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Wedding dress trends every bride needs to know about right now




Cakes, ceremony backdrops, trends, all the must haves for a perfect wedding



KENYAN Wedding

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will it rain on your chosen wedding day?


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SMALL BUDGET? The savvy brides guide to getting more for less

BROKE THE BANK Broke Girls Guide To Being ABridesmaid


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From the Editor

64. For richer or poorer’ starts when planning

11. Dreams Dress?, Weve Got

Them -Wedding Dress Trends Every Bride

66. Big Dreams, Small Budget?

Needs To Know A Bout Right Now

The Wedding

– The Savvy Brides Guide To

10. Viva La Feedback

Getting More For Less

48. Bride to Bride

70. Real Or Rip Off- We Investigate The Cost

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A beautiful Bouquet


39. Ceremony Backdrops

72. First Nights

82. International Honeymoon destination

What’s happening, What’s Stylish

52. Your Wedding Answers


44. Finishing Touches- Cakes,

87. Local Real Life wedding

Trends, All The Must Haves For A Perfect

Kemunto & Moses


88. International Real Life Wedding


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62. The Hen That Broke The

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We’ve got hundreds of gorgeous ideas for you!

On The Evensis Stand at the Samanthas Bridal Expo Photos: Aquatronics ltd


f you are like most brides, you are collecting ideas. You are

dresses, shoes etc. You know you will find the perfect look. Plus we

picking and choosing your favourite ones, weighing each shiny

offer beauty products and even amazing honeymoon lingerie for each

idea in the palm of your hand, considering how it will match

of those styles.

with the rest of your collection of wedding wonders. This issue is for

Go to

you Jam-packed with ideas for everyone

Catherine Masitsa

The real fun of course starts when you put it all together in your own

E A S T A F R I C A’ S N O. 1 S E L L I N G B R I DA L M A G A Z I N E Issue 28, Ksh. 750

unmissable way. To help you with that project we assembled the best ideas for different reception stlyes inspired from the Samanthas Bridal wedding fair, stick with one theme or mix and match to create your own style



And speaking of style no matter what yours is, We’ve got you covered,


Wedding dress trends every bride needs to know about right now




Cakes, ceremony backdrops, trends, all the must haves for a perfect wedding



KENYAN Wedding

Photos: Digital Eye Photography

Its All About




will it rain on your chosen wedding day?



The Hen That

SMALL BUDGET? The savvy brides guide to getting more for less

BROKE THE BANK Broke Girls Guide To Being ABridesmaid ON THE COVER Flower bouquet :by Catherine Nambisia of Classic functions. Gown: Laurell Bridal 0721344542 Make-up: Lorna Mutegi 0726141306 Photo: David Macharia. Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:




They say that other than the bride

Chief designer at Ogake bridals and

and her wedding dress, the only

a fashion lecturer, Ogake Mosomi has

other centerpiece that competes

managed to build a distinct Kenyan

and may even outshine the bride

brand that provides a meeting point

on her big day is the wedding cake.

for both personal taste and unique

Beatrice Kagondu, the director of

global trends. Are you a creative bride,

Sweet Inspirations whose greatest

who is into originality and desires to

achievement has been to make

participate in the designing of your

the celebration cake for the New

gown? Ogake gives us a feel of her

Republic of South Sudan in 2010,

creative self by informing brides on

takes us through the 2017 wedding

what a custom made gown is all about

cake trends in Kenya.

and the latest trends in 2017 in the wedding industry. RAHAB KABIRU


Raha Divine Bridal is a distinct Kenyan

Mwangi Macharia is the proprietor of



brand that provides elegant gowns


and accessories for both weddings and

is a unique team of professional photographers


various occasions. The brand, which


is named after the brand designer

Mwangi Macharia has contributed

and owner, Ms. Rahab Kabiru was

immensly to the photography industry.

established with a vision of providing

His unique and proffessional talent in

masterfully tailored gowns from various

photography is evident throughout

designers from around the world and

this Magazine. He loves Adventure,

making them available to your everyday

Travelling and Reading inspirational

bride right here in Kenya. Raha Divine


Bridal provided the gowns for this issue’s fashion spread. DENNIS NG’ANG’A With a photography entity by the name Digital Eye, you shall never regret making an appointment with Dennis! He has great experience in photography. His great work is evident in this magazine. Away from the lens, Dennis adores his family and loves travelling for adventure as well as enjoying a good swim with his three children. Now thats adorable!

MARION OBURA In our main feature, Marion Obura of Majestic Events, demystifies the concept ‘bridal price,’ and helps us understand whether weddings costs are real or a rip off. Have you ever wondered why the cost of weddings is higher than any other event? Well, Marion takes us through the various reasons why vendors apparently opt to mark up their prices when it comes to this special event. In addition to that, she shares, from her experience as a bridesmaid, helpful tips on how to handle being a bridesmaid when you are broke.

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our bridal bouquet is a once in a lifetime accessory. Where else do you get to carry a beautiful bunch of flowers

designed especially for you, all day long?! there are lots of questions to consider: What flowers should you include in your bouquet? What colours/shapes work best with your dress? How big should your bouquet be? And how on Earth are you supposed to hold your bouquet?!

Credits : Model is holding Fragrant and fluffy bouquet by Catherine Nambisia of Classic functions. Gown: Laurell Bridal 0721344542 Make-up: Lorna Mutegi 0726141306 Photo: David Macharia.


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A beautiful Bouquet

is every bride’s dream and will

make a great catch for another lucky girl when you throw it

Here are 10 tips for hoosing & making the most of your Bridal Bouquet

1. Try to choose your wedding dress before your

personal meaning to either you or another family

flowers. The design of your bouquet is completely

member. If you have a family heirloom such as an

9. Make it picture perfect

dependent on the style, shape and detail of your

antique brooch, a lace hanky or something else to

Bouquets photograph particularly well in baths,


work into your something old, new, borrowed and

propped up in pretty chairs or placing it to the side

blue, ask your florist to add it into the top of the

of your wedding cake.


Consider the shape and size of your bouquet

hunch your shoulders or stand lop sided.

carefully. The key to bouquet design is that it doesn’t



drown you, hide the beautiful details and silhouette

Brooches in particular look fantastic and are a lovely

the evening -by cutting an inch of the stems and

of the dress or unbalance the line.

way to finish off the handle.

popping it into water. Perhaps a job for your mum

of your wedding.

below your hip, slightly away from your dress, so

Enjoy your beautiful bouquet and remember you

Consider the exact colour of your wedding

that you can see the silhouette of your dress. This

don’t have to toss it, you could always preserve it!

dress and that of your bridal party. You can have

will relax and open your shoulders, improving

Have you chosen your bouquet yet?

spare material from your bridal party dresses that

your posture and creating the best pose for your

What flowers are you having? Are you incorporating

your florist can use to wrap around the stems of

photographer! Holding with both hands is a no! no!

any personal touches into your bouquet?

your bouquet for perfect match.

and does no good for your posture

Follow samanthasbridal

3. Find out what flowers are available at the time 6. Hold your bouquet properly- in one hand and 4.

5. Make it personal

7. Choose a comfortable bouquet (you will be

Try to incorporate flowers that might have a

holding it all day, after all!)- too big will make you

Keep your bouquet looking fresh into

or friend.


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we wanna be part of it

ON FACEBOOK COLOURED GOWN What are your thoughts about a colored gown? Joy Kihurani: Yes,but only if it’s a pale colour Likes 2

Have your say on Mirriam Sarah: Never! Likes 2 Ruth Kim: White is best. Coloured gowns; maybe when renewing vows. Likes 2 Joan M Ndirangu: It would look weird.....white is the best..... Likes 2 Linda Boiyo: I would want a colored gown but it’s not my decision to make Likes 2 Susanne Okonya: No! Coloured gowns look good on bridesmaids only.

Judy N Muiruri: Pure blue would be beautiful Likes 1

Pauline Gitau: I would invite them, whether they are good or bad, they are still your parents. Winfred Sweetie I wouldn’t invite them if they decided not to care when I was growing up. Why should I invite them now when I got someone who cares? Likes 2 Matha James: Yes I would invite them. My parents are a very important part of my wedding .Likes 2

Ann Mugure: parents are parents no matter what has happened Likes 2

Donnah Adhiambo: Every colour has its meaning. White and cream are better Likes 2

Gracia Wanjiku Kinyanjui: The bible says honor your father and mother so that it may be well with you. So yes, I would invite them. However, it would be up to them to show up or not. Likes 2 Wambui W Carlyne: I would invite them but the decision whether to attend or not would be up to them. Likes 2 Mimo Mwangi: I’ll invite them, they are my parents and only God will judge them for abandoning me.Likes 2 Mauricious M Mwende: Why should I invite them? Reality Mokoena Yes, I would invite them so that I can be blessed Likes 2 Kagz Cherry: Yes I would. The Bible commands us to honour our parents.The only commandment with a promise for long life. Absentee or not .The judgment I leave to God.Likes 2

Photo: Digital eye

Write to us: Post your comments on our Facebook page: Samantha Bridal Follow us on Twitter: @samanthasbridal And we may publish them in our next issue. 10

Josphine Wekesa: yes. Parents are a very big blessing on this special day. I would still forgive , invite and honour them in my big day again and again. Likes 2

Michy Torez Macquire: Yes I would because parents are a blessing. Likes 2

Thomas Mwangangi: No! Always white Likes 6

Sylvia Kisiangani: White dresses were not common until recently. In fact, in medieval times there were no white wedding dresses. For example, Maasai’s, their colour is red while Muslims prefer green even to date because it has special meaning. White wedding dresses first became popular in the Victorian era after Queen Victoria wore a white lace dress at her wedding. Brides before Victoria did not typically wear white, instead choosing heavy brocaded gowns, embroidered with white and silver thread. Red was a particularly popular colour in Western Europe. European and American brides had been wearing a plethora of colours, including blue, yellow, and practical colours like black, brown, or gray. Because of the limitations of laundering techniques, white dresses provided an opportunity for conspicuous consumption. They were favored primarily as a way to show the world that the bride’s family was so wealthy and so firmly part of the leisure class that the bride would choose an elaborate dress that could be ruined by any sort of work or spill. In fact black wedding dresses were the most popular. Likes 2

Would you invite your absentee parent to your wedding?

Lucy Njeri: Of course I would because whether present or absent, they remain my parent and there is no substitute for a parent. They are to be respected no matter what.Likes 2 Lucy Wasilwa: Never ever! Where were they when I needed them the most? Likes 2

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erhaps you are a bride, who is creative,

pattern for their gowns. “You buy the dress as it is

you have a very specific dress in mind,

because they buy fabric from factories in tens and

one that you cannot find in any bridal

thousand of meters. Of course it’s going to be much

shop, or maybe, for once in your life, you

cheaper if you buy a ready made wedding dress,”

desire to have a wedding dress made specifically for

adds Ogake. When you are buying a custom made

you. Well, whatever your reason maybe, the perfect

gown, everything is done specifically for you hence

gown for you would be a custom made gown.

it will be expensive as the designers make it to be at

A custom-made wedding dress is one, which is

per with other high-end designs.

made for an individual order and is, essentially, a

Another misconception that people have on local

one-of-a-kind gown sewn from scratch. During our

custom made gowns is that they are of low quality.

grandparents’ time, it was common to see brides

Yes, it’s true that some local designers produce

in handmade clothing. Brides would either have

substandard stuff but a lot of upcoming designers

their gowns home-stitched or bought from a local

are putting their best foot to ensure that they are at

seamstress. To many, a custom made gown may

per with what is happening internationally fashion

look like an unobtainable luxury, the preserve of the

wise. “Our quality is just as good if not better than

people with money, one designed for an extravagant

the ready made dresses you buy in the shops. We

brides who won’t mind going beyond their means

take a lot of time to make sure that the quality of

once in a while. The truth is that custom made

trims is great; the quality of linings, and the fabric,

gowns may be slightly expensive as the designer has

finishing everything is quality. We put a lot of effort

to buy the fabric by the meter, sometimes take your

into that,” says Ogake.

measurement and cut the dress to specifically fit

The biggest challenge in Kenya as far as the custom

you. “This means that it takes a lot more time fitting

made gowns are concerned is the fabric. However,

the dress to meet the client’s taste, making them

most local designers do a lot of improvisation to

slightly expensive,” notes Ogake Mosomi, fashion

make their clients get exactly what they request.

lecturer and designer specializing in custom made

“There is a lot of improvisation when it comes

bridal wear.

to detail work. Even though, a lot of materials

On the other hand, if you opt to buy a ready to

found locally may not be high end, they can be

wear gown, you buy dresses from big companies,

incorporated in different ways to make your gown

which have done research for years and have a

really beautiful,” says Ogake. However, some

Ogake designers go an extra mile to travel abroad to broaden their perspective and buy materials that they can’t find locally. “I went to China and it just gave me a really good idea on what’s available. It widened my perspective for sure. I bought lots of many things, which are unique, as we are not just using what is locally available,” says Ogake. The Internet has also been a great resource for local designers and some also find the amazon as a great resource. “Things like crystals, fabric paints, specific brushes cannot be found in store locally but one can order them online and get them shipped which eases our work as designers,” says Ogake. Aside from that, designers also do a lot of research on the Internet and read lots of books. Fashion designer Ogake, who studied in the prestigious London School of Fashion and interned with the renown Jenny Parkam, admits that she too, once in a while does her research from the internet to improve her craft and learn different designs. “We learn a lot about couture techniques and hand finishing techniques from You Tube where we get tutorials

Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:


FASHION to do different things, which we incorporate into our work. Even beadwork styles, we’ve had to learn through YouTube. I bought the needles and we practiced and learnt. We can produce anything you desire as long as you are willing to pay for it,” she says. If you are a confused and haven’t settled on whether to go for a custom made gown or a ready made one, there are certain things that you can use to assess which type of gown suits you. For starters, if you are one of those brides who struggles with process and your mind is not able to wrap itself around the whole idea of how your dress is going to go through ten processes before you see the final product then a ready made dress will suit you. “The one thing that a custom gown requires is patience,” advises Ogake. “Your first and second fitting can be so scary because the dress may not be as detailed as you imagine it to be. It’s almost like a shell,” she adds However, if you are one of those people who are into originality, maybe you have a creative side that you don’t explore quite often then a custom made dress will be perfect for you. You get to participate in the designing of your dress and also in it’s outcome. “For instance, if you like red flowers and you desire to see them on your gown, you can get to see that desire come to life upon request. It’s a very participatory process as opposed to static,” adds Ogake. When it comes to budget, one can have a simple made custom-made gown that is not very expensive. “It’s almost like in real estate, some people are really good at buying things off plan or some go to a development that is on going. Others just want to see the final product,” says Catherine, Chief Editor of the Samantha’s Bridal magazine. Most gowns, whether custom or ready made, are influenced by the red carpet, which has, over the years, become a bit more advanced. Most designers are making sure that they are in tune with what’s trendy as most people look up to celebrities for what they are going to wear. According to Ogake, bridal trends presently, tend to be a little bit more classy and safe but borrow detailing from the red carpet. This makes most designers in the wedding industry take red carpet designs more seriously. Ogake believes that the biggest trends this year will be: 1. Floral: Not just floral in terms of color and paintings and all but there’s a 3D effect where the flowers are sort of raised and one can feel their


texture. “It’s been on for about 3 or 4 years, but

go by yourself, buy different clothes, see how you

this is the time when it is trickling down into main

look without the influence of others. Even though

stream bridal,” notes Ogake.

your family and friends love you and mean well they

2. Off shoulder: These are timeless, sensual and

may actually influence your feelings on your choice

sophisticated gowns that designers are currently

of gown. “ I see brides getting agitated because

featuring in their collection. One thing about the

their friends disliked their choice of dress, or their

trend is that while it looks amazing on pictures, one

mums said that they looked awful. If mermaid is

may need to go to the gym and tone down a little

your dream gown, wear it because at the end of the

but if you really want to go for it. Secondly, African

day, those wedding photos will be for you and your

weddings involve a lot of dancing and moving up

husband so you are the best person to pick your

and down which will make you uncomfortable. “If

wedding gown,” advices Ogake.

you are going to wear off shoulder you need to be

Above all, you should not be afraid to dream and

aware of that your movements need to be a little bit

try out a custom made gown. The advantage that a

controlled. You will be beautiful but won’t do star

custom made gown will have over the off the rack

jumps,” warns Ogake.

is that sometimes a style which will not fit you can

3. Convertible dresses: The convertible dress

be customized to fit your body. “So if you feel like

design can be wrapped in many different styles to

you desire to wear a custom made gown but don’t

flatter all sizes and body types. The top is a body

have the right body shape, a designer can make it

suit and the bottom can be made into 2 or 3

in such a way that it works for you. Of course, we’ll

different skirts. “ This means that you can change

make sure you don’t look ridiculous in the process,”

your look without necessarily breaking your bank,”

advises Ogake.

recommends Ogake. Apart from that, you can also

Your wedding dress is so personal; make sure that by

do overlays that are detachable in bits and pieces.

the end of it all, it’s something that you love. Don’t

You will be able to attain a classy look that is quite

compromise because of price. “I know you are


limited by the budget and you have to be realistic

Before going to a designer to buy a ready made

but dream first. Let your designer help you scale

gown or share your ideas on what custom made

down your idea to bring out something that you

gown you would like designed for you, there are a

really dream about,” says Ogake. It’s that one day in

few mistakes that you should avoid:

your life that you have to be over the top, absolutely

You are the only person who knows the kind of

elegant and all eyes are on you so get something that

wedding gown that you want to wear. Hence, make

really makes you happy.

sure you have a concrete idea first before involving

For more details on this and other interviews, visit

other people on your first visit to a bridal shop. If

the Samantha’s Bridal Inspirational You Tube

you are going shopping, at least during the first trip


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Trend (Off the) Shoulder Details




Photo: Digital Eye





o and brush your shoulder off and get ready to bare! The off-the-shoulder trend, which is literally everywhere, has finally

trickled its way down to the bridal world. Bridal collections were filled with off-the-shoulder dresses in every style imaginable, from flirty, Coachellainspired gowns to sleek, form-fitting frocks designed to frame the décolletage. Other updates on the trend include embroidered illusion necklines, capes with 3-D detailing, and sleeves with peekaboo slits.

Trend Long Sleeves



Photo: Digital Eye



SLEEVES. t may be more than five years since Kate Middleton tied the knot, but the effect of her beautiful Alexander McQueen wedding dress, most notably the sleeves, is still making waves today. For 2017, bridal designers have brought this wedding trend to the next level by arming their collections with sleeves of all styles and textures. Designers such as Jenny Packham introduced this wedding dress trend through glamorous boho bridal gowns, while other bridal brands, like Lazaro and Amsale, embraced the sleeves trend through the use of lace. From wrist-length sleeves to elbowgrazing fringe, sleeves have never looked more chic. There’s nothing quite like the romance and drama of a statement sleeve and vintage charm all with a dose of dramatic glamour!


Trend Deep V. Necklines



Deep V-neck styles were seen at almost every presentation




Trend 3-D Embellishmensts 3-D Embellishments

Three-dimensional details have the ability to transform a wedding dress into a work of art. We are now seeing an explosion of texture by way of beading, appliqués, feathers etc.

Photo: Digital Eye




Trend Touch of colour





Photo: Digital Eye


PASTEL (PINK AND BLUE) ncorporating colour into bridal style is not a new trend, but what is new is an explosion of pastel colours ranging from delicate ombré effects in skirting to all-over soft shades and pastel detailing. We love this trend for the bride who wants something just a little bit different. To nail this trend, consider gowns in soft shades of blue, pink or lilac, mint, blush, baby blue and even hints of lavender, pastels. But blues, and a watercolor-esque combination of pinks and blues, are the true new trend—and a convenient one at that for brides in search of “something blue.”

Trend Head-To-Toe Lace





HEAD-TO-TOE LACE ace is a mainstay of bridal for a reason: The fabric is feminine and elegant and can come across as both conservative and va-va-voom. But when used for the length of the dress, the effects are amplified, bringing the bride to a whole other level of grandness. We love how these looks make lace, with all its vintage connotations feel fresh.



Trend Fringe And Feathers



FRINGE AND FEATHERS e love a bit of whimsy in a wedding dress. Soft feathers and fringe as bridal embellishments look light as air and give gowns a glamorous quality reminiscent of Art Deco days gone by. These fringed and feathered styles seem to float out of the heavens and onto the aisle.

Trend Seperates/Two Pieces



SEPERATES t’s official: Separates are here to stay. Whether sets of skirts and crop tops or pants and blouses, the nontraditional wedding look is sure to make you stand out on your big day.



Photo: Digital Eye


Trend Pants and Jumpsuits


PANTS AND JUMPSUITS s there anything cooler (or more comfortable) than wearing a chic, tailored suit for your wedding? We think not. Just because you are a bride, it does not mean you have to wear a wedding dress. Designers are

expanding their wedding dress collections to include pants and jumpsuits—and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. This daring bridal suits pair professional minimalism with playful, surprising details such as ruffles and sequins.



Trend Lingerie Inspired Gowns





Photo: Digital Eye





sweet, lingerie elements have broken out of the boudoir and into bridal. Think corset

bodices, slinky slip dresses, oh-sosheer fabrics, plunging necklines, and


dangerously high slits à la Angelina Jolie.

Trend Capes and Capelets (Toppers) CAPES AND CAPELETS (TOPPERS)


oppers are making their mark in the form of caplets, bomber jackets, boleros, and ponchos. After the Tiara the cape and the capelet is the most regal bridal

accessory. The Victorian piece is back and better than ever offering an extra bit of coverage. Wedding dresses with capes are dress!



the perfect way to get that two-in-one look with just one gorgeous



Photography by David Macharia.

White chiffon sheath, assymetric one Shoulder gown with diamante details on the bodice. by Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324 Make-up: Lorna Mutegi: +254 726141306 Shoot on location: Hill Park Amare Tiwi Beach Resort Jewellery: Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324 24

Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:


Photography by David Macharia.

Off white One-shoulder empire waist chiffon gown with diamante detail by Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324 Shoot on location: Hill Park Amare Tiwi Beach Resort: Make-up: Lorna Mutegi: +254 726141306 Jewellery: Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324

Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:



Photography by David Macharia.

Gown by Laurell Bridal: +254 721344542 Make-up: Lorna Mutegi: +254 726141306 Shoot on location: Hill Park Amare Tiwi Beach Resort Jewellery: Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324 26

Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:


Photography by David Macharia.

Gown by Laurell Bridal: +254 721344542 Make-up: Lorna Mutegi: +254 726141306 Groom by Big Boss Shoot on location: Hill Park Amare Tiwi Beach Resort Jewellery: Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324 Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:


Photography by David Macharia.

Gown by Laurell Bridal: +254 721344542 ThisMake-up: Page andLorna NextMutegi: +254 726141306 Strapless silk Hill dressPark withAmare attached sash and a ruffled bottom Shoot ruched on location: Tiwidiamante Beach Resort by Raha Divine Bridal: Jewellery: Raha Divine+254 Bridal:719534324 +254 719534324

Shoot on location: Cottage 7 Balcony stairway, Karen Country Lodge Jewellery: Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324 28

Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:

Photo: David Macharia.

Gown by Laurell Bridal: +254 721344542 Make-up: Lorna Mutegi: +254 726141306 Groom by Big Boss Shoot on location: Hill Park Amare Tiwi Beach Resort Jewellery: Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324

Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:


Photography by David Macharia.


Elegant White laced high neck halter with beaded necklaces and scattered diamante mermaid gown. by Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324 Make-up: Lorna Mutegi: +254 726141306 Groom by Big Boss Shoot on location: Hill Park Amare Tiwi Beach Resort Jewellery: Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324 Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:

Photography by David Macharia.

White sweetheart organza corseted High low pick up gown with U basque lower waist shape with faceted details on the Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324 Make-up: Lorna Mutegi: +254 726141306 Groom by Big Boss Shoot on location: Hill Park Amare Tiwi Beach Resort Jewellery: Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324

Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:


Photography by David Macharia.

Its a two- piece, backless, lace sheath gown with detachable tulle overskirt. Crystal, beading and appliqué detailing. Price Available on request from Ogake Bridal. 0732219292 or email info@ogakemosomi/ for inquiries. Make-up: Lorna Mutegi: +254 726141306 Groom by Big Boss Shoot on location: Hill Park Amare Tiwi Beach Resort Jewellery: Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324 32

Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:

Photography by David Macharia.

Gown by Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324 Groom by Big Boss Make-up: Lorna Mutegi: +254 726141306 Shoot on location: Hill Park Amare Tiwi Beach Resort Jewellery: Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324

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Photography by David Macharia.

Groom by Big Boss Make-up: Lorna Mutegi: +254 726141306 Shoot on location: Hill Park Amare Tiwi Beach Resort


Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:

Photography by David Macharia.

Groom by Big Boss Make-up: Lorna Mutegi: +254 726141306 Shoot on location: Hill Park Amare Tiwi Beach Resort Jewellery: Raha Divine Bridal: +254 719534324 Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:









one course.

Is for those who want to add design to their existing skills. It covers all elements of designing an event. A professional event designer knows that every event is an experience meant to be

This course is perfect for those who want to acquire skills to plan, manage and produce all types of events and special occasions for a living. From weddings, showers

remembered and that the best events provide an experience that awakens a guest’s emotions through the thoughtful and creative process of design. A professional event designer also knows that an event will only last a few hours and it

and christenings, to conferences, meetings, sporting, charity and pop-up events, to

is the artistic talent and creative inspiration that allows a professional event designer to

festivals, product launches and fashion shows.

create an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

This course is perfect if you are looking to start your own business but focus on the

We cover all elements of designing an event and teach you to pay attention to the

planning aspect of all different types of events. It is also good for those already in the

details that take an event from being good, to exceptional.

business but want to further their knowledge.

Students on this course typically have experience in either wedding or event planning

It Covers all elements of planning weddings, festivals, conferences, pop-up events. The last two sections are dedicated to marketing, finance , starting and running a

and want to learn the design aspect so they can give their client a full experience. It allows them to not only plan the elements but design the overall concept using tools such as inspiration boards, design software and much more.

successful business in the wedding and event industry.

It also includes learning on how to create and present design concepts (which includes

The business units will ensure you can hit the ground running upon successful completion of your course.

training 3D EVENT DESIGNER SOFTWARE plus The formula for designing the Emotional Event Experience (E3).

Choose this course if you would like to;

This is followed by business units on How to prepare a bid , including scope of work

Launch a wedding and event business

project pricing, research, and cost analysis pricing formulas , Where to find design

Offer your clients wedding & event planning services

resources and establish vendor partnerships including how to launch , market a

Enhance your employment opportunities

business and how to sell your design services

Grow your market share in both the wedding and event industry

Choose this course if you would like to;

Graduate with a Portfolio of work to show potential clients and


Maximize your income potential

Be a wedding & event planning professional

Combine a love of organization, planning and attention to detail.

Develop your creativity in the field of event design

Offer your clients a full service that combines planning and design

Enhance your career prospects

Focus your event career in the area of design, over planning

Students may choose to do the full program, which includes both the design and Planning components, or students can take the design component only, to achieve an

The average completion time for this course is 6 months, but you will have up to 1

Accredited Event Designer.

year to finish your course with the support of your own dedicated Tutor.

You will be fully supported throughout your studies by our experienced Tutors.

Upon graduation you will receive an industry and nationally recognized qualification as an Accreited

Upon graduation, you will receive your certificate and designation as an Accredited Wedding & Event

Wedding & Event Planner.




WMBA Excellence Distinction Achievement






Excellence Distinction Achievement

Accredited special event & wedding stylist designer master course.




If you have a passion for both wedding and event planning, you only need to do this

This course combines the learning’s of our Wedding Planning & Event Planning








Excellence Distinction Achievement









Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:









Excellence Distinction Achievement


Excellence Distinction Achievement














This is the course for those who want to combine planning elements of a wedding The Wedding Venue Coordination course is perfect for venues who are looking to train their staff accordingly and for those interested in career as wedding venue coordinators. The role of a wedding venue coordinator is such a varied role and they have to wear many hats. As more and more venues enter the wedding market it is important that your staff are fully trained and can sell your venue to its full potential. We will prepare your staff for all eventualities by teaching them about, planning and producing weddings, working with bridal couples, selling and marketing a wedding venue, planning a social media strategy and understanding the requirements of the

with their love of design. It combines course I and course III. By taking this course, you will gain the skills and knowledge to be able to plan, manage and design weddings. We will also teach you how to launch and manage your own Wedding business.This course takes you into the exciting world of wedding design.

If you are excited by colour, florals, décor & lighting and want to learn how to develop concepts, create inspiration boards and use design software to excite your clients, you

modern couple.

have found your perfect course.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in a career as wedding coordinator working within a

It covers all elements of design including applying color, special effects, lighting and

venue then this course will help you to understand the demands of the modern bridal

decor, as well as learning those crucial planning skills required to fully understand

couple from both a planning and marketing perspective.

your client’s wedding.

We will prepare you for all of your responsibilities by teaching you about, planning and

You will learn not only how to plan the elements of a wedding but design the overall

producing weddings and selling and marketing a wedding venue.

concept using tools such as inspiration boards, design software and much more.

A Venue Coordinator’s role is challenging yet fun and rewarding and now you can give

The last two units are dedicated business units. You will learn how to start and run a

yourself the competitive advantage when it comes to gaining one of these highly sort

successful business in the wedding industry including all aspects of marketing. These

after roles.

units will ensure you can hit the ground running upon successful completion of your

If you have your own venue and want to learn more about how to market and sell your venue and deliver exceptional experiences to your clients, this course is ideal for you too. Choose this course if you are: A new brand new wedding venue looking to train staff Looking to work within a venue as a Wedding Coordinator

course. Choose this course if you would like to;

Launch a wedding business

Offer your clients planning & design services

Enhance your employment opportunities

Grow your market share by being able to plan and design weddings &

A venue looking to train new staff

A venue experienced in events but looking to break into the wedding market

A wedding venue looking to update their teams knowledge

other social celebrations

Grow the confidence of the wedding venue coordinator

Graduate with a Portfolio of work to show potential clients and employers

Professional development for the wedding venue coordinator

Maximize your income potential

Recognized qualification for the wedding venue coordinator

Be a wedding planning, styling and design professional

Fully trained staff for the wedding venue

Combine a love of organization, planning and attention to detail with the

Retention of staff for the wedding venue

creativity of wedding design.

Potential increase in sales for the wedding venue

Upon graduation you will receive an industry wide, nationally recognized qualification as an

Good marketing for the wedding venue

Accredited Wedding Planner, Stylist and Designer

Upon graduation you will receive an industry, nationally & internationally recognized qualification as a







Excellence Distinction Achievement






Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:


Wedding venue coordinator

Shopping heaven

CeremonyBackdrops What’s new, What’s happening and What’s stylish

Photography by David Macharia.






curtain along the back, and gather with lace

A wedding backdrop that frames rather than

Drape sheer curtains/fabric over a shaded


hides a venue’s beautiful surrounds! This giant

tree for a simple yet beautiful wedding cere-


pink and purple floral wreath is what dreams

mony backdrop! LOVE this! Its is a gorgeous

Not just a Led Zeppelin song title, but an apt

are made of ! There are so many beautiful ad-

way to add texture and pattern

description of this creation from evensis ven-

jectives that could be used to describe this set-


tures, which takes a common feature of a

up. Colourful, vibrant, eye-catching, gorgeous,

You can also create your own shabby chic arch

garden ceremony and turns it into a gorgeous

indulgent, decadent and one-of-a-kind. But, at

structure and then paint it white or blush. Find

backdrop with elements such as candles , vases

the end of the day, the one that suits it best is

a vintage chandelier with plenty of crystals for

and mirrors. Simple and elegant.

simply this: blooming beautiful.

the light to shine through. Finish with a sheer


Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:








The great poets always describe love – and re-

We know a lot of ceremonies are held mid

Bright eyes, bright smiles and a bright blue sky

lationships – as a living and breathing entity

afternoon, but for a set-up this beautiful, we’d

call for bright colours. And the beauty of a

that require the same care as you would put

happily wait for the sun to set. It perfectly

geometric print is that it allows you to feature

into a garden. So why not reinforce the mes-

echoes why it is that romance writers always

favourite shades that mightn’t ordinarily go to-

sage with a gorgeous green wall to backdrop

say that candlelight is perfect for all matters

gether, like salmon and Tiffany Blue. It is, quite

the pledge to have and to hold.

of the heart.

literally, picture perfect.

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Most couples make it a point not to see each other few days or hours before the ceremony on the Big Day. Brides especially go to a great extend also to ensure the groom does not see the wedding dress either before the big day. So, “the moment” they see each other at the altar is extremely special. But what exactly is going on in the groom’s head during that nerve-wracking, emotional moment? This question was posed to the grooms on our show.What did you think when you first saw your bride?” Dozens of grooms revealed what they were thinking when their brides appeared at the end of the aisle. Here are some of their responses

Kemunto & Moses Moses: Looking into both parents eyes and this is their daughter who there’ve raised all this years, that was really beautiful. I felt more of they trusted me which was an honour also the weight of the responsibility I felt it at that moment because they did a phenomenal job raising her and letting her and putting their trust on this Young man was something very special. My heart was racing.

1. “Holy shit, this is happening for real, man.” “Good God she’s beautiful, how did I wind up getting this lucky?” “Wait, is her dad crying? I hope those are tears of joy... Oh, God, does he secretly hate me? Does he think we’re making a mistake? Please don’t let him say anything during the ceremony...” “Ok, now she’s here, hold her hand, don’t get sweaty... dammit, palms, stop sweating!” Mike 2. She was the only thing that I saw until we turned to walk back down the aisle together as a married couple. She was beautiful. I knew at that moment that I was the luckiest man alive. Elijah

JB’Masinde Son in law

3. I literally couldn’t think. I just stared in complete awe and tried (read:


failed) not to cry like a baby. Patrick

I was like O.K. of all the others who

looked like they had some potential

4. It’s mostly a haze for the first few minutes but I distinctly remember

so this is it,am not going back but of

thinking that I’m smiling like an idiot and I’m supposed to say something

course who else could it be if not her.

to her parents but all I can think of is how beautiful she looks. Joseph

Rhodah & Tony

Tony:I was just dazed she was really looking beautiful. I can say she was amazing everything fitted in perfectly. I think the people who did the hair, the make-up it was just perfect. for me I couldn’t wait for her to come to my side so that we can start so I was just anxiously waiting for the procession to start.

5. I looked at her and just said out loud, “She’s beautiful.” The second I saw her, the nervousness was gone. The anxiety was gone. I was ready and I could not have been happier. Kevin 6. “There’s my best friend, and the woman I’m spending the rest of my life with.” Followed by... “Oh, no. Don’t cry. If you cry, I’m gonna cry. Keep it together. Phew. Good girl.”


7. “How did I fool her into marrying me?” Followed by: “Alright, walk a little quicker now. I want to get this over with”. Nothing, not one single damn thing, could have ruined that moment

Diana & Kevin

for me. My first thought? “This is really happening, and it’s perfect.”

Kevin: The first thing I told her was that

Jadiel 8. I just really needed to pee to be honest. George

she looked very beautiful, I was amazed

and for me its finally happening you know….


9. My exact thoughts were “my god she looks like a movie star.” My second thoughts were “oh god she’s going to fall down that dress seems too long” Francis

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A Romantic Honeymoon Experience

A Romantic Honeymoon Experience

P.o box 51 - 80404, Msambweni, Kenya Tel: +254 (0) 20 357 70 93 Mobile: (0) 72369 7346 P.o box+254 51 - 80404, Msambweni, Kenya Email: Tel: +254 (0) 20 357 70 93 Mobile: +254 (0) 72369 7346



HAPPY Endings Desserts Tables




sweet or if you choose not to have a

than the bride and her

wedding cake at all. “Everyone can

wedding dress, the only

get a dessert during food or during the

other centerpiece that

cake cutting session or later on after the

on high table for large weddings or all

competes and may even outshine the

food is served,” says Agnes Mwangi,

the guests can be served with desserts

bride on her big day is the wedding

of “They can be desserts

in cards only affairs,” she adds.




cake. It is one of the first meals that you share with your groom and your guests that’s why it has to be a sight to behold. Beatrice Kagondu, director of Sweet Inspiration who has been in the baking industry for 7 years shares with us the 2017 wedding cake trends in Kenya . Desserts





complement to your wedding cake. They showcasing a couple’s favorite make their big day extra

Photo: Digital Eye

Agnes K. Mumbi, Manager,




Black White 46

Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:


Beatrice Kagondu,

Director of Sweet Inspiration


lack cakes while it’s still considered unconventional, black cakes still look wow as their lighter counterparts. “If you choose to have a black cake, prepare your family first that the cake will be black

with a pop of another color”, warns Beatrice.


he Naked cake is a cake, which forgoes the butter cream layer so that the texture of the

cake and color are put on show. With it, you get to show off what’s inside the cake. “I have brides who don’t like icing. We’ll only tort the cake but there is no icing. You just decorate it with either flowers or berries, says Beatrice. A light coating towards the outside can be added to prevent the cake from hardening.

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BRIDE to BRIDE Recommendations


id You Know? Some of our best advice comes from other brides who have



similar concerns and challenges when planning for their big day. If you have something you would like to share, please send an email to : to add your idea to our database. Charity & Emmanuel Different




traditions. Kenya for example is a country with many tribes and in this Photo: courtesy of the Couple

21st century more and more people are intermarrying which is okay. The most important thing however is to follow tradition. When he came to ask for my hand in marriage, he went directly to my father which according to our tradition was the wrong approach and because of that he was denied the blessing to marry me. He found out the right way to do it, sent over his elders and my father finally

Yvonne & Ibrahim Don’t plan your wedding for Decem-

ber it is the worst because the service providers take advantage of the high season and hike prices immensely. The wedding, the honeymoon, the flights; everything is expensive. So plan your wedding for any other month except December so as to get fair rates. Do not pay your suppliers to the last cent do not pay the en-

tire amount of money due for their services. Pay around seventy five percent and then pay the rest after the wedding is complete and only if

you are satisfied with their services. If not you can negotiate the twenty five percent balance and come to a mutual agreement..


William & Faith I would advice a bride to be to get a wedding planner if her budget allows it this is because the planner will enlighten you on several things and take on most of the burden of planning your wedding by yourself. A planner will take on the roll so well to the point of reading your mind and knowing exactly what you want and In turn communicating your vision to all the service providers. When it’s down to the day of the wedding you will not have to worry about anything going wrong or having your friends running around to ensure everything is okay instead of being just guests. And if at all there are any setbacks there will only be one person to question; the wedding planner.


Cate & Moses




Most if not all churches require a

traditions will carry on to the wedding

fee for the ceremony which is non

day and they have to be followed to a

refundable if the couple is late. What

tee for those who keep their traditional

takes up most of the time is the negotiations that take place when the grooms family goes to request for

ways alive. Ensure that your research has been done and that you do as

the bride. So we had the negotiations

required to avoid any friction budget,

two days earlier with no hurry so as

fight or disrespect each other to

to save time on the morning of the

impress others, they leave immediately,

wedding where negotiations will not

be necessary. I would advice other

sometimes even before the wedding is

brides who want to make it on time to

over, and you and your man are left

go with this idea because on the day

alone, to deal with life together.

of the wedding, those negotiations,

Make it a fun process. Enjoy it because

song and dance cannot be rushed.

Have your grooms family do it a

it comes once in a life time.

day or two prior to the wedding and you will be sure to make it to your wedding on time.

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P.O. Box 2238 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya Tel: 0705 525252 Email:

Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:



Kazuri.... is the Swahili word for ‘Small and Beautiful’. Hand made in Kenya - land of hot colours, fiery sunsets, ocean blues, sandy plains, pounding hooves and spotted shadows reflecting the true beauty of Africa. Our ‘Cottage - Industry’ style workshops are situated at the historically famous, former Karen Blixen Coffee Estate and now employ over 340 women, mostly of single motherhood. You will truly appreciate our intricate, beautiful designs in rich vibrant colours by making a visit to our Karen factory and main shop in Nairobi Karen.


KAZURI 2000 LTD, OFF Karen Road, Forest Lane, Mbagathi Ridge, Karen, Nairobi P.0. Box 24276 - 00502 Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: +254 (0) 20 - 2328905/6. Cell + 254 720953298 Email:

Karen (Factory & shop) Retail Outlets Village Market Limuru Rd Nairobi Diani Shopping Centre Ukunda Msa South Coast The Junction Along Ngong Rd Westgate shopping Mall in Westlands


Kazuri 2000 Ltd. offers you high quality hand made beaded accessories perfect for the big day. You can now make quite a statement and still keep a worthy souvenir. This goes a long way to provide sustainable employment for the disadvantaged in the society especially women of single motherhood. Our Wedding Gift Registry (Wedding List) is well equipped with wide range of quality products from dinnerware, beaded sandals, unique leather bags to home decor. Register your Wedding List in any of our outlets or Contact us at, Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:


All your Wedding Questions Answered Q: Where do I put my engagement

ring during the ceremony?

A: During the wedding ceremony some brides

will have a chain custom made to put the ring on as a pendant and wear around the neck while others will switch the ring to the right hand all of which is okay. But for the bulky look which many brides seem to like, you can keep the engagement ring on your right hand and have your groom put it on your finger after the ceremony right after the wedding band. One thing to keep in mind is that the wedding band is worn closest to the heart.

Q:What side are we supposed to


How do I choose my maid of honour without leaving casualties?


The most important thing is to choose the

person you feel most connected to no matter if they are friends or family. There is no rule written connoting that you need to choose a sister over a friend or your childhood friend over your best friend. Although choosing family over friends often provides an unwritten pass to neutralize tension between friends who all think that they should be the maid of honour, just ensure that whoever stands next to you on that day, is someone who is actually deserving. When all else fails and you can-

Q: When is the right time to take

Photo: Digital Eye

not decide which friend to honour with the title, it is always safe to go with family because friends

stand on during the ceremony? Traditionally, the bride and her bridesmaids stand on the left side while the groom and his groomsmen stand on the right side. The families often follow suit with the bride’s family and friends sitting on the left side and the groom’s family and friends sitting on the right side. Mutual friends of the couple can sit anywhere they like.


Is there an appropriate way to

kiss at the wedding ceremony?


Brides have always been the shyest when it

comes to that moment when your husband is somewhat ordered to kiss you in front of your parents,

cannot obviously trump the family card. So even

grandparents, uncles, aunts and a whole bunch of

The veil is necessary for the traditional

if they have expectations of being the maid of

people. Do not make out as if you were in a room all

white wedding and is usually half taken off by

honor, there is no way they will hate you or be

by yourselves. Not to say that you should just peck

the groom right before the exchange of vows.

angry at you if you choose a sibling or a cousin.

but do what comes naturally and not for more than

off my veil after the ceremony?


The bride is then allowed to take the whole veil

10 seconds.

off after the wedding ceremony right before the reception. Ask your hairstylist to show you or your maid of honour how to remove the veil

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without ruining your hair do. You can always wear a stylish bridal fascinator to compete the look if you feel too bare.


Photo: Courtesy of the Groom


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Discover your personal style at The Crokery Store Wedding Gift Registry. Anytime, view, shop and update registries in-store at Yaya Centre, 1st floor. Cell: +254 722531142 / +254 733611579



Tina and Robert

t shirts to reveal the question -will you marry me?THE WEDDING “I would have never chosen anyone else to get married to he was and still is my ideal” says an emotional Tina. Despite being up by 5 am in the morning, the bridal party was in fact late to the ceremony. Tina opted to have her cousins and her best friend as the maid of honour so as to avoid having a hard time choosing her bridesmaids. The wedding setting was exquisitely breathtaking, tucked under a canopy, the white chairs complimented by the bold red flowers strung all around in a decorative pattern it was a little heaven. The groom’s breath literally taken away to the point of tears was the icing on the cake. The poem rang through the air and when he realized it was Tina’s voice he was listening to the tears began to fill up his eyes blinding him. “It got to a point where I couldn’t see her because my eyes were full of tears, so I had to make the call, it’s either I drain the tears or I don’t see my bride coming down the aisle [laughs]” says Robert. A unique twist is that Tina walked down the aisle to her own rendition of Adore You by Miley Cyrus. The bride looked stunning in her drop waist ball gown walking down the aisle all the while whispering -kick and pose- to help her walk gracefully in her gorgeous gown. Her bridesmaids were in little fitted ivory dresses with a sash draped on their left sides all

Photo: Courtesy of the Couple HOW THEY MET “This man, my miracle, he found me, he fought for me with the wrath of a God when not even I thought that I was enough… the warmth of his heart gives me a sense of salvation… this is such a happy ever after.” These are the moving words of a poem that Tina composed and recited for her husband Robert. Their story began in the year 2010 when Tina’s was seeking an internship at the firm in which Robert was a member of staff. I was walking out… I was going for a site visit in Naivasha and I was like damn, who is that girl at the reception? I had to go back and ask the receptionist who the girl was” narrates Robert. They say a man knows within the first five minutes of seeing or meeting a lady whether she will be his wife or not and that was evident in this case. The receptionist told Robert that she was there to inquire if there was an opening


making for a lovely ceremony. for an internship position and upon learning that, Robert was insistent to make sure the receptionist


ensures that their boss offers her a position and

“We danced a lot at the entrance of the reception”

indeed, she got it.

Robert says. Robert and his groom’s men surprised

Robert worked up the courage to introduce himself

Tina yet again with a silly, funny and adorable

and soon after, he asked her out on a date with

dance that got everyone glued and swaying to, eager

no fruition. Tina was reluctant for some time,

to join in.

but eventually she gave in. They officially began

The couple agreed on 300 guests comprising only

dating in May of 2011 “22nd to be precise” Robert

of close friends and close relatives and it was as


intended. Everyone danced and made merry to the unrelenting love in the air and celebrated the couple


and their new married status.

Tina does not like surprises and she took it as far

The centerpiece that completed the beautiful

as wanting her husband to tell her when he would

theme was their cake which was modeled into a

propose. “I decided to pop the question on a

construction site to represent their passion, seeing

random day.” The groom and his friends came up

as both are civil engineers.

with the idea of making a decoy birthday party for

They were now one in soul, in spirit, in body and

one of them in which Tina would be a guest. Then

in mind and they rode off blissfully into the sunset.

the surprise came when they begun ripping off their

Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:

Team building, Office parties and other Private events.

Purdy Arms is a British inspired family friendly Sports Bar, Restaurant and Bed & Breakfast establishment. Set on a stunning 23 acre property that beautifully blends quirky with classy, Purdy Arms is great for special occassions: Weddings, Birthdays, Photo shoots,

FOR RESERVATIONS: +254 712 007 001 | +254 735 007 001

Purdy A rms K a ren

@purdy a rms

pu rdy arms

At our restaurant, choose from our Continental, Indian or Pizza Menus. Our facilities promise to keep you entertained with Paintballing, Archery, Wall climbing and a Casino.


Dj Soxxy’s Love Conquers all Story Words: Harriet Owalla Anne was a spend thrift who as DJ Soxxy puts it, ‘ she spent money that she didn’t have.’” You see, when she did that, it meant that the money that we had budgeted on to do other things would be spent and I would end up funding the budget again. This really used to irritate me ”, recalls DJ Soxxy. They eventually resolved this conflict by having a culture spending money in their home. STRUGGLE WITH FERTILITY Before these two lovebirds tied the knot, Anne Kamau was apparently diagnosed by Polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, a condition whereby a woman’s sex hormones estrogen and progesterone levels are out of balance. Consequently, this apparently resulted in the growth of cysts in Anne’s ovaries, which delayed this bubbly couple’s dream of having children. “Whenever she felt depressed, she would put pressure on me by picking up small things and blowing them out of proportion,” recalls DJ Soxxy Photo:Courtesy of the Couple

However, they now are blessed with two lovely

JACKSON & ANNE Married for five years

celebrities graced the occasion. But the preparation stages of the event apparently almost tore them


apart due to differences in the choice of suppliers.

Jackson met Anne way back during their high school years when he was still a student in Dagoretti High School while she was in State House Girls high school.

DJ Soxxy reminiscences how she was a guest in his own wedding as he apparently didn’t participate in any decision making to be at peace with his wife. CHALLENGES

Jackson was in a band called Ditchez and they could bump into each other during school functions. However, they never dated until after they finished high school. Anne managed to secure a job as a banker and coincidentally Jackson had opened an account with the same bank where she worked. One day, Jackson had some issue with his account and as he came to have it sorted out, and that’s when they met again and as they say the rest is history. THE WEDDING

His celebrity status and balancing time Anne and DJ Soxxy knew each other way before the celebrity status came in. Hence, when DJ Soxxy became famous, Anne was apparently concerned that he spent a lot of time with the funs more than her and this resulted in conflict. She had to learn to be secure with herself and DJ Soxxy had to learn to balance between funs and his woman. FINANCIAL CHALLENGES Their different attitude in spending cash was a real

The two tied the knot six years ago at the Nairobi National Park in an Indian themed wedding. It


was an invites only affair where family, friends and

challenge in their first years of marriage. While DJ Soxxy was loved to save money for the future,

children: a daughter, Eliana Wairimu, which means God has answered my prayers and a boy Ethan Wambage. PERSONALITY DIFFERENCES In addition, the two had to learn how to deal with their personal differences. For Anne, her biggest was spontaneity while DJ Soxxy is an organized man who plans his activities before time. She remembers how she would forget that she was married when called by friends to go on a trip each time her friends called. “ I would just go and remember that I am married when am in Voi and then I would call DJ Soxxy and tell him that am gone for the weekend”, says Anne. Eventually she had to make a lot of changes and compromises to resolve the conflict. CONCLUSION Marriage is a lot of hard work, trying to align yourself to your partner’s goals. Always remember that you are in the same team even when you have disagreements.

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Ta b l e w a r e . C o o k w a r e . S e r v e w a r e . G l a s s a n d A c c e s s o r i e s

Marry the best and Register for it too! L’Olivier de la Maison de Clarence Wedding Registry is ready for you specializing in sourcing the finest luxury wine related product, tableware, distinctive accessories and small kitchen appliances. Featuring Bohemia, Zara Home, Guy Degrenne, Gien and Royal Lorraine crystal. For you. For him. For the rest of your lives. Nowadays guests expect to see a “wedding gift list”, whether communicated to them via an insert card with the wedding invitation, emailed or even told by word of mouth. It reassures the guest that their gifts are desired and will be loved, needed and used. Kimathi House/ Kenyatta Avenue, (Opposite New Stanley Hotel), P . 0 Box 105676 - 00101 Tel: 0711 480 293 , 0716 440 091 Email:, Website:


THE GREAT KENYAN WEDDING The best month to get married in is...

Christmas – rubbish. The post charismas spending

Do you know the best month to get married in

spree means that some of your guests may not

KENYA After a recent survey of Kenyan brides,

choose the expensive item for your gift list

Just 4% of weddings take place in March, so

Samantha can exclusively reveal that December

Most Suppliers may also shut down for their annual

Suppliers and venues could be persuaded into

is the most popular month to get married, closely

leave and if your wedding is early in the year , you

offering a discounted deal.

followed by July , August and September.

may have problems contacting them .

The benefits:


Daah wink wink , as if you did not know!!!!!! BUT,

The weather in March is fresh but sunny – and it

The most popular reasons for choosing certain

still counts as ’low season’ for many suppliers and

months include the weather, costs, sentimental

venues, making it a more purse-friendly option.

dates and availability. Samantha’s bridal can also

The downside:

exclusively reveal that, The most popular month

March clashes with lent, so many of your guests

may not necessarily be the best month . So Which

may have given up some little luxuries, such as cake

month will you choose? Read on

Osteria Resaturant - Karen



or alcohol. Some churches like Catholic church does not conduct weddings during lent period so be sure to check with your church venue if you are having

With only 1% of brides choosing to get married

Arguably the most romantic month of all, what

catholic wedding .The average number of rainy

in January, it’s great if you want a wedding with a

could be more perfect than a Valentines Day

days during the march season is 14-15 so you have

difference – you’ll definitely have plenty of choice


a 50/50 percentage chance of raining especially if

when it comes to dates! From January through

The benefits:

you live in Nairobi or Mombasa.

to february, expect little or no rain with the coast

Sun, sun and more sun – Romantic and beautiful

experiencing its highest temperatures long hot

February deserves a dreamy outdoor venue. As

sunny days

You have every reason to expect good weather

The benefits:

in February . It is also a great time for romantic

Cost: January weddings are often cheaper, so you’ll

honeymoon . Your guest will be in town and less

get more for your money. The best month for local

likely to be away on leave or holiday like the busy

honeymoons so far as cost is concerned. And, it’s

December and If you had a Valentines proposal,

a great option for couples on a budget, with 35%

it’s a great way to mark the occasion.

of January couples citing the price as their reason

The downside:

for choosing the month. As for honeymoons or

Valentines day make this the most romantic month.

13% of weddings take place in April, making it one

destination weddings, the hotels especially may be

This means there may be competition on venues

of the most popular choices in the calendar. – which

down on bookings after the festive season maybe

especially on Saturdays near 14th of Feb. there may

is usually the month Easter falls in, so your guests

keen to offer overnight packages for your guests.

also be premium on flowers especially red roses.

will benefit from the school holidays.

Consolata Church Nairobi


Good attendance: Most people will be having

The benefits:

back to work blues and that means they may be in

April hits the balance of warmer weather without

the mood for parties or even looking for an excuse

the sweat-inducing heat of Jan and Feb.

to break the slimming diet program included as part

The downside:

of the new year resolutions.

April showers. Need we say more? April is tradionaly

The downside:

a rainy month with 80 % chance of rain, according

You might end up watching your weight over


Fairview Hotel Gardens

to the meteorological department.

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PLANNING SEPTEMBER Good weather? Tick. More availability than the other months? Double tick. One of the most popular months for a wedding, 13% of kenyan weddings take place in September.


The benefits: September isn’t in such hot demand as the AprilAugust and Dec period, so your venue will probably have more flexibility. The downside:

Medina Palms

September will forever be associated with the

MAY The month of fresh flowers and sunny spells, 7% of

gloomy feeling of going back to school...

brides choose to get married in May The benefits: May is blessed with one public holidays; make use of them with a Sunday wedding. The downside:

Fairmont Mara Safari Club Photo: Rupa Photography


We can’t think of one!

This month is as busy as December. heavily popular with brides: a huge 14% of weddings take place, making it the second most popular month to get married in. It is cold and rainy but schools out. This is one of the most beautiful months for natural lighting. Expect a short

Fairmont Mt Kenya Safari Club Photo: Scan pix Africa

JUNE/JULY June/July is becoming popular for some reason we suspect due to pressure on venues. Expect the wildebeast migration

around July/Aug/Sept; if

you are thinking of a honeymoon in the wild or a destination wedding, you will need to book camps

shower early morning

or afternoon but not always! they will dry up in



The Jacaranda trees begin to blossom and beautiful

The benefits:

clear skies are both seriously dreamy wedding

Most children have the entire month off school,

accompaniments. 8% of brides agree, choosing to

so inviting families is a breeze. And it goes without

get married in October.

saying, you can bank on perfect weather.

The benefits:

The downside:

All those purple and yellow leaves are the ultimate

August is peak season for venues, so you’ll be paying

ready-made photographic backdrop.

their highest price.

The downside: we cant think of any.

and lodges early around these times as the best ones will have already been booked. Its also summer in Europe so the hotel are busy with tourists so expect to pay more for honeymoon in Kenya or even Europe The downside: There’s no denying that JULY weather is an acquired taste – you’ll need to wrap up warm! 

Panari Sky Center Board room Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:

Windsor Golf and Country club Hotel


PLANNING NOVEMBER Crispy cold and atmospheric, November is the perfect month for a wedding.


The Benefits: November can be seriously photogenic. The downside: we cant think of any.

DECEMBER There’s more than one way to have a white Christmas. A festive big day is truly magical, and a real way to make a style statement. The benefits: It’s Christmas! Be sure to give guests a good year’s notice as it’s the busiest party season of all. December has one many holidays starting jamhuru day and chrismas and new year. The downside: Though this is the most popular month, there are more downsides than pros making it the worst month to get married in from a planners point of view. You are now into the high wedding season, more than 40 % of Kenyan weddings take place at this time. competition for the best venues, leading florists and most popular caterers on peak Saturday becomes fierce. DECEMBER is peak season for venues, so you’ll be paying their highest price. December is also not a good time for a good time for honeymooners as though you may have to pay more locally and internationally as the cost of travel is high all over the world. You may end up with the same wedding day as another friend, so be sure to get in there early with your invitations to avoid an awkward clash such as

your guests not all attending as

they have many other invites, they come for your ceremony and go for the next reception for another

Shutterstock Image


ne of the bride major fears is average of 27°C (80°F) at the coast, 21°C to 27°C if it rains on her wedding day. (70°F to 80°F) in the hinterland, while in Nairobi There are loads of questions and the highlands over 5,000 ft, the daytime about what’s the weather like temperatures normally range between 19°C and

during each and every month of the year. Always 24°C (66°F to 75°F). Most parts of the country a difficult one with global changes etc: However, experience two rainy seasons: the ‘long rains’ falling There are a couple of website which will give you over a ten week period between April and June, and the history of temperatures, wind, rain, for every the ‘short rains’ over a five week period between day for the past 11 years - just put in the dates that November and December. The rain tends to fall


you want to search

mainly at night and is usually a short and heavy

tropical downpour. Rain may occasionally fall

That said the Kenya’s climate varies across the outside of the normal rainy seasons. In the highland country, from the tropical humidity of the coast, areas north of Nairobi it may get chilly at night or the dry heat of the savannah or semi-arid areas in the early mornings - especially June, July, August and the cool air of the highlands. Temperatures in when temperatures are cooler. these areas are fairly constant year round with an Safari Park

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THE HEN THAT BROKE THE The Broke Girl’s Guide To Being A Bridesmaid


eing a bridesmaid doesn’t come

I really don’t know if I can swing it. I don’t

been bridesmaids before) know that being a part of

cheap. In fact it’s getting really, really

want to ruin my friend’s plans, but how do I

a wedding party can definitely get pricey. “I did my

expensive. From a recent quick survey

not go broke? Help!’

wedding in 2003. I thank God that my bridesmaids

we have established that it costs, on

Turns out, another reader is still paying off credit

were so good that they agreed to pay Ksh.15, 000

average, about Ksh. 50,000, just to play the role of

card debt from the last three weddings she took

for stitching only, because I came with the fabric,”

bride’s best friend.

part in, not to mention her car loan payment and

says Dr. Catherine, editor of Samantha’s Bridal.

So what do you do when you REALLY want to be

food, rent and utilities. Fortunately, and unlike

“However, one girl I had asked to be on my line

by your friends’ side on her big day but you cannot

many young people between the ages of 18 and

up dropped out. She told me she couldn’t afford,”

afford that price tag?

29, she does have a job. Unfortunately, one in three

Catherine adds.

A lady wrote to us about a common dilemma

people in her age group are either underemployed

With the bridesmaid dress, the bridal shower, and

young girls aged 20-30 face:

or unemployed. Making it tough for many girls to

gifts, the total can add up to a tidy sum. If it is your

“I was asked to be a bridesmaid for a college

cover their bridesmaid duties (at least in the ways

first time as a bridesmaid, the amount can come as a

friend of mine and I was super excited. Not

traditions expect).

bit of a shock especially if you are still unemployed

only because she’s a great friend, but also

(FYI: Groomsmen can expect to pay a similar figure.

or in a job that doesn’t pay much.

because I’ve never been a bridesmaid. As the

What you don’t pay for in terms of girly stuff like

There is also the planning of the wedding and the

planning started though, I realized that being a

makeup will likely go towards the bachelor party.)

bridal shower, which sometimes involve planes and

bridesmaid is going to be really expensive and

Those of us in the industry (and those who have

hotel rooms. And then there’s the travel expense for


Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:

MONEY MATTERS traditional parties, hair, makeup, and mani-pedis on

you won’t be able to. If she is your friend, she will

your wardrobe or request from your friend or sister.

the big day. Let’s not forget the gifts. All that can add

understand and maybe change her plans to make

Make that be your something borrowed!

up to a scary amount of cash.

it easier for everyone to chip in financially. If she

Here’s the breakdown for bridesmaids:

doesn’t understand then maybe it’s time for you to

wardrobe that you haven’t worn for a long time or

Engagement gift = Ksh. 5000

reevaluate your friendship. Either way, having the

borrow from a friend.

Bridal Shower contributions and gift

conversation will set her expectations so that she’s

So now that you have received an invitation

= Ksh. 5000

not disappointed and will allow you to still be a part

to be a bridesmaid and you have suddenly

Wedding gift = Ksh. 5000

of the wedding while not going broke.

realized that you can’t meet the cost, how do

Dress = Ksh. 7000 and above

“How you do it is really important,” says Marion.

you decline the invitation?

Shoes = Ksh. 4000

“You re in a wedding, so everything about you will

Be upfront and honest and let your friend know you

Hair, makeup, nails = Ksh. 10000

be scrutinized from the moment you walk down the

can’t do it. However, caution should be taken not to

Marion Obura, a wedding planner and CEO of

aisle with the bride. Look at the jewelry cost, the

overload them with a list of your reasons of why you

Majestic Events recalls almost having a breakdown

hair, the makeup, and the shoes. If you can’t afford

can’t be in the line up. Remember, the subject of

after spending Ksh.30, 000 as a bridesmaid on her

them, then ask her if you can offer support in any

your conversation should not just be you and your

cousin’s wedding. At time, she was just starting out

other activity.” she adds.

troubles. All you have to say is, ‘after going over my

as a wedding planner and it seemed like a lot of

How to save money when you’re part of the bridal

budget, I can’t be a bridesmaid.”

money to spend on a wedding. “At that point, it was


You can offer to be of assistance for another service

not a priority and I realized, OMG, it costs so much

Just because you’ve agreed to participate in the

that is non monetary or offer your skill as a wedding

to be on this line up. This is going to be my first and

wedding, doesn’t mean you have to fulfill your

present. For instance, you can say, “I’d love to host

the last”, recalls Marion.

obligations in the same way like the other bridal

one event, or pass out programs at the ceremony, or

Ouch. No wonder one of our readers asked, “Can I

party members. Do what’s right for you and your

help you out in any other way.’ Then, in a few days,

back out without my friend hating me? Or how

bank account by making one or two thoughtful but

follow up with a card saying, ‘Thank you for asking

can I tell her and the other girls that I can’t

modest gifts. Also, remember that proper etiquette

me. I’m so happy for you.’ Not an email, or a text

do anything really expensive? Some people are

allows you up to a year to give the couple a wedding

message, but an old fashioned card. This will help

already making noise about an out-of-town bridal


heal any hurt feelings because it shows that you gave


Here is what you can do to celebrate your

your friend’s request a lot of thought.

So how do you go from saying “Yes, of COURSE

friend’s big moment without breaking your

If you have a wedding-appropriate skill, you can

I’ll be your bridesmaid” to watching almost


offer your time as a gift. Maybe you’re between jobs

50k stage a prison break from your bank


name, request for the fabric sache and look for

can help with any and all DIY jobs.

Marion says, the first thing you should do is to

another tailor who can make the dress well and at

If you haven’t said yes but you really, really want

be honest with yourself and think about the cost

a cheaper price. “Go look for it, determine what

to be in the wedding, despite the fact that you can’t

involved in being a bridesmaid. You should ask

your design is and go look for another tailor,” says

afford all of the associated costs, just tell your friend

yourself how much can you realistically spend on


what you can and can’t afford. But remember, you

the wedding and its related activities. I know you

Make-up-If you are good at it and lets say

can only do this at the very beginning, before you

want to be involved in the making of the entire

the bride has a makeup artist who is charging Ksh.

agree to take the job. Just be honest and say, ‘I’d

event, but you also want to be able to buy groceries

25,000, why not do it yourself to save cost? You can

love to be a part of this, but after looking at my

and toilet paper after the wedding.

start by doing a make up trial and showing your

budget, I can’t afford everything. Here’s where

You’re not a bad friend if you say “No.” Here’s how

friend (the bride) first to be in line with her wishes.

I can and can’t participate. Is this all right?’ That

to bow out gracefully or cut costs to make it work if

“ You are using your own products not because

way you don’t leave the couple or other bridal party

you have already said yes:

you don’t want to use your friend’s make up artist

members in a bind.What about you? Have you ever

After you sit down and look at your budget, talk to

but because you are doing your best to stay within

dodged bridesmaid duties or wished that you had

your friend (the bride) about your concerns. Let

your own budget and still be a bridesmaid,” advices

due to finances?

her know that while you are super excited for her


How do you make the bridesmaid thing work?

and want to do everything, you are worried that

The dress: if the bride is going for a big

Jewelry: You can either use what’s in

Shoes: You can check out some on your

and you have NO money but you do have time and

Share with us your experience Email:

Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:




The Wedding


ith couples waiting longer

to 16 months will permit you to take advantage of

Finally, regardless of whether you are hoping for

to tie the knot, however, it

bargains, allow time for possible re-dos and will give

an extravagant wedding or a simple ceremony, your

is becoming more common

all parties a little extra time to add to their wedding

special day should be filled with blissful memories.

for the bride and groom to

savings fund.

Being financially prepared will help make sure this

finance their own celebration.

3. Get the Samantha wedding organizer and

day is one of the most memorable days of your life.

With this in mind, before saying, “I do,” consider a

planner App.

It is important not to forget that while the wedding

few smart money tips offered by the experts at Sa-

This APP can help you stay organized and on track

is an important event, its purpose is to celebrate the

mantha .

and giving you access to helpful articles and also

start of a marriage. Practicing healthy financial de-

1. Know your budget.

includes tools like budget calculators and interactive

cisions early will lead to a lifetime of financial free-

Creating a realistic budget is probably the most

personal worksheets to help you maintain a struc-

dom and happiness together

important component when planning a wedding.

tured budget and to do list.

6. Calculating wedding expenses

Determine what kind of celebration is important to

4. Go against the grain.

Even before saying “I do,” engaged couples have

you, consider what you can afford and then decide

Most weddings are held during the August, Decem-

another important commitment to honor: sticking

who pays for what. According to Samantha survey

ber months, with August being the most popular.

to a wedding budget. This budget estimator will

report, 73 percent of all wedding ceremonies are

Consider having an off-season wedding during the

help you to determine how much money you’ll need

a combined financial effort between families the

less popular months. Review facility pricing for an

and to track what you’ve spent and still owe:

more contributors, the bigger the wedding.

early afternoon wedding, as opposed to an a morn-

The samanthas budget estimator in the organiser

2. Start planning early.

ing wedding this way you donthave to so end on

has the most comprehensive list of expenses and de-

The average wedding takes 16 months to plan. You

evening party. You can usually get reduced pricing

scriptions of what costs should be included..

will need hundreds of hours to visit vendors, set ap-

with facilities and vendors during those times.

pointments and finalize details. Allowing a full 12

5. Blissful memories.


Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:


Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:





The savvy brides guide to getting more for less


ew things cause as much agony in

3. Inflexible about the terms of the negotiation.

I. How attitude will affect your negotiation

the bridal sphere, from both couples

These 3 points almost always kill the negotiation


and Suppliers, as negotiation. In

process and any chance you may have of getting a

The first one I want to talk about is lack of courtesy

my behind-the-scenes dealings with

better deal for yourself. Why? Simply put: they’re

and respect for the Supplier and the time, talent,

my wedding industry colleagues and with my

all ego-based actions and offer the Supplier no

and product/service.

interactions with couples I’m privy to both sides

incentive to do you a favor. (And, yes, anytime a


of the negotiation table. What I see is a lot of

Supplier alters her standard product, services, or

their products or deliver their services. They

misunderstanding and oftentimes bad advice (on

prices to accommodate your needs it is an act of

rightfully expect to be fairly compensated for their

both sides) resulting from poor negotiation skills.

benevolence on their part. You’re not automatically

time, supplies, expertise, and business expenses.

To start off, let’s look at what the worst missteps I see

entitled to those things.)


couples making in the negotiation process:

In this article, we’ll take a look at the negotiation

expenses and make a reasonable profit otherwise

1. Attitude: Lack of courtesy and respect for the

killers and ways to have drama-free, positive

their business can’t survive. That’s business 101,

negotiations with your Suppliers.


Supplier and her time, talent, and product/service. 2. Unrealistic expectations of the outcome of the negotiation.



Most Suppliers work exceedingly hard to create

They set their prices to ensure they cover their

When couples approach a Supplier with an

attitude of entitlement or a mindset that they’re Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:

MONEY MATTERS going into battle, it pretty much shuts down the

out (often bitterly) disappointed that they didn’t get

negotiation process before it begins. Many Suppliers

what they wanted.

2. Pick your Suppliers wisely. Most unrealistic expectations

in the industry expect (and even welcome) some

. A quick example of unrealistic expectations: A “

negotiation. All of them expect to be treated with

designer” was asked to create a Vera Wang - inspired

all budgets. That’s not true. Know what you can afford before

respect and dignity during the process as much as

gown for a bride. The designer quoted a price and

you pick your Suppliers and pick your Suppliers according to

you do.

the bride came back with a counter-offer almost

their standard fees. Expecting a 120,000 Ksh fruitcake from

An appreciation and understanding of their

1/2 less than the quote. The designer declined. The

Cake Art when you have a 35,000 Ksh budget isn’t going to

work/efforts/talents goes a long way. For example,

bride was very upset and couldn’t understand why

happen, no matter how charming you are during negotiation.

while a wedding cake may look like just flour, sugar,

the designer wouldn’t work with her. After all, she

3. Don’t expect deep discounts on custom-designed services

eggs and frosting why should you pay 60,000 for

heard having a designer make a dress was cheaper

or products. There’s this weird notion in this country that

that? So much more goes into creating one: like tens

than buying from a bridal boutique. It wasn’t like

handcrafted or a la carte services are worth less than pre-

of hours of decorating, baking, training, product

this designer was Vera Wang herself !

packaged, off-the-shelf solutions. Not true, not true, not true.


start with the notion that all Suppliers can work with people of

testing, recipe developing, high priced equipment, and a bunch other stuff just to get a cake to your reception. All of these things cost time and money to produce for you. Looking at it from that standpoint may help you understand why Beatrice from sweet inspirations can’t offer you an “Ace of Cakes” inspired creation for pennies.


4. Know that you’ll likely have to give up something in the

When couples approach a

negotiation process to make it worth the Supplier’s time/

Supplier with an attitude of

efforts. If you’re looking to get a lower price on, say, your

entitlement or a mindset that they’re going into battle, it

It’s important to keep in mind that most small,

pretty much shuts down the

independent wedding pros aren’t independently

negotiation process before it

wealthy and are likely barely making a luxury


living off of their businesses. I mention this because

catering quote, you’ll have to start deducting items from the menu or choose less-expensive alternatives to the things you want to serve. Remember: negotiation will only work if it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

5. Understand that Suppliers are under no obligation to alter their prices or services for you at all. I touched on this in Part

demanding extras or reduced pricing seriously

1 and it needs to be said again and again. Automatically

affects every business’s bottom line and their ability

expecting them to wheel ‘n’ deal isn’t realistic or fair. When

to sustain themselves. Some businesses by virtue of

The problem here is that the bride expected couture-

they do so, consider it a personal favor and, please, don’t try

their business model or the economic conditions

quality design for pennies and with bad fabric.

to bully them into it. I hear a lot of stories from Suppliers

cannot afford to negotiate on price at all. While

From the designers’ point of view, the counter-offer

about couples throwing tantrums, threatening to write bad

this is ultimately not your problem, your budget

wouldn’t have covered her expenses. Even if it is

reviews, and all sorts of bad behavior to try to coerce Suppliers

restrictions are not their problem either. The whole

not her original creation, there was no way she was

into giving discounts. You don’t waltz into Woolworths or

point of negotiation is to come to an agreement that

going to work for free - nor should she be expected

Nakumatt and or your favorite shop and demand a discount

suits both parties. You know - a win/win situation.

to. Had the bride suggested 5% less, the designer

just for being you. “ Do you know who I am” The shop

Approach your Suppliers with an attitude of

may have been able to accommodate her with slight

attendants will just smile and laugh at you in their hearts.

kindness, understanding, and collaboration. It’s

adjustments to the gown’s design/materials. The

Same with wedding Suppliers.

your best bet for a positive outcome. For both sides

fact that the client automatically assumed she’d

of the negotiation table a positive attitude and

work at half price killed the deal completely.

We’ll talk about positive negotiating tactics and how

willingness to listen to each other will go a long way

So, how do you set realistic expectations with

being flexible with the outcome of any negotiation

in coming up with a mutually satisfying agreement.

wedding Suppliers?

will better help get you close to your negotiation

1. Have a budget in place before you speak to any Supplier.



II. Expectations in negotiation.

Knowing how much you actually have in hand to spend on any

This, above else, is where most people trip up the

service or object is an absolute must before your negotiations

process. Many couples go into a negotiation with

can begin. The Supplier doesn’t need to know this amount

unrealistic expectations of the outcome and come

but YOU do.

By Catherine Masitsa

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he one decision that is going to influence the type, size and style of your wedding is the Wedding Budget! A good place to start is to decide on how much you can afford as soon as possible. If the money you have from your own savings, your parents and friends contribution is not enough to create the wedding you want, you may consider saving some more. At the same time, look for ways to cut back on the spending on some areas. To help you estimate what your wedding is likely to cost you, we sneaked into past brides purses to know where they saved or splurged! We hope this gets you

ahead when it comes to being centsible.

Susan & George’s Total Wedding Budget:

Ksh. 1,150,000

A sneak peak: •


Virginia & Tom

Nancy & Fredrick Total Wedding Budget: Ksh. 1,500,000 A sneak peak: Ksh. 40,000

Decor & flowers Ksh. 256,840.00


Ksh. 80,000



Ksh. 115,000



Ksh. 140,000


Ksh. 360,000.00


Ksh. 70,000


Ksh. 50,000.00


Ksh. 95,000

Wedding Reg.

Ksh. 32,300.00

Ksh. 55,000


Ksh. 200,000.00


Ksh. 18, 000.00


We splurged on We invested more on catering, venue, tents and decoration and saved much on MC, entertainments and photography. One can save by booking one location for ceremony and reception, hire a band who can do both the ceremony and reception. I was glad that the food turned out as promised. We also splurged on the deco.

We splurged on-the reception setting as we had to have only the best. Our biggest save was. Photography which was a gift from a friend, the venue; we had our wedding at our hotel so we

Our Biggest save was: We saved on my wedding gown. I bought it online for only Ksh.40,000 and made a big saving of Ksh.25,000. We also saved on transport as our friends willingly chipped in for the fuel cost. Top Tips: This is one of the moments you will do anything significant for both of you so ensure that the dream wedding happens. Yes, you can compromise on some things but since this event is not an emergency, plan around your finances. Ensure that no loans are taken, no debts are left unpaid and of course both your visions are incoporated.


We splurged on

dint have to pay for the venue, cake; we had a dummy and only a small part was edible plus small individual packed cakes which were served as party favours and dessert and make-up which was also gifted by a friend.

Total Wedding Budget:


A sneak peak: •


Catering & venue Ksh. 500,000






Décor and tents






We splurged on We spent the most on catering. We did not want to compromise on the quality of food, so we took the package that cost 2,500 Ksh per plate and we were all very pleased. What we saved on It is not necessary to have a wedding planner. We took on the task ourselves and my younger sister Juliet played a big role. Also since ours was a cards only ceremony, we did call backs to confirm attendees one week prior to the wedding to avoid any wastage and unnecessary spending. The Church service and reception was at the same venue to save on time and transport cost. Also, we

Top Tips: Use the resources around you to cut

got a good honeymoon package which included a

down on the budget. There is no point on splash-

complimentary photo session.

ing money only on a one day event and then you end up with debts.

Top Tips Begin your wedding planning early. Give yourself as much time as you need to avoid last minute rush.

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For Discounts


ou may be a bride with a huge

Tips on How to get the best out of suppliers

budget or even on budget. How

and negotiate prices.

can you make sure you get value

1. Be courteous, Stay calm and disagree

for money or even discounts?

gracefully; no matter what be courteous and

Sometimes the initial prices quoted are just price

show appreciation of the supplier’s efforts to meet

guides for what on average you are likely to spend.

your needs. Rudeness and negativity only dispel a

For most suppliers however depending on what

supplier’s confidence and creativity. To your florist

you want there is room for flexibility. If you have

for instance, rather than say “That is the ugliest

to negotiate prices do it early in your discussion

flower arrangement I have ever seen!” be polite and

and before you sign any contract. The other point

say “that arrangement will not work for my theme”

is even you do not need discounts, how should you

or “it is not my kind of style”. Use good manners,

treat your supplier to get the best out of them as

common sense and facts rather than screams or tears

we all know money is not everything and may not

as bargaining tool as being rude and belligerent will

always guarantee the best results.

get you no where.

We asked Catherine Nambisia of classic functions for

2. When negotiating on price for example, don’t say for example I have got to have orchids at my wedding but your prices are crazy! Say I


love the look of orchids, are there any alternative that cost less?. Bottom line is be flexible and polite and the supplier will come up with creative ideas to give you what you want. The most important point to note before you start any negotiations is much as suppliers want your money, most successful suppliers are in the wedding business because they love their work and will bend over backwards for someone who once in a while truly values and appreciates their creative work even if the client is not spending huge bucks. We say once in a while because there are very many bridedzillas. 3. If you are unhappy with what you see and you have signed the contract and paid already. Rather than saying “ This is not working, let me call my lawyer” say this is not what I had in mind but I appreciate your taking your time to come up with

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MONEY MATTERS this ideas. What more can we do to stay close to my

couple and the wedding planner/consultant) Offer


initial idea.

to make payments in full. And where possible, long

There are situations and times when prices are

Bottom-line is if the supplier wants your business,

before the wedding date. This may ‘soften up’ the

fixed especially for December, August as this is

they may consider having some nice rewards in

supplier as it shows confidence and commitment,

high season and also February weddings in case

addition to giving you what you want. So be nice.

thus making negotiations for prices a lot less

of flowers as prices skyrocket due to demand on

4. Be a savvy consumer, Do your homework -

difficult. Furthermore, it may attract significant cash

valentine day worldwide and there are times when

and first know what you want and the also find out


you can haggle such as when

average price for what you want, a good place to

7. Prioritize: Emphasize on price negotiations

• The supplier is just starting out and they want to

do this is at the Samantha wedding fair where most

for items bought/rented in bulk. It is often easier

let the word out or they want to build a portfolio.

suppliers are under one roof. Having a rough idea of

and more effective for instance to negotiate a 100/=

So if you are tight on tight try some of the new

current market rates for items provides you a good

discount per item for 1000 items than 5000/=

people they may be a bit more flexible. For instance

measure for reasonable negotiating levels. Avoid

discount on one item. So Instead of concentrating

the WMBA students offer wedding planning, styling

however making demands based on competing

on low cost items, concentrate on reducing the price

and design for a most no cost as they work on your

suppliers quoted prices. For instance, don’t employ

of big-ticket items on your checklist. It also helps if

wedding as a project requirement for graduation

phrases in the negotiation such as “50,000/=, Are

you know what you want for example do you want

and building their portfolio. email academy@

you kidding me? Supplier X charges 30,000/=!!!”

value adds or price reduction? For details

It is not uncommon to find brides who want

10. Make the negotiations way in advance of

• You are making bulk purchases such as many

heaven but don’t want to pay for it. Partly its due

the wedding date. This enables the supplier to

cases of wine

to ignorance, the bride has not done her homework

schedule the order accordingly and hence make

otherwise she would know the average cost! This is

savings related to ordering and processing costs. Last

more than one wedding in a day. Some supplier

frustrating not just for you but also for the supplier.

minute price negotiations seldom end well as the

chooses to charge a premium and handle only 1-2

That is a supplier will tell you to your face “ then this

bride has narrower options with most culminating

weddings per day and give you perfection. So they

are my costs, work with that one giving you for less”

in a “take it or leave it” scenario

will not go down on certain costs.

or you may enter bridal boutique for example and

11. Put everything in writing – anything agreed

• Your wedding is in two weeks time in December

the first thing they ask you is, what is your budget?

verbally must be added in the contract.

and the supplier is still available. Chances are if you

It is because they want to show you items that are

If the supplier has a big crew and can handle

don’t book him no one will.

in that price range. If your budget is 35,000 for a gown there is no need to look at 90,000 gowns for example, as they will not discount it to 35,000. 5.






supersedes their price. You also pay for, amongst other things, perceived value in reliability, quality of service and above all peace of mind. So when prices are not as flexible as you like, negotiate for value additions. These may include for instance a warranty, free delivery etc 6. Do not “gang up” on the supplier and avoid negotiating in groups. Some brides involve groups of friends and wedding committees during price negotiations and this is often distracting and counter-productive. Many suppliers will cease to take you seriously at this point and may sense distrust. Engage only the relevant parties (often the

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Costs –





f you have already started planning your

a private function, just to avoid paying the “bridal

can settle on a fair price. This is like economics

wedding, by now you may have already


101. But most people shopping for wedding stuff

discovered there is such a thing as a “bridal

So why are weddings so expensive?

have very little if any experience with what they

price”. We are talking about the “The

The average cost of weddings in Kenya now is at

are buying. Cakes, dress, napkins, catering, venues,

wedding mark up” where some vendors charge

3.5m and this could even be more. Here is our take

flowers etc. . These are things you don’t buy very

higher price for weddings than other similar parties.

on why we think weddings are expensive.

often enough for you to have a very good gauge

It’s common knowledge that as soon as you mention

First of all, there is this concept in economics called

of what you should be paying for. Furthermore,

the word ‘wedding’, prices will go up. How do you

asymmetric information.

With most things you

most vendors apparently do not have their prices

explain that on an ordinary day corporate car hire

buy you have a pretty much gauge on what you are

online.“Once people see the price, they shut their

for example a Mercedes Benz is Ksh 6000 but the

getting for what you pay for. You are pretty much

brain. They say, okay that’s too expensive, am going

same car for a wedding will go for ksh25, 000. What

sure that 500 ksh for a packet of half litre milk is

to go for something else. You don’t give us a chance

has changed? It’s the same car! Could the nature of

way too much because you have bought milk before.

to explain to you why we are charging 200,000 or

your event be a green light for prices to soar? Some

Familiarity with the market produces balanced

150,000; you don’t”, says Marion Obura, the

couples are opting to book certain services only as

information between buyers and sellers and so they


CEO of Majestic Events.

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MONEY MATTERS Couples usually must reach out to inquire for any

The upshot of this is that the emotional might of

pricing information. Imagine if you had to ask the

the wedding usually means more work for vendors

photography is expensive and important for

price every time in the supermarket. Shopping will

and thus higher prices and unfortunately the most

the perfect wedding hence the reason to check

be much harder. When you read a lot of wedding

demanding clients are the ones who set the prices

testimonials, reputation and don’t shop purely on

business blogs, the overwhelming message on pricing

for everyone. So the best thing you can do to avoid

price, ” says David.

is “steer away from talking a bout price before you

being swindled is to demand price range before

Sadly, wedding photography is seen like the

meet the couple.” Then there is pinterest, which is

hearing the sales pitch. We vendors might hate it

perfect part-time earner for many hobbyist/

an amazing tool for wedding planning, if you have

but it’s the fair thing to do.

amateur photographers who ruin what should

an experienced wedding planner by your side. But






be a great reputation of the skilled professional

usually it doesn’t help with the price question. You

Here, we take a look at five significant big

wedding photographers.

see all these amazing things and you click on it to


“I have 100% trust that any of my wedding

get more information but you just get more pictures.

1. Big day spend: Photography

photographer partners will all go above and

If you are an ordinary person on a budget you

“Hiring a photographer for a wedding will prove

beyond when it comes to delivering great images

are just setting yourself up for a letdown, another

more costly than usual, but they’re not pulling a

on time every time. Delays in photographers

thing that makes weddings so expensive is the

fast one,” says professional photographer David

delivering proofs, edited footage or the final

“once in a life time mentality” for couples shopping

Macharia of Versatile photographers

ordered package are common complaints we

for wedding related items. One ad from a dress

There’s often a great deal more time spent in

hear,” says Macharia.

designer read, “If there is ever one picture your

planning and post-production: “Many people think

Other photography and videography complaints

ancestors will see is the one of you in your wedding

of wedding photography as somebody arriving,

include poor quality of images, or poor choice in

dress, don’t mess up”. We at Samantha’s bridal are

taking pictures and then going home, but on the

images the photographer captured.

as guilty as ever, one of our words actually says,’

day I’ll shoot for between 10 and 12 hours and then

Max your budget...

you know some things just happen once and never

spend the best part of a week editing the photos,”

-Less-experienced photographers may offer a

again,” making this even more complicated.

he says. “Between consulting with the couple, taking

good deal to build their portfolio but be wary that

the pictures, travelling and editing, each wedding

they are just starting out.

so much might into one day. It’s easy to look at all

takes around two weeks of my time.”

- Enquire about package deals and ask if your

these factors and think no doubt that the wedding

There are also overhead costs which photographers

photographer offers a gift list service where

vendors are seemingly ripping off their clients.

have to factor in, from the expense of camera

friends and family can contribute to the cost.

It’s just really hard not to splurge when you put

But there is another side to the story that I think is important to mention. What brides might not understand is that it’s usually for a very good reason; suppliers tend to take more time over weddings to make sure everything is spot on and personalized to the couple’s needs. Corporate flowers for example, you will probably get direction from a client, but there is a little more flexibility where as a bride has dreamt up a certain flower for so long she been pinning it, she wants to talk to the florist multiple times about the bouquet and the ribbon treatment and the fact that her grandmothers broaches are going to be on the bouquet, its a lot of time and energy spend on this time and that going to be reflected in the price. “Brides are not just going to pay for the flowers and leave, they are going to watch the Samanthas bridal TV show, or The inspirational channel and then after two months, they say you know what, am changing the color of my wedding. We know there’s going to be a back and forth. We have to charge for that hence the bridal price”, says Marion.

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MONEY MATTERS gig. “When I do a corporate event, in comparison to a wedding there are definitely differences in price,” says DJ Kamjo “For weddings, I spend around 20 hours preparing beforehand – organizing meetings, writing personalized scripts and researching music. However, couples don’t necessarily see this extra work. The presentation at weddings has to be impeccable – for example, the equipment can’t be scuffed with trailing wires. If the equipment fails at a birthday party, it’s a disappointment but it’s not a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. “If my equipment breaks at a wedding, it will have ruined someone’s special day. To stop this from happening I have two of everything and bring double the amount of equipment I would usually need.” explains DJ 2. Big-day spend: hair

exactly what the package includes so you’re not

If you’re wondering why bridal hair costs more than

suddenly hit with any hidden extras.

your usual up-do at your salon, it’s down to time and


expertise: “A bride’s hair will involve working with

preferred vendors.

other elements such as the accessories and veil,”

4. Big-day spend: Flowers

says celebrity hairdresser Corrine Muthoni. “If you

There might not be an obvious difference between

are tempted to use your regular hairdresser, check

the table centers you want for your wedding and

their portfolio as many salons will be equipped for

those at the corporate dinner across the corridor, so

hairstyling rather than hairdressing, and there is a

why will your bill be higher? Fatima of Aura event

difference. It takes years to develop the right skills,”

planners suggests it is because you are paying for

she adds. Many high-end hairdressers will offer

a more tailored service. “The vast majority of my

complimentary consultations and trials, as well as

weddings are bespoke and I will individually design

transport as part of their packages.

each arrangement to suit the needs of the couple,”

Max your budget...

she says. “It only takes basic floristry skills to create a

- If you have a big bridal party, ask about the

domed bouquet of roses, but for a wedding I would

possibility of group discounts.

take the time to get to know the couple and help

3. Big-day spend: Venue

them choose the flowers and arrangements to suit

Your venue hire can account for up to half of your

their day.”

wedding budget – and yet the price can fluctuate

Your florist will also look after every detail, from

depending on the day of the week, or time of the

design, planning and production, to delivery, set-up

year. But what sets your day aside from a christening

and clear down. “My customers aren’t just paying

or birthday celebration? “Venue packages allow

for the flowers, it’s the full bespoke service which

for extras, such as setting up the night before,

ensures total trust and confidence in everything

accommodation for the bridal party and the extra

looking perfect on the day,” Fatima adds.

cost of liaising with external vendors and suppliers,”

Max your budget...

says Emma. “That doesn’t mean couples can’t shop


around for a good deal. Because weddings tend to

wisely and trust them. You will be amazed how far

fall on weekends, you could save if you’re more

trust can take you. Be honest with your budget.

flexible with the day,” she explains. “There are

Planners know the prices of most wedding related

also some very good deals to be had for last-minute



5. Big-day spend: Entertainment

Max your budget...

A packed dance floor is a sure sign of a great

- Venue packages can save you money, but check

wedding, but DJs will charge more for a first dance


Ask if the venue offers a discount for using its

Choose your wedding planner and stylist

Kamjo Max your budget... -

Get as much as you can for your money by

allowing your DJ to be part of the whole reception. Having somebody outside of the wedding party to introduce the cake cutting or first dance will help the evening flow smoothly. OUR VERDICT The LAST thing any reputable wedding supplier wants is problems after the wedding. That’s exactly why the reputable suppliers go above and beyond to make your day perfect. “There are professionals in the market. Always do your research about the supplier you are dealing with. Find out how long they have been in the market”, advices Marion. Suppliers will put extra care and attention into your big day – and rightly so. But that doesn’t mean there’s any harm in doing your research and tracking down a good deal during the planning process! It seems one major problem with wedding related services is the issue of comparing “apples with apples” – so many options for your wedding day are subjective and difficult to compare at all. “When you go to a show room, there’s a difference between a Toyota and a Ferrari. You cannot ask for the same price for both. But am not going to take money for a Ferrari and give a Toyota wedding, that would finish me in a day,’ says Fatima. How do you compare two wedding master of ceremony (mc) for your wedding based purely on price? You can’t. Choosing any service on price alone may see you a little “shocked” on your wedding day. Look at also quality. So choose wisely.

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6 5




3 7

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8 Sexy Things to Do on Your

Massage candles and oils are sexy, but try one of these more unexpected ideas to heat up the honeymoon (not that you need it!). terley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence if you’re literary



5 Watch a Sunrise While sunsets have their charm, a sunrise can be far more exciting and interesting. At that hour, chances are you’ll have the whole sun to yourself, and the beach, pool or any other gazing point will be virtually deserted. Afterward, hightail it back to your room and order breakfast in bed and see where that leads.


Take Boudoir Photos

Create a little photo session of your own and snap a few of each other in the privacy of your room. After the trip, make a mini photo album exclusively of your risqué photos (your at-home printer will do!). Keep it in a safe place and sneak a peek every once and a while to remember your trip.


Book a Couples’ Massage Reserve a private room at the spa, a spot right on


Plan an Adventurous Activity


Make a Playlist

The idea might be to sleep on the beach all week, but consider scheduling at least one excursion that gets your heart rate up. Go for a long bicycle ride, take a scuba diving trip or any for as long as it get

the beach or splurge for in-room service. A massage is a great way to relieve stress and tension from the

Get sexy with your music. (This doesn’t have to

wedding day. If having a stranger rub you down

mean back-to-back Marvin Gaye hits although we

isn’t your idea of fun, then take turns giving each

wouldn’t discourage it!) Put together a mix of music

other massages in the comfort of your hotel room or

to fit the locale; maybe it’s a selection of reggae or

villa. Buy or bring along your own massage oil and

your heart rate up. Simply put, when pushed out-

Latin music or even sultry French songs to play in

plan to make use of it long after the honeymoon!

side of your comfort zone, your brain releases en-

the room and create a little soundtrack of your own.

Order In

dorphins that can elevate your mood and senses.

Read (Or Listen To) a Steamy Book

One of the best parts about being on vacation is

You get where we’re going with this, right?

For some adult-only reading that will most likely

enjoying the amazing local food. And even though

Wear a New Piece Of Lingerie Every Day

keep you up rather than put you two to sleep, pack

you may be in an incredible destination, your hon-

Bring along new pieces for each night of the honey-

along a pillow book or two. The Kama Sutra is

eymoon also gives you a great excuse to hang out in

moon. The reveal is what’s so sexy, so have fun with

a classic, but there are plenty of other options to

your room and order in. Try a meal that includes at

it. Think of themes or even just different colors to

choose from, like Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L.

least one classic aphrodisiac like oysters, avocados or

help you plan it out. And don’t leave him out of it

James, if you haven’t read it already, or Lady Chat-

asparagus and don’t skimp on the wine!


either. Get him, or ask him to get himself, a few new pairs of boxers or boxer briefs to add to the fun.


Go Dancing Find a local spot near the hotel with dancing and hit the dance floor together. Dancing is sensual and


Stockist: Incanto Lingerie, Ad Life Plaza, Mezzanine Floor, Kilimani, Tel. 0706 970 636 Photographer: @phocus_photo Model:@akinyiclara

a great precursor to other (aha!) nighttime activities, just make sure to do a little research before you go. Find a spot that’ll be relatively crowded so there’s no need to feel self-conscious about any subpar dancing skills. And stay safe too: If the crowd makes you feel uncomfortable at any time, take that dance party back to your hotel room.


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Travellers Beach Hotel & Club

Your big day...your way Travellers Beach Hotel offers an inspired selection of venue options for your dream wedding. From our spectacular beachfront location, well-manicured romantic gardens, pool-sides and private beach to our of customized indoor venues, Travellers Beach Hotel is the most distinctive wedding location in Mombasa. Each wedding enjoys a unique, separate and distinct indoor/outdoor cocktail spaces, personal bridal rooms, dedicated staff and access to romantic grounds and beaches for inspired wedding pictures- the beauty of our space is surpassed only by our superior service. Experience for yourself the hidden gem that is Travellers Beach Hotel.


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Honeymoon in VIENNA

The City of Vienna

Buggarten Court Garden


St. Stephens Cathedral

True taste of Apple strudel and Wiener schnitzel

Farmers harvesting vestival

f you’re classical music fans, European history

hop-off on the open air buses as often as you like to

Travel on two wheels:

buffs or art and architecture aficionados, a

explore Vienna’s other top attractions and places of

Scenic bicycle paths traverse the city and bikes

trip to Vienna the capital city of Austria will

interest, such as the MuseumsQuartier, Buggarten

rentals are inexpensive and widely available. Vienna

be your personal recipe for bliss. When names like

Court Garden and the House of Music museum.

is a compact city, so you can reach almost anyplace

Mozart, Sigmund Freud, Beethoven, Strauss are

Tickets range from 20 – 50 euros

you want to go in thirty minutes or less by bike.

mentioned in the same sentence, this city quite

The Hofburg Imperial Palace tour:

When you need a break you can ditch your bike

possibly possesses the biggest cache of cultural

The most impressive for me here was the Spanish

outside one of the city’s many coffeehouses for a jolt

treats of any city in Europe. It is regarded as the

Riding School, where white Lipizzaner horses

of caffeine, or a cafe for a glass of Austrian wine.

City of Music due to its musical legacy and it’s also

perform to Strauss’ “The Blue Danube.” You must

True taste of Apple strudel and Wiener

known as the City of Dreams because it was home

purchase tickets in advance.


to Sigmund Freud, the world’s first psychoanalyst.

And, if you like architecture, a tour of the Vienna

Apple strudel and Wiener schnitzel are familiar

It is filled with gorgeous paintings and era-defining

Ring Boulevard tour is also a must. Lined with

items on many Kenyan hotel and restaurant menus

architecture from the Gothic, Baroque and Art

the most stunning architecture in the city, the

but for the real taste Vienna is the home. So make

Nouveau periods.

5,200-meter-long Vienna Ring Boulevard was

sure you taste some in one of the Michelins star or

What To Do

created from 1860-1890 when the old city walls

even any average restaurant.

Hop on and off a tourist Bus:

were torn down.

St. Stephens Cathedral

The best way to have an over view of Vienna

includes the neo-classic Parliament, Gothic City

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the iconic image of Vienna

is on the open air sightseeing bus tour. Vienna

Hall and State Opera, which received such criticism

and an excellent display of Gothic architecture. It

is surprisingly a very small city and easy to get

from the Viennese upon its opening that one of the

dominates the center of the city.

around. Throughout the tour you will see the

head architects committed suicide.

Its colorful roof is covered with 230,000 tiles

city’s stunning landmarks, including, Schönbrunn

Schönbrunn Palace:

that form a mosaic of the double-headed eagle

Palace (the exquisite baroque summer residence

The exquisite baroque summer residence of the

representing Austria’s former imperial family, the

of the former imperial family), St. Stephen’s

former imperial family,


Cathedral and Vienna State Opera. You will learn

A 30 or 60 minute tour gets you access to the

Inside there’s an elevator that goes to the top of the

about the fascinating history of the city through

living quarters of the ruling family, with excellent

cathedral for nice views of the city.

an informative and entertaining commentary. My

examples of Rococo interior design.

Feast your ears:

favorite was the commentary regarding Beethoven

The large baroque garden is filled with wonders

Attend one of the concerts. This is a must, I

being a bad tenant, as he did not pay his rent as

such as the world’s oldest zoo and a public pool

promise you will not regret. A trip to the Vienna

we passed his former house. You can Hop-on and

where the chic set cool off.


Best of Vienna architecture

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Stunning Baroque opera house.

Ticket sellers in costume

Tea time in one minute


Museums Quartier Building

The major shopping street in Vienna

State Opera is a necessity where a wide range of


Before You Go: Need-to-know info

operas are performed in the stunning Baroque

As a mother of a two year old, what I loved most a

Language: German

opera house. Vienna is world-renowned for the

bout Vienna were the play grounds, of course like

Currency: Euro

heavenly music composed and performed within

in most European cities, I found Vienna very child

Flight time: KQ direct flight

its city limits. The city that gave the world Mozart

friendly. Even before we checked into our hotel, we

When To Go: Vienna at its best

and Beethoven remains a center for soul-stirring

stopped at a playground for 2 hrs. So for those of

Best weather: Late spring (April –June) and early

musical performances. There are many concerts in

you honeymooning with your baby you will love

Autumn (September-October) are the periods that show off

the late summer. Some concerts are free but some


Vienna to its best effect. Average highs are about 16 degrees

you have to pay for and they are not cheap. Expect


celsious and the air is crisp. The city can get uncomfortably hot

to pay a bout 18000ksh minimum but it is worth it.

Coming straight from Nairobi, one of the thing

in July and August, and very cold (-3 degrees is typical) in the

You can buy tickets virtually everywhere you see the

that will shock you a bout Vienna is the cleanliness

winter, although it has a picturesque “winter wonderland” feel

ticket sellers in costume (mostly university students

of this city. The Germans call it the “tuchtig” way.

around the Christmas holidays.

trying to earn some extra cash). The concert

These people are obsessed with cleanliness. No

Best prices: The winter months after the holidays

halls are built exactly for this. The acoustics are

littering the city

(January, February, early March) will be the most affordable

amazing and better than any hi-fi sound. If you are


times to visit. Also early spring and late summer early autumn.

honeymooning during winter ( December couples)

Set aside at least a day or two for shopping. If you

Where to stay

you must attend the famous newyears concert in

like high street brands The major shopping street

From palatial abodes to swanky minimalism, from youth

Vienna. The ticket can go for as much as 5000

in Vienna’s First District, Kärntnerstrasse, has one

hostels to luxury establishments where chandeliers, antique

euro. ie 70,000 Ksh . Not everything is just about

flagship store lined up one after the other. The usual

furniture and original 19th-century oil paintings are the norm

paying money though, Each Sunday morning

suspects, such as Mango, H&M , Zara, Promod etc.

rather than the exception, Vienna’s lodgings cover it all. In

you can hear the Vienna Boys Choir perform at

Sitting right behind the Imperial Palace, brands

between are homely pensionen (B&Bs) and less ostentatious

the Hofburg Complex. The Vienna boys choir is

such as Chanel, Tiffany, Burberry, Ferragamo and

hotels, plus a small but smart range of apartments, many of

a choir of boys who have female like voice higher

Gucci among others feel right at home aptly named

which can be rented for just a few nights. Standards remain

than soprano. The tragedy is that when this boys

the Golden Quarter.

high, and generally so do prices; bargains are few and far

get to puberty, for some of the boys, their careers


between. If you are self booking and planning your own

come to a sudden stop as their voices get course.

September is a time for many festivals. We bumped

yravel, We found very efficient and reliable.

Strauss is actually an alumni of the Vienna boys

into this one, which looked like farmers harvest

Otherwise a good travel agent should be able to get you a


festival. It’s cool to be a farmer in Austria.

good hotel. by Catherine Masitsa

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BUYING YOUR FIRST Photography by David Macharia.


3. Do some research

Engage several banks and saccos as well before making a decision on which bank to mortgage from or which bank to borrow a loan from. Take your time to Weigh all the options and make an informed decision. 4 Make valuable purchases Instead of purchasing a big flashy car, buy a piece of land. The car will depreciate as soon as it leaves the show room. A plot however, will appreciate in value and two three years down the road, you can decide to sell it or build your home. 5. Start early The moment you are sure you will spend the rest

Nancy Muthoni

of your life with your partner that is the moment

n most cases when a couple is planning their

by burdening themselves with an expensive piece

wedding, it becomes their only focus in which

of property. When reality sets in and they decide

case many forget that there is life after a

they want to make a purchase they soon realize that

wedding. In some cases almost all the finances get

their new residence isn’t remotely close to what their

used up on the wedding leaving very little or nothing

budget can afford them. Understand your financial

to invest in a home and the life they are beginning

position and begin at a comfortable place. Do not

together. It is saddening that many couples have no

strain trying to keep up with others. We all have to

direction in how to enter the property market while

start somewhere. Identify your position and take it

others are not the least bit concerned on owning a

from there.

you should begin preparing for your future. Do not wait until after the wedding to search for a home to buy or a piece of land. Begin investing early. Discuss your preferences and find common ground. Discuss your finances and then begin the process of looking. How much should you save? How much are you looking to spend? In which area would you both like to settle at? These are some of the questions you need to know answers to before you make a decision.

home. Nancy Muthoni of The Property Show gave a talk at the past Samantha’s Bridal Expo about steps to take towards owning

1.Begin the journey by saving. Always put some money aside no matter how little you may have to spare and as you progress, there will be enough to own a home eventually. It may seem very farfetched but you have to begin somewhere so make the effort, seat back and watch it pay off. 2.Work with a budget

Photo: Courtesy of Trident Estate

a home and if you missed it, here are her five golden steps:

Most newlyweds want to rent property in the suburbs. They want to start big and as soon as their honeymoon is done, they begin their lives strenuously


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Magical Weddings We are your one stop shop for your dream wedding. From wedding planning, to Themed wedding, Decor & lighting, Flower chandeliers, Centre pieces, Exquisite wedding decor & Furniture, Linen, Dance Floors, Marquees, A frame tents, Clear tents, Stretch tents. We make your wedding an intimate affair

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Photos courtesy of the Couplea


Kemunto Moses


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attending the same church and even having several friends in common, Kemunto and Moses had their very first interaction in December of 2007 at the parking lot

of the International Airport of Houston. A relative of Kemunto was supposed to go pick her up but since he was on a date and didn’t want to cut it short his date suggested that her brother Moses picks her up instead. They immediately hit off and became fast friends. Moses; at the time a med student was doing a rotation at the same hospital in which Kemunto, also a med student intern so he took on the opportunity and managed to convince her to go on a dinner date with him. She did. Fast forward to 2013 after lots of dates, falling in love and shuttling back and forth to see each other amidst all their work relocations it was time to make it official. They took a trip to Sedona for a romantic getaway. Moses had a table set up at the most romantic location with breathtaking views and at this point Kemunto saw it coming. They finished all six courses of their dinner but still, no proposal. But just as they were about to leave, Moses asked the Waitress to take one last photo of them and that’s when she turned around only to find him on one knee. Theirs was an elegant affair with a spectacular colour theme, emotional moments, lots of laughs, music and lots of love. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. As for the vows, Rodah says, “what stood out was the thought of how binding this is, for better for worse; it made me feel good to be saying this to the man of my dreams.” When asked what she would do differently if given the chance… “Maybe have a longer day if possible (Laughs). It was too short!”

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hough growing up in the same side of the city of Nairobi



Eniko Kevin


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art, 37, and Parrish, 31, officially

sleeve light ivory sheer lace gown with

tied the knot in front of fam-

“sumptuous hand placed French Chantilly

ily and friends in Santa Barbara,

lace appliqué artfully contoured along the

California on Saturday.

entire gown.”

Parrish wore a custom Vera Wang silk crepe mer-

The reception which featured crystal chan-

maid gown boasting a soft white sheer plunging V

deliers, and white and ivory roses that draped

neck lace. The gorgeous dress featured hand em-

over rustic white wooden tables.“Some peo-

broidered French Chantilly lace appliqués, a French

ple wait a lifetime for a moment like this,”

tulle skirt, and silk covered bridal button accents.

Parrish captioned another snapshot, quoting

Hart’s children from his first marriage -- 11-year-

Kelly Clarkson’s hit single “A Moment Like

old daughter Heaven, and 8-year-old son Hendrix


-- were by dad’s side for the ceremony.

Hart recently talked about his nuptials, and

For the reception, Parrish slipped into another

why his Central Intelligence co-star, Dwayne

Johnson, wasn’t allowed to plan his bachelor party, in a pre-wedding interview with ET.

breathtaking custom Vera Wang creation, a long Tel: 020-2734788, 0722480068 • P.O. Box 10113-00100 Nairobi • • Website:



Your Love Story, The Vow , Happy Ever After & What I Do Every couple does. Whether you are a celebrity couple, or

somehow, someway, despite the odds, they found their way

one of royalty with a fairytale love story like Will and Kate,

back to each other. They received a second chance at their

or just your average Jane and Joe; your love story is great

journey to happy ever after of happy ever after. (You see

because it’s your own.

what I did there?)

It’s why I do what I do. Weddings are not about the details.

Now, I want you to take a moment and think about

They are made up of details, which can be pretty amazing

your love. Whether you’re in a relationship, engaged or

and insanely gorgeous, to which no wedding is complete

married. Think about your journey of happy ever after,

without them. But weddings are about love. They have

your love story, the two phrases of which can now be used

always been and always should be about two hearts

interchangeably I guess. Think about how you first met,

becoming one, about the beginning of a life together,

your first date, your first kiss, your last. What if (and perish

about taking that next step on the journey of happy ever

the thought) those memories were taken from you? What

after. It’s why I live to share the details of your love, of

if you couldn’t remember that the person standing in front

everything that led up to that very special day, and why I

of you was your husband/wife? What if you couldn’t

always will.

remember the details, the little and the big?

I encourage you now to do a couple of things.

finally got to see the movie called “The Vow”

What if you couldn’t remember your life together?

First, I encourage you, either on your own or with your

starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum.

What if ?

significant other, to write down your journey of happy ever

I looove Rachel McAdams and honestly, what

The story of The Vow (and no, this is not a spoiler)

after, your love story. Get a notebook and write down all of

isn’t there to love about Channing Tatum? But I

revolves around a woman, whom after a horrific car

the details, the little and the big, that you can remember. It

digress… . At first, I was a little disappointed in the ending.

accident cannot remember her husband, their marriage,

doesn’t have to be in chronological order (you’ll probably

Not because of the way it ended necessarily but the fact

their life together, the fact that she’s a vegetarian, or the

remember something one day that you didn’t remember

that it just ended. I wanted more. At least another ten

last five years; and a man, determined to make his wife fall

the day before) and it doesn’t have to be all at once, but

minutes or so. Time enough for one more kiss… a look at

in love with him again.

do it. Write down how you first met, what you did on your

their future… a happy ever after… something. And then it

I asked those scary questions above because memories are

first date, how you felt after your first kiss. Write down how

hit me. Happy ever after isn’t a one-shot-boom-your-done

wonderful. But memories can also be taken from us in the

it feels to be in that person’s arms, going to sleep in and

type of thing. (We can blame Walt Disney for sinking our

most awful and unfair ways imaginable. Brain trauma, old

waking up in them. Write down all of the events (the big)

teeth into that one.) A happy ever after is ongoing. It’s a

age, dementia, amnesia, Alzheimer’s disease. There are so

and the moments (the little) that brought you to one of the

continuing process.

many ways in which memories can be ripped from your

happiest days of both of your lives. Write down how he

How many times have you found this familiar last line

brain, from your heart. It’s awful and completely unfair,

proposed. Write about how you felt. Write down all of the

“….. And they lived happily ever after” bidding you

but it can happen.

details leading up to and everything about your wedding

farewell as you arrive at the end of a fairytale? They

What would you do if your memories were just gone?

day. Write down the vows you read to each other that day

all begin innocuously enough, “Once upon a time…”

What if you couldn’t trust the people around you to tell

(especially if you wrote them yourselves, which I HIGHLY

They take us through relatable struggles of everyday

you about them because you don’t know them? In the

recommend you do). Write down all of the things you

protagonists before bringing us to the predictable finish,

movie, Paige (McAdams) asks Leo (Tatum) if she kept a

want to remember in ten, twenty and fifty years from now.

which we have all come to know as the most beautiful way

journal, to see proof of their life together. She didn’t. Too

I’m not saying to do this in case something awful and

to foretell the unwritten ending. This notion of a happy

bad Paige didn’t have the foresight to write all of those

unfair happens, I’m saying do this because you owe it to

ending has become so deeply ingrained in our minds that

important details down like Allie (also played by McAdams

yourself and your love to do so.

we have seemed to become conditioned into thinking that

in The Notebook) did. But Allie knew her memories were

Second, I encourage you to continue that journal

this is the one outcome we should all aspire towards in

going to fade, Paige had no way of knowing hers would

throughout your lives together. Remember, your happy

the realm of love. In this day and age, one is perceived to

just vanish one day. All of the air left my lungs during that

ever after is a journey, not a destination. Your love story

have achieved success in life only if one has, among other

scene where she asks him about a journal.

doesn’t end on your wedding day. So keep writing. All

accomplishments, found his or her respective modern day

The original “Samanthas Bridal show” which now airs

of the little and the big things, whatever they may be.

princess or prince.. We can blame Hollywood and the

on DSTV concentrated a lot on the planning the ups and

In fifty years from now, I can almost guarantee you are

fairytales for creating this common misconception that

downs , the laughter the tears and the perfect day. We

going to love rereading those events, those moments, those

after you meet someone, you fall in love, after you get

started “My dream wedding show” now airing on Ktn

memories of the two of you. Almost as much as you’ll love

married, it’s happy ever after and the end. But it’s not, it’s

and the “Happily ever after Show” because I wanted to

looking through the photographs of your life together,

not the end.

know what was behind the shared looks and soft smiles

your wedding album. Almost as much as you’ll love sharing

Meeting someone, falling in love, getting married, these

of every bride and groom. I wanted to know their love

both of these things (your words and your photographs)

are all incredibly happy moments, but they’re not your

story. Every real wedding or engagement we feature, we

with your children and your children’s children and so on.

happy ever after. In fact, these moments are just the

try and ask the couple to fill out a love story questionnaire.

Most of all though, I encourage you to never doubt

beginning. The beginning of your relationship, the

Sometimes they come back to us fully detailed and many

your love, to never believe it ordinary. Your love story is

beginning of your love, the beginning of your marriage

pages long. Other times we get bullet points. Sometimes

extraordinary because it’s your own. Remember that yours

and life together, in that order. Happy ever after isn’t a

we get an email from the bride that says oh, our love story

is a once in a lifetime love. Remember that happy ever after

destination, it’s a journey. And watching Paige (McAdams)

is boring or we don’t really have one. Hearing that really

isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. And it’s just beginning…

and Leo (Tatum) walk away arm-in-arm down the road

breaks my heart. Because you do, you do have a love story.

Photo: David Macharia.

together in the gently falling snow, I realized that. Because



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