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Mike Bloomfield Limited Editions

To most guitar and blues aficionados, Michael Bloomfield was more than just a renowned, big-city blues guitarist. A session player who was weaned on Chicago’s legendary south side blues, Bloomfield forever altered American-based blues with his bold and passionate guitar playing and he did it all while strumming a 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard. The master craftsmen at Gibson Custom are proud to announce the much-anticipated Michael Bloomfield 1959 Les Paul Standard, an accurate recreation of the instrument Bloomfield used to create the legendary “Bloomfield Sound.” Whether listening to his recordings with the Butterfield Band, his work on Bob Dylan’s classic Highway 61 Revisited album, or his mastery of the guitar on Super Session, Bloomfield’s technique is without equal, and the tone achieved using his beloved Les Paul is one of the most recognizable of all time. The Michael Bloomfield 1959 Les Paul Standard faithfully captures that celebrated tone, along with every precious detail of the original. Starting with the Les Paul’s traditional hand-carved maple top and solid, non-weight relieved mahogany back, this instrument is pure Gibson, right down to such time-honored appointments like CTS potentiometers and bumble-bee capacitors, holly headstock veneer, Grover kidney tuners and a rounded neck profile similar to those on the original Les Pauls from 1959. The guitar’s Bloomfield Burst finish also replicates the finish on Bloomfield’s original Les Paul, and was achieved through the careful examination of hundreds of photos of the original. This special reissue is available in a limited release of only 300 guitars: The first 100 will be aged by renowned finish and restoration artist Tom Murphy, while 200 will receive the popular V.O.S. (Vintage Original Specs) treatment. All will come with a standard Gibson Custom case silkscreened with Bloomfield’s signature, a custom care kit and certificate of authenticity. (AVAILABLE AT SELECT LOCATIONS)

$9999.99 Tom Murphy AGED GLPMBABFB • LIST: $14,115.00

$7299.99 VOS GLPMBVBFB • LIST: $10,351.00

Includes custom hardshell case! 1958 Les Paul Plaintop VOS • $3699.99

The 1958 Les Paul Standard reissue produced today by Gibson Custom is true to all of the original instrument’s features and characteristics, including Gibson’s traditional hand-carved “plain” maple top and solid, non-weight relieved mahogany body. The headstock is made from Holly head veneer, as opposed to fiber, just like it was in 1958, and the vintage-style tulip tuners are mounted in a straight line, also as they were on the original. The 24 ¾-inch scale length neck is made from one solid piece of mahogany, and attached to the body using a long neck tenon — one of the Les Paul’s more distinguishing characteristics of the 1950s. The neck is topped by a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard outfitted with acrylic trapezoid inlays matching the size and color of the originals. Of course, two of Gibson’s legendary Burstbucker pickups deliver all the subtle variations of true, classic humbucker tone by using historically “unmatched” bobbin windings and Alnico II magnets. Other historical appointments include CTS potentiometers, bumble bee capacitors, rolled crème-colored fingerboard binding, single-ply thin binding around the body, and period-correct switchwasher and jackplate. The 1958 Les Paul Standard comes in either a V.O.S. or Gloss finish, and with the standard Gibson Custom case, custom care kit and certificate of authenticity. GLPR8PVFT FADED TOBACCO, GLPR8PVIT ICED TEA, GLPR8PVWC WASHED CHERRY List: $5174.00 (AVAILABLE AT SELECT LOCATIONS)


gibson usa Includes hardshell case! Price drop!

Was $899.99

NOW ONLY $699.99! Best combination of features and value!

Gibson SG Special

The original Gibson SG shattered all perceptions of what a guitar should be when it was first introduced in 1961. Today, the SG stands as one of Gibson’s most popular and best-selling guitars. Its distinct twin cutaways, pointed horns, and beveled edges have made it one of the most inspired and iconic designs in the history of guitar making. GSGSCWCCH • List: $1164.00

Includes hardshell case!

Price drop!

Was $1649.99

Includes hardshell case!

NOW ONLY $1199.99! A new classic for rocking through the 21st Century

Gibson SG Standard

Like the landmark Les Paul before it, the SG Standard shattered all perceptions of what a guitar could be when it was first introduced in 1961. Today, it stands as one of the most popular and bestselling of all Gibson guitars. Its distinct twin cutaways, pointed horns, and beveled edges have made it one of the most inspired and iconic designs in the history of guitar-making. And not only is it one of the most eye-catching guitar designs, it is also one of the most functional and effective. GSGSHCCH • List: $1998.00

Includes hardshell case!


Gibson Les Paul Studio Raw Power • $1115.00

Gibson USA’s Les Paul Studio Raw Power is the Les Paul in its most basic form, yet built like none other before it. And it starts with a solid maple body to match its traditional maple top, resulting in a more articulate, bright tone. A maple fingerboard gives each played note a snappier response. A pair of Gibson’s renowned ’57 Classic pickups provides all the clear punch and muscle of those legendary “PAFs.” GLPSRPSWG • List: $1858.00

Includes hardshell case! Price drop!

Was $999.99

NOW ONLY $799.99! Best combination of features and value!

Gibson Les Paul Studio

Traditional Les Paul performance with a modern, no-frills attitude. Introduced nearly 25 years ago as a guitar for the studio musician, the Les Paul Studio has become one of the most desired Les Pauls for its tremendous harmonic and sonic capacities, coveted by musicians from all genres of music. GLPSTWCCH • List: $1199.00


Gibson SG Raw Power • $998.00

The SG Raw Power from Gibson USA adds another dimension to Gibson’s most popular model of all-time. Everything about the SG Raw Power still screams SG. But take a closer look at the new colors, the new upgrades – and the new nice price – and you’ll see it’s more desirable than ever before. GSGRPSWCH • List: $1664.00



The legendary Les Paul you grew up loving Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus-Top • $2299.99

Includes hardshell case!

You asked for it—you got it. Introducing the Les Paul Traditional from Gibson USA. With all the fat, sweet, snarling Les Paul tone that purists love, the Traditional plays, sounds, and weighs like the Les Pauls today’s players grew up loving and lusting after. Taking design and visual cues from the Les Pauls of the ’80s and ‘90s, the Les Paul Traditional starts with an un-chambered mahogany body with traditional weight-relief holes for a beefy tone that maintains the resonance of modern Les Pauls. Each Les Paul Traditional also comes with Gibson USA’s standard black snakeskin case. GLPTPHSCH HERITAGE, GLPTPITCH ICED TEA • List: $3449.00

Les Paul Traditional Plain Top • $2189.99 GLPTGTCH1 • List: $3279.00


Limited Edition! Discover the world’s most powerful guitar – with thrilling and historic tuning, technology and tone capabilities, the Dark Fire changes the guitar world forever. Gibson Les Paul Dark Fire • $3349.99

Gibson Guitar announced the limited availability of the Gibson Dark Fire guitar. Embracing the spirit of innovation and technical advancement that inspired the original Gibson Digital guitar in 2006 and Robot guitar in 2007, Gibson’s Dark Fire guitar is poised to change the music industry overnight. The world’s most technically advanced guitar will rock the music industry to its core and will soon become the most sought after musical instrument of its time. GRBDFDFCH • List: $4499.00



Epiphone Les Paul Standard $479.99

The Les Paul Standard is one of the most iconic guitars in the world. Epiphone has continued the legacy of this Gibson classic with its own quality model. The Epiphone Les Paul Standard has a bound mahogany/alder body with a maple top, and a bound, set mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard and trapezoidal inlays. It also has two humbucker pickups, chrome hardware, two volume and two tone knobs and a three-way switch. Case not included. ENSPHSCH1 STD CHERRY, ENSPVSCH1 VINT S/B • List: $833.00

Epiphone Les Paul Standard $429.99

The Les Paul Standard is one of the most iconic guitars in the world. Epiphone has continued the legacy of this Gibson classic with its own quality model. The Epiphone Les Paul Standard has a bound mahogany/alder body with a maple top, and a bound, set mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard and trapezoidal inlays. It also has two humbucker pickups, chrome hardware, two volume and two tone knobs and a three-way switch. Case not included. ENSEBCH • List: $744.00

Your choice $169.99!

Epiphone Les Paul Special II • $169.99

Epiphone’s Les Paul Special II is the most affordable genuine Les Paul model available. It has a laminated alder/maple body and a bolt on mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays. It also has two open coil humbucker pickups and chrome hardware for a great sound and look. Players of all levels will appreciate the straightforward electronics configuration of volume, tone and a 3-way switch. Case not included. ENJRWRBHX • List: $299.00

Epiphone Les Les Paul Ultra II • $749.99

Based upon Epiphone’s top-selling Les Paul Ultra, the Epiphone Ultra-II adds a proprietary NanoMag™ low-impedance pickup embedded into the fingerboard and custom electronics to create a Les Paul that is not only capable of blistering, electric guitar riffs but also shimmering acoustic-like tones and when combined, greatly expanded frequency range and tonal capabilities. ENU2MEGH1 • List: $1299.00

Epiphone SG Special • $169.99

Never before has it been so inexpensive to get your hands on a genuine SG that’s designed and backed by Gibson! From prog to punk, the SG is one of the industry’s most popular guitar designs. The body is made from alder and maple, with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. A pair of open coil humbuckers deliver the same tones that have launched countless rock recordings through the years. Additional features include an adjustable bridge with stoptail, and vintage style tuners. Case not included. ESGSCHCHX • List: $299.00



Price drop! Was $899.99 Now Only $699.99 The most affordable American-made Strats and Teles

Fender Highway One

Upgraded and hot-rodded! The Highway One series gets upgraded in full force! Super-sized frets, ‘70s styling, new Alnico-3 pickups, and new colors take this amazing guitar to the next level. The new Hot Strat pickups create a rounder sound that can sound glassy or great with high gain. The thin satin nitrocellulose lacquer finish still lets the natural tone of the body wood shine through, and when coupled with the upgrades above, creates one of the most exciting U.S. made instruments in the Fender line! Additional features include an alder body, modern C shape maple neck with rosewood or maple fingerboard, Fender/Ping tuners, a vintage style synchronized tremolo, and a Greasebucket tone circuit. Includes gig bag. F1162300X Strat, F1262367X Tele, F1760306X HSS Strat List: $1130.00

Price drop! Was $549.99 Now Only $499.99 The new upgraded Fender Standard Series Strat

Price drop! Was $549.99 Now Only $499.99 The new upgraded Fender Standard Series Tele

The sounds that create legends! The Standard Stratocaster offers legendary Fender tone combined with classic styling that includes three single-coil pickups, a synchronized tremolo with high-mass bridge block, shielded body cavities, and medium jumbo frets. New features include a tinted neck, parchment pickguard/control knobs, and a ‘70s-style logo. The Standard Strat - plug one in and hear for yourself! Includes Standard Gig Bag.

The sounds that create legends! Since its introduction in the early 50’s, professional guitarists of all musical genres have relied on the Fender Telecaster guitar for its powerful tone and smooth playability. The Standard Telecaster incorporates the best of the old and new, offering hotter single-coil pickups, shielded body cavities, medium jumbo frets, cast/sealed machine heads and six-saddle strings-thrubody-bridge.

Fender Standard Strat

F44600302 LAKE PLACID BLUE, F44600332 Brown Sunburst, F44602306 BLACK, F44602380 arctic white • List: $690.00


Fender Standard Tele

F45102332 Brown Sunburst, F45102375 midnight wine, F45102380 arctic white • List: $690.00






Was: $1499.99, Now: $1399.99

Was: $1439.99 Now: $1299.99

American Standard Jazz Bass

American Standard Precision Bass

ONLY $1299.99 after rebate

F0660700X List: $1880.00

Was: $1419.99 Now: $1349.99

Was: $1274.99 Now: $1199.99

American Standard Telecaster

American Standard Stratocaster

ONLY $1199.99 after rebate

ONLY $1249.99 after rebate

F0462706X List: $1880.00

F0502721X List: $1780.00

ONLY $1099.99 after rebate

F0400712X List: $1590.00


Visit or for more information. © 2009 FMIC. Fender®, Stratocaster®, Strat®, Telecaster®,Tele®, Precision Bass®, P Bass®, Jazz Bass®, J Bass®, and the distinctive headstock designs commonly found on these guitars are trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. All rights reserved.



Squier Vintage Modified Tele Thinline • $299.99

Squier’s Vintage Modified Telecaster Thinline guitar features a semi-hollow body with a distinctive F-hole and classic Tele® tone from two Duncan Designed™ Telecaster pickups. Players from beginner to intermediate and beyond have done it for years— whether installing hotter pickups, alternate pickguards, or just plain personalizing their instruments with fancy paint jobs, modified means adding new twists to a familiar design. Features include a semi-hollow alder body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, and a vintage style six-saddle bridge with string-thru design. Case not included. F1240544X • List: $500.00

Squier Jagmaster • $279.99

The Jagmaster guitar is an upgraded and redesigned Squier offering tons of tone and vibe. Details such as the vintage tinted neck, parchment and tortoise pickguards, and pearloid dot inlays make this one a cut above the rest! The new design includes a return to the 24” Jaguar scale for easy playability, a six-screw tremolo bridge and Duncan Designed™ humbucking pickups for amazing tone. Case not included. F20700500 • List: $480.00

Squier Affinity Strat Special • $179.99

Dressed in an eye-popping 2-Color sunburst finish, this limited edition Fender-designed Stratocaster guitar has the look and feel of guitars costing 10 times as much. With a contoured alder body, bolt-on maple neck (with a late ‘60s-style headstock), three single coils and a standard tremolo system – the Affinity Strat guitar has all the vintage vibe at a fraction of the price. These guitars won’t be available for long, so don’t miss out on the real deal! Case not included. F0603503X • List: $280.00

Squier Standard Strat • $229.99

The Squier Standard Stratocaster plays great with a traditional vibe and modern feel. Recently upgraded throughout, these classics stand alone. Player-friendly features like the 22-fret fingerboard and a slimmer neck make for easier playing and choke-free bends. Plus, Alnico single-coil pickups provide plenty of punch! Choose from a Maple or Rosewood fingerboard. F1603530X • List: $380.00

Squier Affinity Series Mini Strat • $99.99

The Squier® Mini is the 3/4-size version (22.75” scale length) of the Squier Bullet® and makes an ideal travel guitar for players of all ages or a first guitar for kids. This is not a toy, though! Three single-coil pickups, a fixed, non-tremolo hardtail bridge and five-way switching make the Mini sound as cool as it looks. Case not included. F0101506X black, F0101558X red• List: $180.00





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F3025507x List:$550.00


453"50$"45&3ˆÂľT $0-0346/#6345


F3000503x • List:$550.00


453"50$"45&3ÂľT $0-0346/#6345


F3010500x List:$550.00

7JTJUXXXTBNBTINVTJDDPNTRVJFSUPMFBSO IPXUPHFUBGSFF4RVJFSˆ$MBTTJD7JCFTIJSU Š 2009 FMIC. FenderŽ, StratocasterŽ, TelecasterŽ, and the distinctive headstock designs commonly found on these guitars are trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. All rights reserved.




Ibanez RG Prestige RG1550PN • $999.99

The Ibanez RG1550M Prestige continues the legacy of the RG series introduced in 1987 - still thriving and evolving. The RG1550M is sure to turn heads and warp minds with its bold looks and specs inspired by the original 1987 RG’s. This guitar is crafted in Japan by Ibanez’s finest luthiers. The 5pc maple/walnut Wizard Prestige neck is the characteristic thin, fast neck that the Ibanez RG Prestige series is world famous for. Includes case. IRG1550PN • List: $1333.32


Ibanez IRGA42TGB • $499.99

The RGA series was introduced to satisfy the demand from players who wanted an RG with a fixed bridge. Ibanez went further and gave these double humbucker beauties an arched top (the “A” in RGA). The RGA42FMTGB features IBZ Lo-Z active pickups with an active mid-cut EQ. The extra strong, fixed Gibraltar bridge stays completely stable under the most aggressive attacks and is excellent at handling low and alternative tunings. Case included. IRGA42TGB • List: $666.65

Limited Edition

Ibanez S320DX • $599.99

Distinctiveness is an important aspect of owning an instrument. Let’s face it…being able to buy an instrument exclusively through one dealer says a lot about the dedication a company has for its customers. For 2009, Ibanez and Sam Ash proudly present the S320DX. The S series is a diabolical shredding machine that features a sleek and comfortable Mahogany body, double-locking ZR tremolo with the ZPS system, an ultra-fast 3pc Wizard II maple neck, jumbo frets, Rosewood fret board with shark tooth inlay, bound neck and high-gain IBZ INF pickups. Case not included. IS320DXWH • List: $799.99


Ibanez ART300 • $399.99

For over 30 years, the classic Artist design has provided a real, high quality alternative to “the other famous mahogany double humbucker.” The ART single cutaway offers striking finishes, active pickups and more modern variations on the set-neck Artist theme at unprecedented low prices. Case not included. IART300GC • List: $533.32


Ibanez GRX20 • $149.99

Ibanez GRX series guitars feature the same warranty and set-up standards as their most expensive models. The thin, fast maple neck and rosewood fingerboard are built for speed. Two custom Ibanez humbuckers are loaded into a lightweight GRX style alder body. Features: sealed die-cast tuners; FAT6 tremolo; volume and tone controls with 3-way switch; black pickguard. Case not included. IGRX20BKN • List: $214.27


Danelectro Dead On 67 • $349.99 D67GBUTTE Butterscotch, D67GORANG agent orange, D67GREDXX red List: $399.00



Danelectro Long Horn Bass • $349.99 D58LHBBRS • List: $399.00




Limited Editions!

ESP LTD EX/Viper • $899.99

ESP’s limited edition Graphic Series models are designed by renowned dark artist Mister Sam, the three limited edition “Clockwork Zombie” models (LTD EC-CZ, LTD EX-CZ, and LTD VIPER-CZ) use a sinister combination of skeletal parts and mechanized components for a vicious look. Features include set-neck construction, Earvana compensated nut and EMG active pickups. Case not included. EEXCZXXXX LTD, EVIPERCZX ltd VIPER • List: $1199.00

ESP Kirk Hammett Signature Model • $469.99

The ESP Kirk Hammett KH-202 Signature Model Electric guitar is a great choice for Metallica fans on a budget. Kirk has been working with ESP for over 20 years to develop a guitar you can trust. You can reallly shred with this one. Don’t forget the Wah Wah pedal and case. EKH202BLK • List: $665.00

Price drop!

Was $499.99

Now only $299.99


It’s an urban jungle out there, but you won’t blend in with the new M-200UC! This camouflaged 24-fret guitar with floating tremolo is based on the ESP M-Series, made famous by players like Jeff Hanneman, Kirk Hammett and many more. Case not included. EM200UCXX • List: $715.00


ESP EC50 • $249.99

Now you can get that killer EC Series tone and fast playing neck in a bolt-on version. The EC-50 is ESP’s most affordable EC guitar to date! Features: bolt-on construction; agathis body; maple neck with rosewood fingerboard; dot inlays with model name at the 12th fret; volume and tone controls; 3-way switch; black nickel hardware; Tune-o-matic bridge with stop tailpiece; 24XJ frets. Case not included. EEC50BLKS • List: $349.00


FREE PRS Pickups plus FREE factory set-up when you buy a new U.S. made PRS Guitar

between March 1, 2009 and August 31, 2009! That’s right! Any current PRS pickup pair of your choice including the coveted 1957/2008! In response to numerous customer requests, PRS is pleased to officially launch the PRS Tech Center (PTC) to provide factory repair, set-up, electronics upgrades, refinishing, touch-ups and other services to the PRS family of players. As a way of introducing PRS customers to our new PRS Tech Center (PTC), we’re offering a great opportunity to buy a PRS guitar and receive (2) PRS pickups of your choice, factory installed with set-up at our new PRS Tech Center! We’ll GIVE you the pickups for your new PRS guitar or even UPGRADE your current PRS guitar! AND, we’ll do a basic set-up absolutely FREE.**

Here’s how it works: • Buy a new USA-made PRS guitar anytime between March 1, 2009 until August 31, 2009 from an authorized PRS dealer and receive a FREE pickup set installed for FREE including a factory set-up at our new PRS Tech Center (PTC) in Stevensville, MD!

• When you purchase your new PRS, send the original authorized dealer receipt and completed PRS Guitars PTC SALES PROMOTION REDEMPTION COUPON (available from your authorized PRS Dealer) to the address on the coupon. PRS will register your purchase and place your reservation at the PRS Tech Center. You can schedule your guitar for upgrade and set-up anytime for up to one calendar year from the date of purchase. Scheduling will be subject to PTC availability. The PRS Tech Center will contact you to provide shipping instructions and projected completion date. Shipping to PTC is paid by customer with return shipping paid by PRS Guitars. Any PRS pickup set currently available including the 1957/2008 humbuckers can be specified by the customer! PRS set-up includes fret dress, truss rod adjustment, new strings, and intonation adjustment. Other adjustments or repairs can be done on a fee basis while we have your guitar at the PTC. This promotion applies only to guitars purchased by U.S. domiciled end-users from continental U.S. authorized PRS dealers. **Subject to compatibility with your PRS guitar’s existing switching and/or electronics system. Special requests will be considered on a charge basis. SE Models are not eligible for this promotion.

• You can UPGRADE either your EXISTING PRS guitar or the newly purchased PRS guitar to the pickups of your choice as long as you purchase a new PRS guitar during the program period.



CF Martin DC16RGTE Aura • $1749.99

Select solid Sitka Spruce is used for the top while solid East Indian Rosewood is used for the back and sides. The neck is made of solid Spanish Cedar with a black Micarta® fingerboard. The neck also features Martin’s Modified Low Oval shape for the ultimate in playing comfort. Equipped with Fishman Prefix Aura System™ electronics. Additional features include: sealed chrome tuners; 20 total frets with 14 clear; Tortoise style pickguard. Comes with a deluxe hardshell case. MDC16RGTE • List: $2349.00

CF Martin Little Martin • $279.99

Whether you’re a traveling troubadour a beginning guitar student, the “Little Martin” LXM is a perfect fit. The LXM features a Spruce Pattern HPL (High Pressure Laminate) textured finish top along with Mahogany Pattern HPL textured finish back and sides. Both the fingerboard and bridge are made of Black Micarta. Additional features include: Modified Low Oval neck shape; gold and black herringbone rosette; 20 total frets with 14 clear; Gotoh nickel tuning machines. Comes with gig bag. MLXMXXXXX “O” SIZE, MLX2XXXXX KOA top • List: $399.00

Taylor DN3 • $1099.99

The Taylor DN3 is part of their newly re-designed line of acoustic guitars. The heralded Dreadnought is the most traditional of all acoustics. By definition, it’s a battleship of a guitar and the DN Series pays tribute to that legacy— and then some. This Dreadnought’s booming bass and articulate mids dare you to dig in and challenge your flatpicking prowess. TDN3XXXXX • List: $1498.00

Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC • $2549.99

At the heart of Gibson’s square-shoulder dreadnought line of acoustic guitars is the Songwriter Series, and the Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC is its most fundamental offering, in a distinct cutaway design. First introduced in 2003, the Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC combines Gibson’s time-honored bracing patterns of the 1930s with Gibson’s classic square-shoulder shape, which gained world-wide recognition in the early 1960s. GSSCDANGH • List: $3268.00

Taylor Big Baby • $449.99

The Big Baby sports a solid Sitka Spruce top for a great sound that’ll keep getting better with age along with a Sapele laminate body that adds extra resilience against climatic changes. This 15/16-scale Dreadnought boasts a surprisingly full voice. The Big Baby is sure to become your trusty companion - wherever you go! Comes with gig bag.   TBIGBABYM • List: $598.00



Price drop!

Takamine EAN10CTBS Was $1099.99 Now $799.99 minus $100 mail-in rebate

ONLY $699.99 after rebate!

Hurry! Special Purchase 65% Off List

The Takamine EAN10CTBS combines stunning looks and a warm sound that will project in any environment. It features mahogany construction with a solid cedar top for a more classical-oriented tone. The onboard CT4B preamp system features a 3-band EQ and an accurate onboard chromatic tuner. Other appointments include gold-tone tuners with amber pearl buttons, inlay-free rosewood fingerboard and rosewood bridge, and cutaway design to get you to those upper frets with no trouble. Includes a hard case. TEAN10CTB • List: $1649.00

Only 400 available!


Ovation CC28-TBBY Celebrity • $429.99

The Ovation sound. The sound that made the acoustic guitar a viable electric instrument is now within everyone’s reach. Spruce top. Rosewood fingerboard. Built by Ovation’s Pacific-based subsidiary, this guitar benefits from the same Lyrachord body as its more upscale USA-made brothers. An acoustic/electric that will earn its keep even as your playing skills mature. OCC28TBBY • List: $599.50

Price drop!

Was $599.99

Now Only $299.99

Takamine EG5013SVFT G Series OM

The G Series offers more sizes, colors, woods than in any other family of models that Takamine offers. Made to strict specifications, G Series instruments represent exceptionally good value. Over a dozen distinct dreadnought models are included in the G Series, many with solid spruce tops.

Yamaha YAPX500FV • $349.99

The APX series places emphasis on playability with a stylish thin profile that fits the musicians body. As for cosmetics, the APX500 features a beautiful mother-of-pearl sound hole ring inlay, white fingerboard binding, white/black body binding, mother-of-pearl APX & Yamaha headstock logos and position markers. YAPX500FV • List: $559.99

TEG5013SV • List: $859.00



Epiphone MM50 F Style Mandolin • $499.99

Epiphone’s MM-50 offers superior workmanship and tone found in models priced far higher! This stylish “F” shaped model is crafted from maple with a solid spruce top. This gives it a clear sound with plenty of attack, making it a wise choice for those lightning-fast country licks. Additional features include a maple neck, full body/neck/headstock binding, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, white bound plexi pickguard, white-button tuners, and rosewood based bridge, plus vintage-looking nickel hardware. Case not included. EF50VSNH1 • List: $832.00

Epiphone MB200 5 String Banjo • $269.99

Country and bluegrass players will be sure to appreciate the look and the robust sound of the MB-200. This fine mahogany banjo has a Remo USA head that provides outstanding resonance and projection. It features a mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard with intricate inlay work, vintage style tuners, and high-quality chrome-plated ring. Case not included. EFB1MRCH • List: $448.00

Oscar Schmidt OU2 Mahogany Concert Ukulele • $69.99

Constructed of fine hand-selected woods, with classic designs and superior resonance, popular and affordable Oscar Schmidt Ukuleles are hand crafted for years of playing enjoyment. Birch Top, Back & Side, Semi Satin Finish, Ebony Headstock and Bridge. Lifetime warranty. Case not included. OOU2XXXXX • List: $104.90

Oscar Schmidt OU3 Concert Ukulele • $109.99

Ibanez M510 Acoustic Electric Mandolin • $179.99 A versatile acoustic/electric mandolin, the Ibanez M510EBS comes equipped with a single-coil magnetic pickup along with volume and tone controls. Great acoustic tone comes from mahogany back and sides and a select spruce top. Additional features include chrome hardware, a rosewood fingerboard and bridge and a tortoise-style pickguard. Finished in a beautiful Gloss Brown Sunburst. Case not included.

A concert size Ukulele by a Leader in Ukulele’s, the OU13 features a select spruce top and Rosewood back and sides for great tone, easy playing and a quality known from a company with over 125 years history of producing musical instruments. The OU13 will offer a lifetime of playing pleasure at a very afforadable price. Case not included. OOU3XXXXX • List: $169.90

IM510EBSX • List: $257.13

Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele • $149.99

Dean BW6 Backwoods 6-String Banjo • $249.99

The Dean Backwoods 6-string banjo is ideal for every guitar player that yearns for that banjo sound without having to learn a new instrument. Tuned like a standard guitar, you’re ready to go! Constructed with attention to detail the Backwoods are a notably solid line of banjos with very appealing prices. Reminiscent of their fore fathers from the 30’s, the Backwoods present a bright tone with a traditional look. Case not included. DBW6XXXXX • List: $439.99


A beautiful Ukulele made of select Hawaii Koa by a Leader in Ukulele’s, the OU5 features a select Koa top and body with abalone rosette and binding for a rich bright tone, easy string playing and a quality known from a company with over 125 years history of producing musical instruments. The OU5 will offer a lifetime of playing pleasure at a very affordable price. Case not included. OOU5XXXXX • List: $244.90


Ibanez TCY10 Talman Acoustic/Electric $199.99

Ibanez’s double-cutaway Talmans are perfect for the electric guitarist who wants to gain the full tones of an acoustic guitar without losing the comfort and playability of an electric. TCY models feature the clarity of a bridge pickup combined with a spruce top. TCM models feature the warm sound of a magnetic soundhole pickup combined with an ash top. ITCY10EBK BLACK, ITCY10ETB TRANS BLUE List: $299.99

Your Choice $99.99

Epiphone DR100 • $99.99

The Epiphone DR-100 is an entrylevel instrument from a name you can trust. Its select spruce top gives it a sound quality above other guitars in its price range. It features a bound mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, and chrome plated tuners. Case not included. EA10NACH List: $182.00

Epiphone AJ100 Advanced Jumbo $99.99

Fender Sonoran SCE • $329.99

Cowabunga! Grab your board shorts and your Sonoran and head on down to Laguna to play some tunes and ride the waves. This dreadnought cutaway California Series beauty with electronics will have you admiring its cool Strat® guitar headstock, soft C-shaped maple neck and hip checkerboard binding ’til the sun comes down! F8024021X Natural, F8026002X LAKE PLACID BLUE, F8026006X BLACK F8026009X CANDY APPLE RED • List: $480.00

The most affordable jumbo guitar of its kind, the Epiphone AJ-100 provides a room-filling sound. A select spruce top and mahogany body come together to offer a warm yet pronounced tone that’s hard to come by in similarly-priced instruments. Other features include a mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, bound body, and die-cast tuners. Case not included. EAJ1VSCHX List: $182.00


Nylon String ACOUSTICS

Washburn C104SCE Nylon String Acoustic/Electric • $329.99

Meticulously designed to provide comfortable, easy playing for all styles, the C104 now comes standard with the B-Band™ A3 preamp. Featuring a solid cedar top and rosewood sides and back, the C104SCE has a rich, distinctive full-bodied tone. Washburn craftsmanship makes this cutaway model a favorite of classical artists, novice and expert alike. Case not included. WC104SCEN • List: $549.90

Cordoba C5 Nylon String • $299.99

The C5 is the first solid Canadian cedar top guitar in the Cordoba line. It features a 5 fan Torres style bracing with handmade real wood inlaid rosette, African mahogany sides and back and rosewood fingerboard. The C5 is ideal for aspiring classical guitarists, as well as steel string /electric players interested in expanding their skills into the classical and Spanish realms. Cordoba padded Gig Bag with shoulder straps included. CC5XXXXXX • List: $370.00

Yamaha CGS102A 1/2 Size $119.99

Ibanez GA3 Nylon String • $99.99

The GA3 is a well-crafted value priced classical guitar with great sound quality and total playability. The agathis body is topped with select spruce for that warm round tone you expect from a nylon string guitar. Features chrome classical tuners and a gloss natural finish. Case not included. IGA3XXXXX • List: $142.85


This is Yamaha’s smallest instrument. Its 21” (535mm) scale length and 3-3/4” (94-100mm) deep body provide a perfect fit for the youngest musicians. This petite size is the most difficult to produce properly, and many inexpensive “toy” guitars fill this range. But don’t let them fool you. The CGS102 is a legitimate musical instrument, constructed with the beautiful tonal woods and meticulous details of a full-sized Yamaha guitar. Case not included. YCGS102AX • List: $189.99

3/4 size• $129.99

YCGS103AX • List: $209.99


BUY 1 get 1 FREE! EXP’s deliver brilliant, crisp acoustic tone and last 3 to 4 times longer. The ultimate extended life strings! DEXP% $10.99- $12.99

Groove Tech Guitar Player Tech Kit • $49.95

Have tool kit; will travel! Guitar players may know a little about truss rods and action, but few actually attempt adjustment. That’s a shame, because a substantial upgrade in your performance can be realized with a properly set up axe. The GrooveTech kit provides everything needed to work on your guitar, and an Easy Setup Guide is included that takes the mystery out of it. Tools are professional grade and lifetime guaranteed. CGTGTR1XX • List: $61.95

Dunlop System 65 Guitar Care and Maintenance Kit • $25.99

This Dunlop maintenance kit contains one each of all of their great care products. Includes Bodygloss 65 Carnauba wax for polishing and sealing, Formula 65 polish and cleaner, Ultraglide 65 String Conditioner which shields strings against corrosion for longer playing life, 01 Fingerboard Cleaner & Prep for removing build-up from fingerboards, and 02 Fingerboard Deep Conditioner that prevents cracking and provides a protective layer of oil while bringing out the rich wood look. Includes instructions and two 100% cotton polishing cloths. D6500MKIT • List: $39.63

Oasis Guitar Humidifier $16.99

The body of Oasis™ is made from a specially designed fabric that allows water vapor (but not water) to pass through it. As the vapor transmission takes place, a vacuum is created and Oasis™ shrinks to compensate for the loss of water. By watching the Oasis™ shrink, you can determine when it is ready for refill. When refilling, you don’t have to guess when it is full. Simply unscrew the black cap, fill with water to the top of the container and replace the cap. Features long lasting humidification, two levels of leak protection, and is stabilized to never touch the body of your instrument. OASISXXXX • List: $19.95


Strings lose their strength and tone due to oxidation and rust from the sweat, oils, and dead skin left behind from you fingers. The String Cleaner removes these harmful substances. TSCGXXXXX • List: $ 12.99



Planet Waves Beatles Guitar Strap • $39.99 each

From “Love Me Do” to “Revolution”, the Beatles were arguably the most creative, diverse and influential band in pop music history. Planet Waves honors the Beatles’ legacy with a unique collection of guitar picks and straps, featuring iconic album covers and timeless images which capture the enduring spirit and essence of the “Fab Four.” The strap artwork spans the Beatles entire career and all straps are vegan leather! P25LB01XX (MEET THE BEATLES), P25LB02XX (a HARD DAYS NIGHT), P25LB03XX (HELP), P25LB04XX (REVOLVER), P25LB05XX (SERGEANT PEPPER), p25lb06xx (yellow submarine), P25LB07XX (abbey road), P25LB08XX (ANTHOLOGY) List: $54.99

Hot Rod Monkey Electric Guitar Case $114.00

Evil Doctor Electric Guitar Case $114.00

This universal fit case features 6 ply construction, a built-in tuner, a pick tray, a dedicated string pouch, super deluxe plush interior and two locks to keep prying eyes away from whatever the “doctor” has in his bag. This is an amazing image Postal Monkey licensed from the world famous artist Brom PPM1BRXXX • List: $130.00

Guitar Research Gig Bag • $39.99

Generous padding protects your valued instrument. Comes with reinforced zipper and ample sized front pocket to store cables, picks, strings, music, and more. G116103BX Bass Bag, G116103GX Electric Guitar, G116103WX Acoustic Guitar List: $69.99

Guitar Research Gig Bag with Pocket $49.99

Plush padded lining protects your valued instrument. Comes with backpack style padded shoulder straps, reinforced zipper and ample sized front pocket to store cables, picks, strings, music, and more. G116102WX Acoustic Guitar, G116102BX Electric Bass, G116102GX Electric Guitar List: $89.99


Hasn’t everyone had the dream of being chased by a psycotic monkey driving a burning 1959 cadillac through the movie “Tron”? As usual this case features the aformentioned amazing graphics on top of a 6 ply universal fit, deluxe super plush case. And like all postal monkey cases, it has a built-in tuner, pick tray and dedicated string pouch. So stop running from your monkey! It just makes him angry. PPM1CMXXX • List: $130.00

Gator GPTBLPWR Pedal Tote Effect Pedal Case (with Power Supply) $119.99

An easy way to carry around your pedals while quickening your setup time. 16.5” x 12” Pedal board is constructed of plywood and covered in Tolex. Comes with carry handle and slides into a 600-Denier nylon-padded carrying case. Pedal board has access holes for cables to run below board to utilize 4 supplied mounting screws for most multi-output power supplies. Face of pedal board is covered with Velcro® for attaching pedals, attachment Velcro® included. Exterior pocket for cables. Black exterior. G-BUS-8 Power Supply Included. GGPTBLPWR • List: $217.99

Planet Waves PW-CT-10 Chromatic Headstock Tuner $29.99

The Planet Waves Chromatic Headstock Tuner precisely tunes guitars, basses and many other stringed instruments utilizing the instrument’s vibrations rather than sound - no direct sound or electronic signal is required. Using an optimally positioned, highly sensitive piezo transducer and backlit LCD display, the Headstock Tuner allows you to tune quickly and accurately in noisy or dimly-lit environments where many tuners fail. PPWCT10XX • List: $49.99



DigiTech RP255 • $149.95


Tourtek Cable!

Gig, practice and compose. The RP255 guitar multi-effect processor gives you 94 amps, cabinets, stompboxes, and effects allowing you to get virtually any sound you want, just like the pros. With USB streaming audio and Cubase LE4, the RP255 allows you to easily record directly to your computer with sounds so good people will think that your song was recorded in a major studio. Topping the RP255 off is the combination of Cubase LE4 recording software and 2x2 USB audio streaming. Easily record to your home computer and make the music you want, the way you want it to sound. DRP255XXX • List: $229.95

Boss RC20XL Phrase Recorder Pedal • $259.00

Whether for use onstage or at home, the new RC-20XL allows musicians to create multi-layered performances in real time. Loops and riffs can be stacked repeatedly until the 16 Tourtek minutes (!) of ample recording space is full. Never before has it been so easy to create Cable! a massive “one-person band” sound in real time. Super long recording time: up to 16 minutes! Save up to 11 loops at a time Undo function makes it easy to create perfect loops.Built-in auto quantize for simple and accurate loop timing Change loop tempo without changing pitch.


RRC20XLXX • List: $362.50


Tourtek Cable!

Boss RC50 Looping Station • $499.00

The BOSS RC-50 is the most feature-laden Loop Station BOSS has ever built. Housed in a spacious seven-footswitch floor unit, the RC-50 lets you manipulate three stereo phrase tracks simultaneously. Each track supports multiple overdubs, so phrases can be stacked one by one on each track, resulting in a monstrous layer of looped phrases. With a single RC-50, a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, or vocalist can create a perfectly synced wall of sound live onstage. RRC50XXXX • List: $689.50

Boss ME-70 $299.00

A multi-effects unit that’s as easy as a stompbox — that’s the beauty of the new Tourtek ME-70. The friendly, knob-laden design Cable! makes tone creation a snap, but with a powerful COSM® AMP section derived from the GT-10, the ME-70 takes the “EZ effects” concept to new heights.


DigiTech RP55 • $49.99

Small package, big punch. Introducing the all-new RP55. Equipped with 11 Amp Models and 20 Studio Quality Effects, up to 8 effects can be used at once for unimagined tonal possibilities. The RP55 is the easiest RP product to use; just simply dial up your choice of amps and preset effects settings with no deep parameter Tourtek settings. All settings come from Cable! our year’s of experience with the pros. We’ve just made professional tone easy. The RP55 uses our AudioDNA™ DSP chip to produce effects and amps that studioclass. Add 24-bit A/D/A conversion so that no frequency response is lost between inputs and outputs. Also included is a drum machine with 30 patterns and an easy-to-use 13-LED chromatic tuner.


DRP55XXXX • List: $79.95


Samson Tourtek Instrument Cable with every pedal on this page! A $23.99 VALUE! STI10XXXX



The RP1000 integrates with your amp and stompboxes, not the other way around. Featuring exclusive Stompbox and Amp loops, the RP1000 doesn’t get in the way of your tone and switches external stompboxes in and out of the signal path like large pro rigs. No longer will you have to do the pedal tap dance, just select your preset and your tone is engaged, just the way you like it.

Tourtek Cable!

DRP1000XX • List: $699.95

DigiTech HM2 Harmony Man $299.99

RRE20XXXX • List: $418.50

Boss DD7 Digital Delay Pedal $169.00


Tourtek Cable!

The Next Step in Compact Delay. Even with the best-selling delays in compact-pedal history, BOSS continues to push the envelope and innovate. The new DD-7 takes the best features from its predecessors and expands the creative potential with Modulation Delay mode, classic modeled Analog Delay mode, External pedal control options, longer delay time, and more. RDD7XXXXX • List: $266.50

DigiTech RP1000 $499.95

A “smart guitar harmony” pedal that provides real time guitar harmony without programming. Selectable voicing includes Tourtek 5ths, 3rds, octaves Cable! and semi-tones. Side chain loop and tuner built-in; power supply included. Four presets with store button, a mix knob, an on-board tuner and a circle of 5ths display.


DHM2XXXXX • List: $449.93




Samson Tourtek Instrument Cable with select zoom products! A $22.00 VALUE! STI10XXXX


Tourtek Cable! Top Seller!

Zoom G92TT Twin Tube • $399.00

Zoom’s G9.2TT has two independent pedals and features an all-new 3D function. Two real preamp tubes onboard create harmonics only a real tube can provide, and the Real Tube Accelerator puts out a compressed overdrive that’ll sing loud and clear in your music. For recording, simply plug into your computer via USB port, and record away using the bundled Cubase LE software from Steinberg! 32-bit, 96Khz processing means you’ll have pristine quality at every stage. Patch editor/librarian is also available on Includes an AC adapter. ZG92TTXXX • List: $659.99




Zoom ZB91UT Bass $399.99

Tourtek Cable!

A comprehensive solution for the contemporary bassist, the B9.1ut Bass Effects Console combines the most technically advanced audio engine with the warmth of a classic 12AU7 tube to produce the richest tones imaginable. With a multitude of bass amp and stomp box modeling choices, the B9.1ut features an ultra-fast ZFX-3 processor, which means all the world’s most famous amplifiers, cabinets and effects are modeled with stunning accuracy. For the discerning bassist, the B9.1ut represents an impressive and powerful tool for creating rich, detailed bass tone. ZB91UTXXX • List: $659.99

Tourtek Cable!

The G7.1ut Guitar Console takes the processing power of the G Series and adds a real tube to the signal path for authentic sounds. With dual programmable A/B pre amp channels, it’s like having two separate pedal boards. Setup and program your A/B channels and the G7.1ut is capable of performing a concert worth of material on the fly. Features REAL PREAMP TUBE for drive and volume, USB AUDIO INTERFACE with Steinberg Cubase LE software, and BUILT-IN EXPRESSION PEDAL. ZG71UTXXX • List: $494.99

Zoom G2G George Lynch “Mr. Scary” • $119.00

Zoom John 5 G1J • $59.99

The Zoom John 5 G1 multi effect pedal offers 40 patches emulating John 5’s choice sounds and 40 open to the user’s creativity. With the dry, edgy tube amp sound of “American Witch,” the warped, apocalyptic sound of “Dooms Day” or even the clean country sound of “Country Shred,” aspiring guitarists can add a touch of John 5 to their own, unique riffs. The G1J is based on Zoom’s popular G1 effects pedal and features 32-bit processing and 96 kHz sampling with a built-in drum machine. Designed with sounds to inspire and plenty of room for your own creativity! Includes AC adaptor, poster, patch list, specially designed pick and a greeting card from the artist. ZG1JXXXXX • List: $99.99

Zoom G1 • $59.99

The Zoom G1 is the most powerful guitar effect processor of its kind. This groundbreaking pedal combines the power of the ZFX-3 processor with the portability and ease of use that has made Zoom famous. The result is a revolution in guitar effects that must be heard to be believed. Thanks to its 24 bit / 96 kHz processing, the Zoom G1 has more power than processors costing twice as much. ZG1PXXXXX • List: $99.99


Tourtek Cable!

Now anyone can emulate the famous guitar sounds of “Mr. Scary” and “Dream Warriors,” along with a variety of other tones. The G2G provides 40 patches (20 studio and 20 live) created by George Lynch himself along with 40 patches for the user to fill with their own creations. ZG2GXXXXX • List: $199.99

Zoom G21U • $169.00

Combining a 32-bit multieffect pedal with a whole array of amplifier models perfect for live or studio, the G2.1U goes a step further by adding USB connectivity, as well as Cubase LE. By utilizing this free Tourtek program, you have just turned Cable! this pedal into a USB recording interface with no-latency monitoring and 24 bit analog/digital conversion. Additional features include a built-in drum machine with PCM drum sounds and 40 patterns, space for 40 effects settings, and an onboard chromatic tuner. It runs on 4 AA batteries, USB bus power (when recording) or the optional AC power supply.


ZG21UXXXX • List: $279.99


Zoom G7.1UT $299.00


Dunlop MXR M169 Carbon Copy • $149.99

The MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay features a completely analog audio path for the ultimate in rich, warm delay—made possible only by old-school bucket brigade technology. This design boasts an amazing 600ms of delay time with optional modulation via a top-mounted switch and a simple, three-knob layout that controls Delay time, Mix (dry/wet blend), and Regen (delay repeats)—all in a pedal no bigger than a Phase 90. DM169XXXX • List: $254.61


Tourtek Cable!


Samson Tourtek Instrument Cable with Select pedals! A $23.99 VALUE! STI10XXXX

Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay Pedal • $149.99

The original AD9 Analog Delay was a huge success for Ibanez because it sounded great and it was easy to use. You would have found yourself endlessly searching the “vintage” shops trying to find an original AD9 until now. Ibanez has decided to reissue this classic in all its glory. Discrete echo is one of the most dramatic effects in the music industry. Bulky tape and “spinning disk” units have given way to the convenience and reliability of solid state delays. The AD9 Analog Delay uses a compander with pre- and de-emphasis for an exceptionally clean delay.

Radial Tonebone Hot British $199.99

RTBHOTBRT • List: $275.00


IAD9XXXXX • List: $249.99

Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus Pedal $109.99

When it comes to compact effects, nine is the magic number. By popular demand (and the understandably escalating prices of the originals), Ibanez is reissuing two of the most popular 9-Series effects, the FL9 Flanger and CS9 chorus. If you missed out on getting one of these classics the first time around, now is the time. ICS9XXXXX • List: $183.21


The Tonebone Hot British is distortion at its best! From fat hot-wired Tourtek Marshall tones to the huge scooped out mid Cable! sounds, the Hot British is blistering brute force extraordinaire! Based on high-gain amplifier designs, the Hot British is tailored to extract ultra-rich harmonics and full-on saturated tube settings without the mud or noise that is typical with other pedals. The powerful EQ settings truly allow the player to dial into the type of tones that create everything from chunky rhythms to sizzling lead solos. Best of all, even when pushing the Tonebone Hot British beyond the limits, the natural dynamics and feel of the player still shines through.

Tourtek Cable!

Radial Tonebone Bassbone 2 $259.99

Two ultra-clean signal channels with individual level controls to adjust each instrument . Tuner output and a direct XLR balanced out for the PA system. Channel-1 can be used flat or can be enhanced with a choice of two contour curves. Channel-2 controls include instrument level and low, mid and high EQ settings. RBASSBONE • List: $350.00

Line 6 JM4 Looper $329.99

Not only do the features in the JM-4 Looper define a new segment, but it’s the only jamming device for guitarists that features exciting, energized jam tracks. It’s like playing with a real pro band, because you are playing with a real pro band! Combining exhilarating jam tracks with sound-on-sound looping and a full arsenal of legendary Line 6 tones, JM4™ Looper sparks inspiration in ways other looping pedals can only dream. LJM4XXXXX • List: $459.99

Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Multi Effect Pedal Board $499.99


Line6’s M13 Stompbox Tourtek Modeler is the essential Cable! all-in-one pedal board experience that features a comprehensive collection of the most sought-after stompbox sounds, a full-featured looper and superheavy-duty all-metal construction. Without complicated menus or presets, the M13 Stompbox Modeler channels the soul and ease of a stompbox. Boasting over 75 immortal stompbox effects including distortions, reverbs, delays (including sounds from the best-selling DL4™ delay pedal), and so much more, reach into M13 Stompbox Modeler for access to many of history’s most celebrated sounds. LM13XXXXX • List: $699.00


amplifiers & CABINETS

Marshall MG4 Series

Using a proven panel design that is simple to use, the MG4 Series combine pure analogue tone with super-silent digital channel switching. The FX models offer four programmable channels, digital reverb, plus digital effects with Tap Tempo delay control.

Marshall MG10 • $79.99 10 Watts / 6 ½” Speaker

MMG410CDX • List: $115.00

Marshall MG15 • $139.99 15 Watts / 8” Speaker

MMG415CDX • List: $185.00


Tourtek Cable!

Marshall MG15FX • $199.99

15 Watts / 8” Speaker, Digital Effects, Digital Reverb, STOMPWARE Footswitch Compatible MMG415DFX • List: $249.00

Marshall MG30FX • $249.99

30 Watts / 10” Speaker, Digital Effects, Digital Reverb, STOMPWARE Footswitch Compatible MMG430DFX • List: $350.00


Tourtek Cable!


Tourtek Cable!


Haze from Marshall - delivering pure valve tone to the musi-

cian who demands a full, honest clean tone; a smoky late-night blues tone; and a snarling rock edge all from a single amplifier. Normal and Overdrive channels share a three-band EQ; with a revealing Bright switch adding definition to the high end, plus a Boost switch and Presence control. In addition to an emulated spring reverb, Echo, Vibrato and Chorus effects add a retro-sheen to the Haze sound. The speaker is asymmetrically mounted to increase lows; precision holes in the cabinet deliver a hybrid open/closed back response

Marshall Haze 40 • $699.99

40 watt, all-valve, single 12” combo amp MMHZ40CXX • List: $1000.00

Marshall Haze 15 • $599.99

15 watt, all valve amplifer head; two-way footswitch included MMHZ15XXX • List: $840.00

Marshall Haze 12 Cabinet • $249.99

Create a compact, mid sized stack by adding the matching single 12” MHZ112A and MHZ112B cabinets. This cabinet features a single 12” Celstion Marquee speaker and designed to compliment the Haze series of amps. MMHZ112AX • $350.00

ALL TUBE! British-made half stack at an incredible price! Marshall DSL100MLBK1 Special Edition Halfstack • $1299.99


Dunlop GCB95 Crybaby Wah Pedal with DSL100MLBK1! 24

A $79.99 VALUE! DGCB95

Inside the DSL100MLB, four EL34s and four ECC83s provide 100% pure valve sound and power. Offering an enormous range of tonal options to the player, each of the two channels contains two fully-voiced selections, providing instant access to four modes. The four-stage EQ is enhanced by a Tone Shift control which works to scoop the mids, and a Deep switch to reinforce the low end response. Separate Reverb controls for each channel and a built-in effects loop allow the user to find their exact tone. Includes DSL100MLBK1 and MC412A. MDSL100HS • List: $2900.00

amplifiers & CAbinets

Vox JAMVOX Guitar Amp Simulator $249.99

JamVOX extracts the guitar from any MP3 and plugs you into the mix of your favorite bands! JamVOX offers instant access to dozens of legendary amps and effects all in one easy to use “drag and drop” software interface. Revolutionary Guitar XTracktion (GXT) technology lets you remove the guitar part of your favorite song with the push of a button. Best of all, you can then take the lead yourself with instant rock star tone! Alternatively, you can extract or isolate the guitar part, slow down the tempo, and practice any style of music without changing the pitch. VJAMVOXXX • List: $340.00



Samson Tourtek INSTRUMENT Cable with select amps!

Roland CUBE-80X $399.99


Tourtek Cable!

Roland Micro Cube • $124.99

With the new Micro Cube, guitarists get a genuine Roland Cube amp in an ultra-compact package that even runs on batteries. Weighing in at just a few pounds, the Micro Cube packs a big punch and comes with six DSP effects, COSM Amp Modeling and a new Digital Tuning Fork—giving guitarists everything they need for killer tone on the go. Battery or AC power (adapter supplied). Includes carry strap. RMICROCUB • List: $149.00

Roland Micro Cube RX $229.00


Tourtek Cable!

Introducing the most powerful guitar amplifier in the CUBE Tourtek Series lineup: the new CUBE-80X. ExCable! panding on the topselling CUBE-60, the CUBE-80X delivers a massive 80 watts of power through a 12” speaker, and features a switchable clean and lead channel design derived from its predecessor. Other features include a Looper, a unique new SOLO function with memory for recalling preset amp tones or serving as a third channel, simultaneous reverb and delay with tap tempo, a built in automatic tuner, an aux input for connecting MP-3 players CD players, or other audio and more.



Meet the Roland MICRO CUBE — small, loud, proud, and in true stereo! This little amp overachieves with serious bombast in a small body. You won’t believe how much this little amp can deliver through its stereo power amps and four newly developed custom speakers.

RCUBE80XX • List: $529.00

Roland CUBE15X • $99.00

The Cube-15X is Roland’s switchable 2 channel amp, with outstanding overdrive, distortion, metal and clean sounds. A three band EQ tailors your sound; while the Power Squeezer switch lets you get that real freakin’ loud sustained distortion at LOW volumes. You can record directly to whatever you want or listen privately with the recording out/phone jack. An improved mini-jack aux-input is real handy for playing along to MP3 and CD players. Best yet, the Cube-15X is Roland Reliable. RCUB15XZZ • List: $139.00

RMICROCRX • List: $319.00

Roland Mobile Cube Battery Powered $159.00

The All-Purpose Portable Amp. Plug into instant audio entertainment with Tourtek the new MOBILE CUBE Cable! amplifier. Small and mighty, this little stereo amp can handle all types of electronic instruments and audio devices, and can be used anywhere, anytime. Connect microphones, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, drum machines, MP3 players, you name it. Even includes a carry strap and batteries!


RMOBILECU • List: $219.00

Roland Cube 30X $245.00


The Roland CUBE-30X 30-watt combo amp features 2-channel operation Tourtek with 3 band EQ, recording Cable! and headphone outputs and incredible COSM modeled simulations of 4 Boss stomp boxes. You also get a virtual built-in DN-2 for amazing touch sensitive clean/distorted playing. For acoustic sounds, the CUBE-30X has an AC-3 style acoustic simulator that offers warm acoustic simulations from your electric guitar. Tune up with the built-in chromatic tuner. Seamlessly switch between the the distortion Lead channel and a clean channel modeled on the crystalline JC sound. RCUB30XZZ • List: $329.00



Line 6 Spider Jam $499.99

Spider Jam combines Spider III tone and performance, adds the new Endless Jam Engine and a fully functional looper that empowers you to jam for hours and record your ideas all without touching a computer. Spider Jam is not a robot - it’s got real recordings made with pro musicians who have recorded on platinum albums. In addition, Line 6 packed it with more space for songs/loops, more inputs, and better data storage (PC compatibility via Secure Digital Card). LSPIJAMXX • List: $699.99

Line 6 Micro Spider $149.99

Micro Spider™ is a fully loaded, battery-powered addition to the Spider™ family of amplifiers. At home, on vacation or in the back of the tour bus, Micro Spider is the portable amp you can truly rely on for brilliant on-the-go tones and effects for electric guitars, acoustic guitars and vocals. LSPIMICRO • List: $209.99

New lower price!

Line 6 Spider III 75 $269.99 New lower price!

Line 6 Spider III 30 $179.99

The Line 6 Spider III 30 guitar combo amplifier delivers 4 remarkable amp channel models with Clean, Crunch, Metal, and Insane, all dialed in by an amazing team of artists. Six Smart Control FX (two simultaneous) including, Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Tremolo, Sweep Echo, Tape Echo, and Reverb are all dialed in and ready to go.  Features also include a CD/MP3 input jack and a headphone/ recording output.  Spider III 15 also includes a footswitch jack that’s compatible with the FBV2, FBV Express, and FBV Shortboard foot controllers.

The Line 6 Spider III HD75 guitar combo amplifier offers perfectly dialed-in sounds with 200 incredible artist presets created by over two dozen of today’s hottest bands and guitarists, plus another 200 presets based on the greatest rock guitar songs of all time!  No tone is off limits thanks to 12 custom amp models that go everywhere from spanky clean to insane grind.  With Line 6’s revolutionary Smart Control FX (7 different effect types, 3 simultaneous) including, Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Tremolo, Sweep Echo, Tape Echo, and Reverb, you’ll always have the right tone. Plus, with the award-winning POD® cab modeling Headphone/Direct out, you can take your sound from the practice room to the studio.  Features also include a footswitch jack that’s compatible with the FBV2™, FBV Express™, and FBV Shortboard™ foot controllers, a CD/MP3 input jack, and a built-in tuner. LSPI375XX • List: $419.99

LSPI330XX • List: $279.99

New lower price!

New lower price!

The Line 6 Spider III 75 guitar combo amplifier offers perfectly dialed-in sounds with 200 incredible artist presets created by over two dozen of today’s hottest bands and guitarists, plus another 200 presets based on the greatest rock guitar songs of all time! No tone is off limits thanks to 12 custom amp models that go everywhere from spanky clean to insane grind.

The Line 6 Spider III 150 guitar combo amplifier offers perfectly dialed-in sounds with 200 incredible artist presets created by over two dozen of today’s hottest bands and guitarists, plus another 200 presets based on the greatest rock guitar songs of all time! No tone is off limits thanks to 12 custom amp models that go everywhere from spanky clean to insane grind.

Line 6 Spider III 150 $449.99

Line 6 Spider III 120 $359.99

LSPI3120X • List: $599.99

LSPI3150X • LIST: $699.99


Bugera 333XL Head • $599.99

The BUGERA 333XL tone machine cranks out mind-blowing lead distortion and tight crunch due to its raw tone and massive power. Whether you want crystal clean punch, sultry smooth classic rock lead tones or that bone shattering metal crunch, the 333XL provides extensive tone shaping abilities with virtually unlimited dynamics in a three-channel configuration. BB333XLXX • LIST: $879.99


Hartke HT20 Tuner $24.00 Value! with BB333XLXX or BB333212X

Bugera 333 212 $649.99

The BUGERA 333-212 is the go-to guitar combo for any rock, metal or hardcore band due to its raw tone, massive power and road-worthy reliability. Whether you want crystal clean punch, sultry smooth classic rock lead tones or that bone shattering metal crunch, the 333 provides extensive tone shaping abilities with virtually unlimited dynamics in a three channel configuration. BB333212X • LIST: $959.99


Fender ‘65 Deluxe Reverb • $1499.99

What do you get when you combine Fender’s classic ‘65 Deluxe Reverb, an elegant blue covering and the exhilarating performance of the connoisseur-grade Celestion® Blue alnico speaker? Presenting Electric Blue! Not only does the amp sound great–listen to the sparkling highs, the big bottom and the way it growls when you push it–it looks so good you might consider dressing up when you play it! F7400903X • LIST: $1900.00 (AVAILABLE AT select LOCATIONS)

Fender Deluxe VM • $799.99

Fender® tube combos are considered the most treasured guitar amplifiers of all time. Popular models like the Deluxe Reverb® and Hot Rod Deluxe™ are easily as desirable now as when they were first introduced! Countless guitarists reach for some version of a Fender Deluxe™ amp when they do a session or a gig, thanks to its grab-and-go 1-12 combo portability, ease of use, and great tone. The Deluxe™ VM amplifier takes the sought-after Deluxe™ formula into a new era of “Vintage Modified” performance by combining a real tube amp with a complement of essential effects. The 40-Watt tube platform provides a foundation of great tone to build on, and the versatile tube preamp offers a wide range of tone and gain settings...from world-standard Blackface™ Fender® clean to aggressive overdrive with post-gain EQ. An all-new high quality DSP platform adds Reverb, chorus, and delay effects with the convenience and “tweakability” of standard stomp boxes, without the need for extra cables or power supplies. F22200000 • List: $1100.00

Fender Frontman 25R $139.99

All the tone, reliability, and value of the successful Frontman line plus a headphone jack and an Auxiliary Input which allows the user to play along with a CD, tape player, or drum machine. Features include: Reverb, 3-Band EQ, Remote Channel Switching, External Speaker Jack, Open Back Enclosure, Heavy Duty Extended Metal Grille, 1-10” Fender Special Design Speaker, 25 watts into 8 ohms, dual selectable channels. Controls include: Volume Normal Channel, Gain, Gain Select Switch, Volume Drive Channel, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb.

F23150200 • List: $180.00

Peavey VYPYR Series

Peavey VYPYR 15 $99.99

PVYPYR15X • List: $169.99

Peavey VYPYR 30 $199.99

PVYPYR30X • List: $279.99

Featuring 24 amp channel models -- both the clean and distorted channels of 12 popular amps for the first time anywhere -- plus 11 editable preamp “stomp box” effects and 11 editable post-amp “rack” effects with dual-parameter control. Players can use up to five effects simultaneously. When used with the optional Peavey Sanpera(TM) foot controller, the possibilities further expand from 12 in-amp presets to 400 programmable presets, with an on-board looper and more. The Vypyr also acts as its own computer audio interface, with a built-in studio-quality USB 2.0 output on most models that is recognized by computers as an audio device. 32-bit floating point Sharc processor. Studio quality headphone out. MIDI in/ out. MP3/CD/Aux input. The entire six-model Vypyr(R) Series features the easy-to-use Peavey WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface.

Peavey VYPYR 75 • $299.99 PVYPYR75X • List: $399.99

Peavey VYPYR 100 • $499.99 PVYPYR100 • List: $699.99



FRE E Tuner!

FRE E Tuner!

Hartke AC75 Acoustic Combo $399.99

Designed in a precision tuned Kickback™ enclosure, with two custom-voiced 5-inch full range drivers which naturally recreate the sound of the acoustic instrument without adding any unwanted coloration or distortion, and a 2-inch by 4-inch ribbon tweeter which adds clarity and overtones to the high end. Channel 1 has active and piezo instrument inputs, with bass and treble controls, while channel two has XLR microphone and RCA line inputs. There is a 5-band graphic EQ and a built-in 100 preset 24-bit digital effects processor, which can be routed to either channel. The AC75 features a 75 watt bi-amped design. Other features include 100 24-bit effects, feedback control, and XLR outputs.

Hartke AC150 Acoustic Combo $449.00

Designed in a precision tuned Kickback™ enclosure, with four custom-voiced 5-inch full ranged drivers arranged in stereo, and a 2-inch by 4-inch ribbon tweeter, the AC150 naturally recreates the sound of the acoustic instrument without adding any unwanted coloration or distortion. The AC150 features a 150 watt tri-amped design, with 50 watts powering the left and right full range speakers and 50 watts powering the high frequency ribbon tweeter. Features include 100 24-bit effects, active and piezo instrument inputs, feedback control via phase switching and notch filter, effects loop, XLR mic and RCA line inputs, and stereo XLR direct outputs. HAC150XXX • List: $589.99

HAC75XXXX • LIST: $519.99

Fender Acoustasonic Junior DSP • $659.99


The Fender Acoustasonic Junior DSP (an upgraded version of the topselling Acoustasonic Junior) is a portable, well built, easy-to-use combo amp designed for natural-sounding reproduction of electric-acoustic guitar and vocals. The new onboard DSP effects and XLR output add extra excitement and usefulness to an already-great formula.

Hartke HT20 Chromatic Tuner with select amps! A $49.99 VALUE! HHT20XXXX

F21320001• List: $830.00


Fishman Loudbox 100 Acoustic Guitar Amp $599.95


Potent and portable, the Loudbox 100 produces over 100 watts of power Tuner! and pure tone from a sophisticated bi-amped design that redefines Fishman’s already high standard for acoustic guitar amplification. The Loudbox 100 is designed for acoustic players who need maximum power, projection and tone shaping in a highly compact and portable format.


FLOUDBOX4 • List: $859.95

Fishman Pro Amp SL1 SoloAmp Performance System • $999.95

Portable and Powerful. Designed for the singer/ songwriter, SoloAmp provides exceptional sound quality and coverage in a wide variety of venues. 220Watts of clean, lightweight power drives a line array of six custom high-excursion speakers and a soft dome tweeter. This unique combination delivers incredibly full sound, ultra-wide dispersion, and deeper sonic penetration than the common speaker cabinet. Better yet, the enhanced bass response of the custom designed speakers means there’s no need for a subwoofer! FPROAMPSL • List: $1539.95


Roland AC60 2x6.5”Acoustic Combo Amp $449.99 after rebate

This innovative stereo amp uses sophisticated digital signal processing to deliver a crisp sound with lush stereo/multi-band chorus—including a new “wide” mode—plus delay/reverb and impressive Auto Anti-Feedback control. Stereo 30-watt/dual 6.5-inch speaker configuration is loud enough for club gigs and small PA applications. The 2-channel Mic/ Line design and stand-mountable configuration put the AC-60 way above the competition.


RAC60XXXX • List: $599.00

Manufacturer’s Mail-in Rebate expires 4/30/09


Phil Jones Bass CUB AG100 Acoustic $399.99

Imagine a guitar amp that was small, powerful and lightweight. It would work on AC worldwide with needing a switch to change power. An amplifier so clean it can work for just about any acoustic instrument or with a pedal board create the sound of a monster stack at full blast. No more back pains getting your gear up and down stairs, you can pick this tiny amp up with a finger! PCUBAG100 • LIST: $608.00

bass amplifiers

FRE E Tuner!

Hartke LH1000 Bass Amp Head • $649.99

The LH1000 has a classic 12AX7 Class-A tube front-end design with a solid-state output. Trick out the Treble and Bass Shelving to give its warm tone a little edge, or use the brite and limiter switches to further sculpt your sound. Its intuitive front panel design also makes adjustments on the fly a breeze. Although the LH1000 is a perfect complement to our HyDrive cabinets, it also works as a seamless accompaniment to any bass cab on the market.


HLH1000XX • LIST: $844.99


Hartke LH500 Bass Amp Head • $449.00

The LH500 packs a big punch in a portable, roadworthy package. A two-rackspace metal frame chassis, steel faceplate and handles allow for easy, safe transport from gig to gig. With the needs of modern bass players largely centered around volume and versatility, the LH500 is an ideal solution that gives you plenty of options to create the exact sound you’re looking for. Developed with the HyDrive cabs in mind, the LH500 also has more than enough power and tone control to drive any cabinet on the market. This amp provides you with Treble and Bass Shelving to give its warm tone a little edge.

FRE E Tuner!

HLH500XXX • List: $584.99

Hartke 2500 Bass Amp Head • $249.99

With 250 watts of available power, the HA2500 will drive your small to mid-sized bass rig with incredible clarity and punch. The HA2500 features the new Hartke silver face chassis and includes a selectable passive or active input, tube emulation and solid-state pre-amps, variable compression, a 10-band graphic EQ and high/ low frequency contour control. H2500XXXX • LIST: $329.99

FRE E Tuner!

FRE E Tuner!

Ampeg B2RE Bass Amp Head • $499.99

The Ampeg B2-RE replaces the ever-popular B-2R, delivering up to 450-watts @ 4 Ohms—and the high-current Neutrik Speakon® jack means that every single drop of that power will make it to your speakers. Since volume and tone should go hand-in-hand, Ampeg equipped the B2-RE with the superb tone-sculpting Ultra Mid control, which provides a new level of tonal fine-tuning that should satisfy even the most demanding player. AB2REXXXX • LIST: $799.99

Ampeg SVT4PRO Pro Series Bass Amp Head $1399.99

In true Ampeg tradition, the SVT-4 PRO offers you more power, performance and flexibility than any other bass amplifier in its class. SVT-4PRO offers an expansive palette of tonal options. The Frequency control allows you to select the center frequency for the Midrange control, giving you five distinct voicing options for the Midrange. And if that’s not enough, you can use the 9-Band Graphic EQ to fine-tune your sound—or use it to set up a footswitchable “second channel” with a volume boost for your bass solo. ASVT4PROX • List: $1799.99




Gallien-Krueger 700RB II Bass Amp Head • $599.00

The 700RB II pushes 480W + 50 W which makes it the ideal club amp for driving horn-loaded cabs. With independent control of highs and lows, it delivers extremely clean and warm sound. Sophisticated RB EQ and Voicing controls allow sound shaping to suit every music style and acoustic situation. G700RBIIX • LIST: $849.00


Gallien-Krueger 1001RB II Bass Amp Head • $749.00

With 700W + 50W, the 1001RB II is capable of driving multiple cabinets with ease while maintaining sound integrity and response at the highest sound levels. Link it up to two RBH horn-loaded cabinets and you’ve got a full stage unit that’ll rock any house. G1001RBII • LIST: $1069.00




FRE E ZOOM pedal!

ZOOM pedal!

FRE E ZOOM pedal!

Hartke H112c HyDrive • $599.99 HyDrive transducers represent a revolutionary improvement in bass speaker technology and a major leap forward, fusing paper and aluminum in a roadworthy speaker design that is more robust and efficient than anything available.

With a 12’ 300 watt HyDrive neodymium hybrid cone driver, the HyDrive 112c offers 250 watts of clean linear power. HH112CXXX • List: $799.99

Hartke H115c HyDrive • $649.99

With 1 x 15-inch 300 watt HyDrive neodymium hybrid cone driver, the HyDrive 115c offers 250 watts of clean linear power..


HH115CXXX • List: $869.99

ZOOM B1 Bass Multi Effect Pedal with hartke hydrive combos & cabinets!

Hartke H210c HyDrive • $649.99

The 210c houses 2 x 10-inch 150 watt HyDrive neodymium hybrid cone drivers and offers 250 watts of clean linear power. HH210CXXX • List: $869.99



Hartke HX810 HyDrive • $999.99 The first 1000 watt 4x10” cabinet!

Hartke HX410 HyDrive • $599.99

With power to spare, the HX410 features four 250 watt 10-inch HyDrive neodymium hybrid cone drivers for a total power handling of 1,000 watts. HH410XXXX • List: $779.99

Victor Wooten

FRE E ZOOM pedal!

With the HX810 you get eight 10-inch 250 watt HyDrive neodymium hybrid cone drivers, providing 2,000 watts of hammering bass power in the lightest 8 x 10 cabinet around. That’s more than double the power capacity of any other 8 x 10. To get this much power from traditional paper cones, you would need a cabinet that had 20 speakers and weighed nearly 400 pounds! With all this lightweight power and tonal versatility, it’s clear that the HyDrive HX810 is the new big daddy bass cab on the market. HH810XXXX List: $1299.99

FRE E ZOOM pedal! 30

Hartke HX115 HyDrive • $499.00

Delivering 500 watts of robust, bone-crushing power, the HX115 also boasts the lightest 15-inch bass speaker ever made. HH115XXXX • List: $639.99

FRE E ZOOM pedal!

bass combo amps


Phil Jones Briefcase $499.99

The briefcase is tiny and easy to carry – barely larger than a briefcase – yet it produces a huge and natural sound. The 100 watt RMS amplifier with a “soft-clip” feature, 5band EQ and onboard optical compressor feeds two PJB 5 inch speakers. The sound is rich, clear and transparent – unbelievable coming from such a compact package – but probably the most unique feature is that this amp can also run on batteries. No other bass amp can do this. Battery not included. PBRIEFCAS • List: $649.99

50% OFF!

Ampeg BA115T $299

If your sound revolves around the sweet, warm tone of tubes, and you’re looking for a supremely portable combo rig, then meet the BA115T. Building on the solidstate functionality of the BA115, Ampeg added a 12AU7 tube to bring legendary Ampeg tone to the BA115T. And at only 62 pounds, the BA115T is a breeze to take from the basement to the gig. ABA115TXX • List: $599.99


Phil Jones Flight Case $599.99

The Flightcase is aimed at the bass player who is looking for a powerful, high performance rig that is easy to carry around to gigs. Its superb fidelity along with ultra low noise electronics makes it perfect for studio use. Unique speaker choice of 4 x 5 inch proprietary drivers (patents applied for), with two firing up at the player, give the same tone to player and audience. PFLIGHTCA • List: $995.00


Phil Jones Suitcase • $799.99

Ampeg SVT410HE Classic Series • $649.99

The Ampeg SVT-410HE is the ideal enclosure for the player who wants to add extended upper register clarity to a system that already features ample low frequency performance. Just ask George Clinton—he uses an SVT410E to round out the top-end of his killer, all-SVT stage setup. Looking for a speaker cabinet to brighten up your bottom-heavy bass rig? Or, maybe you’ve recently downsized your transportation to save a few bucks on fuel, and no longer have room to haul your beloved SVT-810E to the gig. The SVT-410HE delivers superb full-range performance, all the way up to 18kHz—and it’ll fit in your new ride. ASVT410HE • List: $909.99

The Suitcase is a small combo bass amp featuring two identical channels, each with its own 5-Band EQ, allowing the bassist to double on another instrument like an upright or fretless bass. The word “small” is only a description of physical size. The sound from Suitcase is unexpectedly huge due to the massive internal amplifier, capable of generating up to 375 watts plus when coupled to the matching PJB - 4B extension cabinet.

Ampeg SVT810E Classic Series • $999.99

PSUITCASE • List: $1249.99

ASVT810EX • List: $1399.99

Why eight 10” speakers? Ampeg learned early on that 10” speakers work much more efficiently than fifteens or eighteens—and if you put eight 10” speakers together, you can move a huge column of air. You’d need five 18” or six 15” speakers to move as much air as the SVT-810E! And they simply wouldn’t be able to respond to transient peaks as quickly as these tens.

Fender Rumble 15 $129.99

If you’ve ever dreamt of the perfect first bass amplifier, your dreams have been answered – the Rumble 15 combo is here. With 15 watts of power generated through its Fender Special Design 8” speaker and closed-back cabinet, the Rumble 15 will help take you to the next level of bass playing. It also features a CD input to jam along to your favorite music. Take the next step – with the Rumble 15 combo. F23153000 • List: $230.00

Fender Rumble 100 $349.99

The Rumble 100 combo is the Big Daddy of the new Rumble Series, and for good reason. Featuring 100 watts of power being delivered via a Fender Special Design 15” speaker and horn, the Rumble 100 produces more boom for the buck than any other combo. Its killer tone can be shaped via its Bass, Treble and two Mid controls, including a Mid Scoop control for thumb-style slapping and popping. F23156000 • List: $600.00



Gibson SG Standard Faded • $1399.99

Lots of instruments in stock!

During the height of Gibson’s original “Golden Era,” the company’s only bass guitar at the time — the EB0 — underwent the same radical transformation as the Les Pauls, which were being redesigned as the now classic SG. It was a bold move and it paid off, bringing Gibson basses to the forefront. Today’s SG Standard Bass recreates the classic, dual-pickup version, staying true to the design and specs of the original, including the popular 30.5-inch scale length. Includes case. GBASGHCCH • LIST: $2419.00

Hofner Icon B • $439.99

The original Hofner violin bass became a favorite because it was easy to play, super-comfortable and it had a sound like no other bass. Hofner’s Icon B-Bass features a select Spruce top with flamed Maple back and sides and a pair of Hofner humbucking bass pickups for that “classic” sound. Includes case. HHBBSBOXX • LIST: $599.00

ESP F104 4 • $339.99

ESP’s most affordable “F” Series bass, the F-104 comes equipped with active ESP ABQ-2 electronics and a pair of ESP DB4 humbuckers for tonal flexibility unheard of in this price range. Additional features include: bolt-on construction; agathis body; maple neck with rosewood fingerboard; 24XJ frets; black hardware. Black finish. Case not included. EF104BLKX • LIST: $479.00

Rickenbacker Model 4003 • CALL FOR PRICE

The Classic Rickenbacker bass - famous for its ringing sustain, treble punch and solid underlying bass. A subtle strip of binding graces the elegantly curved body and the Rosewood fingerboard. Deluxe triangular inlays and stereo capability are standard features. Comes with case. R4003JG JETGLO


Epiphone Thunderbird IV • $299.99

Epiphone’s Thunderbird IV has all the class and styling of its Gibson counterpart, minus the price tag. Its alder body and dual humbucker pickups produce a rich bass sound, while the 34-inch scale bolt-on maple neck allows for easy fingering. It has a rosewood fretboard with dot inlays and volume and tone knobs. Case not included. EBT4VS • LIST: $499.00


Price drop! Was $619.99 Now Only $549.99

Fender Standard Precision Bass

Standard Precision Bass: The sounds that create legends! Since its introduction in the early 50s, professional bass players of all musical genres have relied on the Fender Precision Bass for its thick tone and unmatched reliability. The Standard Precision Bass incorporates the best of the old and new, offering a modern single-coil pickup, shielded body cavities, medium jumbo frets, and vintage style Fender Bridge. New features include a tinted neck, parchment pickguard and a ‘70s-style logo. The Standard Precision Bass - plug one in and hear for yourself! Includes gig bag. F46100306 Black, F46100332 Brown Sunburst LIST: $780.00

Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz Bass • $349.99

The Squier Classic Vibe Series reflects that simultaneous commitment to excellence, value and ‘vibe’. Mirroring classic Fender designs, the Classic Vibe offering is not intended to be era or vintage correct – but rather imparting the ‘vibe’ of a classic Fender design. Each with distinctive feature set combinations – all adding up to one classic looking instrument. Great sound, vintage looks, unbeatable value – Classic Vibe! Case not included F3075505X • LIST: $550.00

Price drop! Was $659.99 Now Only $599.99

Fender Standard Jazz Bass

The sounds that create legends! Since its introduction in 1960, professional bass players of all musical genres have relied on the Fender Jazz Bass for its rich tone and smooth playability. The Standard Jazz Bass incorporates the best of the old and new, offering modern single-coil pickups, shielded body cavities, medium jumbo frets, and vintage style Fender® Bridge. Features include a tinted neck, parchment pickguard and a ‘70s-style logo. The Standard Jazz Bass - plug one in and hear for yourself! Includes Gig Bag. F46200306 Black - Rosewood Fingerboard F46200332 Brown Sunburst - Rosewood Fingerboard F46200380 Arctic White - Rosewood Fingerboard LIST: $830.00


Ibanez SR300 • $299.99

Soundgear’s signature combination of slim but strong necks, comfortably contoured bodies and ultra-versatile active electronics have given these instruments an honored place in the bass pantheon. And because you can’t have enough of a good thing, the SR300 features lightweight, balanced comfortcontoured body & thinner necks than traditional basses for effortless fretwork. Case not included. ISR300GSP • LIST: $399.99




Samson NC900 Headphones $69.99 Value! with YYPG535XX

Yamaha YPG535 88 Key Portable Keyboard • $499.99

The Yamaha Portable Grand YPG-535 piano-focused keyboard has 88 Graded Soft Touch action piano-style keys and features USB MIDI, USB storage capability and high resolution Live! Grand stereo sample. Includes stand, sustain pedal and power supply. YYPG535XX • List: $899.00

Casio CTK2000 61 Key Portable Keyboard • $99.99

The Casio CTK-2000 musical keyboard is ideal for beginners, children, and adults alike. The CTK-2000 has updated built-in tones, including stereo piano and acoustic instrument tones. The CTK-2000 has 61 piano style keys. Built-in DSP effects add more depth and breadth in your music. Other important features include 400 high quality tones, 150 rhythm patterns, pitch bend wheel, USB port, General MIDI, line inputs for a MP3 player, sampling, and a step up lesson system. Includes song book. CCTK2000X • List: $149.99

Casio CTK-4000 61 Key Portable Keyboard • $149.99

The Casio CTK-4000 musical keyboard is ideal for beginners, children, and adults alike. The CTK-4000 has built-in tones including updated stereo piano and acoustic instrument tones. The CTK-4000 has 61 touch sensitive piano style keys. Built-in DSP effects add more depth and breadth in your music. Other important features include 570 high quality tones, 180 rhythm patterns, USB port, General MIDI, line inputs for an MP3 player, sampling, and a step up lesson system. CCTK4000X • List: $219.95

Casio CTK-5000 61 Key Portable Keyboard • $199.99

With 61 touch-sensitive piano style keys and a host of features, which include 670 high quality tones, recording capabilities and song expansion, the CTK-5000 is the flagship of the CTK line of Casio keyboards. Featuring 48 note polyphony, line inputs for a MP3 player, 10 seconds of sampling, USB MIDI Interface, pitch wheel, a SD card slot for song storage, line outputs for connecting the CTK-5000 to an amplifier or PA, the quality, flexibility and usability all help to make the CTK-5000 the ideal instrument for beginners to aspiring song writers. CCTK5000X • List: $299.95

Casio AD12M Power Adapter • $24.95

Casio AD5 MR AC Adaptor • $16.99

CAD12MXXX • List: $34.99

CAD5MRXXX • List: $24.99

Power adapter for Casio WK models.


9 volt power adaptor for most Casio keyboards.



YAMAHA Piano Home Companion Kit.


includes an Extended Warranty, Lesson Rebate, Piano Method Book, Piano Song Book & CD, Deluxe Felt Key Cover, Music Software DVD and a Sequel 2 rebate. MFG MAil-in Offer 7/1-7/31/09 with YYDP140XX

CH700 headphones!

Yamaha YDP140 Arius Home Digital Piano • $1049.99

The Arius YDP140 features a dark alder wood-grain finish with a 3-layer piano Voice with Dynamic Stereo Sampling. It’s also highlighted by it’s enhanced Voice architecture and attractive wood-finish cabinets. The 88 weighted keys with graded action offer Yamaha’s trademark playability and the remarkably realistic sound of a stereo-sampled Yamaha concert grand! The YDP140 incorporates six select Voices, duet-friendly twin headphone jacks, high-efficiency 6W x 2 stereo amplifier and includes four types of reverb. Includes padded bench, wood musical rest, sliding key cover, pedal frame and modesty panel. YYDP140XX • List: $1349.00


Samson CH700 Headphones with select keyboards! A $64.99 VALUE! SCH700XXX

Yamaha YDP223 • $1599.99

The action on the YDP-223 is so real you’ll think you’re playing an acoustic piano! The Graded Hammer Action emulates the action of a grand piano - heavier in the bass and lighter in the treble. The YDP-223 features a Stereo Sampled AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) piano sound that reacts like an acoustic and it never needs tuning! Features: 3 pedals; built-in metronome; digital reverb; chorus and brilliance controls; transpose function; sliding key cover. Features include 14 high quality voices with layering, plus 50 built-in songs with accompanying songbook. Comes with a matching padded bench.


CH700 headphones!

YYDP223XX • List: $1999.00


CH700 headphones!


Yamaha P155 Digital Piano • $1199.99

This new digital piano gives musicians the dynamic, high-quality sound and natural piano touch response they expect from Yamaha —makers of world class acoustic pianos for more than a century. These Yamaha hallmarks, along with a high-quality built-in stereo speaker system are packed into a slim, exceptionally affordable instrument that’s always ready to play when you are. No compromises, Yamaha quality. YP155XXXX • List: $1699.00


stage pianos

Free !


tand ! F ree pShones H ead

$100 Rebate Plus FREE Stand & Headphones! Roland FP7 Home Digital Piano • $1795.00 after rebate

On Stage 7191 Stand and Samson NC900 Headphones ($95 combined value) with every keyboad on this page

The Roland FP-7 is equipped with great sounds and intelligent features that can make you sound like a solo concert pianist or an entire ensemble. The intricate details of a real piano have been captured, including hammer and damper noise, and string and key-off resonance. The Progressive Hammer Action II keyboard responds naturally from pianissimo to fortissimo and the touch can be adjusted in 100 incremental steps. Includes a large variety of Session Partner accompaniment patterns (each with two variations) for full-band accompaniment. Additional features include a large LCD display, USB port, and built-in speakers. Cakewalk SONAR LE pro recording and editing software included. RFP7XXXXX • List: $2199.00

Manufacturer’s mail-in rebate expires 6/30/09


tand ! F ree pShones H ead

$100 Rebate Plus FREE Stand & Headphones! Roland RD300GX Stage Digital Piano • $1395.00 after rebate

From the sleek, portable design to the world-class piano sound and touch, the RD-300GX is the ultimate in functionality and performance. Play along to MIDI, .WAV, .AIFF, and .MP3 files, virtually anything you can imagine. Time Stretch, Transpose and Center Cancel your streamed audio while you play along or just practice. High quality Roland pianos along with Piano Designer feature lets you unlock and customize your sound-set, down to the smallest details such as Hammer Noise, Damper Resonance, Duplex Scale and more. With 128 meg of waveform data, the RD-300GX offers 128 voice polyphony, 32 setups, 205 rhythm patterns, and three assignable sliders. RRD300GXX • List: $1699.00

Manufacturer’s mail-in rebate expires 6/30/09


tand ! F ree pShones H ead

Casio PX320 Privia • $699.99

The PX-320 is perfect for stage and studio use. Along with the advanced AIF sound source providing 128 notes of polyphony where notes reverberate naturally without being cut off, it also has 1/4” line outputs for connecting to a mixer or PA system. The 202 tones including organ and drum tones will make you ready for any music style. The 88 weighted and Graded keys provide the look and feel of an acoustic piano. With the optional SP-30, the PX-320 has up to three pedals with half-damper effect. This “half-damper” effect simulates a “halfpedaled” damper pedal. CPX320XXX • List: $899.95

tand &! F ree pShones H ead Yamaha P85 • $629.99


YAMAHA Piano Home Companion Kit.

includes an Extended Warranty, Lesson Rebate, Piano Method Book, Piano Song Book & CD, Deluxe Felt Key Cover, Music Software DVD and a Sequel 2 rebate. MFG MAil-in Offer 7/1-7/31/09 with YP85XXXXX

Authentic, natural sound with remarkable expressiveness—full Yamaha quality in a compact, affordable piano. This new Contemporary Piano gives you all the dynamic, high-quality sound and natural piano response you expect from Yamaha, along with a high-quality built-in speaker system—packed into a slim, exceptionally affordable digital piano you can play virtually anywhere. No compromises, full quality. The gorgeous piano sounds of the P-85 feature meticulous digital sampling of a full concert grand piano—that change in tone and volume depending on how you play—thanks to Yamaha’s sophisticated AWM Stereo Sampling. Enjoy authentic, naturally expressive key touch—modeled after an actual acoustic piano, from the low notes to the high—with the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard. YP85XXXXX • List: $899.00




Free !

Korg MICROKORGXL 37 Mini-Key Music Synthesizer • $499.99

Samson CH70 Headphones ($39.99 value) with KMICROKOR

The microKORG XL gives you big analog sound and a great sounding synth for your live or in-studio in a compact affordable package. microKORGXL conjures the powerful RADIAS/R3 engine to offer 128 stunning sounds right out of the box. An intuitive genre and sound categorization system lets you browse through the types of sounds with ease. Everything from fat basses and crisp leads to sumptuous pads and awesome arpeggios - are never far out of reach. In addition, external audio inputs let you use any audio source as the waveform, which can be processed using microKORG XL’s synth engine. Battery or A/C powered for ultimate portability. KMICROKXL • List: $750.00

Korg KAOSSILATOR Compact Music Creation Tool • $199.99

The KAOSSILATOR is a pocket sized instrument that packs Korg’s world renowned synth sound along with innovative performance features into an ultra-compact unit. Anyone can instantly play musical phrases by simply tapping or sliding their finger across the KAOSSILATOR’s touch pad – no previous skills required! The KAOSSILATOR is a portable, travel friendly device that runs on batteries, so you can have fun creating music anywhere your life takes you, with seemingly endless possibilities. Whether you’re an established “tweaker”, an aspiring electronic artist or somewhere in between, KAOSSILATOR is one musical sketch pad that you should not be without! KKO1XXXXX • List: $250.00

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Samson CH70 Headphones ($39.99 value) with KMICROKOR

Korg microKORG 37-Key Pro Keyboard • $399.99

State-of-the-art analog modeling and multi-band vocoding are finally available in a compact instrument. The microKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder is perfect for the performer, producer, computer musician or beginner looking for an affordable synthesizer. Features: 4-voice polyphony; 8-band vocoder; Arpeggiator with 6 pattern types; 128 programs including vocoding programs; 37-note velocity-sensitive mini-keyboard; Chorus/ Flanger, Phaser, Ensemble, 3 types of Delay effects (stereo, cross, L/R), 2-band EQ . KMICROKOR • List: $500.00

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Samson CH70 Headphones ($39.99 value) with KX50XXXXX

Korg X50 • $699.00

The Korg X50 music synthesizer gives you pro-quality sounds in an ultra-compact body. 512 professional-quality sound programs produced by the HI synthesis system used on the world-famous TRITON series. 384 combinations, each allowing up to eight programs to be freely combined to create complex sounds. Multi Mode allows the X50 to be played from your external sequencer as a 16-part multi-timbral sound module. Powerful effect section with four processors (one insert effect, two master effects, one master EQ). Four-channel audio output (two main channels, two individual channels), a first in its class. Dual polyphonic arpeggiator for even more musical enjoyment. USB connector. KX50XXXXX • List: $899.00


pro keyboards


Roland V-Piano • $5995.00

Since 1972, Roland has pioneered many groundbreaking technologies and “world’s first” products. In recent decades, no family of Roland instruments has won more respect and acclaim than the revolutionary “V” series: V-Accordion®, V-Bass, V-Drums®, V-Guitar, and V-Synth®. Today, Roland proudly announces the next chapter in the V legacy…the V-Piano. Throw away all preconceived notions of what a digital piano was and is. This instrument changes everything. RVPIANOXX (AVAILABLE AT SELECT LOCATIONS)

Free !


NEW VERSION 2.0 Roland Juno G • $995.99

tand ! F ree pShones H ead

Still the most powerful workstation at this price, the Juno-G just got recharged with the introduction of Version 2.0 software, adding Fantom-series audio sampling functionality that you can use along-side all the other powerful Juno-G features. In addition to a killer sequencer, 128 voice poly and a zillion sounds, the upgraded Juno-G will have you sampling, chopping and sequencing your samples. Of course you can still record 4 tracks of linear audio to run along with your sequences and everything BPM matches. It’s the mini-Fantom!

On Stage 7191 Stand and Samson NC900 Headphones ($95 combined value) with any keyboard on this page

RJUNOGXXX • List: $1199.00

NEW LOWER PRICE! Roland Juno D 61 Key Pro Keyboard • $495.00

Juno-D is the most competitively priced, full-featured synthesizer in its class. Hundreds of radio-ready sounds along with a world-class array of expressive multi-effects, realtime performance controllers, and tools for groove creation and composition. Features: 61-note, 64-voice polyphony; improved keyboard feel; 640 top-quality patches, 20 rhythm sets, GM2 compatibility; Patches organized in categories; 47 multi-effects, 8 reverbs, 8 chorus types; Powerful arpeggiator, with 400 phrase/arpeggio.


tand ! F ree pShones H ead

RJUNODXXX • List: $749.00

$200 mail-in Rebate Roland Fantom G6 $2395.00 after rebate

Driven by a powerful new audio processor, the & S tand ! Fantom-G series provides new sonic depth and versatility. With twice the wave-ROM capacity hones H ead p of its predecessor, it contains a treasure trove of Roland’s world-famous SRX-quality sounds, but what really sets this instrument apart is its new ARX expansion, which allows additional SuperNATURAL sound-sets and fully dedicated synth and effects engines to be added to this already powerful live workstation. Features: Graphic user interface with extra-large 8.5” wide color LCD and mouse connectivity; onboard audio/MIDI sequencer with 128 tracks including 24 audio tracks; Multi-FX for each part; up to 22 effects routings can be programmed simutaneously.

F ree

RFANTOMG6 • List: $2999.00

$300 mail-in Rebate

Roland Fantom G8 • $3395.00 after rebate Same features as G6 with 88 keys. RFANTOMG8 • List: $4299.00 Roland Mail-in rebates expire 6/30/09


pro keyboards

Korg M50-88 88 Key Music Workstation • $1799.99

The fiery KORG M50 is ready to take on all contenders! Incredible updated sounds; fat & juicy combos, splits and layers; a plethora of ace effects; dynamic Drum Tracks; enhanced poly-arpeggiators; classic sequencing tools, a solid, confident keybed; up-to-date SD storage; companion editing software and Korg’s famous TouchView interactive display - it all adds up to an invigorating and sexy keyboard instrument that could only come from KORG. KM5088XXX • List: $2499.00

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On Stage 7191 Stand and Samson NC900 Headphones ($95 combined value) with any keyboard on this page

Korg M50-61 61 Key Music Workstation • $1099.99

The fiery KORG M50 is ready to take on all contenders! Incredible updated sounds; fat & juicy combis, splits and layers; a plethora of ace effects; dynamic Drum Tracks; enhanced poly-arpeggiators; classic sequencing tools, a solid, confident keybed; up-to-date SD storage; companion editing software and Korg’s famous TouchView interactive display - it all adds up to an invigorating and sexy keyboard instrument that could only come from KORG. KM5061XXX • List: $1499.00


Yamaha MO8 Synthesizer 88-Key • $1599.99

tand ! F ree pShones H ead

The MO8 provides a full set of authentic sounds and comprehensive music-making features-including an emphasis on contemporary styles and voices. Highly portable and compact, it also serves as an ideal keyboard for live performance situations. Drawing from the professional level MOTIF ES, the MO8 features an expanded sound set, with an exceptionally large internal wave memory capacity. YMO8XXXXX • List: $1999.00


tand ! F ree pShones H ead

Yamaha MO6 Synthesizer 61-Key • $1099.99 YMO6XXXXX • List: $1499.00


Yamaha MM8 Workstation $999.99

tand &! F ree pShones H ead

The MM8 Music Synthesizer delivers all the musical power and creative control you need - and a whole lot more. Taking the sounds from the highly popular pro-level MOTIF series instruments, the MM8 has an enormous variety of dynamic, authentic Voices to help you create and perform in virtually any style of music. YMM8XXXXX • List: $1299.00

Yamaha Motif XS6 • $2399.99

tand &! F ree pShones H ead


Download over 700 MB of free sound libraries & more!

Keeping your inspiration level high, the Yamaha Motif XS series workstations feature a massive 355MB of highquality sounds to launch your song to the top! Thanks to the Expanded Articulation (XA) tone generations system and nearly 6000 arpeggio and phrases, your music will come to life like never before. YMOTIFXS6 • List: $2799.00

Yamaha Motif XS8 • $3599.99 YMOTIFXS8 • List: $3999.00


$100 Rebate!

Universal Audio LA-610 MKII Tube Recording Channel Strip • $1499.99 after rebate

The LA-610 Mk II is a second-generation revamp of the original 2005 LA-610 vintage tone channel strip. While the preamp and compressor are identical to the original LA-610 that users have come to know and love, user-requested features such as true compressor bypass, larger metering, improved output signal, an auto-sensing power supply have been added offering an enhanced user experience. ULA610MK2 • List: $1999.00 (REBATE EXPIRES 6/30/09)

$50 Rebate!

Universal Audio SOLO610 Classic Vacuum Tube DI Box and Microphone Preamp $749.99 after rebate

The all-tube SOLO/610 provides the silky vintage warmth of the original UA 610 console used by artists ranging from Sinatra to Van Halen. Offers Mic and DI inputs, and features Gain and Level control for a wide variety of clean to colored tonal shaping. The SOLO/610 has all the essential features like 48v Phantom Power, Lo Cut filtering, Phase Reverse, and for even greater tonal variety, maintains the 610’s flexible dual impedance selection for both Mic and DI inputs. Includes essential DI features like Thru for when used in conjunction with an amplifier, plus Ground Lift and and a versatile Mic/Line level output switch. Made in USA. USOLO610X • List: $949.00 (REBATE EXPIRES 6/30/09)

$50 Rebate!

Universal Audio 710TF-D Twin-Finity Microphone Preamp $749.99 after rebate

The 710 Twin-Finity is a radically new UA pre-amp design, which uniquely combines both, the classic retro warmth of UA tube design and the transient bite of solid-state in a 2U, half-rack, all-metal chassis. The 710 was created specifically to add the tonal versatility and sonic inspiration missing from generic audio interface preamps. The key to its sonic flexibility lies in its innovative circuit design, featuring a solid-state transimpedance input amp simultaneously driving separate, phase-aligned tube and solid-state gain stages, which are then summed to a single output. U710TWINX • List: $999.00 (REBATE EXPIRES 6/30/09)

Bonus! Get $100 in FREE Plug-ins! Universal Audio UAD-2 Solo PCI-e DSP Card w/Audio Plug Ins • $499.00

The UAD-2 Solo is the ultimate sonic upgrade for your DAW bringing UA’s revolutionary combination of DSP hardware and highly-prized software plug-ins within the reach of project and pro studios alike. The UAD-2 Solo offers project studios, DJ’s and DAW users the lowest-priced entry point to the UAD-2 Solo family and includes UA’s 7 “Mix Essentials II” (a $300+ value) featuring studio staples like the UA 1176SE Compressor/Limiter, Pultec EQP-1A Program Equalizer, RealVerb Pro Room Modeler, and CS-1 Channel Strip that are an invaluable introduction to the UA Collection of plug-ins. Use the included UAD$50 plug-in voucher at the UA online store 24/7 to select from UA’s entire library of world-class plug-ins. uuad2solo • List: $649.00 (REBATE EXPIRES 6/30/09) Other UAD2 Versions also available with up to $500 in FREE plug-ins!

Native Instruments Maschine Groove Production Studio • $599.99

Welcome to the MASCHINE! The flexibility of computer-based music production with the ease of a groove box in one powerful creative tool. Utilizing onboard samples or your own audio files, MASCHINE’s symbiosis of hardware and software lets you easily turn your ideas into professiona lproductions.MASCHINE comes loaded with over 5GB of production-ready sounds and patterns. Everything from fat drum kits to state-of-the-art synthesizer sounds and pristine acoustic instruments have been sampled, sliced and tagged for your convenience. Features step sequencing, real-time recording, note repeat, slicing, and auto-mapping for intuitive jamming. NMASCHINE • List: $699.00

Native Instruments July 2009 Summer Special

Native Instruments Komplete 5 • $399.00 (7/1 - 7/31 ONLY)

KOMPLETE 5 is the high-end collection of 11 ground-breaking synthesizers, samplers, emulations, and a virtual guitar studio. Perfect for both studio and stage - this is the industry-standard bundle for serious musicians, producers and sound designers. KOMPLETE 5’s instruments can be heard on platinum-selling records and in underground clubs alike, all over the world. NKOMP5XXX • List: $1149.00


Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 Software Edition • $169.99 (7/1 - 7/31 ONLY)

Treat your studio to the ultimate solution for creating perfect guitar and bass tones- at an unbeatable price. GUITAR RIG 3 Software Edition contains all the features and functionality of the GUITAR RIG 3 Kontrol Edition, with the exception of the Rig Kontrol foot pedal. Now featuring authentic emulations of 12 amps, 17 guitar and 6 bass cabinets, four rotary speakers, nine microphones and 44 effects - the multi award-winning guitar studio sets the tone for excellence. NGUITAR3S • List: $339.00

Arturia 10 -Year Anniversary 50 % OFF Sale !

Arturia Jupiter 8V Virtual Instrument Was $199.99 • NOW $99.99 Arturia Moog Modular Virtual Instrument Was $199.99 • NOW $99.99

Ever dreamt of using one of the best synthesizers ever made? Ever dreamt of working with a modular system whose sound is part of musical legend? Arturia, in partnership with Bob Moog, have made it possible with a faithful reproduction of one of the most famous series of synthesizers: Moog Modular. AMOOGMODX (Limited Supply) • List: $249.00

The Arturia Jupiter­8V is the software recreation of Roland’s famous Jupiter­8 which was in production from 1981 to 1984. The Jupiter­8 was a synth that not only inspired a generation of musicians ranging from Prince to Howard Jones, from Depeche Mode to Moby, it was also a unique machine that offered a sharp and crystalline sound while being uniquely phat. The Jupiter­8V is loaded with more than 400 presets made by a selection of top musicians. Fully compatible with the main protocols and systems in the industry, it can be used as stand­alone software or as a virtual instrument. AJUPITER8 (Limited Supply) • List: $249.00

Arturia CS80V2 Virtual Instrument Was $199.99 • NOW $99.99

The time has come to rediscover a sound that has extensively contributed to the history of music. With the CS80V, the richness of tone turns digital but the inspiring design remains the same. The CS-80V offers all the features of the original synth, plus a new generation of innovative features, taking the original design to a new elevated level: with the Modulation Matrix, you will multiply the possibilities of this sonic and performance oriented beast; with the Multi Mode, you will create a new generation of sounds; with the additional arpeggiator and effects, just unleash your creativity. The CS-80V is based on TAE, the proprietary technology developed by Arturia’s sound engineers, and already successfully used in the Moog Modular V. TAE stands for True Analog Emulation and brings superior quality of sound when reproducing analog circuits. The CS-80V offers compatibility with all major interface standards and formats which guarantees a perfect integration into any studio environment. And with the ability to work at 32 bits/96kHz, you can now begin to make music on your computer the way you would with a real hardware synthesizer.

Arturia Prophet V Virtual Instrument Was $199.99 • NOW $99.99

Imagine. You’re looking at your computer screen and within two clicks you find exact recreations of two of the most influential analogue and digital synths existing in the 1980’s: the Prophet 5 and the Prophet VS. Then, with another click, you find a perfect fusion of both of these; an instrument giving you a remarkable spectrum of timbres ranging from the digital crystalline to the warmth of analog. APROPHETV (Limited Supply) • List: $249.00

ARTCS80V2 (Limited Supply) • List: $249.00

Arturia Arp2600V Virtual Instrument Was $199.99 • NOW $99.99

The ARP2600 is one of the finest analog synthesizers ever made. Celebrated by the most respected musicians over the last thirty years, it is capable of creating amazing sounds thanks to the exclusive ARP technologie. The ARP 2600 can be operated with or without patchcords since all of the functions are internally wired and can be controlled via sliders and switches. Due to this approach users can use the system simply while creating some of the wildest and most musically expressive analog sounds ever! AARTARP2X (Limited Supply) • List: $249.00


midi/usb controllers


HUGE PRICE REDUCTIONS! Limited Quantities!

The KX25, KX49, KX61, and KX8 USB Keyboard Studios were conceived and designed to support creativity and MIDI music composition without getting in the way. Based on a range of innovative features with advanced software integration and connectivity via a single USB cable, these control keyboards help create an efficient environment that supports traditional music production workflow. They also feature a range of drum, guitar, bass, keyboard and other musical phrases built in, minimizing the need for complex manual MIDI data programming. Complete compositions can easily be created with just one finger.

Yamaha KX25 25 • was $199.99 NOW $99.00! YKX25XXXX • List: $399.00

Yamaha KX49 49 • was $249.99 NOW $149.00

YKX49XXXX • List: $449.00

Yamaha KX61 61 • was $299.99 NOW $199.00 YKX61XXXX • List: $499.00

Yamaha KX8 88 • was $499.00 NOW $299.00 YKX8XXXXX • List: $799.00

Korg Nanokey • $49.99

The 25-note keyboard on the nanoKEY will transmit your playing dynamics to your software accurately and expressively. In CC (Control Change) MODE, the keys become MIDI controllers, allowing you to control any MIDI assignable parameters within your software. Features include: Octave Shift, Pitch and Mod – Access to the entire MIDI note range plus modulation; Velocity Sensitive Keys! –Incredibly playable and responsive ; Editor Librarian for Mac and PC –Customize the nanoKEY to suit your needs, all on-screen. KNANOKEYX • List: $62.00

Korg Nanokontrol • $59.99

The nanoKONTROL features a plethora of controllers: nine faders, nine knobs, 18 switches - Plus a Full Transport Section! – Expansive control, intelligibly laid out. For each of the four programmable scenes the nanoKONTROL offers, you can set the controllers any way you need them. That means that you can transmit a total of 168 different MIDI CC (Control Change) messages, as well as MIDI notes with the switches. The six transport buttons can each transmit either MIDI CC messages or MMC messages to control functions such as: start, stop, loop, or record on your DAW software. KNANOKONT • List: $72.00

Korg Nanopad • $59.99

The nanoPAD, offers 12 excellent feeling and highly responsive pads. Chord Trigger function lets you enter chords onto a single pad, helping you to make the most of the work surface as you create. The pads are also able to transmit multiple control change messages, making this a great interface for soloing or muting mixer tracks, turning objects on and off, or triggering clips during your live performances. Four Scenes on Board - Switch scenes to control multiple programs different ways in a single session. Send up to eight MIDI Control Change messages or eight notes PER PAD. Editor Librarian for Mac and PC – Edit all four scenes on-screen and store them in the nanoPAD. KNANOPADX • List: $72.00




M-Audio ProjectMix IO Control Surface and Firewire Audio Interface • $1249.99

ProjectMix I/O is a combination control surface and audio interface that turns your computer and most popular software into a complete digital production station. The integral 18 x 14 FireWire audio interface includes 8 mic/line inputs, 8 x 8 ADAT Lightpipe and 2 x 2 S/PDIF coaxial I/O for connectivity with just about anything. Its bank of eight control strips features 10-bit touch-sensitive moving faders that can shift to control any tracks in your project. Eight endless rotary encoder knobs and a LCD status strip work together to control channel parameters like pan and sends, or provide intuitive control of plug-ins. Dedicated transport controls and jog/shuttle wheel make navigating your productions a breeze. Support for Mackie Control, Logic Control and HUI protocols make ProjectMix I/O the ideal complement for most popular DAW applications. MPROMIXIO • List: $1599.00

M-Audio ProFire 2626 Firewire Audio Interface • $699.00

Building on a legacy of award-winning FireWire audio interfaces, the M-Audio ProFire™ 2626 brings next-generation performance to your PC or Mac host-based recording system. This powerful interface delivers 26 x 26 simultaneous I/O, complete with an onboard DSP mixer sourced from up to 52 audio streams. It features every kind of connection you need— including award-winning Octane™ preamp technology on all eight analog inputs, ADAT, S/PDIF, word clock and MIDI. Critically acclaimed JetPLL jitter elimination technology ensures pristine audio quality and reliable synchronization all the way up to high-definition 24-bit/192kHz resolution. In addition, ProFire 2626 offers easy FireWire connectivity, extremely low latency, dual headphone outputs, front-panel ¼” instrument inputs and standalone operation. MPROF2626 • List: $899.95

Digidesign 003 and MBox2 include Pro Tools 8 LE!

Digidesign Mbox 2 • $449.00

Featuring a wide range of connection options, including analog, digital, and MIDI I/O, Mbox 2 delivers professional performance in an incredibly compact package. Mbox 2 includes award-winning, easy-to-use Digidesign Pro Tools LE software—offering many of the same features that top studios rely on to record, edit, mix, and master commercial albums and blockbuster film sound. Mbox 2 also includes the Pro Tools Ignition Pack, featuring several powerful plug-ins, applications, and additional tools t D1724600X • List: $495.00

Digidesign MBox 2 Mini • $295.00

The MBox 2 Mini is Digidesign’s smallest, most affordable Pro Tools LE system ever! This USB powered I/O features 2 1/4” line-level (DI) analog ins for guitars and keyboards, 1 XLR analog input, 2 1/4” analog monitor outs, stereo headphone out and 48V phantom power. It comes with over 50 plug-ins along with Ableton Live Lite 4, Reason Adapted 3, SampleTank 2 SE, Melodyne Uno Essential and more! The included Pro Tools LE software offers 32 simultaneous audio tracks, 128 virtual tracks, 256 MIDI tracks and powerful editing capabilities. D5589800X • List: $329.00




Samson Tourtek Microphone Cable A $19 .99 VALUE! STM6XXXXX

M-Audio Ultra 8R • $499.99

Designed for comprehensive studio work, the Fast Track® Ultra 8R audio/MIDI interface delivers 8 x 8 I/O, high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity, MX Core™ DSP mixing/effects and eight preamps with award-winning Octane™ technology. Record drum kits and full bands on all eight inputs simultaneously—with superior 24-bit/96kHz fidelity. The on-board MX Core DSP mixer processes eight hardware inputs and eight software returns to the eight hardware outputs, expanding the total I/O to an impressive 16 x 8 configuration and delivering flexible routing and monitoring with delay and reverb. Includes bundled Live 7 Lite recording software. MFASTUL8R • List: $629.95


M-Audio ProFire 610 Firewire Audio Interface • $399.99

ProFire 610 transforms a Mac or PC into a 6-in/10-out recording studio that yields superior sound quality, down to the last detail. Premium digital converters deliver high-definition, 24-bit/192kHz audio throughout the signal path. Two preamps with award-winning Octane™ technology offer clean, transparent sound with low noise and exceptional headroom. ProFire 610 also features onboard DSP mixing for a totally flexible recording experience—perfect for creating multiple, independent monitor mixes with zero-latency. The user-assignable master volume knob provides flexible control over output levels on any or all of the 10 analog outputs. MIDI I/O allows the user to connect keyboards and other outboard MIDI hardware. The rugged, metal, half-rack-space unit also doubles as a standalone two-channel microphone preamp and A/D-D/A converter. ProFire 610 is compatible with a variety of major audio software, making it an unbeatable choice for personal, high-definition recording.

Tourtek Cable!

MPF610xxx • List: $499.95


Tourtek Cable!

New lower price!

Presonus FireStudio Firewire Audio Interface • $599.99

The Presonus FireStudio is a 24-bit/96k, high-speed FireWire Audio Interface with eight class A microphone preamps. This Mac and Windows compatible I/O features a 36x18 DSP matrix mixer/router and 8 channels of 96K ADAT I/O. Need more mic pre’s? The DigiMax FS, DigiMax96 or DigiMax LT adds 8 more preamps and line outputs to the FireStudio or any DAW with ADAT light pipe I/O. The FireStudio also includes the PreSonus ProPak Software Suite with Cubase LE and over 2 GB of plug-ins, drum loops and samples giving you everything you need for professional music recording and production. PFIRESTUD • List: $769.95

New lower price!

Presonus Firestudio Tube Firewire Audio Interface • $699.99


Tourtek Cable!

The FireStudio Tube delivers all the analog I/O needed for professional recording sessions, featuring sixteen analog inputs including two tube SuperChannels on the front panel, eight class A XMAX microphone preamplifiers and six balanced TRS line inputs on the rear panel. Outputs include eight balanced TRS outputs and PreSonus’ signature ultra loud and clear headphone output that “goes to 11”. PFIRETUBE • List: $869.95


Drum Machines/samplers/Groove Boxes

DEMO MODEL BLOWOUT! Roland MV8800 •$1599.00

The Roland MV-8800 is a complete production solution that will take you from beat creation and multitrack recording to mixing, mastering and CD burning. Legendary Roland instrument and effects models onboard, including TR-808, TR-909, SRV reverb, SDD-320 Chorus, SBF-325 Flanger, Boss BF-2 and HF-2, and RE-201 Space Echo. The MV-8800 comes with a world-class sound library pre-installed on the internal hard drive. Navigation is a breeze thanks to Roland’s color LCD with icon-oriented interface. Realtime control of audio pitch and time, groove quantize, and pattern/song arrangements make the MV-8800 great for both studio and stage. Complete with 3 MIDI ports (IN x 1, OUT x 2).



RMV8800XX • List: $2899.00


Samson CH700 Headphones with select products! A $64.99 VALUE! SCH700XXX


Akai MPC5000 • Was $2599.00 NOW $1999.99

The MPC5000 is the first MPC to include 8-track streaming hard disk recording, a 20-voice, 3-oscillator analog synthesizer with arpeggiator, a new sequencing engine with 960 ppq resolution, pad and track muting and mixing, 64 continuous sample tracks. There’s even a new FX engine with 4 FX buses and 2FX per bus. In addition, the MPC5000 features a 64-voice drum/phrase sampler with 64MB memory - expandable up to 192MB. The display is twice the size of the MPC2500 and MPC1000 so waveforms appear crystal-clear. Integrated Chop Shop 2.0 now supports stereo chops and Patched Phrases. The MPC5000 is also the first MPC to include Random and Cycle sample playback in addition to velocity Zone Play.



AMPC5000X • List: $3499.00

Akai MPC500 • $599.99



The Akai MPC500 is a compact, portable, full-featured music production center featuring a 48-track, 16-channel MIDI sequencer combined with a 32-voice drum/phrase sampler. The MPC500 supports 16-bit/44.1 kHz sample rates and provides upward of 128MB of RAM. The unit’s MIDI sequencer supports the SMF (standard MIDI file) format, while the sampler accepts WAV files. Like all Akai MPC units, the MPC500 provides velocity sensitive pads (12) for triggering sounds and the unit includes Akai’s legendary 12 Levels function—where one sound can be assigned to all pads with varied level or tuning per pad. AMPC500XX • List: $1299.00

Alesis SR18 Professional Drum Machine • $259.00



Following in the tradition of its ancestor, the SR-16, the SR-18 is loaded with cutting-edge drum kits, electronic drums, hits, and up-to-date percussion sounds for any modern drummer. From hip-hop, to country and everything in-between, the SR-18 has you covered. The integrated effects engine includes Reverb, EQ and Compression for customizing the sounds to your liking. Since the SR-18 can be powered by AC or batteries, it ensures that whenever you need to lay down a groove, you’re fully-equipped. ASR18XXXX • List: $399.00

The best Hip Hop and R&B beats ever

Zoom SB246 StreetBoxx • $179.99



The Zoom SB-246 is a complete drum and bass rhythm machine designed for the Hip-Hop, R&B, and Remix artist. The SB-246 has the best Rap, Hip-Hop, Dance and R&B beats and rhythms designed by a unique team of Zoom specialty programmers. The SB-246 includes 500 sounds, 70 drum kits, 25 Bass and Synth sounds and13 touch-sensitive pads that light up for live performing and easy programming. The SB-246 also features over 100 preprogrammed rhythms and patterns at your fingertips, right out of the box. ZSB246XXX • List: $309.99




Ableton Live 8 • $499.00

Ableton Live is your companion during every stage of the musical process, from creation to production to performance. Version 8 enhances the Ableton vision of creative, real-time digital music with a wealth of new techniques, effects and most-wanted workflow improvements. Live offers intuitive 32-bit/192 kHz multitrack recording, powerful and creative MIDI sequencing, Mackie Control compatibility, creative built-in effects, non-destructive editing, powerful automation, VST and AU effect and instrument support, a track freeze function, plugin delay compensation, full support for ReWire, ASIO and CoreAudio, and much more. Live provides all of the professional tools to get the job done and the intuitive workflow that makes it enjoyable. Record perfectly cut loops on the fly, mix and match audio of any tempo, and add effects, all in real time without ever stopping the music. Follow your inspiration and use your time more creatively, instead of spending it converting sample rates, calculating tempos, editing loops and routing complicated effect chains. Live keeps the music flowing and gives you back your creative time. ALIVE8XXX • List: $599.00

Propellerhead Reason 4 $399.99

Reason is an infinitely expandable music workstation, complete with its own realtime sequencer, Thor synth, RPG-8 arpeggiator, ReGroove Mixer, updated sequencer, and much more! Synthesizers, samplers, drum machine, REX file loop player, professional mastering tools, mixer, vocoder, world class effects, pattern sequencer and more. As many of each as your computer can handle. Reason is an infinitely expandable music workstation on a CD-ROM, complete with its own realtime sequencer. Use it as a standalone production environment, a virtual synth rack, or live performace setup. PREASON4X • List: $499.00

Apple Logic Studio 8 • $499.00

Cakewalk SONAR 8 Producer $499.99

“SONAR 8 Producer gives you what you need for recording, composing, editing, mixing, and mastering. Get innovations that matter, from exclusive features to ignite creativity and perfect your tracks, to groundbreaking technologies that always keep you in control, all backed by the industry’s leading 64-bit audio quality. And SONAR 8 Producer delivers the go-to production tools you want with the best collection of virtual instruments, mixing, and mastering effects found in any DAW. CSONAR8PR • List: $619.00

Logic Studio gives musicians everything they need to create in the studio, on the stage, and for the screen. Logic Studio includes Logic Pro 8, Apple’s professional music application; MainStage, an innovative new application for music performance; and Soundtrack Pro 2 for audio post-production. It also includes Studio Instruments, Studio Effects, and an expanded Studio Sound Library—all in a single box at an incredible price. AMA797LLA • List: $499.00




Steinberg Cubase Studio 5 • $499.99

Cubase 5 adds even more creative possibilities and new technologies to the world’s premier music production software developed by Steinberg — providing the finest tools to producers, composers and musicians in any musical genre. VariAudio and PitchCorrect provide integrated intonation editing for monophonic vocal recordings. Groove Agent ONE and Beat Designer change the game for beat creation, while the revolutionary LoopMash seamlessly blends loops, creating unimaginable variations. VST Expression tools for composers combine with the first VST3 convolution reverb and improved automation for more dynamic mixes. And an array of additional enhancements and 64-bit technologies boost performance — all designed to inspire further musical creativity and productivity SCB5XXXXX • List: $599.99


MOTU BPM Beat Production Machine • $279.00

BPM unites drum machine-style operation with advanced virtual instrument technology to give you the ultimate rhythm programming experience. Combine drum kits, sequenced patterns, sliced loops and instrument sounds to realize your rhythmic vision, mixing and matching any playing style with any drum kit. Or plug in your pad controller or MIDI keyboard to capture your live, groove-quantized performance directly in BPM. M7500XXXX • List: $295.00


Digidesign Pro Tools M-Powered Verion 8 • $249.99

Sporting a sleek new look, Pro Tools is as easy on the eyes as it is to use. All of the Pro Tools functionality you know and love is still in place but with some exciting enhancements, double the inserts per channel, more customizability, and easier access to editing options than ever before. All versions of Pro Tools also come packed with a huge collection of over 70 virtual instruments, effects, and soundprocessing plug-ins, plus a high-quality sound library of nearly 8 GB of loops to get you started creating music. DMPOWER8X • List: $299.99


Presonus StudioChannel Tube Channel Strip • $299.99

The Studio Channel is a professional channel strip combining Class A tube preamplifier, VCA-based compressor and three-band parametric equalizer perfect for the professional and project studio. Great for all types of microphones, instruments, keyboards and synths, the Studio Channel has the sonic power and flexibility to achieve any tone you can dream of – luscious in your face vocals, crystal clear acoustic guitars, fat solid bass guitar, dynamic acoustic piano, cracking snare, punchy bass, huge MPC tracks and more. PSTUDIOCH • List: $359.95



Zoom HD8CD $499.99


Co1 Mic!


The Zoom HD16 gives you versatile, intuitive multitrack recording with a clear, intuitive interface. You can send your recorded WAV files to the included DAW software in your computer via its USB connection. Then, use the unit as a control surface to adjust, fade, pan and mix every aspect of your project. Recording, arranging, mixing and mastering has never been easier or more immediate.


Samson C01 Condenser Mic $79 value! with ZHD8CDXX and


ZHD16CDXX • List: $1249.99

The Zoom HD8 gives you versatile, intuitive multi-track recording with a clear, Co1 Mic! intuitive interface. You can send your recorded WAV files to the included DAW software in your computer via its USB connection. Then, use the unit as a control surface to adjust, fade, pan and mix every aspect of your project. Recording, arranging, mixing and mastering has never been easier or more immediate.


ZHD8CDXXX • List: $899.99


Samson CH700 Headphones with select recorders!



A $64.99 VALUE! SCH700XXX

Korg D3200 Digital Multitrack Recorder • $1299.00



Tascam CDRW900SL • $599.99

One of the most popular CD recorders on the market, the CD-RW900SL, features a robust slot-loading transport, 24 bit A/D & D/A converters, MP3 playback, key control, sample rate conversion, and selectable CD disc reading speed. The CD-RW900SL provides dedicated analog front panel input control, rear panel unbalanced (RCA) I/O, and S/DIFF digital I/O (optical and coaxial). Recently added features include Auto Cue and Auto Ready from the menu, selectable I/R remote Enable/Disable, and MP3 Action Setting (prevents accidental termination of continuous MP3 playback). TCDRW900S • List: $699.99


Professional quality sound at an affordable price! The D3200 provides 16 and 24-bit uncompressed 44.1 or 48 kHz recording and playback. Up to 32 tracks of simultaneous playback and up to 16 tracks of simultaneous recording are possible. By taking advantage of the eight virtual tracks provided for each track, you can record a total of up to 272 tracks. In the 24-bit mode, the digital data passing through the fader and EQ is recorded onto the internal hard drive as 32-bit data, ensuring even higher recording and playback quality. A 40 GB hard disk is standard, allowing approximately 119 hours of recording. The internal processor uses 64-bit precision (maximum 69 bit), delivering professional-level audio quality. KD3200XXX • List: $1799.99

Tascam DP02CF $299.99

TASCAM’s DP-02CF combines 8-track CD-quality recording with a Portastudio™ interface – designed for musicians who want to record quickly and have fun. A matched pair of TASCAM mic pres features XLR inputs with phantom power for condenser mics and a guitar in for direct recording. Each channel gives you dedicated controls for instant access to fader level, record arm/track mute, pan, effect send, high and low EQ. There’s also an EQ frequency button for finer control over the mix. The DP-02 records two channels at a time to a compact flash card – with enough space for many songs at a time. TDP02CFXX • List: $499.00


Tascam 2488neo • $799.99

The 2488neo is a 24 bit, 32 Channel, 24 Track Hard Disk Recorder & CD Burner. Sporting eight mic inputs, it’s one of the few recorders able to record and mix a full band. A new batch of mastering effects joins the reverb, amp simulation, compression, and EQ processing to create and burn finished-sounding CDs in a stand-alone unit. With TASCAM’s simple interface, great sounding preamps and chart-ready effects, the 2488neo is the ultimate 24-track production machine. T2488NEOX • List: $1199.00


Tascam DP-004 $199.99

TASCAM’s DP-004 Digital Pocketstudio is based on 30 years of easy-touse cassette Portastudios, updated with four tracks of CD quality digital recording. Like those groundbreaking Portastudios, a row of knobs set levels and pan instead of a list of menus. The DP-004 can record two sources at once to the included 1 GB SD Card, A built in stereo condenser microphone makes it simple to record anywhere you go, perfect for concerts, rehearsals, and songwriting inspirations. A pair of 1/4” jacks on the rear panel allows you to connect your own microphones or sources. You can switch the inputs to guitar level for recording. TDP004XXX • List: $279.99

Compact recorders

Zoom H4N 4 Track Portable Digital Recorder • $349.00

The most sophisticated handheld recorder from Zoom will amaze, no matter the application. From the new onboard X/Y stereo condenser mics with 90° or 120° variable recording patterns, to its ability to record simultaneously on four channels, you will sound like you recorded in a world-class studio, no matter where you are in the world. ZH4NXXXXX • List: $609.99


Zoom H4 4 Track Portable Digital Recorder NOW $239.99 There’s never been a more robust, feature-heavy recorder. On-board guitar and mic modeling, multitrack recording capability and the ability to use your own microphones, mean the H4 is adaptable to any situation that a musician might encounter. ZH4XXXXXX • List: $499.99

The World’s Best Selling Hand Held Recorder! Zoom H2 Handy Portable Digital Recorder • $179.99

Who Needs the H2 Handy Recorder from Zoom? Everyone who craves brilliant stereo recording. Simplicity is a beautiful thing. It’s a simple idea: provide brilliant stereo recording in an easy-to-use, ultra-portable device. Now everyone can record pristine audio in an infinite variety of applications. From seminars and conferences, to electronic news gathering (ENG) and podcasting, to musical performances, songwriting sessions and rehearsals, the H2 provides amazing recording quality. And no matter what kind of music you perform or the instrument you play, the H2 can effortlessly record it in high-quality stereo. ZH2XXXXXX • List: $334.99


Olympus LS10 Linear PCM Portable Recorder Was $399.99 NOW $29999

Studio-Grade Recording to Go. Combining the advanced technologies derived from Olympus’ decades of experience in the recording field, the compact and portable LS-10 brings you high-fidelity sound recording that’s ideal for everything from live music to the singing of birds. The LS-10: unparalleled sound quality, anytime, anywhere. OLS10XXXX • List: $499.00

Tascam DR-07 Portable Digital Recorder • $199.99

TASCAM’s DR-07 bings portable digital recording to an even smaller, more affordable package. A pair of highly-sensitive built in mics captures a wide stereo image, recording in either MP3 or 16/24 bit WAV format. The DR-07 is powered b y AA batteries and it transfers files to a computer using high-speed USB 2.0 connection. The versatile recorder even includes a windscreen, tripod stand mount and 2GB SD card to start recording right away. Musicians will appreciate the playback functions of the DR-07, including the ability toloop MP3s and slow them down without changing the pitch. TDR07XXXX • List: $279.99


studio monitors

Sam Ash Welcomes KRK! KRK Rokit 5 Generation 2 5” Active Monitor $149.50 each

The KRK Rokit5G2 Speaker takes value-priced monitors to a new performance level. All of the great stuff that Rokit’s have been known for (front-firing bass port, soft-domed tweeter, glass aramid composite yellow cone) are still there, but the G2 Rokit features refined voicing and a new curved baffle that looks great, reduces diffraction and provides even better monitoring accuracy. It comes with an Input Volume Control that provides an adjustable gain range from +6dB to -30dB. If it's RCA, Quarter-Inch (balanced/unbalanced) or XLR inputs you require, Rockit has got you covered. Each Rokit comes equipped with a High Frequency Level Control as well as a true 75 W bi-amplified amplifier system to provide discrete low-distortion power for each driver. KRP5G2XXX • List: $299.00

KRK Rokit 6 Generation 2 $199.50 each

Includes 6” Glass Aramid Composite Woofer and 1” Neodymium Soft Dome Tweeter with Ferro Fluid for wide response. KRP6G2XXX • List: $399.00

Demo Blowout! Mackie HR824mk2 $499.00 each


With their ultra-accurate, incredibly natural sound, the Mackie Samson MS100 HR824mk2 high-resolution active Studio Monitor studio monitors are the perfect union of form and function. The Stands with precisely engineered curvature select monitors! of the cast aluminum Zero Edge A $199.99 VALUE! Baffle™ minimizes diffraction SMS100PXX for a crystal clear image of your stands! mix, and effectively guides sound waves so you get detailed lows, full, articulate mids, and shimmering highs. Working in concert with the baffle’s contours, the HRmk2’s unique passive radiator design delivers astonishing bass extension that’s super-tight and always distortion-free. Wide, even dispersion of all frequencies, as well as incredible depth of field, allow you to accurately hear your mix—whether you’re up close Yamaha HS50M or at a distance, on axis or off—transforming your studio’s sweet spot into a full-on sweet zone. And the high-gloss $399.99 pair stands! piano black wood cabinet not only looks hot, but adds just The HS Series powered monitors were that bit of warmth so your sound is true—not sterile. designed to be true studio reference MHR824MK2 • List: $849.99 monitors in the tradition of the famous NS10Ms. When choosing your next pair of near field reference monitors, remember it’s not just important that they sound good; they have to be an JBL LSR2325P honest reference for your mix. The new $199.00 each HS Series of reference monitors were The LSR2325P Bi-Amplified designed to give you exceptionally flat response so Two-Way Model includes you can really trust what you hear. balanced XLR, balanced 1/4” YHS50MXXX • List: $249.50 each TRS, and RCA unbalanced input connectors to allow connection of professional mixing consoles, computer stands! audio interfaces, audio visual M-Audio Studiophile equipment, and consumer BX8A Deluxe audio systems. A detented level control allows fine adjust$499.99 pair ment of individual speaker levels to balance each speaker in 130 watts of Bi-amplified the system. Excellent Low Frequency Response to 43 Hz, High power (70 watts lows, Ouput - Each / Pair:> 99 dB / > 105 dB, LSR Linear Spatial 60 watts highs). 8” lowReference Design for greater accuracy at the mix position. frequency drivers & 1” Low Frequency and High Frequency Trim controls let you tailor natural silk high-frequency the speaker’s response to preference or room acoustics. drivers. Curved Kevlar JLSR2325P • List: $249.00 cones w/High-temperature stands! voice coils. XLR balanced and 1/4” balanced/unbalanced input. Magnetically shielded.








MBX8ADLXX • List: $599.95

Studio monitors

With iPod Dock! Price Slashed!

Samson StudioDock 3i USB • NOW $99.99!

StudioDock is a total solution for the contemporary music enthusiast. With its on-board iPod dock and USB interface, StudioDock lets you listen, sync and take your music with you. StudioDock will even charge your iPod while its docked. And because you use USB to send your music digitally, you get extremely high-quality audio from one convenient, incredible sounding set of desktop monitors. SSD3IXXXX • List: $154.99

Samson MediaOne 5a • $199.99 pair

The MediaOne 5a monitors produce a powerful, full-range sound thanks to the internal 40 watt amplifier, extended range copolymer woofer and 25mm silk dome tweeter. The 5-inch custom designed woofer delivers tight and controlled low frequency response, while the silk dome high frequency driver is set in a custom wave guide that produces an accurate and natural high frequency response. The result is solid bass dispersion and extended highs, all in an amazingly compact cabinet. SM5AXXXXX • List: $279.99

Samson MediaOne 4a • $149.99 pair SM4AXXXXX • List: $209.99

Samson Resolv A6 • $399.00 pair



Resolv A6 monitors feature 6.5-inch woven carbon fiber woofers for tight and controlled low frequency response while their 1.25-inch silk dome tweeters deliver smooth, sweet highs. Dedicated power amps and crossovers that are custom designed for their speakers also ensure professional performance from these monitors. Additionally, cooler operation means no harmonic distortion, so Resolv monitors include an external heatsink, ferro-fluid cooling and a ventilated ceramic motor structure. There’s also a four-position high frequency lift control for customizing to your mixing room. And of course, Resolv monitors are AV shielded for operation near computers. SRESA6XXX • List: $499.99

Samson Resolv A8 • $449.00 pair

With a complete redesign of the Resolv reference monitors, Samson has combined precise engineering and the highest quality components with an elegant cabinet design, providing extremely accurate monitoring for recording studio, post-production and other multimedia applications.


SRESA8XXX • List: $559.99


Samson Rubicon R5a • $299.00 pair


Samson Rubicon R5a Active Ribbon Studio Monitors feature 2-inch Velocity Ribbon high frequency transducers that compliment a 2-way active system capable of reproducing playback in its most natural form. The Rubicon 5a’s feature a bi-amped power section offering 50 watts to a newly designed 5-inch inverted cone lowfrequency driver and 25 watts to the high frequency ribbon. SR5AXXXXX • List: $399.99


Samson Rubicon R8a • $499.00 pair

Samson’s Rubicon Active Ribbon Studio Monitors feature 2-inch Velocity Ribbon high frequency transducers that compliment a 2-way active system capable of reproducing playback in its most natural form. Ribbon drivers have no resonant color and even dispersion, unlike a tradition diaphragm tweeter. SR8AXXXXX • List: $639.99




large format mixers

Demo MODEL Blowout! Below COST! SAVE $2000! Midas Venice 320 Was $4999.00 NOW


This 32-channel mixer features high quality mic preamps and a stable, responsive EQ section, just like on large Midas consoles. Simple but intuitive outputs make overall configuration of the console extremely quick and easy. Provides a drastic improvement to the sonic quality of your existing system. Used by a majority of the world’s top acts; Midas is the industry standard. Includes three-year warranty with Midas reliability and support. YIM840KXX • List: $6499.00



ev PL24 Mic!

ev PL24 Mic!

Demo MODEL Blowout! Mackie Onyx 324 32 Channel Mixer • $1799.99

What if you combined the functionality and performance of the legendary Mackie SR24•4 and 32•4 mixers with the acclaimed Onyx mic preamps. Now add 4-band Perkins EQ, 100mm Panasonic™ Faders and a built in assignable stereo compressor/ limiter section and you’ve got the Onyx 4-Bus Series.


Electro-Voice PL24 Mic with select mixers!

A $127.50 VALUE! EPL24XXXX

Yamaha MG2414FX • $1049.99

With 24 channels, the MG24/14FX is ready to handle all but the most ambitious sound-reinforcement setups. And with dual SPX digital effect systems on-board, you won’t need racks of outboard gear to get the sound you need. Features: 24 channels, 16 mono mic/line and 4 stereo line; 16 low-noise mic preamps w/ phantom power; 14 mix busses; Inserts on all mono ins; 3-band; mid-sweep channel EQ and HPF; Talkback Input. YMG2414FX • List: $1249.00

MONYX324X • List: $2849.99



ev PL24 Mic!

ev PL24 Mic!

Samson SL2400 • $899.99

Samson’s SL2400 - A 24-channel / 4-bus professional mixing console engineered for a wide variety of live applications, the L2400 is a road-worthy mixer that gives an operator unparalleled control over both stage and crowd sound. The L2400 offers 16 mic/line channels with preamps and 4-band EQ to give you the studio quality sound you desire. Samson has also included 100 dual 24-bit preset digital effects so you can run the range of experimentation to create the sound you’ve envisioned. SL2400XXX • List: $1294.99

The MG mixers offer an extraordinary blend of technology: some inherited from professional Yamaha mixing consoles you’re likely to ev PL24 Mic! see in distinguished halls throughout the world, and some developed specifically to deliver optimum performance in the MG-console format. All models are remarkably compact and lightweight for superior handling and portability, but absolutely no compromises have been made in terms of features, performance, or durability. Features 10 Mics + 4 Stereo line inputs, 60 mm Super smooth faders, 3 band Mid-sweep EQ (Ch 1-8), Phantom power, 6 compressors, Neutrik™ XLR Connectors, 6 busses (Stereo + 4 groups), plus a monitor mix to boot!



Behringer SX3242FX Eurodesk • $599.99

This mixer’s 24 mic inputs, 8 stereo inputs and 4 buses give you enough leeway to handle anything from a graduation speech to a 5-piece band to a whole church service with praise band and choir. 24 State-of-the-art XENYX Microphone Preamps. Neo-classic “British” 3-band EQs with semi-parametric mid band & High-precision 9-band stereo graphic EQ for monitor or main mixes. Four stereo input channels with 4-band EQ plus 2 additional stereo input channels with Level and pre-fader Aux controls. Two independent 24-bit stereo FX processors with 100 presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects. Solo-In-Place and Pre-Fader-Listen functions. BSX3242FX • List: $879.99

Yamaha MG166C $379.99

YMG166CXX • List: $489.00


Yamaha MG206C $639.00

The MG mixers offer an extraordinary blend of technology: some inherited from professional Yamaha mixing consoles you’re likely to ev PL24 Mic! see in distinguished halls throughout the world, and some developed specifically to deliver optimum performance in the MGconsole format. All models are remarkably compact and lightweight for superior handling and portability, but absolutely no compromises have been made in terms of features, performance, or durability. Features: 16 Mics + 4 Stereo line inputs, 60 mm Super smooth faders, 12 insert I/O, 4 Aux sends, 3 band Mid-sweep EQ (Ch 1-12), Phantom power, 6 compressors, Neutrik™ XLR Connectors, 6 busses (Stereo + 4 groups), plus a monitor mix to boot!


YMG206CXX • $829.00

compact mixers

FIREWIRE MIXER Blowout! Limited Supplies Mackie U.420d

60% OFF! Was $249.00

NOW $149.00

U.Series mixers are the simplest, most intuitive mixers on the market today. Perfect for DJs, producers and podcasters, the Mackie U.420d 4-channel production mixer provides connection flexibility and an intuitive, centralized user interface to ease workflow and maximize creativity. When you have a variety of gear and constant manipulation is the norm, losing the vibe while looking for the right knob is just not an option! Innovative ergonomics put the micro-master section dead center, which offers otherwise full-size features such as a prominent master volume knob and high-resolution metering for easy control and monitoring of the main mix on stage or in the studio. MU420DXXX • List: $359.99

Record direct to your iPod or computer

Mackie U.420

66% OFF! Was $199.99 NOW $99.00

U.Series mixers are the simplest, most intuitive mixers on the market today. Designed for the needs of modern musicians, DJs and producers, the Mackie U.420 4-channel stereo line production mixer provides connection flexibility and an intuitive, centralized user interface to ease workflow and maximize creativity. Never lose the vibe because your fingers can’t find the right knob quickly enough. Innovative ergonomics put the micro-master section dead center, which offers otherwise full-size features such as a prominent master volume knob and high-resolution metering for easy control and monitoring of the main mix on stage or in the studio.

Alesis iMultiMix 8 $179.99 while supply lasts

The iMultiMix 8 USB is a sturdy, compact all-in-one tabletop mixer and recorder that features 100 studio grade 28–bit digital effects, a built–in limiter to avoid distorted recordings and an integrated iPod dock with control wheel transport controls for fast, easy direct–to–iPod recording. The iMultiMix 8 USB represents the first mixer to fuse together professional quality mixing, 3 band per channel EQ, guitar/line inputs and iPod recording in a single, intuitive package. For ultra–clean live recordings of nearly any performance, including home studios, musicians, podcasters, and houses of worship, the iMultiMix 8 USB is an ideal solution. AIMM8USBX • List: $499.00

MU420XXXX • List: $299.99


Yamaha MG82CX • $159.99

The Yamaha MG82CX is the ideal mixer for live sound applications, offering sonic quality that will satisfy the most critical listener, surprising flexibility and ease-of-use, and some advanced features you normally wouldn’t find in this type of compact mixer. The MG82CX has a total of 8 input channels comprised of two mono microphone/line channels and three stereo line channels. Two of the stereo channel can be used as mono microphone inputs, providing a total of four microphone inputs when necessary. Gain trim covers a wide -60dB ~ -16dB range for microphone input, and -34dB ~ +10dB for line input.

Samson MDR1688 $289.00

The Samson MDR1688 is a true professional 16-channel stereo mixer with all the features needed for live or home studio applications. High-quality, discreet, low-noise mic preamps, 3-band EQ, 60mm faders, and internal 24-bit DSP processing, gives users total control over signal flow and the best possible sound. As with all of Samson’s MDR mixers, the MDR 1688 features advanced circuit design using carefully selected components at each stage of the signal path, giving you maximum dynamic range and a transparent audio signal for your live or recorded music. SMDR1688X • List: $379.99

YMG82CXXX • List: $ 219.00

Yamaha MG124CX • $299.99

The Yamaha MG124CX has a total of 12 input channels – four mono microphone/line inputs and four stereo line inputs. Two of the stereo line inputs can also function as mono microphone inputs, giving you up to six simultaneous mono microphone inputs when needed. Additional features include built-in compressors per channel, 3-band channel EQ and high-pass filter, 6 high-performance mic preamps with switchable phantom power and a built-in SPX multi-effect engine. YMG124CFX • List: $379.00


ev PL24 Mic!

Behringer XENYX 2442FX $329.99


ev PL24 Mic!

Premium ultra low-noise, high headroom analog mixer featuring 10 state-ofthe-art XENYX Mic Preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps. Neo-classic “British” 3-band EQs with semi-parametric mid band for warm and musical sound. Studio-grade 24-bit stereo FX processor with 100 awesome presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects. USB/Audio Interface included to connect directly to your computer. B2442FXXX • List: $409.99


passive PA

TAPCO DEAL OF THE CE NTURY! 12” Two-way Just $11999!

Dual 15” Two-way Powerhouse for $19999 WOW!

Tapco 6912 NOW $119.99 each!

When you’re ready to step up to a real PA system, TAPCO’s Series 69 Loudspeakers deliver. Designed by touring sound veterans, these professional-quality passive speakers are the perfect foundation for your concert sound system. For maximum portability, they are made as compact as possible without sacrificing performance or efficiency. Series 69 Loudspeakers give you premium drivers, PVC vinylcovered wood enclosures, custom-molded thermoplastic edge bumpers and bigger sound than any big-name speaker in its class — at a much more affordable price. T6912XXXX • List: $299.99

Tapco 6925 Dual NOW $199.99 each!

When you’re ready to step up to a real PA system, TAPCO’s Series 69 Loudspeakers deliver. Designed by touring sound veterans, these professional-quality passive speakers are the perfect foundation for your concert sound system. For maximum portability, they are made as compact as possible without sacrificing performance or efficiency. Series 69 Loudspeakers give you premium drivers, PVC vinyl-covered wood enclosures, custom-molded thermoplastic edge bumpers and bigger sound than any big-name speaker in its class — at a much more affordable price. T6925XXXX • List: $469.99

Electro-Voice Tour X TX2152 • $1249.00 each


The Electro-Voice TX2152 excels where all other competitive dual 15-inch loudspeakers fail - transient detail. The secret is the combination of dual SMX2150 low distortion woofers with an integrated analog crossover utilizing elliptical filters that achieve 36dB per octave slopes at the crossover frequency. The result is crossover performance that rivals, or exceeds, that of many electronic DSP devices and bi-amping. To keep up with all this output, the TX2152 is the only Tour X model that employs the neodymium ND2 compression driver found in EV small and medium size line arrays.

EV PL24 Mic!


Electro-Voice PL24 Mic with select gear! A $127.50 VALUE! EPL24XXXX

ETX2152XX • List: $1375.00

Electro-Voice Zx4 • $669.00 each


EV PL24 Mic!

Zx4 is capable as an entire system. With an integral pole mount the Zx4 is ready for main mix applications in DJ, band and general entertainment use. To accomodate different stage depths, Zx4 incorporates retractable monitor feet. This allows Zx4 to be used as a stage monitor with a 45° or 55° angle. Every detail of your music is reproduced from extended highs to powerful lows. The DH3 compression driver with its pure titanium diaphragm, coupled with the Zx4’s large 90° x 50° horn allows for tremendous intelligibility and pattern control. The EVS15-SF 15” LF delivers tight, low bass and outstanding power handling capacity. EZX4XXXXX • List: $770.00

Electro-Voice Force i • $449.00 each

EV PL24 Mic!

Big sound in a small, lightweight package thanks to serious EV components and their Ring-Mode Decoupling (RMD) technology. New Barrier Port™ enclosure design delivers deeper, tighter bass than you’d expect from a small enclosure . Wide dispersion 80° x 55° horn projects the sound farther than competitive 90° speakers. Specifications: Frequency Responce: 50 Hz - 20 kHz. Power EV PL24 Mic! Handling: 250 watts Continuous, 500 watts Program, 1000 watts Short Term. Sensitivity: 99dB. Impedance: 8 ohms. Neutrik Speakon Connectors.



EFORCEIEX • List: $550.00


JBL MRX525 $949.00 each

The MRX525 is an excellent choice when the application calls for high performance and simplicity. A pair of MRX525s and a single, high-power amplifier is a complete sound system capable of reinforcing bass and kick drum or playing high-level music in clubs and other venues. The MRX525 is comprised of two 380 mm (15 in) 265H Differential Drive® woofers with combined power handling of 800 watts (continuous). For the high frequencies, 2408H 37.5 mm (1.5 in) annular polymer diaphragm, neodymium compression driver is mounted to a 70° x 70° horn. JMRX525XX • List: $1159.00

poWered PA


Electro-Voice PL24 Mic with select gear! A $127.50 VALUE! EPL24XXXX


JBL PRX525 • $1299.99 each

If a simple set-up is required and full bandwidth output at high levels is a must, then the PRX525 is most likely the optimum solution. With the same foot print as the PRX515 the addition of another 15” woofer only increases the weight by 24 lbs, yet the increase in performance negates the requirement for an extra subwoofer in live music and many music playback applications. As with all of the PRX full-range models, user selectable EQ is provided, and a direct microphone input option. JPRX525XX • List: $1929.00

Electro-Voice SXA250 $859.00 each

The SxA250 sets a new standard for powered speakers. Its design provides the user multiple inputs with mix capability, an easy to use EQ section, and plenty of power in a very compact, attractive package.

Samson Live 615 $399.99 each


EV PL24 Mic!

Two-way bi-amped active loudspeaker system. 300 Watts RMS total power (LF 250 watts + HF 50 watts). Custom designed, heavy-duty, 15-inch low frequency driver with 3-inch voice coil. 34 mm titanium compression driver with 1-inch exit. SL615XXXX • List: $549.99

ESXA250XX • List: $1000.00


EV PL24 Mic! New Lower Price!

Samson Live 1215 • $549.99 each

QSC HPR153i • $1199.00 each

The QSC HPR153i 3-way loudspeaker is a great choice when the warmth, clarity and projection of a horn loaded, cone midrange system is desired. The 15” driver and larger enclosure volume provide extension down to 36 Hz making the HPR153i well suited for reinforcement of music with lots of low frequency content. Mids are handled by a EV PL24 6” cone driver that seamlessly covers the critical vocal region. A 1.4” (diaphragm) compression driver delivers brilliant top end response. The 600 watt (400 LF / 100 MF / 100 HF) power module includes a 100 Hz high-pass filter (HPF) for use in subwoofer-equipped systems.



The highest quality components and exceptional engineering make Samson’s new Live! Active PA enclosures a great choice for the small to medium loudspeaker system. Ideal for portable or club installation applications, the Live! series offers all-plywood construction EV PL24 Mic! for great sound and professional looks. Two-way bi-amped active loudspeaker system, 500 Watts RMS total power (LF 400 watts + HF 100 watts), Two Custom designed, heavy-duty, 15-inch low frequency drivers with 3-inch voice coil, 44 mm titanium compression driver with 1-inch exit, Dual limiter speaker processing, XLR 1/4-inch combo, Line input with level control, XLR Extension jack with Mix/Thru switch.


SL1215XXX • List: $829.99

QHPR153IX • List: $1699.00

JBL PRX518S $1099.99 each

Compact and powerful, the PRX518S offers the performance of an 18” subwoofer in a package not much larger than a typical 15” sub. With a pole receptacle (that accepts a SS3-BK) on the top panel and integrated stereo pass-thru, with digital cross-over, this is the perfect compliment to the PRX500 full-range systems. Configured with a PRX512M or PRX515; the result is a highly transportable, high performance sub-satellite system. The addition of a polarity reverse option further enables system optimization JPRX518SX • List: $1629.00

Samson dB1800A 18” Powered Subwoofer $699.99 each

The dB1800a is a self-powered subwoofer featuring a heavy-duty 18” low frequency driver with butyl surround, complemented by a 1000 Watt power amplifier. The dB1800a provides an active stereo crossover with high-passed output for running your satellite speakers. Constructed of solid 3/4 inch plywood, with steel corners, tough carpet covering and large casters. The subwoofer features large metal grab handles and a 35mm pole mount receptacle. In fixed installation systems, the dB1800a provides super tight low frequency output in a relatively small, unobtrusive enclosure. Perfect for any sound reinforcement system where lowend is desired. SDB1800AX • List: $949.99


compact powered pa


QSC K12 • 799.99


Electro-Voice PL24 Mic with select gear!

A $127.50 VALUE! EPL24XXXX

The QSC K12 is a 12-inch, 2-way active loudspeaker system featuring an all-new 1000 Watt QSC Class D power module outputting a remarkable 131 dB (peak). The K12 deep-throw DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) 75-degree dispersion pattern (vertical or horizontal) provides for even coverage of its 48 Hz 20 kHz frequency response across the entire sound field, eliminating unnatural “dead” or “hot” zones in the audience area. Extensive DSP featuring Intrinsic Correction and DEEP provide for levels of total sonic performance that defy the system’s size and weight.


EV PL24 Mic!

QK12XXXXX • List: $999.00


Huge price reduction!

Marathon MA12P $239.99

These Active 2-Way Powered Speaker monitors offer a built-in amp with 600 watts for the 12-inch. Features such as Durable ABS construction for strong overall speaker protection. Microphone quarter inch input jack & RCA input jack to receive balanced and unbalanced signals. Adjustable volume control on the RCA line input with high and low tone levelcontrol with Metal grill and heavy duty oversized handles for easy moving.

Mackie SRM450V2 NOW $599.99

The SRM450v2 Active loudspeaker combines superior quality with innovative technology to bring ultimate performance—and reliability—to Mackie’s legendary Sound ReinEV PL24 Mic! forcement Monitor (SRM) series. Packing way more power, clarity and punch thanks to its signature Mackie Active design with all-new drivers and Class-D fast recovery amplification, the SRM450v2 delivers pure studio monitor performance at full-on loudspeaker levels.


MMA12PXXX • List: $359.00

MSRM450V2 • List: $899.99

Behringer Eurolive B212A • $279.99

High-power 400-Watt 2-way PA sound reinforcement speaker system for live and playback applications. Ultracompact lightweight system delivers excellent sound even at extreme sound pressure levels. Integrated sound processor for ultimate system control and speaker protection. Extremely powerful 12” long-excursion driver provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power. State-of-the-art 1.25” titanium-diaphragm compression driver for exceptional high-frequency reproduction. Ultra-wide dispersion, large-format exponential/conical horn. Stand mounting with 35-mm pole socket, also tilts on its side for use as a floor monitor. BB212AXXX • List: $409.99


JBL EON510 • $599.00

Ultra compact 280 Watt Powered 10” portable speaker system, biamplified, 220 watt low-frequency, 60 watt high-frequency, 10” Differential Drive® woofer with neodymium magnet, 1” (exit) EV PL24 Mic! neodymium compression driver, built-in 3 channel mixer with user selectable system EQ. 4 x M10 threaded inserts for suspension, mix/loop daisy chain function, illuminated logo, tough polypropylene impact copolymer enclosure, main or monitor application, full protective steel grille with acoustically transparent screen backing.


JEON510XX • List: $749.00


EV PL24 Mic!


Huge price drop!

Samson XPL200 • NOW $299.99

Weighing in at only 32.5 pounds and using the same cabinet and speaker design as the XPL100, the XPL200 powered enclosure incorporates a bi-amped Class D amplifier capable of producing up to 200 watts RMS. This specific amp was designed to be lightweight and efficient to ensure it does not inhibit the portability of the loudspeaker. The XPL200 also includes built-in limiting, and when tilted back, it functions nicely as an onstage monitor. SXPL200XX • List: $519.99


JBL EON515 $799.00

High performance 450 Watt Powered 15” portable speaker system, Crown Class-D amplifier technology, 350 watt low-frequency, 100 watt high-frequency, 15” Differential Drive transducer with neodymium magnet, 1” (exit) neodymium compression driver, built-in 3 channel mixer with user selectable system EQ, mix/loop daisy chain function, 5 x M10 threaded inserts for suspension, multiple handles for ease-of-transport. JEON515XX • List: $ 999.00

powered AMPS & processors


Samson PG3800 Stereo Power Amplifier • WAS $399.99 NOW $349.99

Optimized for live sound venues, houses of worship, commercial installations, and for driving small and medium-sized live PA systems, the PG3800 provides robust, clean output with low distortion and wide dynamic range, along with the dependability demanded by professional audio engineers and installers. The PG3800’s convenient two rackspace design is compact, yet there’s plenty of power available, with up to 1800 watts at 2 ohms in stereo and 3800 watts at 4 ohms in bridge mono. SPG3800XX • List: $519.99


EV PL24 Mic!

Samson SX1200 • $299.00

The Samson SX Series stereo power amplifiers have been designed to provide robust, clean output with low distortion and wide dynamic range, along with the dependability demanded by the most professional audio engineers and installers. SX1200XXX • List: $399.99

Samson SX2400 Stereo • $499.00

The SX-2400 utilizes a high output rail-switching amplifier design that’s perfect for large multi-format full-range and subwoofer systems. With locking XLR inputs and Speakon speaker outputs your connections are secure, solid, and worry free. Features: 550W per side @ 8 Ohm, 750W per side @ 4 Ohm; 1200W per side @ 2 Ohm. 2400W bridged mono @ 4 Ohms; Dual Variable-speed Fan. SX2400XXX • List: $619.99



EV PL24 Mic!

EV PL24 Mic!

QSC GX5 Stereo • $399.00

GX Series amplifiers are ideal for professional entertainers who require maximum performance and portability on a limited budget. QSC designers, headed by Pat Quilter, have optimized output and appearance while reducing raw material cost and weight. It’s all here – dramatic styling, easy hookup and adjustments, excellent audio quality and QSC reliability. QGX5XXXXX • List: $499.00


Electro-Voice PL24 Mic with select gear!


$100 Rebate!

QSC RMX2450 • $599.00 after rebate

The RMX Series is packed full of professional features that increase performance and flexibility: Independent defeatable clip limiters reduce distortion without sacrificing peak performance. Selectable low-frequency filters boost system response, protect speakers and ensure low-end tightness by more precisely matching the amplifier’s range to the loudspeakers. Barrier strip, XLR and 1/4” balanced inputs plus Speakon and binding post outputs provide easy connections. QRMX2450X • List: $875.00 *MFG MAil-in Rebate Expires 7/31/09

A $127.50 VALUE! EPL24XXXX


EV PL24 Mic!

Crown XTi4000 • $999.00

XTI-Series amplifiers feature an LCD screen with DSP speaker presets for crossover frequencies, EQ, limiting, delay, and a subharmonic synthesizer. Other features include a switch-mode universal power supply, useful function indicators, proportional-speed fan assisted cooling, XLR inputs, Speakon® and binding-post outputs, short-circuit protection and more. Stereo: 650W @ 8 ohms; 1200W @ 4 ohms; 1600W @ 2 ohms Bridge-Mono: 2400W @ 8 ohms; 3200W @ 4 ohms.

EV PL24 Mic!

Crown XTi2000 • $699.00

XTI-Series amplifiers feature an LCD screen with DSP speaker presets for crossover frequencies, EQ, limiting, delay, and a subharmonic synthesizer. Other features include a switch-mode universal power supply, useful function indicators, proportional-speed fan assisted cooling, XLR inputs, Speakon® and binding-post outputs, short-circuit protection and more. CXTI2000X • List: $1139.00

CXTI4000X • List: $1607.00



Portable pa Systems

3-in-1 Wireless system with any portable PA on this page! SW05SGLHX

NEW! With built-in iPod dock!

Samson EXL250 Expedition Express PA Package • $699.00


3-in-1 Wireless!

The new Expedition Express is a great solution for performers on the move. It’s perfect for bands, mobile DJs, schools, houses of worship, corporate AV and institutional applications - anywhere portable, high quality sound is required. The system is comprised of a pair of rugged, acoustically balanced two-way loudspeakers, a 4-channel mixer with 24-bit DSP, an iPod dock, a powerful 250 watt amplifier and all the accessories you need. And the system interlocks and packs up into a single rolling unit so it’s easy to transport. SEXL250XX • List: $979.99


3-in-1 Wireless!


3-in-1 Wireless!

Yamaha STAGEPAS 500 • $949.99 Yamaha STAGEPAS 300 • $629.00

The new STAGEPAS 300 has all the power and high-quality sound you need to fill a small performance space, yet it’s small and light enough to bring wherever you need it. Combining a built-in powered mixer and PA speakers, it’s also incredibly easy to use – letting you set up and be playing in a matter of minutes! YSTAGEPAS • List: $789.00

The Yamaha STAGEPAS 500 an incredibly lightweight, portable, easy-to-use PA system consisting of a pair of high-performance speakers with a built-in powered mixer. You can be set up and playing in a matter of minutes, and then packed away and on the road again with the same ease and speed when youre done. And all of this is provided with no compromise in sound quality or versatility, plus some advanced features you normally wouldn’t expect to find in systems in this class YSTAGEP5X • List: $1249.00


Easy to use, 3-in-1 Wireless! plenty of power, Fender ultra portable

Fender Passport Deluxe 150 • $499.99

Weighing a mere 28 pounds, the PD150 fits easily in the front seat of an automobile. Completely self-contained, system components latch together for easy transportation and storage. Sets up and packs up in less than five minutes. Features: 150 Watt, Stereo Sound System, 75 Watts per channel. Innovative Deluxe Speaker Array Design for superior sound in any application. Extraordinary feedback rejection allows the speakers to be placed behind the user - eliminates the need for separate monitor speaker. Four input mixer for connecting microphones, CD, Cassette and DVD players, Computers and any other audio source. Complete with digital reverb, mic, and all cables. FPD150XXX • List: $849.99


Pro Audio Passport Deluxe PD250 $699.99


3-in-1 Wireless!

The PD250 is a complete sound system, including a self-powered stereo mixer, two full range speaker cabinets, Two dynamic microphones and all the necessary cables for hooking it all up. It is the only system you need for any musical performance, presentation or public address application for medium to larger sized audiences or performance areas. With a PD250, you only need five minutes to set up and pack up! Eight deluxe-quality 6.5” speakers (four per cabinet) deliver clean, full-range coverage and a Self-powered mixer (4-channel, 8-inputs) delivers 250 watts of true stereo sound. Entire system folds up to a suitcase-style design for easy transport. FPD250XXX • List: $999.99


powered mixers

3-in-1 Wireless system with any power mixer on this page! SW05SGLHX


3-in-1 Wireless!

Samson XM910 10 Channel Powered Mixer • $499.00


Yamaha EMX5016CF $1099.99

The EMX5016CF delivers the convenience of an integrated powered mixer with input capacity, flexible features, and solid sound that critical live applications demand. It is remarkably compact and portable for a live sound system with this much capability. And thanks to leading Yamaha digital technology, the EMX5016CF also includes a number of innovations that make it easier than ever to achieve topclass sound in just about any venue. An impressive power output of 500 watts per channel means it can handle fairly large audiences, indoors or out. The EMX5016CF goes considerably beyond the standard definition of “powered mixer,” entering the realm of serious sound reinforcement.

3-in-1 Wireless!

YEMX5016C • List: $1249.00

Samson’s XM910, combining mixer, effects, equalization and amplifier power into a compact and portable, yet extremely powerful system, perfect for any gig big or small. Highlights: 10-channel, 900-watt stereo powered mixer featuring a high-impact molded plastic Kickback™ chassis. Studio quality 24-bit DSP stereo effects with 100 presets of reverb, delay and chorus; Channel strips featuring low noise mic pre-amps with 48-volt phantom power, 3-band equalization, DSP effect and monitor sends; 10-ba SXM910XXX • List: $679.99

NEW LOWER PRICE! Samson XM610 $399.99


The XM610 gives you all the features you need for solid professional sound reinforcement. With 600 watts of total system power there’s more then enough power to fill your favorite bar, club, or whatever venue you’re playing. 6-channel, 600-watt powered mixer featuring a high-impact molded plastic Kickback chassisStudio quality 24-bit DSP effects with 100 selectable presets of reverb, delay and chorus Channel strips featuring low noise mic pre-amps with available 48-volt phantom power.

3-in-1 Wireless!

SXM610XXX • List: $609.99

Samson TXM20 • $799.99


3-in-1 Wireless!

Yamaha EMX512SC • $629.99

For larger venues and audiences, or if you plan to use it for outdoor sound, the EMX512SC with a pair of whopping 500-watt amplifiers to ensure that your music or message comes across with full impact. All four monaural mic/line channels on the EMX512SC feature built-in compressors that can help to refine your mixes in a multitude of ways. The EMX512SC features a selection of 16 top-quality Yamaha SPX effects - including reverb, echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, and even distortion! YEMX512SC • List: $749.00


3-in-1 Wireless!

The TXM20 is a 20 channel powered mixer, with selectable power amp mode settings for 500 watts of power per channel, or 1000 watts in bridged mono. It features 12 highquality microphone preamps with phantom power, channel inserts and low cut filters. 1/4-inch phone and Speakon® outputs. 3-band EQ pre channel, 4 Aux sends, and dual internal 24 bit effects processor with 100 preset programs. There is 1 stereo 9-band graphic EQ for the mains plus 1 mono 9-band graphic EQ for the monitors, and a mono sub output with variable low-pass filter. All of this plus a large metal carry handle make the TXM20 equally suited for gigging musicians or in fixed installations. STXM20XXX • List: $1069.00



3-in-1 Wireless!

Yamaha EMX312SC • $529.99

With the power for mid-to-large venues – 300 watts + 300 watts – and the added advantage of one-knob compression on mono channels, the EMX312SC may be the model you need. All four monaural mic/line channels on the EMX312SC feature built-in compressors that can help to refine your mixes in a multitude of ways. The EMX312SC features a selection of 16 top-quality Yamaha SPX effects - including reverb, echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, and even distortion! Also features graphic EQ on main and monitor,

3-in-1 Wireless!

Peavey XR8600 • $599.99

The Peavey XR8600 8 channel powered mixer features new and improved low noise mic preamps, multi point clip sampling and a new subsonic filter to prevent low frequency power robbing. New graphic equalizers have multi-Q bandwidth to allow some filters to perform feedback control while others perform tone control and have Peavey’s patented FLS (Feedback Locating System). Power: 600W/channel @ 4 ohms with DDT speaker protection. PXR8600XX • List: $749.99

YEMX312SC • List: $629.00


USB MICrophones

Samson G Track USB Mic • $149.00


The G-Track allows you to record vocals like a standard USB mic, or two mono instruments through the line/instrument input, or a mix of one mono instrument and vocal. Now singer/songwriters can directly record vocals and instruments quickly and easily with one device, making the G-Track a must have for any songwriter’s home studio. And its ease of use and portability allows you to take it anywhere inspiration may strike you. Ideal for the traveling musician or the project studio, the G-Track ships with a desktop mic stand, swivel stand mount, USB cable and all the cables needed to connect any musical instrument with a standard 1/4” or RCA output. It also ships with Cakewalk’s Sonar LE. SGTRACKXX • List: $232.99

Samson C03U USB $139.99

Includes Cakewalk recording software! Based on the extremely popular C03 studio condenser, the C03U delivers the same pristine audio quality and enhanced capabilities along with a high quality A/D converter and USB output. The C03U features dual 19mm internal shock mounted diaphragms with switchable omni, cardioid, and figure-8 pick-up patterns. Perfect for recording vocals or any acoustic instrument plus the selectable patterns make it ideal for a variety of specialized recording situations, like multiple vocalists and ambient room miking. High Quality A/D Converter with 16-Bit, 48kHz Sampling Rate. USB cable and carry pouch included. SC03UCWXX • List: $224.99

Samson C01U USB $99.99

The C01U USB Studio Condenser Mic is the first affordable studio condenser mic with a USB interface. For the first time ever, musicians who record music on computers have a simple, affordable way to capture high-quality vocal and acoustic instrument performances. Seamless integration was the idea, and it was obtained by creating a studio condenser microphone that can be plugged into any computer with no in/out boxes, no expensive computer pre-amps, just a USB cable. Bundled with Cakewalk’s Sonar LE digital audio workstation software for even more power SC01UCWXX • List: $149.99

Samson Q1U $69.99

Now includes recording software from Cakewalk! The Q1U features a smooth sounding neodymium element, capable of handling high SPL, cleverly interfaced to an onboard high quality microphone pre-amp, Analog-to-Digital converter and USB output. Just plug in the supplied USB cable, launch your DAW and start recording. The extended frequency and fast transient response insures an accurate reproduction with linear characteristics from bottom to top. The Q1U faithfully reproduces a variety of sound sources including vocals, acoustic instruments and overhead cymbals, and can handle high SPL perfect for use on drums or in front of a loud guitar amp. SQ1UCWXXX • List: $104.99


Blue Microphones Snowball Bundle USB Microphone • $99.00

The Blue Microphones Snowball is a direct plug n’ play mic that connects to either a Mac or PC – no additional software is needed. With its dual capsule design and unique three-pattern switch (cardioid, cardioid with -10dB pad and omni), the Snowball can handle everything from soft vocals to the loudest garage band — and it’s ideal for podcasting. Check it out and you’ll see why it’s the coolest mic in town. BSNOWBALL • List: $139.00


Shure SM58 with X2u USB Digital Bundle • $199.00

The legendary SM58 cardioid, dynamic microphone is now available with the X2u USB Signal Adapter, which features built-in headphone monitoring with zero latency, and easy controls to balance microphone and playback audio along with a gain control. Digitally record wherever and whenever your computer takes you just plug and play for better-than-CD quality instrument reproduction. SSM58X2UX • List: $280.00

Wireless Systems Top selling wireless!

Shure PG24/PG58 Performance Gear • $299.00

This system includes the PG1 bodypack and the PG2 transmitter with PG58 cardioid dynamic element. A comprehensive first step into professional wireless, engineered to the same uncompromising quality standards as PGX, SLX, ULX and UHF-R wireless. Marrying superior sound quality and stage-proven endurance with advanced features like Internal Antenna Diversity and selectable frequencies and variable companding, Performance Gear Wireless fulfils the promise of independent, confident performance through freedom from the wire. SPG24PG58 • List: $450.00

Shure PGX24 Performance Gear $399.99

PGX Performance Gear Wireless brings the superior sound of Shure Microphones together with innovative setup features. Durably constructed, with multiple frequency bands and included carrying case, PGX Performance Gear is the perfect system for performers on the go who want worry-free performance. System includes PGX4 receiver and PGX2 transmitter with SM58 dynamic microphone. Shure’s PGX4 receiver makes wireless setup a snap. Features: Automatic Transmitter Setup; Automatic Frequency Selection; SPGX24SM5 • List: $558.00

Shure PG288PG58 Performance Gear • $549.00

This system includes the PG188 receiver and 2 PG2 transmitters with PG58 cardioid dynamic elements. A comprehensive first step into professional wireless, Performance Gear Wireless Systems are engineered to the same uncompromising quality standards as PGX, SLX, ULX and UHF-R wireless. Marrying superior sound quality and stage-proven endurance with advanced features like Internal Antenna Diversity and selectable frequencies and variable companding, Performance Gear Wireless fulfils the promise of independent, confident performance through freedom from the wire. SPG288P58 • List: $850.00


Sennheiser EW135G2 Evolution Handheld boom stand! Wireless System • $499.99

Electro-Voice RE2 Handheld Wireless System • $499.99

The RE-2 wireless system takes frequency agility to a whole new level. You get professional RE-1 grade power with previously unmatched simplicity. Rest assured that there will be no interference, drop-outs, or compromised audio quality. Simply press the one touch Auto-ClearScan button and boom stand! the receiver finds the clearest channel in seconds. That’s it. You do your job as a professional performer, without the hassle and headache associated with many other wireless systems. Includes RE2 Receiver.


Handheld Transmitter with MD835 dynamic cardioid capsule and rack mountable receiver. Features: Autoscan for simple and secure frequency selection; 1440 frequencies within a 36MHz switching bandwidth for greater tuning flexibility; Robust metal construction for durability; Pilot tone squelch (defeatable for backwards compatibility with original EW systems, Transmitter battery status telemetry; Audio signal metering on transmitter LCD display; XLR jacks on rack-mountable unit. SEW135G2X • List: $798.00

ERE2N7CXX • List: $690.00


Samson BL3DB Boom Microphone Stand with select wireless! A $69.99 VALUE! SBL3DBXXX

Hot Deal ONLY $89!! 3-in-1 System Combines Headset, Instrument & Lavalier!

Samson Professional 3-In-1 VHF Wireless System • $89.00

Samson Stage 55 Handheld Wireless System $169.00

Incredible reception, crystal clear sound in a VHF system priced to bring the freedom of wireless to everyone. The Stage 55 system offers transmitWith the Stage 5T System, Samson has ters for every application including provided a wireless solution for every handheld, headset and lavalier miapplication in one convenient package. crophone styles. Great for guitars too, This system combines a great sounding just plug in with a Samson GC5 guitar headset microphone that is ideal for cable. The SR55 receiver makes true fitness instructors, presenters and DJs. diversity wireless technology available It also includes an instrument cable for to everyone. Features variable squelch, guitar and bass, as well as a lavalier mic six segment LED RF level and audio for interviews and presentations. level metering, dual front mounted SW05SGLHX • List: $129.99 antennas and XLR and 1/4” outputs. SW55SHQ7X • List: $229.99


AKG WMS40 boom stand! Pro Vocal Set Dual Handheld • $349.99 Unique HDAP (High Definition Audio Performance) technology ensures the best possible, realistic sound at any time. The rugged handheld transmitter with its soft-touch finish is extremely easy to use and fulfills the highest aesthetic requirements. The transmitters operate for 30 hours off a single AA size battery, saving frequent battery replacements and thus money. This system is comprised of the SR 40 dual receiver and a pair of HT 40 transmitters. AWMS40DHT • List: $498.00 61


#1 Best Seller!

RODE NT2A• $399.00

RODE NT1A • $229.99

The NT1A delivers performance usually associated with higher priced microphones. Large capsule (1”) with gold-plated membrane; cardioid polar pattern; ultra low noise, transformerless circuitry; state of the art surface mount electronics; heavy-duty satin-nickel finish; internal shock mounting system; gold plated output connectors; true condenser (externally biased); full frequency response. The NT1A will blow you away! RNT1AXXXX • List: $369.00

The RODE NT2A is a professional large capsule (1”) condenser studio microphone with variable pick-up pattern, variable high pass filter and variable pad. These features provide greater creative control and versatility. Three 3-position switches located on the mic body provide the freedom to step from Figure 8, Cardioid or Omni polar pick-up patterns; from a flat response to either 80 Hz or 40 Hz high-pass filter and a Pad adjustment of 0 dB, -5 dB or -10 dB attenuation.


RNT2AXXXX • List: $699.00

pop filter!


Samson PS01 Pop Filter with select studio mics!


pop filter!


Samson C01 • 79.00

Great for recording vocals, acoustic instruments and for use as overhead drum mics, the new Samson C01 large diaphragm condenser microphone is accurate, detailed, smooth with warm bass and extended top end. This sturdy microphone has a large 19mm diaphragm that produces a smooth flat frequency response. It features a heavy gauge mesh grill screen, a gold plated XLR connecter and an LED indicating 48V phantom power. The unit includes a swivel stand mount and an optional SP01 shock mount is availa ble.


Audio Technica AT-2035 • $149.99

Designed for critical home/project/professional studio applications and live performance, this side-address cardioid studio condenser delivers exceptional detail and low noise. Equipped with a switchable 80 Hz highpass filter and 10 dB pad, the AT2035 handles high sound pressure levels with ease. Along with its rugged construction and high-performance specifications, the AT2035 provides an exceptional level of consistency from model to model. It comes equipped with a protective pouch and filter! a custom shock mount.

SC01XXXXX • List: $99.99



Samson C02 (Matched Pair) $139.00

AAT2035XX • List: $249.99

Audio Technica AT4040 $299.00

The C02 is a pencil style condenser microphone that excels in both live performance and recording applications. Equipped with a linear frequency response for superior reproduction, it is also designed to withstand high sound pressure levels. Extremely sensitive, it employs a tight cardioid pattern to reduce feedback. It has a cardioid pickup pattern and goldplated XLR connectors. Sold as a stereo pair. Carry Case and a special shock-mounted mic holder are included to minimize noise and provide additional protection.

The AT4040 side-address condenser microphone features an advanced large diaphragm tensioned specifically to provide smooth, natural sonic characteristics. A marriage of technical precision and artistic inspiration, the AT4040 offers exceptionally low noise, wide dynamic range and high-SPL capability for greatest versatility. This ultra-consistent microphone may be used with confidence in a wide variety of studio and live miking applications, even under the stringent demands filter! of digital recording systems.



AAT4040XX • List: $395.00

SC02XXXXX • List: $174.99


pop filter!

Neumann TLM103 75th Anniversary Edition $1299.00

The award winning TLM103 is the ideal large diaphragm microphone for all professional and semi-professional applications requiring the utmost in sound quality on a limited budget. By utilizing the tried and true transformerless circuit found in numerous Neumann microphones, the TLM103 features yet unattained low self-noise and the highest sound pressure level transmission. The capsule, derived from that used in the U87, has a cardioid pattern, is acoustically well-balanced and provides extraordinary attenuation of signals from the rear. This 75th Anniversary Edition includes one TLM103 one EA1 shock mount and a hard-shell case. NTLM10375 • List: $1798.00


Recording mics

Blue Microphones Bluebird • $299.99

The Blue Microphones Bluebird is a largediaphragm cardioid condenser, utilizing Blue’s renowned microphone technology and Class A discrete circuit. In a departure from its normally application-specific designs, Blue engineered the Bluebird to be as versatile as possible, with applications ranging from vocals to electric and acoustic guitars, close-miking of drums, drum overheads, percussion, piano and strings, delivering an extended top and bottom that results in crystalclear sound quality and detail.


pop filter!

BBLUEBIRD • List: $699.00

Blowout! SAVE $60! Was $299.99

NOW $239.99

Samson VR88 Velocity

These limited production, hand-crafted velocity ribbon microphones are the result of more than five years of engineering research and product development. Features a fine, pure aluminum corrugated foil ribbon suspended within an intense Neodymium field producing a warm and naturesponse that is silky smooth pop filter! ral from top to bottom. Capable of handling high SPLs of up to 138 dB, making it an excellent choice for miking vocals, acoustic instruments and even electric guitars.


RODE M3 • $199.99

The M3 is an extremely versatile microphone that is at home in the studio, on location, or wherever a low-noise wide-response cardioid condenser microphone is demanded. An end address condenser microphone, the M3 features a heavy-duty metal body, category leading low self-noise, three stage PAD (O, -10db, -20db), a battery status LED and a High Pass Filter. The M3 also comes complete with windshield and a stand mount, and can be powered via a 9V battery or 24-48V Phantom.

SVR88XXXX • List: $449.99

Samson C03 • $119.00

An incredibly flexible and great sounding studio condenser microphone, the C03 has two large (19mm) diaphragm capsules and switchable pickup patterns: Super cardioid, omni and figure-8 . The C03 is perfect for recording multiple vocals at once, acoustic instruments, room micing and more. It has a switchable high-pass filter, selectable 10dB pad, gold plated XLR connector and 48 Volt phantom power LED indicator. SC03XXXXX • List: $149.99

RM3XXXXXX • List: $299.99

Samson CL8 • $149.99


Shure SM27-LC • $299.00

The SM27 features a low self-noise and extended frequency response that picks up vocal and instrument nuances with clarity. Durable Shure construction features three separate mesh layers that reduce wind and breath noise. Flat, neutral frequency response for natural reproduction on stage or in the studio. 3-position switchable low-frequency filter helps reduce unwanted background noise or counteract proximity effect for consistent, extended low-end.

Like the CL7, Samson’s dual-element CL8 features true capacitor condenser mic element design with dual 1.1-inch, ultra thin gold sputtered diaphragm capsules giving it the ability of multi-pattern operation. Switchable Super Cardioid, Omni and Figure-8 pickup patterns as well as a switchable Hi-pass Filter, and a 10dB PAD for handling signals with high SPL’s. The ultimate studio mic. Swivel stand mount and carry case filter! included.



SCL8XXXXX • List: $224.99

SSM27LCXX • List: $460.00

Neumann TLM49 • $1499.990

The TLM 49 is a large-diaphragm studio microphone with a cardioid directional characteristic and a warm sound which is especially optimized for vocal performance. It is supplied as a set, with an elastic suspension. The design is inspired by that of the legendary M 49 and M 50 microphones of the 1950s. Naturally the TLM 49 has the typical Neumann fine matte nickel finish. The “sound design” is also oriented toward that of the M 49 and the U 47. By combining its retro look with proven Neumann transformerless circuit technology, this microphone low self-noise and the use filter! ensures of high gain levels.



NTLM49XXX • List: $1998.00

AKG Perception 220 • $179.99

The Perception 220 is a large diaphragm true condenser microphone offering outstanding build quality and excellent value. The useful features and the included accessories emphasize the versatility of this microphone. It delivers a classic warm and transparent sound and conforms to the stringent standards defined for AKG recording products. APERCE220 • List: $339.99


pop filter! 63

Vocal mics

Electro-Voice PL24 • $79.00

Samson Q8 • $129.00

The Q8 is the hand-held dynamic microphone that out performs industry standard microphones in every category. The Q8 is ideal for live sound reinforcement because of its feedback rejection and high output gain. The heart of this performance comes from the Neodymium multi-axis shock-mounted element and super cardioid pick up pattern. Vocals sound huge and instrument micing is crystal clear. The Q8 is also a versatile tool in the recording studio, a workhorse microphone perfect for any professional application.

The PL24 vocal microphone has complete professional microphone details at a great price point. This mic is very flat in response from 200Hz to 15kHz in far field frequency response, with a modest proximity effect close up. In critical listening tests, the super-cardioid response was confirmed, with a full and even sounding performance brought out by using the Neodymium dynamic capsule. Includes carry bag and mic clip. EPL24XXXX • List: $127.50

SQ8XXXXXX • List: $149.99

SAVE $150 on the Best Handheld Studio Condenser on the Market! Was $299.99 NOW $149.99 Samson CL5 The CL5 is a studio condenser in a handheld package, making it an ideal selection for critical miking of vocals and instruments. Handling high SPL of up to 141 dB, the microphone’s response is so detailed and open that it captures every nuance of a performance, like quiet acoustic passages, subtle breaths by a vocalist and of course, full-throated vocals in any style.

Electro-Voice RE410 • $199.00

The RE410 is a high-performance cardioid condenser vocal microphone which is ideal for serious pop, rock and rap vocalists. It features a crisp, clear top end and sweet mid-range characteristics to lift your voice out of the mix. In addition, it features a warm-grip handle for a great feel, and ultra-low handling noise. ERE410XXX • List: $322.50

SCL5NXXXX • List: $359.99

Samson SE50 Headworn Microphone $199.00

The Samson SE50 Headworn Microphone is a low profile, miniature condenser microphone with a 2.5mm capsule that provides outstanding audio reproduction, making it perfect for presentation, fitness and other vocal applications

SE50TXXXX • List: $249.99

Shure Beta 57A • $139.99

Excellent for acoustic and electric instruments as well as for vocals, the extremely versatile Beta 57A dynamic microphone provides optimal warmth and presence. The Beta 57A offers a tight supercardioid pattern and provides excellent gain-before- feedback. The compact grille design allows lowfrequency proximity effect to enhance bass for close-up vocals. Frequency response is 50 to 16,000 H SBETA57A • List: $247.47

Shure Beta 58A • $159.00

Sennheiser E835 • $99.99

Intense. Lead, vocal stage mic, designed to perform under pressure. Uniform frequency pick-up pattern maintains signal quality when moving on and off axis during performance. Gentle presence boost to even tonal response ensures clarity and projection. Minimal proximity effect provides consistently clear bass and performance when singing closer to or further from capsule. SE835 • List: $150.00


The Shure Beta 58A is a high-output supercardioid dynamic vocal microphone designed for professional sound reinforcement and project studio recording. It maintains a true supercardioid pattern throughout its frequency range. This insures high gain-beforefeedback, maximum isolation from other sound sources, and minimum off-axis tone coloration. The Beta 58A has a shaped frequency response that is ideal for close-up vocals. SBETA58A • List: $300.40



Monster Cable Instrument Cables are constructed for exceptional frequency response, tonal accuracy, and sonic impact no matter what style or instrument you play. STANDARD 100 – Prices start at $19.95 PERFORMER 500 – Prices start at $29.95 MONSTER ROCK & BASS – Prices start at $39.95 MONSTER JAZZ – Prices start at $49.95 MONSTER ELECTRIC ACOUSTIC – Prices start at $79.95 STUDIO PRO 1000 – Prices start at $99.95 PROCO CABLES

ProCo’s Excelines series of instrument cables provide durability and accuracy for all instruments, pedals, and any audio applications from stage to studio. Prices start at $10.99


Samson’s Tourtek Instrument Cables were designed for musicians and sound engineers who require superior sound quality and demand ultimate reliability. Low noise and solid construction. Prices start at $8.99 DIMARZIO BRAIDED CABLES

DiMarzio’s Braided Instrument Cables are unsurpassed for connecting guitars, basses, and keyboards to amps as well as pedal jumpers. Endorsed by all the top bands and players. Prices start at $13.99 RAPCO/HORIZON

“Musicians Instrument Cable”. Constructed with soft durable Neutrik brand cable and molded strain relief with color connector rings for easy cable idenitfication. Low noise and studio quality, these cables have the “look and feel” of the more expensive brands. An excellent choice for all instrument and unbalanced interconnects. Prices start at $9.99


High performance microphone cables for exceptional vocal and instrument reproduction with increased clarity, presence, and dynamic range. STANDARD 100 – starting at $21.95 PERFORMER 500 – starting at $39.95 STUDIO PRO 1000 – starting at $79.95 PROCO CABLES

ProCo’s MasterMike mic cables, featuring their “ArmorFlex” outer jacket, provide a highly durable and low-noise cable for stage and studio. Prices start at $21.99 RAPCO/HORIZON

“Musicians Microphone Cable”. Constructed with soft durable Neutrik brand cable and molded strain relief with color connector rings for easy cable identification. Low noise and studio quality, these cables have the “look and feel” of the more expensive brands. An excellent choice for all balanced XLR interconnects. PRICES START AT $12.49 SAMSON TECHNOLOGIES

Samson’s Tourtek Microphone Cables were designed for musicians and sound engineers who require superior sound quality and demand ultimate reliability. Low noise and solid construction.


From PA to studio gear to USB and firewire and all stereo mini and audio adaptors, our extensive Hosa inventory has all you’ll need to connect everything to anything. All starting under $10 PROCO SNAKES

A wide selection of Proco’s PA/ Stage and Studio Multitrack Snakes. Stage Snakes starting at $139.99 Multitracks starting at $64.99 RAPCO/HORIZON

Professional quality hand soldered interconnects for everything from keyboards to PA to powered monitors. Speaker cables up to 12 gauge for high power long runs. Prices start at $12.99 SAMSON TECHNOLOGIES

Samson’s Tourtek Speaker Cables were designed for musicians and sound engineers who require superior sound quality and demand ultimate reliability. Low noise and solid construction with 14AWG cable Prices start at $14.99

Prices start at $16.99



Numark NS7 DJ • $1299.95

Designed by Numark in collaboration with Serato, NS7 represents the pinnacle of DJ performance control. NS7 combines an all-metal chassis with adjustable torque, motorized, aluminum-turntable platters, vinyl, and a professional audio interface to deliver a complete performance solution that will satisfy even the most hardcore turntablist. NNS7XXXXX • List: $1599.00




Rane SL3 USB Audio Interface • $699.00

Samson CH700 Headphones with select dj products!

Like the world standard Rane SL 1, A $64.99 VALUE! the SL 3 connects one or two stanSCH700XXX dard vinyl or CD turntables to your computer and the mixer of your choice. Using regular turntables or CD players, you can scratch and mix files from your Mac or Windows computer’s CD or hard drive. Enhancments include studio grade preamps and 24-bit audio processing. The Auxiliary Ouputs allow DJs and electronic musicians to intensify the mix with the Scratch Live SP-6 Sample The Auxiliary Inputs provide a live input feed for creative sampling or recording your headphones! set. Use anyPlayer. combination of audio sources: control CD, control vinyl, MIDI or regular CDs and vinyl for more flexibility than ever.The included 12” vinyl records and control CDs each have Serato’s exclusive and unique control signal which allows Scratch Live to track the motion of the record, simulating the same movement with digital audio. Due to Serato’s proprietary control scheme, the result is a feel and sound indistinguishable from playing vinyl.


RSL3XXXXX • List: $879.00

Rane TTM57SL DJ Mixer with Serato Scratch LIVE Software • $1449.00

The TTM 57SL combines the best Rane and Serato have to offer in a single, high performance mixer. Finally a mixer that fully integrates mixer hardware, software and headphones! software controls in one powerful package. The TTM 57SL combines all the performance and features of the Rane TTM 56 with Serato Scratch LIVE software. Rane didn’t stop there -- they also included internal effects with six stereo insert points.


RTTM57SLX • List: $1799.00



Rane Serato Scratch LIVE DJ Software • $539.00

Scratch LIVE is the ultimate software and hardware solution for bridging the analog world of vinyl and the digital world of computer audio files. Using regular turntables or CD players, you can scratch and mix files from your Mac or Windows XP computer’s CD or hard drive, add in a live mic input for scratching, and even bypass to standard vinyl if you wish. Scratch LIVE is the complete digital solution for the vinyl junkie -- take your entire collection wherever you go and leave your precious vinyl at home! RSSLXXXXX • List: $725.00



Vestax VCI-300 Serato ITCH USB Table Top Controller (with Built In Sound Card) • $899.99

Vestax and Serato have joined forces. Sharing their technology and compiled feedback from Pro DJ’fs and users from around the world, they have created a dedicated DJ USB MIDI / Audio system and software offering absolute control. VVCI300XX • List: $1299.00



Odyssey Control SL Backlit Keyboard • $99.99

Take control of Tracktor Scratch with Odysseys Control SL remote keyboard controller. Now you can concentrate on the music! The SL has an LED backlit keyboard, great for low-light environs of any gig. The keys are also assignable to one of seven available function colors. Also, the SL features 3 USB inputs allowing you to connect your external song files stored on hard drive or USB drives. PC & MAC compatible. OCONTROLS • List: $139.99


Pioneer CDJ1000MK3 Digital Vinyl Turntable CD Player PRICE TOO LOW TO PRINT

Taking a standard and making it better isn’t easy, but Pioneer managed to make it happen! Top-notch upgrades include more MP3 file playback types, adjustable jogdial resistance to get it to “feel” just right as well as a better grip surface, improved brighter display, an improved center display, and a whole lot more. This augments a powerful set of existing specs like 3 hot cues, master tempo, looping, relooping, wave data storage on MMC, and some of the best, most realistic scratching this side of the vinyl fence! MP3 Support


PCDJ10003 • List: $1775.00

Samson CH700 Headphones with select dj products!



A $64.99 VALUE! SCH700XXX

Pioneer CDJ800MK2 • $799.00

The CDJ-800MK2 features a natural-feeling jog dial, an display that now shows you CD text and MP3 tag info, and expanded internal memory for recalling cue points. Instantly set up loops of varying lengths, then cut them down rhythmically as you like. Add that to an instant return feature, an incredibly wide pitch control range, and you’ve got one powerful player for the demanding pro. And at a price like this, it’s not out of reach of the working DJ, either. PCDJ800M2 • List: $975.00



Pioneer DJM700 NOW $999.00!

The core of every professional DJ rig is the mixer. Whether you play at home, perform at the club or jumpstart the party, you need your mixer to perform flawlessly, be packed with features and built to fit perfectly into your DJ style. To this end Pioneer gives you the DJM-700, the perfect all-purpose, all-style professional DJ mixer. Play your way. PDJM700SX SILVER, PDJM700KX BLACK List: $1600.00


Pioneer DJM600 $699.00



To ensure the widest possible music-making flexibility, the DJM-600 is equipped with an industryfirst auto beat sampler. The sampler easily and accurately samples phrases in a BPM-linked operation along with an improved auto beat effector. Auto BPM Counter Equipped with a counter that automatically measures and digitally displays a track’s BPM.



PDJM600XX SILVER, PDJM600KX BLACK • List: $1100.00

Pioneer DJM400 $599.00

Pioneer CDJ400 • $699.00

Although the smallest mixer in Pioneer’s range, the DJM-400 packs a wide variety of effects for creative mixing. The effects, that automatically detect the BPM of the music and sync to the beats include: Delay, Echo, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Robot and Roll, all of which are processed at 24bits for the highest quality sound. In addition, by using the newly-adopted Beat Select Butheadphones! ton, the DJM-400 automatically sets the effect time linked to the BPM for more intuitive play and responsive remixing.


PDJM400XX • List: $755.00

The CDJ-400 allows DJ’s to to play their MP3 collection off CD-R / RW discs as well as music from mass storage USB devices, such as ISB keys, external hard drives and portable media devices. The deck also features the worlds first Scratch Jog Effects, with three creatvie scratch effects and an amazing new Loop Divide function. Virtually all of the button and slider functions can send MIDI data via USB output, making it possible for the decks to control DJ software and other applications. The CDJ-400 is a perfect partner for the DJM-400 mixer. PCDJ400XX • List: $860.00


headphones! 67

DJ playback



Samson NC900 Headphones with select dj products! A $79.99 VALUE! SNC900XXX

Reduced! Was $599

Now $549.99!

Numark iDJ2

The iDJ2 features a fresh and innovative iPod docking system that allows users to play two songs simultaneously from a single iPod, without the need of a computer. Users can also hook up multiple mass storage devices including additional iPod’s™, Memory Sticks™, and external USB hard drives through rear panel USB ports. NIDJ2XXXX • List: $899.00t



Numark Omni Control • $349.95

OMNI CONTROL contains everything you need to plug into any club’s house PA and perform. This high-quality, heavyweight, rugged DJ device is not only a hardware controller for performing with the included Native Instruments Traktor 3 LE and MixMeister Fusion Live software; it also houses a professional digital-audio interface to feed your headphones and the sound system. NOMNICONT • List: $549.00

Numark CDMIX1 DJ Station CD Deck and Mixer Combo • $199.99

The CD MIX-1 is a combination dual CD player and mixer designed especially for the professional DJ. This unit was designed to provide portable CD mixing with the same ease and creativity that you experienced with vinyl. Features include: ±12% pitch control with pitch bend wheel; True continuous play, track sequence programmable; External inputs for 2 line, 1 mic, 2 phono; Balanced output, master EQ, stereo/mono control; Fader start (crossfader). NCDMIX1XX • List: $429.00




Numark M2 • $89.95

M2 is a two-channel DJ scratch mixer with all the essentials to hit the stage in Numark style. Switchable phono/line inputs for turntables, CD players, and other line sources make M2 a superb choice for any DJ setting, from weddings to clubs, parties to practice setups. A mic input with dedicated EQ and gain and a headphone output with crossfaderstyle cueing complete the plentifully-featured package. Three-band EQ on each channel plus crossfader-reverse and slope controls give you all the tools you need to drive your audience from behind the wheels of steel. M2 is the perfect mixer for any scratch DJ. NM2XXXXXX • List: $119.00

Numark C3usb Rack Mount DJ Mixer • $299.95

C3USB builds on the world’s most popular mobile DJ mixer design, adding the flexibility of USB for easy, on-the-fly connection to laptops for audio input and output for recording to Mac or PC. C3USB has two USB ports, each assignable as an input or output. As inputs, incoming audio can be mixed like any other input. As outputs, you can send you mix out to a connected computer for recording. C3USB features a wide assortment of input and output connections, a three-band EQ on each channel and many other features that will make your gigs fun and entertaining – not tough and frustrating. NC3USBXXX • List: $399.00

Numark CDN25 Dual CD Player • $179.95

The CDN-25 is a professional quality, rack mountable dual CD player. Features: Interactive Pitch/Search wheel with finger grip. ±8/16% pitch, Sleep mode, CDR compatible. Power switch protector, All rubber buttons and a Digital output. NCDN25XXX • List: $499.00


dj mixers & DJ Playback

DEALS Closeout! Limited Supplies

Was $999 Now $599.00! Denon DNHS5500 Direct Drive Turntable Media Player and Controller

With its extensive USB mass storage connectivity, the iCDX can be used as a vehicle to manipulate and store MP3 files— facilitating rapid access to a massive music library. To further its USB connectivity, the iCDX comes complete with an adaptable docking station for iPod. When used with personal computers and software, the iCDX can interface with a wide variety of popular DJ software packages. Complete with an illuminated CD/DVD drive for playing multiple disc formats and support for MP3, including ID tags, hot starts, seamless looping, and scratching, the compact iCDX offers DJs a higher level of control for playing music. DNHS5500 • List: $999.00

While Supply Lasts!



Denon DNS1000 MP3 ONLY $299.99

Imagine being able to leave your crates of CDs at home and just carry a few discs packed with hours of MP3 files. The headphones! DNS1000 is a compact, feature rich CD/MP3 player carefully designed to fit the requirements of today’s DJ’s. Denon included advanced MP3 features such as: Seamless Looping with B Point Trim; Scratching; MP3 Hot Starts - MP3 Effects; C.B.R. & V.B.R encoding up to 320 kps; ID3 Tags, displays: (Title, Artist, Album); MP3 File Search System (locate your files by name fast and easy).



Denon DNS3500 MP3 CD Player • $549.99

Spinning active platter design taken to the next technical level. Denon’s flagship CD/MP3 player boasts a powerful 12-pole direct drive motor, 7 on-board effects, intuitive control, appealing design and style that will surely reinvent the tabletop market for all vinyl and digital DJs alike. Features 15 sec. on-board sampler w/ sampler copy, next track reserve with crossfade, 33/45 RPM platter speed. 7” record adapter. quick loading slot-in drive. deep pitch resolution and more. DDNS3500X • List: $879.99

DDNS1000X • List: $389.99


Denon DN-X050 • $179.99

DN-X050: A New Standard in Professional 2-Channel Mixing! With its slim, 2RU rackmount design and full complement of advanced features, the DN-X050 sets a new performance standard for both flexibility and ease-of-use in professional 2-channel. Users have access to two switchable phone/line and two line inputs, as well as a dedicated microphone input. The unit also features three-band Parametric EQ, Balanced & Unbalanced Output, and a 10-segments Level Meter. Includes Manual, CD-ROM and RCA cable. DDNX050XX • List: $399.99




Was $629

Now $549.99!

Denon DND4500

The DN-D4500 is the successor to Denon’s award winning DND4000 and offers many expanded features especially in the area of MP3. Key Adjust, Auto BPM Counter, MP3 Seamless Looping with B-Trim edit, MP3 Hot Starts, MP3 File Search System, MP3 Frame Search, CUE Stutter and wider +/-24/50/100% pitch ranges for audio CD’s.. MP3 File Search System allows you to locate in seconds, hundreds of MP3 tracks on a CD-R/RW by artist name, song title or folder. In addition, MP3 ID3 tags and Audio CD Text are supported on a large, easy-to-read dot matrix flourescent tube display.With 1000 memo points on board, the DND4500 can store your loops and Hot Starts on any audio CD track and recall them later. DDND4500X • List: $719.99




Was $449

Now $399.99!

Denon DNX500

The DN-X500 is a professional rack-mountable mixer that has eight line and two phono inputs which can be freely assigned to any of four channels. Four smooth 60 mm VCA channel faders provide level control, and a responsive 45 mm VCA crossfader with contour adjustment. Independent PFL channel meters help DJs to optimize and match levels for each source, ensuring a smooth transition between sources when crossfading. Other features: Matrix Input Assignment; 3-Band EQ w/ Independent EQ Kill Switch DDNX500XX • List: $529.99



FREE 3DAY GETAWAY* TO ONE OF 25 EXOTIC LOCATIONS *When you buy ANY single LP conga for $199 or more during February, March & April!


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Matador Puerto Rican Flag Congas

LM754SPRX............ MATADOR PUERTO RICAN FLAG............. $299.99 LM752SPRX............ MATADOR PUERTO RICAN FLAG............. $295.51 LM750SPRX............ MATADOR PUERTO RICAN FLAG............. $285.49

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LP Classic Model Congas

L559XAWC.............. 11 3/4”CONGA,NAT. FINISH................... $351.49 L522XAWC.............. 11”QUINTO,NATURAL FINISH................. $336.49 L552XAWC.............. 12 1/2”TUMBADORA CLASSIC............... $369.99

Galaxy Giovanni Series

L807ZAW................ NEW GALAXY GIOVANNI 12-1/2............. $494.99 L806ZAW................ NEW GALAXY GIOVANNI 11-3/4............. $488.49 L804ZAW................ GIOVANNI 9-3/4”REQUINTO ................. $471.99 L805ZAW................ NEW GALAXY GIOVANNI 11”QUINTO...... $476.99

Galaxy Giovanni Palladium Series

L863ZXXXX............. GIOVANNI PALLADIUM 14” SU ............. $519.99 L862ZXXXX............. GIOVANNI PALLADIUM 12 1/2................ $509.99 L860ZXXXX............. GIOVANNI PALLADIUM 11” QUINTO........ $489.99 L861ZXXXX............. GIOVANNI PALLADIUM 11 3/4................ $499.99

LP Matador Congas

LM754W................. 12-1/2”MATADOR TUMBA,DARK............ $304.99 LM752W................. 11-3/4”MATADOR CONGA,DARK............ $295.51 LM750W................. 11”MATADOR QUINTO,DARK.................. $289.99 70

LP Patato Model Congas in Black Fiberglass

L559X1BK............... 1 3/4”PATATO,BLACK,FBRGL................. $399.99 L522X1BK............... 11”QUINTO PATATO MDL BLK................ $392.49 L552X1BK............... 12-1/2”TUMBA,PATATO MDL,B.............. $423.49


We Believe that behind every great drummer, you’ll find great drumming products. The 9000 pedal, a high-tech design that’s quickly become a worldwide industry standard. A robust combination of steel, zinc and aluminum, that’s built to withstand the rigors of the road and provide drummers with unmatched durability. A refined feat of engineering that offers a patented floating drive system, infinite adjustable cam, Delta ball bearing hinge and that unmistakable DW feel. If you haven’t played a 9000 pedal, we believe it’s time you did.

9000 Artists (L to R) Rexsell Hardy Jr. (Mary J. Blige), JJ Johnson (John Mayer) and Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall) Product (Clockwise) 9502LB Remote Hi-Hat, 9500BD Hi-Hat, 9000 Single Pedal, 9002 Double Pedal The complete line of .%%% Series pedals and hi-hats, see them at

©2008 Drum Workshop, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


electronic kits

DEMO MODEL BLOWOUT! SAVE $200! Roland V Drum Lite HD1 • Was $799.99 NOW $599.99! (Call for price on new in box)

Although very different looking from Roland’s best-selling TD-Series V-Drum sets, the HD-1 V-Drum Lite is anything but lite. It is worthy of the V-Drums logo in every aspect. Roland included their patented two-ply mesh snare for the best snare drum feel at any price. The gum-rubber tom pads have been updated to be super quiet. The hi-hat and cymbal controllers move freely and have the natural give, as in more expensive Roland V-Drums. RHD1XXXXX • List: $999.00


Roland TD-4 Percussion Sound Module • $418.99

With four times the wave memory of its predecessor, the TD-4 is loaded with great drum and percussion instruments and kits. Kits can be customized with virtual tuning and muffling for the kick, snare and toms. Natural ambience effects can be adjusted as well. Drum sounds onboard the TD-4 can be customized to suit your personal style. Just like with a real acoustic drum set, the TD-4’s kick, snare, and toms can be tuned up or down quickly across a wide range. The amount of muffling can be user-customized as well, from ‘70s-style choked funk to open-cannon stadium rock. RTD4XXXXX • List: $479.00




Roland V-Compact TD-4S • $994.99


Roland DT-HD1 Drum Tutorial Software $78.99


Get rock band action for the real drummer with the interactive DT-HD1 Drum Tutor that scores your playing with a cool scroll screen. Your teacher will also like how it improves your playing and reading.

A dream for drummers, the new TD-4S offers outstanding feel, versatility and affordability. With Roland’s patented mesh V-Pad™ snare, the TD-4S is a pleasure to play. It’s ideal for practice, thanks to its Mix In function, Coach Mode and Quick Rec. It’s also a great choice for the project studio, with improved sound quality and expressiveness, and MIDI output for sequencing or triggering other sounds. Features: Center mounted TD-4 sound module with new sounds and more accurate sensing; Patented mesh head for the snare for a great feel; Velocity-sensitive toms and cymbals with choke capability; Unique and newly-designed drum stand that is compact, lightweight, and stable. RTD4SXXXX • List: $1199.00

RDTHD1XXX • List: $99.00

Roland PM01 Personal Monitor for V Drums • $125.99

The newest member of the PM monitor series is small, great-sounding and affordable. The PM-01 is an ideal personal drum monitor for home practice, and a perfect match for the new Roland HD-1 Electronic Kit. RPM01XXXX • List: $149.00

Roland PM10 Electronic Drum Amplifier • $274.99

Designed as a portable companion for Roland’s V-Drums, the new PM-10 is equipped with a 30-watt amplifier and a 10 2-way coaxial speaker. Its compact design is perfect for small-sized drum kits, such as the TD-3Kit and the TD-6KV. Jam along with your favorite songs by connecting an external CD or MP3 player to the Line In jack.

RPM10XXXX • List: $359.00




Roland V Tour TD-9S Was $1894.99 NOW $1499.99

The Affordable Alternative with Advanced Features. For drummers who want a state-of-the-art V-Drums kit but an even more cost-effective option, the TD-9S offers all of the features and advantages of the TD-9SX but with rubber tom pads instead of mesh and a dual-trigger ride cymbal.



RTD9SWXXX • List: $2099.00


Sennheiser HD212PRO Headphones with select electronic kits! A $79.95 VALUE! SHD212PRO

Roland V Tour TD-9SX • $2594.99

Expanded Sound Engine, Unlimited Expression. With an advanced sound engine at its core, the mid-range V-Drums family has new bragging rights. The TD-9 sound module is loaded with fresh sounds, and offers a deeper level of expression. Together with Roland’s most advanced triggering technology, this kit is destined to become a big hit with drummers worldwide.



RTD9SXXXX • List: $2899.00






Roland TD-12SV-BK V-Stage Series $3294.99

Enjoy the dozens of expert-programmed kits in the TD-12 — from authentic acoustic sets to ultra-modern electronic flavors. But the fun doesn’t stop there; customize your snare drum, toms, bass drum, and cymbals with the modeling-based V-Editing. Change sizes and materials, attach sizzles to cymbals, increase snare buzz, and more. Then get out your sticks and enjoy! The TD-12 supports positional sensing on the snare and ride, as well as on the toms when you play rimshots. The TD-12 is also brush compatible, and features the expressive Interval Control feature for the snare and ride/crash/china cymbal, which varies the sound in natural ways based on the speed of stroke repetition. RTD12SVBK • List: $4299.00

Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Special • $1499.99 The DTXPRESS IV Special Electronic Drum Set is a powerful new kit from Yamaha that incorporates the same technology that powers the Yamaha Motif synthesizers and as with the other DTXPRESS kits, comes with an easy to use module. YDXPIVSPX • List: $1949.99


electronic kits

Price Drop!

Alesis Performance Percussion Pad

Price Drop!

NOW $249.00!

Performance Pad features eight velocity-sensitive drum pads and a built-in electronic drum machine with professional sounds and features. You can create and record your own beats from scratch or play along with the built-in patterns. With Performance Pad, you can practice quietly with headphones, or plug into an amplifier. Performance Pad includes inputs for a bass drum pedal, hi-hat pedal, and a Line-level input to connect a CD Player, iPod®, computer, or other audio device so that percussionists can play along with nearly any recorded mix. APERFORMA • List: $399.00

Alesis Control Pad USB and MIDI Percussion Pad NOW $159.00!

The Alesis Control Pad USB/MIDI Percussion Controller is a compact percussion pad controller that is equally at home as a performance instrument and as a MIDI programming tool for studio recording. The Control Pad features 8 velocity sensitive pads with gum rubber surfaces for excellent stick response as well as two trigger inputs for connecting external pads such as the Alesis Drum Pad and Cymbal Pad expansion kits. ACONTROLP • List: $399.00

Roland SPDS Sampling Drum Pad • $495.99

The SPD-S Sampling Pad is an affordable and easy way to add sampling to any percussion setup. A great alternative to acoustic triggers and a rack sampler, the SPD-S lets you record CD-quality samples and play them back instantly using six pads and three edge triggers. Naturally, the SPD-S also includes preset sounds and effects so you can start playing immediately. RSPDSXXXX • List: $595.00

NEW! Yamaha DD65 Digital Drum Set $219.99

Yamaha takes compact digital drums to a new level with the release of the DD-65. Designed from a drummer’s point of view, it features eight touch-sensitive pads, 2 drum pedals and AUX IN for playing along with your favorite MP3 player. YDD65XXXX • List: $319.95

Live Drums LD110 Electronic Drum Set $149.00

Get ready to kick out the jams with the AWOWO LD110 Electronic Drum Set! This kit features eight trigger pads, 2 drum pedals, output cables and even a set of sticks to give you all you need right out of the box. Also includes an AC adaptor, DVD demo disk and operation manual. ALD110XXX • List: $299.00

Best seller!




Yamaha DTXPLORER Electronic Drum Set with Bass Drum Pedal • $699.99

The DTXPLORER is Yamaha’s lowest-priced professional-grade 5-piece electronic drum kit. It features 214 high-caliber Yamaha drum and percussion voices, 22 preset songs, 32 preset drum kits, digital effects, and a 16-bit tone generator with 32-note polyphony. High-impact rubber pads with a natural feel and rebound, a sturdy folding rack, and an FP-6110 bass drum pedal complete the set. YDTXPLRER • List: $1059.00

Acoustic Kits

Heavenly Feel, Wickedly Fast! The Fastest, Smoothest, Most Versatile Pedal In the World!


Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal • $319.99


P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive Double Bass Pedal $649.99

PP3002DXX • List: $1149

Drummers everywhere, prepare for the new frontier of bass drum playing with the Eliminator Demon Drive, the first pedal ever to truly bridge the gap between control and versatility. This pedal was engineered to create the most seamless link between the player’s musical ideas and their execution on a bass drum. Whether seeking to deliver lightning-fast blast beats or deep, rock-solid grooves, this pedal offers the adjustability to maximize your playing in any style.


Carrying Case included!

PP3000DXX • List: $559.00

Pearl Masterworks Mahogany 4-Piece Shell Set • $1999.00

Now Just $499.99!

Pearl VSX Vision Series 5 Piece Standard Shell Set • $499.99

The Pearl VSX drums combines Birch and Basswood in their shells to provide a complete and balanced response. Birch provides a tight sound to accent high and mid frequencies while Basswood is softer that provides better low frequencies. By adjusting the overall balancing of one ingredient to the other allows a fine tuning of frequency response. List: $1400.00 Standard ConfiGuration, 12, 13, 16 Floor Tom: PVSX95431 Strata Black (SHOWN) PVSX95435 Strata Blue PVSX95437 Gun Metal Sparkle PVSX95C36 Strata Red Special ConfiGuration, 10, 12, 16 Floor Tom: PVSX9S435 Strata Blue

These Pearl Masterworks drum shells are constructed with Pearl’s supreme quality African Mahogany with Maple reinforcement rings. Mahogany was the industry standard for drum shells for over fifty years. The drums are extremely rich in low-end frequencies, with beautifully smooth mids and a slight roll-off in the higher register. This 4-piece pack of Pearl drums features thin 4-ply shells with 45-degree bearing edges. The thin shells enable relatively easy energy transfer from the heads to the shell which imparts a very rich, warm “wood” tone to the overall sound. This effect is also great for recording where miking techniques can capitalize on the warmth and natural tone of the percussion instrument. This shell pack includes a 22” x 18” bass drum, 10” x 8” and 12” x 9” rack toms, and a 16” x 16” floor tom. All three toms feature Chrome Super Hoops and Aluminum OptiMounts and Remo Clear Ambassador heads. PMH924XSP • List: $3399.00

Pearl BC800W Combo Boom/Straight Cymbal Stand $44.99

Pearl’s BC-800W serves double duty as a traditional cymbal stand and as a boom stand. The upper portion of the tube inserted in the lower it acts as a cymbal stand. Extend the upper portion of the tube clear of the lower and swivel and it’s a boom stand. The BC-800W features a solid Boom arm with gear tilter for slip proof secure adjustment. Also featured is the PowerPro collar for ease of use, double braced legs, and soft rubber feet for added stability. PBC800WXX • List: $139.00


Acoustic kits

CLOSEOUT! While Supplies Last! Ludwig Accent CS Custom Elite Glitter Series New Fusion 5-Piece Drumset with Hardware • $649.99

Custom Elite outfits feature 8-ply, 8mm 100% high quality birch shells. Ludwig adds its own Vibra-bands to all tom-toms for a big, bold and resonant sound. Genuine Remo® Drumheads are selected for every drum, batter and bottom, for an enhanced tone. Bass drums are fitted with ringed bass drum heads, front and back, for just the right muffling and a full tone-centered bottom. Features: 8”x10” and 8”x12” toms; 16”x16” floor tom; 18”x22” bass drum; 5”x14” snare drum. Includes: L322SS snare stand; L326CS cymbal stand; L336MBS boom cymbal stand; L316HH hi-hat stand; L315 bass drum pedal. List: $1510.00 LLC445GLC Cherry Burst (shown) LLC445GBF BLUE FADE LLC445GBI BLUE ICE

Ludwig Accent CS Custom 5-Piece Set with Hardware • $549.99

The Accent CS Custom kit from Ludwig has all of the great features of the CS Series but with the added touches of a different configuration and a great satin oil finish. Manufactured with 100% birch shells to provide professional sound quality for the demanding player. This model comes with Vibra-bands and Remo heads as standard equipment. The 18 inch deep bass drums creates an unbelievable fat low-end that will blow you away. Sizes: 18x22” bass drum, 8x10” and 8x12” toms, 16x16” floor tom, and 5x14” snare. LLC34536X Wine REd• List: $1260.00


Ludwig Black Magic Snare Drums

Ludwig’s Black Beauty Snare Drums have long been the optimal choice for the touring and recording drummer in need of volume, tonal clarity, and optimal snare response. As the originator of its Black Nickel-Over-Brass shell composition, Ludwig is proud to announce the introduction of new Black Magic Snare Drums. A classic formula for a more aggressive musical age, Black Magic snare drums share the same shell type with the Black Beauty, but with upgrades like matching Die-Cast hoops for increased volume, and Tube-Style lugs for maximum shell resonance.

6.5 x 14” • $374.99 LLW6514xx • List: $578.00

5.5 x 14” • $344.99 LLW5514XX • List: $539.00

7 x 13” • $349.99

LLW0713XX • List: $550.00


Allegra Mastercraft Series

Master Craft Series Wood Hoop Snares curve just enough of the high overtones to add body to your crackin rim shots! Effortless rim clicks add a wide range of sounds to your grooves. The hand finished bearing edges bring a lush and balanced full bodied sound to your snare at all tunings. Crank it up tight, tune it down low, Allegra snares will deliver.

6.5 X 14” Tuxedo Snare • $474.99 A6514MCTX • List: $999.00

6.5 X 14”Aluminum Shell Snare • $599.99 AAS6514MH • List: $1250.00

Acoustic kits


Tama Starworks • $899.99

Strong projection and an aggressive sound is unparalleled in the Tama Starworks 5 piece shell kit. Featuring 100 percent premium Birch shells with 7-ply 7mm bass drum and 6-ply 6mm toms and snare drum, your audience will hear every note. Additional features of the Starworks shell kit drum set include graphic bass drum heads, unique finishes with black shell hardware, new suspended tom mount and newly designed lugs. Shell Kit only, Cymbals and Cymbal stands sold separately. TWL52GSSC Silver Black Chaos (shown), twl52gsYc Yellow Chaos, twl52BsSc Silver Black Chaos 1up 2 down configuration twl52BsRc Red Chaos List: $1462.99

Complete with cymbals & Stands!


snare included!*

Tama Starclassic Performer Hybrid Shell 4 Piece Shell Set • $1799.99

This new take on the Tama Starclassic set blends bubinga and birch together in each shell for a more focused attack with full resonance. Each drum has several plies of bubinga on the inside and several plies of birch on the outside. As with other kits in the line, they feature chrome hardware with Star-cast mounts, and Evans heads on each drum. Sizes are: 18x22” bass drum, 8x10” and 9x12” toms, and 14x16” floor tom. Snare drum, hardware, and cymbals not included. Now includes, for a limited time, a Artwood 7X13 Snare Drum with bag!

Groove Percussion PVT16 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals and Hardware • $399.99

This 5-piece drumkit is a great value offering sound quality and construction of kits costing much more! Features include: 16” x 22” bass drum, 12” and 13” inch hanging toms, 16” x 16” floor tom, 5.5” x 14” snare, double braced hardware, custom spurs and new, modern-style lugs. Two 14” hi-hat cymbals and one 16” crash/ride cymbal are included! GPVT16BLK • List: $799.99

TPL42SDSF • List: $2729.99 * offer good on in-stock kits only

Best Seller!

Tama Imperialstar 5-Piece Drum Set with Hardware and Cymbals • $779.99

Tama’s Imperialstar IS52C2 is an entry level drum kit with all the craftsmanship and sound quality of more advanced kits. Tama enhanced this already excellent kit by upgrading to Meinl “HCS” cymbals. There’s 14” hi-hats, a 16” crash and a 20” ride, plus a bonus 10” splash (and a Tama clamp and boom arm to hold it). This kit has everything else you’ll need to an 18”x22” bass drum, a 5.5”x14” wood snare, 9”x12” and 10”x13” toms, a 16”x16” floor tom, a snare stand, a hi-hat stand, a straight cymbal stand, and a boom cymbal stand, plus a bass pedal and throne. Also inculdes a free 12 inch Meinl China cymbal. TIS52C2% • List: $1269.99

Now $1299.99!

Tama PX42S Starclassic Perfomer Hybrid Shell 4-Piece Shell Set

Tama’s Starclassic Performer Hybrid kits are constructed with hybrid Bubinga/Birch shells, allowing for a more focused attack with full resonance. The PX42S has a four-piece Accel Driver configuration, which includes an 18”x22” bass drum, 8”x10” and 9”x12” tom toms, and a 14”x16” floor tom. This kit is available in a striking Lava Glass Glitter finish with chrome drum shell hardware. Snare drum, cymbals, and hardware not included. TPX42SLGG • List: $2729.99


acoustic kits

Gretsch Catalina Ash 5-Piece Shell Set with FREE 7x8 Mounted Tom • $649.00


brick of vic virth sticks!

The Gretsch Catalina Ash series features the cutting and powerful tone of the thin Ash shells, UV gloss finishes, and pro tom holders. For 2007, all Catalina Ash Euro shell packs will include a FREE matching 7” x 8” Mounted Tom. Sizes are: 18x22” bass drum, 8x10” and 9x12” toms, 14x14” floor tom, 5x14” snare, and 7x8” FREE mounted tom. Also includes a double tom holder and single tom clamp. GACE825AR • List: $999.00


Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz 4-Piece Shell Set • $649.99

Featuring traditional bop sizes in vintage wrap finish, this Catalina Club Jazz set continues to showcase the Gretsch heritage. Great in a traditional jazz setting, this kit also performs well as a second kit for practice, rehearsals or smaller live music venues. Whether you’re looking for a classic jazz kit for gigs/rehearsals, the Catalina Club Jazz kit projects a retro sound, vibe and spirit. Sizes are 14x18” bass drum, 8x12” tom, 14x14” floor tom, and 5x14” snare. Hardware and cymbals not included.


brick of vic virth sticks!

gctj484wg Walnut Glaze• List: $999.00

Gretsch Catalina Club Rock 5-Piece Shell Set NOW $799.99!


brick of vic virth sticks!

Born to Rock! Gretsch’s Catalina Club Rock kit is packed with features that are made for the rocker within. This kit’s “one-up, two down” tom configuration fully projects classic looks and acoustics. The 18” x 24” bass drum kicks with a boisterous bottom-end to deliver a saturating sonic assault. Toms resonate with thunderous tones; 16” and 18” “double trouble” floor toms provide a meaty texture for tribal tom patterns and fills. The 6.5” x 14” matching wood snare drum is equipped to deliver explosive attack with a fat tone. Hardware and cymbals not included. GCTR845SB • List: $1385.00



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Gretsch Catalina Maple 6-Piece Shell Set with FREE 16x16 Floor Tom • $749.00

The Gretsch Catalina Maple series has been designed for the player who is looking for quality features without the high price. With the warm tone of the thin maple shells, UV gloss finishes, and pro tom holders the Catalina Maple offers the looks and features of a pro kit without breaking your bank. Sizes include: 18x22” bass drum, 8x10” and 9x12” toms, 14x14” floor tom, 6x14” snare. For a limited time, these kits also come with a FREE 16x16” floor tom for when you really need to get loud and shake the floor! Includes a double tom holder; all other hardware and cymbals sold separately. GMCE825MR • List: $1155.00



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Gretsch Catalina Club Mod 5-Piece Shell Set • $699.99

Designed exclusively for Sam Ash, this 5-piece Gretsch Catalina Club Mod shell pack features a custom Tangerine color. The Club Mod has earned a reputation for producing diverse sonic attributes that match its visually compelling characteristics. The distinctive White stripe over Tangerine Sparkle contrast and complement each other to project a look that is progressive, yet slightly retro. Sizes: 20”x22” Bass Drum, 6.5”x14” Snare Drum, 7”x 10 and 8”x12” Rack Toms and 14”x16” Floor Tom. Hardware and cymbals not included. GCCMO25TS • List: $1230.00

acoustic kits


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Gretsch Catalina Club Mini Mod 4-Piece Shell Set • $549.99

Now Gretsch unveils the Catalina Club “Mini Mod”. This set features compact sizes with a wicked “Black Widow” blood-red stripe over satin midnight black finish, the same color combination found on the back of the potent Black Widow spider. The compact sizes featuring a deep and tight sound from the 20” x 20” bass drum and 6 x 13 snare - are excellent for the tight grooces of modern dance and funk. Black hardware and offset lugs design complete the compelling visuals. GCCMO04BW • List: $1080.00

Limited quantitY available

Gretsch Catalina Club Mod 4-Piece Shell Set • $499.99


brick of vic virth sticks!

Gretsch Catalina Club Mod sets the stage for the modern player with tonal and visual distinction. Club Mod’s mahogany shells pump out deep tones from the extra-deep 20”x22” bass drum, 6.5”x14” snare drum and one up, one down tom set-up. Black hoops and black offset lugs compliment flashy drum finishes. Characterized by bold looks with a thunderous sound, the Club Mod is a killer drum set for modern clubs. Includes a single tom clamp, all other hardware and cymbals sold separately. GCCMO24SB Silver Striped Black Sparkle • List: $999.00


Sticks & Accessories


Joey Jordison Hickory Sticks by Pro Mark $8.49

PJJXXXXXX List: $15.25

Z Custom

Discontinued! CLOSEOUT! 55% off list!! IN stock only

Zildjian Tre Cool Signature Hickory Wood Tip Drumsticks• $6.49

All Zildjian Drumsticks are made from the highest quality U.S. Select woods, crafted to the same manufacturing standards as Zildjian Cymbals and are guaranteed straight. ZTCXXXXXX • List: $17.25

Price Drop!

Body Glove BGCB1 Cymbal Bag • $64.99

For over 50 years, Body Glove has been the leading manufacturer of wetsuits for divers, surfers and other athletes. Their goal has always been to protect your most valuable asset - your body, the CORE of your existence. Now they’ve adopted the same philosophy, energy and technology to develop instrument cases designed specifically to protect the things that matter most to you: your instruments, your studio gear, your livelihood, YOUR CORE. BBGCB1XXX • List: $99.99

Body Glove BGCB2 Cymbal Bag • $84.99 bbgcb2xxx • List: $129.99

Body Glove BGS1 Series One Cymbal Bag $39.99

The Body Glove Series One cymbal bag has room for up to 5 cymbals, holding up to 22” cymbals with no problem. Each cymbal is divided with compartment sleeves for added protection. It even has an interior pouch separate from the others for hi-hats. BBGS1CBXX • List: $89.99

Body Glove BGS1 Series One Jazz or Rock Drum Bag Set • $139.99

The Body Glove Jazz drum bag set includes bags for 6.5x14” snare, 10x10”, 11x12”, 12x14” and 18x22” size drums. The Body Glove Rock drum bag set includes bags for 6.5x14” snare, 11x12”, 12x13”, 16x16” and 18x22 size drums. Both sets feature a triple padded (30mm) interior for maximum protection. Proprietary moisture wicking interiors keep harmful humidity away from your drums. Additional features include durable construction with reinforced double stitching and padded handles, and heavy duty zippers with oversized pulls. Lifetime limited warranty. BBGS1ROCK, BBGS1JAZZ • List: $229.99



Paul Wertico’s Drum Philosophy (DVD) $19.95

Long-time drummer for the Pat Metheny Group, Paul Wertico is widely acknowledged as one of the premier players in jazz drumming. A31989DVD


Drumset 101 (DVD) $14.95

A Contemporary Approach to Playing the Drums by Dave Black and Steve Houghton. A31427DVD

Marko Djordjevic Where I Come From (DVD) $24.95

Where I Come From is a DVD which unlocks the secrets to great technique as Marko Djordjevic takes you on a step by step journey through the basics of drumming with a fresh approach. A32043XXX


John Riley The Master Drummer (DVD) $29.95

Renowned player, author, and teacher John Riley defines and explores the four key musical components drummers must develop in order to play at the highest level. A32689DVD

Drum Accessories


ROCK YOUR WORLD Buy any two Z3 Cymbals 14” or larger and get a 22” Deluxe Cymbal Bag!



(Retail Value $69.95! Limited time offer runs thru 9/30/09)










A Custom Cymbal Pack List Price: $1299

ZHT Pro 4 Cymbal Pack List Price: $715

ZBT 3 Cymbal Pack List Price: $321

ZBT Pro 4 Cymbal Pack List Price: $478

14” Custom Hi-Hats 16” Custom Crash 20” Custom Medium Ride

14” Hi-Hats 16” Medium Thin Crash 20” Medium Ride

13” Hi-Hats 18” Crash Ride

14” Hi-Hats 16” Crash 20” Ride



14” Crash ($101 value)

18” A Custom Crash and 18” Fast Crash Gig Bag ($505.95 value) ($222 value) (plus $30 bonus coupon for use on future Zildjian Cymbal purchase)



18” Crash ($154 value) 81

GEORGE KOLLIAS NiletNEIL SANDERSON Three Days GracetJOHNNY KELLY Type O Negative t3*$)#&%%0&Finger Eleven


Modern Cut Modern Cut

Sizzling Summer Special

Buy any APX cymbal 18” or larger, or a pair of APX 14” hi hats between June 1st and July 31st 2009 and get a FREE 9” Alu Bell, a pair of drumsticks and a 14” Remo drum head with mail-in rebate!

B8 Promotional Set


14” Hats 16” Thin Crash 20” Ride 18” Thin Crash

B8 Super Set


14” Hats 14” Crash 16” Thin Crash 20” Ride 10” Splash 18” Thin Crash























Twenty Series

10” Splash Cymbal • $133.99 P2010SXXX • List: $215.00

14” Hi Hat Cymbals • $354.99 P2014HHXX • List: $572.00

16” Crash Cymbal • $210.99 P2016CXXX • List: $340.00

18” Crash Cymbal• $255.99 P2018CXXX • List: $412.00

20” Ride Cymbal • $295.99 P2020RXXX • List: $476.00

22” Ride Cymbal • $344.99 P2022RXXX • List: $556.00


saxophones Your choice lacquer or black.


Kenny G KGSSBS Straight Soprano Saxophone Black • $79999 Lacquer • $69999

The Kenny G “E-Series” Straight Soprano Saxophone stands alone in the world of modern saxophones. It’s unique combination of ventage and modern features makes it a real one of a kind soprano. A 1-piece body construction gives this soprano a great response and tone color. Includes mouthpiece, polishing cloth, cork grease, neck strap and case w/shoulder strap. KGSSBSXXX Black • List: $1895.00 KGSSLXXXX Lacquered • List: $1695.00

$1000 Instant Rebate!

King 665HF Alto Saxophone was $1799.99 NOW $799.99 Limited quantities

The King 665-HF features newly-engineered key mechanisms on a body which has provided the classic American sound since the early twentieth century. With a range to high F#‚ the 665 features a seamless neck and durable nickel-plated keys which carry a lifetime guarantee. Includes a sturdy hardshell case with carrying strap‚ an original King mouthpiece and comfortable shoulder strap. Full warranty.

K665HFXXX • List: $1799.00

NEW LOWER PRICE! Jean Baptiste JB185AL Student Alto Saxophone • $449.99

This new and improved student alto saxophone will be sure to satisfy the needs and requirements of any educator or band director, while giving the student player an outstanding playing experience. Features: key of Eb, high F# and front F keys, articulated G#, C# adjustment screw. Post on rib construction, thumb rest, adjustable key felts, metal resonators, stainless steel springs, and lacquered finish. Includes mouthpiece, strap, swab and deluxe padded lightweight case with backpack straps and two RICO reeds.

Jean Baptiste 480BSL Deluxe Baritone Saxophone was $2499.99 NOW $1899.99

Deluxe student baritone sax, key of Eb, lacquered body and keys, low A, high, F#, metal thumb rest, double braced bell, leather pads with metal resonators, includes mouthpiece strap, swab and a deluxe abs case with wheels JB480BSLX • List: $3999.99

JB185ALXX • List: $999.99


SAxophone stand! HDS530BXX $25 Value! with jB900TS

A great playing Tenor at a great price Save $1300!

Jean Baptiste JB900TS Tenor Saxophone $999.99

The Jean Baptiste 900TS tenor saxophone is an unbelievable value compared to other intermediate and pro saxophones. Designed in conjunction with a major European manufacturer, the 900 Series horns have an engraved bell, silvery smooth finish, gold lacquer keys, gold interior bell, and gold trim - this is a beautiful instrument. Matched with a French imported mouthpiece, it outplays many higher priced instruments. Includes deluxe wood case. JB900THER • List: $2324.99



Jean Baptiste JB480T Tenor Saxophone

The Jean Baptiste 480 series is famous for delivering exceptional professional-level quality at prices that any player can afford - and the 480TL Tenor Sax is no exception. Featuring a silky smooth action and cutting edge tone, the 480TL includes a high F# key and precision engraving. This exceptional instrument comes complete with a mouthpiece with ligature, a neck strap, cork grease, cleaning swab and a deluxe hard shell case.

Gun Metal Black • Now $699.99 JB480TBII • List: $1699.99 LaCquer • Now $599.99 JB480TLXX • List: $1499.99


$50 Instant Rebate

$75 Instant Rebate

Getzen 770 SP Select Trumpet Was $849.99 • $799.99 after rebate

Getzen 770SG Select Gold Trim Trumpet Was $929.99 • $854.00 after rebate

Designed and built by Getzen in the USA exclusively for Sam Ash Music, with professional Eterna specifications. Each instrument is individually play-tested to ensure intonation and sound quality. The gold brass bell, leadpipe and inside slides deliver a full, rich sound and a broad dynamic range suitable for many playing styles. The nickel plated valves are individually fitted, hand lapped and are covered by a lifetime transferable warranty. First valve slide saddle, adjustable third valve slide ring and Amado™ water keys are all standard. Bright silver plate finish. Includes a Getzen 7C mouthpiece, soft sided case and valve oil.

Designed and built by Getzen in the USA exclusively for Sam Ash Music, with professional Eterna specifications. Each instrument is individually play-tested to ensure intonation and sound quality. The gold brass bell, leadpipe and inside slides deliver a full, rich sound and a broad dynamic range suitable for many playing styles. The nickel plated valves are individually fitted, hand lapped and are covered by a lifetime transferable warranty. First valve slide saddle, adjustable third valve slide ring and Amado™ water keys are all standard. Bright silver plate finish. Includes a Getzen 7C mouthpiece, soft sided case and valve oil.

G770SPXXX • List: $1149.99

G770SGXXX • List: $1399.99

Special Price! Save an extra $100 Eastman Strings ETR420G Trumpet (Lacquer Brass) Was $399.99 • NOW $299.99

Andreas Eastman trumpets are made to bring a professional sound and feel to all levels of trumpet playing. The Eastman process of trumpet making takes great care to blend both technology and the hands of skilled craftspeople. Eastman’s proprietary bell spinning process produces a graduated bell thickness that gives the player a professional sound. Hand lapped valves further the professional features of Andreas Eastman trumpets.The artistic engraving on the Andreas Eastman trumpet utilizes the latest technology in a diamond tipped engraving process. ETR420GXX • List: $795.00


Best selling student trumpet as low as $199.99!

Jean Baptiste JBTP480LE Deluxe Engraved Student Trumpet • $199.99

S1860 Mute $14 value! with JBTP480SX

Now, student players can enjoy the experience of a beautiful trumpet with deluxe engraving and high-grade brass construction at an excellent price. Designed in conjunction with master brass consultants from around the world, this trumpet features yellow brass construction with a rose leadpipe and bronze bell. It also features Monel pistons for reliablilty and resistance to sticking. Each trumpet is hand-engraved for a touch of class. Includes a 7C mouthpiece specially designed for students, a set of polishing cloths and a deluxe velour lined case with hideaway backpack straps. JBTP480Le • List: $599.99

Jean Baptiste JBTP480S Deluxe Silver Student Trumpet • $299.99

Designed in conjunction with master brass consultants from around the word, this trumpet features yellow brass construction with a rose brass leadpipe and bell. It also features Monel pistons for reliablilty and resistance to sticking. Each trumpet is hand-engraved for a touch of class. Includes a 7C mouthpiece specially designed for students, set of polishing cloths, deluxe velour lined case with plenty of storage, 2 handles, and a pair of hideaway backpack straps. JBTP480SM • List: $823.99

Jean Baptiste TP900S Silver Trumpet Was $1999.99 • $999.99



Quality German engineering combined with years of European craftsmanship make this an outstanding instrument. Easily comparable to other fine professional trumpets. Features like a hand hammered one piece bell, nickel silver outer slides, silver finish and precise Monel pistons. The quality is built in and that’s why the Jean Baptiste 900 plays like the pro horns that sell for hundreds of dollars more. Includes a Hard Foam Protec case. Limited Quantities. JBTP900SY • List: $ 2155.94

$100 Instant Rebate

Jean Baptiste Trombone • $399.99 after rebate

Key of Bb, .488” bore, 3 monel valves, 8” yellow brass bell, includes case and mouthpiece. JBVT480BX Bb Valve JBVT480CX C Valve Trombone • List: $799.99




Otto Jos Klier 441000 Violin Outfit was $599.99 • $539.99 after rebate

German Made Violin. Grained solid Austrian spruce top, solid Bosian Maple back and sides. Ebony fingerboard, and pegs, with inlaid purfling. Ebony tailpiece with 4 fine tuners and German strings. Reddish-brown spirit-varnishing, slightly shaded, highgloss finish. It comes with a fine wood bow, and a oblong deluxe foam lined case with a large storage compartment. The case also has a full-length music pocket for carrying your parts plus a blanket. 4/4 size only. OJK441000 • List: $899.99

$150 Instant Rebate

Carlo Robelli Young Master Full Size Violin Outfit was $449.99 $299.99 after rebate

$20 Instant Rebate

Cremona SV175 Premier Student Violin Outfit was $195.00 $175.00 after rebate

Cremona Premier Student Violins are designed to meet the specific needs of beginning and advancing students. The new and improved SV-175 features solid carved maple and spruce, topped off with all M.E.N.C. approved specifications. Each instrument has been upgraded with a beautiful translucent warm brown finish which lets the grain show through. They’re skillfully crafted to be just as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. Includes Travelite TL-33 oblong violin case with built-in hygrometer, and an exceptional LB-15 J. La Salle octagonal Brazilwood bow with ebony frog and genuine unbleached horsehair. SV17544II • List: $195.00

Seasoned spruce top and flamed maple back offers a full sound with a rich look. Features include ebony parts, a dressed ebony fingerboard, an alloy tailpiece with fine tuners for ease of tuning and a high quality hand applied varnish. The completed violin is strung with Prelude strings by D’Addario. Includes an oblong deluxe foam lined case with a large storage compartment, a hardwood horsehair bow with an ebony frog, and rosin. VYOUNGMAS • List: $799.99

$30 Instant Rebate

Hermet Schartel D903 Violin Outfit (4/4 Size) was $249.99 $219.99 after rebate

YSV30 Silent Violin • $625.00

Quality craftsmanship has become synonymous with the Hermit Schartel name, and this full size violin outfit continues in that tradition. A Fully carved European violin of solid maple back and sides, with Carved solid spruce top. Ebony pegs and fingerboard, nut, saddle and endpin. Metal adjustable tailpiece. Maple bridge, D’Addario Prelude Strings. Outfit complete with matching lightweight case, wood bow and D’Addario Prelude strings. HD90344OF • List: $479.00

The SV130 provides violinists of all levels with the ability to practice confidently without disturbing others. Though the acoustic sound produced is barely a whisper, you will hear yourself in the rich, virtual environment of a resonant concert hall. The SV130 allows players of any level to play or practice anytime. Features include a spruce body, maple neck and ebony fingerboard and pegs. Also includes on board reverb and a peizo pickup to allow silent play through headphones or to send the signal to any amplification system. Includes headphones, batteries, cable and shoulder rest. Case not included. YSV130KBR • List: $895.00


Carlo Robelli P105 Prima Viola Outfit (Sizes 12” - 16”) was $199.99 $179.99 after rebate

Perfect Investment for the Beginner on a budget! The P105 features a deep amber varnish on a spruce top with maple back and sides. But this professional look is only the beginning! Each viola is imported and then hand set-up by our experienced string technicians by hand. Each viola is carefully fitted with ebony tuning pegs, an ebony fingerboard, and a one-piece tailpiece with four fine tuners for more stability and less tuning problems. Fitted with D’Addario Prelude strings for maximum tone and ease. Each outfit features a brazilwood horsehair bow and a back-pack style case.


P10515OFV • List: $299.99


$200 INSTANT REBATE! Buffet Custom Wood Clarinet was $1199.99 $999.99 after rebate

The Custom Buffet Clarinet is made from Grenadilla wood - known for its resonance and stability, making it an ideal material for musical instruments. This model has a Poly-cylindrical bore, 17 keys and 6 rings, silver plated key work, auxiliary Eb lever, an adjustable thumb rest, undercut tone holes, and a solid metal bell ring. It also includes a very attractive back pack egg shaped case with plenty of storage for accessories and sheet music. BSPECIALX • List: $1945.00

NEW LOWER PRICE! SAVE$100! Andino ACPNZ101 Student Clarinet was $499.99 NOW $399.99

The Andino clarinet is the result of a collaboration between Gemstone and Luis Rossi. Although a student model instrument, it has playing characteristics of a professional quality instrument. The body is made out of high quality ABS plastic which the engineers at Gemstone spent many months researching. The nickel silver used in the keys is hard enough to resist bending and breaking, but not so hard that keys are brittle and un-repairable. Included with every Andino clarinet are two tuning barrels; a normal length one, and a shorter one for playing in cold weather, or occasions requiring a higher pitch. Includes mouthpiece, cap, ligature, neck strap ring, swab, cork grease. ACPNZ101X • List: $725.00

Jean Baptiste JBFL183S Silver Plated Student Flute • $199.99

Jean Baptiste brings you an outstanding value in a student flute at a price comparable to school year rental fees. This silver-plated closed-hole model features plateau keys, a C foot, and a deluxe engraved neckjoint. Includes a deluxe velour-lined case complete with carry strap, rod, and care kit. JBFL183SX • List: $499.99

World’s Best Selling Student Flute!

Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute • $409.00

The name Gemeinhardt always comes up when it comes to high quality yet affordable wind instruments! The 2SP Student model closed hole flute features silver plated head, body and keys. The 2SP’s crisp clear tone make it a must-have for the beginner or enthusiast looking for great value in a flute! Includes hard shell case & cleaning rod. G2SP • List: $865.00

Gemeinhardt 3SHB Flute • $789.00

Gemeinhardt conservatory flutes offer extraordinary quality and performance at a very competitive price. This flute features a solid silver head, silver-plated body, foot and keys, Model “J” standard wall headjoint, B footjoint and french style (open holes). Includes case. G3SHB • List: $1485.00

$30 Instant Rebate! 5 Year Warranty! Jean Baptiste JBCL484 Student Clarinet Outfit Was $229.99 $199.99 after rebate

Now, you CAN have pro quality and features at a beginner’s price point, thanks to Jean Baptiste’s best student clarinet to date! It’s made from a durable ABS molded resin for top-notch sound, and features other upper-level appointments such as nickel-plated keys and double skin Italian pads. To round out the full beginner’s outfit, it’s outfitted with a backpack case with extra storage room, mouthpiece kit complete with reeds, and cork grease. JBCL484XX • List: $649.99

$100 Instant Rebate! Jean Baptiste JBCL680W European Wood Clarinet Was $449.99 $349.99 after rebate

The CL680 features a body, bell and barrel made of Grenadilla wood. Additional features include: power forged nickel silver, nickel-plated keys, and bell ring; metal thumb rest; double skin Italian pads. Includes mouthpiece, swab, reeds, cork grease and deluxe case. Made in Europe.

JBCLPACKW List: $999.99

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Sale prices are not retroactive to any previous purchases. Not responsible for typographical errors. No Sunday hours in Paramus. No deposits or layaways. In stock only! No dealers, please! Sorry, returns and exchanges cannot be processed during sale hours. Not all brands available at all locations. All specials & free items while supplies last. Items must be purchased at advertised price to qualify for all promotions, including bonus items and extended financing promotions. Manufacturer’s rebates are excluded from this provision. Prices in this catalog supersede all previous catalogs. Prices subject to change. © 2009 Sam Ash Music Corp.




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