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Best 24 hour diners in Union Square

4 Pre Game Drinks to make your friends

Hottest Eco Club In the world

Infographic: Drunk personas you take on


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Photographed by Samantha Tannenbaum; Art by Unknown Artist

On the cover DJ table with Pioneere headsets Stylest: Unknown DJ Photographer: Samantha Tannenbaum Place: Temple Night Club



[415] After


Photographer: Samantha Tannenbaum Illustrator: Samantha Tannenbaum FIDM ad: Samantha Tannenbaum Half page ad: Tiffany Matthews Layout: Samantha Tannenbaum Munchy Time: Twerking: Pictures by: Welcom to Temple: Owner: Paul Hemming Bouncer: Ben Tom KI Sushi:

55 Stockton Street

4 Pre-Game Drinks: www.mygirlishwhims. com Photographer: Samantha Tannenbaum Illustrator: Samantha Tannenbaum

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EDITOR S NOTE This is the year that 1992 kids start turning 21! Because it’s summer, all of my friends that have just turned 21 are coming back to the Bay Area from college. Lately, I have been getting a lot of calls saying, “Hey Sam! I just turned 21! Do you know any good bars or clubs in SF?” It’s always embarrassing when I have to tell them, “Actually…I don’t.” Turning 21 quite recently, I am just starting to explore my new found powers of purchasing alcohol, staying up past curfew, and going to local pubs/bars in Pleasanton. Meanwhile, I have yet to explore and tame the newly accessible 21+ territory of

Fog City, which is only a reasonable thirty minutes away. With my growing love affair of the wildly vast nightlife scene in SF, I can hardly imagine what crazy adventures await! 415 After Dark has a simple meaning behind it. 415 is the area code for San Francisco but what is there to do when the sun goes down, you’re not ready to go home yet and you still want to hang out with your friends? Guess what, this magazine has you covered! From hot trendy clubs, to chill underground bars, then to restaurants that are still open at 4am for those munchies, 415 After Dark is your guide for a fun and adventurous night. In order to communicate with my audience, my magazine will have a fun and experimental

Editors drink:

RED GUMMY BEAR 1 oz Absolut® vodka ½ oz raspberry schnapps

layout for the hip and trendy. However, I still want to display a simple yet clean look which I will showcase with my typeface choice for my much more older audience who just want to know where to hang out and have a few drinks. 415 After Dark is intended for everyone who is 21+ years old, ranging from the party-hard’s to the more relaxed and laidback (and everyone in between). No matter what kind of event, bar, restaurant, club, etc, the magazine will inform the audience through actual first-hand experience written articles which help the readers accurately discover the San Francisco nightlife or avoid those unfortunate nights of boredom, bad wexperiences, wasted money, time, or problems.

The difference between this magazine and others is that... THERE ARE NONE! Even online reviews of any place or event can be biased, inaccurate, or be too short to even be helpful. Some magazines simply have an article or a little page in the back that is dedicated to trendy bars or events that are happening in the city. Some magazines will showcase special drinks to make at home before going out for a night in the town. But, for this magazine, it is fully and absolutely dedicated to the nightlife jungle in San Francisco. It will not only include the good bars, clubs, and the favorite places, but special events, fashion, drinks, food, and much more. So read on, pick your place, go out, and get waisty pants!

Samantha Tannenbaum -Editor

½ oz cranberry juice


San Francisco, known for its exquisite architecture, long history and its hidden secrets. However that’s not really crossing your mind right now because

Munchy Time

you’re STARVING! Its Sunday morning at 3 and your just getting out of the club with a group of friends in Union Square. Everyone is famished after a long night of dancing and drinking but, everyone’s feet hurt and they don’t want to walk to far. Where do you go? Well look no further because there are two spectacular 24-hour diners just waiting to cater to your need. Lori’s Diner, which is on 336 Mason, which was opened in 1986, is open 24 hours! It features counter service, all day breakfast, great burgers, classic dinners and desserts. With sparkling red booths, rock ‘n’ roll, Coca-Cola, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, it’s the perfect place to relax, eat and enjoy a nice throwback of a classic diner.

Lori’s Diner Pinecrest Diner, which is located at 401 Geary St, has been a part of San Francisco forever! Fuel your appetites at this 24-hour diner with scrambled eggs, a burger, or endless cups of coffee. After the bars close, the clean booths, wood-grained paneling, and a television are props for a study in late nightlife: Patrons in towering heels share the place with career late niters, dazed tourists hungry for some authentic San Francisco ambience. You never know who you’re going to see at Pinecrest! Lori’s Diner


Twerking, the newest dance craze to hit the nation. Its seen everywhere on social networking and is even seen in our streets ( watch?v=7mJRzjQiTCU&feature=c4-overview&list=UUFnsk 9UgOhVRnKHdynzU2A) The question is, what is it exactly? Twerking was introduced into hip-hop culture by New Orleans bounce music scene. In 1993, DJ Jubilee recorded a song called, “Do The Jubilee All.” In which he chanted, “Twerk baby, twerk baby, twerk, twerk, twerk.” In 2000, the dance move was finally receiving recognition in national releases, when the Atlanta-based Ying Yang Twins released their debut single, “Whistle While You Twurk,” which received national airplay peaking at #17 on the Hip Hop Chart. It was also further referenced in their 2002 follow-up release, “Say I Yi Yi,” which prominently features the lyrics, “She got her hands up on her knees and her elbows on her thighs, she like to twerk and that’s for certain I can tell that she fly.” In 2011 The

Best How To Videos 1. watch?v=NgoyVRO0A0E 2. watch?v=NDtrUarCO4k& feature=player_embedded

Twerk Team was mentioned in the song “Round of Applause” by Waka Flocka Flame featuring Drake, including the line, “Bounce that ass, shake that ass like the Twerk Team”. However, the song that made twerking popular, and the reason why you see it everywhere is, “Express Yourself” by Nicky Da B & Diplo.

Miley Cyrus with a group of friends twerking

Music Videos 1. watch?v=BKaL7WL-onI 2. watch?v=j5Z3KUOrhS0


Welcome to temple 8


an Francisco, the City by the Bay. The only city to have an 80% recycling conversion rate, a city where tap water is cleaner than bottled water, a city full of diverse equal people, where progressive ideas are forged, countless commerce buildings soar, sport teams perform, and an amazing nightlife scene to boast. And when that Friday turns into night, a whole new city is born; as bars, clubs, and restaurants open their doors. One such club, called “Temple” stands on 54 Howard Street. Unique, creative, and bold, “Temple” attempts to set itself apart from the often wasteful nightclub business, all the while giving the best diversified nightlife experience in SF. »


Club owners drink:

Coming soon Solar Lotus: 7-pointed solar sculpture in which will track the position of the sun. Urban Food Production: a garden on our roof will produce food for our Prana Restaurant Surface Area Vegetation: we want to cover our whole building with native plants to promote biodiversity by providing a habitat for bees and butterflies. Energy Generating Dance Floor: a dance floor that harnesses energy from the movement of dancing patrons. Urban Wind Power Generation: there are several wind solutions that we are currently investigating, the city of SF is trying to make the permitting process and rebates to make investment in Wind power more attractive for SF companies and homes.


Patron shot salt on corner of hand slice of lime Patron

Created in 2007, in the heart of the SOMA district, “Temple” Nightclub which is host to a world-class nightlife experience in an amazing audio-visual environment. “Temple” is San Francisco’s first award winning Green Venue in the whole nation. Owner and founder of “Zen Compound”, Paul Hemming was tired of the traditionally wasteful nature of the hospitality industry. So, he set his sights on creating the ‘Greenest Nightclub’ in the world. As a result, he created the base foundation for a living, breathing hub for education, culture and creative recreation that strictly adheres to the triple bottom line of people, Planet and Profit. Housed inside the “Zen Compound” lies “Temple” Nightclub, which is a ‘Green Nightclub’ and ‘Ki Sushi’, which is a sustainable Sushi and Izakaya bar. Paul Hemming brings a vision to the Zen Compound that focuses on revolutionizing the nightclub and hospitality industry by “Greening” them. The ‘Zen Compound’ is an entertainment complex, with it’s finger on society’s pulse, the whole idea is designed to go well beyond a traditional nightclub and world-class

restaurant. More than a place for people to unwind and stimulate their senses, the “Zen Compound” is a hub of creative spirituality. Visitors of the compound create and perform art, music, and dance while they are enriching their Western experience with an Eastern education. The Zen Compound merges modern design with antiquities dating back to the 11th century and ancient philosophy with cutting edge technology. In addition, it houses a culinary visual and audio spectacle while cultivating the first pioneering program for nightclub sustainability in the U.S. The question is, what makes them particularly green? Well, most club venues traditionally use twenty five times more resources than an average household and with over 2,500 people a week coming through their doors, resource management is crucial! All of their food and liquids are centerally managed/processed through a recycled and composite waste system, all events are “low to no waste” which means they use corn cups and “” donates used kitchen grease for bio diesel fuel. They also have interface carpet tiles and low-flow toilets.

Current Paul projects Hemming Temple Music Group: a record label comprised of Temple resident DJs and producers.

Owner of Temple Born in 1974 in Taiwan, Paul Hemming has always been compelled to explore creativity and share those experiences with others. As a child, his family and him traveled between Taiwan, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest, settling wherever his linguistics professor father had a teaching position. One of Hemming’s first creative impulses however, came when he was 19 years old, when he moved from Seattle to San Francisco to attend film school at San Francisco State University. There, he reveled not only in the creative outlet of filmmaking, but also discovered another passion as a DJ in clubs. After a building fire destroyed all of his possessions, including his senior film project, Hemming left school and took what he refers to as “a musical detour.” His hobby soon became a career, with Hemming

Zen City Records: Vinyl record store

“ The fire was a sign that I should experiment with different creative outlets before settling on filmmaking.” booking gigs at nightclubs and private events which eventually led to him opening Zen City Records—a community space for DJs in Oakland and San Francisco that housed an Internet radio station, recording studio, art gallery, and record label. The connections he made in the club world eventually led him to open Temple nightclub in 2007, which combined influences from his eclectic background and became the centerpiece for the creative epicenter known as Zen Compound. The 22,000-square-foot, eco-conscious, entertainment complex combines the sophisticated yet sustainable cuisine from Prana and Ki restaurants with energyinspiring entertainment.

ZCFM: Zen Compound FM, San Francisco’s new Internet radio station Temple TV: Our inhouse video production team. Urban Montage Gallery: a gallery that exhibits artists that are constantly trying to push the boundaries and transcend beyond the traditional interpretations of contemporary art. Urban Rooftop Garden: Rooftop vegetable gardens that sustain our restaurant, Ki. Energy Generating Dance floor: Dance floor that harnesses energy from dancing Zenter: Holistic Healing Center




The shrine Housing Prana restaurant, The Shrine Room is Temples flagship room and can accommodate up to 750 people. With flushed white walls and fine Italian bonquettes encasing the perimeter, it’s the perfect place to sit back, relax and take in the soothing ambiance of their surroundings.

The Catacombs Venture to the ancient past in Temple’s Catacombs, a seductive and secluded chamber located in the deepest recesses of the venue. With stone sculptures that line the walls, wooden carvings invite closer inspection. Cave-like pillars surround the dance floor, enveloping the dancer with their mystic energy. With 5 couches, a full bar, amazing Martin Audio Sound System and an enclosed DJ both, this room makes a perfect hide away to loose yourself to dance.


Destiny Lounge Located on the lower level next to The Catacombs, the Destiny Lounge is a sophisticated combination of luxury and technology. The décor is set with floor-to-ceiling white vinyl accented with low Italian leather couches. The couches line the room, providing ample seating space for an intimate conversation or Bottle Service for your group of friends. Patrons are surrounded by an LED Halo, which transforms the room on command to any color in the spectrum and programmable to help facilitate the energy of the room. Resembling a spaceage setting, the room has 35 monitors that work off of 9 channels. The monitors along the ceiling perimeter provide visuals to compliment the event or tempo of the room


Sustainable Sushi Restaurant Situated in the heart of Temple Nightclub, KI is a modern take on a tried-and-true Japanese establishment: the venerable izakaya. Owner Paul Hemming designed the space with a balance of futuristic and classic Japanese elements to create an “izakaya of the future” inspired atmosphere. The space is surrounded by LED lit shoji screens, geisha and samurai artwork from UK-based artist Hush, known worldwide for his street-art-style blend of anime-inspired and pop-art images, and local San Francisco artist Micha LeBrun. The LED’s create a full spectrum of different color lighting options

Menu House Cocktails Satori Kissui Vodka, Haamonii Citrus, fresh yuzu, lemongrass-ginger simple syrup, and a sugar rim Lotus Drop

to change the mood of the room. Three large LCD screens are programmed with custom graphics of reinterpreted Japanese art, inspired by wood block printing. In these times of climate change, resource scarcity, and consumer confusion, we must reconsider our behavior. Ki is the izakaya for the 21st Century: comfortable yet chic, delicious yet sustainable and unafraid to challenge the status quo. Through innovation, creativity and the betterment of the planet, KI is the world’s first izakaya that is designed to be conscious of a greater purpose.

Sour Cherry Blossom Haamonii Shochu, fresh cherry puree, balsamic reduction, fresh yuzu The Elan Vital Kissui Vodka, St Germain Elderflower, Muddled Strawberries, Ginger infused Okinawa Sugar Syrup, Fresh Shiso, topped with Nikki-Foo Champagne Float Ki-Jito Haamonii Shochu, Bacardi Silver Rum, lemongrass ginger simple syrup, Canton, Vietnamese mint and cucumber Morning on Fuji Absolut Wild Tea, Plum Wine, St Germaine, Fresh Yuzu Evening Tonglen Suntory 12 yr Whiskey, fresh yuzu, Thai Bail, lemongrass ginger simple syrup, ginger beer

Sushi Bar Real California Roll Seasonal & local fish and vegetables Ki-gari-saba Mackerel and pickled ginger wrapped in a kelp sheet Firestarter Japanese cucumber, avocado, king oyster mushroom, and habanero pepper topped with seared albacore tuna How Weird Spicy albacore tuna, avocado, beets, and tempura bits topped with scallops, serrano peppers, and a sweet peanut sauce Geisha Roll Scallops, spot prawns, asparagus, yuba crust; topped with mango, mascarpone crema, edible flowers Pacific Rim Arctic Char, avocado, smoked sea salt, and seasonal greens, garnished with lime zest and wasabi oil Fish-n-Chips Tempura striped bass, cucumber coleslaw, potato chip crust, dill, and tartar sauce Samurai Roll Deep fried roll stuffed with Dungeness crab, cream cheese, and jalapeno Pink Flamingo Fresh dungeness crab, tempura shrimp, cream cheese, and spicy crema Spicy Spicy sauce sweet

Tuna Crunch tuna with siracha infused tempura bits soy


Photo Essay

4 Pre-Game Drinks The Best drinks to make before you hit the Clubs

Pink Passion 2-oz Peach Schnaps 2-oz Silver Tequila 2 splashes Cranberry Juice 1


splash 7UP

Garnish: lemon twist

Pink Grapefruit Margaritas 1-cup Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice ½-cup fresh squeezed lime juice (4 limes) 1-cup Triple Sec Orange Liqueur 3-cups ice 1-cup Silver Tequilla


1-oz Cherry skyy Vodka速 1-dash Grenadine 速

5-oz 7UP

Dirty Shirley 1. Fill glass with desierd amount of ice 2. Mix together Vodka and sprite in cup 3. Add desired amount of grenadine 4. Finally, garnish it with a cherry or lime


Tic-Tac 2-oz Absolut速 Mandrin Vodka 2-oz Red Bull速 3/4-oz Orange Juice 1. Pour Red Bull into glass 2. Mix orange juice and vodka and put it into a shot glass 3. Drop the shot glass into the Red Bull and chug fast


Drunk personalities you take on

Big Spender

Hot Mess

Workout Junky

Passed Out



of people

of people


You’re just not getting rounds for the table-you are buying shots of Patron for the whole bar.

Crying, laughing, vomiting, passing out in a bathtub, making out with inanimate objects, and evacuating their bladder. Gross!

You are the one that does push ups, sit ups or run because you think you’re fat after drinking.

You’re passed out! You are just simply done!


I’m Fine Bro

Sex Goddess

Needy Infant

You’re drunk friend that admits a whole bunch of shit to you that you wish you didn’t know.

No matter how drunk this person gets you can barely tell, apart from a little extra rosiness in their cheeks.

The person that decides that they want to do anything with anyone anywhere anyhow, right now.

The person that crys over everything! If something spills you cry, if there is a cat and you think its cute, you cry while you pet it.

44 % of People

Empty Promiser

Love Drunk

Heated Ho

Super Man

Some random ass person who is so super friendly that they offer ridiculous things that they probably won’t remember after 5 minutes. The friend or new acquaintance that never lets you know how they feel about you... until alcohol makes its evening debut in their bloodstream. Someone that is most likely a sarcastic jackass in real life who turns into what their sarcasm is covering up in the first place. You think you’re invinsable! You’re jumping off stuff and taking double shots of tequila. Why not! You’re SUPER MAN!

[415] After Dark  

The inside scoop on San Francisco night life! Drinks, clubs, food and much more!