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noun: coffee 1.a hot drink made from the roasted and ground bean-like seeds of a tropical shrub. "a cup of coffee" Bean Belt Coffee grows mainly in countries near the equator as coffee trees grow best in these climates and conditions.

synonyms: joe, java

Types of Coffee

Espresso Freshly ground coffee made with steam. Often served with ‘crema’.

Two main types of espresso are the doppio and ristretto which is the strongest.

Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer with Vietnam second, producing predominantly Robusta beans, and Colombia is the third largest producer.

Coffee Facts Coffee became popular in Britain in the 1700s.

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Other Coffees

Cappuccino The most popular espresso based drink. Steamed milk is added for a frothy drink.

Macchiato Long Black Latte Flat White Mocha Lungo Americano Cafe Noisette Cortado

Research has found that caffeine in coffee may stave off the onset of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Coffee is a good source of powerful antioxidants which are critical to eliminating free radicals. Coffee is one of the most valuable primary products in world trade. Coffee may make you more intelligent. The caffeine hit makes you sharper in addition to more awake. It has been reported that coffee allows your brain to work in a much more efficient way. There are two main types of coffee bean the Arabica and Robusta bean.



Coffee At Home Tools

Instant coffee with hot milk gives a high quality frothy coffee drink that tastes like a coffee house coffee.

Thermal Caraffe



Moka Pot


Use ground coffee and a cafetiere/ French Press to make a high quality coffee at home. Make one or several cups at once using this method.

I have thought about focussing on making good coffee at home as I don’t think people are aware of the different tools available, other than the obvious and expensive coffee machines. Also, there are minimal guides out there explaining how to make good coffee at home. There are other factors as well as the production method that affect quality, such as storing your coffee, the mug you use and more that I don’t think most people are aware of.



Packaging & Branding

Packaging coffee is about more than making it look good and explaining the product. Roasted coffee can lose up to 40 percent of it’s aromas after only eight hours of contact with air and taste can be hugely affected.



Coffee Houses/Shops Coffee Art

Coffee houses offer a unique, relaxed environment for socialising, business and more.

A new craze that makes your coffee shop coffee even more special. This can be used to brand coffees as well as creating more elaborate art.

The first European coffee house opened in Venice in 1683, but the most famous was the Caffe Florian in Piazza San Marco, opening in 1720. This is still open for business today.

Starbucks and Costa Coffee are two of the biggest, most popular coffee shops in the UK today. Both began in 1971 but Costa began in the UK whereas Starbucks is American. Starbucks is associated with glamour and style and carrying the famous Starbucks take-out cup is now almost a fashion accessory.

Take Out Take out coffee allows busy business people or general people in a rush to grab a caffeine fix on the go. Take out cups are usually branded or even feature, pattern or other design. As these are drank on the go they are a great promotion.


Coffee Houses/Shops - Design


Coffee boards  
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