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Stupidity Versus Popularity on YouTube By Amber Alberthie

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and it made you feel really annoyed for the stupidity of the video? Well, I think everyone else has. Some people upload nonsense, irrelevant, downright stupid videos on YouTube just to get popularity. Even if their primary intention is to entertain, some people end up annoyed by their acts and instead of liking their video, they get gibberish, trashy comments from viewers. Let's admit it. People are also drawn to watch videos with stupid titles. However, it is also true that they only click the video out of curiosity and they are actually expecting something really funny and not plain stupid. Some videos that fail to meet this expectations get a lot of harsh and ugly comments. Why do some people enjoy showing themselves being stupid? Is popularity more important to them than embarrassing themselves in front of millions of YouTube viewers? Is the risk really worth it? First of all, there is no rule in Facebook regarding the content of the videos (except for the ones with explicit content). People can post funny, serious, heartwarming, sad and unfortunately, also stupid videos. Time, according to most viewers, is wasted watching these type of videos. It is also sad to know that people are willing to do such antics just to get noticed. These people have to know that there is more to life than YouTube and that they can be popular by not getting themselves embarrassed. Second, technology has brainwashed people that the Internet is the fastest way of becoming popular, most especially on YouTube. Take for example the hit pop sensation Justin Bieber who was discovered in YouTube when he posted homemade videos of himself way back when he was just 12 years old. Another legendary hit was singer-guitarist Marie Digby who is now an uprising star. Who couldn't forget the new lead singer of the band Journey? He is no other than Arnel Pineda who was also discovered on YouTube and is now on top of his career with his new band. The internet has indeed made many extraordinary people popular. However, people have to realize that being extraordinarily talented is more accepted than being extraordinarily stupid. Third, some people can't sing, dance or act well. I intended using the word "well" because I believe that everybody can do those three things but not as good as other people. That is why people are motivated to do other things instead, such as being stupid. They can try to offer a joke that is not really funny but violent. They upload irrelevant videos that are not really worth watching by other people and should rather be a personal copy. Because they think they couldn't level to talented artists, they try to make their own stupid identities. While some people frown over stupid videos, people who have posted them somehow feel happy with the number of views. Some people risk doing crazy antics just to get popular, and that really takes a great deal of bravery to embarrass yourself. Some non-violent videos are okay, but those violent ones really make viewers sick. I personally think that being violent is not funny, and not just stupid but inhumane! People can be stupid once in a while in videos and have that freedom in uploading them, but they just have to make sure that they are aware of what they are doing. They should also avoid hurting people in the process and they should be aware of the possible consequences of their actions. Next, go to now and see more. Article Source:

Stupidity Versus Popularity on YouTube  

Next, go to now and see more. Article Source: By Amber...

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