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Sheriff Updown Turns the Bad Guys Good: 9781780289588 Ebook: 9781786780669

Twilight the Unicorn’s Sleeptime Quest: 9781780289595 Ebook: 9781786780652

HB 273 x 216mm £8.99/$12.95 48pp Full colour January 2017 Children’s Non-Fiction


Also in the series:

9781780289571 Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar

Jaime Amor founded Cosmic Kids Yoga with her husband Martin in 2012, when they posted their first YouTube video, Squish the Fish (since viewed over one million times). They are passionate about making yoga and meditation fun and free online for kids. Jaime is followed on YouTube from homes and schools by up to 160,000 children every day. Through the books they offer children a chance to take the yoga more slowly, spend more time in their favourite poses, and also enjoy reading the story (or having it read to them).

Sheriff Updown Turns the Bad Guys Good This is an adventure set in the Wild West with Sheriff Updown, the rabbit who takes on all the bad guys. Luckily, he finds a secret weapon: a Zappy Happy that turns bad guys into good guys. When we spread our inner love and positivity, we find that we can make all sorts of scary situations seem fine after all.

Twilight the Unicorn’s Sleeptime Quest 9781780289564 Norris the Seahorse Takes on the Bullies


In this truly magical adventure we encounter Twilight the Unicorn in an enchanted night-time forest. The mission is to scatter starshine and bring peaceful sleep and lovely dreams to all.

Mr Hoppit also has lots of babies. The little hares are all running around laughing and playing with their carrots. It looks like fun and we decide to join in!

Stand up tall and straight like a carrot. Can you be a happy smiling carrot . . . . . . a sad carrot with your shoulders hunched up by your ears . . .

. . . a cross carrot . . . . . . a disco dancing carrot shaking it all about!



We need to help Twilight find her starshine so she can get a good night’s sleep and feel safe in her dreams. Luckily we know where ours is . . . As the starshine starts to work, something magical happens . . .

Sit on your heels. Count slowly from 10 to 1.

It makes us feel a bit sleepy so we breathe slowly, close our eyes and .


At the end, take a big deep breath in and out. To feel your starshine come to kneel and place one hand on your heart and one hand on your tummy.

“See Twilight?” we say. “It’s important to find our starshine . . . That’s what keeps us safe in our dreams and helps us sleep all night long.”




9781786780188 160pp PB  235 x 162mm Colour illustrations £12.99/$17.95 January 2017 Meditation Available in eBook: 9781786780515


Yoga Breathing for Inner Balance, Health and Harmony Swami Saradananda By the same author:

9781780289984 Mudras for Modern Life


Breathing is the most fundamental of our body’s physical processes, yet most of us give it little thought in our daily lives. Once fully acknowledged and harnessed, however, the power of the breath is unlimited – easing stress and anxiety, boosting energy and stamina, enhancing self-confidence, sharpening the ability to focus, strengthening quality of voice and even helping to relieve pain. A Sanskrit proverb claims, “If you breathe well, you will live long on earth.” With evocative artwork, inspiring photography and easy-tofollow guidance, this book will enhance and affirm your daily life through breathwork. Swami Saradananda is an internationally renowned yoga and meditation instructor who has been teaching for more than 40 years, and is author of a range of globally successful books, including Chakra Meditation, The Essential Guide to Chakras and Mudras for Modern Life. Formerly editor of Yoga Life and director of Sivananda Yoga Centres in New York, London and Delhi, she now teaches meditation and yoga in centres around the world. She also leads frequent pilgrimages to India and writes extensively.

Title :Power of Breath Client:DBP Size :162 mm x 235 mm (Bleed 3mm)175#


U148833 1.30 S4-5 175# P38 16/07/08 K07 K00 K00


Title :Power of Breath Client:DBP Size :162 mm x 235 mm (Bleed 3mm)175#

Text Black


U148833 1.30 S4-5 175# P39 16/07/08 K07 K00 K00


C H A PT E R 2

YOUR VITALIZING BREATH U N D E R S TA N D I N G P R A N A The first of the five forms of prana – the energy, or driving force, behind all energy – that flows through your body is, rather confusingly, also known as prana. Yoga teachers will tell you that every time you breathe in, you draw in this vital energy along with the air you inhale. Just as you need physical oxygen to vitalize your body, you need prana to enliven your mind and emotions. In the following pages, you will discover how this vitalizing prana breath enables you not only to inhale air into your lungs, but to take in stimuli of all forms – from sights, sounds and smells to feelings, ideas and knowledge. For prana

The region of the body most affected by prana energy

provides the basic stimulus that sets all things in motion. In doing so, it enhances your appreciation of, and zest for, life, and opens your heart and mind to new possibilities of every kind – from your personal creativity and productivity at work to your relationships with others and your environment.


Title :Power of Breath Client:DBP Size :162 mm x 235 mm (Bleed 3mm)175#


P94 K00

U148850 1.30 S4-5 175# 22/07/08 K19 K00


v ya n a : yo u r e x pa n s i v e b r e at h

Enhancing your self-image “When exhaling, the stream of air measures about 12 fingers from the nose. When singing, its length increases to 16 fingers; when talking, to 24 fingers. During strenuous exercises, to even more.” Gerhanda Samhita, 84–6

As you begin to practise breathing exercises regularly, you may notice that you can effortlessly complete tasks you used to find difficult. You might find yourself speaking up for what you believe in, even in front of a group. Fear of speaking in public is one of the most common of self-imposed limitations. If you feel apprehensive about contributing in meetings, presenting a report or stating your point of view in public, you may have spent years integrating that fear into your body. By calling on the outward-expanding nature of your vyana breath with the Expansiveness Meditation, opposite, you can begin to dismantle this mental barrier and enhance the way you think about yourself. As you do so, watch how other self-imposed emotional or behavioural barriers break down, enjoy the liberation of allowing your true self to shine forth.

Title :Power of Breath Client:DBP Size :162 mm x 235 mm (Bleed 3mm)175#


P95 K00

U148850 1.30 S4-5 175# 22/07/08 K19 K00


enhancing your self-image

expansiveness meditation This exercise allows you to physically experience the outward-expanding nature of your vyana breath. Start by sitting comfortably (see pages 35–7). 1 Sit with your back straight and gently seal your lips. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths through your nose. Then, try to stop controlling your breath. Allow it to flow naturally, becoming as deep or as long, as fast or as slow as seems comfortable. 2 Become aware of the parts of your body that are in contact with the ground. Direct your breath in their direction and observe what happens. You may feel as if you are expanding downward or becoming heavy. Or you may feel incredibly light and perhaps even experience a sensation of floating. 3 After a few minutes, shift your awareness to the left side of your body and visualize your energy radiating to this side. Imagine sending your breath into your left leg, waist, arm, neck, cheek and temple. Notice how your body feels – does it seem to be expanding to the left? 4 Become aware of the right side of your body and direct your breath to these body parts. Observe the effects – do you seem to be expanding to the right? 5 Now direct your breath to the rear of your body – not just to your back, but to the nape of your neck and the back of your arms and head. Notice how your body feels – do you have a sensation of expanding backward? 6 Repeat to the front of your body, sending your breath from your belly to your chest and into your arms, throat and face. Observe how your energy radiates toward your front side and how you seem to expand forward. 7 Observe the top of your body, then send your breath into your shoulders, head and scalp. Notice how far your energy radiates up from each part in turn, then feel them all simultaneously expanding upward. 8 Finally, feel your entire body expanding in all directions simultaneously with each breath. If you find it helpful, repeat an affirmation, such as “I am at one,” or “Nothing can stop me”. Sit quietly before opening your eyes.




9781786780171 176pp PB  199 x 138mm £8.99/$13.95 B&W diagrams January 2017 Pain Management Available in eBook: 9781786780485


Natural approaches to dealing with everything from arthritis, anxiety and back pain to headaches, PMS and IBS Leon Chaitow You might also like:

Living with pain can provoke frustration, depression and often a reliance on pharmaceutical painkillers. In this insightful guide, Leon Chaitow presents a wide range of tried-and-tested natural approaches to pain relief, as well as respected research on the topic and a whole host of breakthrough mind-body techniques. Featuring step-by-step self-help exercises and helpful diagrams, this is an essential book for everyone wanting to take control of pain, get their health and vitality back, and enhance their overall sense of comfort, ease and freedom in everyday life.

9781780285948 Back in Balance

Leon Chaitow is a registered osteopath and naturopath, editor of the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, and Honorary Fellow and former senior lecturer at the University of Westminster, London. Author of more than 60 books, including Holistic Pain Relief, he lectures internationally on both bodywork and general health topics from an integrated perspective.


9781786780102 192pp PB  198 x 129mm £9.99/$14.95 Mono February 2017 Psychology Available in eBook: 9781786780645


How Game Theory, Strategy and Probability Rule Our Lives Haim Shapira, PhD By the same author:

9781780289670 Happiness and Other Small Things of Absolute Importance

In every part of our lives we find ourselves using game theory, mostly without even noticing. From choosing where we stand to get on a train to the tactics of online auctions, we combine strategy with data to make decisions that bring us the best results. But how else can this mathematical stratagem get us ahead? In this approachable and engaging book, Professor Haim Shapira, a renowned expert on game theory, uses humorous anecdotes and insightful examples to show how our lives are already affected by game theory and how we can further benefit from its use. Haim Shapira, PhD was born in Lithuania and emmigrated to Israel, where he earned two PhDs. He teaches mathematics, psychology, philosophy and literature. Haim is an author of seven bestselling books.


9781780289724 288pp HB 234 x 153 mm £14.99/$24.95 Mono February 2017 Political Science Available in eBook: 9781786780362


From Personal Initiation to Global Transformation Daniel Pinchbeck; introduction by Russell Brand; preface by Sting You might also like:

9781780283920 New Revolutions for a Small Planet


It’s all too easy to say the world is in crisis and that global unity will help. But how did we end up here? How can we work together, especially with those we think are responsible? In this thesis Daniel Pinchbeck offers a blueprint for this global change. Covering everything from energy and agriculture, to culture, politics, media and ideology, Pinchbeck’s book is ultimately about the nature of the human soul and the future of our current world. Daniel Pinchbeck is the author of numerous books and the founder of the think tank Center for Planetary Culture, which produced the Regenerative Society Wiki. His essays and articles have been featured in The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, Rolling Stone, ArtForum, among other publications. In 2007, Daniel launched the web magazine Reality Sandwich and co-founded

9781780289601 256pp PB 216 x 135mm ÂŁ9.99/$14.95 Mono February 2017 Parenting Available in eBook: 9781786780126


Finding Your Way to a Calmer, Happier Family Amber Hatch By the same author:

9781780289762 More Colouring for Contemplation

9781780289267 Colouring for Contemplation

Many of us find the demands of family life, especially the early years, daunting and overwhelming. The task of raising children is not easy, and the stakes are high. So how can mindfulness help us parent? This book will show you what mindfulness is, how you do it and how it can help you rise to the challenges of parenthood. Written in a friendly and accessible style, Amber Hatch includes tons of practical information alongside anecdotes, tips and insights that will help any parent, whether they are new to mindfulness or wellpractised, to achieve a calmer, more relaxed family life. Amber Hatch is a writer, teacher, parent and childminder. She studied for an English Literature degree in Southampton and holds an MA in Creative Writing. She is the author of Nappy Free Baby and two mindful colouring books. She has been practising Buddhist meditation for seven years and regularly goes on retreat. She also helps to organize family retreats for the Samatha Centre in Wales.


9781780289908 176pp HB  234 x 153mm Illustrated £16.99/$24.95 February 2017 Zen Buddhism Available in eBook: 9781786780737


Teaching Stories on The Way to Enlightenment Solala Towler

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9781907486944 Zen Inspirations

The Spirit of Zen presents the most basic principles and practices of Zen in a simple yet authentic fashion, guiding you down the path to enlightenment with stories, history and practical guidance from the masters of Zen. Often the stories contained in these teachings are an attempt to shake the student out of his or her complacent acceptance of “things as they are”. The stories are arranged according to theme: Gradual Enlightenment, Sudden Enlightenment, Teaching Stories, Paradoxical Teaching, Eccentric Masters and so on. Most of them are from traditional sources with some original additions from Taoist expert Solala Towler. These stories are profound and illuminating while also being entertaining, containing the kernel or true flavour of Zen. Solala Towler has been editor/publisher of The Empty Vessel: The Journal of Taoist Philosophy and Practice since 1993. He has written 13 books including The Inner Chapters and Tales From The Tao. Solala has been a student of Eastern philosophy since 1969 and leads yearly tours to visit Taoist and Buddhist temples in the sacred mountains of China.


An Unusual Exit

One day, when all the monks had gathering together for a dharma talk, Master Dasui sat in front of them in his usual seat. Suddenly his mouth contracted into a painful shape. Alarmed, all the monks fell over each other, offering various potions and poultices, but all to no avail. Poor Master Dasui just sat there with his mouth all twisted around. Once the word got out in the town, many of the townspeople came to the temple, offering their own medicines and cures. But nothing seemed to help. Then, seven days later, Master Dasui suddenly slapped himself on the side of the head and his mouth magically took on its usual shape. Dumbfounded, all the monks and townspeople just stared. ‘My two lips have been flapping against each other for all this time,’ said Master Dasui, ‘and up to now no one has been able to cure them.’ Then, smoothing his robes and sitting up straight, the master passed away.


Dropping the Subject

Two monks were walking along when they came to a fast-running creek. They saw a woman there. She was obviously from high society and was dressed in silks. Yet she also had the air of a woman of ‘the floating world’ (a prostitute). When she saw the monks she beseeched them to carry her across the creek. Of course the monks had taken a vow not to have anything to do with the opposite sex. Imagine the surprise of one of the monks, then, when the other squatted down without a word and allowed the woman to climb onto his back. He then calmly carried her across the creek and set her down gently on the other side. The other monk could not believe that his fellow monk had broken his vow so easily. As they walked along he fumed and fretted, and finally blurted out, ‘I can’t believe you just carried that woman, obviously of ill repute, across the creek like that! Did you forget your vows?’ The monk turned to him and said, ‘Brother, I put the woman down and left her on the other side of the creek. But it seems that you are still carrying her!’



9781786780416 192pp HB 234 x 153mm Illustrated ÂŁ12.99/$16.95 April 2017 Taoism Available in eBook: 9781786780744


The Wisdom of the Taoist Masters Solala Towler; photographs by John Cleare By the same author:

9781906787998 The Inner Chapters

This unique collection brings together the most inspiring, illuminating and downright funny stories from the classical works of Taoist masters, alongside new writing inspired by traditional tales. Set against a backdrop of the mountains, waterfalls and gorges of China, these tales introduce important Taoist ideas about many of the most basic human experiences – including birth, death, loss, pleasure and how to surrender to the most fundamental experience of the Tao itself. Interwoven with classic Taoist quotations and illustrated with beautiful photography throughout, these engrossing narratives are as relevant today as they were in the great dynasties of ancient China. Solala Towler has been teaching Taoist philosophy and practice for over 15 years, both in China and the US. John Cleare is an internationally renowned photographer specializing in mountains and landscapes.


Tale 2 3

His Cup Runneth Over There was once a highly educated and somewhat arrogant student of the Way. Upon hearing that an old sage lived nearby he decided to visit so that he could show off his great depth of knowledge in hopes of gaining some new tidbit to add to his resume. When he arrived at the sage’s home he was surprised to find it but a humble hut. Inside, an old man with a long wispy beard and bright shining eyes sat over a tea kettle, humming to himself. Presently he looked up and, upon seeing the student outside of his door, bade him enter his hut. He then sat the student down in the place of honor and asked the student to join him in some tea. They sat, and while the student boasted about his education and recounted his many accomplishments, the old master began to fill his guest’s teacup. As the student rambled on and on so too did the old master keep pouring tea into his cup until the hot tea overflowed across the table and poured onto the student’s lap. “What are you doing, you old dolt?” he shrieked, leaping from his chair. “You are spilling tea everywhere. Can’t you see that my cup is already full?”


The sage calmly stopped pouring tea and looked at him. “Your mind, sir, is much like this teacup. I’m afraid it is already too full for me to be able to fit anything else into. Else it will surely run over and spill everywhere.” TRADITIONAL


9781786780386 640pp HB  153 x 105mm £7.99/$11.95 March 2017 Religion Available in eBook: 9781786780553


The Holy Book of Islam with Introduction and Notes Translated by EH Palmer and RA Nicholson Also in the series:

9781780289700 Sacred Texts: The Gnostic Gospels

Muslims believe the Koran (literally meaning “The Recitation”) was verbally revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad in Arabic through the Angel Gabriel over a period of approximately 23 years. Muslims regard koranic revelations as the sacred word of God, intended to correct any errors in previous holy books such as the Old and New Testaments. The Koran is accepted as the foundation of Islamic law, religion, culture and politics. Although early variants of the Koran are known to have existed, Muslims believe that the text we have today was established shortly after the death of the Prophet by the Caliph Uthman. This classic translation brings an enduring clarity to this ancient and revered text. EH Palmer (1840–1882) was a renowned English explorer and Orientalist. RA Nicholson (1868–1945) was an eminent English Orientalist, scholar of both Islamic literature and mysticism and widely regarded as one of the greatest Rumi scholars and translators in the English language.


9781786780287 224pp HB  153 x 105mm £7.99/$11.95 March 2017 Religion Available in eBook: 9781786780546

SACRED TEXTS: THE TAO TE CHING The 81 Verses by Lao Tzu with Commentary Lao Tzu, translated by Ralph Alan Dale Also in the series:

9781780289694 Sacred Texts: The Dhammapada

Tao Te Ching translates very roughly as “the way of integrity”. In its 81 verses it delivers a treatise on how to live in the world with goodness and integrity: an important kind of wisdom in a world where many people believe such a thing to be impossible. Taosim affirms that each human being is a reflection of the whole universe, a microcosm within the macrocosm, and that all of us live under the same cosmic laws of the Tao. The Taoist follows the path of nonaction (Wu Wei), flowing with the constantly changing stream of life, and trying to live in universal harmony and balance. The easily assimiliated aphorisms in this great book are a continuous source of spiritual guidance and nourishment, and its insights on statesmanship are practical guides for our own time. Ralph Alan Dale’s brilliant translation uniquely captures, as never before, the essential meaning of this profound text, and makes it entirely relevant to today’s readers. Ralph Alan Dale (1920–2006) was a teacher, researcher, writer, acupuncturist and composer who published more than 70 books, videos and audiobooks over 30 years. 19

9781780289878 160pp PB 185 x 123mm Mono £7.99/$12.95 March 2017 Self-help Available in eBook: 9781780289113


Daily Practices to Bring Greater Inner Peace and Happiness Theresa Cheung You might also like:

9781780289373 Living in the Moment

Aristotle said “you are what you repeatedly do”. Most of us think our future is shaped by big events and the important decisions we make; this book will show you that it is your daily actions that are the key. If an action is repeated enough times it becomes habit – but habits lack thought, consideration and presence. To effect long-lasting meaningful change, our actions need to be filled with a sense of personal meaning and power – they need to be ritualized. Creating personal ritual in our lives allows us to bring the presence of the sacred into the everyday. In this book, the seven morning rituals are designed to help you “wake with determination”, the seven afternoon rituals focus on “living on purpose”, and the seven evening rituals are about “retiring with satisfaction”. Theresa Cheung was born into a family of psychics and spiritualists. She has written numerous bestselling mind, body, spirit books, including two Sunday Times Top 10 bestsellers, which have been translated into over 25 languages.


9781786780218 160pp PB  198 x 129mm Mono £8.99 March 2017 Personal Development Available in eBook: 9781786780539


Tips and Techniques to Help You Think Creatively Rob Eastaway You might also like:

9781780289717 How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Toolkit

Every great creation starts with a good idea, but where does that special spark come from? How do you recognize the ideas that are worth taking further? And what do you do when your mind goes blank? Ideas are fragile; they need to be nourished, encouraged and shaped. This is a book about how to have ideas and how to nurture them so that you can think more creatively, overcome “idea killers”, solve problems more effectively on your own or in a team, evaluate, hone and pitch your ideas, help your ideas become a reality and open your mind to new possibilities and experiences. Packed with tips, puzzles and practical techniques, this quide to brilliant creative thinking will show you that in order to have a good idea you need to have lots of ideas. Rob Eastaway is an author and a speaker, with a particular interest in maths, puzzles, cricket – and ideas. He has written numerous books, including the bestselling Why Do Buses Come in Threes? and What is a Googly? He lives in London with his wife and three children. 21

9781780289854 288pp PB 216 x 135mm Mono £10.99/$16.95 March 2017 Self-help Available in eBook: 9781786780638


Overcome Fear, Insecurity and Depression and Love Yourself Back to Happiness, Confidence and Peace Blake D. Bauer You might also like:

9781780288963 Wake the F#ck Up


This book offers practical advice that will help you transform suffering, fear and insecurity in the present and find the strength and courage necessary to enjoy your life, fulfil your purpose and be true to yourself in every situation. You’ll discover why all depression, addiction and illnesses are simply cries asking you to stop pleasing others. If you’re tired of settling for crumbs of love, health, happiness, connection or peace, this book offers the answers you’ve been waiting for. Blake D. Bauer is a contemporary spiritual teacher, counsellor, and alternative-medicine practitioner who speaks internationally. He is considered by many to be a modern meditation and qigong master.

9781780289885 256pp PB  234 x 153mm B&W illustrations £12.99/$19.95 April 2017 Mind, Body, Spirit Available in eBook: 9781786780706

THE HEALING POWER OF LIFE ALIGNMENT Realigning Body, Heart & Mind With Your Soul’s Purpose Philippa Lubbock; foreword by Jeff Levin You might also like:

9781906787950 Life Alignment

Everything you need to heal and claim the life destined to become yours is already within you. This is the simple but powerful message at the very heart of Life Alignment – an extraordinary system of vibrational healing that has been handed down from higher powers and other dimensions to help you do just that. Life Alignment practitioner Philippa Lubbock tells the incredible story of this healing system and its guru Jeff Levin. Here you will find the very latest of those teachings and a pathway to meet your deeper spiritual self, who already has the answers and is waiting for you to hear the inner guidance that will show you the path you need to take. Philippa Lubbock is a Life Alignment practitioner who entered the field of energy medicine via a winding path through classical music, theatre, early education, bodywork and psychology. Her years as a Gestalt psychotherapist provided first-hand evidence of the mind as the source of “dis-ease”. This fuelled her passion to search for – and find – this healing method that dissolves the boundaries between mind, body, spirit and the environment. 23

9781844837168 80pp guidebook Kit, 78 cards Full colour £14.99 (inc VAT)/$19.95 April 2017 Tarot


Cards and Techniques for Self-Discovery and Positive Change David Fontana By the same author:

This kit is a Tarot classic, combining inspiring, luminous illustrations that make the symbolism of the cards easy to grasp with a guidebook that clarifies the mysteries and symbolism of the Tarot and encourages users as they embark on their own journey of self-discovery with the cards. Author David Fontana’s twin perspectives as Tarot expert and psychologist make this deck the most accessible and useful on the market. He shows how accessing the unconscious through Tarot can play a crucial role in our psychological and spiritual development.

9781907486838 The Essential Guide to the Tarot

The late Professor David Fontana was a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and his many books, which include The Essential Guide to the Tarot, The Secret Language of Symbols and The Secret Language of Dreams, have been translated into more than 25 languages. He held a professorship at Liverpool John Moores University and was a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Cardiff University.



Introduction I first encountered a reference to the Tarot as an undergraduate student. One of the set texts in an English literature class I took during my first year was T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, and in this great poem I found mention of “a wicked pack of cards”, followed by some enigmatic lines that appeared to relate to the cards concerned. In his notes on The Waste Land, Eliot named the deck as the “Tarot”, and gave hints about the symbolism of the cards to which he had referred. Impressed by Eliot as a poet and by the mysticism and psychological insight underlying his work, I resolved to learn more about these intriguing cards. I discovered that the first known Tarot deck had been hand-made and had surfaced in Europe in the fourteenth century, probably as part of an even older tradition. However, it was some time before I managed to track down a Tarot deck for myself, as at that time the cards were not widely available. But when I did finally get hold of one, I was fascinated by their rich imagery. As a psychologist with an abiding interest in the connection between symbols and the deeper levels of the unconscious, I was captivated with the way in which the Tarot communicates through universal visual symbolism. Even the oldest decks, which open a window into the medieval world in which they were created, possess a tess II – The High Pries timeless relevance, making them just as useful a

tool for self-exploration and self-discovery now as they were seven centuries ago. Symbols, as recognized by the great psychologists Freud and Jung, are images that arise from deep levels of the creative unconscious and represent profound truths about our inner life. Focusing on the symbols in the Tarot in meditation can therefore provide us with keys to the vast amount of instinctive patterns of thought and behaviour that is normally inaccessible to our conscious minds, but which determines much of who we are and what we can become. Thus, accessing the unconscious through the Tarot can play a crucial role in our psychological and spiritual ortune el of F e Whe development. X – Th The longer I studied the Tarot, the more I realized that it is far more than a mere deck of cards, and is certainly not a “wicked pack” (Eliot described the cards in this way because the medieval Church had condemned them owing to their use in fortune-telling). The purpose of this book is to offer guidance to the mysteries and symbolism of the Tarot, and to encourage you as you embark on your own journey of selfdiscovery with the cards in this kit.





The Fool

The Magician

The Fool is the first card in the Tarot deck in this kit. In some early decks he appears at the end of the Major Arcana rather than at the beginning, as he not only begins our journey, but also accompanies us throughout. This is because, essentially, he is ourself. When he sets out, he lives primarily in his conscious mind, a stranger to his inner being, but by the end he has glimpsed the deeper mysteries of his real self. Oblivious to the chasm ahead, the Fool wanders off, his dog jumping at his leg, symbolizing the instinctive life that both holds him back and urges him on. He carries a pilgrim’s staff, and his few possessions are slung from another staff over his shoulder. His number is zero, the circle,

The Magician challenges us not to be deceived by the transient, material world. He shows us that life is a magical act, and our mind the magician. He is a showman, a mysterious stranger who captivates the crowd by sleight of hand, as well as by real magic, reminding us that the mind can be deceived by delusions of spiritual grandeur masquerading as the real thing. On his magical, floating table is an array of objects symbolizing the mental clutter that prevents us from self-exploration. However, his magic wand, pointing both “above and below” – the occult expression of the unity of Heaven and Earth – hints that he can make the objects vanish. The Magician’s number is one, the


0 – The Fool indicating that he will end his journey back at the beginning, transformed by his travels. When you work with this card, ask yourself: What do I hope to gain from my Tarot journey? As you embark on your journey, it is worth reminding yourself that even a fool can have flashes of great wisdom.

I – The Magician symbol of a new beginning, and the brim of his hat forms a figure of eight, the symbol of infinity and the eternal cycle of life. When you work with this card, ask yourself: How can I begin to shift my focus in life from external things to my inner self? By looking inward you can discover greater treasure than you can ever find in the material world. 19


9781780289847 288pp PB 200 x 145mm £12.99/$18.95 April 2017 Spirituality Available in eBook: 9781786780713


Evolution and The Purpose of Life By the same author:

9781780289625 Lucid Living

9781780289861 Deep Awake


Tim Freke In this book pioneering philosopher Tim Freke addresses the “soul crisis” in modern culture that has arisen from lack of meaning. He offers an intelligent spiritual perspective on life and death to help us make sense of a paradoxical world, which is sometimes bleak and banal, but also can be magical and full of significance. He presents a revolutionary paradigm shift in our understanding of reality that integrates the deepest insights of science and spirituality to create a new model of human identity, which makes the idea of the immortal soul intellectually credible. We are not insignificant specks in a vast purposeless cosmos. We are significant participants in the magnificent story of soul. The universe is coming to know itself through each one of us and this process doesn’t end at death, because evolution of soul has also been evolution of immorality. Tim Freke is an internationally respected authority on world spirituality and the bestselling author of more than 20 books, which have been translated into 15 languages. He has often been featured in the global media, including the BBC and The History Channel.

9781780289151 192pp PB  200 x 145mm B&W illustrations £9.99/$14.95 May 2017 Fortune-telling & divination Available in eBook: 9781786780461

By the same author:


9781780287515 Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

Aimed at those looking to enhance their own readings as well as anyone interested in learning to read for others, this book naturally complements the hugely successful Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. It offers a natural starting point for those new to divination with cards, as well as enhanced information not featured elsewhere for those already proficient in using them. Tori guides the reader through the various processes involved in creating and using spreads, outlining the techniques and abilities needed for each type of reading and showing how to cultivate them. Tori Hartman is a professional intuitive. Following a near-death experience 20 years ago, Tori was visited by a spirit who told her a collection of brightly coloured stories. These stories prompted her lifelong fascination with colour, the chakras and their power to transform and heal lives. Tori is based in Los Angeles, California.

9781780288291 The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit


9781786780225 224pp PB 216 x 135mm Mono £10.99/$16.95 May 2017 Self-help Available in eBook: 9781786780690


How to Channel the Chaos of Creativity into Career Success Sheila Chandra You might also like:

9781780287935 You Can Manage Your Time Better


Most of the conventional productivity advice you’ll find in the soft business section simply does not work for creative people. Surprisingly, to date there has not been a single book that addresses the unique organizational challenges that artists face. This book sets out to change that, challenging the myth that truly creative people are messy and that they need mess in order to create. Sheila Chandra applies her professional insights as a creative and organizing expert to the lives of other busy creative people in all disciplines – showing them how good organization can liberate their creative magic. Sheila Chandra made some of the most beautiful and innovative recordings in the World Music category, beginning in 1982 with her band Monsoon’s groundbreaking Asian Fusion single “Ever So Lonely” which was a Top Ten hit around the world. In 2010 she published the bestselling Banish Clutter Forever, outlining her own system for home organizing which she says makes it possible to “pretty much, never tidy up again”.

9781786780614 208pp PB 216 x 135mm Mono £10.99/$16.95 May 2017 Self-help Available in eBook: 9781786780720


Allow Natural Meditation to Happen Enza Vita You might also like:

9781780288369 I Met a Monk

This book is a practical guide to accessing an awakened state, offering a spiritual practice, “Instant Presence”, that is based on Enza Vita’s own profound encounter with enlightenment. She gets to the heart of what is wrong with so much of our spiritual strivings: if a practice is bound to a goal then that is an obstacle, because in reality there is no goal to be achieved. What we are looking for is here now and has always been. She explains the meaning of real meditation, and offers “presence pause” exercises and many hints and tips for letting your thoughts be and accessing true awareness. Her book shows that awakening is an ever-present possibility through her “no–practise practice”. Enza Vita lives in Australia, where she is the publisher and editor of InnerSelf newspaper and website and the founder and director of the MahaShanti Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to spiritual awakening. She has distilled over 40 years of spiritual exploration into a modern, practical and authentic spirituality that engages with the universal teaching underlying all religions. 29

9781780289793 144pp Flexi Cover 165 x 117mm Mono £7.99/$12.95 May 2017 Mind, Body, Spirit Available in eBook: 9781786780065 Also in the series:

WHAT IS POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH? Miriam Akhtar This fascinating and accessible book explains the many varied forms trauma can take, shows how to recognize signs of post-traumatic stress, and offers resilience-building strategies to go beyond “coping” with it in order to grow from it instead – proving that what doesn’t kill you can indeed make you stronger.

9781780288987 What is a Near-Death Expererience?

9781780289069 What is Sound Healing?


Miriam Akhtar is one of the UK’s leading positive psychology practitioners and authors, and has been described as “one of 100 names you need to know in health and wellbeing” by Top Santé magazine. She is the author of four previous books, including Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression for Watkins. She is also a coach, consultant, keynote speaker and lecturer at universities on MAPP (MSc Applied Positive Psychology) programmes.

9781786780157 144pp Flexi Cover 165 x 117mm Mono ÂŁ7.99/$12.95 May 2017 Mind, Body, Spirit Available in eBook: 9781786780447 Also in the series:


9781780289304 What is Hypnosis?

Due to the recent widespread media coverage on the far-reaching health benefits of mindfulness, misconceptions about the practice have become common as it has moved from spiritual to secular realms. So what is the reality? And how can this one thing have such a dramatic impact on so many people, in so many areas of their lives? This book aims to demystify the confusions that often get in the way of mindfulness training, and help readers get to grips with it in a way they can put to optimal use in their daily lives. Dr Tamara Russell is an experienced clinical psychologist, martial artist and neuroscientist who brings a unique, multiple perspective to mindfulness teaching, thinking, therapy and research. Currently the Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence in London and a visiting Lecturer at King’s College London, she is also a mindfulness consultant, trainer and speaker in a wide variety of settings, including education and health.

9781780289380 What is Numerology?


Spiral Bound Desk Diary 9781786780393 PB 247 x 167mm £12.99 (inc VAT)/$19.95 Flexi Cover Pocket Diary 9781786780409 PB 148 x 100mm £6.99 (inc VAT)/$12.95 176pp June 2017 Stationery


A Year of Inspiration for the Mind, Body & Spirit Dani DiPirro By the same author:

9781780289991 The Positively Present Guide to Life

This bestselling illustrated diary provides not only plenty of space for daily planning but also offers inspiring advice on how to make each and every day really matter. Designed as a resource for enriching daily life, it will guide you on a journey of awareness and fulfilment as you go about your everyday activities. This year’s monthly themes range from Openness, Imagination, Gratitude and Awareness to Friendship, Patience, Compassion and Transformation. Each week-toview spread then features an inspiring quote that encourages reflection on the theme and an exercise to further your holistic wellbeing. At the end there is a month-by-month holistic health tracker for monitoring mood, exercise, diet and other aspects of overall wellbeing to help you achieve the optimal life balance that we’re all seeking. Dani DiPirro is the founder of, an inspiring website created in 2009 to share insights on positivity, awareness and self-love. She has over 120,000 page views on her website monthly, her work has been featured on sites such as The Happiness Project, Psychology Today, and Forbes, and she has been featured as ELLE magazine’s coach of the month.



9781786780478 160pp PB 185 x 123mm Mono £8.99/$12.95 June 2017 Memoir Available in eBook: 9781786780676


Volume 2 of The O Manuscript Lars Muhl By the same author:

9781780286723 The O Manuscript


Mary Magdalene is arguably one of Jesus’s best-known disciples and yet we know very little about her. From the writing of the New Testament to the filming of The Da Vinci Code, her image has been repeatedly conscripted, distorted and contradicted. Mary is considered by many as an outcast, undeserving of Jesus’s love. In this follow-up book to The Seer, we join Lars Muhl as he seeks to find out more about the intimate relationship between Jesus (Yeshua) and Mary Magdalene. This is the story of a forgotten feminine power recounted in parallel to the author’s own journey. The Magdalene is the second book in the Grail Trilogy otherwise known as The O Manuscript. Lars Muhl is a Danish mystic, musician, social commentator and bestselling author. See more at: and wiki/Lars_Muhl

9781786780522 176pp HB  163 x 127mm Mono £8.99/$12.95 June 2017 Mind, Body, Spirit Available in eBook: 9781786780683

THE SOUL AWAKENING PRAYER James O’Dea; foreword by Lynne McTaggart

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9781780288437 The Conscious Activist

Featuring a foreword by Lynne McTaggart and contributions by Ervin Laszlo, Michael Singer, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Anodea Judith, Kabir Helminski and Mona Polacca, this is a prayer book for activists, ecologists and spiritual seekers as well as for all those thirsty for a spiritually coherent worldview. The Soul Awakening Prayer is a repeated mantra. With repetition it reveals a spiritual universe of both power and beauty. There are commentaries by key luminaries from science, cosmology, evolutionary theory, yoga, Sufism and indigienous traditions. The Soul Awakening Prayer offers a map that integrates ancient wisdom, modern science and psychology and makes clear the moral imperative for spiritual engagement in individual and societal transformation. James O’Dea is on the extended faculty of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and its former President. Prior to that he served as Director of the Washington, D C Office of Amnesty International and CEO of the Seva Foundation. O’Dea is also a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group, an Honorary Fellow of the Laszlo New Paradigm Institute and serves on the Advisory Board of The Peace Alliance and KOSMOS Journal. 35

Watkins Publishing New Titles Jan-Jun 2017