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Dalrymple, Samantha Gail Client Apple - iPhone "Mariachi - tres"



We see a girl waking up to a room filled with post it notes. We see her bathroom is also filled with post it notes with reminders. Cut to her in her office cubicle, also filled with post it notes. An officemate walks by her cubicle Girl looks stressed. A mariachi band walks by her cubicle singing

OFFICEMATE: your forgot about the 9am meeting awhile ago GIRL: I can始t believe I forgot! MARIACHI BAND: (singing) ay ya ya yay.. ay yay ya iPhone!

One the mariachi band members then hands her an iPhone. VO: Always be reminded wherever you SUPER: Always be reminded wherever are. Get an iPhone. you are. Get an iPhone.

iPhone TVC 8  

iPhone TVC concept

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