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Taxonomy Brief Sam Blower U1262183

Brief “Collect 30 artefacts or images of the same type. Produce a body of design/animation work that communicates the taxonomies and cultural insights within this collection to a specific audience – young, design-aware students in Hong Kong. Communication with this audience will be via internet methods (blogs, twitter). The University of Huddersfield has a significant Chinese community and you may choose to approach individuals in this community to inform your work. From your collection you will develop the most appropriate concept and produce a cohesive body of work. The presentation of this work may be a number of static images or designs, moving image, virtual display, animation or physical installation.� I am particularly excited to start this brief. I think that I am going to collect clothes labels as my items, because I already have a large number of them that I have collected over the years. I think they will be an interesting thing to collect because each one is different and despite being everywhere, they are often discarded and overlooked by customers. I want to collect some interesting labels that are examples of good design and emphasise them in a way that will work for any audience.

The Collection Here is my collection of labels all in one image, I tried to have quite a varied selection of different labels. I wanted different shapes, sizes, colours and textures.

Mood Boards Here are some mood boards that I created to show the theming around what the labels are trying to say about their particular brand. There is a mixture of images and textures that I feel the brand is trying to portray.

Idea Sketches Using the mood boards that I created for some of the labels in my collection, I started to think of how I could display the labels. I sketched up a few ideas using various aspects of the each theme that was portrayed in the mood boards. The different labels could be displayed either as a booklet or poster, or maybe even as some kind of interactive document where the viewer can look at individual labels.

Idea Sketches (Continued) I have decided that the best way to display my collection of labels would be to have them all combined into one image, but then anyone can look at and touch a label to reveal its theme. The most practical way that I could do this is to create an application where you click on a button and it loads a separate page. In this case it would be clicking on a label to load up the image.

The Application Here is each individual label as it will appear in the interactive presentation. Each label has its own theme/ background. I wanted to add depth to each page, so rather than it just loading an image of the label with my own customised background/theme, it would have an animated transition and also moving aspects. Although they are only still images in this sketchbook I have included a disc to show some of the pages as a moving image like they would appear in the final product.

I have also included an image of what the menu for my interactive presentation would look like. I couldn’t just scatter the labels across the floor because I wanted them to be enlarged when hovered over with a computer mouse or the persons hand on a touch screen. Instead I layered each label into one image with the wooden floor as the background. I have also included a video of how the menu would work on the final product on the disc.

The Exhibition This is how I intend to lay out my collection of labels, the idea of having a touch screen works well because it allows a viewer to look at the individual page that I created for each label.

Evaluation I am quite happy with the way this project has turned out. I think as an exhibition this would be quite interesting to look at, because you would be able to look at each individual page on the touch screen as well as looking at them in real life. Hopefully seeing the effort that has been put into designing each label will make people appriciate them more in the future. On this disk please find a video of how the app works, as well as a video showing 10 of the moving images. If the disk is missing please use the following links.

Taxonomy sketchbook  
Taxonomy sketchbook  

This is the sketchbook for my taxonomy project.