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GALAXYYY designs We are currently working on big projects: building up websites. Trying out cool stuff on the Internet and working on our own websites. We like that. It's fun, actually. So, if you ever need a website do bother to contact us at any time. We like building up websites whether is for ourselves, to play around or for our clients. We like what we do. This is a list of website themes we do: - Photography. - Model/ Fashion. - Music & Film. - One-page bio/ CV. - eCommerce. Shopping online is fun! We work on further themes but the ones above are the most. To be more specific, every website we build up includes the following: - Menu (Main pages at least: Home, About and Contact). - Social Networks Connect (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, RSS, Pinterest, Blogger, G+...). - Copyright protection 100% - Custom colors and fonts. - No ads. - Your own content. - Attribution. - Clean and organized design. - Always high quality content. - Custom homepage. - Photos, texts, graphics and more. Then we provide add ons and extra stuff to improve one's website. We have seen a lot of talented photographers and amazing works out there lately, this is what you will find when we build up a website for photographers, for example: - Main pages: Home, About, Portfolio, Contact. - 80% Photography, 20% Text. - Large space gallery/ portfolio for maximum exposure of your photography. - Always simple, elegant and organized. - Custom fonts and colors (background, title, paragraph, menu...). - Copyright protection 100% - Want to sell your prints? Use our easy and simple eCommerce. - Attribution. - No ads. - Social network icons (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, RSS...). - High quality content. - Custom homepage.

+ Features: - No ads of any kind! - Your website, your content. - Use our large space slide shows, portfolios and galleries to fill in all your photos for maximum exposure. - Unlimited pages! - Membership account (Let your customers get lots of goodies, enter free giveaways and get special discounts and offers only to those who have a member account). - eCommerce. - Accepts, PNG, JPG and GIF photography files. - Add your music/ video. - Free domain for a year. - Get social and recognized 100% (wide range of social networks to share your work). - Build up your own community/ forum. - Copyright protection 100% - Instagram feeds integrated. - Facebook "Like" button, Twitter "Tweet" button... - Create your own buttons for any action (download a file, play, go to, email and +). Not enough? Check out our finished website designs here: 46&type=3 If you're interested please contact us on Facebook or drop us a line at or at for further information and details (prices + questions). We provide high quality customer service: - We come back to you within less than 12h. - Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Skype.... We are always connected! - 3 Reviews for satisfaction. If you're not satisfied, no charges will apply. All the content uploaded to the new site will be permanently deleted. - Try out our 14 day demo website (only available for pre-made website designs). - We do not use your personal information for any kind of use. Your privacy matters. - We read all feedbacks and questions. Please don't hesitate and drop us a line for any help.

PROCESS FOR BUILDING UP YOUR WEBSITE WITH US Here is a detailed information about the process for building up your website with us: 1. If you're interested in any of our websites or simply you would like us to create a brand new website for you, contact us. Please, write to us a brief description about you/ company or brand. What kind of website you would like and the style. You can tell us some of your inspirations or anything you like so that we can picture what

would you want. Tell us whether you want a website for your personal use or company as well. We will be back to you within less than 12 h. 2. We build your website*. You make it your own by filling up the entire site with your content and customizing the colors and fonts. Once we have contacted you, you will have to send in all the content you want us to put up on your website. Including photos (PNG, GIF, JPG) and text. We will make the paragraph style according to the page it belongs to. 3. We will be filling up the new site with your content. Once done, we will co-work on the final draft. We only provide up to 3 reviews. 4. Once the final draft is checked and approved, your website will be publicly shown on the Internet. You will be able to enjoy your website and get some views. *Note: This process takes about 2-3 weeks. Maximum one month.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS GALAXYYY designs is a design company and will not be responsible for any of the content you will handle to us for your website. Please, read carefully our terms and conditions. Unless you do not accept the following, you will not be able to make use of our website designs and use our services. Non-violent content and language misuse Under any circumstance we do not provide our website designs for any violent reasons or ways that can be harmful. Language use is very crucial and swearing or language misuse is not allowed. All content that goes against, will be immediately not approved. General Public content rating GALAXYYY designs does not take any responsibility on the content you provide us with. However, to publish your work/ content with GALAXYYY designs all content must be GP to R rated. Nudity content is not allowed. Therefore it will be not accepted. However, if you're a photographer or model and your portfolio contains some nudity photography, please tell us about it. Use of GALAXYYY designs websites You may use your new website designed by us for personal use and business. It is strictly prohibited to distribute any of your designs for any kind of profit. You are responsible of all the content you handled to us. You must protect and claim wrong GALAXYYY designs for any harmful or inappropriate comments by external sources. You must agree and accept our terms and conditions to be able to use our services. GALAXYYY designs company rights GALAXYYY designs is a self-employed graphic design company and the following rights should be understood and accepted: - We have the right to change prices as long as we immediately inform you.

- We have the right to accept or not a client's content for their desired website according to the content and website theme. (No strong language and pornography allowed). - We do own the rights to all website designs. - Our company, GALAXYYY designs, must always be attributed on any website we provide to you. It is not removable. - If any technical issues interferes within the process of a client's website, we have the right to take our time to recover. Do not make us rush.

PRIVACY POLICY We care about our your privacy. Therefore, no personal information and details will be publicly shown. Before every website goes officially public, we always make reviews of the overall website to be sure everything is as you wish. If afterwards, there's something you would like to change or remove we will immediately inform you when changes are done. In order to use our services and website designs all terms and conditions above must not be violated. Charges will apply otherwise.

REFUNDS After purchasing a website design (pre-made website designs) or service (full customization for your own needs), there will be no refunds of any kind. We only offer 14-day trials for pre-made website designs. If you applied for a service, once we have started to work on your website, there is no turn backs. Therefore, all payments are due on the first day of the website design process. If for any reason you wish to finalize this service your payment will not be refundable. Before starting to work on a client’s website, we always provide full details and information to be completely sure. Afterwards if the client is not satisfied, no charges will apply.

BEHIND GALAXYYY DESIGNS Samantha Zinn is the owner and founder of GALAXYYY designs. She’s a student, lifestyle blogger and graphic designer. She is a young Chinese-born Spanish student who is currently dedicated to design creative things. It's been a hobby until by the end of summer 2012 turned to be what she wanted to do for a living. Samantha began designing greeting cards on her laptop and later on she wanted to do something more than just greeting cards. So she began self-studying graphic design. She has self-studied some of the basic things on Adobe Photoshop. Your can mostly find her playing around with Photoshop and working on projects.

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Website Design Services  

Read about building up your future successful website with us!

Website Design Services  

Read about building up your future successful website with us!