find out next is that it is just an multi-level marketing scheme where the only way to really make any money is to trick people like you into signing up for "a business" not from actually selling products. A better way to start an at-home business that will be successful is to try freelance work. The easiest way to go freelance and make it a success is to start small and utilize the power of the internet to do it by joining a freelance community. There are several freelance communities out there to choose from including GoFreelance, Elance and Home Job Shop. They each provide ways to work both full or part-time on freelance jobs right from your own home for clients around the world without getting scammed or needing to scam anyone else.

Eden Paul is a CPA and small business owner who enjoys helping others follow their dreams by using resources like GoFreelance. For more information and ideas on how to start working for yourself, visit

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==== ==== Are you looking for work, or do you want to quit your job and work from home? Visit... ==== ====

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