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grown up baking Can you imagine a birthday without a cake? I think no. As children we used to do everything to make sure that our parents brought or baked cake for our birthday. As grown up we have never forgotten to include cake during anniversary celebrations. One cannot imagine a wedding without a wedding cake. The list of events is endless and so is the kind of cake needed for that particular event. Visit to get for more information

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Two factors affect the cost of making bread: ingredient cost and energy use.  Ingredient cost is the biggest factor in how much bread costs to make.  In general, simpler recipes with few ingredients will be the most cost effective options.  Flour is usually the biggest contributor to cost, because of the amount used.  All-Purpose flour is the least expensive flour.  Recipes which call for it will be less expensive to make than recipes demanding specialty flours.  For more information

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The least expensive yeast bread to make is sourdough bread without using the shortcut of commercial yeast. This is because the yeast is grown from the yeast present on the flour (not from the air as commonly claimed) and no purchase of yeast is necessary.  However, sourdough starters take time to develop and maintain.  True sourdoughs are fun for experienced bakers and often a trial for beginners.  If you are interested in learning more, search on "starting sourdough cultures".  Click here for more knowledge

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Traditional yeast white bread uses only a few ingredients and is simple to make. You can make a traditional white bread for about 30 to 35 cents.  Breads which require specialty flours like whole wheat, pumpernickel, and rye will cost more (usually between 37 to 75 cents), but are still much less expensive than buying an equivalent bread at the store.  Adding seeds, nuts, or raisins also increases the cost of a loaf slightly.  These ingredients are used very sparingly (usually two tablespoons to as much as a quarter cup), so the additional cost is low.  To get for more information

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Although you will find many specialty baking utensils for sale, you do not need fancy equipment to make bread. You only need a large bowl, measuring cups, measuring spoons, a dish cloth, and a cookie sheet or a loaf pan.  A wooden spoon is nice for when you start mixing the ingredients, but you can do it by hand.   It takes between 3 to 4 hours to make yeast bread because there are two rising periods.  Heavier flours require longer rise times in order to achieve the proper lift and will produce loaves which are denser and lower in profile than a traditional white bread. Click here for more knowledge

Grown up baking  

Cooking with my personal parents as well as grandparents started in a young grow older, I remember after i was old my mom gave me personally...

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