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Nights With Effect

The Brief


Produce a freshers pack that introduces students to the energy drink effect, focussing on the mentally stimulating qualities.

‘we are looking for big ideas not one off executions’

Concept/Proposition Produce a freshers pack full of items that students actually want and will use such as coasters and glasses. These will be interactive and include brain games to encourage students to ‘feel the effect’ for themselves. Interactivity will encourage students to engage with the concept and to give this new energy drink a try. The concept of nights with effect was built on the idea that in student halls there are often many dull nights in with little to do, and this pack aims to fill these nights with effect. Background Effect is a mental stimulator rather than a physical energiser. Target Audience

Mandatory Requirements

Students - students at fresher’s fairs.

Must use Helvetica Neue in all submissions. Pack shot of can and effect logo must be included. Design should reflect the effect brand.

Tone of Voice


Fun and playful but also encouraging, aiming to get the students to try effect.

Interactive scratch off posters (revealing brain games) Printed coasters with riddles and answers on Wordsearch printed on glass tumbler, with accompanying dry wipe marker to write on the glass with. A bag to distribute these items in.

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