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The Crystal Wisdom Healing oracle 4

The World In My Kitchen

Crystal Mindfulness






vegetarian Food for Healthy Kids


What Is ... Series .





I love Series .



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Gift Book Series





Slow Dough: Real Bread


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Play the Forest School Way .



Fast Fuel .





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Packed .





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British Cookbook



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Cosmic Kids yoga Adventures Series



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The Secret language of Churches & Cathedrals Workstorming




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The Really Quite Good


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Too Good to Waste


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The Natural Menopause Plan

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opening the Doors of Perception


Deep Awake .




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The Illuminati.




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The Secret American Destiny .

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Backlist Highlights .





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Memory Toolkit .



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The Interminables .



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The Cathar Tarot .

How to Develop a Brilliant




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An Accident of Stars



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Every Breath you Take .


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The Seer



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Binary Storm .




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Dr Potter’s Medicine Show


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Mindfulness for Parents .


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The Power of Breath The Spirit of Zen /


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you Were Not Born to Suffer .

Tales From the Tao


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21 Rituals to Change your life

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Smile if you Dare / Post Punk Then and Now / 1996 & The End of History .


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The Psychopath Factory

organizing for Busy People .

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Dante’s Broken Hammer /

The Soul Awakening Prayer .

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life Alignment


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The living and the Dead /

The Healing Power of .

The Weird and the Eerie


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Spectres of Revolt / Games without Frontiers

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the crystal wisdom HEALING oracle 50 Cards for Healing, Self-Understanding and Divination

Judy Hall

Still Your Mind, Calm Your Thoughts and Focus Your Awareness with the Help of Crystals

Judy Hall Crystals have been used for divination since ancient times. Their powerful intrinsic energies can serve as mirrors to reveal your true path and link you to that part of yourself that is all-seeing and all-knowing. Created by bestselling crystals expert Judy Hall, The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle will connect you to your higher, intuitive self, and, in the process, give you amazing insights into your past, present and future. The kit consists of a fully illustrated book containing 50 crystal profiles and advice about using the Oracle, as well as a deck of 50 crystal divination cards. Shuffle the cards and draw one for an immediate insight. Or, for more in-depth readings, spread the shuffled cards according to one of four crystal lattice designs, each one suitable for a different type of enquiry, depending on whether you need help with moving forward, uncovering hidden obstacles, finding new skills or making difficult decisions. Perfect for anyone drawn to the beauty and healing energy of crystals, this Oracle shows you how to call upon them for life guidance and self-knowledge. Judy Hall is known around the world for her crystal work and a wide range of bestselling books, including The Crystal Bible and Earth Blessings. Working as a psychic, healer, broadcaster and international workshop leader for more than 40 years, she has appeared three times in the Watkins Magazine Top 100 List of the most spiritually influential people of the 21st century. May 2016, 120 pages, 170 x 127 x 43 mm, 14,506 words, illustrated, rights sold: EST, FRA, ITA, JAP, NED


crystal mindfulness

Are you looking for an easy way into mindfulness? This book is the first guide to crystal mindfulness – using crystals to gain instant clarity and stillness of mind. These amazing stones have been around for millions of years and in their terms the passing of decades is merely the blink of an eye, so they offer new ways of perceiving your life. Crystals can ease your anxieties, dispel your anger, show you how to forgive and let the past be, and so much more. The introduction covers what mindfulness is, how it works, what the benefits are for you and how crystals can help you practise it. Part 1 looks at specific topics that are relevant to your mindfulness practice, such as staying grounded, becoming centred, shutting off the chattering mind and accepting yourself. Part 2 is a comprehensive crystal mindfulness directory featuring 24 beautifully photographed crystals. Flick through the pages until a picture catches your eye and work with the crystal as suggested, or target your crystal mindfulness practice more specifically using the book’s headings. Then tune into the crystal you need and the magic will happen. Judy Hall is known around the world for her crystal work and a wide range of bestselling books, including The Crystal Bible and Earth Blessings. Working as a psychic, healer, broadcaster and international workshop leader for more than 40 years, she has appeared three times in the Watkins Magazine Top 100 List of the most spiritually influential people of the 21st century. November 2016, 96 pages, 162 x 128 mm, 20,000 words, illustrated, rights sold: SPA


what is ... series various authors What is a Near-Death Experience? by Dr Penny Sartori What is Sound Healing? by Lyz Cooper What is Hypnosis? by Tom Fortes Mayer What is Numerology? by Sonia Ducie What is Post-Traumatic Growth? by Miriam Akhtar What is Mindfulness? by Tamara Russell This new series of dynamic, entry-level self-development guides, each written by a practising expert in their respective field, offers thought-provoking explorations into a wide range of timely, life-enhancing topics. Each intriguing guide gives a practical behind-the-scenes tour of that field or phenomenon, showing readers the immense power it can have to enhance their lives in all kinds of amazing ways. The main chapters in each book take the form of key questions that people often ask about the subject in hand, and fascinating features such as case studies and interactive exercises add an extra practical dimension for readers to really get their teeth into. All in all, readers are invited on an explorative journey through the world of each subject, challenging their preconceptions, demystifying the subject in hand and encouraging them to find ways to lead more fulfilled, meaningful and contented lives.

2016–2017, 144 pages, 165 x 117 mm, 27,000 words, black & white, world rights available



gift book series

play the forest school WAY

dani dipirro

peter houghton & jane worroll

Effortless Inspiration for a Happier Life

Gratitude Living in the Moment Forgiveness Compassion A fresh, contemporary and vibrantly illustrated take on the traditional MBS-gift book, each title in this new series features inspirational quotes, insightful reflections, thought-provoking activities and empowering affirmations that will provide readers with the motivation they need to effortlessly apply newfound wisdom to their everyday lives. Perfect either as a gift or selfpurchase, each book is themed around a particular positive quality or approach that we could all benefit from more of in our lives. With their appealing, modern design, positive, uplifting content and friendly, accessible tone, these lovely little books provide bite-sized inspiration for people around the world to feel more contented and at peace as they go about their daily lives.


Woodland Games, Crafts and Skills for Adventurous Kids

The ultimate guide to woodland fun with kids! Forest School is founded on a philosophy of nature-based play and learning that encourages children to develop confidence and self-esteem. This book will get your kids outside, making and building in the real world (instead of on a computer screen ‌). Whether your local woodland is a forest or a strip of trees along the edge of an urban park, these activities provide fantastic opportunities for family time and will encourage your children to fall in love with outdoor play. This is the first book to share Forest School games, crafts and skill-building activities with families and friends, its magical illustrations and simple instructions drawing children easily into a world of wonder. Peter Houghton is a qualified Level 3 Forest School leader, running, with Jane Worroll, year-round Forest School sessions in the UK. At a charity supporting vulnerable inner-city children and young people, he worked as an artist (in woodwork as well as other media) and as a key worker, as well as leading Forest School sessions. He is qualified and experienced in ornamental woodcarving and green woodwork.

Dani DiPirro, both author and illustrator of this uplifting new series, is the founder of PositivelyPresent.com, a website created in 2009 to inspire others to live more happily in every moment. Dani is also author of The Positively Present Guide to Life and the Every Day Matters diaries. She has over 120,000 page views on her website monthly. Her work has been featured on websites such as The Happiness Project, Psychology Today, and Forbes. For more information, visit: www.danipirro.com

Jane Worroll has worked outdoors for the majority of her adult life, in gardening, tree surgery and, for 12 years, as a Countryside Ranger, a role that involved habitat management, monitoring protected species and leading volunteers. She has a degree in ecology and an Msc in environmental conservation.

2016, 128 pages, 140 x 140 mm, 2000 words, 1-colour interior, rights sold: DK

June 2016, 160 pages, 200 x 145 mm, 40,000 words, black & white, 60 line drawings, rights sold: CHN


cosmic kids yoGa adveNtures series Mr Hoppit also has lots of babies. The little hares are all running around laughing and playing with their carrots.


It looks like fun and we decide to join in!

Stand up tall and straight like a carrot.

Norris the Seahorse Takes on the Bullies Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar Sheriff Updown Turns the Bad Guys Good Twilight the Unicorn’s Sleeptime Quest

The hugely successful Cosmic Kids YouTube channel helps children discover yoga by joining presenter Jaime on monthly yoga adventures, each one a story featuring a loveable animal character that achieves something amazing. Aimed at 4–8-yearolds, the Cosmic Kids yoga adventures books offer children a chance to take the yoga more slowly than is possible in a fastmoving video, to spend more time in their favourite poses, and also to enjoy reading (or listening to) the story.

Can you be a happy smiling carrot . . . . . . a sad carrot with your shoulders hunched up by your ears . . .

. . . a cross carrot . . . . . . a disco dancing carrot shaking it all about!



Jaime Amor founded Cosmic Kids Yoga with her husband Martin in 2012, when they posted their first YouTube video, Squish the Fish (since viewed over one million times). They are passionate about making yoga and meditation fun and free online for kids. She can lay claim to being the world’s most popular yoga teacher: Jaime is followed on YouTube from homes and schools by up to 160,000 children every day.

We need to help Twilight find her starshine so she can get a good night’s sleep and feel safe in her dreams. Luckily we know where ours is . . . As the starshine starts to work, something magical happens . . .

Sit on your heels. Count slowly from 10 to 1.

It makes us feel a bit sleepy so we breathe slowly, close our eyes and .


At the end, take a big deep breath in and out. To feel your starshine come to kneel and place one hand on your heart and one hand on your tummy.

2016–17, 48 pages, 273 x 216 mm, 4,500 words each, illustrated, world rights available

“See Twilight?” we say. “It’s important to find our starshine . . . That’s what keeps us safe in our dreams and helps us sleep all night long.”





the secret language of churches & cathedrals Decoding the Sacred Symbolism of Christianity’s Holy Buildings

richard stemp The largely illiterate medieval audience could read the symbols of churches and cathedrals and recognize the meanings and stories deliberately encoded into them. For worshippers these were places of religious education as well as an awe-inspiring visual feast that satisfied both the senses and the soul. Today, in an age less attuned to iconography, such places of worship are often seen merely as magnificent works of architecture. This book restores the lost spiritual meaning of these fascinating buildings. The Secret Language of Churches & Cathedrals provides a three-part illustrated key by which modern visitors can understand the layout, fabric and decorative symbolism of Christian sacred structures – thereby bringing back to life their original atmosphere of awe and sanctity. For all those who seek to know more about Christian art and architecture, this richly illustrated book will instruct and delight in equal measure. Richard Stemp studied Natural Sciences and History of Art at the University of Cambridge, and has a PhD in Italian Renaissance sculpture. He lectures in London for the National Gallery, Tate and the Wallace Collection, as well as on site in museums and churches across Europe for Art History Abroad. July 2016, 224 pages, 234 x 178 mm, 72,000 words, illustrated, rights sold: CHN, CZE, FIN, FRA, GER, KOR, NED, POL, RUS, SLO


Why Conversations at Work Go Wrong, and How to Fix Them

Rob Kendall This is an extremely practical and accessible book by conversation expert Rob Kendall, with an emphasis on improving communication in the workplace. Whatever your job, the impact of a bad conversation can be destructive – and good conversation is ever more important in this current age of information overload. Workstorming identifies Stacking, Spinning, Skimming and Spilling: four problematic coping strategies that we adopt at work to deal with information overload and stress but that negatively affect our communication. It offers 40 steps to counteract these inhibiting strategies, giving easy-to-follow techniques that help you to avoid the pitfalls that sabotage conversations even when they’ve started well. Each chapter is short and self-contained, focusing on a specific topic with clear steps for action and a key lesson. This book will help you change the way you speak and listen in order to achieve positive outcomes at work and set boundaries that benefit your private as well as your professional life. Rob Kendall is the author of Blamestorming. He has worked with over 60 organizations, including the 2012 London Olympics, Virgin and BBC Worldwide, teaching conversation skills to business leaders, sports professionals, teenagers and many others. www.conversationexpert.com September 2016, 240 pages, 197 x 125 mm, 50,000 words, black & white, world rights available



opening the doors of perception

deep awake

Anthony Peake

Tim Freke

The Key to Cosmic Awareness

The hottest topic in science and philosophy these days is the relationship between physical reality and the inner workings of consciousness. Opening the Doors of Perception will be the first mass-market book to address the science behind this relationship. It introduces the concept of a scale of perceptions, and uses the analogy of a series of doors being opened to slowly reveal, layerby-layer, the true nature of “reality”, or full consciousness. It is stated that most human beings will always view these doors as securely closed, yet this book provides processes and methods whereby the reader can begin to open these “doors” and perceive reality in all its unfiltered glory. Anthony Peake is the author of two critically acclaimed books, The Out-of-Body-Experience and The Infinite Minefield, and has had various articles published in magazines, academic journals and websites across the world. His books have received consistently excellent reviews and he is fast developing a reputation as one of the most exciting and creative of the new wave of writers within the field of Noetic Science. September 2016, 188 pages, 216 x 135 mm, 92,000 words, black & white, rights sold: GER

Wake Up To Oneness and Celebrate Your Individuality

As the author of more than 20 books on the world’s spiritual traditions, Tim Freke is in a unique position to present a revolutionary new approach to spiritual awakening. With astonishing clarity and directness he explains why popular spiritual teachings that urge us to reject the mind, attack the ego and detach from the vicissitudes of life are misguided. He offers a revolutionary new approach to awakening, which shows that the ego is the hero, not the villain, of the spiritual journey. When we are deep awake, we wake up to oneness and celebrate separateness. We embrace both our spirituality and our humanity. Authentic spirituality is not about detaching ourselves from life, but about wholeheartedly diving in so that we can express our deep love and our unique human passion in the world. Tim Freke is an internationally respected authority on world spirituality and the bestselling author of more than 20 books, which have been translated into 15 languages. He is pioneering a new approach to awakening that has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He presents lifechanging events internationally and online. He has often been featured in the global media, including the BBC. www.TimFreke.com December 2016, 208 pages, 197 x 125 mm, 30,000 words, black & white, rights sold: CZE, DK, FRA, JAP, NED



the illuminati

the secret american destiny

Robert Howells

Nicholas Hagger

The Counterculture Revolution – From Secret Societies to Wikileaks and Anonymous

Marginalized groups have always rebelled against establishments; some subversively by spreading progressive ideas through art and literature, while others are far more proactive, driving revolution and exposing government secrets. The Illuminati, founded in 1776, aimed to rid Europe of the ruling aristocracy and religious control. Now the term Illuminati has become a meme; and it was in this climate of pranks, memes and conspiracy theories that the hacktivist collective Anonymous were born. The kindling of the French Revolution by the Illuminati has found a modern counterpart in the key role played by Anonymous and WikiLeaks in the Arab Spring uprisings, using the Internet as a new weapon against dictatorships. The new Inquisition has shifted its focus from secret societies to wage a war on the connected communities of the Internet age. This is the story of that war and how you need to be a part of it. Robert Howells has spent the last 20 years investigating the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau, the Priory of Sion and the history of conspiracy theories. He is author of Inside the Priory of Sion and The Last Pope. October 2016, 256 pages, 234 x 153 mm, 63,000 words, black & white, world rights available

The Hidden Order of The Universe and The Seven Disciplines of World Culture

In the final work of Nicholas Hagger’s American trilogy, he explains how it is America’s destiny to create a unified World State and blames the world’s current divided culture for impeding this creation. In our world culture, there are several conflicting, entrenched approaches and Hagger sees America as the singular force that can bring in a democratic, UN-based World State that will have the power to unify these different approaches and in doing so, unify humankind. Universalism is the philosophy that can create this unification. The key to introducing Universalism globally is by focusing on the scientific order of the universe, the experience of the common essence (religion) and on a traditional view of order. By focusing on order in this way, America can harmonize humankind within a World State based on political Universalism. Nicholas Hagger has written more than 40 books. The two previous books in his American trilogy, The Secret Founding of America and The Secret American Dream, have been widely discussed and acclaimed. He is a Renaissance-style polymath able to draw on several disciplines – history, literature, philosophy and the sciences, mysticism, comparative religion, international politics and statecraft, and world culture – in setting out the establishment of a World State based on political Universalism that it is America’s destiny to create. November 2016, 304 pages, 216 x 135 mm, 80,000 words, black & white, world rights available



how to develop a brilliant memory toolkit

the cathar tarot

Dominic O’Brien

John Matthews & Wil Kinghan This toolkit is all you need to train yourself to be a memory maestro! Dominic O’Brien reveals the secrets of gaining an amazing memory with this toolkit designed to boost memorization and recall. It contains: an 88-page introduction to memory techniques explaining Dominic’s proven methods; a pictorial memory Memory Map to be used in conjunction with the Journey Method (a basic and highly versatile memorization procedure that exploits the power of mental association to provide unforgettable cues for recall); and, lastly, a deck of 50 flash cards providing tips, techniques and self-testing exercises on one side, and, on the other, numbers and drawn objects to practise with, using the Memory Map or other tricks described in the book. The key to improving your memory is two-fold: knowing the expert methods devised by one of the most retentive and focused brains in the world, and practising them until you see marked improvements in your performance. Dominic O’Brien is renowned for his phenomenal feats of memory and for outwitting the casinos of Las Vegas at blackjack. He has won the World Memory Championship eight times, holds a host of world records and was named Brain of the Year in 1994 and Grandmaster of Memory by the Brain Trust of Great Britain. He is President of the World Memory Sports Council. His books include You Can Remember and How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Week by Week. November 2016, 88 pages, 162 x 116 mm, 13,000 words, illustrated, rights sold: CHN, FRA


The Secret Wisdom of the Perfecti

This stunningly illustrated deck is the only Tarot to use the ancient beliefs of the Cathar to power its journey. The successful team of author John Matthews and artist Wil Kinghan have created a unique system that reflects the personal journey of the Seeker from Believer (Postulant) to Parfait (Perfected One) through encounters with the mysterious archetypes that underlie the spiritual beliefs of the Cathar order. Though the deck follows the basic outline of the traditional Tarot, the familiar archetypes have been replaced with those drawn from Cathar belief. Included in the accompanying book is a brief overview of Cathar belief, background information on the archetypal imagery of the cards, a detailed guide to divinatory readings, and three new complex spreads. This new take on Tarot will appeal to card-led users as well as to those interested in the Cathar mysteries. John Matthews is the New York Times bestselling author of several successful divinatory systems based on early spiritual beliefs. He is widely known as the author of books on the Grail and Arthurian legends. Wil Kinghan is a writer, artist and explorer of the Celtic traditions. His successful partnership with John Matthews has included The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus, The Oracle of John Dee and The Steampunk Tarot. December 2016, 112 pages, 162 x 116 mm, 24,000 words, illustrated, world rights available


every breath you take

the seer

rose elliot

lars muhl

How to Breathe Your Way to a Mindful Life

Mindful breathing is direct, natural and easy to learn; it is simply using your breath as a focus or a tool for mindfulness. If you can breathe you can be mindful and once you master this you can access it at any point, wherever you are, day or night. Rose Elliot, renowned vegetarian chef and proponent of mindfulness, gently leads the reader on a journey that starts with the teachings of the Buddha on a moonlit evening. In its retelling she reveals the techniques and teachings of the Buddha about mindful breathing, which are as valid today as they were 2500 years ago. Every Breath You Take brings a fresh approach to mindfulness that will inspire anyone who hasn’t tried it and will bring new life to the practice of those who have. Both practical and inspirational, this book will give you the tools and exercises you need to be able to understand and use mindful breathing every day of your life. Rose Elliot was brought up in a spiritual environment. Her grandmother, Grace Cooke, was the medium for White Eagle and founded the White Eagle Lodge based on his teachings, which incorporated a strong Buddhist element. Some years ago, Rose heard a Buddhist monk speak about the Four Noble Truths and that you could write everything you need to know about Buddhism on the back of a postcard … this inspired her meditation practice, her writing, and her love for and interest in Buddhism. November 2016, 160 pages, 160 x 125 mm, 22,000words, black & white, rights sold: AUDIO


Volume I of The O Manuscript

For many years Lars Muhl was a very successful singer-songwriter, and along with his interest in music he studied the world’s religions and esoterica. In 1996 he was struck by an unexplained illness, which neither doctors nor alternative therapists could diagnose. For three years he was confined to his bed, unable to move. Through a friend, Lars was put in touch with the Seer who, via telephone brought him “back to life”. The Seer is a human being who is capable of not only diagnosing and curing people, no matter where they are on the globe, but is also able to read “The Book of Life”, where the destiny of mankind is recorded. Join Lars at the start of this spellbinding cosmic adventure as he journeys to southern France to meet the Seer and begin his lifelong spiritual and philosophical quest to understand the interconnectedness of the cosmos and how past, present and future become one. The Seer is the first book in the Grail Trilogy, otherwise known as The O Manuscript. Lars Muhl is an internationally renowned author, speaker and healer. He is the founder and chairman of the humanitarian organization Hearts and Hands and, together with his wife Githa Ben-David, co-founder of the Gilalai Institute of Energy and Consciousness in Denmark. December 2016, 160 pages, 185 x 123 mm, 55,000 words, black & white, rights sold: DK, FRA, GER, NED, NOR, SER, SPA


the power of breath

mindfulness for parents

swami saradananda

Amber hatch

Yoga Breathing for Inner Balance, Health and Harmony

Breathing is the most fundamental of our body’s physical processes and our most intimate companion, yet most of us give it little or no thought in our daily lives. However, once fully acknowledged and harnessed, the power of the breath is unlimited – easing stress and anxiety, boosting energy and stamina, enhancing self-confidence, sharpening the ability to focus, strengthening quality of voice and even helping to relieve pain. A Sanskrit proverb claims, “If you breathe well, you will live long on earth.” Renowned yoga teacher Swami Saradananda aims with The Power of Breath to give gentle yet powerful guidance on the art of breathing. With evocative artwork, inspiring photography and easy-to-follow guidance, this book will enhance and affirm your daily life through the power of breathwork. Swami Saradananda is an internationally renowned yoga and meditation instructor who has been teaching for more than 40 years, and is author of a range of internationally successful books, including Chakra Meditation, The Essential Guide to Chakras and Mudras for Modern Life. Formerly editor of Yoga Life and director of Sivananda Yoga Centres in New York, London and Delhi, she now teaches meditation and yoga in centres around the world, leads frequent pilgrimages to India and writes extensively.

January 2017, 160 pages, 235 x 162 mm, 37,000 words, illustrated, rights sold: BRA, EST, FRA, GER, ITA, KOR, NED, RUS, SPA


Finding Your Way to a Calmer, Happier Family

Many of us find the demands of family life, especially the early years, daunting and overwhelming. The task of raising children is not easy – and the stakes are high. So how can mindfulness help us parent? This book will explain what mindfulness is, how you do it, and how it can help you rise to the challenges of parenthood. Written in a friendly and accessible style, Amber Hatch includes lots of practical information alongside anecdotes, tips and insights that will help any parent, whether they are new to mindfulness or well-practised, to achieve a calmer, more relaxed family life. Topics covered include: establishing and maintaining a meditation practice; dealing with the early weeks, including responding mindfully to your baby’s cries; joining your child in play; preventing mealtime and bedtime stress; handling screentime; encouraging outdoor play; developing positive qualities and managing difficult behaviour; introducing mindfulness to children; and deepening your own practice. Amber Hatch is a writer, teacher, parent and childminder. She is the author of Nappy Free Baby and two mindful colouring books. She has been practising Buddhist meditation for seven years, and regularly goes on retreat. She also helps to organize family retreats for the Samatha Centre in Wales. February 2017, 256 pages, 216 x 135 mm, 77,000 words, black & white, world rights available


the spirit of zen

The Classic Teaching Stories on The Way to Enlightenment

solala towler

you were not born to suffer

Overcome Fear, Insecurity and Depression and Love Yourself Back to Happiness, Confidence and Peace

blake d bauer The Spirit of Zen presents the most basic principles and practices of Zen in a simple yet authentic fashion, guiding you down the path to enlightenment with stories, history and practical guidance from the masters of Zen. The stories are arranged according to theme: Gradual Enlightenment, Sudden Enlightenment, Teaching Stories, Paradoxical Teaching, Eccentric Masters, and so on. Most of them are from traditional sources with some original additions from Taoist expert Solala Towler. These stories are profound and illuminating while also being entertaining, containing the true flavour of Zen. February 2017, 176 pages, 234 x 153 mm, 29,730 words, illustrated, world rights available

tales from the tao The Wisdom of the Taoist Masters

solala towler This unique collection brings together the most inspiring, illuminating and downright funny stories from the classical works of Taoist masters, alongside new writing inspired by traditional tales. Set against a backdrop of the mountains, waterfalls and gorges of China, these tales introduce important Taoist ideas about many of the most basic human experiences – including birth, death, loss, pleasure and how to surrender to the most fundamental experience of the Tao itself. Interwoven with classic Taoist quotations and illustrated with beautiful photography throughout, these engrossing narratives are as relevant today as they were in the great dynasties of ancient China.

Written simply, logically and from the heart, You Were Not Born To Suffer intimately guides you through the most challenging obstacles you face in your search for lasting peace, health and happiness. This book offers practical advice that will help you transform suffering, fear and insecurity in the present and find the strength and courage necessary to enjoy your life, fulfil your purpose and be true to yourself in every situation. You’ll discover why all depression, addiction and illnesses are simply cries asking you to stop pleasing others. These pages effectively outline how to relate to yourself with acceptance, honesty and compassion as the key to self-healing, self-confidence and self-respect. Having already helped thousands of people around the world who could not find lasting solutions from conventional medicine, psychiatry or religion, this book offers practical wisdom, synthesized from various spiritual and medical traditions, that goes straight to the heart of our deepest wounds, needs, desires and dreams. It inspires understanding, forgiveness and clarity in the places that are universally the most difficult to transform. If you’re tired of settling for crumbs of love, health, happiness, connection or peace, this book offers the answers you’ve been waiting for. Blake D Bauer is a contemporary spiritual teacher, counsellor, and alternative medicine practitioner who speaks internationally. He is considered by many to be a modern meditation and qigong master. Sharing what he’s found to be the most effective spiritual practices and holistic approaches to health and wellbeing, he has successfully helped thousands of people around the world find greater happiness, peace and freedom in mind and body. March 2017, 288 pages, 216 x 135 mm, 73,000 words, black & white, world rights available

April 2017, 192 pages, 234 x 153 mm, 23,529 words, illustrated, rights sold: EST, NED, SPA 26


21 Rituals to Change Your Life

The Healing Power of Life Alignment

theresa cheung

philippa lubbock, foreword by jeff levin

Daily Practices to Bring Greater Inner Peace and Happiness

Aristotle said “you are what you repeatedly do”. Most of us have no idea that what we repeatedly do creates our lives – we think our future is shaped by big events, the decisions we make and the thoughts we have, but this book will show you that it is your daily actions that are the key. Over the last few decades neuroscientists and psychologists have discovered that there is more power in “I do” than “I think”. However, if an action is repeated enough times it becomes habit – and habits lack thought, consideration and presence. To effect long-lasting meaningful change our actions need to be filled with a sense of personal meaning and power – they need to be ritualized. Creating personal ritual in our lives allows us to bring the presence of the sacred into the everyday. The rituals in this book have been designed as symbolic acts providing a framework for anyone to use to create positive change in their lives. The seven morning rituals are designed to help you “wake with determination”; the seven afternoon rituals focus on “living on purpose”; and the seven evening rituals are about “retiring with satisfaction”. Theresa Cheung was born into a family of psychics and spiritualists. She has written numerous bestselling mind–body– spirit books, including two Sunday Times Top 10 bestsellers, and has now sold well over half a million books. Her books have been translated into over 25 languages – Element Encyclopedias of Dreams, Birthdays and The Psychic World are international bestsellers. She has also written many features on personal growth and spiritual development for magazines and national newspapers.

Realigning Body, Heart and Mind With Your Soul’s Purpose

Everything you need to heal and claim the life destined to become yours is already within you. This is the simple but powerful message at the very heart of Life Alignment – an extraordinary system of vibrational healing that has been handed down from higher powers and other dimensions – to help you do just that. You know why you are here and how to get the life you want, you’ve simply forgotten that the power to change and make that happen lies with you. A Life Alignment healing session with a Life Alignment practitioner will help your body and mind remember and put you back on the road to the destiny that awaits you. In this book, Life Alignment practitioner Philippa Lubbock tells the incredible story of this healing system and its guru Jeff Levin. Here you will find the very latest of those teachings and a pathway to meet your deeper spiritual self, who already has the answers and is waiting for you to hear the inner guidance that will show you the path you need to take. Philippa Lubbock is a Life Alignment practitioner who entered the field of energy medicine via a winding path through classical music, theatre, early education, bodywork and psychology. Her years as a Gestalt psychotherapist provided first-hand evidence of the mind as the source of “dis-ease”. This fuelled her passion to search for – and find – a healing method that dissolves the boundaries between mind, body, spirit and the environment. April 2017, 256 pages, 234 x 153 mm, 50,000 words, black & white, world rights available

March 2017, 160 pages, 185 x 123 mm, 52,000 words, black & white, world rights available


organizing for busy people How to Make Sure Chaos Never Holds Your Creative Career Back

sheila chandra

Foreword by Lynne McTaggart, Contributions by Ervin Laszlo, Michael Singer, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Anodea Judith, Kabir Helminski and Mona Polacca

james o’dea Most of the conventional “productivity” advice you’ll find in the “soft business” section simply does not work for creative people. Surprisingly, to date there has not been a single book that addresses the unique organizational challenges that artists face. This book sets out to change that. It addresses the myth that truly creative people are messy and that they need mess in order to create. Sheila Chandra applies her professional insights as a “creative” and organizing expert to the lives of other busy creative people in all disciplines – showing them how good organization can liberate their creative “magic”. Her foolproof, tried and tested system is mixed with creativity tips and artist wellbeing advice that only one artist knows to give to another. With real affection, Sheila Chandra takes her readers by the hand and puts them on the path to creative success. Sheila Chandra has made some of the most beautiful and innovative recordings in the World Music category, beginning in 1982 with her band Monsoon’s ground-breaking Asian fusion single “Ever So Lonely”, which was a Top 10 hit around the world. In 2010 she published the bestselling Banish Clutter Forever, outlining her own system for home organizing which she says makes it possible to “pretty much, never tidy up again”. May 2017, 224 pages, 216 x 135 mm, 65,000 words, black & white, world rights available


the soul awakening prayer

This is a prayer book for activists, ecologists and spiritual seekers engaged in passionate renewal and for all those thirsty for a spiritually coherent world view. The prayer of the title is a repeated mantra that, with repetition, reveals a spiritual universe of both power and beauty. The book also includes an exploration of the power of prayer as well as expanded contemplative line-byline reflections and explanations. To provide varying perspectives on this new worldview, there are commentaries by key luminaries from science, cosmology, evolutionary theory, Yoga, Sufism and indigenous traditions. The Soul Awakening Prayer offers a map that integrates ancient wisdom, modern science and psychology and the moral imperative for spiritual engagement in individual and societal transformation. Be receptive and allow the prayer to illuminate your insights so that you experience your own unique journey of awakening. James O’Dea is on the extended faculty of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and is its former President. Prior to that he served as Director of the Washington, D.C. Office of Amnesty International and as CEO of the Seva Foundation. O’Dea is also a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group, an Honorary Fellow of the Laszlo New Paradigm Institute and serves on the Advisory Board of The Peace Alliance and KOSMOS Journal. June 2017, 176 pages, 163 x 127 mm, 30,000 words, black & white, world rights available



Rights sold: BRA, CHN, FRA, GER, KOR, NED, SPN, THA

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Here at Nourish we’re all about wellbeing through food and drink – irresistible dishes with a serious good-for-you factor. If you want to eat and drink delicious things that set you up for the day, suit any special diets, keep you healthy and make the most of the ingredients you have, we’ve got some great ideas to share with you.

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the world in my kitchen

Vegetarian food for healthy kids

Sally Brown and Kate Morris

Nicola Graimes

Global Recipes for Kids to Discover and Cook

Imagine a book that transports kids thousands of miles away with the exciting dishes of different lands! There’s no better way to encourage children to try new foods than to get them involved in cooking. With simple, yummy recipes, this book will introduce children to different flavours from around the globe. Each destination is brought to life with charming illustrations, engaging facts and colourful photographs. Budding young chefs will find local recipes – such as a Moroccan tagine or a Thai mango salad – which have all been adapted to make them easy for kids to cook almost independently by following simple stepby-step instructions. What’s more, all the family-friendly recipes are packed full of fresh, healthy ingredients that will be good for their bodies as well as their imaginations! Take your child on a culinary journey of adventure without having to leave the kitchen! Sally Brown and Kate Morris launched The Purple Kitchen Company in 2000 to promote the power of food education for young children. Their CBeebies show, I Can Cook, has now run to 4 series and been sold into 150 countries worldwide, as well as spurring two books, an equipment range and a live show. July 2016, 144 pages, 234 x 207 mm, 21,000 words, illustrated, rights sold: ITA, NED


Over 100 Quick and Easy Nutrient-Packed Recipes

We all know that children have different dietary requirements to adults, especially when they have a vegetarian diet, so particular attention is needed to ensure they get the right nutrients. Vegetarian Food for Healthy Kids tackles the universal challenge of getting children to enjoy and eat up their veg. Packed with simple, fresh recipes that are nutritious and use vegetables in interesting and inspiring ways, the book is set to lure even the most reticent of eaters. There are ideas for every type of meal including energy-boosting breakfasts; easy snacks; and the bane of many parents’ lives, packed lunches. Each recipe highlights a super-healthy “Hero Food”, giving information on its health benefits, and also included are step-by-step “Kids Cook” features, with ideas for delicious dishes children can cook themselves, with just a little help from a parent. Full of colourful photography and quick ideas, Vegetarian Food for Healthy Kids will make dinner times that bit healthier – and a lot more exciting. Nicola Graimes is an award-winning cookery writer and former editor of Vegetarian Living magazine. She has written more than 20 books, including Veggienomics and The Part-Time Vegetarian. September 2016, 176 pages, 234 x 207 mm, 30,000 words, illustrated, rights sold: CAN, FRA, NED


i Love series I Love My Barbecue by Hilaire Walden I Love My Wok by Nicola Graimes I Love My Bread Machine by Anne Sheasby I Love My Slow Cooker by Beverly LeBlanc I Love Soup by Beverly LeBlanc Three new additions to our bestselling I Love series offer a wealth of kitchen wisdom across a range of cooking techniques. Each book is written by an expert cookery writer and features triedand-tested recipes along with an informative introductory chapter to get you started with the equipment. Featuring superb recipes for breads of all kinds, including everyday loaves, rolls, gluten-free bakes and festive breads for special occasions, I Love My Bread Machine will show off the surprising versatility of your bread machine. I Love My Barbecue is the perfect resource for anyone looking to brush up on their grilling technique as well as expand their recipe repertoire. With ingenious ideas from a wide range of cuisines, there is a dish to suit everyone and every occasion. With I Love My Wok, rediscover how you can use just one pan to make mouthwatering, fresh and healthy dishes. Featuring spicy curries, speedy stir-fries, healthy steamed vegetable and fish dishes, delicious dim sum, and amazing Asian soups and broths, this is wok cooking at its best. Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced cook, these new titles will give you the skills and inspiration to master your neglected woks, barbecues and bread machines! They will make the perfect addition to your kitchen bookshelf. 2016–7, 176 pages, 243 x 189 mm, 35,000 words, illustrated, rights sold: BRA, NED



Slow Dough: Real Bread

fast fuel

Chris Young

renee mcgregor

Bakers’ Secrets for Making Amazing Long-rise Loaves at Home

Recipes and Nutrition Plans to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Making bread is an ancient craft; kneading the dough to lovingly produce a loaf is a fulfilling experience. But in the modern kitchen, one important ingredient is often left out of bread making: time. Experienced bakers will tell you that long and slow is far more satisfying than a quick finish. A long-proved loaf has more time to develop flavour, has a better texture and, in the case of genuine sourdough, might actually have health benefits. In Slow Dough: Real Bread, you will learn secrets from the experts to make a huge array of slow-rise breads at home. Whether you want to make a Fig and Fennel Sourdough, a Fougasse flatbread or a Christmas Bread, in these recipes you’ll learn how to make different starters for different breads, as well as the fundamental processes: fermenting, kneading, first proof, last rising and baking. In a world of mass-production and redundant additives (bread being among the worst offenders), this book, about real craftsmanship, is a breath of fresh air for your baking.

Renee McGregor, one of the UK’s top sports nutritionists, explains the dietary plans needed to hit your goals while you train. The science of what to eat, and why, is clearly and practically laid out. Meal plans are tailored to your goals and cover what to eat on rest, easy, moderate and high-intensity training days. This includes how to get to grips with eating before, during and after exercise in the most efficient way for your body to fuel and restore itself. Importantly, all of these meals and snacks are made for real people with real lives.

Chris Young is Campaign Co-ordinator for The Real Bread Campaign, a charity project with a mission to promote additivefree bread. In addition to compiling this book, Chris edits the quarterly magazine True Loaf, and wrote Knead to Know, the campaign’s first book. His work has appeared in publications such as Spear’s Magazine, The Real Food Cookbook and the London ethical food magazine, The Jellied Eel, which he also edits.

October 2016, 224 pages, 190 x 160 mm, 60,000 words, black & white, rights sold: EST, FRA, HUN, ROM, RUS

Renee McGregor is one of the UK’s top sports nutritionists, advising athletes from amateur to Olympic levels, including supporting Team GB at the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio. With years of experience and expertise in sports nutrition, she offers vital and unequalled insight into what you need to fuel your success in your given sport.

September 2016, 176 pages, 246 x 189 mm, 50,000 words, illustrated, world rights available




This crimson soup looks and tastes amazing. Even if you think you are not a fan of

Lunch Hacks and Recipes to Squeeze More Nutrients into Your Day

beetroot/beet, give it a go; it’s delicious combined with lemon and spices. Instead of using fresh, you could use vacuum-packed pre-cooked beetroot/beets to save time. Cook the soup for just 5 minutes before blending. Take a small pot of plain yogurt with

Becky Alexander and Michelle Lake

you to work, and stir a spoonful into the soup when you are ready to eat. Finish the pot mid-afternoon with some fruit or nuts.

U P - B EET S O U P The workday packed lunch – so often a repetitive and disappointing affair – is easier than you think to get right; it just requires a little forward planning. Throw out the soggy sandwiches and fill your Thermos or lunch box with nutrientpacked goodies that are simple to prepare, delicious, and full of things that are good for you. Contemporary and seasonal recipes are supported by sound nutrition to bring you this guide on lunch to suit your mood and the weather outside. While food writer Becky Alexander shows you how to knock up simple and satisfying bites – from vibrant Up-Beet Soup to satisfying Good Mood Cookies – nutritionist Michelle Lake will explain how that lunch is doing you good. By strategic shopping, making things ahead, and using your fridge and freezer craftily, creating exciting and healthy lunches every day becomes almost effortless. Health benefits of particular foods are featured throughout, so you know your blood sugar will be balanced, the nutrition will be packed in and your brain will be kept in top gear. Because work is harder when you’re not properly fuelled! Becky Alexander is a food writer and cookery book editor who is intimately familiar with the early morning commute and the problems of eating healthily on the go.

February 2017, 192 pages, 200 x 145 mm, 40,000 words, illustrated, world rights available

1 tsp ground coriander

1 large red onion, chopped

1 tsp dried chilli/hot pepper flakes

2 tsp frozen chopped garlic or 2 garlic cloves, chopped

500g/1lb 2oz beetroot/beet, roughly chopped

3 celery stalks, sliced

2 tbsp ground almonds

1 tsp ground cumin

juice of 1 lemon

• Heat the oil in a large saucepan over a medium heat. Add the onion, garlic and celery, and cook for 5 minutes or until softened. • Add the cumin, coriander and chilli, then add the beetroot/beet and pour in 1.50l/ 52fl oz/6½ cups water. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes or until the beetroot is just tender.


• Transfer the mixture to a blender or food processor and whizz until smooth. Add the ground almonds and whizz again.

WIT H . . .

Beetroot/beet is crammed with iron, calcium, folate, betaine, B vitamins and antioxidants, which combine to make it a great detoxifier. A shorter cooking time means you’ll get the most from all these nutrients.

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper plain yogurt, to serve



Add the lemon juice and season with salt and plenty of pepper.

• Divide the soup among four freezerproof containers and freeze for up to 3 months any that you don’t want to eat soon. Defrost overnight in the fridge. Reheat a portion before you go to work and transfer to a vacuum food flask – or reheat it at work. Pack the yogurt to take with you.



T I M E TO E AT Reheat at work, if necessary, and add a swirl of yogurt before eating.

- TIP +

Ground almonds are packed with protein, and just a little adds a lovely richness to soups, stews and curries.



Shop-bought fish pâté often comes with added sugar and cream, and it is blended, which loses much of its texture. Making your own is far better value and so quick to make that you won’t go back. This is lovely piled on hot, toasted sourdough, but if your workplace doesn’t have a toaster, it goes very well with oatcakes.

A ND L IM E P A TE T R O UT , C O C O NU T — 100g/3½oz smoked trout fillets

• Peel away any skin from the trout fillets and discard. Break the fillets into pieces using your hands. Put in a bowl.

1 tbsp coconut yogurt

• Add the yogurt, lime zest and juice, then use a fork to lightly mash everything together, leaving some texture. Season with a little salt and plenty of pepper. Mix well.

zest of 1 lime, plus a squeeze of lime juice 1 handful of rocket/ arugula leaves 2–3 radishes, sliced

Michelle Lake is a registered Nutritional Therapist who runs her own busy practice: Mission Nutrition, in St Albans, UK.

1 tbsp rapeseed/canola oil

sea salt and ground black pepper 1 slice of sourdough bread, toasted, or 2–3 oatcakes, to serve




T I M E TO E A T Toast the bread and pile the pâté on top, or serve alongside oatcakes, with the rocket/arugula leaves and radishes on top.




• Take one half to work, keeping it cool, and put the remainder in a sealed pot in the fridge – it will keep for 2 days. Pack the bread for toasting or the oatcakes to take with you.

Smoked mackerel is a little cheaper than trout and also works well with lime. Mash it with Greek rather than coconut yogurt, as it tastes better.

WIT H . . .

Oily fish such as trout are great sources of omega-3 fats (see page 11). We are advised to eat three servings of oily fish per week to get enough of these exceptional fats, and pâté is a no-cook way to achieve this.





the really quite good british cookbook The Food We Love from 100 of our Best Chefs, Cooks, Bakers and Local Heroes


edited by william sitwell, COVER by sir peter blake

Ehendes et audis sectem ium eosamus andusdae peri berias estiis seque consequam nectamet unt volorrume reperro berovidi con cusantur sam debitate saperia eprature nonecti strumquam fugitia suntemqui il ipsandi a voloria conet voluptatur, sunti aut ullam non et, sin porporibus consequame

What do you cook for the people you love? Asked this question, 100 of Britain’s food heroes have shared their most beloved recipes to make this extraordinary cookbook. While Nigella Lawson divulges how to bake her Chocolate Guinness Cake, Rick Stein fries up Shrimp and Dill Fritters with Ouzo. Yotam Ottolenghi would serve Pea & Mint Croquettes and Jamie Oliver showcases his Fantastic Fish Pie. These are just a few of the incredible recipes provided by the best and brightest on the British food scene, including chefs such as Raymond Blanc, Gordon Ramsay, Mary Berry, Delia Smith, James Martin, Nigel Slater, Thomasina Miers, Mark Hix, Jason Atherton, Marco Pierre White and Claudia Roden and more. Compiled by awardwinning food editor and author William Sitwell, The Really Quite Good British Cookbook is keenly anticipated and a stunning object in its own right. Ultimately it is a celebration of the breadth, creativity and richness of Britain’s unique food culture. William Sitwell is an award-winning editor, broadcaster and writer. He is a frequent guest and presenter on TV and radio – he’s best known as a critic on the BBC show MasterChef – and also contributes regularly on the subject of food to national newspapers, as well as a variety of magazines. Sir Peter Blake graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1956. A founder of the Pop Art movement, his first solo show was held in the Portal Gallery in 1962, and since the early 1970s his work has regularly been exhibited in one-man shows and retrospectives around the world. He was knighted in 2002.

Limerstone, Isle of Wight



1½ litres chicken stock Maldon salt and freshly ground black pepper 3 kg fresh young peas (podded weight 1½ kg) 2 tbsp fresh mint leaves 3 cloves garlic, peeled, 2 chopped 200 g unsalted butter 500 g spring onions, roughly chopped 400 g Carnaroli or Arborio rice 2 tbsp torn fresh basil leaves 150 ml dry vermouth 250 g fresh ricotta cheese, lightly beaten finely grated zest of 2 washed lemons 50 g Parmesan, freshly grated

Heat the chicken stock to boiling and check for seasoning. Bring a medium saucepan of water to the boil, and add ½ tablespoon salt, the peas, half the mint and the whole garlic clove. Simmer for 3–4 minutes or until the peas are al dente. Drain, keeping back 150 ml of the water. Return the peas, mint and garlic clove to this water and put aside. Melt 150 grams of the butter in a large, thick-bottomed saucepan, add the spring onion and soften. Add the chopped garlic, then the rice, stirring for about 2–3 minutes to coat each grain. Add a ladle of hot stock and stir, adding another when the rice has absorbed the first. Continue stirring and adding stock for 10 minutes or until the rice is not quite al dente. Add half the peas, keeping back the cooked garlic and mint and their liquor. Mash together the remainder of the peas, mint and garlic with the liquor in a food processor, then add to the risotto and stir. Stir in the basil. Add the vermouth, about 2 tablespoons of the ricotta, and the remaining butter. Cook briefly to wilt the basil and melt the butter. Test for doneness: the rice should be al dente. Serve with the remaining ricotta over each portion, sprinkled with lemon zest, salt, pepper and Parmesan.


March 2017, 432 pages, 260 x 200 mm, 80,000 words, illustrated, rights sold: GER | 350 |



too good to waste How to Eat Everything

Victoria glass We’ve all heard of nose to tail eating, but if you thought it was just about what comes from your local butcher, think again. So much good food is thrown away when actually, with a bit of creative thinking, you can eat up everything – and enjoy a much more exciting meal for it. Nothing escapes Victoria Glass’s attention: stale bread is transformed into Treacle Tart with Brown Bread Ice Cream, strawberry tops are brewed to a delicious tea; leftover chicken fat can make the crispiest roast potatoes; and vegetable peelings turn into delicious crisps. This book isn’t just about saving money – though it’s a welcome side-effect of these brilliant recipes. It’s about rethinking what we throw away, and why. By taking this waste-free approach, these 100 recipes are some of the most inventive and innovative that you will ever try, and can show you a whole new way to think about your meals. Supported by tips and tricks to help you get the most out of every item in your shopping trolley, this is a playful new guide to revolutionise your kitchen. Victoria Glass is a cook, recipe developer and food writer. She is the author of five recipe books, contributor of recipes to greatbritishchefs.com, and has cooked her way through the alphabet – from artichokes to za’atar zebra – on her blog, Alphabet Soup. She founded Victoria’s Cake Boutique in 2008, creating celebration cakes for celebrity clients, and has just completed a stint as food writer in residence at The Roald Dahl Museum & Story Centre. May 2017, 176 pages, 220 x 170 mm, 60,000 words, illustrated, world rights available



THE natural menopause plan

How to Overcome the Symptoms with Diet, Supplements, Exercise and More than 90 Recipes

maryon stewart The effects of menopause can be utterly debilitating for women, ravaging their physical, mental and emotional health – and often their careers and relationships, too. Bestselling author Maryon Stewart shows how you can alleviate the symptoms of menopause – naturally and effectively – through diet, supplements, herbal remedies, exercise and relaxation. Her life-changing programme is a proven alternative to HRT, custom-tailored to help you regain your zest for living, improve your memory, restore your libido, and protect your heart, bones and memory for the long term. The Natural Menopause Plan includes more than 90 delicious recipes, many of which are designed to include naturally occurring estrogens (phytoestrogens) – a safe and effective alternative to HRT. All are easy to make and brimming with vital nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium and essential fatty acids. With a range of recipes for all meals, including plenty of options for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, menu plans to follow and authoritative nutritional information, this is the ultimate guide to combating the effects of the menopause the natural way. Maryon Stewart is the bestselling author of 26 books and the pioneer of the Women’s Nutritional Advisory Service and the Natural Health Advisory Service. She was voted one of the top 100 most influential women in the UK in a Good Housekeeping survey, and one of the 5 most inspirational women in the UK by Fabulous magazine. She appears extensively on TV and radio as a women’s health expert, as well as lecturing to both the public and the medical profession. July 2017, 160 pages, 216 x 182 mm, 39,106 words, illustrated, rights sold: CAN, FIN, POR, SPA



Delicious Recipes and Growing Tips for All Seasons

judith hann Herbs have a transformative power – they can lift a dish from humdrum to heavenly. Written by a true herb aficionado, this beautiful book is an ode to enjoying herbs all year round. In each seasonal chapter, Judith Hann skilfully weaves together guidance on cooking and growing – whether you have a full herb garden or simple pots on the windowsill – so that you can find recipe inspiration for more common herbs, as well as discover the wonderful varieties of herbs that aren’t so readily available in the supermarket. Judith shares a huge collection of recipes that have been tried and tested at her herb cookery school – from simple herb sauces and salads to more ornate dishes, such as Guinea Fowl with Lovage and Lime, or Pork Belly with Plum, Chilli and Sage Sauce. Full of anecdotes, this is a wonderfully personal account of a love affair with herbs, as well as an indispensable guide on how to make the most of them every day. Judith Hann is a science journalist and editor of Herbs magazine. She was the well-loved presenter on the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World for 20 years, and has also written the bestselling How Science Works. Judith lives in the Cotswolds, in a farmhouse surrounded by a wonderful herb garden (which has been featured on Gardener’s World and Rick Stein’s Food Heroes), where she grows the herbs that she uses for her herb cooking classes. September 2017, 240 pages, 243 x 189 mm, 65,000 words, illustrated, world rights available


Rights sold: CZE, DK, FIN, FRA, GER, NED, RUS, SPA, SWE

Rights sold: DK, ITA, NED, Pol

Rights sold: CZE, ITA, NED

Angry Robot is a global imprint dedicated to the best in modern adult science fiction, fantasy and everything inbetween.

Rights sold: BRA, CZE, DK, NED, NoR, Pol, SPA


Rights sold: BRA, HUN, NED

Rights sold: GER


The interminables

Jay Posey

Paige orwin Jay Posey’s explosive new military SF novel features a secretive, highly-trained unit of soldiers called the Outriders.

A modern fantasy novel about a wizard who steals time, a WWI ghost, and the giant monsters that threaten all of civilization.

During a daring hostage rescue, the team learns about an imminent terrorist attack – but their government lets the attack go ahead nonetheless. And when they learn the reasons why, the Outriders find themselves tasked with stopping an interplanetary war.

It’s 2020, and a magical cataclysm has shattered reality as we know it. A wizard’s cabal is running the US East Coast, keeping a semblance of peace. Agents, Edmund and Istavan – the former a near-immortal 1940s-era mystery man, the latter, well, a ghost – are hunting an arms smuggling ring when they discover a shadow war that’s been raging since the cataclysm. To get out of this alive, they’ll need to get over their feelings, their memories, and the threat of a most monstrous enemy …

Jay Posey is a narrative designer, author, and screenwriter by trade. He started working in the video game industry in 1998, and has been writing professionally for over a decade. He’s spent around eight years writing and designing for Tom Clancy’s award-winning Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six Franchises. May 2016, 400 pages, French and German rights available

Paige Orwin is an American fiction writer and lover of history, superheroes, diverse perspectives, and robots. She was born in Utah, but now lives in Washington state. Paige began writing The Interminables when her favourite superhero online game, City of Heroes, was cancelled in 2012. July 2016, 384 pages, world rights available



An accident of stars


Foz Meadows

Keith Yatsuhashi When Saffron Coulter stumbles through a hole in reality, she finds herself trapped in Kena, a magical realm on the brink of civil war. There, her fate becomes intertwined with that of three very different women: Zech, the fast-thinking acolyte of a cunning, powerful exile; Viya, the spoiled, runaway consort of the empirebuilding ruler, Vex Leoden; and Gwen, an Earth-born worldwalker whose greatest regret is putting Leoden on the throne. But Leoden has allies, too, chief among them a dangerous ex-priestess who shares his dreams of conquest. Saffron is out of her world and out of her depth, but the further she travels, the more she finds herself bound to her friends with ties of blood and magic. Can one girl – an accidental worldwalker – really be the key to saving Kena? Or will she just die trying? “A portal fantasy for grown-ups, with grit and realism, and characters I loved from the first page.” – Trudi Canavan, author of the Black Magician trilogy. Foz Meadows is a genderqueer author, blogger, essayist, reviewer and poet. In 2014, she was nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer for her blog, Shattersnipe; she is also a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and Black Gate. August 2016, 452 pages, world rights available


A young woman must travel to Tokyo and rediscover its ancient gods, in this unexpected, Manga-influenced modern fantasy. When 18-year-old Keiko Yamada’s father dies unexpectedly, he leaves behind a one-way ticket to Japan, an unintelligible poem about powerful Japanese spirits, and the cryptic words: “Go to Japan in my place. Find the Gate. My camera will show you the way.” Alone and afraid, Keiko travels to Tokyo, determined to fulfil her father’s dying wish. There, beneath glittering neon signs, her father’s death poem comes to life. Ancient spirits spring from the shadows. Chaos envelops the city, and as Keiko flees its burning streets, her guide, the beautiful Yui Akiko, makes a stunning confession. Keith Yatsuhashi lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island, in the US. His interests include golf, golf, and more golf but a long time ago, in a world far, far away, Keith was a medal-winning figure skater. August 2016, 416 pages, world rights available

binary storm

dr potter’s medicine show

Christopher Hinz

eric scott fischl Near the end of the 21st century, Earth is in chaos from environmental devastation and a vicious undeclared war against binaries, genetically engineered assassins. Composed of a single consciousness inhabiting two human bodies (tways), binaries are ruled by an alpha breed, the Royal Castle. Nick Smith, computer programmer and brilliant strategist, hooks up with Annabel Bakana, the savvy new director of E-Tech, an organization dedicated to limiting runaway technology growth. Together both romantically and professionally, they secretly assemble a small combat team to hunt and kill binaries. But there’s a fly in the ointment, the mysterious team leader, Gillian. A tormented soul with an unseemly attraction to Annabel, his actions just might help the Royal Castle’s cause and draw the world closer to Armageddon. Serving as both a stand-alone novel and prequel to Liege-Killer, Binary Storm is a futuristic tale of bold characters pushed to the brink in a dangerous world. Startling action, political intrigue and powerful themes that echo our contemporary era are fused into a plot brimming with twists and surprises.

Discover what happens when a snake-oil shyster comes across real magic in this twisted alchemical misadventure. The year is 1878. Dr Alexander Potter, disgraced Civil War surgeon, now snake-oil salesman, travels the Pacific Northwest with a disheartened company of strongmen, fortune-tellers, and musical whores. Under their mysterious and murderous leader they entertain the masses while hawking the Chock-a-saw Sagwa Tonic, a vital elixir touted to cure all ills both physical and spiritual. For a few unfortunate customers, however, the Sagwa offers something much, much worse. Eric Scott Fischl writes novels of speculative historical fiction and the supernatural. He balances writing with a day-job managing technology for a conservation-focused non-profit organisation, and lives in Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains. February 2017, 416 pages, world rights available

Christopher Hinz is the author of five science fiction novels. Liege-Killer won the Compton Crook Award for best first novel and was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer. November 2016, 432 pages, world rights available



smile if you dare

Politics and Pointy Hats with the Pet Shop Boys

RAMZy AlWAKEEl Smile if you Dare is the book that finally puts the Pet Shop Boys under the academic microscope. July 2016, 120 pages, world rights available.

post puNk theN aNd Now edited by GaviN butt & mark fisher

Repeater Books is dedicated to the creation of a new reality, adding its voice to those movements that wish to enter history and assert control over its currents, gathering together scattered and isolated voices with those who have already called for an escape from Capitalist Realism. Our desire is to publish in every sphere and genre, combining vigorous dissent and a pragmatic willingness to succeed where messianic abstraction and quiescent co-option have stalled: we are alive and we don’t agree.

Focusing upon the production of post-punk art, film, music and publishing, this book offers new perspectives on an overlooked period of cultural activity. September 2016, 300 pages, world rights available

1996 & the eNd of history david stubbs 1996 & The End of History examines the year as it panned out in the UK not just in politics but in music, light entertainment and sport. September 2016,152 pages, world rights available.


the liviNG aNd the dead

daNte’s brokeN hammer


GRAHAM HARMAN In this book the founder of objected-oriented philosophy transforms one of the classic poets of the Western canon, Dante Alighieri, into an edgy stimulus for contemporary continental thought.

The Living and the Dead examines the complex barriers and boundaries between the worlds of life and death and proposes that to confront the challenges of our time – we need to develop a more nuanced, complex, and fluid understanding of the relationships between life and death.

Graham Harman is Distinguished University Professor at the American University in Cairo.

Toby Austin Locke is a research student in the Department of Anthropology at Goldsmiths College. He has written and edited a number of print and digital publications.

October 2016, 264 pages, world rights available.

October 2016, 176 pages, world rights available.

the psychopath factory

the weird aNd the eerie



How Capitalism organizes Empathy

The Psychopath Factory examines how the requirements, stimuli, and environments of work condition our empathy. Could psychopathy subvert the control regimes of late capitalism? Does it hold the potential to emancipate us from the current impasse?

What exactly are the Weird and the Eerie? In this new essay, Mark Fisher argues that some of the most haunting and anomalous fiction of the 20th Century belongs to these two modes.

Tristam Vivian Adams is a theorist, writer and PhD candidate at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Mark Fisher is the author of Capitalist Realism and Ghosts of My Life. He lectures at Goldsmiths and writes regularly for other publications including The Guardian.

December 2016, 152 pages, world rights available. December 2016, 300 pages, world rights available.



spectres of revolt

on the Intellect of Insurrection and Philosophy from Below


RICHARD GIlMAN-oPAlSKy In Spectres of Revolt, Gilman-Opalsky argues that the world is haunted by revolt, by the possibility of events that interrupt and disrupt the world, that throw its reality and justice into question. Making use of diverse sources, this book explores upheaval as thinking, the intellect of insurrection and philosophy from below. Richard Gilaman-Opalsky, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Political Philosophy in the Department of Political Science at the University of Illinois at Springfield. November 2016, 300 pages, world rights available.

Games without froNtiers JoE KENNEDy Football, we’re told frequently, is in a state of crisis. A microcosm of late capitalism’s free-for-all, it has become almost dystopian in its commodification, and its working-class constituency have become thoroughly alienated from the sport they grew up believing was a birthright. Written half as a travelogue, this book seeks to protect football from some of its would-be saviours without ever losing sight of what it means to have a fan’s investment in the game. Joe Kennedy teaches English and Cultural Studies at the University of Gothenburg’s programme at the University of Sussex. August 2016, 136 pages, world rights available.





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