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WHO THE HELL IS SAM BACKHOUSE? Sam Backhouse was born in the United Kingdom on the twelfth day of April sometime in the Twentieth Century. When Sam was one years old he picked up a pen and made a scribble on a piece of paper. Sam enjoyed scribbling onto bits of paper and he carried it on. Years later he learnt how to read and write, and when he knew how to do this he was off and nothing could stop him. He spent his time doodling on his exercise books at school and this sometimes pissed the teachers off. Sam didn't care. He just kept on drawing. Nothing was going to stop him. When he was six years old, Sam was introduced to the fascinating world of comics, and he went to buy The Beano and The Dandy comic from his local newsagent each week. Never being into computer and video games, Sam entertained himself by reading and collecting comics. Being hugely influenced by the world of comics, Sam started to one day make his own, and in 1998 he invented one of his classic characters, Gobby, the boy who never stops talking. Gobby is a character that always has a speech bubble crammed full of words beside him in every panel of his strips. Over the years, Sam's drawings evolved, and so did his writing. He noticed that his work was appealing to other people, and this inspired him to keep pushing himself further by writing poetry, writing short stories, drawing comic strips and making random animations. After graduating from art college in 2012, Sam has noticed that after sixteen years of education, not much has really changed about him at all, apart from his hair is a bit longer, he no longer fits into size 2 shoes and he doesn’t wear nappies.  

Little eBook of Random Crap Vol 1  

This is the first edition of the Little ebook of random crap vol 1 by illustrator and cartoonist Sam Backhouse. The book is aptly titled as...