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where you lay your hat and have friends around you. where you are with those you love. where my husband is. Seattle....... for now (O: where you raise your kids and they're the happiest :) the longer I was in the host country, this question became harder to answer. where you feel comfortable in your own skin, can express yourself freely and can put your feet up in sloppy clothes without worrying what others think. where the people I love are and where the majority of my things are. where i choose to make it, where I'm fulfilled and happy and my family/child and partner are settled and generally happy. engrained in one's soul. Moving doesn't change that. where I am from and I will never forget my roots but its a huge world out there and I want to explore it! where you make it. now (after 24 years) England...but was always HongKong. where the house is! where I hang my hat. New York. where I currently sleep most times. a great place to go, but can be anywhere you make it. Australia was always home, but so was cayman and that's the way we loved it! wherever you feel most comfortable. where my family is. my favourite destination. Miami, Florida. where I live with my immediate family. within the four walls where my family and possessions happen to be for the time being; what is outside those four walls doesn't matter. where my apartment is. where the heart is. where you're happiest. where we live at the time. where ever you think it is. where I feel most connected, from a cultural point of view and where most of my friends are. Although France will always be home in a way, this is where I have my roots, I feel less connected to French culture now. Germany ist mein Heimat. now Germany. where my cats and dog are! still England.... split between Fort Worth Texas and Anchorage Alaska. where I find myself happy. the flat I currently live in. We have done things to personalise it, and we have been happy here. where your heart and family are really. where you make it‌ where you can relax when you return back there. here where I now live.

Australia - Perth in the hills. such an elusive place though with every new journey, I plant a seed and call it home. to be determined. a place that makes me feel welcomed. where one is accepted for who one is and not ostracized for being different. United States. where you are surrounded by family and friends, where you feel happy certainly where your heart is & for us right here ! wherever you feel at home; if you involve yourself in the local scene, you soon become less conspicuous. where my heart is and my heart is here in Luxor. where I grew up. where I’m sleeping tonight where your family is happy. where the work is. safe, comfortable, where I can be myself. where ever I am ;) where we are ! nowhere and everywhere. here in Spain. where the heart, friends, significant others. where I can just be myself. a place where my family and loved one is. where you will feel you can settle down and have the life you want to. anywhere you enjoy living. everywhere you're happy living in it, alone or with loved ones(family, spouse, close friends). not a house. Home is my family. I can't live without my family. where my family is but also a place here I stay/live whilst abroad a place I feel comfortable with. my roots, I will be back! both in Sweden and in Bristol. where I sleep I don’t know anymore.

‘An interesting turning point was when I first started calling my house abroad ‘home’, whilst still calling my house in the UK (my parent’s house) home… it got very confusing!’

‘6 months into living in Vancouver I got incredibly homesick. One of my old housemates was getting married in England and I was missing it. It struck me then how many more things I would miss out on. I left the apartment and walked down to the beach in the dark, crying as I walked. I couldn't stop the tears. Home was so far away. This country was so alien, and even though they speak English there's still a language barrier. But once I'd had a good cry, I felt much better. It's challenging living abroad but I'd never regret it.’ ‘2 years into my expat experience: the day I realized that my living situation in my host country (the UK) felt more “home” and familiar than the life I had left behind.’ ‘Every day I spend here in Luxor is WONDERFUL. I am where I want to be and with people I want to be with. Every day is special so I can’t pick just one. I am in my most favourite place in the whole world and never want to be anywhere else ever again.’ ‘The day I bought my house (last month). It signified the fact that I am ready to settle down here and have got through the ups and downs of moving to another country. I feel masses more relaxed about being here now I have made the decision to invest in the community.’ ‘It’s really hard to answer, Australia is still home for me as its where I grew up and my family and pets are still there but the UK is also my home as its where I live and all my stuff is aswell as my boyfriend and his family. So I would have to say they are both my home.’

‘When in USA I called Denmark home, now I moved back to Denmark I (strangely) call USA home.’ ‘USA is home but I still feel a tug for England.’‘So far the my hardest day was the Saturday following my return to the Netherlands after Christmas and New Years. I’d just had a great trip home and some very memorable experiences. The weather in Amsterdam was cold and rainy on Saturday and I lacked all motivation to go out. As I sat home all day, I watched my friends all posting online about a weekend in Colorado that I likely would have joined if I were still there. Needless to say I was extremely lonely and depressed that day. Sunday I vowed to get out of my rut and explore Amsterdam so I did. Spent time with other expats and quickly shook off my sorrows.’ ‘I live in Denmark, I have a home there but it is not necessarily ‘home’. What do you mean by ‘home’ anyway? ‘USA is home but I still feel a tug for England.’ ‘England! Hate to say it!’ ‘All of them are home to me.’ ‘Nowhere!’

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This series of booklets present the results of an online questionnaire I circulated worldwide, focussing on 4 aspects of the expat lifestyle...