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APRIL 2015

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IN THE SHOWROOM Some key pieces that are


MEET THE CLIENTS Find out what the clients

want in their Puerto Rican home!


WHAT’S HOT! Cool, funky furniture.


FASHION Traditional dress



12 THINGS NADIA QUARTEZ CANT LIVE WITHOUT A list of 12 things the client cannot live

22 ENTRYWAY Bold prints in the entry!


10 12 THINGS JUAN PABLO QUARTEZ CANT ON THE COVER: Dark laquered navy paint covers the walls of this dark yet sexy space. Texture through pattern cover the floor and accent the window covering.

LIVE WITHOUT A list of 12 things the client cannot live without!

12 STAIRS INSPIRATION Check out where the inspiration behind the entry stairs came from.


in the Quartez home.

Bold prints in the entry!

24 LIVING ROOM Dark, daring cabinetry. 26 DINING ROOM Funky textures and pattern. 28 MASTER BATHROOM Clean and crisp. 30 FLOORPLAN See the space plan of the Plantation Village home!

WITHOUT 12 things Benjamin can’t live without.



Puerto Rico, officially known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States, located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of both the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico is only 100 miles long by 35 miles wide, making it the smallest island of the Greater Antilles. Puerto Rico (Spanish for "rich port") consists of an archipelago that includes the main island of Puerto Rico and several islands: Vieques, Culebra, Mona and numerous islets. 3 ELLEDECOR.COM

client Below: Ava Marie, 10 year old Daughter to Nadia and Stefan wants a very classic and clean look to her room. She wants a very neutral pallet when it comes to wall color adn bedding. She doesn’t mind pops of color in her space as long as it is not consuming the space. She needs an area where a guest can sit and relax and perhaps spend the night. Need for space to store books and trophies. There is no need for a desk or a rolling chair in her bedroom. She likes the colors green, blue, beige/natural tones. Glass chandalier. Leather furniture. Seating with an ottoman.


volume I | APRIL 2015 Issue

Mr. & Mrs. Quartez puerto rico residence

Orginated from Russia and Spain Master Suite Seating for the master suite is crucial. They would really love to have two very comfortable chairs with ottomans for their feet. They would also love lots of storage. They do lots of reading, so lighting in an area where they can relax and read a book would be nice as well as a few regular lamps on the bed side tables. Bathroom The bathroom is going to be a very important room in the home. They would prefer to have easy to access hanging bathrobs as well as a makeup area with natural type light with a puff for seating near the makeup counter. Be sure to have electric outlets in vertain drawers to hide hair dryer/electric shaver, etc. They would like to have built ins inside the toilet area to hide sanitary products. An area for permanant storage for beauty and shower products. Seating inside shower area as well as outside the shower area would be nice. They loved the contemporary style that is comfortable yet airy. Dressing Room Seating for the dressing room should be very relaxed. Mr. and Mrs. Quartez have lots of shoes combined and need profer storage for them. Mrs. Quartez would like an area for long evening dresses, pants on hangers, hung shirts, hung lingere and swimsuits. Underwear and socks in drawers as well as open shelves for handbags with slim drawers for belts. She has 72 pairs of shoes, so proper storage and display of those. Mr. Quartez needs a place to put his folded shirts, hang his suits and shirts. He would like some open shelves and a place to display his 56 pairs of shoes. He will also need somewhere to store his socks and underwear in closed drawers.

Study Needs to have a desk for 2 computers and ample room for storage as well. The wall facing the windows has built in bookcases and storage. The seating in the study will conisst of no rolling chairs. They do not want anything that feels like its office seating. Kitchen The client wants a flat top counter. BNO suggest a material and color that combines overall with design and cabinetry. Large island to accomadate a large sink and plenty of cabinets for storage and appliances. Living Area Large area for seating is required with a game table for four poeple along with armchairs close to a TV. Dining table fits 12 people comfortably with a possibilty to aff more guests.

Guest Bedroom We need 2 queen beds. It would be useful to accomadate 4 guests in the room. Not any too specific request for seating are given. Walk in closet and dresser are a must. Would love a small flatscreen TV, possibly hidden in storage if possible. One shower head in the guest shower as well as 3 shelves for small product storage as well as a towel hook right outside the shower door. Laundry Room Pre-fab built-in quality is okay for this type of room. Laundry sink and appliances are already picked out in a brushed chrome finish. Lots of storange. Area for folding laundry would be nice.

I love bold color and print! We travel the world so I would really love for that to show throughout my home. We love color and taking risks!� -Nadia Quartez


The common wealth of Puerto Rico may be a U.S. territory, but it has a rich culture and heritage all its own.The history of the island has shaped its very traditional styles of dress up through the present. Left: Africaribe Bomba performs to Puerto Rican music, song and dance that reflects the African influence. Right: Bomba dancers from Puerto Rico wearing traditional costumes.

Jibaro dancers from Puerto Rico in their traditional dresses Traditional Dress Historically, Puerto Rican dress has changed with each wave of new inhabitants. The indigenous Taino people had very little clothing, with the men, children and teens wearing nothing at all. Only married women wore garments, simple cotton skirts called naguas. The length of the nagua indicated the woman's status in society, with higher-ranking individuals wearing longer garments. Men and women used paints to decorate their bodies and wore jewelry made from bones, rocks, feathers and coral. By contrast, the Spaniards who first arrived in Puerto Rico wore full uniforms despite the island's extreme heat and humidity.

Contemporary Dress In modern times, Puerto Ricans dress similarly to individuals in any Western country. Guayabera shirts remain popular, as well as a full range of other garments well-suited to the hot climate. In San Juan, many restaurants forbid you from wearing shorts, jeans, T-shirts or other casual attire. Tourists visiting religious places are also -advised to abstain from wearing sleeveless shirts or short skirts, dresses or shorts. It's common for women to carry umbrellas, both for protection from rain and intense sun. Special Attire During festivals and special occasions, it's common for Puerto Ricans to wear more traditional costumes. During the quinceanera, a coming-of-age celebration for 15-year-old girls, the quinceanera wears an extravagant gown, usually in a pastel color or in white, much like modern Western wedding gowns. Another tradition has babies wear gold bracelets or necklaces adorned with coral charms, made to protect them from the mal de ojo or the evil eye.


Born in the heart of Russia, Nadia Quartez grew up in a very simple houshold. She played with dolls, danced as a ballerina, and lived a normal every day life as a little girl. As she got older she enjoyed fashion and design. She grew an appreciation for the classic aesthetic with a touch of personality. She is a sucker for a vintage piece of furniture or a bold statement necklace. She is always channeling her inner designer that she has always wished she could be. 8. Hershey’s Symphony bar

2. Tom Ford reading glasses

11. Kelly Wearstler Wallpaper

1 / NOGUCHI LAMPS I have used them in every home I have lived in the past 20 years! I love them! 2 / TOM FORD READING GLASSES You can never go wrong with a pair of Tom Ford reading glasses. 3 / PASSPORT I have always treasured traveling. I try to fill up my passport as quickly as possible. 4 / SEASONAL FLOWERS I love a vase full of fresh cut blooms! 5/ LUSH BATH BOMBS I love unwinding in a bathtub with my lush bath bom. 6 / GHOST CHAIR Such a classic piece. 7 / GONE WITH THE WIND Talk about a movive that never goes out of style! 8 / HERSHEYS SYMPHONY BAR I am a chocolate addict! My mom would always give these to me whenever I had accomplished a goal that I had set for myself. 9 / GOLDEN RETRIEVER Easily one of my favorite things to cuddle up to. Not more than my husband though. 10 / DAVID WEEKS LIGHT FIXTURES Funky, yet classy. I love funnky lighting. It adds a sense of curiousity to a room. 11 / KELLY WEARSTLER WALLPAPER I love bold prints and Kelly knows how to do it! She has an incredible way of mixing bold prints and texture that I adore! 12 / JIMMY CHOOS PUMPS Jimmy... SWOON. Enough said.

7. Gone With The Wind movie

12. Jimmy Choo pumps

6. Ghost Chair

5. Lush bath bomb



Juan Pablo Quartez 12 THINGS HE CANT LIVE WITHOUT With a background in the Spanish culture, Juan Pablo is the most well rounded and well traveled man around! With a passion for wine and music,, Juan serenades his beautiful wife, Nadia more times than he can count. He loves the Beatles and driving fast in his shiny black porche. He has always been influenced by dark and sexy inspired architecture and wants that in his own home. He is a CEO for his international advertising empire and loves what he does everyday. He is a family man and adores his wife and daughter Ava Marie.

4. Newton Wine

9. Abbey Road Album

1 / POLO RALPH LAUREN COLOGNE My wife got this for me for Christmas and I haven’t loved anything more. It is a fresh, clean smell. 2 / LEATHER LOUNGE CHAIR I love reading a good book in a nice comfy oversized chair. 3 / WHITE V-NECK TSHIRT White tshirt never goes out of style. 4 / NEWTON WINE I have always been into wine and wine tasting. We travel the world alot and we always try to taste different ages of wine. 5/ ARGYLE SOCKS It’s a secret that no one but you knows about. 6 / ROLEX WATCH My dad got me my first Rolex. I will never own any other watch. Such a classic piece. 7 / ART OF SHAVING KIT I like to keep my beard scaped. The Art of Shaving has a great kit. I even have my very own personalized razer handle. 8 / MY PORCHE Too fast- too furious. 9 / THE BEATLES Abbey Road never gets old. 10 / ITALIAN LEATHER WALLET I don’t need much to hold what I need in my wallet. My leather waller has been with me for years. 11 / TAYLOR GUITAR I can play a little something on that thing. Hidden talent, for sure! 12 / NAVY BLAZER Navy is one of those colors that will never always be a classic. I love dressing up a classic v-neck with a navy blazer when I take my wife out for a night on the town!

6. My dad’s rolex

1. Polo Black Cologne

8. My Porche 10 ELLEDECOR.COM

11. Taylor Guitar




With it’s rich gleam and sculptural weight, this metal is experiencing a resurgence. With so many designers looking to the 70’s, it’t inevitable that brass and bronze will show up more- from accesories by Carl Aubock to cocktail tables by Gabriella Crespi to virtually entire rooms by Kelly Wearstler, brass is the metal of the moment. We love a good bold print! The Quartez family travels all over the world and they really wanted to bring that into their home! What better way to do that than a funky cheetah print running down the black wooded staircase. As it is the first thing you see as you walk into their stunning home! We are full of inspiration over here and cannot wait to see the finished entryway!


Benjamin Noriega- Ortiz

12 THINGS HE CANT LIVE WITHOUT "Interiors should be elevated into living works of art, environments in which the intrinsic human desire for comfort and beauty are naturally aligned." Puerto Rican-born Noriega-Ortiz began his career working in John Saladino’s award-winning design and architectural firm. After a nine-year stint, the designer ventured out on his own, designing homes for a host of celebrity A-list clients, including Sean Combs, Lenny Kravitz and Mexican novelist Laura Esquivel. 1 / ABYU LIGHTING Lighting creations by our custom lighting studio, ABYU Lighting. 2 / SHEER CURTAINS I love soft white organza wall draperies that transform into fully transparent at the glass façade. 3 / TAXIDERMY I always find myself putting some kind of animal in my rooms. I especially love roosters and colorful birds. It adds life. 4 / HAWAII I wento to Hawaii with Virgina Cobb, Ross Klein and Tina Edmunson in order to conceptualilze a W hotel. 5/ DOC MARTENS All summer I wore these great boots from Doc Martens. I pass by the store every day while walking from the subway to my office. 6 / LUCIET CHAIR Visually it has no weight, but it has such a contemorary feel to it. I love any kind of acrylic furniture. 7 / COBALT BLUE Talk about a classic bold color. I once did a room all in this color at the Mondrian Soho hotel. 8 / WHITE ORCHID A little orchid never hurt no one. 9 / ANTORCHA WALL SCONCE I designed a wall sconce for the Steve Fabrikant boutique at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City around 1994 and it has been one of the best sellers for Nessen Lighting ever since. 10 / ELLE DECOR MAGAZINE Thank you Elle Decor for the mention! Your magazine is always sitting on my stack! 11 / PINK SHIRT You can always find me in a crowd- I am the one wearing pink most of the time! 12 / SLIPPER CHAIRS A pair of original William Haines slipper chairs by the American film actor turned interior designer who of all places was born and lived in Staunton, Virginia, where my partner Steven was born and grew up.



heavy brass stool covered with hair on hide designed the fabulous Kimberly Denman in LA for Habite.16.5 in. x 26.25 in. x 19 in. $5,200.00 2 / SOUFLE CHAIR Kelly Wearstler he delicate lines of this chair are created by a signature ruched leather detail. The hardwood frame is double-doweled and glued, with 8-way hand-tied springs. Full-finish, vegetable dyed lambskin is hand-stitched onto the frame. This exquisitely detailed and luxurious chair sits on tapered legs of solid cast bronze. Size: 34”W x 33”D x 32”H; 18” and it costs $7,300.00 3/ UMBRA by Paul Smith gathering inspiration from modernist buildings,

Peak and Umbra are based on art deco motifs taken from the design and architecture of the period. Umbra plays with the scale of a graphic art deco print to produce a strong, urban feel in striking monochrome. This rug cost approimetly $123 per sq ft. www.the rug compay.com4 / JOSEPH CICCHELLI CHAIR Set of four chairs by Joseph Cicchelli for Reilly-Wolff. Iron structure is in excellent condition with no rust. Wear and tear to original black vinyl. 30.5x 28.5 x 24.5 in. $1,000.00 5 / DINO MARTENS glass lamps offered by Douglas Rosin These are a beautiful pair of lamps that read black and white. . Size: 31”W x 5.5”D x 5.5 ”H and it costs $4,800.00 for the pair www.1st







Mid-century bench with a channeled leather seat and sculpted brass legs in their original finish and costs $11,500.00.

2 / VISUAL COMFORT BRASS RING LAMP Abstract table lamp designed by Earl F. (Sandy) Chapman. Handcrafted of solid brass. Shade is natural ivory paper with vinyl backing. Switch on socket uses one 100-watt bulb. 18"W x 10"D x 26"T $789.00


3 / LUCIANO DE LIBERATO’S “LABYRINTH” Abstract painting from Italian artist Luciano De Liberato. Painting. Size: 39.4 H x 39.4 W x 1.2 inand it costs $7,920.00 4/ UNIQUE GLASS DINING TABLE

A fabulously extravagant French brass center table. Top is a 3/4" thick straight edged mirrored glass. and it costs $7,498.00

5 / MELANGE OCCASIONAL TABLE Exemplifying Kelly’s love of mixed marbles, this black and white striped occasional or side table is perfectly proportioned for use in a living room or lounge arrangement. Each of the slabs that form the table are executed in alternating layers of Negro Marquina and White Calacatta marble. And it costs $5,400.00





A fantastic set of Milo Baughman dining chairs in a very rare bronze finish.The frames are really wonderful in the bronze finish. $7,200.00 ` 6 / HARVEY PROBBER THREE- SEAT SOFA Probber design, rare sofa with criss cross stretchers, brass collars on vertical solid walnut legs, also features slight curved arms with two bolsters.. $27,500.00




Sam Cram

8. Tennessee Necklace


Country music, roadtrips, event planning, cooking: Sam Cram loves it all. A lover of all things black, white, and gold she never stops. Every other weekend she is somewhere different living life to the fullest and trying new adventure. Full of big dreams and way too much ambition, this bleach blonde bombshell has the perfect combination of sweet an sassy. This southern girl loves traveling the world and trying new things and laughing her way through it all. Nearing the end of her junior year at Utah State, she plans on traveling and interning in either London, California, or NYC. 10. iPhone 5s

2. Chanel Chance 1. Diet Coke

4. Capri Blue Candle

3. Andy Worhol Prints

7. Michael Kors Runway

5. Pink Peonies

11. Pinewood Social

1 / DIET COKE WITH COCONUT It’s my guilty pleasure. I always need a daily dose of diet coke with coconut in a 32 oz. styrofoam cup from my favorite place, Chugz. 2 / CHANEL CHANCE PERFUME I get it from my grandmother. She has the best taste in perfume. This will always be a classic scent. 3 / ANDY WORHOL PRINTS I have always adored Andy Worhol’s work. I love his bold colors and edgy style. 4 / CAPRI BLUE VOLCANO CANDLE Who doesn’t like their house to smell like heaven? This is perfect. Clean and sweet. 5/ PINK PEONIES I always love a fresh cut vase of flowers. They add life to a room- so why not make them pink?! 6 / MCKENZIE CHILDS CHINA I love anything black and white. These handpainted dishes are to die for. 7 / MICHAEL KORS RUNWAY WATCH Talk about a classic staple piece of jewelry. I wear this every single day with everything I own. No need for anything other wrist jewelry! 8 / GOLD TENNESSEE NECKLACE I’m a Tennessee girl. I like to remind mysef of my roots daily, and this simple and delicate necklace does the trick. 9 / BEN & JERRY’S ICE CREAM Easily my biggest guilty pleasure. I can down a whole pint size of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream in seconds. 10 / GOLD IPHONE 5S I am always on my phone. Whether it is flipping through instagram, talking on the phone with my Mom, or texting in my girlfriend’s and I’s group message, I always have it on me. 11 / PINEWOOD SOCIAL RESTURANT One of the coolest resturant’s I’ve ever been to in my hometown of Nashville, TN. 12 / ITALIAN LEATHER JACKET I spend some time in Italy this summer and my leather jacket was easily the best purchase I made there! I probably wear it a little too often!





crylic painting on board. Abstract with an asian feel, lots of movement and energy. A palette of mixed whites with vibrant color. Less is more. Making use of pattern pieces, threads and vibrant french pastel colors, Susan know’s how oto create an inspiring piece. Washington DC based artist Susan Molina brings mixed medio to a whole other level with her use of color and odd shapes. This pieces makes the perfect statement as it is the first thing you see when you walk into the home of the world traveling husband and wife.

“Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.” - Paul Rand




Kelly Wearstler Soufle Chair

Harvey Probber Three Seat Sofa $27,500

Kelly Wearstler Curious

sity Bowl

Every room needs a bold statement piece whether that be throw pillows on the sofa, a collectable abstract set of paintings, or an accesory to put on the living room coffee table- the room needs it! The client stated that they loved the art deco period with a twist of modern flair. They enjoy traveling the world and collecting pieces of art and had requested to use twin oil paintings on canvas as the focal point on the living room. They requested that they have a space where they can entertain and relax while the sun sets off their balcony. They needed a solution to the repetative windows, so we gave them sheer white window treatments to add height to the room but still giving coverage from the direct sun.

Set of Brass Base Stools

Kelly Wearstler Lips Pillow $250

UMBRA Paul Smith Woven Rug 25 ELLEDECOR.COM


Puuuuurrrr!! This room has got us feeling some type of way! We have feline fever the second we walk into this funky space! The walls are covered in Kelly Wearstler’s Feline wallpaper and we could not be more in love! They decided to bRing the geometic aspect into the space in another way- through the table! How awesome it this? This marble top table seats 12 people. We all want to be invited to the Quartez family’s next dinner party! The ghost chairs add lots of seating to the dining by not being visually heavy. The mustard and brown rug by UMBRA was love at first sight and adds a funky bespoke aspect to the room when paired with the “Popcorn and Soda” oil painting done by Pascale Taurua which acts as the centerpiece of the room and we love it.

Set of Brass Base Stools


UMBRA Paul Smith Woven Rug

Louis Ghost Chair

Feline Kelly Wearstler Wallpaper




Welcome to the Emerald City! Pantone names Emerald the color of the year for 2013, but we’re seeing all shades of greens and expect more in the future. From bright spring greens to olives, and especially lots of different blues and greens! The pop art oil painting, “Persona” done by Katarzyna Typek is a one of a kind piece! Hung beautifully above the Kohler sunstruck model freestanding tub! The couple loves bold, statement prints and that’s just what they got! The charcoal grey and white spanish inspired tile cover the bathroom floor and we are loving every second of it! The geometric octogon black and white mirror that is hung perfectly above the twin sinks ad the perfect touch of sleek and classy. We could not be more obsessed with the Quartez couples master bathrooom!

Cole and Son Malachite Green Wallpaper

UMBRA Paul Smith Woven Rug

Kohler Sunstruck K6368




BNO Visiting Designer  
BNO Visiting Designer