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1.0 Introduction (Page 2) 2.0 Logo Design (Page 3) 2.1 Logo Usage (Page 6) 3.0 Colour Scheme (Page 9) 4.0 Typography (Page 11) 5.0 Contact Details (Page 13) March 2013

1.0 INTRODUCTION These guidelines explain the use of the Shibusawa Scholar Program identity and reinforce consistent application of the visual elements in all communications. This includes publications, presentations, and all other marketing materials, both online and offline. Guidelines on the use of the logo are included.

Brand Identity Guidelines | March 2013 | 2

2.0 LOGO DESIGN The logo is the most immediate representation of the Program, its people, and its brand. It is a valuable asset that must be used consistently in the proper, approved forms. Even minor alterations will undermine and compromise the brand’s identity.

Brand Identity Guidelines | March 2013 | 3

Primary logo, in CMYK

Brand Identity Guidelines | March 2013 | 4



Black and white

Brand Identity Guidelines | March 2013 | 5

2.1 LOGO USAGE Always use the provided master artwork when reproducing the logo. It should not be recreated under any circumstances. Always ensure you are using the correct artwork for the application. When reproducing any logo elements, only the original high resolution or vector graphic files shall be used. Logos should not be taken from this document.

Brand Identity Guidelines | March 2013 | 6

Safety Area Make sure that text or other design elements do not encroach upon the logo. The minimum safety area outside the logo is given by the height of the two “S� letters.


Minimum Reproduction Size A minimum size must be adhered to so that legibility is retained. 41mm

The logo should never be reproduced for print any smaller than the specified measurements.

Brand Identity Guidelines | March 2013 | 7


The logo has become distorted from its designed aspect ratio, therefore stretching or squashing the shape and text.

Important elements within the logo have been distorted, enlarged or shrunk, affecting the balance and design.

The backdrop for the logo’s placement is too similar to the primary colours. It therefore lacks visibility and contrast. This rule applies to photography as well.

Colours outside of the brand colour scheme (see next page) have been used. This is not recommended as it confuses the brand image. Do not replace the font in the logo. The brand typeface should be used at all times.

Brand Identity Guidelines | March 2013 | 8

3.0 COLOUR SCHEME Accurate reproduction of the Program’s colour scheme is essential in communicating a clear and consistent message about the identity. Black and grayscale (80% black) are acceptable as alternatives to the full colour version. Please note that all elements (i.e., icon and text) should be the same colour when the logo is used this way. CMYK is used in printed materials, RGB is for digital use.

Brand Identity Guidelines | March 2013 | 9

Arches Icon Primary

Hitotsubashi Wordmark Primary

Shibusawa Wordmark Primary

Grayscale (All Elements)



C=20 / M=100 / Y=75 / K=25

R=158 / G=23 / B=51

C=0 / M=0 / Y=0 / K=100

R=0 / G=0 / B=0

C=44 / M=48 / Y=54 / K=8

R=144 / G=124 / B=112

C=0 / M=0 / Y=0 / K=80

R=88 / G=88 / B=88

Brand Identity Guidelines | March 2013 | 10

4.0 TYPOGRAPHY The typeface for the Shibusawa Scholar Program wordmark is Giovanni. It has been carefully selected to best represent the Program’s identity. Replacing fonts with alternatives should not be done under any circumstances.

Brand Identity Guidelines | March 2013 | 11

Giovanni (Black)

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 !@£$%^&*()¡€#¢∞§¶•ªº-–_=+{}[];:/\,.~ å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙^∆˚¬µ~øπœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω

Brand Identity Guidelines | March 2013 | 12


Company: Tel: Email: Web:

Custom Media K.K. 03-6804-5267

Brand Identity Guidelines | March 2013 | 13

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Ssp brandguidelines mar13